I'm so glad I bought mine before it was too late. Not liking this new guy 😐😒 #new #camaro #tl1 #6thgen #6thcamaro #2016 #performance #sportcar #shevycamaro #chevrolet #usa #fastcar #girldriven
tl1 - sportcar - usa - shevycamaro - chevrolet - fastcar - 6thgen - camaro - 6thcamaro - new - performance - girldriven - 2016 -
franksayssoo - bigbuzzpromo - aliinaaverkina - dianakay99 -
Vous n'êtes pas concentrées mesdemoiselles ! #philo #welovephilo #TL1 #love #girls #concentration #pastropmoches
tl1 - love - pastropmoches - welovephilo - concentration - philo - girls -
marine_gtr - mariongte - il_on - scarlettfeetham -
Comme vous le savez si bien, Les poèmes et moi ça ne fait qu'un. Donc voici quelques phrases rimées, Pour que mon amour puisse vous être déclaré. Je vous aime mes petits TL1, Les plus beaux, les meilleurs, les miens ! 🙈💕 #littéraires #tl1 #party #Antoine #sobriété
party - tl1 - littéraires - sobriété - antoine -
elisarouzeau - lislrys - myriambss - arnooox -
AERO-SONIC barrel adapter setup on @haas_automation #TL1 only chucking .100 off the face, tail stock is a MUST. Finishing up some O-ring grooves with @sandvikcoromantus inserts of course. #haasautomation #haas #Sandvik #SandvikCoromant #jessejamesfirearms #JJFU #stainless #lathe #austin #texas
sandvikcoromant - tl1 - haas - lathe - jessejamesfirearms - haasautomation - sandvik - stainless - austin - texas - jjfu -
paulyfrenchfry : If it wasn't such a pain in the ass to swap out the chuck, you could of put a dead center in the spindle. Depending on if you had room to center drill on the end of that part. Workholding .100" with how squirly ss is, that's sketchy. But you are the man when it comes to doing some cool stuff like this. I look forward to watching this build proceed. #machinest #prototype #gunsgalore
m.a.chavez : @paulyfrenchfry I know what u mean, but I'll be doing it differently when I start machining the whole assy and components myself. This is a part I got from jesses house just to re machine for a finished suppressor, just missing the grooves, they're not wide nor deep, and Im only doing this 1, so no need to make things complicated
paulyfrenchfry : Ah I see. Yeah no need to do all that work for a refinish on one part. I thought you were making it from the start. Anyways my whole machine
paulyfrenchfry : Class follows your work to. We are all into guns and machines so who better to follow.
m.a.chavez : @paulyfrenchfry I just wanna make the best cool shit, and I have a boss who supports that like no other
paulyfrenchfry : I envy you, because you have such a amazing opportunity with the boss you have and a great set of skills to build cool shit. Hopfully one day I'll be on that level. I love to prototype and try to build as many of my ideas as I can. But having access to machines in class is hard. I have to finish the school projects first I guess. Haha
m.a.chavez : @paulyfrenchfry what class? Gotta put in work and learn anything and everything, I'm 10 years deep and only 27...I knew absolutely nothing coming into it and I'm still learning. It's not hard when u love going to work
paulyfrenchfry : I'm in a machining class here in South Florida. It's just a basic 14 month course that prepares people to enter into the industry without being totally in the dark. That's awesome you are so young and have so much experience. I'm 29 and just now starting because I went into the Army first. I've always been interested and have worked around the industry before during and after the army. Just never this in depth until this class. We learn manual machines first and now we are beginning on cnc. We only use Haas machines. So that's why we like to follow your work because we know a little about the machines you use.
mikerodwelds - luckynutsfab71 - popeofjohndeere - proto_cut -
Mes amours. 👌👊❤️ #Amitié #1L1 #TL1 #2#ans #Bonheur
tl1 - 2 - amitié - ans - bonheur - 1l1 -
shime83 - davis.joan - flodespc - camillouu_s -
Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes-2015 #Monaco #Treino #P1 #TL1
treino - tl1 - p1 - monaco -
inpipeoficial - shapehardcore - marcelocampos.limacampos - carlos_br9 -
The rear is relatively straight foward, the front not as much. With inboard suspension front and rear, as well as the option for a front mounted hybrid system, and center 0 degree steering pinion, much to layout. #ethos #tl1 #kitcar #supercar #f1
kitcar - supercar - ethos - tl1 - f1 -
grauchoblondini - superfastsam - batistacaesar - lovaino -
#Team #TL1 #1L1 #Zoulettes #Bacdanslapoche #ahtozz #classmates #PSG #Gyals #Omaxx
tl1 - classmates - ontasdejaditquetetaisunebeauténumérique - omaxx - bacdanslapoche - ahtozz - 1l1 - zoulettes - jaipeterlesplombs - team - jaiquitterlecole - psg - gyals -
_1426_ : LA TEAM DES SURDOUÉES TU COCO MA GUEULE QUE DU SWAGGGG ON EST POSEY #ahtripletoz #bgs #lessoireesdusamedisoirquelquefoiscamedecoit #cmadirection
_1426_ : @ninamcz @sosobettoni the boss
sosobettoni : #91929394 #watib #beauf #aucunrapport ❤️
ninamcz : #ontasdejaditquetetaisunebeauténumérique #jaipeterlesplombs #jaiquitterlecole
sophiebaulaz - sosobettoni - lionbtl - theoskb8 -
Suspension geometry tuning. Doesn't look like much but those lines define just how the car will behave on the road. #ethos #tl1 #kitcar #supercar #rhino3d
kitcar - supercar - ethos - rhino3d - tl1 -
jbamotorsuk : what an awesome car!
