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finleymusicaustralia : That is one of my favorite albums ever!!!
isaiahmccoy240 : The thing I love about #uø is that they always had a different sound with each album
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These jams tonight. I will proudly admit at any time that, in my opinion, was the best this band ever sounded. I love the older stuff just like the rest of you, but this was what I had been waiting for. Raw, nasty, angry, and changing. I love it. #underoath #uø #disambiguation #np
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My knuckles have turned to white. There's no turning back tonight. Kiss me one last time. Shut. Your. Eyes. #throwback #underoath #best #jams #2004 #UØ #toothandnail #solidstate
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inthewoods47 : 😍😍😍
jvstinhvbbard : @inthewoods47 🙌🙌🙌
inthewoods47 : Best song ❤️❤️ : dude this song is my absolute favorite of Underoath!;)
jvstinhvbbard : I love this one so much too dude. I remember when I first heard it. 💙💛
tempuradeathpunch : Amazing album!!!
jvstinhvbbard : @tempuradeathpunch Dude, you ain't lying. 😎
screamoutloudfl : Awesome!! Also, if you don't mind checking us out, we'd really appreciate it. We're for fans of Underoath!
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I'm halfway there, and its all on me. This is what I get for wanting more, for wanting more. This is the way it's got to be dancing on all these changes. So I walk around with this rope in my hand, rope in my hand. So I'll tie it around, and around and around. I'll tie me down.
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death_becomes_sean : #underoath #uo #underøath #uø #imcontentwithlosing #theyreonlychasingsafety #metalcore #posthardcore #poppunk #alternativemetal #electronicore #ambient #sludgemetal #doommetal #christianmetal #experimentalmetal #progressivemetal #spencerchamberlain #aarongillespie
nico_careless : Favorite Underoath album. B-)
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💕 no tienen comparación 😍 #UØ 💜 UNDERØATH
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MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE. #underoath #underøath #uo #uø #documentary #favoriteband #sohappy
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screamoutloudfl : Awesome!! Also, if you don't mind checking us out, we'd really appreciate it. We're for fans of Underoath!
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We walk alone #777 #UØ
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The one thing that can always make me feel better @underoathband #underoath #underøath #uo #uø #lostinthesoundofseparation #favorite #music #band
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Nosee pero tengo una foto con Spencer ♥ #allaporel2012 #Spencer #Ø #underøath #UØ #Love #2012 #UØArgentina #ConUngrande
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astillaa : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
eslucas_ : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
njanne777 : 💕
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I miss this band #underøath #UØ
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:) #underoath #UØ #thisalbumwillnevergetold #upagainstawall
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1nsp1red1 :
hebrew_hamner : Yaaasssss stubs yaaaaasssssssssssss........👆👆👆👆👆this guy doesn't know
ryanking91 : This and define the great line 👌
chumloser : Now ur talkin
myfavoritemicah : That's a great song!
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Incredible drummer/singer givin those drums the business @aaronrgillespie #Pig #UØ
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The Definitive UnderØath collection 1999-2013 #Underoath #Anthology #UØ #Ø #Metalcore #PostHardocore #ChristianRock
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#ThrowbackThursday #theyreonlychasingsafety #underoath #Ø #aboybrushedredlivinginblackandwhite #youngandaspiring #reinventingyourexit #UØ #spencerchamberlain #aarongillepse #tbt #thursday #throwback #metalcore #inspiration #vans #warpedtour #vwt #VansWarpedTour2007
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figures3entering3 : kinda in love with you lol! ⭐
laceyy531 : This album made me love them! Aaron gillepse was my fav lol @f477d0wn
cole_morgann : Underoath 👌👌👌
parlocho : Great!
joao11_andrade : The best
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Same Drake. Same. #underoath #uø #definethegreatline #myedit
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joopflow : 😂😂😂😂
harrisondole_777 : @wilsondole 😂
wilsondole : SERIOUSLY @harrisondole_777
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#underoath #uø
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Favorite album of all time. #UØ #DefineTheGreatLine
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Kunne vore karr som helst, men det e på Såta, pannekaker og tortelini på stormkjøkken!
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ingrideld : #devoldpåtur #ulvangtrio #ulvangkonkurranse #uø #cecilieskog duo #liveterbestute #utno
ingrideld : #FÅ15 @mmaline
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Underoath has been a huge influence in my life and I'm very excited to add this to my collection<3 #underoath #UØ
- underoath -
chillbrogustavo : @wschamberlain @chrisunderoath @aaronrgillespie Dallas, Tim, James,Grant, Dan. THANK YOU.
