@marinav08 is too cute she was so #excited to #donateblood today!! It was her first time she finally met the weight requirement #unitedbloodservices #princessemma #sarcomaawareness #blooddrive ❀️
unitedbloodservices - princessemma - blooddrive - donateblood - sarcomaawareness - excited -
marinav08 : I don't think I've been this happy in a while!!! I was so excited lol thank you for going with me πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ˜
amandacarissaaa - daira_love - lohaynepinheiro - mira_dee12 -
#crossfitnewforce #blooddonation #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - crossfitnewforce - blooddonation -
jesuscantumt : Oit pps k fue
giiorodrigues - mict17 - mbjas - jesuscantumt -
There are reasons why I give Platelets, some of you may or may not know why. But for me it means more than you'll ever know. Did you know: Platelets are the smallest-sized components in whole blood, but they are mighty in importance. They are responsible for blood clotting, which helps stop bleeding should we suffer from a cut or other trauma to the circulatory system. When you don’t have enough platelets, it’s called thrombocytopenia. Symptoms include easy bruising, and frequent bleeding from the gums, nose, or GI tract. Your platelet count drops when something is preventing your body from producing platelets. There are a wide range of causes, including: MedicationsAn inherited conditionCertain types of cancer, such as leukemia or lymphomaChemotherapy treatment for cancerKidney infection or dysfunction Blood cannot be made in a laboratory, so the blood or blood cells used in transfusions to help people with cancer must come from a donor.
unitedbloodservices - ventura -
el_screech_ysi : Where at?
missninny805 : @el_screech_ysi at #unitedbloodservices #ventura 2223 Eastman Ave, Ventura, CA 93003 (800) 715-3699
el_screech_ysi : How long does it take?
missninny805 : @el_screech_ysi When you call to make your appointment they go over the personal donation takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and that's because of my personal statistics. Your hemoglobin, height, and weight are the factors :)
el_screech_ysi : I think i asked u before, but can i donate if i have tattoos?
missninny805 : @el_screech_ysi as long as you haven't had one in the past 12 months in a non regulated state here is the website in case you are interested
el_screech_ysi : Ok, thanks! For sure ima set up a appoiment!
missninny805 : @el_screech_ysi you're welcome! And thank you for giving it a chance!
frutos323 - kclou32 - melyreyes_79 - dopester805 -
Blood drive. #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices -
dacurbsideleon - thatonewhitegirl - quimblesaur - coolkidvic -
Happy 12th Birthday Mia! She celebrated this morning at #unitedbloodservices in Scottsdale where she got to help give away a car to 10 lucky contestants! They really did a nice job of honoring Mia on her special day! #happybirthday #donateblood
unitedbloodservices - happybirthday - donateblood -
azkristimcp : Happy birthday Mia ❀️#miasmarrow
wphs_t_bird - cjorgensenrn - _akepp_ - chrissyw5 -
Giving blood with @will_hollier #rebels #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - rebels -
monse_49 - tam_surf97 - _r.o.b.e.r.t - ki3raaa -
Give blood. Check. #beahero #unitedbloodservices #fargo
unitedbloodservices - fargo - beahero -
xanandali : Tried donating plasma 4 times last month & all deferred for too low iron. Dang! That's with extra dietary added and TRIPLE pill dose. Clearly just not meant to be
meganbob95fm - ersay0715 - mcdiggitydog - janestrong -
#samtastic #lemonademoms #lemonadeandloveforsam #freshbakedteesbakeshop #blooddrive #unitedbloodservices #community #2014grandstandluau
unitedbloodservices - community - samtastic - blooddrive - lemonademoms - lemonadeandloveforsam - 2014grandstandluau - freshbakedteesbakeshop -
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Saving lives one pint at a time #battleoftheblooddrop #unitedbloodservices πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
unitedbloodservices - battleoftheblooddrop -
kelly_patient_zero : 😘❀️
rc_dark_knight : @kelly_patient_zero love you<3
melmelwynona - samoan_og - kelly_patient_zero - grisiana -
3rd time donating blood! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜ #BeAHero #UnitedBloodServices πŸ’‰
unitedbloodservices - beahero -
kimberly_rodriguezz : That vein though!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ LOLπŸ˜†
raul87_farv1 : Show em your main vain lol
weeshey_l03 : Haha I know! @kimberly_rodriguezz
tylerbarks : Really cool shot! :)
kassiegeary - kandrizzzy - jaelyn_sanchez - g_leos_44 -
Blood drive. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’‰ #unitedbloodservices #SLCC
unitedbloodservices - slcc -
_lilasalle_ : You realize that if you have gotten a tattoo or piercing in the last 6 months, you aren't supposed to donate, right? Lol.. or at least that's how it was back when I used to. @nicknamedred
nicknamedred : I clicked yes and they still let me. Aslong as it is a licensed facility, i'm good. @_lilasalle_
_lilasalle_ : @nicknamedred nifty!
