#tornadoHunt :P #countryside #drive #instamood
countryside - drive - instamood - tornadohunt -
kichu_nair : Nw tat's a fine weather!
tejaswiram - rohit314 - whiskey_eyed - kichu_nair -
#skyporn #twister #colorado #nofilter #tornado #tornadohunt
nofilter - colorado - skyporn - tornado - twister - tornadohunt -
lawlessnative : Wow!
sandi_n_bella - sikdayz - lawlessnative - caitlinkt -
#100happydays #DayFour #WeatherNerd #TornadoHunt Last night's super cell that tore it's way through Northeastern Nebraska. The tornado is located in the cross hairs in the yellows & blues. Storms have become such a passion of mine and I've made it some what of a hobby to track them and to learn to read the radar better each and everyday.
100happydays - dayfour - weathernerd - tornadohunt -
#Tornadohunt who is all in. Storm chasing in the state of Georgia. Comment for more info
tornadohunt -
jillian_autumn -
I'm grateful for all the new followers! ๐Ÿ‘Here's a still from the next season of Tornado Chasers on May 31, 2013... 2.6 miles wide, but here it's just a baby. A horrible, violent baby! #tornadohunt #latergram
latergram - tornadohunt -
jason_bagby : @nervousblakedown Thanks! those are big words, I got some cool cousins.
jason_bagby : @bebellanti ditto!
ashkamee : I love that show. I just watched a bunch of episodes when I was out of town.
mika_s_gallery : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
chocolatemilkcharly : heh we're all from tumblrrr
hashtag_swerve_ : That's awesome where was it?
golddust624 : @emilylovespotatos Oklahoma
talithakraa : Storm chaser @manulito24816enz
clillaryhinton - purpledaizie - 11alvarado11 - anarodaker -
A lot of you know about my addiction to bad weather and weather in general. Still kills me that Tim Samaras is gone. I'm finally getting a chance to watch #DangerousDaysAhead on #theweatherchannel. Man, I miss #timsamaras!! #twistex #tornado #storm #tornadohunt #stormriders
theweatherchannel - tornado - twistex - dangerousdayahead - storm - timsamaras - dangerousdaysahead - stormriders - tornadohunt -
rhea_chrisman : #dangerousdayahead
dayesleeper - cptnmarco - jrrivera - jsilver -
Captured an incredible shot of a outflow dominant severe storm overtaking many chasers including the tornado hunt team back on May 30th, 2013 near Perkins, OK #storms #severestorms #stormchasers #stormchasing #incredible #tornadoes #tornadohunt #Oklahoma #outflow #dominant #weatherchannel
tornadoes - dominant - incredible - stormchasing - storms - outflow - stormchasers - severestorms - weatherchannel - oklahoma - tornadohunt -
tater3825 : If I saw all those cars pulled over and that crazy cloud, my first thought would be "Omg, the world is ending" lol
landrylovesgod - awesomeness1001 - blogisztan - chitownbeardface -
Getting closer #torndo #tornadohunt
torndo - tornadohunt -
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We chased a luck dragon all the way through the panhandle today. #cloud #tornadohunt #okwx
okwx - cloud - tornadohunt -
pandamav : @jason_bagby luck dragon?
dultz : Faaaaalllllcooooorrrr.....
akamberkoch : So cool!
undero - bennegan76 - darkdandeli0n - muratserdaroglu -
This Is How It Look Before It Turning Into A Shelf Cloud An Before It Got Dark #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
liv929 - stormchaser441 -
It Seen Like A Inflow Bands Is Getting Made Before The Shelf Cloud Get Made It's Shelf An A Nices Dark Background Moveing My Way @weatherchannel @weatherwithjay @weather_grl771 #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
liv929 - weatherwithjay - kchood - stormchaser441 -
It Seen Like The Shelf Cloud Is Getting Closer An Getting Wide To An Staring Getting To Get A Little Bit Dark An Wider #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
liv929 - s_e03 -
I Seen Like I Was Around At The Right Time To Watch The Shelf Cloud Developing Out An Heading My Way @weatherchannel @weatherwithjay @weather_grl771 @kchood @slhood14 #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
liv929 - denny.bug - weatherwithjay -
Here's The Side Of The Shelf Cloud It Just Seen Like It Was Getting Wider An Wider An Darker An Darker #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
liv929 - stormchaser441 -
It Seen Like The Shelf Cloud Is Moveing Towards Me An It Seen Like It's Getting Dark An Darker In The Background @weatherchannel @weatherwithjay @kchood @slhood14 @weather_grl771 #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
weatherwithjay : Cool!
