So...I cut my bangs today! #soscary #onlytookme4weeks #samvilla #twistmethod
twistmethod - soscary - onlytookme4weeks - samvilla -
cwebbs58 : Sooo cute
livycakes10 : They are very cute and they look good on you :)
britlakey : #banginbangs
jennifermw83 : Looks great !!
msmissy3477 : Thank you guys!! @ohnomymulgrew @jw_hope @dbhairboutique @louis_e_castillo_ @cwebbs58 @livycakes10 @britlakey @jennifermw83
mrs_wilson1123 : Welcome to the bangs club gorgeous! !
waiting_4_paradise : Love them!!!!
healthyvibes28 : Who is this???? Wow miss looking good!
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Went for Twist Method Functional Movement certification course yesterday! 4 components covered: 1. Core 2. Movement 3. Strength 4. Balance Yes, all familiar terms often used in dance! Its really beneficial for a dancer to have such knowledge. Glad that I attended this as I have learnt things to apply for my classes! #fitsingapore #twistmethod #goodknowledge
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msriceng : Aiseh. Share leh!
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today officially makes 3 years of me growing my locs. And RNS it's only 1 girl that been rocking with me since "the struggle" and I'll forever have love for her. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― Cuz a nigga wasn't getting no play back in the day. Lol but much love to her.😁 #locs #locjourney #rasta #twistmethod #llocnation #locsjourney #strength #handsome #trill #hair #longhair #3years #goingstrong #nofreeform #neat #lovemylocs #menwithlocs #sampson
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queen_gold_chains : 😍😍
teezyoshawty : @queen_gold_chains 😁😊
kieronthebarber : liking This One Alot Awesome!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ˆπŸ’ˆπŸ˜ƒπŸ’―
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Bags and boxes are a dudes best friend. #PhotoADay #Day342 #Christmas #GiftWrap #SaggingCornersAndLoadsOfTape #TwistMethod #ManWrap
photoaday - day342 - manwrap - twistmethod - saggingcornersandloadsoftape - giftwrap - christmas -
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Playing with color- hand dyed Silk chiffon scarves #handdying #colorplay #colorful #playful #art #design #fashion ##artfullycharming #twistmethod
handdying - art - colorful - artfullycharming - twistmethod - playful - fashion - design - colorplay -
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Feeling very accomplished today. One step closer to my goals. #twisttribe #twistmethod #neverstoplearning #ilovemyjob
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nm_wright : Ya girl πŸ’ͺ
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Do me a favor #locnation and welcome this Queen to the #loc community! Est. 8-6-14 blessings on your loc journey and thank you for letting me tame your mane πŸ˜„ #noproducts #twistmethod #starterlocs #phaseone #locs #loclivin #loclovin #welovelocs #locology #naturalista #naturalhair #naturalhairdoescare #prettygirlsloc @nuke_6 @jd2.4
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nuke_6 : Heyyy babe!! Mama was wondering could yu do her hair tuesday. She hve no other way of getting in touch with yu. @skyh20
empress_skyh20 : Ask her what time @nuke_6
nuke_6 : @skyh20 she said early maybe round 10 or so
empress_skyh20 : Ok @nuke_6 I'll be here
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First video!! πŸ‘πŸ‘#teamnatural #twistmethod #haircare #naturalcurls #natural ✊
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letusawaken : πŸ‘Œ
t.clay : Is Your Hair Still Heat Damaged ?
queennaturalblog : @takiraclay ooh yes especially on top there's some breakage and in the back
t.clay : I Have Heat Damage Too , It's Really Where My Bangs Are . I Was Gonna Ask If There Were Any Specific Products You Were Using To Repair It ?
