Got to meet cool cat Chris Holdsworth!! Followed him on his journey on #tuf18 so stoked to have finally met him ☺️
tuf18 -
holdsworth135 : Hahahha so funny how we met. It was pleasure. Good luck with everything. πŸ‘Š @silvia_thegreat
silvia_thegreat : Lol right?! You're awesome thanks a lot you too! 😚@holdsworth135
beliefclothingco : He presents as a super nice guy!
_josh_zeb_ : @silvia_thegreat Chris is awesome,have not met him yet but he is very down to earth, like all TAM.
thelittlepitbull : I'm jealous, you lucky cat.
karencorral5 - jbensonx - melanie_laurenn - turntup_gamez -
Happy 27th birthday to this champ, my little brother, Christopher! I wish I was with u & Mom, in Reno. Love u & miss u.πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜˜βœ¨ #BirthdayBoy #ChrisHoldsItDownHoldsworth #Holdsworth135 #TheChamp #TUF18 #TeamAlphaMale #DuaneBang #California #UFC. Go show him some love! @holdsworth135
thechamp - duanebang - ufc - tuf18 - birthdayboy - teamalphamale - california - holdsworth135 - chrisholdsitdownholdsworth -
elye7g8inna51 - madcollector24 - itmetracy - britdracula -
Tuf 18 cast member Roxanne Modafferi #tuf #tuf18 #theultimatefighter #mma #ufc #mixedmartialarts #martialarts #selfie #letmetakeaselfie #hereheis #brando #brandon #brandonnail #coachcombover #combover
mixedmartialarts - brando - brandonnail - selfie - ufc - theultimatefighter - coachcombover - letmetakeaselfie - hereheis - tuf18 - combover - martialarts - brandon - mma - tuf -
rickylundell : Good one.
jpmakeupart - its_jazzybby - jthestylisttol - linliying17 -
As if @holdsworth135 just liked my photos 😎 act cool act cool !! Yaaay #UFC such a brilliant fighter πŸ’ͺ #tuf18
stalker - justabithapps - ufc - syked - tuf18 -
tati_skywalker : #syked #justabithapps
holdsworth135 : Haha thank you. Nice pics πŸ‘ @tati_skywalker
tati_skywalker : Well done your a dedicated fighter and I've enjoyed following your career from #tuf18 πŸ’ͺ @holdsworth135
tati_skywalker : You rock just a little bit okay okay a hell of a lot πŸ˜„
gallowaj : @tati_skywalker calm yourself! crazed fan for @holdsworth135 #stalker πŸ˜˜πŸ˜†
tati_skywalker : Haha hey #stalker me? Never only you 😘 only pull out those stops for you @gallowaj don't get jel
m_larbas - eatmymash - mylite - _iliana01_ -
πŸ˜ƒ Repost from @venezuelanvixen I got bored in the #TUF18 house so I doodled! The #Goku, @roxyfighter drew for me and the rest is my own doodles w my own Version of @jmunizart !
goku - tuf18 -
itswindell : too cool
jimbagwa : Nice :)
bjj4evr - ryuiv - canache4 - garrettskinner -
TUF 18 alum and the happiest Swede I've ever met @ehartsner helping me figure out this whole colored-gel thing. #mma #ufc #tuf18 #aau #studiolighting #lotsoftrialanderror
aau - lotsoftrialanderror - studiolighting - ufc - mma - tuf18 -
rickylundell : Good post.
alma_rguez - 818boxing - jennholbert - bundy.teresa2015 -
"I betchu there ain't anything in there" -Katt Williams .... I got bored in the #TUF18 house so I doodled! The #Goku, @roxyfighter drew for me and the rest is my own doodles w my own Version of @jmunizart !
goku - tuf18 -
itswindell : Nice pic^_^
ree__uh : That's cute
jmunizart : If u ever want a small painting for ur collection next time ur in Vegas hit me up. If be more than happy to hook u up
stankyleg88 : Kakarot!!!!
geerey23 : Dope
dinfamousboogie : Nice!
dinfamousboogie : Draw me one please.. :)
his_royal_blackness : The Iado/Iajutsu lady is dope!
