Creia que havia conegut molts artistes al llarg de la meva vida. Fins que vaig conèixer al meu fill. • I thought I had met many artists throughout my lifetime. And then I met my son. #creixercreant #pureart #artmatters #fineart #chesslover #chessmatters #timelesschildhood #canelafina
tinkersketch - chesslover - chessmatters - canelafina - artmatters - pureart - creixercreant - timelesschildhood - fineart -
angaleta : #tinkersketch
merceclergas : Es molt bonic aixo q has escrit...
angaleta : @merceclergas 😘 és que aquesta criatura és pura inspiració! Cada dia em sorprèn més! No té límit!
markonthemark - edu_cris_ipad - edu_arespa_coll - willowdaygram -
Watched the movie Up this morning, blubbered through it like I usually do, then got inspired by the balloons and used corks with paint. #sketchbook #tinkersketch #workinprogress #painting #creativetable
creativetable - sketchbook - painting - workinprogress - tinkersketch -
goingmormon - lollipop84 - chelsbeth89 - marylong11 -
Sat 11th Oct - Early Morning Sketches β™‘ I really should do this more often #TinkerSketch
tinkersketch -
markonthemark - mindytsonas - dakotawest21 -
Working in pastels tonight. Just a quick sketch. New to this medium so I will need more practice. #freehand #pastelpainting #tinkersketch
freehand - tinkersketch - pastelpainting -
cadeloro : Amazing
pinkstripeysocks : Beautiful
kaciart : Thank you @pinkstripeysocks
tinkerlab - cadeloro - applebaker78 - cherishedchaos -
Working up this one right now...getting ready for exhibition...getting a bit oohh! #watercolour #painted #paint#draw #painting#mushrooms
snap_ish - draw - nothingisordinary_ - painted - sundaystyleloves - mushrooms - tinkersketch - lovelysquares - vsco - vsco_lovers - nothingisordinary - vscgood - nofilter - watercolour - paint - webstagram - vscocam - painting - atdiff -
kathy13taylor : Beautiful πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
artistelle : Fabulous!!
mauskewicz : πŸ„πŸ’š
rarepearstudio : #sundaystyleloves
countryfarmhouse : Perfect!!
bourbonandgoose : I love this!
rarepearstudio : thanks @bourbonandgoose @countryfarmhouse @mauskewicz @artistelle @kathy13taylor @tippics @charliemadisonoriginals @beeroberts78 @adiandbert xx xx xx sorry it has taken so long to get back to you...juggling juggling juggling!!!! Xxβ™‘β™‘β™‘
rarepearstudio : @findsonfitzroy @natzgrams @shopatfranklin @lizesmeatonfox @pottersarms @_jesscrawford_ @featherandnest @stashtextiles ... you are all lovely to comment so kindly....makes my day getting nice words xthanx
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5-minute sketchbook experiment with black crayon and white acrylic paint. #creativetable #tinkersketch
creativetable - tinkersketch -
alexandraville : ❀️
teachpreschool - jrl218 - willowdaygram - aisy102 -
Just finishing off this one...#eggs #egg#painted #paint#drawing #draw #littlehumblesimplethings
at_diff - snap_ish - draw - ctmonthinthelife - nothingisordinary_ - painted - eggs - vscgood - tinkersketch - vsco - vsco_lovers - nothingisordinary - littlehumblesimplethings - lovelysquares - paint - creativefind - 7vignettes - oliviasfabfour - vscocam - egg - drawing -
rarepearstudio : @jam_style @shelrock1 @thepostitnovella @aprilsloves thank you muchly xxxx
rarepearstudio : @lizesmeatonfox as are you x
rarepearstudio : @jimmieg2 compared to you I am just a little sketcher...x
rarepearstudio : @rachaelhonner_hipbrownhome @larrypostcomau @chris_kerruish @24cherrys you are all very kind x
rarepearstudio : #at_diff#nothingisordinary_ #nothingisordinary #lovelysquares #snap_ish #oliviasfabfour #7VIGNETTES #vsco_lovers #vsco #vscocam #vscgood #tinkersketch #CTMonthInTheLife #creativefind
tinkerlab : Gorgeous!
isabella_and_george : Love this 😊
adiandbert : Ooh love this!
