#tbt can't wait for another wonderful #tourdefat weekend in Fort Collins. Great friends + great beers! #newbelgium #craftbrews
newbelgium - craftbrews - tbt - tourdefat -
shnoonan - joshdeanato - nickiej8 -
Serving up cold beers and philanthropic cheer at the Tour de Fat San Diego on 9/26 in Golden Hill Park. This annual free bicycle inspired event is one giant fundraiser for @sdbikecoalition and @sdmba, two great bike non-profits working on better cycling in SD. We dug up numbers and the Tour de Fat has generated $172,263 for San Diego bike non- profits over the last few years. Please consider our contributions to the local community before saying we aren't local. We ❤️ SoCal! Hope to see you in a few weeks!
sdmba - cycling - tourdefat - sandiego - festival - balboapark - bikesandiego - philanthropy - beerthatgivesback - goldenhillpark - bicycle - sdcbc -
newbelgium_socal : #tourdefat #sandiego #goldenhillpark #balboapark #cycling #sdmba #sdcbc #bikesandiego #philanthropy #beerthatgivesback #bicycle #festival
justindeperoni : @sammyjoy62
sdbikecoalition : 🚴🍻🐺😀
sdbikecoalition : #tourdefatsd2015
sdmba : We can't wait. #newbelgium #lipsoffaith #beer #festival #mtbSD #tourdefatSD2015 #lifebybike
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Torn between going to #TourDeFat or the opening #football game this weekend? We've got you covered. Read more on page 14 of today's Collegian to help you make that decision! Photo: Madison Brandt
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thatdingis : Both!!!! Just drink all day!!! ✊🏻
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#tbt teaching young minds what #tourdefat is all about
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trna92 : Absolutely love it! And do the one from the first year too when I thought I'd lost you forever and was with @torire but then we were reunited!! :):)
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And it begins! On my way to work I saw preparations being made for this Saturday's bike madness... #tourdefat #newbelgium #fortcollins
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Throw back in honor of Tour de Fat. It's time to get back on the bike in Fort Collins Saturday #tourdefat #fortcollins #colorado
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cameraeyemig : Wtf is this?
blake9977 : Hahaha nice Danny!
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Two more days #tourdefat #throwback #favoriteday #newbelgium #newbelgiumbrewing
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Putting the final touches on my costume for Tour de Fat, one of my favorite days of the year! #tourdefat #newbelgium #beerme #glittermefab #birthdayweekend #fortcollins
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I LOVE the culture of our town. Not many places shut the city down to have a beer-focused, hootenanny of a bike parade... Let alone WARN you several days before with signs!!! Nothing beats a raging party of 20K people in outrageous costumes. #tourdefat2015 #tourdefat #bikes #beer #newbelgium #bikeparade #fortcollins #foco #coloRADo WE ARE the #MOTHERSHIP, try to leave... you'll always miss this crazy place #yepihashtaggedtheshitouttathis
fortcollins - bikeparade - tourdefat - mothership - foco - tourdefat2015 - yepihashtaggedtheshitouttathis - beer - bikes - newbelgium - colorado -
glassworxpgh : 👍
baeradise : @glassworxpgh 😎🍻
gregor_y : Double the fun and come ride in #tdfdenver on the 12th!
baeradise : @gregor_y oooo. We will be in Palisade getting peaches and sippin wine! Have fun tho
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Sneak peek of my #tourdefat #fortcollins #colorado costume! I can't wait! 🌹
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hulita16 - kaitlyn_wilson3 -
amppilatesandfitness Like and follow our Instagram page for upcoming giveaways. #pilates #fortcollins #ftco #ColoRADo #fortcollinsfashion #fortcollinshair #fortcollinsfitness #fitmom #fortcollinsinstagram #ftcollins #csurams #noco #coloradostateuniversity #coloradostate #tourdefat
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We've got cruiser bikes on sale for #tourdefat at our College store. Come by for all your cruiser needs! #pelotoncycles #fortcollins #tdf #bikes #cruiser #cruiserbike
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#bikemsnewbern #bikemarshal #tourdefat
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Throwin it back to when I was a young buck. Colorado State ill be seeing you this weekend!! #csu #tourdefat #party #rage #coloradostate #onmyway #twamp #sleazy #boom
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whiteasianbaby : Skinny bones Jones @zackeryyyy
zackeryyyy : @whiteasianbaby before bulking season haha
smexiim : With a board 😂 #classic miss ya!