lovaino - gilh0 - whiteties.official - jbamotorsuk -
My boy #TL1 @bcbeatdown opening for #protohype. Was a great weekend #yyc @nightclubten #promoter #rave #kandikid #kandi #family
kandikid - tl1 - kandi - family - promoter - yyc - protohype - rave -
sharonosaur - ravemoments - festivalholics - area61_talent -
One year of intense clinical research and coursework has paid off! #TL1 #WashU #graduation
tl1 - graduation - washu -
allana_michoune : You go girl!!!
arielletesia - talbert13 - xkellyauker - chelsogo -
So thrilled that my mama and baby sister were able to be here for my graduation ceremony! #WashU #TL1 #ClinicalResearch
clinicalresearch - tl1 - washu -
fessendens : Love that I finally got to meet your family!!! They're both so kind and wonderful!!
katoner : I am so happy that we finally got my family and the lab together! All of my favorite people! @fessendens
oliviavondy - scarper10 - adthompson43 - mercaaa21411 -
Hard to believe I get paid to do this #lordstanleyscup#Haas#Tl1#instamachinist#cncporn
haas - tl1 - instamachinist - cncporn - lordstanleyscup -
nancyg84 : How many have you made today?
onzefritz : awesome...can I buy two
fruncillo54 : The magic man hard at work!
barejer - dtotherob - canadasnowchick - midsizemak -
lea - tl1 - pere - art - spectale - bonmoments - cent - lesmeilleurs - autop - 2015 - 😂😹 - : Ahahaha nos têtes 😂 ❤️
omaimanaim : Je regarde les photos sur mon portable et j'ai vu ça , je me suis tapé une barre ! 😂
shiroshidesign - - sarah_enee - _jeannanas -
Je trouve cette photo juste génial ! #spectale#pere#cent#2015#tl1#bonmoments#autop#😂😹
tl1 - bonmoments - spectale - pere - cent - autop - 2015 - 😂😹 -
flodlt - - _jeannanas - marionmichel12 -
tl1 - topgirl - like - milujunejvicnasvete - followforfollow - lfl - aj_tak_som_frajer - selfie_stick - likeforlike - nejedu_na_liky - f4f - czechboyz - neumim - followme - czechgirl -
kristynakupczakova : #toptřídatenkluk #laskanavzdy 💕💋 ses nejlepší Vojti hej!!!!! A ne ty cooooo?????😊😘 @vojtanevim
vojtanevim : #milujunejvicnasvete a ne ty co??? Hej prave ty ses💋💋❤
jairbenitez05 - vojtanevim - lasomaso - majulka_helekalova -
Big thanks to @scotto811 uncle mike and the rest of my TL1 crew for getting my helmet @k.aiwohi @kawai_kara @jaycea52 @roychur @chicagokory @tristanaiwohi @shinezer @zaren192. Taking a break for a little while and I'll be back. #TL1 #luckyones
tl1 - luckyones -
nathan.220 : hoooo 👌👌👌
joefred421 : Sickest lid!!
roychur : Get better little bro👌
scotto811 : Anytime! Thanks to our friends at @mission_motorsports for taking care of us.
mikeyalapai : Wht bro Wht happend nd u guys not going be Kahuku this weekend @_donovan199
_donovan199 : Nope bro got hurt couple weeks ago @mikeyalapai
mikeyalapai : Wht u broke one bone?
tattoo_japjoe - k_manokai_ - lg_808 - bruhh.its.emma101 -
🇮🇹 #lesang #love #tl1
tl1 - love - lesang -
ugodelghingaro : Trahison!!