queennaturalblog : @takiraclay yes I recommend getting a trim.. since it's your bangs trim the damaged ends.. And don't use anymore heat in your hair at all... No more dying or bleaching your hair it's to much harsh chemicals that can cause breakage and even balding or patches.. And if you decided to start going all natural wash your hair every 6 or 7 days wash your scalp good, massaging your scalp is better than scratching it while shampooing your hair.. To get all the build up product out so you can have a clean healthy scalp I use argan magic shampoo.. And for conditioner I use argan magic moisturizing conditioner just use that on the end of your hair and gently detangles and helps to repair chemically damaged hair. I hope this is helpful πŸ˜„
t.clay : Thank You & I've Been Natural For 2 Years Now & It Just Got Like This 😩 . & I've Never Dyed My Hair Before Lol , But I Will Get The Products You Recommended . I Hope They Work !
queennaturalblog : @takiraclay You're welcome and to keep my hair moisturized during the day I use Argan oil, when I first started wearing my hair all natural I didn't use anything to keep my hair from getting dry and my ends broke off because I didn't keep my hair hydrated
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I did the twist method and I love it! Also with two twist for my bang and side #natural #teamnatural #twist #twistmethod
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porschaelaine : @queennaturalblog your hair is fabulous!! πŸ’œ
queennaturalblog : @porschaelaine thank you ☺️
julissa_robinson : Your hair is so pretty!!! 😍😍
queennaturalblog : @julissa_robinson aw thank you πŸ˜„
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Chunky Havana twist with Marley hair #marleyhair #chunkytwist #twistedfromtheroot #twistmethod
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alienoffspring : @frantastic______ thanks guuurrrrllll
alienoffspring : I look a mess lmaoo πŸ˜ͺ
naturallydonebync : Hush! @alienoffspring
xjanedoes : I want this, but much larger
naturallydonebync : I Gotchu janay! @xjanedoes
xjanedoes : Lol ok by the end of Aug I'll email/txt you. Ok thanks lol
timelessrhythm : Hey much do you charge for this??
naturallydonebync : $60 gyal @timelessrhythm
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Just finished these Marley Havana twist! Check out more of my work @naturallydonebync #marleyhair #twistmethod
marleyhair - twistmethod -
jaefoxx : Do you know how to do those fAke shiny dreads?
_nicsince93 : Could probably figure it out! @jaeo.foxx
jaefoxx : When u do PLEASE let me know bc im looking for someone to do mine
_nicsince93 : IIght cool I'll keep you posted
jaefoxx : Did it
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Some #marley #twist #twistmethod first time #havanna #twist #houston #texas #batonrouge @4thflavor
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richardyoung - my_n3w_b3ginining - _kennedinoel25 - 4thflavor -
New look for now! Okay so this is the same Marley braid hair I always use but I did a new twist method on it and look how they came out!!!!! They look like Senegalese twists but they are wayyyyyyyyy lighter and easier to manage. Plus they are Small enough to put under my graduation cap 😊! #marleytwists #senegalesetwists #twists #twistmethod #protectivestyles #hitmeup #natural
hitmeup - natural - twistmethod - senegalesetwists - twists - marleytwists - protectivestyles -
glamrouslife : I want these next
nonshhlant - 1223beth - thepastor_d - genuinely_precious -
#mywork #iirmoee #dreadhead #rasta #dreadlocs #dreadlocks #dreads4life #dreadstagram #dreads #dreads #dreadmaintence #myman #twistmethod #twistdreads
iirmoee - dreadstagram - dreads4life - dreads - rasta - myman - twistmethod - hairdresser - dreadlocs - hairstylist - dreadlocks - locs - locks - mywork - barber - dread - allroundbarber - twistdreads - blackhair - dreadmaintence - dreadhead -
iirmoee : #locs #locks #barber #hairstylist #allroundbarber #hairdresser #dread
iirmoee : #blackhair
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@chasirai #HavanaTwists #MarleyTwists with a twist lbs. #TwoTone #TwistMethod #NaturalHair #ProtectiveStyle #6Hours #NeatBrading #HairbyNeysa πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‡πŸ’†
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_msboyice_ : This is so cute!
