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Just a few days left to get an #umbabox in time for Mother's Day! (Hint: it's May 8) Here are a few of our fave #handmade products from previous boxes.
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loutcalt - thorpus - silverloveandmud - asht131 -
[SPOILER ALERT BELOW!] Since launching in 2011, the mission of #umbabox has been to unite artists & consumers through products that delight and inspire. By helping consumers discover new artists through our monthly subscription box, we're able to help artists' businesses grow as they can reach a huge new audience of people who love handmade in a matter of weeks! The exciting news: meet Tracy and Bucky Clarke of @clarkecollective. The husband and wife duo create geometric ceramic home decor in their studio in Los Angeles. Umba Box was thrilled to discover that we're their largest wholesale order to date! Here's what really thrills us: because of the order Umba Box placed for our subscription box, they're able to expand their team and are hiring their first employee to help their business grow! By joining Umba Box, YOU are helping to create jobs and see artists' dreams come to life. You're changing lives. THANK YOU!
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abby.goodsfromnature - mmcbeath - bekajoy - clarkecollective -
Prettiest sucker I've ever seen. #sweetcarolineconfections #glitter #sucker #umba #umbabox #supercool
sweetcarolineconfections - umba - sucker - supercool - glitter - umbabox -
shopumba - goldenbeachhire - kellmarie0106 - atrunick -
#memademarch2016 Day 27. #Handmade shirt from #emkclothing, silkscreened cardigan from #lovemakingdesigns. It had a small tear on a seam, which I stitched up today, so I technically did some sewing on it too πŸ˜‰ Handmade necklace I got from an #umbabox this summer, earrings hand me down from my Nannie. #whomademyclothes #handmadewardrobe #sustainablefashion #handmedownsfrommynan
memademarch2016 - sustainablefashion - handmadewardrobe - lovemakingdesigns - emkclothing - whomademyclothes - handmade - umbabox - handmedownsfrommynan -
danniellajaine : 🌺
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#umbabox #march finally unboxed this beauty
march - umbabox -
freshpastrystand : Yay! My tea towel. Hope you LOVE it!
laurenethorp - the_lost_fox81 -
Got these super cute, rose-gold bar earrings by @aubemade in my Umba box this month...and I have no clue which way I'm supposed to wear them! Vertical or horizontal??? #aubemade #umbabox #supportsmallbusiness #selfiesunday #rosegold #earrings #eyebrowsonfleek #helpasistaout
selfiesunday - eyebrowsonfleek - umbabox - supportsmallbusiness - earrings - rosegold - helpasistaout - aubemade -
finessuh : @jrep021 for realz?
finessuh : @lady_welsh thanks lady! One of those lucky good hair days! Although I've been trying a new "beach waves spray" that I like...but can't remember the name of right this second
shopumba : Either way! :)
finessuh : @shopumba so much freedom! Haha
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#memademarch2016 Day 11. I made this top by starting with the #scouttee pattern from #grainlinestudio, but then doing the long sleeve tutorial they have listed online. I also lengthened the body and added a little ruffled skirty thing to the bottom. The fabric isn't great, so I view this more as a #wearablemuslin. I'd do it again with softer fabric that drapes better, but am mostly happy with it. #Handmade earrings from #heavensearth and necklace from an #UmbaBox I got this summer. #whomademyclothes #sustainablefashion #isew #handmadewardrobe
memademarch2016 - sustainablefashion - isew - heavensearth - whomademyclothes - handmade - wearablemuslin - umbabox - grainlinestudio - scouttee - handmadewardrobe -
mommylap : This is beyond fantastic. So flirty! I love nothing more than adult play clothes.
