One of the best albums to ever have graced our genre. 💯 For that, we thank you. #gamechanger #uø #underoath #tocs
tocs - underoath - - gamechanger -
matthewof1979 - cornwallis13 - scottxjared - daneelisdead -
#live #filter #musicsaveslives #sord #goprohero3 #goproinspiration #shades #glasses #choppingwood #promark #drums #drummer #drummer4life #meinl #longhairdontcare #lododrumguy #lights#batman#drum life#underøathband#UØ
meinl - longhairdontcare - goproinspiration - batman - sord - lododrumguy - drums - promark - choppingwood - goprohero3 - musicsaveslives - drummer4life - drum - - shades - filter - lights - live - drummer - underøathband - glasses -
robfields911 : Nice!
saramvieiraa - dreamerhopelove - joseph2897 - aitorquevedodrumm -
Still blown away by yesterday's show..this is what they did to close the show and I felt like I was at an @underoathband show from back in the day..SO HEAVY!! @aaronrgillespie YOU KILLED IT!!and they did this for like 6 min..btw the stage design was sick too..overall great production @paramore 😊 #paramore #writingthefuturetour #aarongillespie #dallas #tour #music #rock #verizontheater #video #TAKEMEBACK #underoath #UØ #Ø
takemeback - - dallas - paramore - tour - verizontheater - aarongillespie - music - rock - video - ø - writingthefuturetour - underoath -
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At the beach #jacksonville #Floridasun #boom #uø #underoath
boom - underoath - floridasun - jacksonville - -
chrisunderoath : 🍻
isaiahmccoy240 : When does tired violence come out ? Super stoked about that can't wait to get it
talktorogelio93_ - cornwallis13 - gagmeimgorgeous - daneelisdead -
|| Good God can you still get us home || #uø
thechristianluke - bleachuo - tjcating - ashleynichole1996 -
Re-bought this album to head back to my roots today. Definitely one of my top 10 albums. I listened to it heavily when Katrina hit and I had evacuated to Huntsville. Emery, UnderOath and As Cities Burn created a huge influence on my youth all around. #emery #UØ #acb
acb - emery - -
ewarmack13 : HECK YES!!! Have you head about there new album coming out in the next few weeks?
bear_listener : @ewarmack13 i've been listening to the new songs actually haha
ewarmack13 : Nice! I listen to their podcasts, it's pretty great!
bear_listener : @ewarmack13 that's all I've been listening to
smoothmovesailor : yes.
thewilliamtheriot - moon.g0ddess - somethingsoobscure - iceque3n -
#musicmonday The opening guitar exchange between @timmctague and #jamessmith on #itsdangerousbusinesswalkingoutyourfrontdoor grabs me and pulls me in every time. I was late to the @underoathband party. I went to see them for the first time in #Philadelphia at #TheUnionTransfer for the farewell tour in January 2013 on a thought that this is one band I probably should see before it is all over. All I can say is that I'm so glad that I did as they have become one of my top 5 bands of all time. #UØ #underoath
- jamessmith - theuniontransfer - itsdangerousbusinesswalkingoutyourfrontdoor - philadelphia - musicmonday - underoath -
pmluchon : Whatta great band
thescottwc : @pmluchon I just wish I would have been into them the same time Matt, Jeremy, John, and you all were!
andre_landes - donpro71 - drew_conners - cchilds99 -
🎶Acceptance is what holds us here then you my dear are the one I fear tonight we'll try this one more time....🎶🎶 #imissmylightbrown #musicislove #Uø
imissmylightbrown - musicislove - -
ericninhja : Teeth 😁👌🏼
mariiahmariie : Omg so pretty. stared at it for like 5minutes 😳🙈
thatrunnergirl5 : Haha aweeee thanks Mariah! Lol @mariiahmariie
rayyeeezy - theporterazzi - viewsbyleon - ceddybo70 -
After 2 years of owning these posters I decided to frame them..still kinda sad that @underoathband broke up..definitely one of the bands that have been with me through many stages of my life..miss them allot and wish they could have another show here..oh the dreams of many.... "Good God! Can you still get us home..." #underoath #uø #Ø #UØ #poster #underoathfarewelltour #farewelltour #imissthem #metal
- underoathfarewelltour - metal - imissthem - farewelltour - poster - ø - underoath -
thecasemaster : You and me both man. Such a solid band.