zackeryyyy : @smexiim go to denvaaaaa next weekend. - surferbumgir - isaabaddie - santanacarnes -
It's Wednesday so I must take this time to #Swoon all for my #WomanCrushWednesday because it's only 2 more days until I get to share some beers with this smiling face in Denver! @audreymliv #Excite #Denver #TourDeFat #FoCo #LaborDay #WCW
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#rideyourbike #bravenewwheel #tourdefat
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andrew_allsup : This is super dope!!! Can't wait to see it this weekend
andrew_allsup - sadie8948 - mattykrueg13 - scissortailcycles -
#rickshaw #tourdefat #bravenewwheel #rideyourbike
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adventurebybetsy : #deiderbag
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Did you know that Tour de Fat has an awesome Bike Pit with a bunch of crazy bike designs. They are all free to ride around on! Join us, @sdmba and @newbelgium for Tour de Fat San Diego on September 26 in Golden Hill Park, downtown SD. Bike parade, bands, costumes, beer, carneys and more! All free! Register at #tourdefatsd2015 #tourdefat #lifebybike @tourdefat
lifebybike - tourdefatsd2015 - tourdefat -
chilaquiles4ever : @danomansdesign crazy! Can't wait
nattyroots55 : Dudes lets do this! @goldz_berry @pinchy_peetor @nothingbutdabss @jonaitsreal
wrkhalie : @egonzal8 & @o_oreally ... shall we travel outside our box??? LOL
pinchy_peetor : Hahaha I'm down!!! @nattyroots55 @nothingbutdabss @goldz_berry @jonaitsreal
theawarewolfs : Is this the bike valet? 😉
egonzal8 : @wrkhalie Sounds like fun. Maybe.
rosaemanzo : Are we going? @team_huskyheart 😆🚲
dpow619 : @yl_88 @davideromero
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Loofah costume making #tourdefat #fortcollins #colorado #newbelgium #halloween #loofah
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Fort Collins' favorite holiday is almost here - Tour de Fat! Nothing goes with beer better than BBQ and we'll be there to make sure you get it. Be sure to let us know if you see any BBQ bikes!
fortcollins - hogwildbbq - bikes - colorado - tourdefat - bbq - hogwildfortcollins -
hogwildbbqcolorado : #FortCollins #TourdeFat #Colorado #Bikes #BBQ #HogWildBBQ #HogWildFortCollins
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Are you going to @newbelgium @tourdefat ?? I HIGHLY recommend going if it's ANYWHERE near you!! #bikes #beer #costumes #TourDeFat #bikelife #goodtimes
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This is how the Tour De Fat goes down in the hometown. Over 25,000 freaks hit the streets, including our pals at other breweries, of course. So rad. #fortcollins #craftbeerlove #newbelgium #tourdefat
fortcollins - craftbeerlove - tourdefat - newbelgium -
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Might have to get myself a bike this year. #newbelgium #beer #fortcollins #colorado #tourdefat
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willsta4 : god. damn.
bradyhawk101 : @willsta4 thirsty?
lord_jc3 : @bradyhawk101 you gonna come down for the tour de fat??
bodieroybal : Bike? In Fort Collins?
