Want as ek swak is, is ek sterk ♡ #corintheans #loveit #Bible #powerful #Godisgood #worthwhile #wordstoliveby #wordoftheday #neededthis #believe #faith #trust #TrustInHim
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Song of Solomon 3:5 felt Jesus speak to me about waiting for the man He is bringing to me and to not search and chase until it is in His time. #trustinHim #lordchangemyheart
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#Believe #NeverGiveUp #TrustInHim #FoodForThought #WhatKeepsMeGoing
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trixter_7 : Wow im proud :) i like this pic
jayyrahhh.27 : I want this as a tattoo! @trixter_7
trixter_7 : Good idea put somthing good like this on ur body i like it
jayyrahhh.27 : I told you I wanted a verse on my body. @trixter_7
trixter_7 : Ik u did
jayyrahhh.27 : We'll I like this one a lot! So I'm pretty sold! @trixter_7
trixter_7 : Sounds good
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#Amen . The Lord Speaks to us in Jeremiah 17:10 saying this: "I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” So when #tribulations come into your life, #REMEMBER, The Lord has a #blessing waiting for you at the end. BUT, only #IF you've held on to Jesus, even when times got rough. #GodIsGood #HeOnlyWantsTheBestForUs #TrustInHim #BelieveInHim #BeATrueWorshipper #Apostolic #Youth #LivingForHim ❤️
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Hmm.. Okay Lord. #trustinHim #regram
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"But blessed is the one who trusts the Lord, whose confidence is in him. they will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." ~Jeremiah 17:7-8 #bibleverseoftheday#dailybibleverse#praisehim#praisethelord#prayer#worship#follower#believer#trustinhim#pray#love#lovethelord#God#Jesus#HolySpirit#bible#bibleverse#christian#christianmusic#lyrics#churchlyrics#biblequote#quote#dailyquote
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elfridavalentia : ♥ @siwon1987 그리워
life_explosion : Have a world class day :)
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I love this so much! It's so true and sometimes we do that.. #dont #trustinhim
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#faith #trustinhim #rp @247papstv
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#jesus #jesusisgood #god #life #lord #love #bible #belief #believe #christ #church #youth #repost #pray #praisethelord #thankful #trustinhim #saint #sinner #scripture #intsagram #praisethelord #_god_daily
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goodmorning igers! be patient it will come to you (*^﹏^*) #trustinhim #GOD #Instasize
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singforthegram : Niccee @davenwilson
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Had a rough day today; just feeling really defeated. Going to call it an early night & get back into a better frame of mind tomorrow. Goodnight, loves! #strong #strength #nevergiveup #keepgoing #staypositive #life #lifequotes #badday #tomorrowwillbebetter #speakpositivity #nothingchangesifnothingchanges #trustinhim #letgoandletgod #goodnight
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wllss_ : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
fightthedisease2014 : ❤️❤️❤️woo woo
inspire_motivate_encourage : #quote #quotes #instaquote #quoteoftheday
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'When your heart is pure & true, God has a way of making sure everything works out in your favor.' 💗💙💜 #Happy #Blessed #Grateful #BigHeart #TrustInHIM 🙏
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brooklynradio7 : Love the hair @melzlopez
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Stress and worry are a normal part of life; the question is…how should we deal with it? Join us tomorrow night for youth group at 6:30pm! 😨😥😎👍 #stressed #Godsplans #LifeHappens #TrustInHim
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He already has everything planned out for you! Put your life in his hands and all struggles will be solved if you trust in him! My god is NOT dead an he works in my life everyday and I'm so great full for such a forgiving and endless loving savior💕🙌❤ #trustinhim #jesuslovesyou
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instanoblety : God bless you!
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This verse hit straight in my heart when i first read it. I'm guilty of running away from prayer when it seems too hard or i'm not sure what to say. But we forget that he hears us in our silence, and we must pray our hardest when it is the hardest to pray! Wether you yell, speak casually, write it down, speak in your mind, or just weep, as long as you have a willing heart He will hear you. Don't underestimate His lobe and power 👌🙏🙌❤️ #prayer #speechless #haveawillingheart #hislove #stickitout #theisarainbow #aftereverystorm #andhisnameisJesus #trustinhim
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carolineejessiee : Love*
jenz_love : I read this last night!!! How good is
jenz_love : It*
noleensmith_ : God blessed me with this verse last night when I needed it the most and seeing it again this morning tells me just how important it is for me to know. Thanks for posting babe! God is incredible!!! ❤️❤️
sedraa : I love you version!