karlynng - landonjohnsonsing - xenya.adelgejm - hey.its.alexa -
I love warm weather #OAA #oceansatealaska #guyswithpiercings #stretchedears #1in #woodtunnels #modifiedculture #noserings #longhairdontcare #imissher #uø #underøath #oln #ourlastnight
ourlastnight - modifiedculture - 1in - - oaa - noserings - imissher - oln - longhairdontcare - stretchedears - oceansatealaska - guyswithpiercings - underøath - woodtunnels -
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Flashback Friday to the day I married my best friend @david_pebworth. The first time I heard this song, I knew once I got married these lyrics would be in my wedding vows. I'm probably the only woman who has @underoathband lyrics in their vows too. Make it even better, our first date was at an UnderØath show. Thanks @chrisunderoath, @wschamberlain and the rest of #UØ for writing and creating such amazing and impacting music! You guys have no idea how much your band and music means to me. #FBF #UnderØath #Wedding #MeetThePebworths
meetthepebworths - wedding - fbf - underøath - -
cynstormborn : I love you guys! And I just adore the fact that your vows were so unique and meaningful. 😍
david_pebworth : I love you so much baby! The night I met you was perfect at UnderØath! I'm so thankful to be spending my life with my best friend and soul mate! I love you Bonita forever and ever!!!
mothermunster : Soooooo cute
mothermunster - xkingofshredx - guzz_21 - ijatmedievil -
Desolate Earth: The End is Here #UØ
popewagz - jglongcrier -
Good god can you still get us home. #uø #underoath #musicmonday #iknowitstuesday #feelslikemonday
- iknowitstuesday - feelslikemonday - musicmonday - underoath -
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Just purchased this killer documentary of a once killer band, so stoked to watch it @underoathband #underoath #UØ #tiredviolence #documentary
tiredviolence - documentary - - underoath -
java_urgency : I am so bummed the live set wasn't included.
hearsawhooo : @java_urgency I know dude!! 😩
java_urgency : The closer it got to 50 min mark, the worse I felt😂
jennybitch_ - rogerdofa - sorryimemmy - failtheabstract -
As a fan of #UØ, it truly was a pleasure and a privilege to help them finish this last project, #tiredviolence , for this time in their history. We can only hope there will be a day in the future that new history will be written. Thank-you @chrisunderoath @ddavison @docnog James Smith @timmctague @wschamberlain & @aaronrgillespie for true art. @underoathband #underoath #777 #music
tiredviolence - 777 - music - - underoath -
thescottwc : @timmctague was listening to the Bad Christian podcast and the director talked how he couldn't use UØ music for Tired Violence which made it difficult. Why was that?
shanchilds - j_patss - lew_keel - calebrothkeel -
Seriously one of the best things I've ever watched. This #TiredViolence documentary was intense. If you get a chance, grab the digital download. #Underoath #music #documentary #UØ #inspiration #BeginUnderoathBingePart43
music - - underoath - tiredviolence - beginunderoathbingepart43 - documentary - inspiration -
johnogic_21 - redrankin - sincerelyscott - shatwmusic -
Very excited that the rare CDs and DVDs I've always wanted from my favorite band finally came in. And tomorrow my buttons and stickers come in. I'm a very happy HxC kid right now. #Underoath #UØ #Anthology #SurviveKaleidoscope #LITSOS #Hardcore #Metalcore #SadDaddiesClub
survivekaleidoscope - litsos - saddaddiesclub - anthology - metalcore - hardcore - underoath - -
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• to fit inside your mold would be to sell myself short • #uø
sethbmorrow - bleachuo - jay_derouen - smoothoperatorjones -
The benefits of preordering Underoath's newest DVD release, "Tired Violence" made me jump up in pure happiness. To be forever a part of the Underoath documentary makes me so god damn honored. Watching this made me cry and made me love this band even more. #Underoath #UØ #TiredViolence #Honored #MissThem
tiredviolence - honored - - missthem - underoath -
elliotsorgen - watchforwolves - thecolourofbraille - dustin_busa -
UnderØath forever. I miss forcing my way to the front of the crowd. Singing my heart out. This film has brought some tears to my eyes. This band has and will always be my favorite. Thank you all. Thank you so so much. @chrisunderoath @wschamberlain @ddavison @underoathband #underoath #tiredviolence #uo #uø #underøath #forever #favoriteband #imissthemplaying #dvd #closeup
forever - - imissthemplaying - tiredviolence - dvd - uo - closeup - favoriteband - underøath - underoath -
courttttttv : @lethal_intelligence right! It was such an incredible day for me. Thank you so much for going with me.