2najee : @weatherwithjay Yep Ur Right On That jay It Was Cool
weatherwithjay - landrylovesgod - lovestory351 - stormchaser441 -
It Just Seen Like it's Just Spirting Out More An Getting wider An Wider #stormyweather #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - stormyweather - tornadohunt -
People From The Twistex Team Is In A Better Place Right Now #stormchaseforlife #tornadoHunt
stormchaseforlife - tornadohunt -
tims222 - nycjacob2002 - youngstormtracker4 - mrbacon_2 -
What A Nice Development Of A Large Cumulus Cloud #stormyweather #stormchaseing #stormclouds #tornadoHunt @weatherchannel @weatherwithjay
stormchaseing - stormyweather - stormclouds - tornadohunt -
olivia111223 - weatherwithjay -
What A Nices Size Of The Sheft Cloud An What A Nices View To Be Right There Wy It's Getting Made Right In Front Of Me #stormchaseing #tornadoHunt
stormchaseing - tornadohunt -
#Latergram: From my #TornadoHunt ride-along back in April.
latergram - tornadohunt -
meringuekabang : Love it that's my dream !
danielpayette : My dream as well!
guinhu_u : Awesome and also spooky wow
kathrynmichael : Lucky you weren't with them this weekend!!
silversnapper : Great shot. Nothing better than stormchasing!
miguel1984 - silversnapper - jaynawallace - team_south_america -
#TornadoHunt vehicle courtesy of @WeatherChannel #OKC #OKwx
okc - okwx - tornadohunt -
jim526 : Looks like mission accomplished
thetechnivore : Hunt's over. They found it.
midnight_vamp - nmscas_jb - drweinblatt - cathy_summ -
My mom was one of the last people to sit in the Tornado Hunt vehicle yesterday before it crashed in the tornado last night. #tornadohunt #weatherchannel #sapulpa #oklahoma #ok
oklahoma - weatherchannel - ok - sapulpa - tornadohunt -
imillard : @jessejameshamilton glad to hear your team is safe!
jessejameshamilton : Thank you, @imillard - most intense moments in the control room when that happened
mualum98 : We're doing a story on your folks on Channel 2 in Tulsa tonight at 10 pm!!
jessejameshamilton : Thanks @mualum98 - I'll watch for it online. My mom will be watching!
patricia.galyean : My mom works for the weather channel she works in broadband and on the radio her name is coralie galyean I am her daughter
utahwxman - craftyconstance - yagoallib - quintiliano -
This was The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes yesterday in Sapulpa, Oklahoma hours before the crash that destroyed the Tornado Hunt vehicle near El Reno, OK #tornadohunt #weatherchannel #oklahoma
oklahoma - weatherchannel - tornadohunt -
kevatx : Read that the driver was from here in Austin and had some serious injuries. Best wishes.
luramccoy81 - craftyconstance - trevorlcollins - kevatx -
The tornado picked up The Weather Channel truck last night, threw it 200 yards - where it rolled several times with our crew in it. They all survived. Amazing. #weatherchannel #tornadohunt #ok #oklahoma #okc #elreno #unioncity
unioncity - okc - ok - tornadohunt - oklahoma - weatherchannel - elreno -
ferncont : Wow. That's unbelievable. Hope they're not injured!
toxiew : The hunt is over for that truck @jessejameshamilton
jessejameshamilton : They're all ok. One of the people still in the hospital.
patricia.galyean : Ya tell them hope they get better BTW what happened to him
luramccoy81 - toxiew - aznjwl428 - craftyconstance -
Our Tornado Hunt truck being hauled away in Oklahoma #weatherchannel #oklahoma #ok #tornado #damage #crash #tornadohunt
ok - tornado - crash - oklahoma - weatherchannel - damage - tornadohunt -
ericneitzel - eyecool - ryannyoga - dsjeffries -
Before and after photo of the #NBCNews Bloom Mobile. This truck and two others apart of the @WeatherChannel's #TornadoHunt chase team that took a direct hit by a tornado in El Reno, #Oklahoma.
nbcnews - oklahoma - tornadohunt -
theycallmetuesday : Just like TWISTER!
kimiajan : oooow,my sweety ♥
skmadigan_ : This is the TWC truck @jsamel
mariluac : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
upscaledsociety : @jsamel that's about $50000 worth of equipment lost and years of fabrication and design work gone...I'm sure the weather channels team can get over the fact that there ugly wraped $30'000 suv was hurt!
