Ha, well UKs priminister Hitler(Cameron) has a new idea, No more human rights, we need to stop all these criminals from making major plans, without us/the people/the majority been involved. I'd say vote but we know voting won't fix our issues here in the merry UK since scottish independence was clearly a "Yes" vote and was rigged to be a "NO". I'll assume due to the new Trans Atlantic trade agreement been written up behind closed doors, with Scotland resources been up for grabs, wonder who's going to get rich off those? Ministers tied into million pound CEOs(or they are the CEOs) That been said time to wake up and take the power back, speak up, lash out, scream as loud as you can,the time is now and its a global thing, were waking up in the 1000S and they know this, we have the power and the numbers + free will. Our tax pounds pay their salary and no one works without pay(well except the millions of ppl pushed into poverty by the goverment, stuck working pennies) so we hold the power, stop paying into the system till they do what "We" ask of them, and make an equal system for us all, "everyone". If a minister decides that ppl should only receive £500 a week to survive then I believe that's what the ministers should make(not£60,000-£200,000) since they also live on tax money and don't really work, if they did their jobs we wouldn't have poverty and starvation or pay taxes. This is the "fair"governance they pretend to give everyone never intend to follow up on the promises. Wake up its all lies and deception, the US/UK govs teaches all of us this. #UK #davidcameron #Cameron #political #traitor's #scam #lies #scottishindy #votes don't count #theylie #lies #priminister #Hitlersalive and livinginlondon #nowimonawatchlist ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š
votes - scottishindy - scam - lies - priminister - hitlersalive - political - davidcameron - traitor - uk - theylie - cameron - nowimonawatchlist -
itsmejessicaxo -
Love this!!! - - - I wonder if it icy on set now with Simmons being hydra.... *pic cred in pic
liar - skye - jemmasimmons - melindamay - fitz - brettdalton - philcoulson - leofitz - iaindecaestecker - elizabethhenstridge - hailhydra - fitzsimmons - ward - grantward - chloebennet - agentsofshield - clarkgregg - skyeward - rebuildshield - hydra - mingnawen - aos - traitor - marvel -
valiantlittlegeeks : I was thinking the same thing
s_s_skyeward : #agentsofshield #aos #brettdalton #chloebennet #clarkgregg #elizabethhenstridge #fitzsimmons #fitz #grantward #hailhydra #hydra #iaindecaestecker #jemmasimmons #leofitz #liar #melindamay #mingnawen #marvel #philcoulson #rebuildshield #skyeward #skye #traitor #ward
jazzastagram : OMC
jazzastagram : IM HEARTBROKEN
ashey.taylor - abbyy230 - sam_from_perks - jazzastagram -
Not really a C's fan #traitor #cavssince05 #nobandwagon
nobandwagon - traitor - cavssince05 -
hodaamilan : Strongg selfie game!
alexjaco02 : ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ @hodaamilan
mia_mvx - _paulle - hodaamilan - jordyhands -
#Lampard #Frank #Manchester #City #MCFC #Chelsea #CFC #Traitor #Midfielder #Futbol #Football
city - frank - football - cfc - futbol - lampard - traitor - midfielder - mcfc - chelsea - manchester -
charlie_tms_3 : Can you follow me back pls
a2z.designz : I will if you give me a shoutout @charlie_tms_3
basdesignz - reathaorcapezzuto - elodiakwalfre - 4_ever_everton -
"What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed?" said Black, with a terrible fury in his face. "Only innocent lives, Peter!""You don't understand!" whined Pettigrew. "He would have killed me, Sirius!""THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!" roared Black. "DIED RATHER THAN BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS, AS WE WOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!"- J.K. Rowling #traitor #potd #today #latepost(?) #girls #asiangirl
traitor - asiangirl - latepost - potd - girls - today -
thevoicesofvine : Awesome @davenwilson
wislye11 - cindyxie_ - fendywu90 - claricekhobert -
This incompetent person needs to be impeached, arrested, tried & convicted. Never has a case of Treason against the USA been more obvious. We can not afford to just ride out his term. He will do to much damage in the time left. #BeardedAmericanPatriot #NoBama #Merica #TakeBackAmerica #traitor
nobama - merica - traitor - beardedamericanpatriot - takebackamerica -
heymikidesigns : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
ga_knife_guy : Amen brother. We need to get this ass hole out of the White House.
