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Brand new hotness, fresh from the streets of #Kuwait. Fernandez X the Puerto Rican wonder and Rooks, the Realest of the Realist let these hos know how it goes down when we see them pics! #turquoisejeep #flintflossy #kuwaitlife #kuwaitsucks #eatdatass #stretchypants #deeznuts #tinder #justenoughgel #tapdatass #canibeat #nofilter #gcc #vacation
deeznuts - gcc - nofilter - turquoisejeep - kuwaitlife - tapdatass - kuwait - justenoughgel - vacation - stretchypants - eatdatass - flintflossy - canibeat - tinder - kuwaitsucks -
writerrlr : For full video, hit my f.b. page. www.facebook.com/writerrlr
bigoadi : Hahahha hilarious !
jay_selfmade100_ - b1tt3rswxxt - mushakes14 - lastreetfoodfest -
Look what's on #spotify #turquoisejeep #smangit #friedorfertilized #ohhowugly @kinsey_hall @haley_morgan @aisha_conway @amp_x3 @cheeseburglerinparadise @amderlovine @call_me_stevie_b @nigel_4
ohhowugly - friedorfertilized - spotify - turquoisejeep - smangit -
oh_how_ugly : @nailey80 better be learning the slang dance
oh_how_ugly : You've got that right @nigel_4 ! @kinsey_hall has cookies for you and @call_me_stevie_b
aisha_conway : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ how you like your eggs? Fried or fertilized
lea.loa : ✨!!🎢
nigel_4 : We'll be back for them ASAP! Thanks Ladies! 😁 @oh_how_ugly
call_me_stevie_b : No way that's really on there
call_me_stevie_b : Shout out #turquoiseJeep
kinsey_hall : I want pie
nailey80 - aisha_conway - amderlovine - nigel_4 -
And J33P. Fried or Fertilized #turquoisejeep #KTJR
ktjr - turquoisejeep -
__zefside__ : I like them real nigga
the_wes_money : Hmmmm
lilligans_island - pay_pay30 - alyakimtv - marylauren_93 -
My craft game strong #turquoisejeep #craftercising #christmastime
christmastime - craftercising - turquoisejeep -
katharinaprz - maddiecuddy - suzelacruze - bmchaig -
Love when people at work send me this gif of @realflyntfloss. Normally they don't know him or @turquoisejeepmusic and just think it's a fun graphic. I get to school them on the Jeep and respond with pics of the floss & I together. #turquoisejeep #ktjr #flyntflossyismyfavoriterapper
ktjr - flyntflossyismyfavoriterapper - turquoisejeep -
truefactliz : Well he is #InterNatiKnown
misalarie - ivypix - lawendy85 - reesies87 -
Whenever I'm in a bad or annoyed mood... #turquoisejeep gets me right together
turquoisejeep -
misslaraye : Lmao. Only yo ass!!!!
hockeypuckk : @misslaraye lmaooooooo
headhuncho45__ - misslaraye -
Add me on Snapchat! @ joe_0017 #snapchat #turquoisejeep #friedorfertilized
friedorfertilized - turquoisejeep - snapchat -
molina_flats : Flats_101613
preme_dee : Yo you down to go paintball today? It's my birthday and I'm trying to get people to go
erynraeee - kelsey_quinn - khid_mike - lilspider95 -
Did I mention I like to dance? @turquoisejeeprecords are returning to #fortunesound Fri MAR 20th for the early show. Grab your tickets now at fortunesoundclub.com. @blueprintLIVE #turquoisejeep
fortunesound - turquoisejeep -
jbdelgren : This what you showed me? @kebino
avanigill : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @josh.gould
kebino : @jbdelgren hahahaha yeeee!
turquoisejeepmusic : @fortunesound see u there!!
jaayraj : @colmemaybe69
_blueyedsoul : #SMANG
rammincam : @freerange_jesus yung humma dude
freerange_jesus : @rammincam WHAT! @fortunesound is finally booking some real talent
glucero70 - hamishsingh - pabloxcastelo - _brisha -
#smangit #turquoisejeep #thewayiworkthatkitty
thewayiworkthatkitty - smangit - turquoisejeep -
mo800 - mattvvhatever - sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - deadhouseplant -
#funnight #turquoisejeep #howyoulikeyoureggs #flintflossi #prettyraheem #younghumma
flintflossi - turquoisejeep - howyoulikeyoureggs - prettyraheem - younghumma - funnight -
qcdmc2000 - themrsatkinson1017 -
#howyalikeyoeggs #friedorfertilized #turquoisejeep
howyalikeyoeggs - friedorfertilized - turquoisejeep -
justinkristich - mercedesortiz - socallme_dj - beccavincent -
Pretty cool stuff coming to last night's venue. #toto #turquoisejeep
toto - turquoisejeep -
brianswindle : how you like your eggs? fried or fertilized?
