A little more of natures fury! #txwx #txdrought
txdrought - txwx -
susidg2 : That's pretty
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Damn nature, you scary! #txwx #txdrought
txdrought - txwx -
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Our water budget is dependent on so many factors. This graphic from @usgs shows the connectivity between our water resources! Groundwater and surface interact in more ways than we know. Conserving on all fronts is the only way to keep the Colorado River healthy and flowing!
rain - water - coloradoriver - txdrought - drought - cadrought - conserve - usgs - surfacewater - cawater - budget - txwater - atx - austin - texas - groundwater -
coloradoriveralliance : #water #budget #usgs #surfacewater #groundwater #conserve #texas #austin #atx #txwater #txdrought #cawater #cadrought #drought #rain #coloradoriver
saveoursprings : Unlike our national debt our water budget can't afford to live in the red!!
rolexrgv : Wow!
liam.travis97 : Nice
younes_bent : Love it
residual215 : I'm working on a big project that I want you to become apart of, check out my official page @haneefjohnson scroll through it and click the link in my bio if you're interested....
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#waterwednesday back in action!! Have you been following the #California #drought situation? Gov. Brown has implemented a MANDATORY 25% reduction in water use statewide because it's that serious. That means no watering lawns, golf courses, etc. #Texas isn't far behind. Both states (the only states in the US) acknowledge two water law doctrines which lead to overuse and litigation. Cali has reached the point of crisis. Will we wait until the situation is dire before implementing meaningful water legislation or change our habits? We need to be proactive. Now.
xeriscape - coloradoriver - cawater - txwater - water - california - waterwednesday - txdrought - laketravis - drought - law - cadrought - conserve - texas - native -
wildwoolley : #txwater #txdrought #cawater #cadrought #conserve #water #law #LakeTravis #coloradoriver #xeriscape #native
wildwoolley : @bwandice thanks for the inspiration today! You too @hanklstar 😊
jackfrazee : What are the water law doctrines you are referring to? I want to look them up.
wildwoolley : @jackfrazee Prior appropriation & riparian. Super famous texas water court case: houston east v. railroad company (or something like that)
jackfrazee : @wildwoolley πŸ‘ thanks!
mcalderon_atx73 : The morning dj for kgsr here in Austin is always promoting water conservation on air. Really passionate. #KellyJordan
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That dang Lubbock hole...where's our rain, weather makers? 😝 I27 looks lonely in the south plains. But yay for the high plains and south Tx. #Droughtrelief #Weathermodification #txpanhandle #txdrought #southplainsskywatch
txdrought - droughtrelief - southplainsskywatch - txpanhandle - weathermodification -
richardlgarzalmt : Its pouring like crazy here!
doppler_darling82 : @richardlgarzalmt how's the weather in CC?
richardlgarzalmt : It's gorgeous!!!!!
doppler_darling82 : Nice 🌊 @richardlgarzalmt !!
richardlgarzalmt : Have you received any rain yet?
doppler_darling82 : No measurable amounts maybe .03 @richardlgarzalmt
richardlgarzalmt : Hopefully you get some soon. Last summer was horrible for us. We barely just got out of stage 3 water restrictions.
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#TBT to the #drought of 2011. Thank goodness that tank is full now! #RanchLife #FarmLife #Farm365 #igtexas #igerstexas #txig #TxDrought #TxWx #AgChat #water #txwater
agchat - igerstexas - ranchlife - farm365 - txig - tbt - txwater - txwx - water - igtexas - farmlife - txdrought - drought -
crystalcattle : Hope we don't ever see this again!
julietomascik : @crystalcattle I know! This one, and all of the others, eventually went completely dry. I just couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it.