montanna2461 : I was hit by that tornado too :(
mmaason : @linds_diaz @mc_rissa ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜
pei_93 : Good luck people...pray for you all
jennny68 - 14sophia - linda_macneil - harpal1395 -
--- The #weatherchannel 's #tornadohunt truck after being flipped while #chasing a #tornado earlier today!!!! All passengers are A OK... #weather #weathergonewild #storm #stormchaser #tornados #twister #twc #supercell #thunderstorm #summer #sunset #love #twitter #facebook #instagram #skyporn #cloudporn #demolished #crazy #landscape #f5 #ef5 #lightning #safetyfirst #danger #dangerous
summer - crazy - love - instagram - danger - tornado - twitter - thunderstorm - supercell - weather - facebook - tornados - safetyfirst - weathergonewild - weatherchannel - landscape - f5 - twc - chasing - cloudporn - stormchaser - dangerous - skyporn - ef5 - lightning - demolished - storm - sunset - twister - tornadohunt -
weather_gone_wild : Photo taken by Sean Schoffer of TVN
mommiesnetwork : Glad you were all ok๐Ÿ‘
weather1959 : Oooohhh that's not good ,was this near your house?, @weatherchannel this isn't good
dreadyphishhead - brittanytapp_ - alexc234 - tjoelchris -
Mike Bettis and crew from the Weather Channel. Thank god that everyone is ok! Credit for the picture goes to Sean Schoffer of TVN. #iloveclouds #clouds #cloud #sky #weather #mothernature #nature #cloudporn #cloudstagram #instaclouds #crazyclouds #skyporn #skies #instasky #horizon #skylovers #tornadohunt #chase #tornadochase #tornado #elreno #oklahoma #2013
instaclouds - horizon - nature - tornado - iloveclouds - mothernature - weather - skylovers - cloud - chase - tornadochase - clouds - cloudporn - crazyclouds - oklahoma - skyporn - sky - instasky - skies - cloudstagram - elreno - 2013 - tornadohunt -
dlstarks - trpldeuces -
#tornadohunt #2013 #rainwrapped #mikebettes #hurt #oklahoma #tornado
rainwrapped - mikebettes - tornado - oklahoma - tornadohunt - 2013 - hurt -
rachelluvsyewtons - brandon_curren - _happyandhealthy -
He found what he was looking for! #oklahoma #2013 #oklahoma2013 #tornado #tornadohunt #storm
oklahoma2013 - storm - tornado - oklahoma - 2013 - tornadohunt - : Glad y'all are safe
harrysgirl2010 : @mreric88 thank you
shxwntel - teenagefakes__ - -
prayforoklahoma - tornadohunt2013 - may31 - theweatherchannel - oklahomacity - oklahoma - weatherchannel - oklahomatornado - tornadohunt -
i_like_boring_things : It's been crazy here. Hope those guys are okay.
skylives2sail : @i_like_boring_things they are safe!
skylives2sail : #theweatherchannel #tornadohunt #tornadohunt2013 #weatherchannel #may31 #oklahomacity #oklahoma #oklahomatornado
dcxr7 : #weather
skylives2sail : Saw this on twitter! So crazy! Just glad they are safe!
skylives2sail : #prayforoklahoma
dcxr7 - gkennedy__ - poilajabari - katelynkinnett -
Look at what happened to the Weather channel tornado chaser vehicle. How crazy is that? #weatherchannel #weather #oklahomacity #tornado #may31 #oklahoma #tornadohunt2013 #tornadohunt
tornadohunt2013 - may31 - oklahomacity - tornado - oklahoma - weather - weatherchannel - tornadohunt -
skylives2sail : Just glad they are safe
iamvanzeezy : Oh no! I was watching that live feed until it went off. Sad :/
dcxr7 : @iamvanzeezy least they all were safe from any major injuries
iamvanzeezy : @dcxr7 that's true. So glad
fddiao - _cantcope - otaku_is_a_promise - yeglavie -
#MikeBettes #TornadoHunt #TheWeatherChannel vehicle was thrown 200 yards and airbags deployed in the tornadoes west of #OklahomaCity just now. Please pray for those affected as huge tornadoes are hitting Oklahoma City again.
oklahomacity - tornadohunt - theweatherchannel - mikebettes -
jmacmama : Praying!
robertstevens : Crazy day and it's not over yet.
nycjacob2002 - bethiefaith - robertstevens - philfenom -
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