majesstiq : Lemme smang it, guuuuurl
adrianday77 : Say hey to Yung Humma for me.
robbierags - rockpaperlogic - intoitoverit - tbaconnn -
#fbf lmao this video got us 25k+ views and got us featured in the turquoise jeep music video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this started off as a joke and me and @britni_christine goofing around but i was out one day and this random dude comes up to me and asks "how u like your eggs" i was like "BISH WHET" and he said "no no no arent you that girl in the purple beanie on the turquoise jeep youtube" lmao this video went viral quick #howYouLikeYoEggs #YesThatsMe #AndBritni #WeHadNoLife #ThingsTwinsDo #TurquoiseJeep
howyoulikeyoeggs - wehadnolife - turquoisejeep - thingstwinsdo - yesthatsme - andbritni - fbf -
iamtalerbgutierrez : Link in bio for full video
britni_christine : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this will always be my favorite! 🍳
iamtalerbgutierrez : Lmfao the comments on the video were the funniest lmao. @britni_christine then how they turned around and put us in the video lmao
britni_christine : Lmao I just went and read them.. Yea being in the video was epic
iamtalerbgutierrez : Lmfao too epic lol i was like yooooooo they put us in the music video we on @britni_christine
britni_christine : You were cheesing the whole time and I was chewing that gum like it was the last piece on earth lmaoo
fitnesscrazzy1 : Lovely!
monroe.jones - cotuffokie - yizzleg - jusdris -
concert - turquoisejeep - younghumma - haha - famousoninstagram - famous - flyntflossyismyfavoriterapper - instadaily - true - reallife - idontletitgetomyheadipromise - funny - howitis - secretlyfamous - chriscrocker - lol - internetfamouspeople - thatrules - truth - igdaily - instafamous - mylifeisajoke -
van_quick : Stay humble people its only ig. thanks @courtesyoflola for the reminderπŸ’―
pvrphasze : facts
itz.melo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cincodemayo93 : @johnbarryy
rshma5 : :) @VinesBeLike
van_quick : #internetfamouspeople #lol #concert #famous #howitis #chriscrocker #thatrules #instafamous #haha #funny #true #igdaily #younghumma #turquoisejeep #secretlyfamous #famousoninstagram #mylifeisajoke #idontletitgetomyheadipromise #truth #instadaily #reallife #flyntflossyismyfavoriterapper
joetranmusic : Awesome
certified_yung_kitson - analeea91 - funny_memes_n_pics_2014 - amanshahid -
#turquoisejeep @jimifk @guettler
turquoisejeep -
andiedubis : I'm really impressed that you spelt turquoise correctly. That's a tough one.
dakotamcvean : Totally took more then one try @andiedubis
andiedubis : I don't even think autocorrect could figure that shit out
andiedubis : I spell it differently every time i have to give clothes a color at work. #turqoiuse #terquiose #turqouise
m_foster_amanda - xiazooz - rb54_beast - hi_im_cupcake_ -
I just got my 3rd #turquoisejeep shirt in today. I can't wait to see them on 1/22/2015. My body is ready. #keepthejeepridin
keepthejeepridin - turquoisejeep -
umbrellacon : @shashingram you coming man????
shashingram : @umbrellacon I might be!
umbrellacon - shashingram - mrvonzell - blasianel -
#neverforget #turquoisejeep
neverforget - turquoisejeep -
iamshamphoto : Oh NO! 😱
tommeka_mason : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
denise14_ : Smash it and bang it!!