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#waterwednesday here's a @GoPro tutorial on water conservation: use a soapy bowl to handwash dishes then rinse all at once! This took 6 gallons v. 15 gallons needed for dishwashers. If using a dishwasher, wait until it's FULL and skip on pre-rinsing!
austin - txwater - waterconservation - water - coloradoriver - waterwednesday - txdrought - cadrought - conserve - atx -
coloradoriveralliance : @wildwoolley #txdrought #cadrought #water #txwater #waterconservation #conserve #coloradoriver #austin #atx
wildwoolley - amandavidmar - txbkrds - anestivega -
#waterwednesday Best way to deal with our water supply issues? Decrease the demand and conserve! I let the dishes pile up this week to show how I only used 6 gallons of water handwashing v. 15 gallons in regular dishwashers. If you use a dishwasher, wait until it's FULL and don't pre-rinse every plate/bowl/spoon- that adds more water! For the handwashers out there, fill a bowl or pot with soapy water to scrub instead of leaving the water running. Once you have a pile of soapy dishes, rinse them all at once! My faucet releases 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute). What about yours?
goprodomestic - rainyday - austin - txwater - water - gopro - conservation - waterwednesday - demand - txdrought - drought - texas - cadrought - conserve - atx -
placesandpizza : I have .5 GPM aerators on my faucets! It's by Niagara conservation. I have one of their shower heads too with three settings .5, 1, and 1.5.
wildwoolley : @placesandpizza dang that's great! Looks like I need an upgrade! I've been considering faucet/shower aerators for all birthday presents this year. You just sealed the deal
hkayyyyy : Haha @wildwoolley the truth comes out
placesandpizza : Its the trimax shower head. Be careful, people love their showers with lots of water! It's normal to me now but it was weird stitching to that type of sprayer. Some people really want to hang on to their luxury.
daughteroftexas : Significant other that dries dishes for you...."priceless!"
wildwoolley : Of course they do! That's the hardest part of educating on conservation. We're at 2gpm in the shower now @placesandpizza
wildwoolley : @daughteroftexas so true!!!
livingwaterwise : This is great !
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Heading home from the gym...didn't really feel like going but I got it done. Apparently I wasn't the only one that wanted to stay home on this rainy day. #gym #rain #TXdrought #praisethelord
txdrought - gym - praisethelord - rain -
lethrnek4life - roloffa -
#waterwednesday When the #wildwildwest was growing, water was managed federally, by the Bureau of Reclamation. Over time, water management was shifted to local governments. It is now so localized that no single entity is monitoring water projects or water use. Currently, there is a portion of the Trinity Aquifer that has NO governing authority. Nobody manages it. A large company, Electro Purification, plans to pump 5 million gallons a day from the aquifer and sell to growing #Austin suburbs (#Kyle, #Buda). They will not have to report how much they are pumping. To anyone. This could (will) affect the water table and surrounding areas' groundwater levels. Aquifer levels are projected to drop 50 feet in one year. Call your Texas state representative and demand a bill that manages our groundwater supply. This is really serious. (Photo at #pedernalesfalls by @hkayyyyy)
savewater - twdb - water - pedernalesfalls - waterwednesday - txdrought - drought - wildwildwest - aquifer - kyle - txwater - buda - watermanagement - texas - electropurification - txlege - austin - atx - groundwater -
jackfrazee : @wildwoolley Do you have more info on this to share? Any documents/news stories you could link or email my way?
placesandpizza : @jackfrazee
placesandpizza : #saveourwells
wildwoolley : @mcalderon_atx73 I know it's really scary!
wildwoolley : @jackfrazee check out the site @placesandpizza referred too and I'll also send you some articles!!
jackfrazee : Thanks @placesandpizza & @wildwoolley
beckyfernandes : this is amazing!
mandymantzel : @wikdwoolley you are a really good human who does really good workπŸ‘πŸ‘Š
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Gotta use them while I can. #rain #TXdrought
txdrought - rain -
lethrnek4life - rocktheworld03 -
The two have become one again! I remember when it flooded one year.. Now it's just hanging on for dear life. #txdrought
txdrought -
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Pray For RainπŸ™ #txdrought
txdrought -
laurencullison -
#waterwednesday Lets talk inflows and drought! Water flowing into lakes or rivers is called inflow. In the Texas Colorado River basin, inflows over the past 5 years have been the lowest recorded in HISTORY! Rain in our basin, and across the country, must fall in the right spots in order to flow into the water supply reservoirs. Most rain in the Austin area has fallen east of our reservoirs' watersheds and contributed very little. Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan are only 34% full. This picture is of students at LCRA's Redbud Center learning about the water cycle.
