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i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #icestorm #myoklahoma #sunrise
bnbehrens : No branches down?
i_like_boring_things : @bnbehrens she's safe
cullenjonez : good to see! @izik_ok and I were wondering about the tree this morning
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Some days you get burned. Other days are unscathed. Make time to find joy in both.
grassfire - treecultokc - myoklahoma -
i_like_boring_things : #myoklahoma #treecultokc #grassfire
feralmeetsworld : 💙
ccfrans : Oh goodness
charlakennedy : The TREE.....I have got to come photograph it!!!
allenanicole03 - chuckandmeintherv - daniellenrobinson26 - happydaysofmeg -
Being able to join my friend @i_like_boring_things by adding to his tag #treecultokc was something I had been waiting to do from the moment I stumbled across his feed several years ago. Eric is a high school art teacher just outside Oklahoma City and his stunning photos of this specific tree led me to seek a lone tree of my own to document through the seasons which I dubbed #ericstree . Not only does Eric inspire the high school art students which pass through his classroom, but he helps organize the thriving Instagram community in Oklahoma City, which welcomed me @neighborhoodfilm and @thecraighensel as we stopped by during our 8-day road trip in July. Sharing a powerful moment at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial was something that will be with me forever and the strength and pride of the people of that city was never more obvious. Take a moment to swing by his feed. His portraits are incredible and you'll be introducing yourself to an incredible person. Eric, thank you for sharing your community, your tree, your inspiration and your friendship.
ericstree - treecultokc -
littlecoal : @liveto.inspire Thank you👊🏼
thecraighensel : Great guy, humble leader. Well written brother. @i_like_boring_things 👊🏼
my_soulwax : Per fect
i_like_boring_things : Thanks @thecraighensel
kingstonphoto : 🙌 🙏
parthz : Beautiful 😍
abdeelartista : Awesome
napaswag : This is amazing
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thankful for so many things today - 3 people in particular..
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cbuchanan15 : #treecultokc #myoklahoma #igersok #igersokc #happythanksgiving #turkeyday
cbuchanan15 : @braxtonbuchanan4 @lindseyebuchanan
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Today I'm thankful that they put out the grass fire.
grassfire - igersokc - specialbranch - myoklahoma - tinyhorizon - solo_tree - hatescigarettes - treecultokc -
bnbehrens : #treecultokc #myoklahoma #igersokc #tinyhorizon #specialbranch #solo_tree #grassfire #hatescigarettes
jurassicody : Toth and Robert get it all stamped out? Cc: @downesphoto @itstracymann
bnbehrens : @jurassicody and Ector in his flip flops.
i_like_boring_things : Yeah man. I snagged a photo of it the other day and totally forgot to tell you. Happy thanksgiving!
bnbehrens : @i_like_boring_things spooky! Happy thanksgiving buddy!
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I always find peace at the tree. #treecult #treecultokc
treecult - treecultokc -
abigailraye_kent - lane_behymer4 - rachaellcoxx - katmyrez -
My soul clings to the dust / in Your life, let it be enough. #treecultokc
treecultokc -
mmmmmmmmegan : @mattmo2go remember when you said you you had a thing about lone trees in a field? Thought you might like this... #treecultokc
honkytonkgirlok : Beautiful.
mattmo2go : @mmmmmmmmegan I love this.
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Caught a hawk leaving the tree last night. Image quality isn't the important part here. But being able to talk to a friend about it, was the highlight.
hawk - tree - treecultokc - myoklahoma -
sharon_corley : The quality gives it a dreamy watercolor effect. Wonderful
sweetlywheatley : Hawks are gods bird!!!! You are on the right path ;)
ccfrans : Perfect. Never gets old!!
celloryanne : @kennedyturner11 caption
anotherwomack : I never tire of seeing this view. What a great capture!!
kennedyturner11 : @celloryanne mhhm I see a hawk leaving a tree whose season has changed, what about you?
celloryanne : talking to friend about low quality pics @kennedyturner11
kennedyturner11 : @celloryanne :)
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changing of the seasons. #treecultokc #myoklahoma
myoklahoma - treecultokc -
k.trattner : Beautiful!
