Cleaning Up About a month ago I got very unsatisfied about IG. My pictures got only about 5-10 like, no comments. I had a long talk to @tomelovesyou about that, that I was thinking about leaving cause of having no more fun with it. But he convinced me to stay. And I did. But I had to change something. I started with deleting so called "Ghostfollowers" with #IGExorcist, got rid of about 350 followers, that had not interacted with me the last 6 month. And yes, it hurts a little bit cutting down your followers, but only followers... no friends, no likers, no commentors... but that's what IG is about! Making new friends, liking pictures and maybe telling why you like it. After that I started deleting pictures in my stream, that had not that much interaction at all, but keeping the ones I had feelings with. And if you ever tried to delete a bunch of pictures in IG you know how painful this is, cause you are only able to delete pictures within IG and only one by one... So I used #statigram and #instadesk to tag pictures I wanted to delete with #trrrudidelete1234 searching them within the IG app and start deleting one by one... 745 pictures... took me about 5 days to complete, cause #instadesk allowes only 60 calls to API per hour, #statigram a little bit more I think. Also I started to clean up the ones I was following... If I had not liked a picture within the last 20 they posted I stopped following them, don't want to be a Ghostfollower too. Did this with #statigram, watching every single feed of the ones I was following. But on the other side I started following new people to get inspiration through their pictures. Liking their pictures and commenting on them. With some I started to talk a little bit outside of IG via #KIK (my handle is Valentinchen if you would like to chat a little bit) meeting really nice people. So I had started over again and now I'm more than satisfied with IG. Found nice friends, did some collaborations, got featured and learned a lot!!!
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trrrudi : @lfleischer yes that's true, sadly it's all about how many followers and the akward desire to hit the popular page!
trrrudi : @so_may danke und ich würde mich freuen wenn wir und mal austauschen vielleicht auch mal zusammen was kreieren. KIK, Skype, iMessage immer und überall erreichbar 😊
samwoodsiv : This is wonderful!
trrrudi : @sam_woods12 thank you!
trrrudi : #100likes #100likestrrrudi
trrrudi : #200likes #200likestrrrudi
nei.cruz : I hear you! I constantly delete images as I upload new ones. I never make to 100 images. I'm trying to. Btw, I love this image!
jwy76 : Beautiful!
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