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#justme #me #meg #megan #girl #woman #wig #trich #trichotillomania
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Low self esteem plus missing my long hair meant it was a wig kinda day #me #meg #megan #wig #justme #girl #woman #trich #trichotillomania
me - wig - meg - woman - trichotillomania - justme - megan - trich - girl -
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Bedtime.. Back to reality. Had a low day today but hoping that setting up this account will get me somewhere!πŸ’ͺ #trichotillomania #trich #trichster #ttm #nomakeup
nomakeup - trichotillomania - ttm - trich - trichster -
therosegypsy -
To my fellow trichsters: I just bought these lovely Chinese balls that are really helpful for trich. You roll them around in one of your hands, and it's a lovely smooth feeling that's really good for keeping your hands occupied. They also make a beautiful sound. There's little bells inside of them, one slightly higher than the other, so when you roll them around the noise is really soothing as well. I highly recommend them as a way to keep your hands busy!I certainly need them right now, as I'm really struggling with trich right now. :/ #trichotillomania
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juliadiaries : #trich #ttm #trichotillomania #trichfighter #trichtip #vscocam #vsco #chineseballs #dragon #phoenix #afterlight #blackandwhite #copingskills #recovery #mentalillness #mentalhealth
jenconverso : Keep fighting warrior πŸ’•βœ¨
juliadiaries : @jenconverso thank you love πŸ’›
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I just want to say thank you to my bestest friend.. correction 'sister'. She has been there every and any time I need a shoulder to cry on or to support me through my worst #trich days. ily with all my heart!! πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™
trich -
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tonight i had one of the biggest tantrums of my life! it was like a scene from a movie. i grabbed my hair and chopped it off in chunks! BUT, finally. Finally, i am happy to say i have very short but BRUSHABLE hair! fuming & distraught being very underestimated words btw, i now have to wait another few years before having the long locks i yearn for... hope you're happy life! #hairproblems #yearsofgrowth #ruined #cut #short #trichotillomania #trich #longhairgoals p.s i don't give a shit what this post brings about, because i just did one of the very things i really didn't want to! couldn't be more sad/happy x
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saulartphoto : You're gorgeous no matter how much hair you do or don't have. I've been really bad pulling my lashes recently 😒
vickylikesbows : aw thank you so much @saulartphoto i hope it calms down or stops soon! i figured my pulling gets worse when i can't brush my hair! πŸ”« x
trich_and_me : Good for you! Do what makes you happy❀❀❀
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@tboogiehoops Got some shots up and a solid pool workout before his game. LET 'EM HATE! #TrentonRichardson #TBoogie #TRich #EatGreedy #PoolWork #CoreWork #ResistanceBands #EatGreedy #HighSchoolBasketball #CollegeBasketball #FortWorth #TexasBasketball #TeamRyanBennett #RespectMyGrind #HoopGod
eatorgetate - tboogie - teamryanbennett - texasbasketball - highschoolbasketball - eatgreedy - fortworth - respectmygrind - trich - corework - trentonrichardson - poolwork - resistancebands - hoopgod - collegebasketball -
illwillnilljay : You had my boy doing pool workouts on a game day lol @worldrb lemme know how that went for him
worldrb : @illwillnilljay light not to heavy... Jumps, sit-ups, sprints, back pedals and defensive slides #EatOrGetAte lol you know bro
worldrb : @illwillnilljay he had 21 bro
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Days pull free: 12☺️☺️ { #trich #trichotillomania }
trichotillomania - trich -
lashtric1980 : Woo....your lashes are looking great! Well done....almost 2 whole weeks! πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
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Haleigh has enough hair for pigtails again!!! May not seem like a big deal to anyone but it's HUGE for me, Haleigh, and anyone with #trichotillomania !! It's growing so good. #trich #trichster #itstrichy
itstrichy - trichotillomania - trich - trichster -
lah728 : this is so amazing!!!
kimberly_ann_rogers : It sure is!! One proud mama right now.
trichreallysucks : Amazing progress!!! Such a milestone!!!
