What do you do when you end up staying in on a Saturday night? protein muffins and TUF marathon. Wa wa wa :) #proteinmuffins #healthyeating #hellyeah #goodday #cosican #tuf17
tuf17 - hellyeah - proteinmuffins - goodday - cosican - healthyeating -
aemilde - hiddenwolfeyes -
#Repost from @lukebarnatt with @repostapp β€” #TBT to 13th April 2012 the day of my 1st UFC Fight & the crowning of #TUF17 champ! my Mexican brother @kgastelum who's now Co - main event in Mexico City Nov 15th #WhatABoss #OnAMission4Gold
tuf17 - whataboss - onamission4gold - tbt - repost -
b_rizz90 : @kgastelum man keep up the strong work. You have been one of my favorites since the ultimate fighter and I enjoy watching you fight. Stay hungry for the belt and go on to claim what could possibly be yours in the future. God Bless
therealeddiebravo : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
chuy_in_0607 : we expect you fight the champ i think you got similar styles!!
rickyxayachack : Future champ. You really are a inspiration. One of the biggest "underdogs" in TUF and now look at you! I really look up to you Kelvin. I hope to meet you one day because I promise myself I'm gonna reach the UFC one day. Get the W this Sat!!!
rickyxayachack : My bad get the win at UFC 180!
s.unkilaev : @kgastelum Look at that NECK. The Neck is Alriiiight!!!!
cangi_22 : Please follow me
papelitha : El mero mero Mexicano en la UFC @kgastelum
ether2632 - angelikarol - rhoadesmichelle - ace_boonkoon -
#TBT to 13th April 2012 the day of my 1st UFC Fight & the crowning of #TUF17 champ! my Mexican brother @kgastelum who's now Co - main event in Mexico City Nov 15th #WhatABoss #OnAMission4Gold
tuf17 - whataboss - onamission4gold - tbt -
danasbaldwin : We miss you both:(
_dom1997 : Lol it was 2013 but great fighters
lukebarnatt : Bloody auto correct @_dom1997 it was my 25th b day should be able to remember
kgastelum : Love it brother!!
mjunkee : Next generation! Much success fellows.
_r0ck_th3_h3dges : 2 future champs!!
zahz007 - mike_dipietro1 - robbieallen9 - tommychavez7 -
Met jimmy Quinlan today at Hampton beach! For those who don't know he is a UFC fighter who was a contestant on season 17 of the ultimate fighter.
tuf17 - fighter - ufc - mma - hamptonbeach -
brownko617 : #ufc #mma #fighter #tuf17 #hamptonbeach
bossmma - cassie_lashier - avaa2019 - korrinnbishopp -
#GilbertSmith #TUF17 #TUF #coloradoopen #fight2win #jiujitsu #younglion #bwc
tuf17 - fight2win - jiujitsu - bwc - coloradoopen - younglion - gilbertsmith - tuf -
jazzzzmini - dnafight - thatmanfranz - teezwizz -
#tbt when I met the European Gangster @lukebarnatt at the @thedolcediet seminar in London Town πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Congrats on the engagement big guy!!! Hope you guys have a beautiful long life together filled with health and happiness!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #lukebarnatt #tuf17 #ultimatefighter #tuf #mma #ufc #dolcediet #europeangangster #teamdarkside #fitfam #fitlife #fitgirl #throwback #fighter #futurechamp
tuf17 - fitfam - fitgirl - ufc - tbt - teamdarkside - throwback - mma - tuf - fighter - futurechamp - dolcediet - fitlife - europeangangster - lukebarnatt - ultimatefighter -
christi_livinfit : This is great!
401motivationwear - azodnemsolrac - muamarhafizi - laurenhopper -
Me and coach stone-horse :) #TBT #beastmode #teamjones #teamvillain #ufc #mma #fitness #dreambig and #believe I will be announcing fight soon :) #herbdean #tuf17
tuf17 - beastmode - dreambig - herbdean - ufc - tbt - fitness - teamvillain - teamjones - believe - mma -
azrielaziz : Dope
kwcmartin : The man !!!! And a great teacher .
kidcassius : And the winner is hatu patu! πŸ˜†
callmedex : Finally your back!! Can't wait broπŸ˜„
yrawhustlaxdubz : @isnailduck stone horse maori 🐴
isnailduck : Hahaha Stoney Hard Maori!
rheannacorpuz : Yes
notoriouscutsgc : Keep us updated bro on your next fight bro @villain22003
gdzsupplements - atawua - terryasher - notoriouscutsgc -
#tbt With Edgar Garcia and Kelvin Gastelum sparring before #TUF17 finale. Crazy to think that was over 2 years ago. #azmma
tuf17 - azmma - tbt -
edgargarcia170 - _keono - eightalpha_1 - jcrovaz -
Me and the "bad guy" Chael Sonnen!! #ufc #tuf #tuf17 #mma #syndicatemma
tuf17 - ufc - mma - syndicatemma - tuf -
bigwoodmma79 : @officialchaelsonnen
alaina_danielle : That's My Champ! Chael πŸ‘Š
canalfoquis : Top!