screamkweenktan : Barry!!!!!! I see you!!!!!
cosmic_juggalo : @freedomfromtyranny
ronbolin : ๐Ÿ‘ @rap7673 @jacobsrbolin @viking1170 @rjrenea
freedomfromtyranny : I made this :)
beardedamericanpatriot : @freedomfromtyranny well done friend, well done
freedomfromtyranny : Come check out my page :)
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Anyone surprised?? #BarackEbola #executiveorder #planned #populationcontrol #Ebola #spreading #Dallas #Texas #traitor @the_ok_patriot
populationcontrol - dallas - spreading - executiveorder - planned - ebola - traitor - barackebola - texas -
lovemysoul777 : @kingofkings_co
radicalkween - _boats__and_hoes - based.james - merakii90 -
๐Ÿ˜น Cleveland got Lebron likeXD... #ClevelandDontGotIt
traitor - heatfan - lebronisgettingold - clevelanddontgotit - cavsnogood - wehatelebron - cavs -
joshthefirst : #WeHateLeBron #Traitor #CavsNoGood #Cavs #HeatFan #LebronIsGettingOld
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Lol/idk bored... I'm using my hickory basketball shorts for pj bottoms #traitor ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
traitor -
jordan.balestino - radical.lady - alanrumpf - ___tayl0r___ -
#wagamamas #edinburgh before Bradley ditched me to go to London #traitor
edinburgh - traitor - wagamamas -
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I kind of feel like a traitor when I use cap products.... :-/ #troybarbell #usasports #workout #equipment #plates #barbell #fitness #traitor
workout - troybarbell - barbell - equipment - traitor - usasports - fitness - plates -
a_abbay : @heatherrenee7326 @hillarypresley @lolarique
mooreraychill : Bahahaha
a_abbay : @mooreraychill I knew I was forgetting someone from troy! Sorry love :-)
markamodam : beฤŸeneceginiz ürünler olabilir :)
heatherrenee7326 - paul_gulley - ep_fitness - lolarique -
My vegetarian days are well & truly over .. #traitor #flexitarian
traitor - flexitarian -
leilaniem71 - laylapaxton1 -
Look out deer, theres a new hunter in town.;) #openseason #firsttimer #igotgame #bringit
traitor - huntwithalanna - firsttimer - bringit - openseason - igotgame -
rachel_emmanuel : @brandonkamp2 you're just worried I might actually get one .. As opposed to your many futile efforts
dakotahguy : Remind me to never got on your bad side eh
tayvanvliet : Lyss I think ull make a great hunting girl!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ @alyssawagter you'll have to take me with u and I'll b nice and quiet!
sheila_wagter : You got it alanna, haha!!!!
viktoriarose77 : #hotshot ๐Ÿ˜˜
alyssawagter : Neverr;)@dakotahguy haha thanks tay;) and of course ill take u! Especially since it seems yur one of my only supporters;)@tayvanvliet lol thx;)@viktoriarose77
brandonkamp2 : Ya your right. With my luck you will look at the deer and it will die and I will have to give up my right arm to see a deer. @rachel_emmanuel
rachel_emmanuel : @brandonkamp2 hahhah sounds about right
leahbeeke - alana_gerritsen - _kaitlyn08_ - rheanna06 -
fucktheconservatives - traitor - freudianslip -
danieljamesbarry : "This Is Who We Resent." ๐Ÿ“• This absolute bastard stands there and lies about the people he has betrayed. He resents the poor! #Traitor #FuckTheConservatives #FreudianSlip ๐Ÿšซ
_mxrrissey : What a prick
emma_reeeds - aliwelliwonder - _mxrrissey - _jmln_ -
A sad day today to see the ole girl go, put a lot of work into her and she treated me nicely. But it's out with the old and into the new. #6.7 #traitor #newdigs
newdigs - traitor - 6 -
kenneymurphy : Oh bud looking boss
bmcdonald14 : Sell the old one?
