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martin_the_martian_ : Stop stealing from stands out here nigga
_breraquel_ : AHhahahahahahhajH I swear I wasn't lmfao @martin_the_martian_ love u be careful
martin_the_martian_ : Dam liar ahha n tell me why I was lookin at the one girl booty the whole time aha all well tho but I'm alwAys careful
_breraquel_ : Lmfao fr I wasn't lol @martin_the_martian_ yeah she cakey huh? Lol
martin_the_martian_ : Ahha yea she was ahha I told my friends like hold up I gotta scope this real fast ahha
becca_g_staybeastin : Fuck moosh
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We gonna stay tripping fo life man!!!!!! #trippin4life
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jrboyer_7_7_7 : @kingglomansampson nigga you never hit me up no more
kingglomansampson : My fault nigga been busy witt stuff @jrboyer_7_7_7
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Hell yea same with me man but always remember bruh fo life nigga @kingglomansampson
kingglomansampson : Forsure man i miss your ass no homo!@jrboyer_7_7_7
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Nahh you straight dog but ya bruh I miss yo ass nigga no homo!!!! @kingglomansampson
kingglomansampson : @jrboyer_7_7_7 we gone have to get together eventually homie!
jrboyer_7_7_7 : Hell yea I'm fixin to get my ged!!!! Get my licence an shit come see yo bruh
jrboyer_7_7_7 : @kingglomansampson
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If I eat you eat..my real ones get a plate #cntfunkbroke #trippin4life
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gucciano : Send the address lol
rissawuzhere : Niggas is eating now!!! I see you ! 😂😂😂
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Todo lo bueno llega cuando tiene que llegar #risenshine #sweethome #trippin4life
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barbaralg : Siempre es bueno verte, te amo amiga , ánimo ! Te va a ir bien cool
a.temp.oral : Graaacias chiquita, Te amo amigaa
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Gone #trippin4life
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a.temp.oral : Que mas quisiera, pero no babes, voy a encontrarme con el diablo en este viaje jujuj
barbaralg : @lunaticc4 have fun 💟
a.temp.oral : @barbaralg tu tmb bebee ya me dijeron que vas a mi cashita a embriagartee, t amo :*
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Wishin for some jellyfishin🐙🐙🐙🐙 lol #mydrawing #hadtoframeit #lookslikeghosts #pinkandgreen #shootingstars #jellyobsession #wishforajellyfish #lmfao
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sirvanwoody1st : Lol thanks😊 yeah I know, I cried the whole time I was colored it..... Haha #trippin4life @saydeesynn
saydeesynn : Love it* lol heck yeah! Sirvanwoody1st you need to come see me I live in red hill now lol
saydeesynn : @sirvanwoody1st
sirvanwoody1st : * coloring. And I know!!!:D I miss you tremendously😢 lol that's awesome! I would if I wasn't livin in Florida:(:(:(
sirvanwoody1st : @saydeesynn
saydeesynn : Awe dang lol but hey Florida is awesome that's where I was born lol. :)) miss u
sirvanwoody1st : That's why i moved here:) I figured since you were so awesome, than I could be awesome like:):) haha #floridaawesomnessdisease
sirvanwoody1st : * like you
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