lethal_intelligence : @courttttttv I'm glad I got to experience something that meant so much to you with you. It was pretty amazing!!!! And there is even video proof haha how cool!!
lethal_intelligence : @courttttttv I'd do it again in a heartbeat
courttttttv : @lethal_intelligence 😊😊😊 well who knows maybe (hopefully) one day they will play again.
lethal_intelligence : @courttttttv count me in if they do!!! And that guy that climbed around I liked them too. The ones before them you know who I mean??
courttttttv : @lethal_intelligence yeah that was @letliveperiod they are so rad. They are still on tour! :)
lethal_intelligence : Yea they were pretty awesome!! We should go see them lol @courttttttv
courttttttv : @lethal_intelligence DEAL. i love letlive. I listen to them constantly.
masonwrightkik - whatsamjrawls - bloodilltempered - ddavison -
Just watched this incredible movie. So thankful to what this band has done and how they've impacted so many lives. I believe God has used them and their talent to really mark people's hearts. I hope you guys find rest and peace in your future and that you all continue to rock this world! Thank you all so much! #tiredviolence #uø
tiredviolence - -
chrisunderoath : Thank YOU!
jksafe : No man... Thank you!! You guys really made a difference in my life! @chrisunderoath
migueltfotografia : :o come on !! the best band in this world !!
jksafe : I remember your dream! Safemode and UØ 😀😀😀😀 @stephierumierk
jksafe : @migueltfotografia no doubt! We can only try to be the best we can, but they will always rule the scene!
migueltfotografia : @jksafe It is an expression jajaja ... your words are very very wise my friend jejejeje
jksafe : @migueltfotografia haha😀 I don't we think we would be Safemode if it wasn't for them :)
migueltfotografia : Awesome is very good that Safemode work with the underoath music #Safemode is a bigband
bloodilltempered - binimanl - jemimagonoude - tolbojohan -
I don't care. They'll always be my favorite band. #Underoath #UO #UØ #Hardcore #Metal #Metalcore #Punk #Deathcore #Ø
- metal - punk - uo - metalcore - ø - hardcore - deathcore - underoath -
crazy_catguy : Yussss
oh.ashlyn - albino.sloth - bootyxmama - northernnovemberband -
In St. Pete for the world premiere of UnderØaths new dvd from the final tour! Couldn't be more excited. #UØ #Ø #tiredviolence #underoath
tiredviolence - ø - - underoath -
colin_sidereal - 2blueelephants - katewood87 - cassmangotastic -
"Set your sights to North and press on." 💀 #UØ #theperfectday #vsco #vscocam
vsco - - vscocam - theperfectday -
a_n_der - alananicoll - andreich1988 - estrilllla -
Yus @xianspencer #UnderOath #UØ #ThereCouldBeNothingAfterThis #DefineTheGreatLine
therecouldbenothingafterthis - definethegreatline - - underoath -
rachelrodemann - rachelwedige - eiaquino - -
Remembering how awesome this show was all the way from #Guatemala #Underoath #uø #NYC #FarewellTour #FoundInWallet
guatemala - - farewelltour - foundinwallet - nyc - underoath -
preraphelite_shaolin : 💔
la.fleurs_a : SO COOL @vickie_wj
foreveratlastband - stephanie._.power - untdmvmnt - kalen_drums -
My Underoath collection. All 1st presses... One of my all-time favorite bands. #Underoath #UnderØath #UØ #DefineTheGreatLine #TheChangingOfTimes #TheyreOnlyChasingSafety #Disambiguation #LostInTheSoundOfSeparation #ToothAndNail #SolidStateRecords #vinyl #VinylCollection #vinylcollective
thechangingoftimes - vinylcollection - toothandnail - underoath - disambiguation - solidstaterecords - - vinyl - lostinthesoundofseparation - theyreonlychasingsafety - definethegreatline - underøath - vinylcollective -
discophilic : 😍
wheretheroad_parts : 🙌
wheretheroad_parts - shadowofcuriosity - themustacheclubvinyl - modern_vinyl_forum -
#tbt with @timmctague from @underoathband really looking forward to the new DVD #underoath #uø #penknifelovelife
tbt - - penknifelovelife - underoath -
leeana_j : #cleanskin
oli_gal : Was this taste of chaos 2006?