anastassasin : Nice buddy
slicksince86 : It's so god damn stock.
nickscamurra : Ford brinke..
shaunmac29 : It's the McKay truck that brought you to buying a ford wasn't it? Lol
shantzy_j : Camaro?
rleck89 - ashleighdungan - bsaliba66 - corlee3 -
Threw on one of Will's shirts being lazy and realized what was on it! #traitor #bulls #fan
fan - traitor - bulls -
ashleem1201 - mazzt2220 - ivynataliaa - madelynn.calbeck -
Actual kisses with Milo ๐Ÿ˜˜ #pouting #kisses #kitty #traitor
kitty - pouting - kisses - traitor -
camilla_day -
I'd piss in the beard of #AhmadAbousamra #fuckisis #fucktheunislamicstate #unislamicstate #isnotislamic #traitor #boston #america #iamaninfidel #infidel #mediawar #aqi #france #french #deathtoisis #deathtoisil #isis #isil #offwithhishead #muslimextremist #islamicextremist #terrorist #mostwanted #50kreward
infidel - islamicextremist - boston - calamitywillbefallus - deathtoisis - deathtoisil - mediawar - fucktheunislamicstate - traitor - ahmadabousamra - muslimextremist - isnotislamic - aqi - offwithhishead - terrorist - isis - fuckem - fuckisis - unislamicstate - mostwanted - france - french - iamaninfidel - slay_the_americans - 50kreward - america - isil - amessagefromisistous -
unislamic_state : P.s. @tribenation you're coming off like a sympathizer, and if that's the case, eat a bullet.
tribenation : @unislamic_state @proud_americans I am not a sympathizer at all and I do not dispute anything you say about them. But let me ask you, does it make more sense to take issue with ISIS or those who founded them and have sponsored them since 2011?
tribenation : Your neighbor raises a pit bull to be a killing machine and mauls your child. Do you take issue with the pit bill or your neighbor? @unislamic_state @proud_americans
pippi916 : @tribenation Where is the logic in this propaganda you speak of ?! Why would Israel, U.S., Qatar, & the U.A.E. fund ISIS when WE KNOW that such a radical group (Jihad) wants to destroy our democracy and rule by sharia law?!?! What you say makes absolutely no sense !!
unislamic_state : @tribenation I have read that our government conceived what has become ISIS, by arming them to fight against our enemies, but they have made the choices to stab us in the back. As far as their Jihad is concerned many Muslim extremists (not to be mistaken for Muslims of peace) are waiting silently to turn on us, while this larger faction is spreading across Syria and Iraq, with aims to take on Europe and America. Yes, it is possible that they are funded and largely armed on account of our transgressions, but I do not believe that it was meant to be used against our military, civilians, and allies. As far as your metaphor goes, I say put the dog to sleep and punish the neighbor accordingly. At the same time I believe ISIS should be put to sleep, and we all know whoever is responsible for funding and arming these radicals will go unpunished. I do not wholly agree with the choices of our leaders (I do my part in raising awareness on that issue elsewhere) but on the other hand, our military personnel (active duty and not) have my full, un compromised support. With this said, I stand by my belief that all radical extremists with guns, blades, and explosives aimed at America should perish.
unislamic_state : I am not here to debate, but to find all their trending hashtags such as #Slay_the_Americans and spew my hatred right back at them. They've been doing these things longer than I've paid attention, you're right. I may be late, but it's better than never.
