New blog. http://bit.ly/1pfYbeG πŸ‘Š #trich #trichotillomania
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crucialxdemeanor : What website are u blogging on
ms_legsmcgee : You can put the link in your profile, makes it easy to click on!
pdxali : @crucialxdemeanor Blogger.com
pdxali : @ms_legsmcgee I may do that eventually. πŸ‘
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Moved onto my eyebrows. First time in forever that I have ended up with bald spots in them. Luckily it's easily covered up. #trichotillomania #trich #greeneyes
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I swear my house has the worst lighting. I don't usually post pictures of me without makeup but here's a "before" picture. I figure I should probably take one so I can see how far I've come as I try to beat #trichotillomania. Mine mainly causes me to pull my eyelashes and eyebrows. So here's to being pull free! #trich #beattrich #before #beattrichotillomania
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I'm for real trying to grow my hair out this time, so I guess @thatonebaldgirl doesn't really make sense as my @ anymore. Which kinda makes me sad, but it's no longer fitting. Wish me luck! #change #baldgirls #trich #trichotillomania #bald #selfie #name #hairpulling #growth #loser #dumbhashtags #whatever
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reallyraquel : Aw good luck:))
missingno_theory : I need ideas! SOS
jpooewyell : .... hmmm this is a thoughy....
bella2014 : @thatonegirlwithsuperlonghealthyhair . Now, admittedly, that is rather long but whatcha gonna do....
cannonjay : @thatonebaldgirl you have intense eyes girl beautiful x
elite_phoenix : Good luck! And by the way, the beard is here, so we can talk. Lol
trichgirlxo : Good luck!!! ❀️❀️❀️
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Yes :,( #trichotillomania#trich#tichster#anxiety#pain
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❁ make this go away. #trichotillomania #trich #trichster #tlc
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whatifitispossible : πŸ’šπŸ’š @trichotillomania_awareness
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#ASAP make it #happencaptain #gangagang #girlswhotoke #bitchimblunt #bipolardisorder yeah I #selfmedicate #sueme #weedgram #trich #anxiety #depression #medication #highsociety #superhighme #imhuman #itworks4me
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So my baby brother wanted to hold my hand on the way to the park πŸ˜„ #baby #brother #hold #hands #on #way #to #park #r4r #recent4recent #roadtrip #trich #trichster #trichotillomania #instasize #sunny #l4l #like4like #f4f #follow4follow
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Who needs eyebrows right #trichotillomania #trich #bald #voldemort #selfie
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atefednf : Me :'(
sarahkemball : If it's good enough for Whoopie Goldberg it's good enough for me x
hunterjames013 : Whoopie looks amazing without brows and so do you ☺️
est513 : You beautiful. I too have trich
est513 : Your*
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Just finished this. It's simple but I love. I plan to beat trichotillomania this time! #beattrichotillomania #trichotillomania #trich #planner #plannernerd #planneraddict @projectlife
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letter_love : I hope it works as a great motivation tool for you πŸ‘Š
neverland.awaits : Thank you!!
neverland.awaits : I've made it a month before. So I'm determined to make it longer
est513 : I am not alone.
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This has been me for 10 years. I've been bullied because of it. I don't care anymore. #hairloss #ttm #trich #beauty #me
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This is probably the best I've done so far in regards to not pulling/cutting. The hair is finally growing back. And my skin is, at least, healing. Posting this here as a reminder to myself: it's getting better! Don't go backwards.
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mywolfsoul : #trich #trichotillomania #anxiety #anxietydisorder #mentalhealth #positive #hope #progress #healing
trichgirlxo : I have trich too!