theacroquer : 😁
danh1301 - corentin33320 - ben_jack_herrer - _doblecinco -
@tlbigeyes #TL1 เลขที่ชอบ 42 ชอบคอนแทคเลนส์ลาย Anna อยากให้ขายราคา 150 บาท
tl1 -
iplaystyle - forfang_yanisa - dar_minnie - beampakor -
" J'veux profiter des gens que j'aime, jveux prendre le temps avant que le temps me prenne est m'emmène " #orelsan #friend #4ever #lycée #tl1 #love #melissalefesse #celyanegrosstete #best
4ever - tl1 - love - melissalefesse - best - celyanegrosstete - orelsan - friend - lycée -
celyane_tl5 : Trop chou nous aussi on t'aime gros corps d'amour mdr 😘😘
celyane_tl5 : Eh avec ton filtre la on dirait tu m'a mis du tchoko frère mdrr
l_maat : Mdrrrr ça fait ressortir mes jolies yeux wesh ! @celyane_tl5
melissa_kaplan : Nn c'était pour pas quoi voit son gros pansement sur le nez 😜 @celyane_tl5
cam_ninon : Et ya 3 filles moches et 1 belle... J'en dirait pas plus @celyane_tl5 @melissa_kaplan
celyane_tl5 : Ouais jsui trop d'accord avec toi @cam_ninon une belle et 3 mochetés !
celyane_tl5 : Mdrr ah ouais pas con @melissa_kaplan
melissa_kaplan : J'suis d'accord avec vous toutes mais vue que j'ai du coeur j'osé pas le dire de peur de blesser qlq'un @celyane_tl5 @cam_ninon
jimmysemoul - nath_mtn - maarina_91 - sandraecs_m -
P8 in #TL1 #SpainGP2015
spaingp2015 - tl1 -
stoledano28 - massa19felipe - andresfcarpio - robin.f1 -
#friends #lycee #instagood #GiugiulaThug #MartinLancien #videooftheday #condorcet #BAC #TL1 @instagiulia_ @martiinhooo
tl1 - lycee - martinlancien - instagood - condorcet - bac - giugiulathug - videooftheday - friends -
instagiulia_ : Oh je m'attendais trop à un truc de ouf puis en fait.... ECJS rpz le seul ordi qui marchait pas c'était pour qui? Pour bibi
kevin_vulcain : Mdr non t'inquiètes pas nos conneries je les gardes bien au chaud dans mon portable..Ma camarade de classe et mon bro sur la même vidéo que demander de plus..😌
martiinhooo : Je suis un putain d'imitateur !!
kevin_vulcain : Le meilleur mdr @martiinhooo
instagiulia_ : Ahah, ça va me manque l'année prochaine!
kevin_vulcain : Moi aussi ! 😪
pabanmusic : ❤❤
mandyhrl - okpelo60 - listentomusique - ylou02 -
Désirables sur I 💕 #monde #canon #sourires #belle #love #paixetamour #beautifulgirls #monmulot #coeur #TL1 #party 🙈
tl1 - love - coeur - belle - canon - sourires - monde - beautifulgirls - monmulot - party - paixetamour -
marine_gtr - - lenamakeuprus - mariongte -
@ldenison and I are now proud owners of a brand new @haas_automation #tl1 ! I can't wait for the setup on Thursday so we can start #flippinchips !!!! #denisonmachineworks #machining #machinist #machineshop #instamachinist #familybusiness
familybusiness - tl1 - flippinchips - machineshop - denisonmachineworks - machining - machinist - instamachinist -
el_magnate : That's awesome we are waiting to hear back from haas to see if we got approved for a mill. Congrats.
kellydenison : @el_magnate nice man! What are you looking at buying? If you need any turning or mill work done while you're waiting, let me know. What kind of work are you looking at doing?
el_magnate : We are looking at getting a haas tm-3 my brother works for Clark machining. We both went to machine tool school at cnm years ago and I ended up doing electrical and he ended up machining. My brothers been paying his boss to use the machines for his work that he's doing now @db_customs. @kellydenison
monte73mopar : That baby is shiny!
mcrawforth : Hey I know of one order you have. 😀
kellydenison : @mcrawforth heck yes! Running them right now. The first thing I've done on the machine. 😀👍🏻
hosstomas1 - rjp_machining - tri_munoz - k80skinner -
#TL1 #Love 📚☀️✌️💕
tl1 - love -
vanessamgn_ : Mes amours 💙
lemairechloe18 : Love ❤️. Team L 😘👊🏼.
