Labor Day pilgrimage to see a cloudy sunrise, oh, and this tree.
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awkwordy : #treecultokc
i_like_boring_things : Yes! You made it. Hope the pilgrimage was worth it.
tracy_paycheck : Magnificent!
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The Rust of Time... #treecultokc
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rachelhendrick3 : That picture πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
efeeko : That picture πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ“·
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Almost impossible for me to comprehend that the creator of the universe loves me enough to create such beautiful things for me and you. How could I do less than to try my best to do His will and share that love? He doesn't prove it with smoke and mirrors. He does it tangibly. This is love you can touch. Reach out and touch love. #treecultokc #godswork #socalityokc #socality #myoklahoma #ilovethiscity #loveonpurpose #igersokc #igersok
socalityokc - socality - ilovethiscity - igersokc - loveonpurpose - myoklahoma - igersok - godswork - treecultokc -
hmpatel0110 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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All I want | #treecultokc | august 25
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The only things that make sense to me: nature and my camera | august 23 | #treecultokc
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everly___ : that tree looks perfect
elizabethciera : Is this over by Mt. Scott??
gwblack : @bnbehrens ^^ that's your tree!
bnbehrens : @gwblack she's famous, her!
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thomas_myles : 1st like
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weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.. - albert einstein
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cbuchanan15 : #treecultokc #tree #oklahoma #igersokc #myoklahoma
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His love is limitless. Break free of your boundaries. #simply4aj πŸ’—
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flowephoto : Superb
livejoshua : @twharms πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
twharms : @flowephoto Thank you, Frances!
twharms : @livejoshua Thanks so much!
twharms : #blueskiesforbunny #skymasters_family #sky_central #urban_naturelover #treecultokc #visual_heaven #fingerprintofgod #fiftyshades_of_nature
ds9hse : Great message!
twharms : Thank you, Vincent. The hash tag is for the very first Instagrammer I met, @simplyayj She really is one of my favorite people, but is going through breast cancer treatment. Just showing love for her with the tag. She is someone on my daily prayer list. She pretty special to us all.
simplyayj : Awwwwwweeeeesome. Love ya Tones. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #myoklahoma
estet : ❀️tree
milani_sabrina : Nice pic!
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Morning ride out to the #tree
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erikg33 : #treecultokc #okctreecult #oklahoma #okc #bikes #road #bikepics #trees #myoklahoma
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🌳"Waldo"πŸ“ The #latenight #therapysesh #jam @socialxclub @fernie_sc "My Life (Santino's Theme)" This Song always gets me. "When I look back on everything that you done for me Your mercy and grace or them angels above me the way that you love me, the way that you love The prodigal son in the flesh I'm a mess when I try to do things on my own I can't do it so the least I can do is when I write you this music the sense here is I can be I just give you my life, I just give you my life Not worried about anything, anything at all give you my life I just give you my life, I just give you my life Not worried about anything at all my Father You know I give you my life" -------------------------------- I finally found the #treecultokc #solo_tree! Looks different in person. #verticalpano #ftw #panorama #vsco #vscocam #mextures #vscomextures #imtruetothis @pacsun @volcom #myoklahoma
vscomextures - mextures - therapysesh - ftw - panorama - verticalpano - myoklahoma - latenight - solo_tree - jam - vscocam - vsco - treecultokc - imtruetothis -
b3nc : @p0ur_toujours thanks friend! πŸ˜„βœ‹
marianchc : Hermoso
b3nc : @marianchc gracias marianna 😊 saludos!
b3nc : @breathtaking_grace because I know you're asleep&will forget lol
marianchc : Saludos ✌️
jmhosman : Perfect. πŸ‘Œ
b3nc : @jmhosman thanks bro πŸ‘Š
breathtaking_grace : I finally remembered to check this tag ;-)
i_like_boring_things - visualsmextures - ivovel - breathtaking_grace -
Breathe In.
fog - tree - myoklahoma - treecultokc -
i_like_boring_things : #treecultokc #myoklahoma #tree #fog
wanderish : Ahhhh, this shot. Magnificent.
aheosan : Nice pic
awesomereb_ok : That is so cool! I haven't been there in awhile!
wilfamy : I have missed your tree shots. Lovely.
i_like_boring_things : Thanks @wanderish couldn't say no to the fog today
i_like_boring_things : @wilfamy it's always nice to pay it a visit.
le_ciudad : Beautiful!
