So stoked!! Just purchased tickets to see @underoathband in Boston & NYC next year! Flying from London to see it! Gonna be amazing!! My first heavy band I ever listened to & a favourite forever! #Underoath #Rebirth #UØ
rebirth - - underoath -
kristishan : Sick bruh. Rock on. ✊🏼
cameronscot : @jeddobre I'm going to Orlando to see it
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Ø<<<The Writing on the Wall>>>△⃒⃘ #myroom #UØ #deathlyhallows #longhorn #texas
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ryleehowe : Can't wait until that 1240 turns into a 0 🙈
erica_plutat - rossbrown1995 - tharris422 - claire_groshong -
@underoathband is #soldout in #Philadelphia!! So can not wait for this show!! #underoath #UØ #CONCERT #rebirthingtour #music
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Currently listening to: I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today #UØ (PS: Awkward arm makes me realize why selfie sticks were invented).
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#itsallworthreachingfor @wschamberlain #UØ #goodmorning #goodnight #writingonthewalls #waitingforrebirth #underoath #sleepwave #dontshakeihatetoseeyoutremble #neveragainwillisayimok #definethegreatline #theyreonlychasingsafety #spencer #Ø #UØA #rockandrollisdead #OGTA2015♠️
dontshakeihatetoseeyoutremble - writingonthewalls - goodnight - waitingforrebirth - uøa - itsallworthreachingfor - ogta2015♠️ - theyreonlychasingsafety - underoath - rockandrollisdead - - spencer - neveragainwillisayimok - ø - definethegreatline - goodmorning - sleepwave -
underoathfanpage : That's awesome! I'm happy that you met him 😊
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. The daily feels🙌 "I stare so delicate and ashamed At the shell I've shed myself from In the eyes of my ghost And I will never look back again" Aka be a better person then you were the day prior and never look back. #mymusic #underoath #uø #definethegreatline #feels #weshouldsmoke #mnfeelslike #highsociety #hrbnlife #fueledbythc #w420 #oprahsbookclub #weedstagram420 #topshelflife #hustlemedsnotpatients #dabbersdaily #guyswithtattoos #globmob #high_larry_us #dankshots420 #iwillmarrymary #errlsociety
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got.the.gas : Miss Underoath... Once they lost Aaron it was over
ryankillgannon_ : Idk @got.the.gas I likes disambiguation a lot but it was back to the heavier older days of uneroath. Dtgl and they're only chasing safety for
ryankillgannon_ : Ftw
ap_scholar : @ryankillgannon_ what did you think of lost. In the sound of Sheraton?
ap_scholar : *separation
ryankillgannon_ : @ap_scholar litsos was good lyrically but hard pressed for me to like what they were doing musically. It was there transition period so I can't blame them but it was a bit too different for me
ap_scholar : I feel you. I think that's why I liked that album so much. Disambiguation was defiantly a good note to leave on though. Did you hear about the tour they're about to start? @ryankillgannon_
ryankillgannon_ : @ap_scholar you best believe I already bought my tickets lol
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"Maybe we why don't we sit right here for half an hour? And speak of what a waste I am" #throwback
throwback - - thrasher -
buttonupkev18 : #UØ #thrasher
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I can't even describe how excited I am about this😭 my twelve year old dreams are being fulfilled! I just know I might cry at some point during the concert😂 // #UØ #UOrebirth #UnderOath #ReunionTour Special thanks to @ce_madrigal!
underoath - - reuniontour - uorebirth -
ce_madrigal : 😁 hope you get to have a great time sis
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Got my UNDEROATH tickets @aaronrgillespie @chrisunderoath @timmctague @wschamberlain @docnog #underoathrebirth #uø
underoathrebirth - -
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Had to special order this beauty after the show. They live recorded this and sold it to the audience as they left the show. @underoathband #liveatkoko #koko #lostinthesoundofseparation #uø #Underoath #ø #definethegreatline
lostinthesoundofseparation - - koko - ø - liveatkoko - definethegreatline - underoath -
heymichael : This album is impossible for me to find
nathanblackmon : @heymichael you can find it on piratebay, that's the only place I could find it.