seticiophotography - cabinandco - elisabeth123pink - nicalayneh -
Also redid #tinkersketch #drip . #sketchbook #doodle #watercolor
watercolor - doodle - tinkersketch - drip - sketchbook -
lemonsherbert19 - avpainted - kittyfuss - inkprintrepeat -
Redid #tinkersketch #circles trying to make it better. #sketchbook #doodle #watercolor
circles - tinkersketch - watercolor - doodle - sketchbook -
lizsansu : Likes sea
corn_on_the_mccabe - inkprintrepeat - kittyfuss - cat_kate -
Since we've been sewing, today's sketches are inspired by a swatch of paisley fabric. #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
tinkerlab : @angaleta I like those colors too! Colored pencils are my older's favorite supply, so I gave them a go. It's not usually my first choice, which made it a challenging and fun activity.
tinkerlab : Thanks @incredibusy !!
angaleta : @tinkerlab best part is make things different and wonderful! It's inspiring!
tinkerlab : @angaleta that's it! You're so good at pushing the envelope. Thanks for inspiring me :)
angaleta : Thank YOU, you're awesome!
mericherryla : You're so cool
coffeeandcrayon : Ooooooh!
lalapotchai : @tinkerlab can I ask what brand of notebooks are these? I need one for my 4yo. Thanks for all the inspiration!
mountain_mamma - njsorto - awarton - prpltrtl946 -
It's been a circle-painting kind of day. #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
amandayeager : Is the black an ink or paint? It's so striking, love it
presentsoflove : Sounds like fun!
mikedraugelis : I love this. @shanachristine
tinkerlab : @amandayeager it's just the black paint from the watercolor set. I love the way it looks, too!
tinkerlab : Thanks so much @sarahdoelby @foodsitter @kaffeine18 @urbanmoose @xellcos !
tinkerlab : @surpriseride @presentsoflove @mikedraugelis Merci! You can't go wrong with paint since it's so intentionally sloppy. 😊
teachpreschool : Love it!
bhazlet : You have a colorfilled life deary! And enough fun for two childrens' museums. Cheers. B
melders6 - mykidblog - tricia_driscoll - ateliersaintcerf -
Stencils and pencils at the table this morning. Art brought to you by the 6 year old. #finemotor #draw #tinkersketch
tinkersketch - finemotor - draw -
familyandcraft : We have those stencils too! 😊
tinkerlab : So beautiful!
lukesmommy518 - amyditaliano - thegoldengleam - lollipop84 -
Sí. Per fi. M'he comprat un moble exclusivament per a guardar-hi llibretes, teles i papers. • Yes. Definitively I've bought a drawer just to organize sketchbooks, art papers and canvases. #creixercreant #creativemess #organitzacio #raconetsdecasameva #llibretes #sketchbooks #tinkersketch #rockinartmoms
lamevajackieijo - creativemess - raconetsdecasameva - tinkersketch - rockinartmoms - organitzacio - creixercreant - sketchbooks - llibretes -
angaleta : #lamevajackieijo
albaarroyinski - nessoneperfectday - incredibusy - annaperadalta -
These veggies are for you @mariannefw #tinkersketch #artofdrawingg
tinkersketch - artofdrawingg -
parentstoadopt : Pretty
mariannefw : Wow! That's got to be your best yet! Xxx
athomewithali : Thx @mariannefw and @parentstoadopt
theweavingideas : Gorgeous veggies ! BTW what colors did u use ? Can u share the brand too? Thank u !
peonyrose77 - mariannefw - funathomewithkids - wwenchia -
#Spoonflower fabric of some #tinkersketch projects H & I did. βœ‚οΈ 😍 πŸ‘ πŸ“¬
spoonflower - tinkersketch -
thetaraharrison : @tinkerlab πŸ˜ƒ
karenkmerz : WHAT?? u made fabric??
thetaraharrison : @karenkmerz yea, there's a company that you can upload images & create fabric - Spoonflower, very cool πŸ‘
karenkmerz : Price?
