1965 Ludwig w Zildjian hits road with FAT TIRE: Tour de Fat summer concert series. When New Belgium Brewing Company needed a vintage, 60's era Ludwig for their Tour de Fat summer concert series, they turned to Denver's #1 used drum resource. To find the kit they needed was not easy as collectors LOVE these drums. They sell for top dollar on eBay with irrational exuberance. Tough order to fill for most. It took about 7 weeks to hunt down this very special 1965 Ludwig drum set in damn-near new condition. Champagne Sparke finish that is in showroom-new condition. Original owner bought them in summer, 1965 (have receipt) and played them for a bit before meeting a lady. She custom-sewed drum cases for him out of denim and told him to put his drums away as she hated them. He did, and over 40 years later, I bought them in like-new condition at an estate sale in Utah. They are truly mint. Amazing drums with 10" and 12" hanging toms I mounted on beefy stands, 14" and 16" floor toms, and a huge-sounding but tiny 14x20" bass drum. Vintage Ludwig aluminum Acrolite from the early 60-'s was added from my personal stash. Per my buddy from Geffen's recommendation (and thankfully, per the rider as was later discovered) tuned it up w Remo coated heads. Also picked up a giant lot of vintage cymbals and delivered a complete and amazing setup to the boys at Fat Tire. Kit is going on tour but will be at Civic Center Park in Fort Collins on 9/5 and at City Park in Denver on 9/12 if you want to check it out for your self. Oh yeah...and I delivered it to them for thousands of dollars less than I could, and FOR MUCH LESS than anyone else that even got a call would. Namaste!! visit for more details http://www.newbelgium.com/events/tour-de-fat #LodoDrumGuy #Lodo #denver #cityofdenver #ludwig #vintage #summer #concert #fattire #tourdefat #newbelgium #beer #zildjian #60's #zildjian #legendary #love #awesome #drums #drummer #amazing #percussion #badass #champagnesparkle #colorado #cycling #bike #mountainbike #charity
summer - love - concert - awesome - mountainbike - 60 - lododrumguy - cityofdenver - drums - zildjian - lodo - badass - fattire - colorado - champagnesparkle - cycling - vintage - legendary - beer - denver - 1 - percussion - amazing - drummer - tourdefat - newbelgium - bike - charity - ludwig -
villehirvenoja - the_secret_spot_surf_band - ericsfitzgerald - wsethgent -
#TourDeFatDC @newbelgium_dc #bikedc #newbelgium #tourdefat @newbelgium
tourdefatdc - tourdefat - bikedc - newbelgium -
brittnie_nicole - singingindreams - cavagrill - reginamartel -
Waitin' for my ride- TOUR DE FAT IS NEXT WEEKEND 🎉🎈 #tourdefat #bikedc #bikelife #ridedc #bikeandmetro #washingtondc #ACreativeDC
bikelife - tourdefat - bikedc - acreativedc - ridedc - bikeandmetro - washingtondc -
acreativedc - olliechew4 - grinersteven - tatianalopez70 -
Join #LACBC or renew your membership in the month of May and you could win a trip for 2 to @newbelgium's #TourDeFat in #SanDiego this fall, thanks to our sponsors at @sdbikecoalition & @Amtrak! #bikeLA #PedalPower #BikeMonth #NewBelgium http://la-bike.org/membership
lacbc - tourdefat - sandiego - newbelgium - bikela - bikemonth - pedalpower -
look_intomy_life : @ogpebbles78
sdbikecoalition : 🚴🏻💨🚂
sdbikecoalition - newbelgium_socal - _cameronbond - el_pedal -
Lining up the taps, loading up the trucks - ready to bring awesome beers your way. Can't wait for the first #TourdeFat next Saturday!
tourdefat -
tourdefat : @dadam108 It's our new tap handle for the whole hop kitchen series.
dadam108 : One more question, is Eric's Ale going to be released in bombers again or is this a limited batch?