rain - coloradoriver - waterwednesday - txdrought - drought - cadrought - conserve - watersupply - cawater - lakebuchanan - txwater - watercycle - lcra - laketravis - california - history - austin - texas - inflow -
wildwoolley : #txwater #cawater #txdrought #cadrought #texas #coloradoriver #austin #lcra #inflow #rain #watersupply #laketravis #lakebuchanan #drought #california #watercycle #history #conserve @coloradoriveralliance
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Guess I should stop doing belly flops into the lake :-/ #txdrought
txdrought -
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It needs to rain like this for a couple of days
txdrought -
delgado1911 : #txdrought
lanarsimmons - oscarm9588 - cely_cuevas - ddel7782 -
#waterwednesday Native plants, like this gnarly #sage, are the best types of outdoor #waterconservation! 60% of residential water use goes to outdoor landscape! Plant native species = reduce water use. This picture is from Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, New Mexico. Summer 2014.
cawater - sage - txwater - waterconservation - water - riogrande - waterwednesday - txdrought - native - cadrought - conserve - landscape - taos -
wildwoolley : #water #waterconservation #taos #txwater #txdrought #cawater #cadrought #conserve #landscape @livingwaterwise #native #riogrande
livingwaterwise : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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Save the fishies and the frogs! This is so sad. #txdrought #bummer
txdrought - bummer -
kadysiobhan : Wow. Bummer is right.
mykelelizuhbeth : We walked across it a couple weeks ago. That mud is solid :P
carlee_purdum3 - ry_friz - nantolson - kirssyren -
#ballet#strength #TXdrought#fitness
txdrought - ballet - strength - fitness -
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Volunteers at The Alliance's Bouldin Creek cleanup gather around Todd Jackson, a Watershed Protection Department Entomologist, as he gives a special talk about water quality and macroinvertebrates! More pics to come!
lcra - bouldincreek - cra - thealliance - txdrought - conservewater - txwater -
coloradoriveralliance : #txwater #bouldincreek #lcra #thealliance #cra #conservewater #txdrought
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Happy #WaterWednesday!
savewater - usewaterwisely - conservewater - waterconservation - water - conservation - waterwednesday - reduceyourwateruse - txdrought - drought - cadrought - conserve -
ecologelsolutions : #reduceyourwateruse #usewaterwisely #savewater #water #conserve #conservewater #waterconservation #conservation #drought #cadrought #txdrought
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The Alliance is excited to host our next Barstow Speaker Series, "Wat'er the Possibilities?", a moderated discussion about strategies to reduce strain on the Colorado River! Sign up and join us at The Radisson Hotel on 9/18!
lcra - cra - coloradoriver - conservewater - txdrought - txwater -
coloradoriveralliance : #txwater #txdrought #cra #lcra #conservewater #coloradoriver
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It's about to rain! #txdrought
txdrought -
dreadel77 - vmonjaraz - cely_cuevas - cbitner82 -
#waterwednesday Its been a year since Carlos and Charlies closed it's door due to the #txdrought. Look at the Lake Travis water level difference- no boats could reach the dock! Currently, Austin area water supply reservoirs are only 34% full! The time to conserve is NOW. Thanks @globalinheritance for the contrast idea 😊
waterislife - savewater - carlosandcharlies - txwater - water - sustainability - coloradoriver - waterwednesday - txdrought - laketravis - austin - conserve - atx -
wildwoolley : #carlosandcharlies #laketravis #coloradoriver #txwater #austin #waterislife #conserve #savewater #atx #sustainability #water @coloradoriveralliance
speakingoftaylor : 😩😩😩 used to be one of my favorite places... I had a friend from England visit me in 2008 and she LOVED it there too. She emailed me saying she would be coming to visit again and couldn't wait to stop at Carlos n Charlie's and it was horrible having to tell her it was all gone. We have GOT to fix this. You're awesome for being so passionate about this.. I think everyone should be too!
freebird_420 : Wow πŸ˜”
wildwoolley : @speakingoftaylor @freebird_420 I know so terrible! I hope we see it full again someday...