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Back in summer.. My eyelashes actually grewπŸ˜” want to get back to this!! #TTM #trich #trichster #Trichotillomania #eyebrows #eyelashes #realeyelashes #makeup #aim #goal
eyebrows - eyelashes - makeup - goal - ttm - trichster - aim - trichotillomania - trich - realeyelashes -
trichotillomania_c -
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trichster_17 : Don't let them in, don't let them see.. Everyday I hide behind a mountain of eyeliner and eyebrow pencil, wish I didn't do this to myself but I can't stopπŸ˜” #Trichotillomania #trich #trichster #TTM #eyebrows #eyelashes #makeup #eyeliner #eyebrowpencil
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This line didn't relate when I first heard it, but now that I see it out of context it reminded me a bit of trich. #trichster #trichotillomania #trich #orphanblack #cloneclub #helena
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Today goes to the beautiful people who are a constant support in my life. Whether they know it or not, over the past year they've done something to shape me into who I am today. Some have shared their deepest secrets with me, showing me I'm not alone. Others have listened to me complain, whine, cry and yell about life. They're all the most selfless people I know, consistently putting others needs in front of their own.They've all shown me what true strength is and how to be strong for myself. They've brought me out of my depression shell and back into life. I can't thank you all enough for being there for me. I am one lucky girl! Let's make 2015 our bitch #happythursday #recovery #friends #love #laughs #smile #support #trich
love - recovery - support - laughs - trich - smile - friends - happythursday -
trichsterinrecovery : @lexiebee714 stay beautiful and have a blessed day πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
laurchriss : Love you col! You're such an inspiration. You remind me to be strong in my OWN struggles ❀️
rawrdana : You aren't supposed to make pregnant people cry! Jeez!! Lol I love you so much
laurchriss : Plus yous is sexyπŸ’
trichsterinrecovery : We beat our struggles together! And we sexayyyy 😜 @laurchriss I love you too @rawrdana !!! As long as they're tears of joy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ you ladies have lovely days just like you
cescalinaxo : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
pictureframe20 : We make each other stronger ♥️♥️
trichsterinrecovery : Stronger than yesterday πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ @pictureframe20 @cescalinaxo you beauties have a splendiferous day
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Morning trichs
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whisper710 : #trich #marijuana #medicalmarijuana #highlife #ganjagirls
messymarie24 : Delicious
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Okay, I was looking through old selfies and I found some that really inspired me... 1. June 2014, making no attempt whatsoever to stop pulling. 2. October 2014, had been shaving my head about every 2 weeks for a month and a half. 3. January 3rd, 2015, tried growing out my hair. Had a few setbacks. Shaved it that night. Made a New Years resolution to stop pulling by 2016. 4. Today, January 28, 2015, I have pulled less in the last 25 days than I did any average day in the last 10 years. Limiting myself to 5 hairs max, I've probably pulled out about 15 hairs total. Ana average day when I didn't stop myself I probably would have pulled over 200 hairs. Yeah, you have setbacks. Your hair might not look as good as it did 3 months ago. Hell, it might never grow back. But it probably will. Keep it up, trichsters. You got this. #trich #trichotillomania
trichotillomania - trich -
beyond_trich : This is really inspiring ☺️ Thank your for sharing!