pjaff2 : @invisiblepat Eric's ale! Bah!
emdubstep : I see Carnie's blood tap.... is it going to make it to DC?
tourdefat : @emdubstep Sadly it is not, but we're sending NBB Love Cherry Oscar in its place, and that beer is F-I got amazing.
tourdefat : @dadam108 Bottles and draft! It should be out some time in June. So stoked.
dadam108 : Oh boy! That's the best beer news I've heard in a minute! Thanks for the intel!
vyxle : Can't believe it's that time of year again! Where's the first one?
roundaboutboise - katmarshian - craft_beer_guy - laa.maria -
Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world #lovethisbitch #shemakesprettyfaces #happybirthday #flippinthebird @pursuingneverland
shemakesprettyfaces - lovethisbitch - flippinthebird - tourdefat - happybirthday -
pursuingneverland : Bahahah #Sasspot ! Thanks for the bday ❤️ ughhh I wanna go to FoCo with you again!!!
c8linholly : #tourdefat is coming up. Let's do ittt!
pursuingneverland - hannahbower2 - abbymccann1715 - frr33ff0ll0wwrs.innsta900 -
Alright #DC, we're searching for a most-tubular individual to sign up as our car for bike trader. Here's how it works: you give us your car, and we give you $2,250 toward your dream commuter bike, which you pledge to use everyday for a year. We take your car and auction it off, giving the proceeds to our nonprofit partners. Interested?! Hit the link in our bio. #tourdefat #newbelgium
newbelgium - dc - tourdefat -
scrandolph : @enkogkneetow
_k_a_k_83 : @leahmariakorea you and john should go to this!!! So much fun!
leahmariakorea : @_k_a_k_83 thanks for tagging me! I just looked it up and sent it to Jon. Def wanna go!!
msajna : @justineberes
liaflur : @mpetratis @linkuczera
enjoythe_ride : @wabadc !
roundaboutboise - newbelgium_msp - newbelgium_inw - allegra.kovomish -
Who's ready for #TourDeFat? By @newbelgium_msp "@newbelgium @tourdefat is on its way back to the #TwinCities on July 25th. In order to celebrate bikes, beer and bemusent we are going to be holding a scavenger hunt leading up to #TDFTwinCities. Stay tuned if you like VIP Passes, sweet prizes and delicious #craftbeer. Cheers!"
twincities - tdftwincities - tourdefat - craftbeer -
the_view_from_my_bike - garreth__ - chelsea.r.potts -
We've only got a few #TourdeFat license plates left for the DC stop! Preregister (via the link in our profile) and snatch them up before they're gone. #newbelgium
tourdefat - newbelgium -
enjoythe_ride : @wabadc !
weekend_beers : Good
newbelgium_msp - hanbananaa - laa.maria - ejsieb -
Kui upee keli heittää lenkki 😎 Puuttu vaa veriset ämmät ja äijät..Vetää vakavaks😒 #fitness #bikinifitness #bikinifatness #fatboy #beardedman #tourdefat #käsikaasu #bicycling #itsraining #wonderfullweather #fashion #modelling #sportselfie #sadeyrittipysäyttäämut #paloheinä #stadi
sportselfie - fashion - tourdefat - sadeyrittipysäyttäämut - wonderfullweather - modelling - itsraining - paloheinä - fatboy - bikinifitness - käsikaasu - bicycling - stadi - beardedman - fitness - bikinifatness -
roopeberg : Äijä polki viel ilosena Pirkkolassa 😄 Et kai vaan kastunu?
mikkosollo : @roopeberg Kiitos huolenpidostasi. Vaikuttunut olen kovin. Haistan kuitenkin pienen sarkasmin ja totean vain että haista sinä vittu 😃
thebeardlove : So nice!