thetaraharrison : @karenkmerz $15.75 yard for "basic cotton ultra" - not cheap, but not out of reach
karenkmerz : Wow awesome
senor_merzman - allmadebymaria - lindseycrafter - karenkmerz -
Its been a while since I've done a #tinkersketch . The boys personalized the covers of their new sketch books for the move/ road trip. And because I'm procrastinating some additional packing, this is what I'm going instead! #draw #contemplating
tinkersketch - draw - contemplating -
ryeagle02 : A bit like my mom! Though she procrastinates by going to the zoo. 🐊🐒
familyandcraft - mrsheimes07 - fivegoblogging - lollipop84 -
Two more days to draw, play, think, and learn in our kindergarten classroom. Love this photo by @artbarblog πŸ’œπŸŽ¨βœ¨ #teacher #teaching #teachersofinstagram #teachertalktuesdays #teachersfollowteachers #kinderchat #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #preschool #preschoolteacher #reggiokids #reggioemiliainspiration #art #artsy #artist #artteacher #paint #watercolour #colour #crafts #crafty #creative #creativity #love #tinkersketch #creativetable
art - creativetable - teachersfollowteachers - artsy - tinkersketch - kinderchat - teachersofinstagram - kindergartenteacher - preschoolteacher - love - artteacher - preschool - artist - reggiokids - colour - creativity - reggioemiliainspiration - watercolour - creative - kindergarten - paint - teacher - crafts - teaching - crafty - teachertalktuesdays -
joannebabalis : βœοΈπŸ““βœ‚οΈπŸ“šβœοΈπŸ““βœ‚οΈπŸ“šβœοΈπŸ““βœ‚οΈπŸ“š
greekfashionista : πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈ
mery_didonna : love your colorful shots <3 @joannebabalis
fallingoffbicycles - patriciamckelvy - bresuedorts - jenniferlover -
Trying to add some colour to this otherwise stormy day... Thank you @tinkerlab for posting water colours that brightened up my day! I love your #tinkersketch and #creativetable ideas. πŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’œ #teacher #teaching #teachersofinstagram #teachertalktuesdays #teachersfollowteachers #kinderchat #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #preschool #preschoolteacher #reggiokids #reggioemiliainspiration #art #artsy #artist #artteacher #paint #watercolour #colour #crafts #crafty #creative #creativity #love
art - creativetable - teachersfollowteachers - artsy - tinkersketch - kinderchat - teachersofinstagram - kindergartenteacher - preschoolteacher - love - artteacher - preschool - artist - reggiokids - colour - creativity - reggioemiliainspiration - watercolour - creative - kindergarten - paint - teacher - crafts - teaching - crafty - teachertalktuesdays -
joannebabalis : This reminds me of you! @h_theis
drebrower : Great
nataschacar : You have amazing photography skills @joannebabalis
joannebabalis : @nataschacar this photo was edited by me but the original was captured by the artist above.
h_theis : Thanks :) Beautifully captured!
tinkerlab : Thank you so much for sharing @joannebabalis !!! You made my day β˜€οΈ
joannebabalis : @tinkerlab Of course!! I am a supporter of your incredible work!
nima.ebrahimi : πŸ‘
hopefulhelen - scarafagiana - nima.ebrahimi - kidssoup -
The girls daycare stole our egg activity! LOL not quite we were experimenting and growing carrots in ours :) I won't give away the full experiment yet though :P #GardenAdbenture #OutInNature #WildernessBabies #GardenClasroom #HandsOnLearning #PlayMatters #PlayfulLearning β™‘
handsonlearning - gardenadbenture - playmatters - wildernessbabies - gardenclasroom - playfullearning - tinkersketch - childhoodunplugged - outinnature -
montagemadness : Well there goes that experiment! Leila decided it was more fun to smash the eggs :P Now we have shells for our next #TinkerSketch inspired art.. Oh the lifestyle of a #ChildhoodUnplugged
i2camp -
Last weeks #HealthySelfieChallenge pic from #BuildSelf-Esteem we were a little late in sharing these ones sorry #HeadspaceCairns and #PaintboxKids #WildernessBabies
tinkersketch - wildernessbabies - buildself - paintboxkids - healthyselfiechallenge - headspacecairns -
montagemadness : Boosting our self-esteem! Practicing our puppy drawing β™‘ we are getting do good :) #tinkersketch
tinkerlab - produmamka -
Flowers and opened seed pods #tinkersketch #flowers #sketch
tinkersketch - sketch - flowers -
peonyrose77 : So bright and gorgeous! Hawaiian inspired??