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Hot reminder that it's still summer and that droughts are hell #notmydog #blancoriver #txdrought #tpwd #fivemiledam #dudleyjohnsonpark
fivemiledam - txdrought - tpwd - notmydog - blancoriver - dudleyjohnsonpark -
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Congratulations, Stu! It's the last month to the enter the #HydretainPhotoContest! Submit your #Hydretain pictures by September 30th for the chance to win a Canon T3i digital camera bundle. Visit for details or to enter.
savewater - moisturemanager - winacamera - cut50 - conservewater - reduce - hydretain - water - hydretainphotocontest - reduceyourwateruse - txdrought - drought - cadrought - canoncamera - wwweek - save50 - waterconservation - photocontest - digitalcamera - h2o -
ecologelsolutions : #photocontest #water #waterconservation #savewater #cut50 #save50 #canoncamera #digitalcamera #winacamera #moisturemanager #h2o #reduce #reduceyourwateruse #cadrought #drought #txdrought #conservewater #wwweek
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Back at it again #lakerichlandchambers #txdrought
txdrought - lakerichlandchambers - richlandchambers -
mrbogeytime : #richlandchambers
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Happy #WaterWednesday! What are you doing to save water? Head over to our Twitter page for ideas.
savewater - hydretain - wednesday - water - saveourwater - waterwednesday - conservewater - txdrought - drought - waterconservation - cadrought - usewaterwisely -
ecologelsolutions : #savewater #Hydretain #water #cadrought #txdrought #drought #usewaterwisely #wednesday #saveourwater #waterconservation #conservewater
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This resaca is bone dry in Rangerville. The Texas drought continues...
rangerville - rgv - resaca - igtexas - txdrought - drought - bonedry - harlingen - texas -
sergio.chapa : #drought #bonedry #txdrought #resaca #rangerville #harlingen #texas #rgv #igtexas
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#tbt to the loooonnnggg hike in the backwoods of Austin. #trailoftears #TXdrought #atleastwehadbeer πŸ˜„ @well_spoken_tokin
txdrought - tbt - trailoftears - atleastwehadbeer -
well_spoken_tokin : I'm thinking we were gonna have a kickass time at one of my favorite Austin hangouts.... But Noooooooo!!!! 🚫🚫🚫 It was still a good time with awesome people! @frvroverdressed @jessiegonia @waynehead25 @chaz24fussell
loko__dee : Nice body
kevintamez - navidmarvi - well_spoken_tokin - dannyverpaele -
I found it. Seiders Springs! It's the only ebb and flow spring in #texas. The current was so strong in the 1830-1880s it was suggested as a water supply for #austin! Glad we decided on the #ColoradoRiver instead. #txdrought
txdrought - coloradoriver - austin - texas - environment -
baduramajama : Neat little statue!
wildwoolley : It's St. Francis- the patron saint of animals and the #environment! @baduramajama
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Happy Water Wednesday! During Smart Irrigation Month, we should all be working to reduce our water use. While there has been great advancement in the field of irrigation equipment, keep in mind that your water conservation plans should focus on more than just your irrigation system. Combining efficient equipment with smart practices and products, like #Hydretain, can increase the amount of water you save.
savewater - irrigation - outdoor - xeriscape - hydretain - water - waterwednesday - reduceyourwateruse - txdrought - drought - waterwisely - cadrought - lowflow - texasdrought - californiadrought - xeriscaping - watersmart - waterconservation - smartirrigation - plants - irrigationequipment - turf - smartirrigationmonth - usewaterwisely -
ecologelsolutions : #WaterWednesday #SmartIrrigation #SmartIrrigationMonth #savewater #usewaterwisely #reduceyourwateruse #water #waterconservation #waterwisely #watersmart #drought #cadrought #californiadrought #txdrought #texasdrought #xeriscape #xeriscaping #irrigation #irrigationequipment #lowflow #outdoor #plants #turf
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Lake Travis, still hurting from the #TXdrought.
txdrought -
chappybeasley - atx_suz - laurenhoya - hippockettheatre -
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