mikkosollo : @thebeardlove ✌👍
pirkko_nieminen - healthyfive - rondevujewels - roopeberg -
#dontbesucharoadie ... Wait no. Do it. Long road rides with amazing people. Do that. #tourdecure #nccure2015 #tourdefat
nccure2015 - dontbesucharoadie - tourdecure - tourdefat -
slimwonder - guineverebarnett - dc.corners - missmaddieliza -
Riding cowboy style, guns up. This guy look familiar? He's the guy that does all the signing at #tourdefat #marshals #nctour2015 #tourdecure #newbelgium
nctour2015 - tourdecure - newbelgium - marshals - tourdefat -
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Get it on your calendars, folks! This year's event promises to be the biggest year yet. 🚲🍻🎉 #newbelgium #tourdefat #boise #bikes #beer #swimba #nonprofits
nonprofits - beer - bikes - tourdefat - newbelgium - swimba - boise -
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'Bout to f*ck sh*t up w/ @kateboonedc on the advice of @akiraakuto #tourdefat
tourdefat -
akiraakuto : Let me know what ya think!
opendoordining : @milkcult omg take me with you
kateboonedc - mattsteink - dannyboitel - viajera4eva -
#TourDeFatDC @newbelgium_dc #bikedc #newbelgium #tourdefat
tourdefatdc - tourdefat - bikedc - newbelgium -
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DC #biketowork day view from the Washington Monument. Headed home for s @newbelgium_dc ahead of #tourdefat next week.
biketowork - tourdefat -
newbelgium_dc : Woohoo! See you there!
hereticdivine - red_hammer_bags - ledbylite - newbelgium_dc -
Celebrating bike to work day at RHI studios w/ beer:30 and bicycles @bettercremeicing. #biketoworkday #biketowork #RHI #landscapearchitecture #bikes #bike #plug #chargebikes #tourdefat #fattire #multimodal #landscapedesign #oldtown #oldtownalexandria #ot
plug - biketowork - fattire - tourdefat - chargebikes - bikes - landscapedesign - oldtownalexandria - multimodal - oldtown - bike - landscapearchitecture - ot - biketoworkday - rhi -
gillespiegroup - atlaslab - dominique_houard - b_ston -
Guess what, summer is almost here and do you know what that means? @newbelgium @tourdefat is around the corner! #TBT Wall•E is wearing his bicycle scarf, he got very muddy last year but we still had@fun! #beer #dogs #dogsofchicago #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #fuelthecure @zukespets @mucca.pazza #petstagram #tourdefat #newbelgium #palmersquarepark #logansqaure
petstagram - logansqaure - dogsofinstagram - dogsofig - tbt - beer - fuelthecure - newbelgium - palmersquarepark - dogsofchicago - dogs - tourdefat -
furie.nocturne : He's gorgeous! And smiling! Hehe. 🐶☺️
zoolindsey : Thanks @furie.nocturne and Wall-E is one of the happiest dogs I know!
noodlethedachshund - lovedoggiestyle - mottsdiary - zoolindsey -
Alright, who likes bikes, philanthropy, fun in the sun and beer? Right, that would be just about everyone... That's why we're stoked the 2015 #tourdefat season is about to kick off💥 Follow @TourDeFat for updates on all the bikes, ballyhoo and bemusement, and check out @newbelgium_dc, where the first stop of the Tour will hit on May 30. #newbelgium #philanthropy
philanthropy - tourdefat - newbelgium -
exactali : @wendyyalas @kaspanda @colleenmarguerite July 11! Palmer Sq!
capitolriverfront : The #CapitolRiverfront in DC is ready!
kaspanda : @exactali @colleenmarguerite i'm totally in
newbelgium : @bromptonmafia 👊
loloschaff : @amandanelson85 please do!!!! Sounds right up our alley!
caseyratlief : @katesommerville YES!
caseyratlief : @lindseyanne287
colleenmarguerite : @exactali @kaspanda ok!! Wooooo
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#tbt to when I used to ride girl's bikes with my friends. #Sprockettes #tourdefat San Francisco, 2008
sprockettes - tbt - tourdefat -
noelleforest : Awe never gets old!