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10 days taking biotin and b-complex, 25 days (mostly) pull-free. I allow myself up to 5 hairs a day if it's stressing me out. Still a big improvement from 100+ hairs per day. The first picture was 10 days ago when I started the vitamins. #trich #trichotillomania
trichotillomania - trich -
brookepearce95 -
I feel like I haven't written a #trichotillomania post in a while. Honestly it's because I have been pretty pull free-- yippee! A few of you have emailed me and asked how I am doing it so I thought I'd share my top 5 beliefs as to why I am overcoming this disorder. 1. My faith in God. He is in control and realizing that has caused me to worry less and pray more. 2. My support systems- Ryan, my family and friends. 3. "Coming out" about this disorder on social media. I have gained support from people I already knew, but also gained the support of so many others who struggle too! @cathrinetaylor you're my total inspiration. 4. Anti anxiety/ depression medication-- a little happy pill never hurts. I don't sweat the small stuff as much any more and am so willing to let things go! 5. Exercise-- if you feel good about yourself-- it makes a world of difference!// I hope these tips help others struggling. The picture on the left is from 10/15/14 and the one on the right was taken 1/24/15. If I can do it- so can you! #trich #hairpulling
trichotillomania - hairpulling - trich -
joannatsummers : Yeah! !!! Both of you look great!
lydiadorsey : You are an inspiration! πŸ’ͺ
pattyleepark : You are absolutely adorable!!
ohkarley : @audreylpark thank you and thank you for coming to visit me today πŸ’•
ohkarley : @therealericar ☺️☺️☺️ @charityyy_m thanks charity!!! You continue to inspire me daily!
ohkarley : @cathrinetaylor we are rocking it for sure!!! @joannatsummers your sister is absolutely incredible but I'm sure you know that 😘
ohkarley : @lydiadorsey thanks Lydia!!! I'm just a work in progress! always will be ❀️!
ohkarley : @pattyleepark thank you Patty! I got to see your adorable daughter today and naturally it made me miss hearing all her stories about how much she loves you! I hope you're doing great!
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To me being fierce isn't about being feared or scary. Being fierce is having the courage to move forward through crappy situations. It's wanting to inspire people at all costs. Being fierce is believing that tomorrow is a new day and having faith that your dreams will be a reality. Fierce describes me perfectly because I refuse to give up. Goodnight IG! πŸ˜ŠπŸ”‘πŸ’œ #fierce #thegivingkeys #faith #inspire #dream #courage #trich #trichotillomania #trichlife #support #advice #love #happiness
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Hey everyone :) I have missed you all! Its bubble bath time! This soap is all natutal and I love it. I can feel the essential oils working their magic on my skin right there in the bath!! So I have been MIA for the past week or so because I have just been stuck in my own head :/ It's a crazy place in there right now! This week I have experienced all sorts of stress, all sorts of excitement, even got the butterflies for the first time in forever. I discovered a new hobby, coloring :) I made amends with a close friend, and re-evaluated some other relationships. I even worked on putting together some informational videos for you all! A new blog is in the works, and loads of new ideas for Instagram posts :) I'm happy to be back, also very happy with the successes I have seen from you all lately! Stay tuned, stay strong. ❀ #trich#trichster#trichotillomania#trichy#kickthetrich#hairpullingdisorder #allnatural#bathtime#thinkingtime#relax#stressless#missedyouall#staystrong
bathtime - trich - relax - staystrong - trichster - stressless - hairpullingdisorder - trichotillomania - missedyouall - kickthetrich - allnatural - trichy - thinkingtime -
kickthetrich : @elements721 I got it today at sprouts! I loveee it! Smells so good too! The coconut ia nice and subtle. Strongly scented coconut body products make me so nauseous, but this is just the right amount!
trichsterinrecovery : I saw a coloring book "for adults" that looks perfect! Look up Art Therapy. It's intricate animal drawings so it occupies your time and mind. I think you can find it at Walmart or Barnes and Noble 😊 can't wait for the videos!
kickthetrich : I will definitely look it up! The book I have is from a cool company here in Texas called Whole Earth Provisions. When I'm done with the one I'm working on I'll post it! I have found it to be very relaxing, so I now see the validity in art therapy! @trichsterinrecovery Welcome to the #trichster community, by the way βœ‹β€
trichsterinrecovery : Do they have a website?! I'm in NJ otherwise I'd check the store out πŸ˜‚ thanks girl! I've been following you on my main account for a little while now and finally made a separate trich account. You're such an inspiration! πŸ’œ
kickthetrich : Hmm, possibly! Look it up! What is your main account? I thought you looked kind of familiar! Thank you 😘 I'm humbled that you think that! ❀
trichsterinrecovery : @colleenkitty 😊 I will! And girl just keep up the good work and positivity!
kickthetrich : @trichsterinrecovery makes so much sense now! I knew I had seen your face!
carolcreid : OMG I LOVE that stuff! I have a bottle in every bathroom so I can have it in any tub or shower in the house!
