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Glancing at the clock, tears streamed down your eyes. Another 15 minutes until Tony gets home from the grocery store. You take out a piece of paper and a pen and begin to write. 'Babe, I'm sorry... I can't do this anymore. I've fought the best I can, and trust me, you've helped me so much... Don't ever think this was your-'.... You couldn't do it. You folded the paper in half and put it under the mattress on your side. You sat there on your bed, crying. Minutes passed, and you heard the front door close. You quickly dried your eyes and looked in the mirror. Shit, he's gonna know I've been crying. You hope for the best, walking out to greet your boyfriend. "Hey hun," Tony said with a huge smile. "Baby, what's wrong?" He dropped the grocery bags and walks over to you. You sighed, knowing this would happen. "What do you mean?" You say, trying not to sound stupid. "Oh my god y/n. Your sleeves are wet. Did you do it again?" You started to cry again, this time your chest started to hurt. He grabs your head with one hand and your back with the other and hugs you, holding you tightly. "I thought you promised you'd tell me when it got bad like this." He let go, then rolled up your sleeves. A year escaped from his crystal-like eyes and for a moment a flash of anger appeared in his eyes. You quickly rolled down your sleeves. "Tony..." He continued to cry. He said, "This is my fault isn't it? I wasn't here for you! I couldn't have stopped you... What if I was gone for another ten minutes! What would I do without you?" He cried and kissed your lips. Tears were streaming down your face... You kissed him back. "Why?" He asked. You looked away. "Why would you do this to yourself?" You walked away and went into your guys' room. Tony followed, grabbing your arm. "Y/n, I love you. You know that right?" You nodded. "I'm going to go out the groceries away, I'll be right back. Okay?" You nodded again and he kissed your head. He left, and you just sat there, motionless. A few minutes passed, he was still out in the kitchen. You went to your guys' bathroom and rolled up your sleeves. You looked at your cuts. Tears started again... You slammed the door shut and locked it.
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fuckingfic : You heard footsteps in your room. "Y/n? Open the door!" It was Tony. You didn't say anything. You took out a blade and looked at it. You sniffled. Tony started to slam on the door, "Open it, now!" He yelled. You took the blade to your wrist and slowly pushed in. "Y/n!" He screamed. He walked away then came back and found a key. You knew because the door quickly opened and your boyfriend ran in, grabbing your wrists. "Stop!! Please!! What can I do to help you?! Please! I'll do anything!!" He was gripping your wrists real hard. You winced, and he let go and grabbed the blade. "Is this the only one?" You nodded, looking at him. He lifted the lid to the toilet and throwing the blade in, then flushing. You sobbed, choking on nothing. "Come here" he hugged you. Then he started the bath, and added bubbles. A few minutes later of him comforting you, he started to take your clothes off, then his. He walked into the tub, holding out his hand. You took it, and he grabbed your body for you to carefully get in. "Just keep your arms above the water" He kissed you. You rested your head on his chest as he held you tight in his grasp. "I love you" You said quietly. "I love you too, beautiful" Tony said.
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I'm so bored and today is my open house which is so late because of weather but yeah. --- #tonyperry #tonyperrysmile #tonyturtle #turtle
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I love yoooouuuuu. You don't even knoooooowwwww #ptv #piercetheveil #vicfurntes#mikefuentes#tonyperry#jaimepreciado
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guys.....IM 1 YEAR CLEAN TODAY {#tonyperry #mikefuentes #jaimepreciado #vicfuentes #perf #piercetheveil #ptv}
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My seedy edit I just did,didn't put a watermark on it though lol #piercetheveil #ptv#vicfuentes#mikefuentes#tonyperry#jaimepreciado
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I love the way this looks!!! ❤️😊 #bands #piercetheveil #vicfuentes #mikefuentes #jaimepreciado #tonyperry
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New theme because i can. 😌 -- #posthardcore #vicfuentes #mikefuentes #tonyperry #jaimepreciado #piercetheveil
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It should be nap time now. #piercetheveil #ptv #tonyperry #vicfuentes #mikefuentes #jaimepreciado @piercetheveil @ptvjaime @ptvmike @piercethevic @tonyperry
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