charlotticus - spreeena - cyclecide - hartytilton -
Just shy of 1500 miles, in for a tuneup. #moneymaker @newbelgium #beer #tourdefat #keepgoing #repair #tuneup #tuning #modification #beachcruiser #bikeart #bikeshop #work #motorizedbicycle #mopedarmy #motorcycle #cruiser #style #oldschool #racer #1900s #bikes #and #engines #flatrack #boardtrack #rideme #laid-back
and - repair - tourdefat - cruiser - tuneup - bikeart - bikeshop - racer - beachcruiser - modification - keepgoing - bikes - motorcycle - rideme - boardtrack - oldschool - somanyhashtags - tuning - style - moneymaker - engines - work - motorizedbicycle - laid - beer - flatrack - 1900s - mopedarmy - mopedsofinsta -
pedalsnpistons : #somanyhashtags
smurfhito : Wow like it!
faramba : Awesome
pedalsnpistons : #mopedsofinsta
bigblack017 : Where is ur shop located
pedalsnpistons : @bigblack017 Greenville, NC
bigblack017 : Man nvm lol im in cali i needed to get my bike assembled
thesourhourdotcom - doctorhelmet - geniarjcarid - velozdirect -
The #DC @TourdeFat is fast approaching (cue beers, bikes and bemusement), and we want to give things away in celebration. For those living near DC, follow our DC Instagram handle, @newbelgium_dc, and tag your #bikedc photos with #tourdefatdc for the chance to win some rad bike gear and a New Belgium Cruiser bike! Contest runs through May 24th. Hit the link in our profile for more details. #newbelgium #tourdefat
tourdefatdc - dc - tourdefat - bikedc - newbelgium -
jaysiegel : @_frank_d_b_ its on!
franzmars : @lipstickhippies 📷📷🍻
cldemeritt : @bikesbeerandgrub
justineberes : @alifern
ebdale : @dalesarah @danielkalik feel free to borrow my mullet wig and coconut bra if you want.
navethom : @tmpianko you better be going to this since you'll miss the foco one!
tmpianko : @navethom oh my goodness hell yes I will be going!!! 🚲🍻
brewswithaview : #BWAV for any human-less photos with a sweet view!
hopsnbarleyblog - ambrose_lv - thetravelingbeerd - thebeertrapper -
all we needed, @newbelgium_dc was that #boombotix to set a party at Cardozo!! #bikedc #TourDeFatDC #tourdefat #newbelgium #newbelgiumdc
tourdemellow - tourdefat - bikedc - newbelgium - tourdefatdc - boombotix - newbelgiumdc -
anaclets : #tourdemellow
supamantan : Grab your bike and your favorite superhero costume and join the fun tomorrow at Dupont Circle, 7:30pm
shareanevada : I like the photo, but i also like an actual beer in hand. Time to go the pub!
acunag77 - caitlinestull - olivedays - dustinreynaldo -
bike ride through bike murals @newbelgium_dc #TourDeFatDC #bikedc #tourdefat #newbelgiumdc #boombotix
tourdemellow - tourdefat - newbelgiumdc - tourdefatdc - boombotix - bikedc -
anaclets : #tourdemellow
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🚲 + 🎶 = ❤️. Our Instagram Photo Challenge continues as we gear up for #tourdefat and embrace our bikes despite the spring heat wave in DC! If you haven't experienced the portable sound this water-resistant @boombotix speaker can bring to your daily cruising, you'll definitely want to jump on this week's challenge! Tag your #bikedc photos with #tourdefatdc for the chance to win. Full contest rules/details can be found by clicking the link in our profile. Happy Monday and happy snapping!