tflynn1010 - willsta4 - becky_lyd - queenzretire -
I'm one happy mama right now! Thank you Cher! I have the best co workers a girl could ever ask for! #tourdefat #burley #newbelgiumbrewery #ihopeigotthishashtagthingright #bicycle
newbelgiumbrewery - burley - bicycle - tourdefat - ihopeigotthishashtagthingright -
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Miss you guys!! @ariellelene was this the year you flipped over the handlebars? 😂😂 @britttttttttt_ #newbelgium #tourdefat #fortcollins #colorado #bikes #beers
fortcollins - bikes - beers - colorado - newbelgium - tourdefat -
britttttttttt_ : HAHA and shattered her phone?? Sure was! 😂 Miss you guys so much! 😘
lkhughesphoto - ashleymeghan13 - britttttttttt_ - craftshack -
If this ol' cruiser were dressing up for #tourdefat ... what would it be? #bikefestivals #LPbiketours #fortcollins
fortcollins - bikefestivals - tourdefat - lpbiketours -
pourandpedal - devin_mb - kennyem1 - darrensq -
Come pre game with your favorite bar for Fort Collins beloved holiday, Tour De Fat!!! This Saturday, September 5th, Road 34 is opening at 8am to host you and the homies to make damn sure you get your day started right! Cold brews and some kick ass breakfast is all you could ever ask for! See you Saturday friends!! #road34 #tourdefat #foco #rideyourfuckingbike
rideyourfuckingbike - foco - road34 - tourdefat -
adam_dutch : Ooooo man !!! @road34bikebar for Breakfast? I left too soon
cincopation5 - bozzboyer - casazulpr - mitch_dodson -
Alright y'all, were four days out from the #FortCollins #TourdeFat and want to know -- what's your costume?
fortcollins - tourdefat -
samanthabreigh : @k8tco !!!
brittmarie405 : @samanthabreigh I'll look for the shoe bike 🚲
samanthabreigh : @brittmarie405 hahahaha yes, please!!!
kate_mohr : @brenna_r_rush @misskalymo @brotherbear09 @soph_pet @mkuhlke @alymarie__ @danielbeatty So excited to go as an educational tool: the birds and the bees 😆
kuhnhohn : @bkuhnhein
raisinghellings : @kiwizilla :)
ginger__rose : @katieb420 @bigeasymrw @andrewwingert GET READY FOR SOME FUN!
blissbirrrd : 🐴+🌽+🌈+🍻+🎈(a mostly drunk unicorn, with balloons cuz it'll be my birthday!!!)
sol_y_luna_soilpluslove - onewheelsqueel - laurie_jade1918 - laa.maria -
Tour de Fat is less than 4 weeks away. I hope you can come to this super fun fundraiser for @sdbikecoalition and @sdmba on Saturday September 26 at Golden Hill Park #tourdefat #newbelgium #newbelgiumbrewing #lifebybike Thanks @newbelgium
lifebybike - tourdefat - newbelgiumbrewing - newbelgium -
erikamg5 - ehmahella - sweetmetalcandy - josteria562 -
#tourdefat #dropout 💪🏼🍔
dropout - tourdefat -
baijieezy : Hej. Står du i vores opgang? 😂
tobiaswinberg : @baijieezy hehe netop derfra📷!! Havde bare optur over dens optimistiske placering 😁
baijieezy : Hvis du spørger pænt, tror jeg godt du må låne den af Lars hehe
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Throwback Monday cuz I luh my baes. Can't wait for Saturday Tour de Fat yay! #throwbAckmonday #friends #tourdefat #fortcollins @kpsamps16 @dizzylizzyfofizzy
fortcollins - throwbackmonday - friends - tourdefat -
dizzylizzyfofizzy - juliabm69 - maya_elizabeth28 - nick_czer -
#ifoundthecarnie @newbelgium_denver #ilovebeer #colorado #craftbeer #tourdefat
ifoundthecarnie - ilovebeer - colorado - craftbeer - tourdefat -
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We're ready! Head to our facebook page to share your favorite part of Tour De Fat & you could win $25 to the store! #fortcollins #csu #coloradostate. #Repost @tourdefat with @repostapp. ・・・ Just one more week until our hometown show in #FortCollins. We're ready for some of the FoCo ❤️. #TourdeFat
fortcollins - csu - coloradostate - tourdefat - repost -
kjfsix9 - tkleinhardt - blindmolly - vanessa_at_parabrahma -
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