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|#Tombstones| "I knelt there at the headstone of one I love and cried. Name, with dates of birth and death were perfectly inscribed. I pondered these two dates and how little they both mean when compared to the tiny dash that lies there in between. The dash serves as an emblem of our time here on the earth, and although small, it stands for all our years of life, and worth. And our worth will be determined by how we live each day. We can fill our dash with goodness, or waste our life away. To ourselves, as well as others, let’s be honest, kind and true, and every day, live the way we know God wants us to. May we look for opportunities to do a worthy deed, and reach out with compassion to those who are in need. For If our hearts are full of love throughout our journey here, we’ll be loved by all who knew us and our memory they’ll hold dear. And when we die, these memories will bring grateful, loving tears, to all whose lives were touched by the dash between our years." — The Dash Between Our Years: Ron Tranmer #Graveyard #Cemetery #Downey #DowneyCemetery #RainyDay #Tombstone #CriesOfThePast #UØ #UNDERØATH
graveyard - criesofthepast - rainyday - cemetery - tombstones - downeycemetery - downey - tombstone - underøath - -
amyfrench444 : Awesome words.
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New #Underoath shirt! #bandtee #ø #definethegreatline @underoathband #uø
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crazywildchris : Love this shirt also have it
underoathcody : It's the best!
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Rehearsing #UØ tunes can be rough! Ekat päättökonserttireenit ja ekaa kertaa kapulassa verta! 😅👌 #hyvääjytää #nopainnogain #drumming #rehearse
drumming - rehearse - hyvääjytää - nopainnogain - -
pauliinafyr : Hei ilmottele ku oot tulossa hki!! Tuu kyläilee😏
hautasenni : Joo mä ilmoittelen :) Ois huippua nähdä ja kyläillä, harmittaa kun menee ne teidän tuparit nyt sivu suun 😣 @pauliinafyr
pauliinafyr : No tuut joku toinen kerta❤️
nikwestbass : 😃
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🔊💙 #underoath #definethegreatline #uø #musicforthesoul
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sophieilys : Nice!
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💭 #forever #on #my #skin #tattoos #uø #ø #lips #blackandwhite #baw #love #3yearsold
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m4rkelle : #cute
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Rebirth is coming! #UØ #underoath #reuniontour2016 #metalcore #theyreonlychasingsafety #definethegreatline
- metalcore - reuniontour2016 - theyreonlychasingsafety - definethegreatline - underoath -
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Here's another that I took the next night. This one turned out better.. maybe I'll try it again when the next storm rolls in or something.. #UØ
sierralou : This is awesome!
tymus18 : @sierralou thank ya
riahbabyy_ - monican456 - wielanger - sierralou -
Got my ticket to see @underoathband today! 😁 Only 7 more months to go! 😅 #UØ #Underoath #underøath #band #concert #live #Rocketown #Nashville #TN #Tennessee #Smashville #music #screamo #metalcore #heavy #metal #hardcore #soexcited #favoriteband #rebirth #rebirthtour #tour #reunion
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Stoked for the #Rebirth tour next year! #UnderØath #UØ
rebirth - - underøath -
evanshowlaa - notsp0ck -
I've been up at this all night long. I've been D R O W N I N G in my S L E E P. I will now bring new meaning to the word alone. Endless nights of dreaming of life & the days we should have spent here #imdrowninginmysleep #2am #UØ #myknuckleshaveturnedtowhite #kissmeonelasttime 🌊💤
kissmeonelasttime - 2am - - imdrowninginmysleep - myknuckleshaveturnedtowhite -
vladdyville : Go to sleep
hectorquezada_ - 2088_jv - the_rex_best_thing - jts_1982 -
Well, it's been a minute. #UØ #WAKEUP
wakeup - -
hvelge : *Bring bring*
kcmeals : @hvelge LOL
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They will never understand what lives at our insides, oh! They will never understand what eats at our insides, oh! It's all my head, if you want you can look inside. There's nothing but red and all the mess I've been. #UØ #Underoath #Midweek #GreyIsBeautiful #53DaysUntilAnniversary
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I'm the best... Lmaoooo @chedapalooza #spencerchamberlain #UØ #metalcore #writingonthewalls #definethegreatline #226days #rebirth #underoath #yourealmostgoneandimokay 😂😂😂
rebirth - yourealmostgoneandimokay - - writingonthewalls - spencerchamberlain - 226days - metalcore - definethegreatline - underoath -
chedapalooza : @lina_valentina she likes to blow up my ig
lina_valentina : I'll fight her if you want me to @chedapalooza
alexandriaspanky : @lina_valentina gonna have to kill me if you try. 😆😘
chedapalooza : @lina_valentina I kinda wanna fight her
brandonstarke_cp : @whitexlocust 😂😂
timbo_bagginss : @s_armenta3 @the_endless_war @_spiritspeaks_ @oliviamichele_xo @stevenvidal @blaxican93 😂😂😂😂😂 too funny!
the_endless_war : @timbo_bagginss 😂😂😂
_spiritspeaks_ : @timbo_bagginss LOL !!