johnsedra : Haha^
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It's so easy for one to give up. Why take the easy route knowing it won't pay off! Accept the challenge of going all the way with God by your side. He will provide you with all that you need. #workhard #believehard #keepthefaith #Trustinhim #giveitalltohim #Dontgiveup
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bettybynature : Ill #keepfaith on you joining me at the gym today
mac_attacks : @bettybynature I'll keep the faith that ima do this homework 😂
bettybynature : I'll never let go jack I'll never let go
gizzzbell : What app is this?
gizzzbell : These are really good
mac_attacks : @bettybynature DEAD 😩😂
mac_attacks : @gizzzbell it's Joel olsteens app!! Yes I love them!!! They are so inspirational!
gizzzbell : Yes they are. Thank you for sharing!! 😀🙌
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"You don't need to be fearless, just be faithful!" This quote stuck with me from Sunday's great message about fear by @christinecaine, what's even more mind blowing is that in the past two days the topic of my daily devotional plan has exactly been that, FEAR. Being fearful is built into our human nature, we have fears about everything imaginable. Fears of our future finances, fears of failures, fears for our health and so on. But when our fears overcome us is the time we need to turn to Jesus and let our faith be exercised, because through Him nothing is impossible. "Confidence in God overrides fear. Yes, our circumstances are very real. But so are the promises of our God." #trustinHim #blessed #HillsongLA #dailydevo
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deemaultu : @jacquelinesutantio amen sister amen
imcelibelli : Amen!
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View from my Doctor office + quote I heard on @air1socal today. Feeling blessed and ready to face any news that may come my way. #christianlife #chronicpain #invisibleillness #havefaith #trustinhim
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These words ring true. Today more than ever.... Believe, and it will happen. :) #believe #faith #trustinhim #impossibleISpossible
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YES!! #jesus #followhim #trustinhim #calvarykendall #hillsongfamily
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#instawords #wordporn #wordsofwisdom #listen #personaldevelopment #believe #trustinhim
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In all things Trust in God for he holds our future! #trustinhim #DORKs
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Always have faith and trust in The Lord. He ALWAYS has a plan. Leave everything and I mean everything in his hands! I promise you'll be safe!🙏 #Godfirst #Lord #trustinhim #heistheway #Godisnotdead #hessurleyalive #heisrisen
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For all the single parents who refuse to settle for less! You should haven't to beg your child's father/mother to do their part. Trust in God & what they won't do he will! At the beginning and end of they day you need NO ONE but God❤️ #omnipotent #trustinhim #injesusname #singleparents #yournotalone #knowyourworth
knowyourworth - omnipotent - singleparents - injesusname - trustinhim - yournotalone -
4everrochelle4 : LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
brittduren12 : 👏👏👏👏
_nadiyahhhhh : Love this!!
ashl3ylaur3n : *have😁
hottlikeshayy : 👏👏👏
mom_of_boys_ : Love it
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He will always have something bigger and better than you could ever imagine. #KeepFaith #MyGodIsGreat #TrustInHim
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lizzymmommawraps6 : And sometimes it's so hard to b patient...ahhhh lol
princess_dollbaby : @lizzymmommawraps6 Amen, but worth it :)
lizzymmommawraps6 : Agreed 👍 @princess_dollbaby
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No matter what the day brings me.. Good or bad, I always know that God is by my side guiding me on the path He wants me to follow. #tbtbs #trustinhim #faith
faith - trustinhim - tbtbs -
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They always say that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers... I'm glad that He believes in me a lot more than I do at the moment but I'm very thankful for a God who is always there and believes in me, even when I'm not able too! #believeinHim #trustinHim #Hehasitundercontrol #havepatience #InstaSize
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#Jesus you are my keeper! #TrustInHim #BeAboutChrist
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I know one thing, if you would have told me 3 years ago I would be where I am today I would have laughed at you and walked away. The Lord works in ways we cannot possibly understand and we only begin to grasp it when we look back and see. It's tough at times but why worry? Just sit back trust in The Lord and love him with all you got, you'll be surprised and when he throws your way. #trustinhim
trustinhim -
dhoulio : Even 1 year for you bro, big change
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-Bryce Petty #DownButNeverOut #TrustInHim
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#Amen 🙌 #trustinhim 🙏
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#faith #TRUTH #trustinhim #holyspirt #Amen 🙏
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