emilygaspard - gabrielle_elizabeth9713 - jennifer_tran_337 - kristen_taaylorr -
Saving lives #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - chatoslife -
keels818 : #chatoslife
raulshonor93 : Blooooooood!!!
taytaybell22 : Neeeedddllleessss.
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Feeling like hero πŸ˜‰ #blood #donor #unitedbloodservices #k
unitedbloodservices - donor - k - blood -
teebei_lynn - ortheos - tesser8 - keonatso -
Happiest day of my life!!!! After so long Im finally able to donate blood!! I know it's not a huge deal but for me it is with something so small u can help someone else out....and me being low in iron my healthy eating change has deff paid off....... I'm so #proud #unitedbloodservices #blooddonar #bloodcells #blood #happygal #yaaaay #literallycried #excited
yaaaay - happygal - proud - literallycried - unitedbloodservices - blooddonar - bloodcells - excited - blood -
sleeping_gaint : Super proud of u @yetzii_xo
yetzii_xo : Thanks friend @sleeping_gaint
ruby_1luv_izayah - valerie.velas23 - jennifergv13 - eliza_sanchez7 -
Donation center, only red cars park here 😊. #ubsaz #ubaz #unitedbloodservices
ubsaz - unitedbloodservices - ubaz -
whoshailey - unitedbloodservicescalifornia -
I hate it because it exhausts me more than standard donations, but I love giving platelets and blood because I know how necessary donations are. Without them, people like my sister who have (had) leukemia or countless other diseases (or injuries) wouldn't make it. Since my sister can't donate now, I do what I can to donate often. β€οΈπŸ’‰ #blooddonor #unitedbloodservices #redcross #helpingout #blood #platlets #donation #keepfighting
keepfighting - blooddonor - platlets - redcross - unitedbloodservices - donation - blood - helpingout -
jordanrosales13 : πŸ˜²πŸ’‰
yonce_de : You know certain places will pay you for donating plasma! @blakeymyles
blakeymyles : @yonce_de I do it more to help out than for personal benefit though.
dussy1224 : That makes me sick for you 😷
tbhjoe : fback!
tbhjoe : ?*
blakeymyles : The anti-coagulation agent that they pump back into me made me loopy @dussy1224
1agmsr - tbhjoe - dussy1224 - snlinn17 -
UBS pimped out my arm. #unitedbloodservices #donate #savinglives1pintatatime #beyourownsuperhero #girlybowtie
unitedbloodservices - savinglives1pintatatime - donate - girlybowtie - beyourownsuperhero -
keels818 - lexijellykat - louiecampo - unitedbloodservicescalifornia -
I was kind of amazed at the color differences. #redbloodcells #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - redbloodcells -
shelbyfaybailey - jessica_brandon_ - rcountryphotos - _leamariee -
Be ! | #unitedbloodservices πŸ’‰
unitedbloodservices -
nikkinoirer : Nothing an Orange Blossom couldn't replenish you with huh bro?
brirascon : I hope you told them about your AIDs
reinatorres84 - andrickaviles - brirascon - ajacosta_ -
We'll be at it again tomorrow sept 13th at GH sports in SLO! Hope to see u all there. #yumm #bethematch #unitedbloodservices #cmcc #findacure #savealife #LUAU #lemonlove #burlap #joinus
findacure - savealife - burlap - luau - bethematch - cmcc - yumm - unitedbloodservices - lemonlove - joinus -
rachelleinstagram - abbyjeffers99 - kristi_awesomeness - 2berrycreative -
I have a new addiction. #donatingblood #unitedbloodservices #addiction
unitedbloodservices - addiction - donatingblood -
lorileeg : What?!?! Even as afraid of needles as you are!
riritati : @lorileeg yes!!! I know I can't believe it either. After the first time and seeing all the good things about giving I felt that I hardly have time to donate to the community volunteering, so this is another way to give back to the community.