neysaalexandra_ : Thanks boo ☺ @_msboyice_
lepledger : I love this !
neysaalexandra_ : Thank you cousin @talented_poodie
lepledger : You're welcome !
quaylex_ : How much you charge for these?
neysaalexandra_ : 9136025445 @quaylex_
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How I refresh my twist!! 1.started with a 3 day old old twist out 2.lightly spray with my mix (water , evoo,&tresseme cond.) 3. finger part and detangle 4. add pure shea a butter to my ends 5.flat twist....results tomorrow!!!!! #naturalhair #staytuned #moretocome #lookforme #sheabutter #twistmethod #twistout
staytuned - twistout - naturalhair - naturalhairdaily - twistmethod - sheabutter - moretocome - lookforme -
ashleydeniece : #naturalhairdaily
butterflihearts : Tag me so I can see cuz
ashleydeniece : I will @butterflihearts !!
butterflihearts : K
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Styled by me a protective style that will last for a couple of weeks @naturalstarnhe @curlybynature__ @curlygirlcollective @edenbodyworks @curlbox @kinkycurlybeauty #tramnatural #naturalhair #blackisbeautiful #kinkytwist #feedends #naturalhairdontcare #cornrows #naturalhairregimen #like #twistmethod #twa #curly #sheamoisture #tahnija #oliveoil #cute #naturalhairjourney
cute - tahnija - naturalhairdontcare - naturalhair - blackisbeautiful - tramnatural - naturalhairregimen - sheamoisture - twa - like - curly - oliveoil - twistmethod - feedends - naturalhairjourney - kinkytwist - cornrows -
kassidymomduh : That's real cute!!!
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I get the best twist out definition with just water, conditioner , and raw shea butter from root to tip. #naturalhair #twistout #twistmethod #winterhair #heroinmaclips
twistmethod - twistout - naturalhair - winterhair - heroinmaclips -
happy_chelle_ : Where can I get raw Shea butter?
ashleydeniece : @chelley_v ..I get mine at glamor beauty in Vallejo. ..or any beauty Supply store
mrsayers : You cute!!
ashleydeniece : Thank you ...I try! !! Lol @kaiirenee @mrsayers
happy_chelle_ : Oh okay. IMA check them out. Thanks
ninakatrina : Beautiful! I love it
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Operation #retwist..cream for the hair...evoo for the ends ! Bobby pins for the roots to stretch my twist... #twistmethod #naturalhair #evoo
twistmethod - retwist - naturalhair - evoo -
nickelay_d : Sounds like too much girl! Btw, tried that AVON mascara and love it!
ashleydeniece : getting braids next week @jd_sw ...I need a break! Lol cousin @nickelay_d
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Pretty defined curls. #curls #naturalcurls #twistmethod #curlygirl
naturalcurls - twistmethod - curlygirl - curls -
vegan_banger - geeeyeoh - jcjjalfaro916 -
My hair naturally curly #natural #noheat #twistmethod #cute
noheat - natural - cute - twistmethod -
breunajanielle : Wearing that huge bow I made you??
_naturally_joy : No i made it @breunajanielle
breunajanielle : Really? How did you figure out how to do it
_naturally_joy : With something called true intelligence
breunajanielle : Lol your cute
_naturally_joy : thanks girl i learned from the best.......... my mom lol
_lindalou_ -
Stacks on stacks! #haircut #aline #bob #bitch#2 #cosmo #cosmetology #twistmethod #imgood #
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I dig it #twistout #twistmethod #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily
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__marquita_ : Love it! @pictureperfecct
lil_river85 : Pretty!!!
miss_tee_80 : Cous it came out great!! Looks good on you @pictureperfecct
beautifuldarkgoddess : 😍
songbirdmellimel : so pretty!!!!
pictureperfecct : Thanks everyone!
courtneynaturalhair : Hey! !! This is like my twist outs lol lol lol! !! Love it!
pictureperfecct : @courtneynaturalhair thanks doll
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