sandi.204 : @mommylap Thank you! Me too ☺️
cbwindsor - erinnicoledesign - kunsst_charlie - thathellyeslife -
#addicted #subscriptionboxes #allurebeautybox #targetbeautybox #umbabox #makeup #beauty #jewelry #mondaytreats
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2/9/2016 My second Umba box got here today! Nick's sister got me a three month subscription for Christmas and I've loved it so far. It's like having an Etsy grab bag delivered to your door every month! #365project #366project #photojournal #40of365 #40of366 #umbabox #umba #shopsmall #indieartist #woodenpostcard #cardtorial #plainjbody #theretrailer #kinfolk #kinfolklife #looseleaftea #candle #vscocam #vsco #february #winter @mackenziewho
kinfolk - cardtorial - photojournal - umbabox - plainjbody - 365project - candle - kinfolklife - indieartist - looseleaftea - 40of366 - 40of365 - february - vsco - 366project - winter - woodenpostcard - theretrailer - shopsmall - umba - vscocam -
cardtorial : πŸ’š
startingatthebeginning : @cardtorial, I kind of stalked your Instagram after I got my box. Your stuff is so beautiful!
rishka_tanunya - unreachablelifegoals - lingyen___ - acutedesigns -
So at the beginning of this school year Austin started sending me package from this wonderful website called #umbabox ☺️ Today I got my last package and I am so thankful that he did this for me.❀️ I love you so much Austin.❀️
umbabox -
austinrub : I wish I could afford to send you a box every month 😘
theraywarner - alayne.meinke - meghan_costantino - rhmcd_ -
#Repost @diy_louisville with @repostapp. Too funny not to repost. @fondoflouisville #newproduct? THE BALM #dotcom ! #dallassoapcompany #umbabox #shopumba #natural #naturalskincareproducts #makersgonnamake #supporthandmade #supportsmallbusinesses #chippednailsdontcare #badpunsfordays #mylipglossispoppin #smooches #champagnegloss #lipbalm #champagnetastebeerbudget #naturallips #naturallipbalm #bombdotcom
naturallipbalm - umbabox - dotcom - champagnegloss - smooches - newproduct - supporthandmade - repost - dallassoapcompany - mylipglossispoppin - natural - supportsmallbusinesses - champagnetastebeerbudget - badpunsfordays - naturalskincareproducts - chippednailsdontcare - bombdotcom - shopumba - lipbalm - naturallips - makersgonnamake -
diy_louisville : Nice! Thanks!!
schafskincare : This is awesome! : πŸ’™
wuki - fondoflouisville - fiaandflora - vapedank -
The balm. #dotcom #dallassoapcompany #umbabox #shopumba #natural #naturalskincareproducts #makersgonnamake #supporthandmade #supportsmallbusinesses #chippednailsdontcare #badpunsfordays #mylipglossispoppin #smooches #champagnegloss #lipbalm #champagnetastebeerbudget #naturallips #naturallipbalm #bombdotcom
naturallipbalm - umbabox - dotcom - champagnegloss - smooches - supporthandmade - dallassoapcompany - mylipglossispoppin - natural - supportsmallbusinesses - champagnetastebeerbudget - badpunsfordays - naturalskincareproducts - chippednailsdontcare - bombdotcom - shopumba - lipbalm - naturallips - makersgonnamake -
schafskincare : This is great
lanaloo26.2 : I'm obsessed with Chapstick. I need to try this!
dotcommusic : fuck yeeah
alo3.brows : So True!!
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@sugarcubepress knows what's up for 2016. #keepmovingforward #sugarcubepress #umbabox #shopumba #moveforward #dontlookback #2016 #bestyearever #letterpress #calendar #handmade #supportartists #supporthandmade #myfavoritethings #myhusbandspoilsme #liveyourbestlife #lifefulloflove #thisyearslove
letterpress - liveyourbestlife - sugarcubepress - lifefulloflove - umbabox - bestyearever - calendar - moveforward - supporthandmade - keepmovingforward - thisyearslove - handmade - supportartists - dontlookback - shopumba - myhusbandspoilsme - 2016 - myfavoritethings -
teamupcalendar : 😊
margaret_rainydaycolors - mykentuckytee - ziajojo - tardeperezosa -
Santa knows me so well. He brought me an #umbabox subscription with this pretty little #handmade #fairtrade clutch. (Sadly, he didn't bring me a manicure.) #umbabox #shopumba #chippednailsdontcare
supportartists - blueumbrella - lifefulloflove - umbabox - thankful - marriagematters - ilovehim - supporthandmade - wonderwall - fairtrade - allyouneedislove - handmade - thankyousanta - chippednailsdontcare - merrychristmas - myfavoritethings - shopumba -
diy_louisville : #thankyousanta #supportartists #supporthandmade #myfavoritethings #merrychristmas #ilovehim #thankful #lifefulloflove #allyouneedislove #marriagematters #wonderwall #blueumbrella
thetoteproject : Love it!