ana_lbb - leylachappe - cha_mtd - emilie_drndc -
Churros au chocolat avec Aude en Espagne 👍💕😋 #espagne #churros #chocolat #chocolateriasangines #délice #gourmandise #tropbon #lycéegalilée #1s2 #1s5 #Tl1 #voyage #madrid #friends
voyage - tl1 - gourmandise - madrid - espagne - chocolat - chocolateriasangines - churros - 1s2 - 1s5 - lycéegalilée - friends - délice - tropbon -
abygaelle_bchrn : Tu as bien aimé ? 💘💘
mathilde_jge98 : quelle question !! mdr biensur ! comment ne pas aimer ça !? 👌 et toi ?@abygaelle_bchrn 💕💕
abygaelle_bchrn : Bh c'est pas mauvais mais ça manquait de sucré 😜💘💘
mathilde_jge98 : ouai mais comme yavait déjà du chocolat cetait suffisant je trouvais 😃💞@abygaelle_bchrn
abygaelle_bchrn : Un peu de sucre en plus n'aurait pas été de trop à mon goût 😂😜💘
mathilde_jge98 : mdr ce sera pour une prochaine fois alors 😉💖💕@abygaelle_bchrn
littlefrenchie_7 - laramry - bioetrebelle - chloe__grn -
I am the richest girl if I get to spend everyday with you! ☺️❤️ #TL1
tl1 -
amezing_graze : ❤️❤️❤️👌👌☝️🙏😇
jakehargreaves2 : Cute @turnbolos
lovemercy110212 : Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! @maryfonua
maryfonua : 😂😂😂 tae! @lovemercy110212
brendondm : 😴😴😴
__fuerza : Awwwww 😍😍😍
maryfonua : 😁 Miss you gurrrl 😘😘 @__fuerza
apotesio : Eww.....that's all.....ewww.
sorry_i_may_have - tai.khan - matai__ -
💋❤ #love #tl1
tl1 - love -
blashc : @sandradc_ @anais_richard 💕💕 (le htag nostalgique)
anais_richard : @blashc @sandradc_ Mes chatons d'amour ❤️😍 ça fait trop plaisir de vous revoir #TL1 haha
acna_sy - anais_richard - lechantdesloups - blashc -
Trop d'amour ici ! 💕 #TL1 #Berenice #Mathis #Love
mathis - tl1 - love - berenice -
elisarouzeau - lislrys - hemadonga_elza3eem - constancelgn -
Le meilleur des profs de philo yeaaaah ✌️✌️✌️✌️👏 #concertdulycee #lycee #tl1 #litteraire #terminale #highschool #darras #profdephilo #philo #autop #groupies #lesfilles #chill #concert #talent #music
terminale - concert - philo - concertdulycee - groupies - autop - lesfilles - highschool - chill - tl1 - talent - darras - lycee - profdephilo - music - litteraire -
anaisschr - cuginiofficial - loveiisajoke - laurentwattiaux -
@massafelipe bahrain p10 #tl1 #tl2 #gomassa
gomassa - tl2 - tl1 -
felipemassafanpage - karlacarvalho3002 - tous_les_deux - thiagoamorimtur -
Ce n'est pas un cliché, les Littéraires sont des beaufs ! Mais osef, je vous kiff ! #TL1 #Foot #littéraire
foot - tl1 - littéraire -
blame_larry - nicolaoos - abdurhman.a.1410 - konstaance -
I'm in love... -- #hk #pistol #handgun #dutygun #lawenforcement #police #cops #selfdefense #p30 #hkp30 #tactical #40sw #hecklerandkoch #ccw #concealedcarry #streamlight #tlr1 #tlr1hl #led
led - hecklerandkoch - hkp30 - cops - tlr1 - 40sw - p30 - lawenforcement - police - streamlight - handgun - ccw - tlr1hl - concealedcarry - selfdefense - dutygun - tactical - pistol - hk -
hpt_photography : I have two M&Ps and love both! I'd bet my life on an M&P... Let me rephrase that, I have bet my life on my M&P and it saved my ass. @zac__erickson
zac__erickson : That my favorite of the striker fired guns. I'll end up getting one for edc. Duty will probably be a Glock
hpt_photography : Yeah my new duty gun is a Glock 21 gen4. @zac__erickson
zac__erickson : Not a bad choice. I like the 45
hpt_photography : They just switched from the SIG P220 to the G21 due to $ and guys got better scores at the range with the Glock. @zac__erickson
zac__erickson : I think it's the trigger. More guys practice with a glock at the range on their own so it's natural da/sa triggers are tough to get used to if you shoot a striker fire all the time.
hpt_photography : That's true. Dept issues 100 rounds of ammo a month for practice. @zac__erickson
endofdaysdesign : I got the exact same set up 👊🏼💥
elijahblankenship - karmwsh_alwkh - concealed_carry_nation - mule_tactical -
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