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2 years ago today I saw one of my favorite bands kill the stage one last time. 2 years later they are trying to release a farewell DVD so fans who didn't get a chance to go see them live get some type of closure from this documentary. The documentary is almost done. Come help finish it. Link in @underoathband bio. #UnderOath #Farewelltour #tiredviolence #UØ #777 #ActOfDepression #CriesOfThePast #TheChangingOfTimes #TheyreOnlyChasingSaftey #DefineTheGreatLine #LostInTheSoundOfSeparation #Ø #Disambiguation #Worcester #Palladium
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At the end of it all We will be sold for parts We will try to rebuild But we ate it all away All ambitions now run dry Someone stop this thing, turn it off In search of new life Nothing will be left to walk this earth again Turn it off. #UØ
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So... let me talk to you all for a minute or two about something very important to me UNDEROATH My all time favorite band They called it quits in January of 2013 but not without a bang. Underoath ended their incredible impact on the music world with an unforgettable farewell tour that I had attended all but one date of. I went to Massachusetts with my best friend Edna for our last ever Underoath road trip. I went to both shows in NYC. Then I embarked on an amazing journey that I will never forget. I traveled in my car with a friend of mine through half of the country over 8 days. We went from Detroit to Chicago to Springfield (day off) to Dallas to Houston to Atlanta (two days) and finally to Tampa for the last ever Underoath show in their hometown. Without going in to too much detail about the trip, you can imagine how much this band means to me (and over the next few weeks I will be sharing some throwback posts from the tour 2 years ago this month), if you're not already aware of how much. Anyway, a documentary was being filmed on the tour and the video from the screenshot will explain what happened with that and what is going on. The website link is and I ask you to please visit that page and watch the videos posted and check out the rest of the website. I just purchased my $250 VIP Screening Pass and I hope more of you dedicated fans out there, who want to witness a piece of important history before anyone else at a live viewing of the film with the members of the band themselves, step up and help fund this project and bring them to NYC to hang out! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something amazing. Please consider it. If you can't afford that, there are smaller purchases you can make on the website too. #Underoath #TiredViolence #Merchline #FarewellTour #UØ #Ø
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_generic_user_name_ : <3
returnofthejmac19 : That sounds like you had an amazing time
bobqvist : Yeah I'll be sharing so many moments from the farewell tour soon so everyone can see just how awesome it was @returnofthejmac19
natalieunderoath : I wish I could go ❤️
rideyourbikekyle : I'll be buying my $250 Tampa bundle in a few weeks!
weasthewater : I knew youd get this haha. Kyle just told me about it and how he's gonna do the same thing haha.
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Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear #underoath #lostinthesoundofseparation #uø #metalcore #underøath
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tbdm_collection : @_chasingsafety mine sounds like garbage, even after being cleaned :/
soulless_hymns : @furtheroutandrew dude when I found a copy of it, I had to have it.
soulless_hymns : @tbdm_collection that sucks dude, I've got some records that are the same way.
soulless_hymns : @r_kellar hahaha dude I wanted it for so long and finally found a copy. All I need now is two more of their albums and my collection is complete
tbdm_collection : My tdwp zombie ep is the same. Wish they made a higher quality copy haha
soulless_hymns : @tbdm_collection same dude, some records aren't just great quality and it sucks.
austingrant4321 : @calril @benji
austingrant4321 : @benji5155
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Throwing Shapes @underoathband Thank you guys so much for a night I'll never forget. #UnderoathFarewellTour #uo #uø
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wtfheidibeth : @wschamberlain
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Today I received one of my most sought after items. I can't explain how happy I am to own this beautiful piece of work. Underøath is my favorite band of all time. I only need Disambiguation and Define The Great Line to complete the collection. I'm in the process of hopefully attaining Define The Great Line right now. I'll be paying a lot but this is so worth it for me. #under oath #lostinthesoundofseparation #vinyl #diecut #sawblade #uø #metalcore
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ethanabr : You've got a great collection, I'm impressed!
soulless_hymns : @ethanabr thanks man! It's growing everyday and I'm proud of what I got so far.
ethanabr : @_chasingsafety no problem dude! I do need some underoath and stuff in my collection, I've been focusing on all the new music lately!
soulless_hymns : @ethanabr I've gotten a lot of new things recently. But I so badly want to finish my UØ collection, I've got every thing they've done on cd and finally getting there with the vinyl.
ethanabr : @_chasingsafety I only have their greatest hits cd, but I love it so much. Wicked talented. The singers new band kinda sucks tho. Saw them with we came as Romans a few weeks ago
soulless_hymns : @ethanabr yes I'm not fan of Spencer's new band. Just not my thing. I've got my fingers crossed for a reunion one day.
ethanabr : @_chasingsafety I believe it'll happen, I just don't think it'll in the distant future sadly
vtaylorv : If they have a reunion I'll lose my shit
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Anyone can dig a hole but it takes a real man to call it home. #uø #metalcore #underoath
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I stare at the wall, watching my time float away; It's all been a blur, and nothing will change #thisisdefeat #TuneyTuesday #AFaultLineAFaultOfMine #Underoath #Underøath #RIP #UØ
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deeps_d : lol.
moshi182 : @deeps_d what are you laughing at
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#UØ for the trip home.
39stripes : The best
seattlegagechavez : Favorite album by them!
franzstanley : 👍
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Forgot about Underoath for a second. #ABoyBrushedRed #ImSoXcore #Underoath #UØ
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socialghostiv : Love them. Was just listening to them today.😻😻😻
screamoutloudfl : Awesome!!
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The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth. @underoathband #salmarnir#UØ#Asaph#psalm#50 †
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aneek : YES!!!
phardin : :)
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