proud_americans : @tribenation honestly, someone has to deal with the pit bull first before anyone can worry about placing blame on who radicalized it. And the U.S. Doesn't simply fund these terrorist organizations. Sure we fund rebel groups in some middle eastern countries and weapons can get in the hands of the wrong groups but nothing is a direct attempt to fund groups like ISIS. And at least the United States cares about innocent people who get treated absolutely awfully. It's so easy for other countries to sit back and accuse us of intervening and failing but their the ones letting innocent Christians and yazidis get murdered.
tribenation : I admire your capacity to debate rationally @proud_americans @unislamic_state. However there are a few things you might still not be aware of. ISIS is a branch of Al Qaeda whom you should know is an enemy of America. Even Al Qaeda distanced themselves from ISIS years ago because they were too extreme. So America at the behest of Israel has been funding extremist enemies to overthrow a non extremist government whom loses no threat to America or Israel. Why would they do that you ask @pippi916? Because prior to 9/11 there were seven countries whose central banks were not under Rothschild control. Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Syria. Now there are three remaining. Syria is one of them.
thedisasterpolice - rzgririz2134 - respect_themilitary - banislamworldwide -
I know I know, bad edit. #fandom #fandoms #book #books #lover #booklover #bookslover #fangirl #fanboy #TheMortalInstruments #TheFaultInOurStars #thehungergames #ebook #TFIOS #TMI #THG #TheInfernalDevices #TID #Divergent #TheHost #PercyJackson #pj #HarryPotter #hp #TheMazeRunner #TMR #JohnGreen #traitor #LetItSnow #Snow
percyjackson - thg - hp - ebook - fandom - letitsnow - tid - books - traitor - lover - thefaultinourstars - tfios - harrypotter - tmr - johngreen - themazerunner - booklover - theinfernaldevices - snow - fandoms - thehost - fanboy - bookslover - book - fangirl - thehungergames - pj - tmi - themortalinstruments - divergent -
the_shadowgod : Hello! Follow for follow? (:
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I'm a Brennan and I eat pat the bakers bread #traitor #isoldout #sellingout #stabingthembehindtheback #brennan #todaysbreadtoday #bread #selfie #kitchen #icry
stabingthembehindtheback - sellingout - kitchen - brennan - icry - traitor - isoldout - todaysbreadtoday - selfie - bread -
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Es muy traicionero,pero se le quiere #Gotxi #Loro #Traitor #Friend
loro - traitor - friend - gotxi -
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Meet my new girlfriend!! Shes only 5kgs :D #Proteins #AlliSeeIsGains #GetFitOrDieTrying #shredded #postWorkout #eatcleantraindirty #NopainNogain
postworkout - traitor - eatcleantraindirty - getfitordietrying - shredded - proteins - nopainnogain - alliseeisgains -
rezadinho : Are dadash, goftim ye dasti be saro badanemoon bekeshim ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ @aalibahador
aalibahador : Deltangima agha reza...
rezadinho : Hamchenin dadash @aalibahador oonja ham ke boodam hamash sare kar boodi nashod doros bebinamet ๐Ÿ˜• ishalla tabestoon dobare!! ;)
emi.salehi : Jooonz
rezadinho : 4kerim agha @emi.salehi ;)
emi.salehi : Fada mada
goodboy1994 : ุจู‡ ุจู‡
rezadinho : @goodboy1994 bah bah va khott ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
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Follow this #traitor ;) legend @ceriwolverson_7
traitor -
lu.c_ - mollyan_smithie - angiclarke123 - amyjayne02 -
Right lads I'm replacing Van Persie in the wall of fame #beast #traitor
beast - traitor -
sophiac_xo : ๐Ÿ˜ป
ngoni_swag : Lol
hazeldine91 : Beast
hazeldine91 : Lol @sophiac_xo
tonioliviaxx - ngoni_swag - luke_ronan02 - _molliexox -
I'm sooo sorry Android/Samsung users but I have officially traded on you haha TEAM IPHONE BABY !!! Lol ...Not having emojis sucked and they have that little fingerprint security Lmao Im Srry I had to do it... #iphone6 #TeamIphone #BoutToGoEmojiCrazy #NextGen #CantBeatEmJoinEm #CanYouBlameMe #YouknoYouWantOne #Traitor
cantbeatemjoinem - iphone6 - canyoublameme - nextgen - teamiphone - youknoyouwantone - traitor - bouttogoemojicrazy -
dedicated2luv : Let's trade phones lol
amandajeanette12 : Galaxy s5 has all that but better pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰
amanda_hubbell : Lmao @ your location
iammrac : Good call!