nicklawless : @2t_ndthecity lolllll
2t_ndthecity : @nicklawless lmaooooooo
gunnemdown_dior - jadedathena - scojosax - kelzmcfly -
#tbt to when I met my heroes. #turquoisejeep #ironcity
ironcity - tbt - turquoisejeep -
kaykayfrayfray - joweedidntstartthefire - myah_wildebeest - hunter_holt -
#flyntflossy #yunghumma #turquoisejeep #mikejack #pittsburgh #altarbar #bethere @ianmbooth @osacar77 @nuccapalooza @mteener @johnandfiction ...everyone else too
yunghumma - flyntflossy - altarbar - turquoisejeep - pittsburgh - mikejack - bethere -
ianmbooth : @jackjack3oh #lightsout #wildaf ####
bumper2013 - kristinsyvie - x0_amandaa - nuccapalooza -
It's Humpday right? πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How do you like your eggs? #TurquoiseJeep #flyntflossy #eggs #friedorfertilized #humpday #funny #comedy #music #wednesday
funny - flyntflossy - friedorfertilized - turquoisejeep - eggs - wednesday - music - comedy - humpday -
keisink : He does lol @finessp
ms_porter2u : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sonny_carson_ : Shit gotta stop @ty_law
karlmeloanthony : @nrerwin nah man 'fried or fertilized' lol
karlmeloanthony : @moneymachinereem @visual.being what in the world lol
moneymachinereem : @karlmeloanthony πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
visual.being : @moneymachinereem @karlmeloanthony son got a whole YouTube page πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nora_jean12 : @dakotamcvean
jaemez9 - itsjustkellz - sinclair_lane - akajozzie -
Life advice from @realflyntfloss #flosstalk #askthefloss #flyntflossy #ktjr #turquoisejeep
askthefloss - flyntflossy - flosstalk - turquoisejeep - ktjr -
mpardym : Basically be a wizard.
haldcottingham - lonewolfbri - hyru13 - ragingisbad -
Rio Celeste's Chemistry Water #rioceleste #lafortuna #arenalvolcano #mineralboyz #turquoisejeep #miescattering #particleexpansion #pH #letsgetwet #partypeople #excursionalways #costarica #ThisIsCostaRica
miescattering - rioceleste - letsgetwet - partypeople - turquoisejeep - mineralboyz - particleexpansion - lafortuna - arenalvolcano - thisiscostarica - ph - costarica - excursionalways -
thisiscostarica : #ThisIsCostaRica πŸ’―
jewieee : πŸ‘†
talillybug : @tamar_rose_berg
kliff_martinez - 98_m_q_ - moshino_ae - tohellwiththem -
You play the air drums, I play the space drums. #howyoulikeyoureggs #friedorfertilized #isthisthemoon
isthisthemoon - friedorfertilized - turquoisejeep - howyoulikeyoureggs -
shannillawafer : ilysm spaceman
tessamarianne : this account is the best thing ever. πŸ‘Œ
jaredpagnew : @jackshawkey
kendra_adler : @joelleabella
joelleabella : @kendra_adler πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jon_garcia00 : IM SO FUCKING GLAD YOU LIKED MY PICTURE ALLOWING ME TO FIND YOU! @spacemansan you inspire me.
oooh_jackie : Omg I think you may be my favorite Instagram page 😱😱😱 I love astronauts! It's my dream to become one πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ @spacemansan you're awesome!!!!
ire5ne : I love the hastags. Got to be one of the best pickup lines ever!!!!
timetravelkid - naveed_zimmer - mr.mcfeely - macdouline -
Godjam he's about to go ham! ... Your new favorite rapper @godjammit #turquoisejeep
turquoisejeep -
quicheee : Yey! Get it!
godjammit - missinked760 - quicheee - julieeeee24 -
Yesterday, @turquoisejeepmusic announced the winner of their #TurquoiseFreestyleChallenge...and holy shit! Ya boys Zaytenn and Godjammit came out with the win! I promise yall, you have never seen me as pumped as I am right now. Such a fun experience. Can't wait to see how everything upcoming plays out. Thank you all for your votes and support. And thank you. @turquoisejeepmusic for the competition. It was more fun than you guys know and I was honored just to be a part of the whole thing, let alone earning the special feature! Omfg I'm stoked as hell right now. Just gimme a minute.
hiphop - iliketodance - turquoisejeep - af - freestyle - 666 - yunghumma - turquoisefreestyle - 420 - crotchrock - howyoulikeyoureggs - ktjr - villain - naughtyfarmer - smang - smangit - pumped - turquoisefreestylechallenge - hellyes -
godjammit : #turquoisejeep #turquoisefreestyle #smang #smangit #crotchrock #naughtyfarmer #crotchrock #iliketodance #howyoulikeyoureggs? #yunghumma #pumped #af #ktjr #hellyes #freestyle #hiphop #villain #420#666
davidmcdg : Congrats dude. That's huge.
godjammit : Man thanks so much brother! I'm super pumped. @davidmcdg
qveenpaaris : my aunt knows you and showed me this video yesterday, its great. πŸ‘Œ congrats on the win!