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Guys I just finished Trials and Tribulations. I am so emotional. Literally that fanfic gave me a new perspective on so many things and I am so sad and happy idk. #fifthharmony #fanfic #trialsandtribulations #inspire #camren #camila #lauren #camilacabello #laurenjauaregui #dinah #dinahjane #ally #allybrooke #normani #normanikordei #5h #streamreflectiononitunes
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camrenbutera : F 4 f?πŸ’• recent 4 recent?πŸ’•
fun_fit_faith : Yeah!
viv21.07 : I feel you 😭
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Been a long time since last I pulled. I feel like a normal girl again with most of my lashes and eyebrows again. #serious #seriousface #blueeyes #ihaveeyebrows #ihaveeyelashes #trichotillomaniasurvivor #trichotillomania #dontpull #proud #trich #septum #yay
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abroeckx : #girlswithpiercings #selfies #coalbeanie
abroeckx : #recovery #ocd #health
abroeckx : #eyelashes #eyebrows #reallashes #realeyebrows #yayme
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Hello followers β™‘ how is everyone? #trichster #trichotillomania #trich #baldisbeautiful #baldgirlsclub #selfie #tattoo #girlswithtattoos #womenwithtattoos #baldie #iheartmyfollowers
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that_tattooed_posh_chick : I'm good lil lady. How r u doin??
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Hey #trichsters and #supporters ! Nice to meet y'all. Let's get this journey started! #recovery #trich #trichotillomania #trichlife #beattrich #positivityiskey #positive #love #happiness #strength #support #mentalhealth #icd #knowledge
love - supporters - trichotillomania - happiness - trichsters - trichlife - positivityiskey - strength - mentalhealth - recovery - positive - support - beattrich - icd - trich - knowledge -
ginakdemarco : I had it since I was 8.
trichsterinrecovery : @ginakdemarco I've had it since I was 8 too. Is it your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows..? Write down what you're thinking about when you go to pick. When you can figure out the thoughts that cause you to pull, it's easier to narrow down. I'd pick whenever I felt physically uncomfortable (hungry, tired, awkward, etc). Fidget toys work for some people or gloves. The biggest game changer for me was starting a journal called "my pull free journey" and thinking positively instead of negatively. Hope some of this helped! If you have other specific questions I'd be glad to help! Much love to you πŸ’œπŸ’œ
ginakdemarco : I used to to eyelashes and brows but it's just my hair. ThanksπŸ’• much love to you to😘
trichsterinrecovery : @ginakdemarco well you're a step ahead then! You've narrowed it to one body part which is hard to do! Proud of you 😊 mine affects my hair and lashes. Try buying Biota shampoo, it helps your hair grow in faster and stronger. Also I wear hats and headbands during the day (to cover spots but also resist pulling) and sometimes a hat to bed if I feel the urge to pull. Surround yourself with positive people as much as possible!