kehko.official : Nice
syd_vicious13 - peaceexchange - burgersinmycakehole - margaret_rainydaycolors -
May your Christmas be merry and bright! #merrychristmas
wanderlust - lifefulloflove - rhianawni - supportartists - letsgosomewhere - umbabox - merrychristmas - myfavoritethings - dream - christmas -
diy_louisville : (Artwork by @rhianawni) #rhianawni #umbabox #christmas #myfavoritethings #supportartists #dream #letsgosomewhere #wanderlust #lifefulloflove
rhianawni : Thank you for the mention. I love seeing how my art is used in a design ☺️
kellie_bowman - sparksinky - joycekduncan - jasiankelly -
My December 2015 @shopumba Umba Discovery Box arrived today! This box is $30/month and features handmade, fair trade and small business products from the US and around the World. This month has a small clutch from WorldFinds, caramels from @TheCaramelJar and a holiday art print by a designer in Iceland. #umbabox #handmade #fairtrade #worldfinds #kutch #holidays #gifts #caramel
fairtrade - handmade - worldfinds - holidays - gifts - caramel - umbabox - kutch -
subboxjoy : Super cute bag! Are there variations?
bits.and.boxes : @ascherjp I'm not sure. I'm disappointed because my bag is noticeably stained (and unfinished but that doesn't bother me). I need to contact them.
popkinpie - james_3733 - _lilcart_ - myfave_sub_boxes -
The past 3 months of #umbabox have been one fabulous package after another.
umbabox -
sungoddessheather : Amethyst! Beautiful
tedus._ - startingatthebeginning - jausury_pena - sungoddessheather -
I wish you all could smell the amazing clean scent of this bar of soap. It's so fresh! And the ingredients look so soothing. I haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait. Would you like to see Bee Lovely Botanicals featured in an #umbabox? Have a great weekend, friends!
umbabox -
storytrail : Hi, are August boxes shipping soon? Haven't heard anything :) thank you!
mvdiego : πŸ‘
chelsearice - bostonbarker - thevintagemodern - small_moments -
umbabox -
mouseg4 : A bud vase and some lavender sachets
shopumba - julia_loves_lipstick -
My Umba Box arrived!! Love the vase and the necklace is amazeballs. The sachets aren't really my thing, but a great box overall!! #umbabox
umbabox -
kallie_14 - minor.thread - shopumba - sandi.204 -
Head over heels in #love w/ the ocean toned contents of July's #umbabox! BONUS.. it matches my new #stethoscope! #vase #pottery #handmade #goodsmells #lavender #relax #minorthread #color
pottery - love - relax - color - handmade - lavender - vase - stethoscope - goodsmells - umbabox - minorthread -
shopumba : Love the rug! Thanks for sharing!
shopumba - morninglaurie - twomoonsandhannais - bstewart406 -
The cat is out of the bag... That huge order I was working on last month was for @shopumba! Their subscribers have started to get the boxes and are sharing on Instagram- I'm so thrilled that my hard work is in the hands of so many new friends! // New friends: please share a pic of your sachets & tag them #minorthread! #umbabox
minorthread - umbabox -
minor.thread : Thank you @merewillis for sharing this photo!
merewillis : My pleasure @minor.thread! The sachets are phenomenal. Love the cute fabric and the incredible lavender scent.
aquarabbit - charlottebeehandmade - janicemccartydesign - maureenfdesigns -
A mint color coordinated #umbabox this month! #handmade
handmade - umbabox -
shopumba : Thanks for sharing! 😍
minor.thread : Yay, mint! Thanks for the snapshot!
nvrguys : We LOVE us some pottery in NVR-land.
