Anyone else want smaller thighs? God I hate mine!!! #uglythighs
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#tanning #pools #body #uglythighs #hahaha 👙☀💦
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Finally figured out a way to take a bath after living here for 4 months without a drain plug -_-. Finally relaxation in its finest #relaxed #bath #bathtub #bubbles #bubblebath #thighs #uglythighs #toes #toesies #legs #shesgotlegs #legsfordays #legsfordayz #idgaf #sexy #sexylegs #sexylegshot #bathselfie #meow #hot #relaxing #relaxation #alternativegirl
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mrrock105 : Awesome
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When you've got a free house and can comfortably walk around without joggers on. Feel better already. 😏🙊 #gay#selfie#briefs#gayteen#uglythighs
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*cries bc what is life* #anime#bands#bvbarmy#pandas#pokemon#attackontitan#swordartonline#followme#likes#truu#broken#suicidal#selfharrrmmm#depression#loner#nofriends#uglythighs#thighscratches#wristcuts#mirror#starving#startingover
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alpuche.n : You're life 😏😏
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ouchiiworld : Nice!
odd.grizzly.future : STUBBIE LEGS O:
invalid.wonderland : Bite me @odd.grizzly.future
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One of my upcoming goals is to do a cleaning/organization thing with my room. This is one of the shirts I planned on throwing out Because my mum shrunk it on accident while cleaning it. But I was looking through my drawer to find a good top for my new skirt and this one worked! Also wanted to show this skirt off-have the same kind in three different patterns-super comfy and light on the waist. Today was a seriously bad day. When I finally could get out of bed in the afternoon and showered I found that my thighs have gotten insanely worse from using my heating pad so much and my stomach is beginning to be discolored too-all very bad. To make things worse my allergies have been really bad lately too so I have been falling back into trich again :( meh it just got worse and worse....but I'm super glad that I have a skirt that hardly wrinkles, is comfy and doesn't make my pain worse-it's so relieving. Plus even though I felt horrible at least I felt happy about my outfit. And yes, I also am posting this for myself because by next week I'll forget that this shirt needs to stay since it's perfect for my skirt! XD #Trich #Trichotillomania #Depression #ChronicPain #PelvicPain #PelvicFloorDysfunction #Vulvodynia #HormoneChaos #Crying #PullingOutEyelashesAgain #LittleStressed #ComfyClothes #BadDay #StripedSkirt #FallingBackIntoDarkness #Spoonie #SpoonieWarrior #TryingToBeOkay #HopingForABetterTomorrow #TooMuchPain #HeatingPad #HeatBurns #Discolored #UglyThighs #NothingIsHelping #mustbreakbadhabits #Sadness
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ostdalost : Thanks so much @katlyntje @theteafairy @tealizzy (:
ostdalost : Oh my goodness yes-purging rooms is so fulfilling. I've officially started doing mine today ^^ this time I got containers so I can not only purge and be clean; but I also can be more organized than before! Okay...I know that sounds OCD-but I'm really not xD I just love organizing haha also I have been putting aloe and other creams on throughout the day and the whole fabric thing-but it doesn't really work when you keep needing to use the heating pad as much as I do. Since I'm on sleeping pills, my mum and I've come up with the idea to just take my sleeping pill early at night Because it will knock me out to the point where I won't get up in the middle of the night needing relief from pain....last night I didn't use it;trying not to use it today is going okay-just really hard when pain is bad :( @zimaleah501 I think my legs just need a break, ya know?
ostdalost : I got this skirt from Khols! They were having a great weekend sale last week and I got it for 11 bucks! Which is cheap considering how much every other skirt was xD and yeah I do cover my thighs, but it's not really helping at this point. Trying to just give them a break and put creams on them so they can heal. But it's hard when the only things that give you relief are pain killers and heating pads! >< last night was the first night I didn't use heating pad; was pretty hard since I'm so used to it. And decided to only use it when my pain is really bad in the way, and even then I'll cover my thighs. Just is really hard right now :(
ostdalost : @sweet.t.stitching forgot to tah you in that last comment xD
sweet.t.stitching : I know how that goes. Sometime I feel I can't get ENOUGH heat. Endo causes a LOT of pain. I usually have one on my back and lower abdomen at the same time. It gets me all around. So I get it!!
ostdalost : Yeah I think that's how I got these burns @sweet.t.stitching :/ no one told me my thighs would get this bad and i have been having so much pain above my pelvis this year that the skin right above my stomach/stomach is starting to get discolored :( so yeah....hope the same doesn't happen to you! :(
tops_mode : Your t-shirt, you buy it in River Island ?
ostdalost : Nah I bought it at khols I believe @tops_mode (:
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Lost my fucking razor. #again #cut #help #cutting #recovery #razor #stupidness #blood #bleeding #selfhate #selfharm #ihatemyself #neverenough #likesforlikes #herewego #ugly #selfharmisnotajoke #isyourjokestillfunny #followme #nevergiveup #helping #needhelp #dm #smile #uglythighs #anorexia #bulimia
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thatsnotyazmin : @miss_sarcasm13 yup, and thank you :) same to you
dream_alinchen : My leg looks like yours :3
miss_sarcasm13 : I'm sorry :/ @dream_alinchen
miss_sarcasm13 : @sean_gonzales_ block me if you don't like it. I don't get why you're being a slut if I did nothing to do
miss_sarcasm13 : To you *
http.bananaharry : You seriosly need to realize that cutting won't help you with anything •_•
miss_sarcasm13 : @http.bananaharry that's why I'm trying to stop:) im not expecting to cut and suddenly everything will be ok, no, but it helps me to keep fighting without sharing my feelings with people who doesn't care
http.bananaharry : Keep on trying💪 and I know how all of that feels, having nobody that cares but after all I was totally wrong. I was way too self loaded and when I stopped being like that everything changed and people starting noticing a change and everything was... okay. Things are never gonna be perfect but when you atleast try and make them better they will get better. Life is way too short to be locked in a room crying or cutting. You don't have to be with someone to have fun, do whatever you consider fun. Live your life is yours after all don't waste it being sad;) this paragraph is long af lmao sorry
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A day with them is a day well spent♡ #uglythighs #theylookhot! #idonot
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larrisajade : Lol nooo😲😲
auntie___lulu : Love you! @larrisajade
cam.blevins : ❤️❤️❤️
cheyenneee98 : That booty though @larrisajade
larrisajade : Love u too❤️ @auntie___lulu 😏😏 @cheyenneee98
wondermatt56 : Oh my
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