sam_the_small_one - mercerartist - evan.rothwell - camasyc -
"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself." - #myoklahoma #treecultokc #wishuwerehere #adventureanywhere #ig_oklahoma #tnhusa #natureok #travelOK #newsok #thedailyshare #hln #oklahoma #homesweethoma #igersokc #sky_painters #tree_brilliance #teamrad #unleashedmoment #exploreokc
teamrad - newsok - igersokc - thedailyshare - sky_painters - hln - ig_oklahoma - unleashedmoment - myoklahoma - homesweethoma - travelok - adventureanywhere - natureok - oklahoma - wishuwerehere - tree_brilliance - exploreokc - tnhusa - treecultokc -
mrs_groovypossum : Beautiful! !!!
raven151 : Dude!
distantsoso : @mrs_groovypossum thank you very much!
distantsoso : @raven151 dude!!!
raven151 : This is my favorite photo I've ever seen of yours.
distantsoso : @raven151 thank you so much! That means a lot!
leonardo__davoodchi : Excellent capture :-)
distantsoso : @leonardo__davoodchi many thanks
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I'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning. Andy Warhol
myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #myoklahoma
allenanicole03 : Soooo pretty
distantsoso : Great shot; was just out there!
i_like_boring_things : @distantsoso must have just missed you
anotherwomack : A thousand times - yes. So beautiful. 💕
lauragerl - ved_kashyap96 - winesette1 - h.hidekichan -
socalityokc - socality - art - color - igersokc - okc - nwchooseyourwords - vsco - ok - vscogood - oklahoma - tree - myoklahoma - igersok - vscocam - treecult - makeart - treecultokc - igersoklahoma -
the_nate : #tree #treecult #treecultokc #IgersOK #IgersOKC #IgersOklahoma #Socality #SocalityOKC #NWChooseYourWords #color #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #ok #okc #oklahoma #makeart #art #MyOklahoma
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myoklahoma - treecultokc -
jordan_iverson : Amazing
coleparker_ : Beautiful
rzhidov : Really like this!
sherianne : ❤️
i_like_boring_things : @rzhidov @sherianne @coleparker_ @jordan_iverson thanks guys!
i_like_boring_things : @simplyayj I always try to relive this one autumn picture I got of the tree. It's never happened, but I'm always thankful for the results. Hope you are doing well. Always in our prayers.
ccfrans : Thanks always for this tree
anotherwomack : Oh, be still my heart! 💙
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Kentucky coffee
igersokc - specialbranch - myoklahoma - tinyhorizon - solo_tree - oklahomasky - treecult - treecultokc -
bnbehrens : #treecultokc #treecult #myoklahoma #igersokc #tinyhorizon #oklahomasky #specialbranch #solo_tree
mrs_groovypossum : I love tree photos!!
mrs_groovypossum : Somewhere on west bound I-40?? I think I've takin a photo of the same tree..
bnbehrens : @mrs_groovypossum NW rural OKC. 😊
sahar.chizari - nathaliebize - gshawj -
[ L O N E L Y ] _ haven't been feeling like myself lately. seems as if I'm isolated and simply going through the motions, making it hard to connect to anyone. some days are different than others but overall I've been feeling kind of lonely the past couple months. I'm not depressed by any means, rather quite the opposite. life is actually treating me well. there's been lots of transitions for me this semester and I'm just a little overwhelmed. one day I'm on top of the world, the next day I'm stressed out of my mind and questioning everything I'm doing with my life. but I'm a college student. it happens. I've got a long way to go. not trying to be a debbie downer or anything, I just wanted to get it out there and let people know what I'm dealing with. by no means is this a pity party for myself. just wondering if there might be others who can relate. [#treecultokc]
treecultokc -
twharms : Glad you did. I'll put that on my prayer list. 405-409-1403 if you ever need an encouraging word. Remember, I work crazy hours, 12-8 or midnight, but you can always leave a message and I'll get back
cullenjonez : @twharms you're the man, Tony. thanks!
phillipmoffat : Beautiful shot! I'll be praying for you as well!! This world gets a little crazy and sometimes even a little overwhelming. I'm so glad that we have a Savior that's with us 24/7 to help us along :) I wish I could have visited with you a little more Sunday evening, I could only stay for an hour. You came away with some great shots.
cullenjonez : @phillipmoffat thank you, I appreciate it! looks like we'll have to connect at the next meet.
dwest77 : I too know how you feel. It usually happens when I focus too intensely on my own life and problems; over stating the importance of decisions I'm making or have made, will make. When I step back and remember I serve God's will and he is truly in control it helps. It also helps to think about how important my concerns will be a yr or 5 yrs from now. I know that i am personally important to God, but what helps me to really put things into perspective are 2 thoughts of where I fit in with my mistakes, doubts, and bad decisions: I think about the billions of people that have stood on this spinning blue marble before me and had the same or more important concerns. Also, I remember that I'm one in 7 billion on a planet that is one of a billion planets that is in one of a 100 billion galaxies. How bad can screw up?