369_all_the_time : Before god made chael he asked permission
djsaltzmfwic : @sam__fagan
sam__fagan : @djsaltzmfwic
yasr050022 - damurphinator - tianafallsracing - djsaltzmfwic -
@UFC Middleweight Tor "The Hammer" TroΓ©ng @thor_the_hammer @thorthehammer #TheHammer #tortroeng #TheUltimateFighter #TUF #JonesvsSonnen #TUF17 #TeamSonnen #alliancemma @alliancemma
tuf17 - thehammer - tortroeng - theultimatefighter - teamsonnen - alliancemma - jonesvssonnen - tuf -
canalfoquis : Top!
noman_45 - tattoolady_1979 - chinchek559 - chunkysparkz -
#tbt to #TUF17 Weigh-ins and happy 30th birthday to @uriahhall! Photo credit @thefitbeast
tuf17 - tbt -
thefitbeast - kawasaki_klx140 - evil_dylan_23 - extrifformy103 -
Happy bday @uriahhall! Enjoy your day bro and celebrate life! #goodpeople #tuf17 #ufc #nyc #futurechamp #justthebegining
goodpeople - tuf17 - justthebegining - nyc - ufc - futurechamp -
philipattar : Ok small world cousin @audieattar my friend @pieterhenket shot this photo!
audieattar : Truly a small world cuzzo! Not too surprised though cousin, that's why we need to link up on some projects! Attar fam east coast - west coast connection! @philipattar
susuhantusu : @philipattar great pic @uriahhall looks like he wants trouble ;) #scurry
audieattar : You'd love @uriahhall Susu. Real down to earth and forward thinking human being. @susuhantusu
susuhantusu : No doubt :) @uriahhall I look forward to meeting you!
pieterhenket : @philipattar :-)
2want_it - sidroos - buddybuddyap - susuhantusu -
Happy #throwbackthursday the #TUF17 finale weigh-ins and Happy 30th Birthday @uriahhall! #uriahhall #hallsway #kelvingastelum #ufc #ufcfan #mma #mmalover
tuf17 - hallsway - throwbackthursday - uriahhall - ufc - kelvingastelum - mmalover - ufcfan - mma -
uriahhall : lol classic
thefitbeast : I thought about doing a new one this year, but I knew I couldn't top this, @uriahhall. You were in camp last year and couldn't have cheesecake so you'd better get it this year!
daannneb : Hahahhahhah @kevkongas
johnwalkerpro : Hilarious. Hahah
thefitbeast : :) gotta have fun celebrating his b-day, right @johnwalkerpro?
berettasuicide - simmonst979 - soniacisneros5 - bowfighters -
#tbt will have these memories for life :) #teamjones #ufc #mma #bjj #wrestling #judo #boxing @bubba_jenkins @bubbathemenace @jonnybones @clinthester_mma @bigwoodmma79 @rickylundell #redrockcanyons #tuf17 #fitness #believe #motivation
tuf17 - motivation - boxing - judo - redrockcanyons - ufc - wrestling - tbt - bjj - fitness - teamjones - believe - mma -
rheannacorpuz : Such a good season!
tacticalviolence - luke2047 - juliannovoa - geeblackmore -
Rewatching #tuf17 with @jennawins! Such a great experience!! @jonnybones @bubbathemenace @clinthester_mma #mma #ufc #tuf #syndicatemma
tuf17 - ufc - mma - syndicatemma - tuf -
clinthester_mma : Best season!!!
villain22003 : Greatest season ever!
canalfoquis : Top!
jennawins : Such an amazing season!!!!!!! #ufc
_mrkim - xo_raym - noirjaguar - jennawins -
The Ultimate Fighter 17 was packed full of dramatic scenarios and great fights. The season favorite Uriah Hall provided the knockout of the season with his emphatic spinning back kick KO. The kick, which was used to put Adam Cella to sleep, strengthened Hall’s case for being the best fighter of TUF 17. @ufc_promos #TUF17 #Danawhite #ufc #uriahhall #adamcella #bestknockout #mma #spinningkick #knockouts #wrestling #boxing #bestever #BJJ #jiujitsu #kick #fightnight #grappling #fights #mixedmartialarts #mmajunkie #ufc_promos @ufc_today @mmaworld @ufc
tuf17 - mmajunkie - mixedmartialarts - bestknockout - uriahhall - fights - wrestling - bjj - jiujitsu - knockouts - ufc_promos - mma - fightnight - grappling - boxing - danawhite - ufc - adamcella - spinningkick - bestever - kick -
dyl3n_ : @_jonnas_
eliassfranca : Que isso kkk
stasia_ilic12 : @t3odorailic
t3odorailic - greatsantino - glynbo69 - nsimba_pedro_rolao -
Holding mitts for @bubbathemenace of Tuf 17 @ufc!! #mma #ufc #tuf #tuf17 #syndicatemma
tuf17 - ufc - mma - syndicatemma - tuf -
bubbathemenace : Man, you were the reason I was able to half way stay sane and make it through that show. You'll always be a Saint in my book and definitely never forgotten.
