Back at it again #lakerichlandchambers #txdrought
txdrought - lakerichlandchambers - richlandchambers -
mrbogeytime : #richlandchambers
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Happy #WaterWednesday! What are you doing to save water? Head over to our Twitter page for ideas.
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ecologelsolutions : #savewater #Hydretain #water #cadrought #txdrought #drought #usewaterwisely #wednesday #saveourwater #waterconservation #conservewater
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This resaca is bone dry in Rangerville. The Texas drought continues...
rangerville - rgv - resaca - igtexas - txdrought - drought - bonedry - harlingen - texas -
sergio.chapa : #drought #bonedry #txdrought #resaca #rangerville #harlingen #texas #rgv #igtexas
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If it won't rain, we'll make it rain #txdrought #buda #rain #mazzykat
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#tbt to the loooonnnggg hike in the backwoods of Austin. #trailoftears #TXdrought #atleastwehadbeer πŸ˜„ @well_spoken_tokin
txdrought - tbt - trailoftears - atleastwehadbeer -
well_spoken_tokin : I'm thinking we were gonna have a kickass time at one of my favorite Austin hangouts.... But Noooooooo!!!! 🚫🚫🚫 It was still a good time with awesome people! @frvroverdressed @jessiegonia @waynehead25 @chaz24fussell
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We painted this old 55 gallon drum to match the bricks (kind of sort of) and catch run off in the front so we don't have to feel guilty about having a nice yard. #txwx #txdrought
txdrought - txwx -
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The new #330 gallon tank. #txwx #txdrought
txdrought - 330 - txwx -
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Our weekend project. With the two new tanks we can now store 930 gallons of rainwater and ac condensation. Currently we have 0 gallons. Please begin your Raindance! #txdrought #txwx
txdrought - txwx -
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I found it. Seiders Springs! It's the only ebb and flow spring in #texas. The current was so strong in the 1830-1880s it was suggested as a water supply for #austin! Glad we decided on the #ColoradoRiver instead. #txdrought
txdrought - coloradoriver - austin - texas - environment -
baduramajama : Neat little statue!
wildwoolley : It's St. Francis- the patron saint of animals and the #environment! @baduramajama
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The boat ramp at the old marina in Rowlett on "lake" Ray Hubbard. #txdrought
txdrought -
tobincarter : So sad!
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"Lake" Ray Hubbard in Rowlett. #txdrought
txdrought -
texascrazydaisy : It won't ever recover
lynnmariep86 : @texascrazydaisy I'm afraid our grandkids won't believe it was once a lake and we really boated and jet skied on it!
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Happy Water Wednesday! During Smart Irrigation Month, we should all be working to reduce our water use. While there has been great advancement in the field of irrigation equipment, keep in mind that your water conservation plans should focus on more than just your irrigation system. Combining efficient equipment with smart practices and products, like #Hydretain, can increase the amount of water you save.
savewater - irrigation - outdoor - xeriscape - hydretain - water - waterwednesday - reduceyourwateruse - txdrought - drought - waterwisely - cadrought - lowflow - texasdrought - californiadrought - xeriscaping - watersmart - waterconservation - smartirrigation - plants - irrigationequipment - turf - smartirrigationmonth - usewaterwisely -
ecologelsolutions : #WaterWednesday #SmartIrrigation #SmartIrrigationMonth #savewater #usewaterwisely #reduceyourwateruse #water #waterconservation #waterwisely #watersmart #drought #cadrought #californiadrought #txdrought #texasdrought #xeriscape #xeriscaping #irrigation #irrigationequipment #lowflow #outdoor #plants #turf
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Lake Travis, still hurting from the #TXdrought.
txdrought -
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AmeriCorps NCCC @nationalservice volunteers Awan and Dori work on tree tags that will help us better monitor onsite plant watering. #TXdrought #WaterSmart
txdrought - watersmart -
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Smart Irrigation Tip: While #CytoGro is not classified as a water conservation product, by encouraging deeper root growth, it can help increase plants' tolerance to drought stress. Combine it with #Hydretain for even greater water saving benefits.