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Airbrush tattoo #ana #anxiety #anorexia #blithe #bully #bullying #bulimia #mia #cut #cutting #depressed #depression #eatingdisorder #help #lovato #demi #love #suicidal #suicide #selfharmmm #scars #yay #trich #relapse #recovery #trichotillomania
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I'm sooo tired, only slept an 1&1/2 hrs #voodoo #dolls I have some #talents y'all ain't know bout #triggers #bipolarbrain #bipolarthoughts #itsatrichylife #anxiety #imquiet4areason #bipolardisorder #mpd #did #imnotmyself #offmymeds #latuda #imasurvivor #suicidesurvivor #itgetsbetter #trich #depression I get mad then she gets even #alter #bpd #yeahimsilly #weird #manic #dontpanic
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More #Chemdawg #macro #upclose #trich-town #bombsmoke #beautiful #naturallight #nofilter
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#100happydays #day98 I have never been so proud of myself. #trich #trichotillomania #pullfree #lashes #eyelashes #curl #mascara #naturallashes #nofalsies
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itsjillianclark : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
trichgirlxo : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’—
pdxali : Amazing! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Goooooood moooorning #ImAlive thank you for another day, #RoadTrip #FamilyLife #highsociety #high_larry_us #atl #highlyfavored #highlymedicated #imasurvivor #imoffmymeds #suicidesurvivor #bipolardisorder #mpd #anxiety #trich #itsatrichylife #itgetsbetter #InRecovery
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alwaysatmybest43 : A beautiful sight healthy on the eyes and relaxing on the soul. Enjoy
spicielady : Yessssss thanx hunni bun @alwaysatmybest43
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Sorry for being inactive but look how cute #ana #anxiety #anorexia #blithe #bully #bullying #bulimia #mia #cut #cutting #depressed #depression #eatingdisorder #help #lovato #demi #love #suicidal #suicide #selfharmmm #scars #yay #recovery #relapse #trich #trichotillomania
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Looking rough this morning but idc :) Good morning loves β™‘β™‘β™‘ #trichster #trichotillomania #trich #baldisbeautiful #baldgirlsclub #selfie #nomakeup #goodmorning #tattoo #girlswithtattoos
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#dms #slideinyourdmslike #happy #alopecia #depression #funny #animals #ugly #beautiful #hairloss #trichotillomania #trich #true #love
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samantha.harris : You're amazing
meagannnaliseee : @samantha.harris and so are you!
chloe.denver : Do u remember me of vine πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
meagannnaliseee : @chloe.denver hi! yes!
chloe.denver : haha hey!
jamaicanpattlez : #CasuallySlidingIntoDMs
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someone sent me this DM on vine. i'm both flattered and disappointed by the fact that people think i'm an inspiration all because i showed the public what i look like without hair and makeup. society is ugly. you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. unless you're an asshole. then you should be ashamed. seriously though, it bothers me that being ashamed of your beauty is the norm. #vine #happy #amazing #beautiful #iambeautiful #trich #trichotillomania #alopecia #hairloss
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chelsea_lynn14 : Couldn't agree more!
trichgirlxo : I suffer from trich!
meagannnaliseee : @trichgirlxo suffering is optional 😊
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Best picture I have of it#industrial #piercedmofo #pierced #piercing #hellaya #girlwithmods #mod #bodymod #happy #content #trich #aha #expensive #piercer #apprenticeship #surprise #80bucks
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svntale : (-:
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Guys I'm gonna tell you all something extremely personal so I hope you can handle itπŸ˜‚ I know a lot of people are gonna think I'm really fucked up or something but I need to tell someone. For the past four years of my life, I've actually struggled with 4 different disorders. 1. ADHD. I was diagnosed at the age of 10 and ever since, I've been taking really annoying pills and treatment and shit ewπŸ˜‚ 2. OCD. Although this may seem really strange since I'm super disorganized, I do have it. A common misconception about this disorder is that people with OCD must clean and whatnot. However, this is not my case. I actually have to do things in a certain order and I have to make sure I do certain things. I'm not gonna talk about this for a long time but I'll I'm gonna say is that it's been kinda tough but I'm dealing with it☺️ 3. Depression. OKAY OKAY so I know that a lot of accounts on ig are like these dark accounts and I get it. Luckily, I got over it last spring. Sadly, I had used a very bad coping method. Now, lots of people