#musicmonday #mm @buckonine #twentyeightteeth #ska #buck0nine #109 Great show last night at #dipiazzas
dipiazzas - 109 - ska - buck0nine - mm - twentyeightteeth - musicmonday -
buckonine : Thanks! It was a blast. Hope to play there again before too long.
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Bernie Arbour #lucky #hardware #skateeverydamnday #skatelife #905 #skate #Hamont #Ontario #Canada
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kristenlee47 : "I hear the sound of a skateboard rollin down my backstreet. Reggae music coming from the neighbour across from me" #loveit ;-)
shewell__ : #TwentyEightTeeth #nice thanks @kristenlee47
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Even when my face is relaxed my #teeth are #smiling. #perfectchompers #twentysevenyears #twentyeightteeth nocavities #onewidsomtooth #skull 😁💀
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8kelly4 : 29 teeth... You have extra wisdom ;)
suz1equ1rk : 😊 @8kelly4
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#roadtrip #mytown #buckonine #twentyeightteeth #summer #iowa #family
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#buckonine #twentyeightteeth #tvtrecords #ska #vinyl #vinyljunkie #record
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ztrover : Jealous
skamanda : UGH dude when are the stars going to align to allow us to meet?! Probably never... The world would self destruct from awesome overload.,
skalalala : @skamanda someday!!! Hoping to take some trips to your coast next year for shows, maybe we'll get lucky and collide with each other ;)
lizzbeerudegirl : NEED TO SEE BUCK!
skalalala : @lizzbeerudegirl they are so GREAT live, actually prefer them live lol
bouncingpie : Can we all just have one big ska party somewhere??? @skalalala @skamanda @lizzbeerudegirl ?!
skamanda : Yessss please! @bouncingpie
skalalala : @skamanda @bouncingpie @lizzbeerudegirl okay come over then =D
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Playing some tunes before our roadtrip to the coast! #BuckONine #TwentyEightTeeth
buckonine - twentyeightteeth -
adorableillusions : Oh my god, I forgot about that album! Have fun at the coast!
frostysnaps : First ska show i ever saw at the WOW HALL in eugene
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Been looking for this a long, long time. Buck-o-nine's 28 Teeth on LP. Still brand new in the shrink wrap! Woo! #buckonine #twentyeightteeth #28teeth #roundkid #bucko9 #vinyl #lp #ska #punk #barfly
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hopfiend : @dammitdamian nice score!!
ztrover : Jealous.
boldsausage : Wow that album brings back memories of a very important and awesome time of my life.
dammitdamian : @boldsausage ditto!
thesegoodgoodthings : It's like junior high all over again!
rocketfuelpodcast : I love that record! Jennifer's Cold is such a rad song.
cody_threebzine : Classic record! Still love it!
bouncingpie : ❤
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They only had one good album and this is NOT it #twentyeightteeth
twentyeightteeth -
#thetoasters #buckonine #knittingfactoryla #skawars #twentyeightteeth #laresistencia #redstorebums
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rudeandreckles : @buckonine hope you like this!
meowagebranbran : I miss the knitting factory!!
rudeandreckles : @sillygirlbranbran that was by far the best Venue ever!!
rudeandreckles : Thank you @evoekoremedia for a great night!!
meowagebranbran : Fuck yeah!!
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Buck O Nine - Twenty Eight Teeth #dailyjams #buckonine #twentyeightteeth #ska
buckonine - twentyeightteeth - ska - dailyjams -
mungraker : I love this album. Makes me think of ditching school and riding the BMX trails all day
gunsforkids : ^this @mungraker
rogermiller : @mungraker @gunsforkids And I love both of you. Especially your bodies, Larry.
mungraker : We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being near you. I miss your laugh! I miss your scent. I miss your musk... When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!
rogermiller : @mungraker The last time we tried that, you left me eight months pregnant, and left the other eleven kids with me too. And if it wasn't for @xmoosilinix I would've never gotten over you! You bastard. But I still love you anyway.
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