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natewiewel : #igersok #igersokc #treecultokc #socalityokc #socality #vscocam #vscogood #vsco
natewiewel : #bw
jacobnperry : Great shot!
natewiewel : @jacobnperry thanks dude.
visualsoflife : Nice
dronebois : πŸ’£
natewiewel : #ouplcfollowtrain
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Praise the Lord on high for the eastern sky.
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natewiewel : #igersokc #treecultokc #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #nativetype #myoklahoma #socality #socalityokc
natewiewel : Everyone go check out @granitefoxesinc they rock.
jessyclark19 : Hey punk. I sire do miss you
natewiewel : Hey punk @jessyclark19 stop being a stranger then.
jessyclark19 : Text me :) I lost all my contacts
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The sun dog is a rare phenomenon where a halo, sometimes a complete rainbow circle, forms around the sun. And my favorite tree.
sundog - solo_tree - igersokc - specialbranch - myoklahoma - tinyhorizon - igersok - oklahomasky - treecultokc -
bnbehrens : #sundog #igersokc #igersok #myoklahoma #tinyhorizon #specialbranch #solo_tree #oklahomasky
iamskinn3r : Wow miss this tree lol
bnbehrens : #treecultokc
isteef : πŸ‘
awkwordy : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Don't be limited by the boundaries of the world. God said we have been set free. Believe it. #treecultokc #godswork #socality #myoklahoma #igersokc #igersok
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twharms : @tinylittlebones Thank you, Jess. This tree has quite the fan club out here.
twharms : @locacubanita Thank you, Marite. How's the healing coming along?
twharms : @charlakennedy Thank you, ma'am!
twharms : @rabidjoe Yep, that darn tree...
twharms : @danamberg :)
twharms : @drazil619 Thanks, Liz!
j_e_s_s_e_rey : This is stunning! Where was this taken?
twharms : @j_e_s_s_e_rey North side of Oklahoma City. Quite a popular site. Check the treecultokc hash tag.
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it was enchanting to meet you
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magma82 : #okctreecult #treecultokc #okc #myoklahoma #igersok #oklahoma #exploreoklahoma #travelok
colecopee : #shawshankredemptiontree
magma82 : @colecopee πŸ‘πŸ‘
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natalililie : ξ Ί_ξ Ί
bee4brendan : #treecultokc
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Here's the thing...
bnb6060 -
jordanmarsh : Awesome, i love it. Glad to see it still hanging in there!
bnbehrens : @emilyifill Thanks, girl!
bnbehrens : @jess_fielder it's getting hard to out do shots. Glad I got this one, though!
bnbehrens : @jennyheinrichs πŸ’ͺ😎
bnbehrens : @dlh87 Thanks!
bnbehrens : @twharms ! 😊
love_lien : whaaaaat?! πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ’“
whatfoxknows : That's so cool!
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Farewell #treecultokc
treecultokc -
pandabeara : 😞
kalebnimz : Safe travels dude! Excited to see how this next chapter pushes your creativity and drives you forward to something greater!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
alipalihansen : Safe travels & enjoy the new adventure! Looking forward to seeing your pics!
ditboy : Peace
crealey54 : Best Wishes for you and your family.
nelou : 😭 best wishes for a safe journey!
wilfamy : Are you gone then? Have a safe and adventurous trip! I can't wait to see Ohio through your eyes, friend! It's been an honor.
david.watkins : If I could like this a million times I would. Your pictures are great man.πŸ‘ @darrenisreal
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your reputation precedes you
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steviebens : Tree planting credit: @steviebens
magma82 : You're a mess @steviebens
magma82 : #travelok #exploreoklahoma
magma82 : Thanks @twharms!
magma82 : @crissseee πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š
magma82 : πŸ™Œ @ihearttulsa
magma82 : Thanks for the suggestion @leighbeall! I think I might try!!
magma82 : #oklahomaskies
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You stood there so vacantly.
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winnlosedraw : #vsco #vscocam #vscogrid #bestofvsco #myoklahoma #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #igersokc #igerstulsa #liveauthentic #livefolk #socality #socalityokc #socalitytulsa #keepexploring #lonetree #treecultokc
zebasher : πŸ’₯
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"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus"- Mark Twain
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cullenjonez : #canon #vscocam #igersok #socality #treecultokc
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Happy Birthday @bnbehrens May your day be awesome, but not as awesome as you. Because, well, that would be to much awesome for the world to contain.
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i_like_boring_things : #myoklahoma #treecultokc
erinoldfieldart : Happy Birthday Blake! @bnbehrens
bnbehrens : Yeah! High fives, good buddy.
bnbehrens : @erinoldfieldart thanks girl!
darrenisreal : Aw man Happy Belated Birthday Blake!
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Midday ride out to the tree!