cut, but I do something a bit different. The next thing I am going to talk about has probably been the worst for me and it is kinda embarrassing. I have spent nights bawling my eyes out over this because it's very addicting and I can't stop. I'll just get right to it. 4. Trichitillomania. Okay so this is a thing that comes with OCD. I'm gonna be honest, I'm tearing up right now writing this just because it has been such a hard thing I've dealt with. Basically, trich is a disorder where you (UGH THIS IS HARD JUST WRITING DAMN) pull out your hair. ASDFGHJKL this is really hard and I'm sorry. It sounds like something really damn fucking stupid and I know it kinda is. But not gonna go into detail. If you wanna find more out, look it up. I'm seriously begging you not to comment, "Ew wtf you pull out your eyelashes what a freak" or "Alien" or "Disgusting" because I've already heard it all. There is nothing you can say that I haven't already heard. I'm telling you guys because I HAVE GREAT NEWS! I haven't pulled out a single eyelash in over 2 MONTHS!(: they're growing back like crazy! (More in comments if you care)
lisaxlbt : @reicai aw thank youπŸ’œ
mnmpurple : Congrats on the road to recovery!! I hope you the best
xx_emmahammell_xx : Well done!! I have no idea who you are but you just made my day (well night but...) congratulations, you're so strong, don't let anyone get you down, don't believe anything bad that comes out of anyone's mouths (or fingers if it's online) keep fighting the temptations (if they're there, I'm not sure if you get temptations but...) well done!!!
lisaxlbt : @mnmpurple @xx_emmahammell_xx thank youuπŸ’™
lillyidavis : If anyone says anything bad to you, they're just being stupid. They do it to make you feel bad, and the sooner you get over them and don't care (like not pretending to not care, but actually not caring) you'll have a much easier life. I'm not trying to sound tough so if you like, are offended I'm sorry I'm not trying to be rude. But ever since I was little, I just didn't really give a crap if someone called me a name because (1) they don't understand anything about me, they don't even know how I act or anything, so if they commented Something stupid like that I'm a bitch, then it's just like, "What are you talking about, we haven't even had a conversion! (2) they sometimes are jealous! This may apply to other things I life for you because I don't really think this applies to this certain situation. But if someone calls you a name, or attempts to bully you, it's just like, thanks for going out of your way just to say something mean. Like they LITERALLY go out of your way to talk to (well talk at) you. It's like, you care about me that much to do that, oh thanks. (This is how I think about it and it seems to work with me) (3) they are having troubles in their lives and get higher self esteem by lowering yours. Please don't let them steal your self esteem. After a while you learn how to just say whatever.
lillyidavis : (There's a couple parts, instagram wouldn't let me post one long one) You have these disorders and your very brave to post something like this, so kudos to you. All those people who call you names are literally stupid, immature, little cockroaches who don't deserve a lick of respect. Do you think normal adults in the world act this way? No. Even shouldn't even think it, but if they do, it should definitely not be said aloud. So if any stupid little cockroaches call you an alien or a freak, you'll squish them if you actually don't care. Then they'll leave you alone. By the way this is really long, sorry, but I'm like so proud if this omg. Sorry if this didn't help, but I hope if someone else sees it, they'll be helped. Thank you, and dm me if anything went bad, we're here to help you. And we're proud of you for being so brave and sharing something this personal. Again, we're here for you, your not alone. You have a whole army of instagram fans to back you up! Have a nice day 😊
lillyidavis : Again sorry if this is too long ^
lillyidavis : Oh and congratulations! 2 months is a long time
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Dear @beckie0 , I recently started watching your channel and I heard about your struggles with trichotillomania (I hope I spelled it right!) I've never heard of it before until I watched your videos about it. I've struggled with anxiety, OCD and depression my whole life, it isn't easy. None of it is. But I'm all about raising awareness about things like this. So many people over look it cause "you can just stop it" but it's never so easy. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story on YouTube cause I would have never learned about it. It's safe to say that hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people are better informed and have a better understanding and can even help a friend who is struggling. Love your stuff keep it up! #art #sketch #pencil #trich
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trickytrich : Wow beautiful picture!