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Dear Mother Nature, can we please have a nice, soaking rain like this one from a couple of weeks ago? Pretty please? I don't mind the 97 degree heat, but what the ground needs is more rain! #mothernature #letitrain #iwishitwouldraindown #iwishitwereraining #considerthisaraindance #txdrought2014 #txlife #txdrought #tiredofthedrought #makeitrain
txdrought2014 - iwishitwouldraindown - mothernature - makeitrain - letitrain - txlife - txdrought - iwishitwereraining - tiredofthedrought - considerthisaraindance -
b7_wagoon : You need some rain-x tho haha
shannoni86 : @b7_wagoon I totally keep forgetting to get some, lol. It doesn't rain anywhere near as much here as it does up there, though!
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#rain #txdrought
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nievessandie : Wow! That's far out!!
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Happy Water Wednesday! This unirrigated Texas lawn was treated with #Hydretain. In the Texas heat, it's really holding up to the dry weather!
texasdrought - savewater - irrigation - cut50 - hydretain - reducewateruse - hot - waterwednesday - reduceyourwateruse - txdrought - unirrigated - drought - usewaterwisely - texas -
ecologelsolutions : #WaterWednesday #drought #txdrought #texasdrought #reduceyourwateruse #savewater #cut50 #reducewateruse #usewaterwisely #irrigation #hot #Texas #unirrigated
leissnerart : What is hydretain composed of?
ecologelsolutions : Thanks for the question, @leissnerart! Hydretain is composed of hygroscopic humectant compounds. Once Hydretain has been applied, these compounds work together in the soil by condensing unusable water vapor into plant usable water droplets, reducing your watering needs by 50% or more. If you'd like more info, visit our webpage:
newimagelandscaping : As a company what certifications or licenses do we need to apply this product commercially?
ecologelsolutions : @newimagelandscaping Because it has no nutritional value, you do not need special licenses or certifications to apply Hydretain. To learn more, visit our product website at
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Around many parts of Lake Buchanan in central Texas, lost items like this old mooring rope can be found once again as the water has long since evaporated. – @aaronbates #igtexas #txdrought #drought #hillcountry
igtexas - txdrought - drought - hillcountry -
digipoet : We need rain!!!!!
kmcmec : @st3pchild
instagramtexas : We've had plenty of rain, but much of the state is still in a water deficit.
hnormizzle : Buchanan rose two and a half feet recently. I love exploring the lake bottom.
digipoet : We're getting rain tonight in West Texas!!! πŸ‘
gramlesskale : Sad. But finally receiving some much much needed rain!
thipp67 : This makes me sad. Lord, here our cry for rain to restore our natural resources.
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#waterwednesday Passed by this truck keeping the dust down at a construction site...Water is used for everything! Ever think about golf courses? The average one uses 312,000 gallons PER DAY. That's what 8 people use ALL YEAR. Maybe time to try some xeriscaped gold courses?
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wildwoolley : #thinkaboutit #waterconservation #golfcourse #golf #conserve #sustainable #sustainability #xeriscape #nativeplants #drought #txdrought #txwater #water #rain
tcal2000 : I am going golfing here soon and I will think about it!
jamichaelparty : I know a lot of golf courses have wells in brackish zones that aren't potable out of the ground. Some kind of treating would be needed. Interested in CRA thoughts on brackish use.
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Rain! #txdrought
txdrought -
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#txdrought we need more rain!
txdrought -
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NOICE to see late spring water running in the bottom creek on the Cuernavaca Loop today. #TXDrought #rideyourbike #drinkgreatcoffee #grimpeur #specialtycoffee #cycling #climbmfclimb #coffee
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#waterwednesday Heard that one before?? About 30% of household water use is flushed away! That's 18 gallons of clean drinking water per person. We flush at the end of the day and before work so it doesn't sit too long, otherwise we follow this rule! Make sure to check with your roomies before you surprise them 😜 It's the smallest changes that make an impact!
txwater - wastewater - water - sustainability - conservation - coloradoriver - waterwednesday - shuttheflushup - txdrought - california - drought - sustainable - austin - conserve - texas -
wildwoolley : #txwater #txdrought #drought #conserve #conservation #water #wastewater #sustainability #sustainable #coloradoriver #texas #california #austin #shuttheflushup
bpatt08 : @xobeffy is this why you do it
shuttheflushup : @wildwoolley πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Burn unit from March. #txdrought #landstewardship #rxfire
txdrought - rxfire - landstewardship -
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Volunteer appreciation party on the river we work to protect! Thanking these wonderful people with Ice cream and SUP boards! @coloradoriveralliance
protect - txwater - coloradoriver - sup - txdrought - drought - conserve - volunteer -
wildwoolley : #txwater #coloradoriver #volunteer #conserve #protect #drought #txdrought #sup
anikaholt : Ice cream and paddle boarding?! It's perfeeeeeect!