athomewithali : Yes indeedy @peonyrose77
markonthemark - mariannefw - dailyegg - debdane -
Harrison's #tinkersketch art as card set with artist portrait on back #myshutterfly #diymothersdaygift
tinkersketch - diymothersdaygift - myshutterfly -
shutterfly : @thetaraharrison Thanks for sharing with #MyShutterfly
senor_merzman - debdane - charltaylorpage -
Harrison's #tinkersketch drips tile with his Nani's favorite quote. #diymothersdaygift
tinkersketch - diymothersdaygift -
markonthemark - senor_merzman - momosarah -
A significant difference in his drawings lately. Definite circles and lines....I see "floating heads" in this two year olds future very soon. Does anyone else geek out over changes in their kids drawings like I do? #tinkersketch #finemotor
tinkersketch - finemotor - 365grateful -
littlemoments2embrace : #365grateful
rainydaymum - turtle_lover02 - familyandcraft - elgabenedicta -
#tinkersketch - copy - last one😞 #adaylateandadollarshort #letsdoitagain
tinkersketch - letsdoitagain - adaylateandadollarshort -
markonthemark : Nice
tinkerlab - markonthemark - charltaylorpage - huntingdragons -
This week we have been trying sketchbooks at breakfast. It has brought a lovely calm to what is usually a very chaotic time. I'm not sure how long it will last but I will enjoy it for as long as it does:)
tinkersketch -
sam_thrive360living : What a fun idea!
childhoodlist : Thanks @sam_thrive360living! But I can take no credit for the idea I saw a few people doing the #tinkersketch at breakfast and thought it might cure our breakfast silliness:)
presentsoflove - lyndsay.girl.14 - katico - tmazr -
Day 26: Cut Stickers (stickers and glitter watercolor) behind but inspired to continue to work in my sketch book when life allows for it. #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
thetaraharrison - veenaregit - itchgallery - farahyousef22 -
#creativetable for #tinkersketch - abstract
creativetable - tinkersketch -
tinkerlab : This looks really inviting @thetaraharrison . I'm so glad that you guys participated in this challenge. If you have a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it went and any tips for making it better if I run it again. πŸ’›
thetaraharrison : This was fantastic & fun. The prompts were simple and open ended. I almost want to start over and do it again. πŸ˜ƒ Would love to do another month long challenge. Loved seeing everyone's creativity!
thetaraharrison : @tinkerlab see above
tinkerlab : Thank you Tara!!! I have a follow up question for you. Could you email me when it's convenient?
joannebabalis : Loooooooove!!!!!!
joannebabalis - tinkerlab - supershortcake - karenkmerz -
#tinkersketch - abstract & dirt still playing catch-up, 1 more to go
tinkersketch -
daniellebashton : i accidentally hit the star button that randomly shows you peoples photos and you where there on the front page!!! so fun. i way behind on my #tinkersketch too.
thetaraharrison : @daniellebashton πŸ˜ƒ
tinkerlab - supershortcake - veenaregit - produmamka -
Urban sketching en miniatura. @gironaurbansketchers això és un #miniurbansketching?! #creixercreant #impulsalacreativitat #boostcreativity #sketching #tinkersketch
boostcreativity - tinkersketch - impulsalacreativitat - creixercreant - sketching - miniurbansketching -
infanc - albaarroyinski - edu_arespa_coll - ikdrawingz -
tinkersketch -
kittyfuss : @blazetailx
lemonsherbert19 : #tinkersketch
tinkerlab : So awesome!!!!!
tinkerlab : Is this little guy your logo?
lemonsherbert19 : @tinkerlab Thanks! and yes.
tinkerlab - supershortcake - smashing_monkey - goodsny -
La plaça de l'Assumpció. #creixercreant #plaçadelassumpcio #tinkersketch @gironaurbansketchers
creixercreant - tinkersketch - plaçadelassumpcio -
otiliapassolas : Una passada!
angaleta : @otiliapassolas gràcies, Tieta!
tinkerlab : BeautufulπŸ’™ I want to step right in to this scene!
angaleta : @tinkerlab thanks, Rachelle! Just jump inside the sketchbook, 3rd page! πŸ˜‰
mami_maia - annelaurejacquart - mariamontblanc - josepalcoi -
#tinkersketch #horizontallines
tinkersketch - horizontallines -
markonthemark : Like the pattern and the palette
simontown8 : @markonthemark thanks!
tinkerlab : I'm with @markonthemark!! It's awesome.
simontown8 : Thanks @tinkerlab. We've enjoyed the tinkersketch prompts, even though we're way behind. New baby, new house craziness makes it hard to do every day, but it's given us reason to get back into doing daily art.
lilamira22 - thetaraharrison - produmamka - kittyfuss -
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