draw_itall -
We all have struggles & I've conquered mine yet again! So proud of myself 😊 #Trich #IWin
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chris_to_the_pink : Those eyes...
chris_to_the_pink : Completely gorgeous :)
h_grable23 : Proud of you boo boo 😊
sidmcneely : Thanks babe 😊 @h_grable23
redlaver : I love you sweetness. You are the bravest woman I know. So proud for and of you @sidmcneely
vic_wills : boootyful πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
jnetteh : Yes you have πŸ˜‰!
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#trich #scene #sceneboys #scenegirl #emo #emoboys #kik #music #considermedead #biggirl #love #ohio #country #instalikes #inspire
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❁ trichotillomania sucks. #trichotillomania #trich #trichster #tlc
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whatifitispossible : I know πŸ’š it dies, but you are a fighter, don't stop fighting, ever, us trichsters will make it!!! 😘 #keepstrong #youarenotalone @trichotillomania_awareness
millierosegreen : is sucks, but we're fighters and we'll all kick trich's butt!!
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My hair has actually filled in a lot. My hair was purple but I only have a little purple left because I pulled most of it. The top used to be just one big bald spot but luckily, I've been pull-free for the most part the past couple weeks. If any of you guys ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. You can reach me on my personal by dm @sleepwalkingmars or kik @ yoyoloves. I know what it's like to feel like you have no one, so I'd like to be there so you know you do have someone. #trich #trichster #trichawareness #trichotillomania #stoptrich Remember, you're amazing, just the way you are
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Photo cred to whoever had this. #trichotillomania#trich#trichster#trichawareness#stoptrich#hairpulling Remember,you're amazing, just the way you are πŸ’•β€πŸ˜‹πŸŽΆ
trichotillomania - trich - trichawareness - stoptrich - trichster - hairpulling -
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Recently cut my hair so it wouldn't be too much to handle. Still some gaps but you can't tell. ☺️
trichotillomania - trich -
trichotillostrong : #trichotillomania #trich
trichgirlxo : Wish I could get my hair to this length! Shaved it a week ago!
trichotillostrong : @trichgirlxo Omg wish I could shave my hair & start over! I'd rather be bald honestly. I don't have a special way I growing, I just take it day by day I guess. It's all about time ☺️
trichgirlxo : #staystrong πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
trichgirlxo : Yeah me too sometimes bc I hate wigs! :(
atrichsterproduction - __goats -
When I have those ridiculously terrible days, I make a little video before I go to bed about what happened to let everything out etc. I'm watching one of them now & I see my progress. It's kinda funny too lol
trichotillomania - trich -
trichotillostrong : #trichotillomania #trich
QUESTION for people with shaved heads--do you find yourself constantly rubbing/picking at your scalp?? My hands are always rubbing my head looking for imperfections/bumps in the skin and its scaring me cuz maybe i have the beginnings of #dermotillomania? I mean i have always pick at my lips and scabs but that i am starting to pick my scalp is scaring me!! #trichotillomania #trich #baldyprobs
trichotillomania - dermotillomania - baldyprobs - trich -
trichgirlxo : I don't have dermatillomania but I always touch my hair cause it's shaved. How many days/wks since u cut it??
itsjillianclark : I have the shaved head, I'm pull free but I touch my head a lot and look for dandruff. But it's nowhere near dermatillomania. However if you're worried about developing it, id go ahead and try your best to keep your hands off your head :) ❀️
atrichsterproduction : I cut it like first week of june
atrichsterproduction : @trichgirlxo
trichgirlxo : Awesome. Cut mine July 15th
atrichsterproduction : Okay thanks ❀️@itsjillianclark i just wanted to make sure that this is normal because when my OCD cannot channel itself in one way it chooses other ways in which to channel itself and ya i was just overreacting probably
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Sometimes I need to remind myself that's it's okay to take a break. Even to stop & smell the flowers. #trich
trich -
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