commogri : Beautiful photo! Can we feature you and your photo to get more people inspired to get involved? #turn2norm
wildwoolley : @commogri of course! Always down to courage others to help out!!
commogri : Great, thanks so much! People are going to love your photo πŸ˜€ #turn2norm
tcal2000 : I'll do anything for a Klondike bar
vanidclothing : 😍
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#waterwednesday Had a friend ask me the most efficient way to wash dishes. You can conserve either way, hand washing properly can save the most! Hand washing: fill half sink (or large bowl/pot) with warm soapy water and scrub everything. Rinse in cool water in another bowl/sink compartment. Total gallons: 3-4 Dishwasher: Use minimal water (if any) rinsing plates beforehand. Fill the washer UP! Total gallons in average dishwasher: 15
waterislife - conserveh2o - savewater - ideas - txwater - water - sustainability - waterwednesday - txdrought - sustainable - conserve -
wildwoolley : #waterislife #txdrought #txwater #conserveh2o #conserve #water #savewater #ideas #sustainability #sustainable
vinnyman42 : WoW
jackfrazee : I love these water conservations tips/bits of info you're putting up. It's good to keep conservation buzzing in the brain otherwise it's easy to slip into wasteful habits. Do you know if rainwater harvesting has a negative effect - in that the water collected may be at the expense of it draining into aquifers/communal storage?
jackfrazee : Let me know if that ^^^ question doesn't make sense.
tcal2000 : @jackfrazee do you mean the amount of acid and chemical compounds could be in the water?
wildwoolley : @jackfrazee I've wondered the same thing! The answer I always find is that they aren't widespread enough to make a significant impact, but if more and more people use rain barrels it might (??)
tcal2000 : #waterwednesday#water knowledge
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Finally! #txdrought
txdrought -
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Scary clouds from earlier today #txdrought
txdrought -
32jdelgado - nancycarleton - oscarm9588 - cbitner82 -
...and it's raining!!! #letitrain #txweather #endthedrought #txdrought #PTL
txdrought - txweather - letitrain - endthedrought - ptl -
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Nothing makes me happier than friends who exchange geeky weather texts. #txdrought #happiness #weather
txdrought - weather - happiness -
robynpost : I love you. Xo
robynpost : Just sent you a video.
inkoluv : I was taking a photo to send to you right when I got your video. I sent you a video right back. @robynpost XO
robynpost : Weather geeks unite! :)
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These rabbits just watched as I got out of my car. #NotAfraid #TXdrought #NoGrassJustWeeds
txdrought - notafraid - nograssjustweeds -
artmommastl -
#waterwednesday Do you know where your drinking water comes from? NO?! Look it up RIGHT NOW! Is it surface water, groundwater, a combo? Where is it stored? We should all be able to answer this basic human question. Mine comes from the #Texas #ColoradoRiver and is stored in #LakeTravis but piped from #LakeAustin. What about you? #surfacewater #groundwater #water #txwater #txdrought
lcra - surfacewater - txwater - water - coloradoriver - waterwednesday - lakeaustin - txdrought - laketravis - texas - groundwater -
jamichaelparty : The door of my refrigerator!
trevswindell : Do you work for the Colorado River Authority?
jackfrazee : @wildwoolley I just learned that my drinking water in Houston will likely contain traces of Dallas' sewage - but apparently that is safe to drink at low levels and good for water quality in rivers... Or maybe the writer of the article was trying to dupe everyone into drinking poo water.
wildwoolley : @jamichaelparty yep magically appears 😜 @trevswindell Work on #lcra 's campus with @coloradoriveralliance
wildwoolley : @jackfrazee YES! Poo water is the future. We have the technology to return wastewater back to drinking's just about public perception now!
jackfrazee : Who would have thought that the solutions of the future would involve drinking sewage.
patohtown - jackfrazee - lostfrequency0605 - tcal2000 -
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