cloblu22 - wrench805 - ustaesad61 - paulushoog -
Aw selfie lol cupcake and rowdy #ufc #tuf18 #rowdy #cupcake #mieshatate #rondarousey #teamtate #teamrowdy #cupcakenation #armbarnation #girlpower #wmma #mma #wonderwoman #god #jesus #happy #blessed #beautiful #awesome god bless everyone πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ❀
girlpower - beautiful - rondarousey - teamrowdy - awesome - ufc - blessed - jesus - cupcake - tuf18 - mma - wonderwoman - god - rowdy - armbarnation - mieshatate - wmma - happy - cupcakenation - teamtate -
syee.wong : looking for any skincare product pls visit my insta: @syee.wong
rickylundell : Nice picture.
jennifersistoso : @rickylundell can you follow back idol βœŒπŸ‘Šβ€πŸ‘πŸ’ͺβ˜ΊπŸ™ thank you so much
hosseinkhanhonarmand - mikey_gordon12 - jatarregui - fgpadv -
Meeting yesterday with @newazaapparel and the beautiful killer #jetsetter #UFC #fighter and #Tuf18 champ #JuliannaPena @venezuelanvixen #InPenaWeTrust #injiujitsuwetrust
inpenawetrust - injiujitsuwetrust - fighter - juliannapena - jetsetter - ufc - tuf18 -
royaljets : Nice pic
vasko_chicago : Super fine.
rickylundell - cauliflowerculture - adrea.camila - alfiedaly123 -
We would like to welcome our first Ambassador Julianna Peñe. She is the first female winner of the Ultimate Fighter #TUF18. Julianna will be on tour over the #ufcsydney event. Get to our website to secure your place on tour and hang out with the @venezuelanvixen #mmatourism
mmatourism - ufcsydney - tuf18 -
venezuelanvixen : Peña*
bcurrall80 : Haha at least get her name right guys!
allstarmmatours : Sorry @venezuelanvixen darn auto-correct! Talk soon 😊
donutsdevitt - lesclarkejnr - mattyjh10 - k1samgreco -
#paulruiz #trfm #art #bellator125 #mma #fresno #letsgetit #teamruiz #firebaugh #thrivemma #bellatormma #isaacdejesus #savemartcenter #ufc #twc #painting #jessebowen #paint #anthonyruiz #tuf18 #contemporaryart #fineart #dbc #truewrestler #upandcomers #dreambigworkhard #upc15 #jrssports #canvas #justinlinn
bellator125 - upc15 - isaacdejesus - art - fresno - firebaugh - dbc - ufc - upandcomers - thrivemma - teamruiz - paulruiz - dreambigworkhard - letsgetit - bellatormma - tuf18 - mma - twc - canvas - jessebowen - fineart - contemporaryart - trfm - justinlinn - paint - savemartcenter - jrssports - anthonyruiz - painting - truewrestler -
stephanalexandr : amen
peter_thepainter - jacob.edward - farrellstudios - mr.unemployable -
Bid on @RondaRousey's #TUF18 coaches shirt & other autographed items for #Charity. Place your bids here:
charity - tuf18 -
jazzysaurusrexx : 😱😱😱😱😳😍
aiaxthegreat : can you get that for me
hailey728 : awesome
garypennington - big_joe_1363 - sadistic_phenom - greghirtzjr -
#Repost from @heatherjoclark with @repostapp --- @lvfightshop with these badass ladies @roxyfighter @venezuelanvixen #TUF18 #TUF20 @ufc
tuf20 - tuf18 - repost -
vanillagorilla_79 : @eyeofthestorm3
ashleymilliganmma - bubslola - caseyscakes - luz_gisele -
@lvfightshop with these badass ladies @roxyfighter @venezuelanvixen #TUF18 #TUF20 @ufc
tuf20 - tuf18 -
noemiroxanna : I wish I was there to meet you girls 😞 @heatherjoclark
redmangoedgewaternj : Hey, it's me Elsie. Just in case I can make it to class, should I buy a gi from #lasvegasfightshop because you never know, I may need it anyway when I get back home πŸ˜€
fightchixjake : No #fightchix tag😭😭😭 haha
heatherjoclark : @fightchixjake @fightchix thank you both for the support for this. Video and pics coming soon!! 😘😘😘
heatherjoclark : @redmangoedgewaternj u don't need a gi for this class. It's No gi.