nvrguys - wanderlust_lowey_love - minor.thread - shopumba -
My first @shopumba Umba Box! My July 2015 box has a super cute Avior Pottery bud vase and two lavender sachets by @Minor.Thread. Umba is all about supporting hardworking artisans so you never know what you'll get. While I'm allergic to lavender, the stoneware vase is my new favorite thing! #umba #umbabox #aviorpottery #minorthread #subscriptionbox #subscriptionboxes #artisan #artisancrafts #handmade
aviorpottery - artisancrafts - subscriptionboxes - handmade - subscriptionbox - umbabox - artisan - umba - minorthread -
minor.thread : (I'm sorry that you're allergic, hopefully you can pass them along to someone who isn't!)
shopumba : Thanks for sharing! (And bummer that you're allergic! Send us an email at if you'd like to switch them out with something else!)
nymphgoddesslove : @akashalyriae this sounds interesting
bits.and.boxes : @minor.thread They are the prettiest sachets I've ever seen and they are being passed on to my mother. She will love them πŸ˜ƒ @shopumba That is so sweet of you to offer! No worries though because they're perfect for my mom. I'm adding them to her birthday gift. Thank you for a great box!
meemsnyc - _cockerham_19 - vyrlee - retreatyourself_box -
Love The July #umbabox!
umbabox -
shopumba : Thanks for sharing!
minor.thread : Thanks for sharing a snapshot!
shopumba - boho_badge - brizzlelass -
#umbabox #subscriptionbox
subscriptionbox - umbabox -
shopumba : Great shot! That bracelet is 😍 : Loving the box this month!!
hookedcaptain - ikahon_us - retreatyourself_box - shopumba -
We sent one of my all-time favorite pieces in the July #umbabox. An adorable bud vase crafted by Avior Pottery in Wisconsin. Amazing craftsmanship!
umbabox -
bricin : So cute! 😍
_lisli - princess_jasmine28 - thorpus - emroedesigns -
Test-driving a gorgeous sample piece for an autumn #umbabox. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
umbabox -
laurenethorp : @lynziechandler today and tomorrow! 🎁
lynziechandler : Great! Thanks for your quick response! @laurenethorp
lynziechandler : @laurenethorp Do we receive shipping notification and tracking info?
laurenethorp : Yep! Though our warehouse is sometimes slow in sending that info to us πŸ˜” We send it out as soon as we receive it, but sometimes your box will show up before the email! So frustrating and we're working on a solution!
loutcalt - dinahorne - bekajoy - emroedesigns -
My first #umbabox arrived! Such a thoughtful and unique gift! #handmade
handmade - umbabox -
nvrguys : πŸ‘
allisonfarrar - kingsawyer - sevenancientroots - ifeltify -
Great box this month. I was needing new measuring spoons. I love knowing they are handmade. #umbabox #subscriptionbox
subscriptionbox - umbabox -
jaxrunnergirl - gamergirlmonthly - subboxgirl -
Try Umba Box for 50% Off! Check it out at #umba #umbabox #subscriptionbox #reviews #coupons #sales #specials #handmade #artisan #unboxing #pretty #supportartisans #home #subscriptionboxes #review #couponcodes #coupon #summer #jewelry #prettythings #summertime #love #thesubscriptionboxfamily
summer - love - pretty - subscriptionbox - thesubscriptionboxfamily - coupon - subscriptionboxes - sales - umbabox - prettythings - home - coupons - couponcodes - specials - jewelry - review - handmade - reviews - unboxing - artisan - summertime - umba - supportartisans -
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That time I made 500. #tassels #keychains #umbabox
tassels - keychains - umbabox -
shopumba : LOVE!
proudpsd - goatishop - babblingbrookestudio - alexanderstein -
#Repost @notasham with @repostapp. ・・・ Happiness is surprise Mother's Day gifts. Yesterday it was life size Dean today a renewal of my Umba box subscription. Love my fam! #nsmhappy #umba #umbabox #calamarie
calamarie - umba - umbabox - nsmhappy - repost -
adrahim700 : Ψ§ΩˆΩŠΩ„ΩŠ
sweetcakesctg - princess_jasmine28 - mariaelevada - calamarieshop -
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