My enemies trip when they see me drink a fifth of that hennessy #PourOutALilLiquor #ForMyBrotherRANDY #rip #MyTwin #Trippin4Life
mytwin - pouroutalilliquor - trippin4life - rip - formybrotherrandy -
who_am_i_916 : Dame sorry to hear about ur brother 😔 @ladyy_bugg916 I send my regards to u and ur family
gabrielleguerrero : Love you Lin. Hopefully I'll see you next week.
ladyy_bugg916 : @who_am_i_916 thanks bro ill tell my mama. Yea its so unreal im still in shock
ladyy_bugg916 : @gabrielleguerrero thanks cousin yu goin to the funeral right?
ladyy_bugg916 : Love yu too
beautyandthe_____blunt - _soniadavid - who_am_i_916 - __mssanchez -
#berlin #jtfo #vorbei #tvtower #3tagewach #normalinski #bruder #trippin4life #ostkreuz
krokodile - jtfo - normalinski - tvtower - berlin - trippin4life - 3tagewach - ostkreuz - vorbei - bruder -
illwill_26 : #normalinskybruder
awielukas : #whatareyoutalkingaboutman
mr.niceguy_11 : #krokodile @awielukas @illwill_26
illwill_26 : bryan whatchu talkin bout bra
mr.niceguy_11 : You know my paps from jamaica @illwill_26
illwill_26 : and my mom more from the canadian territory @mr.niceguy_11
lets__get__drunk : ♥
inlovewithmygirl28.10.14 - jan.trepohl - asil_akmols - kokinjin -
#Free young #fredo young hoes got my one & only son doin time on some lyin shit tho #lowlifes screaming #rape broke bitches get ya facts straight. #trippin4life bish #phuckyolife💯💯
lowlifes - trippin4life - rape - phuckyolife💯💯 - fredo - free -
mishe_peace34 : Fuck these fag ass hoes & these fuck boys staydown, #trippin4life @the_1_thatstaydown
mishe_peace34 - the_1_thatstaydown - clytinaboo - dineros_money_makn_mom -
Happy late birthday my nigga #freeloco #stilltrippin #trippin4life
trippin4life - stilltrippin - freeloco -
rockbzy08 : 💯 #freemyniggaheaintdoshit
rockbzy08 - diasnico300 - _denise41 -
😵🔫#funkseason #trippin4life #greenlightonyoubitchniggas #youllgetitonewayoranother #dontwatchmewatchyourbitch #karmasabitch #fuckwithimyoufuckwithme
fuckwithimyoufuckwithme - trippin4life - funkseason - karmasabitch - dontwatchmewatchyourbitch - greenlightonyoubitchniggas - youllgetitonewayoranother -
stickyyrick : Lil I'd why you mad
stickyyrick : I'm just sitting here smoking laughing my ass off
420loveandloyalty : @stickyyrick and im laughing at dumb fucks that go to jail for shooting a gun out a window
stickyyrick : Lol shit happens. Not mad
420loveandloyalty : @stickyyrick and your point isssssssss?? Idk why joeys fucks wit fake ass friends ima continue makin paper while you do that tracy shit
stickyyrick : Lol why you getting so worked up for?
420loveandloyalty : @stickyyrick cause i never liked you and pork and you niggas always got something to say like is you guys mad at life or naw???? Im sitting here enjoying myself worked up over some dope babies naw i got real problems to worry about .. my ig always makes you guys feel some typa way .. always running to joey reporting shit asking why was my post about you guys .. like stop it its not my fault you feel that way ask yourself why you mad.. so when i dumb fuck leaves a dumb comment ima respond cause im bored and having nothing to do. And its my page im duh
stickyyrick : Lol
californiabudz - tabitha14ilu - yahighneszbb - _jadethh -
We gonna stay tripping fo life man!!!!!! #trippin4life
trippin4life -
jrboyer_7_7_7 : @kingglomansampson nigga you never hit me up no more
kingglomansampson : My fault nigga been busy witt stuff @jrboyer_7_7_7
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Hell yea same with me man but always remember bruh fo life nigga @kingglomansampson
kingglomansampson : Forsure man i miss your ass no homo!@jrboyer_7_7_7
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Nahh you straight dog but ya bruh I miss yo ass nigga no homo!!!! @kingglomansampson
kingglomansampson : @jrboyer_7_7_7 we gone have to get together eventually homie!
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Hell yea I'm fixin to get my ged!!!! Get my licence an shit come see yo bruh
jrboyer_7_7_7 : @kingglomansampson
l0wd3d - torturous_torri - kingglomansampson -
Niggas don't understand to lose one of their right hand men, RELLY movement to the end #RipGabby #JUSTICEFORGABBY #vampininsac #trippin4life
vampininsac - ripgabby - trippin4life - justiceforgabby -
miissyylovee - gorgeous916 - baby.face_420 -
If I eat you real ones get a plate #cntfunkbroke #trippin4life
cntfunkbroke - trippin4life -
gucciano : Send the address lol
rissawuzhere : Niggas is eating now!!! I see you ! 😂😂😂
monkkeyyy1000 - kizzlebefoyou - myjesuspeace - big_body_hottie -
No querer tener matemáticas descripción gráfica... JAJAJAJAJA 38 semanas con ustedes cabrones y ya son parte de mi familia alchicle #mathclass #shithappens #trippin4life #trippinlikeoldschool #bloqueandopuerta #tranqui
mathclass - trippin4life - shithappens - tranqui - trippinlikeoldschool - bloqueandopuerta -
mariozarateb : #posleagarrolasnalgas a beto
villanueva398 - gerardoguerra_ - diegomaldonado05 - kikep10 -
Todo lo bueno llega cuando tiene que llegar #risenshine #sweethome #trippin4life
sweethome - risenshine - trippin4life -
barbaralg : Siempre es bueno verte, te amo amiga , ánimo ! Te va a ir bien cool
a.temp.oral : Graaacias chiquita, Te amo amigaa
barbaralg - thaevicious - canini -
Zombiee #zombie #killer #kermese #trippinlikeoldschool #trippin4life #scaringpepole
zombie - kermese - trippin4life - scaringpepole - killer - trippinlikeoldschool -
mariana.rioss - fersantos086 - grecials - vicoleal -
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