fightchixjake : Haha I was teasing! Happy to do what we can! Beth and I are looking forward to meeting you in person (we gotta get to vegas!!)
roxyfighter : @redmangoedgewaternj hey, it's one of my favorite fans! :) it was so nice to chat !!
mastertim1691 - venom0426 - kyrastorm88 - keelycasad -
Me, @lizphillipsmma Mike & @venezuelanvixen last night hanging out in Vegas! . #tuf18 #ufc #vegaslocals #Vegas #LasVegas #ufc178
vegaslocals - vegas - lasvegas - ufc - ufc178 - tuf18 -
paulthepunisher1 : Nightlife!!!!
hola_pablito : @venezuelanvixen is hella cute tho
san2tran - jollygiant86 - skinnylove4life - icaro_an -
@venezuelanvixen lands and we head straight to @tacosandbeerop of course. Damn, been a bit since I last went-i love this place! Can we go again juli? :) . #tacosandbeer #juliannapena #tracylee #tacos #LasVegas #vegaslocals #Vegas #foodporn #foodie #tuf18 #ufc #ufc178
foodie - juliannapena - foodporn - ufc - tuf18 - vegaslocals - vegas - lasvegas - tacos - ufc178 - tracylee - tacosandbeer -
brandonnail1 : @mstracylee @venezuelanvixen I want some of that ! I'm getting to Vegas in 2 weeks definitely going there :)
thecomish909 : On my way to Vegas.... Need to hit that place up
maddogmartinez : Yummy yummy in my tummy :-)
tacosandbeerop : Two of our FAVORITE fans πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ’—
moniquemarie13 : Best place to eat in Vegas!! Loved it!
stellavapors_lv - gregory214 - carchad - godfreypete -
Just picked up my sista, @venezuelanvixen from the airport and are en route straight to @tacosandbeerop! . #juliannapena #tracylee #tacosandbeer #tacos #tacosandbeerop #vegaslocals #Vegas #Vegasnightlife #tuf18 #ufc #ufc178 #LasVegas
juliannapena - ufc - tuf18 - vegaslocals - vegas - vegasnightlife - ufc178 - tacos - tacosandbeerop - lasvegas - tracylee - tacosandbeer -
caliloverboy : Tfti
orinb24 : Double Crush Thursday!! @venezuelanvixen @mstracylee
truehonor : πŸ’―βœ”οΈπŸ’—
shugaray : Go Seahawks! Nice @venezuelanvixen!
rescutia98 : Where you got that Kool shirt? @venezuelanvixen seahawks!
thecomish909 : I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow morning. I need to get out and try this place.
mma_memes_ : We love her! 😍
royjonesjrfa : Enjoy your sister time! Hope to meet her! πŸ’—πŸ’•
donnybladez23 - mura.the.notorious - kingsmash - hazel_leo -
#TBT Lmao. I had to repost this from my boy @teamrocbiggie page. Winning the @HarleyDavidson after I won #TUF18. I was Geeked up from the feet up, even though I don't know how to ride one. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #throwbackthursday
tbt - throwbackthursday - tuf18 -
jiujitsukindofguy : #killem
torresmatthew18 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
zoilafrausto : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™Œ
chrisgomez73 : Vroom vroom
nicolettebondura : Wiggle wiggle wiggle
chrisbonilla88 : Lmao lean wit it rock wit it : LOOOOOOOLLLL
estee_79 : Epic. ......