tourdefatdc - tourdefat - bikedc -
wooben : @ebrosie
anaclets : The wait is killinnnnn me @newbelgium_dc when do you announce the winner of this beauty?!?? 🚴🏽🎶
newbelgium_msp - newbelgium_rdu - schlaganheimer - statesocietyaz -
We're brewing this year's batch of Carnie's Blood! We'll only have one keg of this ale brewed with blood orange juice for each stop on the tour (excluding DC (sorry y'all)), so be sure to line up early at the Lips of Faith tent to make sure you get a pour. #tourdefat #newbelgium
tourdefat - newbelgium -
bicyclecellar : #omnomnom
grizzly_adams_27 : @clintzilla
annieroseeee : @TourdeFat I looked for it everywhere last year in Fort Collins and nobody knew what I was talking about. 😢😭
emdubstep : what?!? no bueno
tourdefat : @annieroseeee Last year it always tapped in the lips of faith tent around 2 pm. That might be different this year, but the LoF tent is definitely the spot to be at. 👊
annieroseeee : @tourdefat Thanks! 👍
sumerni : So good!
savoringfortcollins : @bkbroiler00
roundaboutboise - myersfive - poopdoodboob - snowbankbrew -
Tour de Fat
tourdefat -
bridgemanphotography : #tourdefat
ledbylite -
Out of the frying pan, into the FIRE!!! Wrapped rehearsals for #tourdefat this afternoon. At the build for #conjuremagicshow tonight!! I can't WAIT to open this show! #magic #Denver
conjuremagicshow - magic - tourdefat - denver -
sannmarsh - dawny0916 - sallymariewatts - carolyndmiller -
The first ever performance on #Sputnik: Miss Sara Deckard herself!!! #Josephine #dance #tourdefat
josephine - dance - sputnik - tourdefat -
scotnery : Wtf!
sannmarsh - ericberlinberg - alsne - carolyndmiller -
#tourdefat #clownlife
clownlife - tourdefat -
spencerameeks - stainkec - jbows - vanessavalliere -
The Tour de Fat show rehearsals are under way at an undisclosed location somewhere in Denver. Get your costumes ready and start raising that freaky flag. #tourdefat #newbelgium
tourdefat - newbelgium -
coloradowild : you should call it Area 1554
coloradowild : because of all the secrecy and awesome stuff going on
tavidallas : Undisclosed location yet it's tagged at the western stock show...
newbelgium_denver : @tavidallas, you solved the not so sneaky riddle. 🐄🐎🐏🐓🐷
tavidallas : I'll have an early taste of 2015 Le Terrior for my prize please @newbelgium_denver
newbelgium_denver : You drive a hard bargain, my friend. I can only provide a virtual 🙏🏻 and 🍻. Though the Le Terroir does sound delicious. @tavidallas
yendrabuilt : That explains our missed weekly mandate at Moe's BBQ. 😢🐔🍺
thesourhourdotcom - lins219 - snowbankbrew - beer.nerd.malmo -
The first #TourdeFat is less than a month away! We're reading the art bikes and working through the kinks in our show (and keeping a few of them around because, you know, kinks are fun). Stoked to get the season started! #🚲🍺
tourdefat - 🚲🍺 -
jackalope59 : @socalsoco
abstract_rob : After a few beers Hell yea hahaha @theoriginal_ocho @ashiecakes74
ashiecakes74 : Then you will fall off if your to drunk lol I think @theoriginal_ocho recorded someone falling off of one last year lol @abstract_rob
asosa86 : @daveydaveydavey lol
daveydaveydavey : @mikemelzer yes !!!
tish24 : @lindseyrit 👍🚲🚲🚲
apleon : @ashbro716 think @ctylerw could make one of these? 😉
ashbro716 : @apleon this is AMAZING!!!!!
northparkbikes - riversidehotelboise - moonmenbikes - sandiegobikeblog -
Rehearsals for #tourdefat #work
work - tourdefat -
weavb : Miss you all terribly. Keeping an eye on Fonda, The Captain and Tennille for you.
rudy_muller : You need more motorcycle rehearsals. Lol
micheal64111 - aaronarmstrongvf - brospro - poomis -
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