bigwoodmma79 : @bubbathemenace thanks brotha!! Miss ya.
bubbathemenace : Miss you too Big Homie!!
rowdyshann : Great pic!! 😍
jennawins : 😈
chanman801 - theprincedogg - jennawins - krusher229 -
Had the pleasure of meeting this handsome devil @kgastelum on several occasions, so it's always awesome. Get a look at him, he's gonna be champ soon enough. Such a bad, bad man. β—‡β™‘β—†β˜†β˜… #UFC #TUF17 :D
tuf17 - ufc -
jent523 - grozny_sportwear - ufc178 - rayvendgaf -
Linda ate vermelhinha. Beautiful red lace. #RondaRousey #ufc #mma #TUF17 #TUF
rondarousey - tuf17 - ufc - mma - tuf -
phillipsantiago - erica_cristinarosa - photorighttime - ufc178 -
Ronda Rousey e Uriah Hall Parte 4 Ronda and Uriah Hall Part 4 #RondaRousey #teamrousey #mma #ufc #TUF17 #TUF
tuf17 - tuf - rondarousey - ufc - mma - teamrousey -
phillipsantiago - seth__difiore - jessicasouzacb - kylemitchell_mma -
Ronda Rousey e Uriah Hall Parte 3 Ronda and Uriah Hall Part 3 #RondaRousey #teamrousey #mma #ufc #TUF17 #TUF
tuf17 - tuf - rondarousey - ufc - mma - teamrousey -
frankd711 : Lucky guy smelled her but lol
rondarouseyfans1 : Kkkkkk @frankd711
phillipsantiago - seth__difiore - jessicasouzacb - kylemitchell_mma -
Ronda Rousey e Uriah Hall Parte 2 Ronda and Uriah Hall Part 2 #RondaRousey #teamrousey #mma #ufc #TUF17 #TUF
tuf17 - tuf - rondarousey - ufc - mma - teamrousey -
seth__difiore - taliitaborges - alexfong520 - jessicasouzacb -
Ronda Rousey em sua passagem no TUF17 finalizou duas vezes o homem ambulΓ’ncia (Uriah Hall). Parte 1 Ronda Rousey on her passage TUF17 finished twice in the ambulance man (Uriah Hall). Part 1 #RondaRousey #teamrousey #mma #ufc #TUF17 #TUF
tuf17 - tuf - rondarousey - ufc - mma - teamrousey -
seth__difiore - alexfong520 - serranoks - jessicasouzacb -
@lukebarnatt has been a huge inspiration for me. If it wasn't for@thedolcediet (another inspiration of mine) podcast, the idea to take up BJJ came about. The idea NEVER crossed my mind. I was a nervous wreck every time I'd step foot in @syndicatemma but I was a better person for it. This always dapper gentleman, is a very talented fighter on top of witty, smart, and handsome. Total package. I'll be a fan forever.β™‘ #EnglishChaelSonnen#LetsGoBigSlow. #TUF17 #UFC
englishchaelsonnen - letsgobigslow - ufc - tuf17 -
jent523 : @shanwize I thought he poked your boob
shanwize : Haha @jent523 I just noticed how sketchy this looks hah.
jent523 : @shanwize πŸˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­hahah
az_reddragon : You look so tiny! He is so tall! It's freaking me out 😁😜
shanwize : I wish I was tiny lol, but thanx. I've never looked up so hight to talk to someone before lol. @az_reddragon :)
moe.hbic : Omg sister ur shrinking u lost so much weighttt ,!
shanwize : @king.moee thanx so much. You still as beautiful as always. β˜…β™₯
nikoort - katanarogue - ufc178 - cmccraw92 -
Love this great team pic #teamdarkside #TUF17
tuf17 - teamdarkside -
thelegendarysnackz : #TeamDarkSide
uriahhall : the best bro
gordonrageroodman : Most exciting season in resent memory
mrleewinstagram : Best season of TUF by far...
curley4kratos : It's kind of ironic that chapel sonnen is wearing a pride shirt.