chris5ive : @oli_gal this was before taste of chaos, I think this was with Silverstein, The Hurt Process and Roses are Red
jow88 : I had that t shirt! The guitarist Dan used to work at my school n brought me in a freebie haha
jow88 : PS I also played with the hurt process in York
crashmoon : It's Friday dude
chris5ive : @crashmoon not in the UK!
richardmarkashton - watchforwolves - burtiex - lukashodgson -
Pre-work jams. #jamsoftheday #underoath #UØ #LostInTheSoundOfSeparation #music #jams
music - jamsoftheday - jams - lostinthesoundofseparation - underoath - -
la_dispvte - squid_karl - iliagmyzin - martyoneforall -
5/1/15 #tiredviolence #UØ
tiredviolence - -
houckzie : @docnog so pumped for this dude. Pre-ordered mine. Your guys music got me through a lot.
robbyzimmy2 : @docnog can't wait for this...but can't wait even more for when you guys reunite! We all know its gonna happen... Eh? Eh? 🙈🙉🙊
adamjcapps : @docnog wow I can wait man. You and the rest of @underoathband were my biggest influences as a teenager and I'm so blessed to say that. Can't wait to get my copy of #tiredviolence
pvmarcolino : @deadph
joaao_santos : Ø
kbrue24 : @jarisandersny
docnog : @kbrue24 👊😵💤💀
kbrue24 : @docnog 💪💩😶 I want a signed copy
kroshilin_nikita_ - _paulo_gomes__ - alex_rhys - robbyzimmy2 -
the only salvation #uø
thedilloncook : You have amazing taste when it comes to music.👌
simlenx : @thedilloncook ahw thanks!
forget_the_rain - thedilloncook - xxxraidenxxx - davidsanremo -
• What are you so afraid of? You're staring truth in the face • In Regards to Myself / / UØ
afterlight - socality - vscostyle - postmoreportraits - posthardcore - postthepeople - x2 - vsco - underoath - michigrammers - - socalitydetroit - livefolk - instagood - snapseed - socalitymi - vscocam - vscoholic - igportrait -
andrewarrol : #socality #socalitydetroit #socalityMI #snapseed #afterlight #vsco #vscocam #instagood #vscoholic #livefolk #vscostyle #underoath #posthardcore #x2 #uø #postmoreportraits #postthepeople #igportrait #michigrammers
dmstc : Nice!
romeromusic00 : Cannn I pleaseeeee buy this shirt ...!!! 😲 @typ01996
typ01996 : Plzzzz!!!😫🔥🔥👌 @romeromusic00
andrewarrol : @romeromusic00 @typ01996 I got it on eBay so...good luck! Haha 😁
matthewcampagiorni - orpeekue - madeleineagerholm - failtheabstract -
Finally put up my new poster from @leanndra_krystyne ! #underoath #UØ #music #metal
metal - music - - underoath -
wheretheroad_parts : Greatest show I've ever been to.
abishai_j - maritzac143 - browneyed_girl89 - ashbashj -
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