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US AGAINST THE WORLD always taking care of me and my son I make this easy for me and you females who have nothing else to do but talk bout me with my BD #TRUELYBLESSED #πŸ™UP THATS ALL 😊
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Just one day, see the world through my eyes.....and you will understand the reason why I am the person I am. There's a reason why we are who we are, there's a story behind every person...so before you judge me try living my life for one day. πŸ‘Œ #TRUELYBLESSED #THANKFUL #staypositive #loyal #alwayshungry
alwayshungry - thankful - loyal - truelyblessed - staypositive -
cuneytunlu : U smashed it Dev. 😊
dev949 : @cuneytunlu always my brother πŸ‘Š
enispeltek : Waltham x πŸ˜‰
cuneytunlu : Love u boys πŸ˜‰
dev949 : @enispeltek that's where the magic happens @cuneytunlu love you to bro 😜
enispeltek : @cuneytunlu love ma bro X
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So thankful for the team I serve with and the pastors that are in my life and the prayer covering I am under. I know God is moving in huge miraculous ways and I just love that I get to be a part of it! Thank you and happy holidays ! @msmarinasoto @leese0710 @dmjack2 @gracewabuke @stephanichiriu @kellydupee @drjimreeve @margueritereeve #truelyblessed @go2faith #faithfamily
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mrz_konchiz : He does work in miraculous ways!! :) @prince_andthe_king I want one!!
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Love that the love of my life is so supportive of what I do . I am truly blessed #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #ink #inked #inked #inkedup #utah #utahink #utahtattoos #saltlake #saltlakeink #saltlakecity #saltlakecityink #saltlakecitytattoos #powercouple #tattooedcouple @brittanychristinexoxo #couples #blessed #truelyblessed #lovethiswoman
tattoos - lovethiswoman - ink - utah - blessed - couples - truelyblessed - saltlakecityink - saltlakecity - saltlakecitytattoos - utahink - tattooed - tattooedcouple - inkedup - tattoo - saltlake - inked - saltlakeink - powercouple - utahtattoos -
brittanychristinexoxo : ❀️❀️❀️ forever and always your biggest fan, babe. 😘
will_xx : Good stuff bro
missbakes420 : U guys r very cute together😊
janaefromtheblock : You two. 😍😍😘😘 @brittanychristinexoxo
bretjohnsontattoos : @will_xx thanks will !!!
bretjohnsontattoos : @janaefromtheblock photo credits go to janae!!
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He took me out to the German market in Chicago today and treated me to a beautiful dinner. He is so amazing! #myoneandonly #truelyblessed #love #lucky
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Happy 90th #Birthday GrandMa! It's a #Celebration Tonight. πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸ°πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ You are #TruelyBLESSED. Love you! 😘
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zenib_s : happy bday!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Happy 90th Birthday GrandMa! It's a #Celebration tonight. πŸŽπŸŽπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ’πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ You are #TruelyBLESSED Love you! 😘
truelyblessed - celebration -
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Stay positive...money is not everything...The feeling described in this picture is worth far more... I wish I could bottle this up and hand this to everyone, do not let society control who you really are. Set goals...see a clear path, have ambition and you will succeed. Most importantly, never look down on anybody no matter what they do! Always help them up. #truelyblessed #thankful #believe #staypositive #bepatient #yourtimewillcome
thankful - truelyblessed - yourtimewillcome - bepatient - believe - staypositive -
mehmet.8888 : All the way
66ssana : πŸ’œπŸ™
dev949 : That one was for you bro @mehmet.8888 πŸ‘Š lan nargile cok icme yarin icecez
mehmet.8888 : @dev949 Thank you bro - will do it tomorow aswell weekends not over bro
dev949 : @66ssana 😘 😘
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It doesn't matter the quantity of friends you have, just the quality πŸ’ž #truelyblessed
truelyblessed -
mjamison12 : ☺️☺️
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Flowers from my favourite man and a cosy night in with some wine in front of the tv #love #flowers #wine #truelyblessed #smallthings #sparkled #Christmas #boyfriend
boyfriend - love - sparkled - christmas - truelyblessed - flowers - smallthings - wine -
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Love. Joy. Family. ❀️ #truelyblessed #mylittlefamily #myloves #ilovemyboys #love #joy #family #EzekielZeal #mybaby #5monthsold #nicolettaphotography @gerrygarcia86
love - 5monthsold - family - joy - nicolettaphotography - truelyblessed - myloves - mylittlefamily - mybaby - ilovemyboys - ezekielzeal -
jceves88 : @monii_love such a cute picture
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Wow! What a truely amazing few days! Totally touched by the kindness of amazing friends! I work with awesome people! Lush gifts! πŸ’– 🎁 πŸ’– #spolit #emotional #truelyblessed #topnotchfriends #iworkwithamazingpeople
iworkwithamazingpeople - spolit - topnotchfriends - truelyblessed - emotional -