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Can not wait until March to see the best band ever again. #toooldtomosh #UØ #uørebirth #vip
uørebirth - toooldtomosh - - vip -
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You're the best boyfriend in the world! 😫 I get to see my favorite band one last time 💓 #REBIRTH #UØ
rebirth - -
gustacoo999 : Cause I love to see you smile 😘
juelznigga - gustacoo999 - victoria.sweeney - ericcjamess -
You want to see me disappear? Well, so do I. #therecouldbenothingafterthis #definethegreatline #uø
therecouldbenothingafterthis - definethegreatline - -
the_cereal_box_kid - eroyalblue - essmeeyy - nunucodesigncompany -
YES YES OH MY GOD YES this is a thing that is happening March next year on my honeymoon #UØ
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Disappointed that with the service fee, this was as expensive as the VIP package, but I'm so excited to FINALLY see my favourite band who I never thought I'd be able to see!!! #underoath #uo #uø #concert
uo - - concert - underoath -
9.oktober : :)
inleagueband - desttwright - sigvardnilsson - ed_productions -
So it's official!!! @jax_havok & I will be seeing @Underoathband NEXT YEAR!!!! Bought tickets for the SF & Las Vegas dates AND I'M PROBABLY GOING TO SELF HELP FEST TOO.. It's not VIP how we planned... BUT at least we'll be there! They will be playing both #TheyreOnlyChasingSafety & #DefineTheGreatLine front to back! 😭💀😍 Can't wait to see my favorite band again. #Underoath #777 #UØ #RebirthTour
777 - rebirthtour - - theyreonlychasingsafety - definethegreatline - underoath -
salvador_baez07 : @richimolina dude I just checked the tickets $200 for the VIP 😭 if anything I'll probably do the gem admission ticket as well.
richimolina : @salvador_baez07 are you talking about self help?
salvador_baez07 : @richimolina well I definitely want to see them. I've been dying to see them live since freshman year 😭😭😭😭 they're only chasing safety is my favorite album. But of course I like some of their old stuff with Dallas
sillyfox123 - inleagueband - harrisondole_777 - damn_kidzz -
#UØRebirth #UnderØath #UØ
uørebirth - - underøath -
chuckdruschel : Nice
blarabee1123 : 😍😮😮😮
themccanns1102 : WHAT!?!?!?!
thestrangeprincess : I hate you right now lol
joeytunes : Awww
joeytunes : Sorry @thestrangeprincess I got one for you! 😉
thestrangeprincess : Yeah? I'll be there then!
joeytunes : Sounds good @thestrangeprincess! Looking forward to it! 👌🏼
woodyswatersports - sairfc - chuckdruschel - thestrangeprincess -
Stoked for 4.16.16 #underoath #uorebirth #underoathreunion #uø
underoathreunion - uorebirth - - underoath -
inleagueband - lemonsqzy - lindseymcbride_ - nickwlv -
Who's down.? #UØ #rebirthtour #underoath
underoath - - rebirthtour -
chantzj55 : And I got knocked lol
chantzj55 : @unkwnone
lonnieskins : That'll be sick bruh @gonzo.1166
unkwnone : U did lol we can all meet up at my guys guys maybe pregame a lil or something only about 6 or 5 blocks form the Ogden
j3lly_man : Yessss!!
psychicwanderers : If I was in town if be down.
psychicwanderers : I'd
leo_r23 : I'm there dude
rubyyyredslippers - chantzj55 - screamoutloudfl - sairfc -
I'm not too sure that I want it to be this way. Open mouth closed eyes no words are escaping Record of the day in honor of buying my ticket Underøath - They're Only Chasing Safety #underøath #theyreonlychasingsafety #theimpactofreason #UØ #ticket #recordoftheday #vinyl #collection
recordoftheday - - collection - vinyl - theimpactofreason - ticket - theyreonlychasingsafety - underøath -
punkrockpaul : Yea I need to go witch one are you going to?
punkrockpaul : Cool
sairfc - scatstevens - pvhate - bacontop -
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