cullenjonez : @dwest77 absolutely! love your honesty and I completely agree. well said! thanks
sam_the_small_one - evan.rothwell - camasyc - tagharris -
You must do the things you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt
oldfriend - treecultokc - myoklahoma -
i_like_boring_things : #myoklahoma #treecultokc #oldfriend
bradn247 : 👊
anotherwomack : Sigh.
blylan : Lovely framing
nancylikespocky : your feed is stunning. amazing work.
i_like_boring_things : Thank you so much @nancylikespocky
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Beautiful Oklahoma sky! #Repost from @distantsoso with @repostapp. ・・・ "Why fit in when you were born to stand out." -Dr.Suess. #myoklahoma #treecultokc #oklahoma_skies #wanderlust #wishiwasthere #whoserad #adventureanywhere #cloudonthehorizon #sky_painters #thedailyshare #reflect_yourself #beinspired #momentsinthesun #paintthesky #igersokc #igers_oklahoma #homesweethoma #foreveryoung #deluxe_earth #tnhusa #travelOK #natureok #newsok #hln #lamarokc #ig_captures_landscape #ig_captures_skies
reflect_yourself - foreveryoung - wishiwasthere - newsok - igersokc - ig_captures_skies - thedailyshare - travelok - beinspired - hln - oklahoma_skies - igers_oklahoma - ig_captures_landscape - homesweethoma - whoserad - repost - wanderlust - sky_painters - lamarokc - adventureanywhere - natureok - deluxe_earth - myoklahoma - cloudonthehorizon - paintthesky - momentsinthesun - tnhusa - treecultokc -
distantsoso : @travelok thank you for the feature!
18002sellhomes : Cool!
inchsol - mytnt2015 - sweetsassysunflower - transcendtoday -
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out." -Dr.Suess. #myoklahoma #treecultokc #oklahoma_skies #wanderlust #wishiwasthere #whoserad #adventureanywhere #cloudonthehorizon #sky_painters #thedailyshare #reflect_yourself #beinspired #momentsinthesun #paintthesky #igersokc #igers_oklahoma #homesweethoma #foreveryoung #deluxe_earth #tnhusa #travelOK #natureok #newsok #hln #lamarokc #ig_captures_landscape #ig_captures_skies
reflect_yourself - foreveryoung - wishiwasthere - newsok - igersokc - ig_captures_skies - thedailyshare - travelok - beinspired - hln - oklahoma_skies - igers_oklahoma - ig_captures_landscape - homesweethoma - whoserad - paintthesky - wanderlust - sky_painters - lamarokc - adventureanywhere - natureok - deluxe_earth - myoklahoma - cloudonthehorizon - momentsinthesun - tnhusa - treecultokc -
pamichen : 😍
news_ok : Nice one @distantsoso! Can we run this one in the paper? If so, where was it taken?
distantsoso : @news_ok awesome!! Thank you so much please please do!!! It's the #treecultokc tree at 150th nCouncil!
distantsoso : @pamichen 🙏
distantsoso : @news_ok when do you think it will be featured?
news_ok : @distantsoso Thanks so much! I don't have an exact date, but I'm hoping it runs sometime this weekend. :)
distantsoso : @news_ok thank you again so much!!!
beilue : Really pretty!
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Howdy Autumn! I hope you'll stay a while. And my favorite tree!
tinyhorizon - solotree - specialbranch - myoklahoma - autumn - lone_tree - fall - treecult - treecultokc -
bnbehrens : #treecultokc #treecult #myoklahoma #autumn #lone_tree #specialbranch #tinyhorizon #autumn #fall #solotree
paul_d_hunt - leeeoo_hh - darcidolls - telicelly -
My favorite snippet out of my OKC project. I bet you though I took that tree picture with my phone! #treecultokc @brandi @sneakyneeky
treecultokc -
brandi : That. Is. So. Great.
brandi : @darrenisreal @i_like_boring_things
i_like_boring_things : That's pretty rad
the_hail_storm : Freaking awesome!
bnbehrens : Heck yes!