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BLESSED is the only word that describes my feelings when I think of my time with this little stud ...I've been teaching Gabe for about 5.5 years now...I've been lucky enough to not only watch him grow but be apart of the process ... From him hiding behind @jenjenperez01 legs the first time we met when he was 3.5, to every single child (and adult lol) afraid to spar with him..it's been an honor to watch him grow as a kid and a martial artists ....tonight was our last training session (😒)... I knew tonight would be tough but wow...over the years our families have become close and even though I know I'll see him regularly, it's tough to let my first student / lil mini me go...he held his tears back so I did the same ....until he left lol...Love you Gabe...you know I'll always be here for you ... Can't wait to continue to see you grow into lil man ... Don't forget me when you become a pro soccer player πŸ˜‰....#jeffmurraymma #ussd #boysforlife #ussdyorbalinda #hemightbesmall #buthewill #sleepyouwithhislefthand #lol #family #lovemyjob #evenduringthehardtimes #teachingthefuture #truelyblessed #loveyouGabe #senseijeff #willalwayshaveyourback
ussd - family - sleepyouwithhislefthand - ussdyorbalinda - truelyblessed - teachingthefuture - willalwayshaveyourback - hemightbesmall - senseijeff - evenduringthehardtimes - jeffmurraymma - buthewill - loveyougabe - lol - lovemyjob - boysforlife -
mrs.jem : Your ❀️ is what makes Jeff Murray @avatarjeff don't ever lose that! Your amazing lucky to call you my husband but also my friend
jessie.genadry : 😒 this made me tear up... Did he want to become more serious in soccer or something?
avatarjeff : @jessie.genadry yes he got picked up by a traveling team and is gonna be a lot busier , you'll still see him around the dojo when Christian is there , just not kicking and punching people all over the dojo lol...
jessie.genadry : Awe, I'll miss that little guy
ussdmommy : Wow so sad to see this awesome kid leave the dojo @avatarjeff but he'll be awesome at his love "soccer". Can't wait to hear all about his new stories of soccer @jenjenperez01 little man Gabe we will all miss seeing you at the dojo working out!!! Love you little man....always in our hearts at ussdyl @ussdyorbalinda Jeff you have done wonders with him in all aspects of his life! @avatarjeff 😘😘😘
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I could sit and look at this tree all night long! Man, God has blessed me in so many ways. I sit here and am in awe of how far I have grown in so many ways and it is all thanks to God. I can't believe I am a grown up with a wonderful husband, fabulously adorable puppies and cat, a beautiful home, and awesome family/friends!! #truelyblessed #lookatthistree #HEgetstheglory #thankfulfortheupsanddowns
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Having a bad day 😞 but ima smileπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ about it anywaysπŸ’― #truelyblessedβœ”βœ” #sonostress βœ”
sonostress - truelyblessed -
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This little girl i am holding in my arms is more than an inspiration. This 11, yes I mean 11 year old girl has touched my heart in more ways than one. If I keep her forever I would. The first day i met her I was having the worst day ever until the moment she crawled into my arms like she had known me for forever. I couldnt help the tears that came to my eyes. Who knew just by one simple hug someone could touch your heart forever. #TruelyBlessed #AngelFromAbove
angelfromabove - truelyblessed -
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Not many people get the opportunity to get a free dog, a free #Yorkie at that! But I've got amazing friends that know my heart is full of #love and can give this dog all the love and attention it needs. This is how he comes to lay by me practically making me rub his belly 😊 some say we find the dog we want and I say he found me when it was needed most in my life! #truelyblessed @paulaenation and thank you Allison
truelyblessed - love - yorkie -
_the_waves_ - gracnn - laney_millard14 - elias_vilchez_19 -
I go to work everyday and love what I do! #preschool #teacher #nanny #children #amazingchildren #awesomefamilies #truelyblessed
awesomefamilies - truelyblessed - nanny - amazingchildren - teacher - preschool - children -
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#COO #Truelyblessed
truelyblessed - coo -
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Throw back with my momma, the one that's always there for me, no matter how hard-headed I am, she is always here. Gracias padre dios 😁😊#truelyblessed #Tbt #notreally #justafewweeksago #loveumom #miprimeramor #InstaSize
justafewweeksago - truelyblessed - miprimeramor - notreally - tbt - loveumom - instasize -
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Just received this cute Christmas card in the mail 😊 @lauravillaruel & Ethan so cute thanks girl!!! #christmas #christmascard #thanks #cute #dog #wienerdog #mail #loveit #bestie #friendsforever #highschoolfriends #truelyblessed
cute - wienerdog - loveit - dog - friendsforever - truelyblessed - thanks - bestie - mail - highschoolfriends - christmascard - christmas -
lauravillaruel : I just mailed that! I'm glad it got there fast!