ginakdemarco : Aww thanks!πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
trichgirlxo : I've had it since 11 I'm now 29. Shaved my head again 5 days ago. I made it 3 months last time shaving my head but relapsed! U got this!!! Nice to know others have #trichotillomania
trichsterinrecovery : @trichgirlxo relapses happen to the best of us but I have faith in you! I didn't even know what trich was until two years ago..yet I've had it 15 years. It's amazing how much Instagram can connect us and help us push forward! If you ever need anything, I'm just a comment or DM away! Positivity and love to you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
trichgirlxo : Thank u so much! You as well!!! πŸ’›πŸ’œ
ashlayymooree - stevielynnf - adairelana - jade_euphoria -
Lol the before and after of taming the beast. Side note, the best way to get extra volume is to blow dry your hair upside down 😝 #ttm #trich #trichotillomania #recovery #180days #pullfree #somuchhair
trichotillomania - trich - somuchhair - recovery - ttm - pullfree - 180days -
ma_tea_currah : Beautiful :)
92lovepink : So awesome! :)
lasciamistare78 : Very pretty
jordank04 - mr_pradooooo - sunshine_intheghetto15 - racckkss -
Guys I am about to have a math test rn so likewise me luck I am extremely nervous 😩 #ana #anxiety #anorexia #bully #blithe #bulimia #bullying #cut #cute #cutting #demi #depressed #demilovato #depression #help #kiss #lgbt #love #lovato #ocd #suicide #suicidal #selfharmmm #trich #trichster #trichotillomania #yay #fifthharmony
cute - fifthharmony - love - help - lovato - selfharmmm - bulimia - demi - bullying - lgbt - trichotillomania - kiss - suicidal - depression - anorexia - suicide - cut - yay - depressed - trichster - ocd - bully - cutting - trich - ana - demilovato - anxiety - blithe -
vstacey6 : Is that Wilmer?
s.equestrian : good luck πŸ‘Ό
herowithnocape : @vstacey6 yes
herowithnocape : @s.equestrian thank you 😘
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Hi guys, I've made my first video on how I create my eyebrows!! This video is aimed for people who struggle with trichotillomania and or other hair loss/pulling conditions but everyone is more than welcome to watch. I use makeup forever Aqua brow in 25 and Mac 263 brush. Enjoy & link is in the bio! πŸ’œ I advise you watch without sound - the music is terrible and I thought I had muted my own but clearly not! #trichotillomania #trich #trichsters #alopecia #eyebrows #aquabrow #makeupforever
eyebrows - trich - alopecia - trichotillomania - makeupforever - aquabrow - trichsters -
melissaguzman_mua : Awesome video!
runawaybabe : Just suscribed girl. You did an excellent job, very natural. Loved your lashes. Keep the videos coming :-)
g_beauty_blog : @runawaybabe @melissaguzman_mua thanks so much guys :))
lourdesnyc1 : Just watched your video very nice to see you be willing to help others. My channel is in the bio if you like to do a sub4sub... Great job.
youniquebyemmam : Love your page πŸ’–πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸ˜
ellagrace184 : More and more videos please! Really enjoyed it! Eyes looking beautiful also! xx
clementvvv : Like for like on my last post? πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‹
_nicolesteward : Cool blog
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i miss having long hair.. #trichtillomania #trich #trichster #faith #hope #inspire #holdon
trichtillomania - faith - trich - inspire - holdon - trichster - hope -
saviour_ofthe_silence : You are still beautiful
kibaliba : @saviour_ofthe_silence I love you ZZ 😘
saviour_ofthe_silence : I love you tooooo 😚
kibaliba : @saviour_ofthe_silence yay cx
kaylynn_c13 : Long or short hair you're still gorgeous!😘
gracie_in_wonderland_ - the_happy_little_artist - darkness7882 - jackie.seniuta -
#trichotillomania #trichster #trich
trichotillomania - trich - trichster -
rchambersnews - devrajbajaj - amandaaxj - ameliaaxw -
Feeling pretty good today :) 46 days #pullfree #trichotillomania #trichproblems #trichster #trich #trichotillomanie #hairpulling #blonde #blondie #like4like #likeforlike #l4l #lfl #followforfollow #follow4follow #f4f #fff
l4l - lfl - trichotillomanie - blondie - trichotillomania - follow4follow - fff - blonde - followforfollow - trichster - hairpulling - trich - likeforlike - pullfree - f4f - like4like - trichproblems -
jasminezaffuto98 : F4f??
xshaninx : @whodatis_itsme I envy you - congrats!
mrcugi : Love it!
