Here's another #tripleBrooks from Alabama at the Smith #familyreunion (my mom's family). I had a great time awkwardly pretending that I remembered everyone's name!
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earth2brux : In case I wasn't clear, all three of us in this picture are named Brooks :P
haley_hurst : That baby is adorable!
jus108r : Hahaha yeah sorry I didn't go :(
iam_2_funny : Lol what you went?!?!?! Ugh the one years there's actually someone other than 70 years old and we aren't there @jus108r
jus108r : OMG wow lol @iam_2_funny very true
iazeros : beautiful
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Senior Year Football RB/QB/WR/SS/CB/KR/PR #throwbackthursday #beastmode #oakley #bluevisor #21 #triplebrooks #chiefs #fuckwitme
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j_meat : gamey at practice lol
jayknoxx21 : #footballcamp
dom_______p : Triple brooks Are gamey!!!
diamondlane_wayne : damn thats ill where's u get that tape idea from wit the trips & a gamey visit just not orange gamey??!
diamondlane_wayne : visor**
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