alyxandriaa90 - lorileeg - alanaerico - cristee77 -
Donated my blood today.
unitedbloodservices - donated -
leetrancindy : #unitedbloodservices #donated
gabrielleynes_ - timphanle - michelleeeeele - jh_mv -
Today was my first time donation.. I feel like it needs to be documented via social media :P #oneg #unitedbloodservices #collegelife
unitedbloodservices - collegelife - oneg -
rockboy05 : Was it fun
soulbird_91 - moberry_20 - _torres___ - moralesjonathang -
donator - utep - saiyayinblood - unitedbloodservices - blood -
sissyburciaga : U okay 😟
davidrmz21 : #blood#donator#utep#unitedbloodservices#saiyayinblood
bettyrmzb : Sodaa a ti te da miedo la sangree que pex
pacomunozdiaz : Todo bien ???
davidrmz21 : @bettyrmzb done sangre gordita, soy buena persona ;)
davidrmz21 : @bettyrmzb la sangre no me da miedo.. me dan miedo las agujas... pero me voltie cuando me la pusieron hehe
claradesantiago : Nooooo porque vi eso? 😭 jajjaja
victoriamu - sissyburciaga - jaqui_burciaga - marlett23 -
...and if someone read this they might think I was in some bad business and not the #UnitedBloodServices
unitedbloodservices -
jamielee_reyes : @pilgrim2soldier πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ awwwwhhhh I miss my baby! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”
elvirareyrey - yasminguadalupe - maddie_13147 - cousticlove -
Donating like a hero today... #beahero #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - beahero -
tylerbarks - macosse - s_thompson5 - sthortsen -
The view from blood mobile window. #scottsdalecc #unitedbloodservices #donate
unitedbloodservices - scottsdalecc - donate -
jazzy_joaq - life_is_a_beauty1629 - mc_go9 - donandcharlies1 -
"She needed a hero so she became one" Turns out I have a very rare blood type and only share it with less than 2% of the population. Which confirms what I've long suspected, I'm basically #oneofakind! #justoutheresavinglives #whatdidyoudotoday #donateaz #blooddrive #UnitedBloodServices #beahero #savealife #firsttimer #lovethelifeyoulive #loveandbeloved
donateaz - savealife - whatdidyoudotoday - beahero - oneofakind - blooddrive - justoutheresavinglives - loveandbeloved - unitedbloodservices - lovethelifeyoulive - firsttimer -
_trinaduh_ : πŸ™ you're a beautiful person, Inside and out!
joshmeisner : Take it from someone who's had to have 4 blood transfusions, thank you.
tarnpriester : Are you a vampire?
erikasmith_22 : @_trinaduh_ Thank you hun! You are too and it shows in your 2 handsome boys β™‘β™‘β™‘
_trinaduh_ : Thanks! @erikasmith_22 😚
erikasmith_22 : @joshmeisner I can't take any credit since this was my first time donating but it definitely won't be the last :)
stephy725 - myberry333 - charlie.justcharlie - gopro_athletes -
It's the little things that can matter most and make the biggest difference and impact. Today I donated blood. Want to be a hero!? Want to save a life!? Want to make a difference!? You should donate too... #Blood #UnitedBloodServices #Donate #DonateBlood #MakeADifference #BeAHERO #SaveALife
unitedbloodservices - savealife - blood - donateblood - donate - makeadifference - beahero -
malgeyer : @stillnot_instafamous @tonyspatafore Thanks for the inspiration! :-)
woollygrahammoth - 1agmsr - c_tupak - kristianfoxtrot -
Donate blood! #hero #unitedbloodservices #Opos
unitedbloodservices - hero - opos -
lovepink544 -
@screenwriter805 and I just got our blood donation ON! #Hero #unitedbloodservices #blood #blooddonor #beahero #savinglives
unitedbloodservices - hero - blood - blooddonor - unitedbloodservicescalifornia - savinglives - beahero -
katie_alonso_87 : #Unitedbloodservicescalifornia
1agmsr - screenwriter805 - omgwtfpancakes -
Saving lives is hard work!πŸ’‰#BloodDonor #UnitedBloodServices
unitedbloodservices - blooddonor -
bigpapanumber1 - mrsnettlesspyextraordinaire - jess_meyer84 - josetodd11 -
Livin the new life #phlebotomy #unitedbloodservices
unitedbloodservices - phlebotomy -
boobear602 - michael_w_arthur - jazzy_elise - emgarcia14 -
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