sandyle24 : Haha yea considering my wedding invitations took a week or more haha did you get my card?
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His smile brings the best out of me#truelyblessed😘
truelyblessed -
tlhokie : Soo cute bantu😍😍
m_tsholofelo : @tlhokie tnx babe😊
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I loved this very moment.... I wont ever forget it... #truelyblessed
truelyblessed -
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My baby passed out after a long day of being perfect just when I needed him most. I love watching him sleep. It reminds me of real love and how grateful I am. It takes some people a lifetime and for me only 22 years. #truelyblessed #mybaby #hubby #passedout #longday #loveofmylife #sleepingangel #someangelshavewings #minehastattoos
loveofmylife - passedout - someangelshavewings - longday - truelyblessed - mybaby - hubby - minehastattoos - sleepingangel -
danie_marie92 : Dawhhh I love it. #younglove #otherhalf I am so happy you have him with you everyday, your #sidekick he definitely seems to brighten your days sissy. #bestbrotherinlaw #heswelcomed #justanotheraddition to this #crazyfamily andddd you found a #perfectfit
per_sempre_e_un_giorno : Awww I love you! U made me tear up! Lol youre so sweet :) @danie_marie92
betty.pearson - danie_marie92 - its_jenn_rose - michelleann4789 -
Cookie making with the family was a success πŸŽ„πŸŽ…!! Thanks @hannah_banana2019 for decorating this for me β€οΈπŸŽ„ #familytimes #christmascookies #funtimes #truelyblessed
familytimes - funtimes - truelyblessed - christmascookies -
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Finally done with christmas gifts... #truelyblessed
truelyblessed -
spa_longevity : Very happy & blessed holidays to you and yours Sister Monica.β™‘
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When you find yourself chuckling at something she did weeks ago like it was yesterday. When you wonder what she's doing all day while your at work on a 12 hour shift. When you count down the minutes till you leave work so you can go home to eat dinner with her. When your face lights up the moment your eyes connect as she opens the door when she gets home from work. When she is your motivation and inspiration to be the absolute best version of yourself you can possibly be. When you find yourself doing these things people, hold on to it and never let it go for you have found true and unconditional love! #Itruelyamtheluckiestmanalive #PowerCouple #RomeoandJulietsLoveAintgotNuttinOnUs #TruelyBlessed #IWouldDieForThisWoman
itruelyamtheluckiestmanalive - powercouple - romeoandjulietsloveaintgotnuttinonus - truelyblessed - iwoulddieforthiswoman -
joydesiree745 : πŸ’–
joydesiree745 : Your wife is absolutely beautiful... I'm glad to see you so happy.
jdamascena : Awwww tears in the eyes!!!
stefrenea_mua : What I'm doing all day? Thinking of you 😘 love you!!
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Pimples just in time for ID badges...yea #pimplesanddimples #newjob #truelyblessed
pimplesanddimples - truelyblessed - newjob -
__mskeshj : Wait what?!?! New job?
lacyvicks : @__mskeshj don't believe me just watch πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
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Wake up early Mornings dis how im feelin #truelyblessed GoodMorning Insta
truelyblessed -
shijixih : nice @jimjimi1216
ashleyraye - n0rykko - vanessawilliem - hisprincessxoxo__ -
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