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erikg33 : #circular #tree #treecultokc #okc #oklahoma #myoklahoma #tinyplanet #okctreecult #treecult #flare
tomsilk : Sweet!
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Because I have to clean her soon πŸ˜” #eatsleepjeep
eatsleepjeep - treecultokc -
justbeingjuls : #treecultokc
justbeingjuls : @dirtyjeeps
r_schellhardt : How much was your jeep?
justbeingjuls : Mine was $19k I think. @r_schellhardt
r_schellhardt : Did you get it from a dealership?
justbeingjuls : Nope, bought it off a friend @r_schellhardt
r_schellhardt : Thanks!☺️ happy 4thπŸ˜‚ see you Sunday!
bee4brendan : Coolio!
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What a surprise. Lady bug photobomb.
igersok - lonely_tree - treecultokc - lonely_tree_love - treecult - myoklahoma -
unlokt : πŸ™Œ
casarsd : @bee4brendan Wow ! just perfect
bee4brendan : Thank you! @casarsd
bee4brendan : #lonely_tree_love #lonely_tree #treecult #treecultokc #myoklahoma #igersok
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I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun. Charles R. Swindoll
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007rara : Love your words and your images
i_like_boring_things : @estet I'm not sure. But I have gathered she is pretty content with her fame.
i_like_boring_things : Thanks @007rara
estet : She should be. Look how she grown even since her lost limb..!
thehubokc : @i_like_boring_things right?!
carolanne22 : Every one of these is so good !
nelou : True!!
simplyayj : Thank you Eric. I can't imagine either. And thank you for being such a great friend these last few years and especially last couple of months. Love you to pieces. 😘
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I am only at the beginning of where I want to go with photography. I have only learned the basics, but continuing to add on is the fun part.
igersok - lonely_tree - treecultokc - lonely_tree_love - treecult - myoklahoma -
nickontheknee : @bee4brendan Sweet photo!
bee4brendan : 😊 Thanks Nick @nickontheknee
bee4brendan : #lonely_tree_love #lonely_tree #treecult #treecultokc #myoklahoma #igersok
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#treecultokc βœ”οΈ
treecultokc -
kimberlyfcis : Ohmygosh 😍
cameronmerrill : Absolutely perfect pictureπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
i_like_boring_things - omargdemoya - the_dayley_news - kristieaton -
Summer sun. #WHPsolstice #treecultokc #infrared #ir #falsecolor
whpsolstice - igersokc - ir - 405 - infrared - okc - falsecolor - treecultokc - igersoklahoma -
tomsilk : #igersokc #igersoklahoma #okc #405
dangordon : @tomsilk what did you shoot this with?
_thesneakgeek : awesome pic!
tomsilk : Since @dangordon asked, I took this photograph using an Olympus Pen E-PM1 that has been modified by removing the hot mirror, a built in UV/IR filter, removed and replaced with ordinary glass. This makes the camera sensor able to image with infrared and ultraviolet light. I used a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN lens with a Tiffen 47 Blue filter to block green and red light leaving just blue and infrared light to make the image.Β· The exposure was at 1/1250th of a second at f/5.6 at ISO 200. This filter on an infrared camera makes chlorophyl in leaves show up as yellow and the sky is a normal blue.
dangordon : @tomsilk amazing
yumiko3038 : Beautiful!!
tomsilk : Thank you @yumiko3038 I was hoping you'd like it.
wilfamy : This is gorgeous!
magma82 - made_by_gia - fullhouse4 - 3xagrandma -
Went to Piedmont today to pick up the T-shirts for our dragon boating team! #piedmont #oklahoma #treecult #dragonboating #rowing
newviewok - piedmont - oklahoma - dragonboating - visionloss - blindness - treecult - rowing - treecultokc -
newviewok : #treecultokc #visionloss #blindness #newviewok
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And just like that my fear of it disappeared. #simply4aj
treecultokc - simply4aj -
simplyayj : I'm gonna hold u to that. ;)
gumptiongear : Awesome shot as always my friend.
julieboutelleturner : Oh I love this. Reminds me a bit of the old intro for 6 Feet Under πŸ˜„
michelle_leas : Love this. Beautiful trees are sacred here.
darrenisreal : @gumptiongear appreciate that man
darrenisreal : @julieboutelleturner I've never seen it before but everyone that has said it's so good. It has the guy from dexter right?
darrenisreal : @michelle_leas indeed, this one holds a special place as well
julieboutelleturner : That's the one! Oh it's so beyond amazing!! A must watch. I doubt if I have ever seen a show with better actors.
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