A little Wednesday morning pick-me-up mani with our non-toxic polish from @lillian.eve. This gilded @whitepeachpottery dish is the perfect place to stash my rings. I'm so terrified of losing them when I have to take them off! 😬 (This was one of my favorite #umbabox shipments! πŸŽ‰)
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lillian.eve : Oh, I love that ring dish!
whitepeachpottery : πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ’—
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Doing a little lunchtime scheming with my @cardtorial wooden journal we sent #umbabox subscribers last month. I'm excited to try one of @knockoffwood's furniture building plans soon! Although I live in a world of tech, I always find that putting pen to paper helps me organize my thoughts the best. And really, isn't that what's important, no matter the method? How do you set goals and plan? -Lauren
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theoysterspearl : I'm totally a paper and pencil person! I can't imagine changing with the times 😊
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Mail days are the best when they include pretty notebooks and SALTED CARAMELS!!!! Thank you @ccecilia_h and @shopumba! #snailmail #umbabox #stationaryaddict #saltedcaramel #musthaveselfcontrol #theresonlyoneleft #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo
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ironchefshellie : Awesome :)
soulscripts : πŸ’•
ccecilia_h : Yay! 😍😊❀️
kelsey_thefarmersdaughter : @ironchefshellie yes it was! 😊 @soulscripts ✌ @ccecilia_h πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ™†
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My March Umba Box came! A wooden journal & Fleur de Sel Caramels - a surprise gift each month (from me to me). Nice pick @shopumba #umba #umbabox
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amandambarkey : I love that book
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Got my final @shopumba #umbabox today! Fun cast iron bottle opener, two tea towels and a bracelet! Gonna miss the monthly care packages!
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Probably my favorite #umbabox gift yet. #dailyinspiration #lovewhatyoudo
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Loving my #umbabox that came in the mail today! Thanks @dubbab20 ☺️
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berkleysinstaham : You always have the best of everything! Teach me!
carcidicono : Haha @berkleysinstaham I read a lot of blogs in my spare time. But this was a Valentine's Day present from Billy
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Loving his month's #umbabox from @sugarcubepress!
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morganmherlihy - henryoloughlin -
My #umbabox came in! For every month you sign up you are sent a surprise gift hand made from artists! #lovingit #handmade @shopumba
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❀️ this month's happy! #umbabox
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#umbabox @lalaniak THANK YOU! #sugarcubepress
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lalaniak : Yay! So glad it finally arrived! I love your pic of the goodies too!
laalmend : I like the motto!
cnettles05 : @aliciaclinder Can you tell me what company made the Do Less Be More card?
aliciaclinder : @cnettles05 I thought it was sugar cube press but it doesn't specify.
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One of my favorite #umbabox surprises yet! Fingerless gloves, beautiful mug and inspirational print! ❀️
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whitepeachpottery : So glad you like it!!
whitepeachpottery : I'm trying to post customer photos the first two weeks on Feb! If you take a photo of your mug and tag it #whitepeachinthewild I'd love to share it on my account :)
gentryp : Be glad too!
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Do less, be more... Card that came today in my #umbabox - reminding me to slow down and reflect rather than go, go, go... Ever feel like someone set you up?!? #LoveIt #GetItAlready!
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sugarcubepress : #sugarcubepress #handmade #letterpress
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Regram from @romsarita of last month's jewelry dish #AsSeenIn umba box! @shopumba #umbabox
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thescribblepad : πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰
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#UmbaBox November 2014
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whitepeachpottery : Purty! ;)
whitepeachpottery : I'm trying to post customer photos the first two weeks in Feb! If you take a photo of your dish and tag it #whitepeachinthewild I'd love to share it on my account :)
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My December #umbabox contents, handmade jewelry dish from White Peach Pottery and vegan non-toxic nail polish from Lillian Eve in Coral Reef
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shopumba : Thanks for sharing!
whitepeachpottery : Hooray!
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I love my beautiful handmade goodies this month! I love my #umbabox every month!
umbabox -
jezzljezz - shelbsgrams - sarahneelyp -
@jmeo78jams I got my "jams" on today!! I am lovin this combo 😍 #jamberry
jamberry - umbabox -
simplybeautiful100 : Cute! Those look really cute!
kristamorgan79 : Cute mug also!
freshpickedgrace : @simplybeautiful100 thank you πŸ‘...they make some awesome designs. @kristamorgan79 heehee isn't it cute?!? It's handmade one of my faves. {I didn't make it} #umbabox
whitepeachpottery : Oooo! One of my mugs in the wild! Mind if I regram later this week? :)
freshpickedgrace : @whitepeachpottery I just saw this! Yes absolutely! I adore this mug😍
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My November #umbabox did not disappoint #envelopeclutch #umba #thislovesthat #glitter #fairtrade
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romsarita : @moderngirl
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Loving my Umba box this month!!! Cutest berry basket ever!!! #umbabox
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Some of this month's mystery mail: ceramic berry basket from #umbabox and makeup from #ipsy #glambag
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thatletter_k : Ouu nice!