quaychronicles - theaerialproject - micha200101 - cloudradix -
treecultokc -
theaerialproject - micha200101 - isunnussun - nooraalee -
#treecultokc #dronestagram
dronestagram - treecultokc -
brandi : Such a rad shot of it!! Well worth the trip. :) Thanks for sharing, friend.
twharms - alyssadugz - yogiab - freshbrook -
Hello old friend. Glad to see you're doing just fine. #imissyouguys
treecultokc - imissyouguys -
sneakyneeky : #treecultokc
brandi : The tree!!! Such good memories. 💙
simplyayj : Awwww ❤️
darrenisreal : How's Tulsa treating ya?
alyssadugz - mig.lha - thegaucho - eric6184 -
there are notes of fall in the air..
igersokc - minimalistic - treecultokc - myoklahoma - minimalist -
cbuchanan15 : #myoklahoma #treecultokc #igersokc #minimalist #minimalistic
mathilde2041 - akotsakis - thelineswecross - creatively_frustrated -
Been a while.
tree - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #tree #myoklahoma
rzhidov : Awesome!
sherianne : I saw big trucks there tearing up ground today : (
i_like_boring_things : @sherianne yeah me too
leahgrace13 : That gradient is so nice.
sarah.b.photography - j.grace.m - ammirbagheri - morganfreakingslagell -
out here life seems so much easier..
minimalist - treecultokc - minimalistic - igersokc - pictapgo - myoklahoma -
cbuchanan15 : #igersokc #treecultokc #myoklahoma #minimalistic #minimalist
sharlafaye : I want to live in this picture.
cbuchanan15 : @sharlafaye i did for about 10 minutes..
lyndseymarieee : where is the tree located?
cbuchanan15 : #pictapgo @pictapgo
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reflecting - decluttering- in search of simplicity..
igersokc - minimalist - treecultokc - myoklahoma - minimalistic -
cbuchanan15 : #minimalistic #minimalist #myoklahoma #igersokc #treecultokc
anotherwomack : Love it all.
cbuchanan15 : @anotherwomack 😊
stylemeautivation : Like it!
cbuchanan15 : @stylemeautivation thanks!!
mi_nna - joni_noni - papa_hock629 - cd_photographs -
That sky though. #treecultokc #vscocam #vsco
vsco - oklahomacity - oklahoma - okclife - myoklahoma - igersok - okc - vscocam - treecultokc -
melm0 : #myoklahoma #oklahomacity #igersok #oklahoma #OKClife #OKC
kristinw207 : Gorgeous!!!!!!!!
twharms : Ahhh! The tree! 😍 👏
moon_in_the_spoon - meza_girl12 - onaltiaralik - sgr20_04 -
Can a tree be a self portrait? #treecultokc #myoklahoma #igersok
openrange - selfportrait - oklahoma - oklahomacity - tree - myoklahoma - igersok - okc - theplains - lonetree - treecultokc -
melm0 : #lonetree #theplains #okc #tree #oklahoma #oklahomacity #openrange #selfportrait
melm0 : Thanks @magma82 for letting me know this little guy exists
magma82 : 👆🏼guess I could've read first, huh. 😂
sgr20_04 - jenniferxtapia - kristimstewart - 2014highlights -
focus on thankfulness..
igersok - treecultokc - lonetree - tree - thankfulness - myoklahoma -
cbuchanan15 : #treecultokc #igersok #myoklahoma #tree #lonetree #thankfulness
anotherwomack : Gorgeous!
cbuchanan15 : @anotherwomack thank you - can't wait to see your view of the UK - enjoy it!!
1queenof5kings : Spectacular!
cbuchanan15 : @1queenof5kings thanks!!
thegaucho - amiegehlert - bookdragon17 - ohheyitsmigooging -
this day..
igersokc - treecultokc - myoklahoma -
cbuchanan15 : #myoklahoma #igersokc #treecultokc
keepcrescentok : Beautiful shot!
cbuchanan15 : @keepcrescentok thank you! 😊
mi_nna - 1queenof5kings - thegaucho - skeetkatd -
i really hope God enjoys our time together as much as i do..
igersokc - treecultokc - myoklahoma -
cbuchanan15 : #igersokc #myoklahoma #treecultokc
freshbrook - thegaucho - jenbellah - gregbellah -
Figured since I was out that way might as well snap a pic. Not near as amazing as @i_like_boring_things...but hey it is what it is. #treecultokc
treecultokc -
applenangel : It's peaceful!!
i_like_boring_things : Awesome man!
bingerzinger - anthonysedlacek - arjaybis - poloconway -
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