big_sean20 : Thank you Wes for switching to the best. Good pick up
songbirdvictoriamusic : I got the gold too. I fucks with the 6 hard now lol
just_juice22 : You not loyal!!! Lmao
flyy_dmnd : Be careful. iPhone 6's are bending in pockets. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
h3nry_h - sara_sabala - nmcnealy - jacquelegs -
Got me mop sorted by the talented @hustleeveryday #traitor #sorrynotsorry
sorrynotsorry - traitor -
hustleeveryday : Looks laaavly was great to ketchup the hubby is next!
ciarsian - hustleeveryday - sophieagua - tommienott -
@aga_bialka #starbuck #costa #manager #traitor #lovingit
costa - manager - traitor - starbuck - lovingit -
zwolinskakasia : Oi! ;) as if you only had water! Traitor ;) XX
lucilocket88 - stevenrobertgray - zwolinskakasia -
A Dublin woman in a Kerry Jersey ๐Ÿ™Š Disgrace ๐Ÿ‘Ž #selfies #meandmygirl #limerick #kerry #traitor #studentnight #countycolours #tralee #ITTralee
meandmygirl - kerry - studentnight - limerick - selfies - traitor - countycolours - ittralee - tralee -
COME ON YOU GUNNERS. #championsleague #perksofthejob #traitor
traitor - perksofthejob - championsleague -
kanyeokola -
#saltedmocha #soy๐Ÿ™Œ
saltedmocha - soy - traitor -
luckemacknleo : #zsnap
abbeystearns : Justin... Sorry for the let down this was from Starbucks. #traitor
lmlucke1 : Ab, I caved and got one of those today. ... Yum
agussel - jesuswalkswithme_ - brittanydorko - mamaj90 -
I know I smell but a whole ocean is a bit far #wheresklaud #polski #traitor #cloud #ear #iwastoldtherewouldbebiscuits
wheresklaud - traitor - cloud - ear - iwastoldtherewouldbebiscuits - polski -
cl0udear : Ms Patel judged me so far as I was taking all these selfies, sad. LOVE U โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
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You all know that grappler... Creonte Top Team Shirts and patches available at #creonte #creontetopteam #bjjtees #shirts #traitor #bjjshirts #design #jiujitsu #jiujitsuhype #bjj #grappling #nogi #gi #adcc #ibjjf
shirts - grappling - adcc - bjjtees - creontetopteam - jiujitsu - bjj - creonte - traitor - jiujitsuhype - ibjjf - design - bjjshirts - gi - nogi -
jiujitsugeeks : @aaronbarr @topgamebjj @avidgamerwear
xxjaydalixx : @bronxjiujitsu @mikeirak
thisismarx : Paragon ?
grapplersreview : Not accusing paragon of being a creonte at all, the colors just happened to resemble their colors. It's a play on the ATT logo. @thisismarx
sure_win_ator - tj_triguero - bjj_tees - adrian_triguero -
Dads disappointed and I don't blame him #rugby #league #union #traitor ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‰ #lol
union - league - traitor - rugby - lol -
claire.louisee : Your dads a joker
lucybakerwoods - little_lois - claire.louisee - romeeasghar -
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