johnwalkerpro - classybraz - jdimsky - lilshadow5600 -
Breaking arms and barriers! @RondaRousey #TBT #TUF18 #ArmbarNation
armbarnation - tbt - tuf18 -
fran_magic : 4 love besos kis
galvantx13 : Lucky
rosendolovatoiii : πŸ†
garyinnocenti : @_ryancrosby if you're not following this, you should be brah
jennifersistoso : I heart you ronda even i had no pictures with you autograph anf etc. Becoz im too far for you i will always supportt and truly love you ur my no.1 silent fan here @armbarnation
isa_shaforostov - ingrid_vick_sampaio - ariskocollari - vhotnspicy -
#tbt after a tough fight with @gentlemanjhill last year on #tuf18 I was stuffing my face #fatkid
fatkid - tbt - tuf18 -
realdealcbeal : Yeah boii 😁
jackturnock : Baby faced here mate haha
sholinian_mma - jacobdures - tazmanian_terra - joshuadavies92 -
Amazing how the world turns. @Rondarousey 's coach Edmond Tarvedyan @gfc_diamond and I will be coaching @travisbrownemma together. For the die hard fans you'll all remember that Edmond and I were on opposite teams for the The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 with Miesha Tate vs Rhonda Rousey. I feel honored and blessed to be able to spend so much time with so many different camps and fighters. Truly lucky to work alongside the best in the business in every aspect of my life. @gormanwrestling #UFC #dayinthelifeof #coach #teamlundell #bishopgormanwrestling #teambrowne #wrestling #mma #bjj #jiujitsu #frankmir #Brazil #brazilianjiujitsu #graciejiujitsu #psbjja #fit #fitness #love #yoga #ufcfightnight #ufconfox #motivation #inspiration #mieshatate #rondarousey #tuf18
motivation - coach - love - psbjja - rondarousey - mieshatate - ufc - wrestling - bjj - brazilianjiujitsu - tuf18 - jiujitsu - teamlundell - dayinthelifeof - mma - teambrowne - inspiration - brazil - yoga - ufcfightnight - fit - frankmir - ufconfox - fitness - bishopgormanwrestling - graciejiujitsu -
mercedesg8 : @rickylundell Edmond is the man!!!
s_keni10 : Chee Travis represent Hawaii!!!
gdacquisto : I need some training boss!! @travisbrownemma @rickylundell
mrflauta671 : Bad ass!!
aislinnpaula : @rickylundell coach ricky! I wanna be trained!
deleojay : I love this move for you guys and see great things to come from this. Kill Schuab...Literally
mrs.jitz : So awesome! Wish I could train with you all!
rickylundell : Good picture. I like it.
frankthetankfitness - mmafighter5 - kiren_r8 - crets2 -
@jessamynduke #sketch - Pigma Micron & Brush pen 005, 08, black #ArtOfTheDojo #UFC #WMMA #TUF18
tuf18 - sketch - ufc - wmma - artofthedojo -
ufcworld - renzograciebjj - sdkennington - jana.1998_ -
My first training session since my fight with my friend & #TUF18 buddy @venezuelanvixen ! <3 in Japan no less!
tuf18 -
fernvette : Awesome! You two are great!
rickylundell : You two are both AMAZING!
keyjeyryan : Do you by any chance hang out near Yokohama? @roxyfighter
rsebalacurran : When is her next fight ? UFC debut ?
roxyfighter : Hi @rickylundell !!
rickylundell : Hi Amazing Happy Warrior girl.
roberthisel11 - wilson_disease - alexeithemage - oregon100 -
Awesome night training with this chick! #wmma #TUF18 #TUF20
wmma - tuf20 - tuf18 -
steveo_9 : Can I get a follow?
steveo_9 : Or nah
_jeanette12_ : For real me too !!!
heatherjoclark : Had a blast!! Thanks for having me!
bbcskynewscnnfox - ibragimova.h - perkuskamui - sports_fansx -
#tbt After the #TUF18 Finale Event @rondarousey & myself. Looks like Beauty and the Beast. Remember Team Real Mean. @armbarnation @ufc
tbt - tuf18 -
garypennington : You got the smile from her the cameras couldn't!! Great pic!! :)
chanelpoh - robertfalls - desiraeestrada - inkmeon3 -
Thanks to @kendaperez for hooking me up with these hot ladies. @ariannyceleste @brittneypalmer @ufc #ufc @ufcoctagongirls #ultimatefighter #tuf18
ultimatefighter - ufc - tuf18 -
jordohamilton9 : Nice
b0udreau : Smoke another one
meegz16 : #tuf20.
yourmomsfishtank : Sick
hodge_matt : Can you say woman crush wednesday?
crackadilian45 : So @kingtrut @senimsilla @onemorejude @wolfmate you don't want jude to do some shit and you call Ross the other guy . Catch up ellis
lasertorch : Wow Ellis those ladies are beautiful!