g_beauty_blog - pianoplayer_lauren - beyond_trich - jasib90 -
I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today for a mini review and I freaked out because my mum forgot when my appointment was so I was only told I had the appointment a few hours before. Usually I have time to work out how I will go and how I will handle things, but this scared me so much and it was horrible. Ah well. The appointment was not great because I was too scared to be totally honest, but he knows how suicidal I am, so I guess that's a bit of honesty. I also got scripts for three of my prescriptions, so that was useful. I know this post probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but I'm freaking out because I go back to school tomorrow and I can't stop crying. I don't have anyone to sit with in class or at breaks, and I'm too scared to ask anyone, so I'll probably just end up on my own. I really cannot take this any longer, my head is a mess.😒 anyway, I hope you're all safe and kind of okay. I'm here if anyone needs to talk. You're all beautiful xxx
anxiety - suicidal - bpd - derma - ocd - ednos - trich - depression -
millieisstruggling : #ednos #depression #ocd #bpd #anxiety #trich #derma #suicidal
mystiibear : Sitting alone is better than being surrounded by people who don't care, remember that. Keep your head up πŸ’•
racheelkloet : Tbh you're probably sick of me commenting on your stuff and messaging you and shit and if so, I really am sorry but beautiful, I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I meant what I said yesterday, if you want to sit with me at breaks you're more than welcome too, I know telling you not to be scared to come up to me isn't going to help, but I hope that if you feel like you want to take up my offer you find the strength to do so, even if you just come up to me and don't actually say anything, I'll get the hint. πŸ’• I really don't want you to feel alone in any of this so I'm ALWAYS here for you, you've probably heard that a lot from people that have hurt you but I genuinely care about you and whether you talk to me or not is up to you, but just know that I honestly do care and I'm sorry that I can't help you anymore then that, I really wish I could take this all away from you because you deserve so much more. 😘 xox
racheelkloet : I really don't want to come across to you as annoying or obsessive but I just want you to be okayπŸ˜”πŸ’•
dermgirl_ : Feel better
dermgirl_ : I'm always alone as well
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This is necessary to post about. Today, 1-28-15, is four years since Demi came out of treatment. This girl did save my life in so many ways, literally and figuratively. Fix a heart literally came on shuffle as I was about to attempt suicide. I pushed myself away from the edge of the waterfall in the park and started to sob. I walked away. She convince me that I was better than that through just a few lyrics. My Love Is Like A Star kept me comforted as my depression spiraled to all time lows in 9th grade. I would always imagine her hugging me and telling melt was going to be okay as I cried alone in my bed. Last but not least, Nightingale kept me sane when one of he most important people in my life slipped away from my ability to talk to. Demi was there when no one else was and I could never be more thankful. I am so proud of this girl right here because she turned around her life and made me turn around mine. You are fucking unbroken and still a huge influence on me. Thank you baby girl. ☺️ #ana #anxiety #anorexia #bully #blithe #bulimia #bullying #cut #cute #cutting #demi #depressed #demilovato #depression #help #kiss #lgbt #love #lovato #ocd #suicide #suicidal #selfharmmm #trich #trichster #trichotillomania #yay #fifthharmony
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jessmusiclover54321 : Fix a heart came on for me when I was attempting suicide as well
laraqard82 : Amazing @therealkarterzaher
send_me_heaven : πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ and Omg skyscraper came on while I was trying to commit suicide ; life works in weird ways @jessmusiclover54321
jxssica_0 : @ddlovato
herowithnocape : @jessmusiclover54321 @send_me_heaven literally she changed my life I love her so much
send_me_heaven : Same. I honestly doubt I would be here if I never heard of her . @herowithnocape
kora_r09 : I'm so proud of you❀
x.fearless.x : @ddlovato ❀️❀️❀️❀️
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Had a decent day at Bogus. I only wrecked 5 times. But I effed up my knee again): #bogus #skiiing #208 #longday
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itallends : #trichotillomania #trichster #trich
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