jeffersoncholo : Best season ever
stanofoggin - killark2 - jonny_hirsch - irzavrdhnofficial -
Uriah "primetime" Hall. En mma-fighter som man ser upp till! En idol och kanske en framtida champ i UFC! @uriahhall#UFC#champion#idol#fans#kampsport#fighter#nevergiveup#fuckexcuses#aldrigvila#motivation#kickboxing#mma#knogmacka#tuf17#teamsonnen#badguys
tuf17 - motivation - champion - nevergiveup - ufc - teamsonnen - knogmacka - fuckexcuses - kampsport - mma - fighter - badguys - aldrigvila - fans - kickboxing - idol -
xcute_sweet - royalgrapplingacademy - a.kimforce - m1global -
Great to finally meet Kelvin Gastelum #TUF17 #UFCFANEXPO 2014
tuf17 - ufcfanexpo -
zues_thebarber - ufc_daily - amber_terry_robinson - laneealdaz -
When not writing, giving speeches, or analyzing human behavior… I feel so honored to train at @powermma_ny along-side this weekend’s big winners: #UFC Champ, @chrisweidmanufc - #TUF17 Winner, @truck9258 – Top Contender, @aliaquinta – and the best #MMA Coaching team around, Ray Longo @erichyertko @gorillammatechs Pete β€œDrago” Sell – and the entire #serra/longo team.
tuf17 - serra - ufc - mma -
sweetmamapatsy : Awesome! @stevemaraboli
bianca1246 : Beast!
codydeal : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘Š
kimmy.s : Awesome!!!!! Physical and emotional strength is a beautiful thing. Thank you for your supportive and encouraging posts!!πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈπŸ™
erichyertko : Not bad brother
madi_poo : I like u even more!!!
hannahelyse423 : Come to San Antonio and speak, please! 😊
amy83181 : You are truly amazing in every way possible!
mz_sassy_cassi - theangelpimentel - fit_me_in_q - erichyertko -
Thanks @ufc for a fun weekend at the expo and fights! #ufcfanexpo2014 #ufc #tuf17 #goodtimes
ufcfanexpo2014 - tuf17 - ufc - goodtimes -
los_moreno323 - fckin_explicit - omiohmyyyy - cheryldawn23 -
Krewella x2. @jrichey_ @jbernados @ashleycarpenter54 #krewella #daylight #mandalaybay #ufc #ufc175 #tuf17 #sunsoutgunsout
tuf17 - sunsoutgunsout - daylight - krewella - ufc175 - mandalaybay - ufc -
jae_raee : Jealous
ashleycarpenter54 : That shit was awesome @πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ @jscully22
everworldlife : That's a pretty cool photo
ironwomenn - __kdoll__ - ufc178 - marisak87 -
#TUF17 and Yuma's own!! KG!! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰
tuf17 -
nossicatowers : I'm gonna die
__joseojeda : Haha he's all chill and nice :p @nossicatowers
nossicatowers : He Looks so hot!
lilykraft - hayesissssmylifeeee - likewateverr - jrmxox -
OK MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS!!! Who we got tonight?? πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Looking forward to see what @Alexisdavismma is able to bring to the table. And also hoping that @uriahhall is able to bring it to the cage tonight and perform and entertain like he did in #TUF17 and less like he did against @johndoomsdayhoward. It's gna be a late night over here in the UK!! LETSGO!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #ufc175 #machida #weidman #middleweight #wmma #mma #ufc #bantamweight #ronda #rondarousey #alexisdavis #rowdy #rousey #dolce #graciejiujitsu #bjj #gjj #worldchamp #champion
tuf17 - machida - dolce - champion - worldchamp - rondarousey - ufc - bjj - alexisdavis - ufc175 - mma - weidman - rousey - ronda - rowdy - bantamweight - gjj - wmma - middleweight - graciejiujitsu -
isaact209 : I say machida by decision I think his footworks gonna be the difference tonight and I THINK Davis wins by decision but rouseys the type of fighter that always manages to do the job somehow lol
lydiamok : @joelbrunt hahaha you me and the rest of the world
lydiamok : @isaact808 you think Davis is gna over power ronda? Ooooooo
joelbrunt : Have you been watching the embedded Vlogs? So good!
isaact209 : 😝 I think if Davis can keep Ronda ant rage and avoid clinching with her I think it'll be a good night for Davis but that's easier said than done !!
lydiamok : @isaact808 hahaha exactly
lydiamok : Ooo nope?
isaact209 : Who you routing for tonight Lydia?
robert_watts_64 - franco_ruck - xpfextremepersonalfitness - f3der0c -
Urijah Hall deadliest heel kick EVER! #MMA #UFC #TUF17 #TheUltimateFighter #TheUltimateFighter17 #HeelKick #UrijahHall
tuf17 - urijahhall - heelkick - theultimatefighter17 - ufc - mma - theultimatefighter -
artsyxbuckz - xxl_mentality - frankieborrer91 - mandokarate -
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