ajdieduardo : Lucky man
roadisland_red - srt41320 - ssully22 - marshall_drescher -
Wow this is cool .. Jessica Rakoczy from the ultimate fighter πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ #tuf18 #theultimatefighter #teamrousey #ufc #thearmbarqueen #armbarnation #boxing #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu
boxing - ufc - theultimatefighter - brazilianjiujitsu - bjj - armbarnation - tuf18 - thearmbarqueen - teamrousey -
double26infinity : #teamcelina
acai_guard21 - bccarr13 - super.egan2014 - thecheekycanadian -
Hey @jdfffn I think it's safe to say #TheUltimateFighter season 18 competitor @roxyfighter (#RoxanneModafferi) reps @teamjdf =) #ufc #ultimatefighter #TUF18 #TheHappyWarrior #RoxyModafferi #InvictaFC #MMA #WomensMMA #Bantamweight #BrownBelt in #Judo #PurpleBelt in #BrazilianJuJitsu #BJJ
womensmma - thehappywarrior - ufc - bjj - theultimatefighter - invictafc - purplebelt - mma - brownbelt - roxannemodafferi - judo - brazilianjujitsu - bantamweight - tuf18 - roxymodafferi - ultimatefighter - greenkoolaid -
supersentaisteeny : I love her! She was my favorite on season 18!
jdfffn : Nice
iamkneegrow : @jdfffn gotta love that #greenkoolaid haha, have a great day! (:
iamkneegrow : @supersentaisteeny Mine too! @roxyfighter is so awesome.
iamkneegrow : @roxyfighter the green ranger approves of your shirt (=
roxyfighter : Dude!!! Cool!
iamkneegrow : I had a feeling you would think so (: Congrats on your win this past Saturday! Looking forward to your next fight. @roxyfighter
canuck_teamjdf - alishalaby15 - sonvphoto - obeyelmo95 -
Finally found it. #tuf18 #ufc #rondarousey #mieshatate #theultimatefighter #finally #followme #like4like #4horsemen #4horseman
rondarousey - mieshatate - ufc - 4horsemen - theultimatefighter - tuf18 - 4horseman - finally - like4like - followme -
rickylundell : Good picture. I like it.
mrssmashtonstyles - pkdui - emm.jayy - marthe8850 -
TOMORROW! #TUF20 starts I'm so excited! My Wednesday's are gonna be epic! Last time I watched a season of tuf was #TUF18 and y'all know that greatly changed my life lol! Who y'all rooting for?? My overall pick is #JessicaPenne #wmma #mma #ufc
jessicapenne - tuf20 - ufc - mma - wmma - tuf18 -
chanelpoh : Torres & Rawlings
neshay20 : @chanelpoh it's funny you mention those two cuz those are my alternative picks
chanelpoh : :) There are so many good choices. Heather Jo Clark, Carla Espernza, Rose, Jessica Penne, Felice :) Argh!
nick_armbar_robison : Rose-carla-felice-bec Rawlings- Jessica penne-Torres you?
neshay20 : @nick_armbar_robison if I had to pick a top 5 it be Penne, Rawlings, Torres, Esparza, and Ellis :)
mrunexpectd - madmaxwell15 - ehartsner - zona_79 -
#Repost from @mieshatate with @repostapp @motorhelmets --- Thank you so much @HarleyDavidson for the beautiful bike! #LoveIt #Tuf18 #UFC #MMA
tuf18 - loveit - ufc - mma - repost -
younngneno - mitch_moto -
#TBT good times in #Vegas with the boys. Great full to have them around in my life. Love this picture #tbt #lasvegas #teamgfc #armenian #fighters #goodtimes #fun #tuf18
tbt - goodtimes - tuf18 - teamgfc - fighters - vegas - armenian - fun - lasvegas -
bad_boy_rob : @sholinian_mma ... Great pic. We had fun that weekend. πŸ‘
vetalle - al_ek - masha_livach - _geremy_ -
Got to meet #TUF18 winner Julianna Peña last year. Great person and bad ass fighter. #mma #UFC #VenezuelanVixen #JuliannaPeña
venezuelanvixen - ufc - mma - juliannapeΓ±a - tuf18 -
mmafiends - tapatia__lynda__ - msmarcy81 -
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