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I just received my June @loveumba box! I love it!!! The Umba Box is a monthly subscription that includes cute accessories of all kinds! Each box has a unique pattern! The June box included: - A Beautiful Key Ring - A Mali Bag - Nzuri Bangle - Nzuri Disc Stud - Nzuri Disc Ring - Cowrie Crown Clips The box was $20! She will have a Birthday Box in July so check her out! I loved the pattern she picked out for me! Its beautiful and I can wear it with my jeans! All I need now is a scarf, box, or headband to complete the outfit! I am uploading the unboxing on my channel right now! The link is in my bio!
teamnatural_ - umbabox - loveumba - subscriptionbox - myumbabox -
curly_coily_kelly : @ynobeshop click shop. Click sale. Click the birthday box. πŸ‘πŸ˜„
curly_coily_kelly : @ynobeshop it looks like shes having a sale that ends at midnight! So if you get the box be sure and use the umbapops to get 15% off!
ynobeshop : Awww I just ordered lol. Oh well I'm looking forward to getting my box. Thank you @curly_coily_kelly
curly_coily_kelly : @ynobeshop ok! The code didnt work just now when I tried it anyway lol! Im about to purchase the july box since I loved the June one so much! I hope you enjoy it!
ynobeshop : I hope so too. I'll definitely do an unblocking if I remember and I'm not too excited to open it lol
4cnaturallysassy : Im getting the July box. Can't wait items look beautiful.
curly_coily_kelly : @4cnaturallysassy yah!! I can't wait either! I was so surprised at how nice everything was! I hope you enjoy your box!!
cocoandclick : love it!! follow me and check my blog and let me know what you think πŸ’‹
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2day on the blog: @loveumba is turning 2 next month! πŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ to celebrate they are partying all July with bday Umba boxes, flash sales and giveaways !!! Let's party with them ! Check the blog for deets #supportindnation #fblogger #ontheblog #indnation #happybday #giveaways #flashsales #umbabox #accessories #cantwaittordermyumbabox
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It's #umbabox time!! Love this month's selections
umbabox -
shelbsgrams : You got napkins and a necklace? I just got the necklace 😏
shelbsgrams : The napkins look great!
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Happy Birthday to @megabenitez The most amazing and beautiful soul sister anyone can ever ask for! I miss you more than you know but am beyond blessed that our friendship hasn't wavered and only continues to grow stronger with each phone call, silly text, and monthly boxes of love! Hope your having a blast today!!! Ps...check your email woo woo #umbabox coming your waaaaaay!!!
umbabox -
stephanieknight8 : Happy Birthday @megabenitez !!!
megabenitez : Ohhhh thanks so much!!! You are my soul mate!!! @stephanieknight8 thank you and tell your hubby happy late birthday from the benitez crew
stephanieknight8 : Aawww, you're the sweetest! I told Josh, he thinks you're rhe best! @megabenitez
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And me & the hubs <3 #lovehim
lovehim - umbabox -
twopurplecouches : Oh, and I'm sporting a @worldfinds scarf from my May #umbabox ;)
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Oh tea ducky you're the one, you make tea time so much fun! Tea ducky I'm awfully fond of you! In love with my new tea mug from my #umbabox :)
umbabox -
emily_louise_h - brittacolombo - cindysunflower - _mollygram -
I've been looking for a great monthly package to receive with a bunch of goodies and I think I found it! This is my first Umba box and it came with a Citrus Juicer and an Organic Print Apron. I love that I will be receiving homemade items from the US and around the world. Yay! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ #umba @shopumba #shopumba #juicer #apron #unique #handmade #specialdelivery #umbabox #ceramic #happy #excited #happythursday #dalycity #bayarea #itfinallyarrived #may #spring #kitchen
apron - may - spring - ceramic - monthly - umbabox - itfinallyarrived - dalycity - shopumba - unique - surprise - kitchen - package - neverknowwhattoexpect - handmade - specialdelivery - happythursday - bayarea - juicer - umba - cool - excited - happy -
princess_jasmine28 : #surprise #neverknowwhattoexpect #monthly #package #cool
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#umbabox time!!!
umbabox -
amymzo : Oooh what is this fun?
jmd211 : Which box do you subscribe to?
brittacolombo - mrssparks0514 - amymzo - debbiehammil -
I am so very excited! I just got my Umba Box (a monthly subscription box of curated handmade goods). And I received one of my favorite prints from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTISTS, and more importantly, one of the most respected and loved women on the internet (and me), Lisa Leonard. @lisaleonard you will find the most beautiful jewelry that has such meaningful, soulful messages full of grace and these gorgeous prints and more!! I love this print!! Thanks Lisa!! 😘 #beautyisbeingtruetowhoyouare #subscriptionbox #umbabox #lisaleonarddesigns #ilovelisasfamily #davidismyhero
ilovelisasfamily - umbabox - davidismyhero - beautyisbeingtruetowhoyouare - subscriptionbox - lisaleonarddesigns -
lyttmab : @lisaleonard
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My #umbabox came today! Love getting handmade surprises delivered to me every month!
umbabox -
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Excited to be included in the March Umba Box - handmade subscription box mailing! #umbabox #letterpress #loveletterpress #vandercook4 #stationery #notecards #lettra #silver #natureseries #handmade #dandelion #wildmustard #stackedstones
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