godjammit : Haha nice! Thanks a lot! Who is your aunt? @parisworsham
qveenpaaris : mistie kiley. ☺️
godjammit : Ah cool! @parisworsham
makamille - lacylinn - zaytenn - 2mfdiva -
how you like your eggs, fried or fertilized? #turquoisejeep
turquoisejeep -
mbratton86 : I forgot about that song!!!
bc_reinhart - mbratton86 - a0conl01 - cveitttt -
How you like yo' eggs?
turquoisejeep -
rndycns : Put an egg on it!
ajnh : Cheerzzzzzz
luxtonal : Phil and I love this place!
kimberlytom : Apparently you like your eggs with legs :)! Guess what! We found a spot! Youll have to come to our housewarming party!
davidmendozaiii : @battmatt truth.
ishankgrams : Fried or fertilized!
davidmendozaiii : @kimberlytom πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'll be there
davidmendozaiii : @ishankgrams #turquoisejeep
droolclub - miiniidewii - calagaly - lettucedine -
I had a dream I ran into the one and only @turquoisejeepmusic Flynt Flossy, and then remembered a year ago today we were at their concert! Weird.
yunghumma - flyntflossy - smangit - tbt - turquoisejeep -
jmnemeyer : #turquoisejeep #flyntflossy #yunghumma #tbt #smangit
dakotagaul - emmalee864 - bellstzantarmas - nancy_n_ricky -
Known across the nation! #turquoisejeep
turquoisejeep -
spacemansan - tylerwoodbridge -
Repost! Tropical storm Flo$$ie! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #fdotfloss #turquoisejeep #keepthejeepridin #lemmesmangit #flyntflossy #yunghumma #weatherreport #lololol #repost #hurricanecentral #lmfao #flex
flex - flyntflossy - turquoisejeep - lmfao - keepthejeepridin - lemmesmangit - yunghumma - lololol - weatherreport - fdotfloss - hurricanecentral - repost -
spacemansan - st3iney_ - _takeyourlife_ - lizbethwfpavlovic -
By @melly_belafonte "Ooo weee ....friends since high school #WeMadeit biiittcchhhhh!!!! Lol Happy Birthday to my good friend... God mother to my des the mess...my sis & the only person who REALLY knows how crazy I am and puts up with it !!! Thanks for being there 😬Love you boo & again happy birthday !!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜#NotSoDirtyThirty #HappyBirthday #TurquoiseJeep #RememberThat?! #SmangItGirl @ladee_jay πŸ’‹ #friendship #unbreakable #iaintgoingnowhereanyway" via @PhotoRepost_app
happybirthday - iaintgoingnowhereanyway - smangitgirl - turquoisejeep - wemadeit - rememberthat - notsodirtythirty - friendship - unbreakable -
larrybear87 - kicester - mrsjennioropeza - lovelydeethatsme -
THE NEW MUSC VIDEO #SweatOnMe from @realflyntfloss is here!! A DANCE lover must see!!! Go watch it now!! And for those who have been askin about the new HOTT TJ Girl! 😍--> @laydimarie Like n share!! #flyntflossy #croomstyle #existingmusicalbeings #KTJR TurquoiseJ.com
sweatonme - flyntflossy - croomstyle - turquoisejeep - ktjr - existingmusicalbeings -
marlene_esq : @justinstantgraham the flying scene! Haha
spitjack : @1moremasshole @villagerose ma doode Flynt!
mchobnksrndysvg : @chaddy_g seen this?
villagerose : @spitjack @1moremasshole Flynt Flossy is my favorite rapper!
_slickness : Awwwshiiii
pillzzbury : @coreybrooklyn @jaytate_
turquoisejeepmusic : #turquoisejeep
elijah_cleary : @_kford_
coqman - ariescutiee86 - johanntotheworld - realwhatchya -
Unreleased footage of @realflyntfloss from the Kim Kardashian photo shoot! What they didnt want you to see, pass it on! The truth is revealed #kimk #flyntflossy #cavities #BreakTheInternet
kimk - breaktheinternet - flyntflossy - turquoisejeep - cavities -
bottattoos407 : @datprettinigga_jaii
alexisradya : @rosydarling
dksb_1979 : @tysonmendeas @suekohl @courtkpaulson @richiebrownlouis @coleb4 @stevedurbin3 @kylibird @ballsacface
kylibird : @carbomblisle yeah you're welcome
cland216 : @adparker_22 lol
en_em_t : @pirimol
pirimol : @en_em_t πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ this made me LOL
elisamariesunshine : @shyanara I'm dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
youcancallmejas - crooniebaby - devoskellen - livy_the_dreamer -
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