While Theo slept Hattie and I had great fun being inspired by one of the brilliant #creativetable ideas from @tinkerlab. To my surprise Hattie only used the stickers to augment a felt tip drawing of her favourite book character, instead of them being the main focus of the picture. What I love about these #creativeinvitations is how open ended they are. Looking forward to starting #tinkersketch with Hattie in February!
creativetable - tinkersketch - creativeinvitations -
tinkerlab : This is what I love about these invitations, Efrim! You never where they will lead. Thank you for sharing your experience πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
tinkerlab - bowhoebrighton - happyheartkid - prunelle1020 -
@tinkerlab is doing another #tinkersketch #sketchbook challenge!!! @lilamira22 @fuzzysieko and @x_fxbulous_x you guys in?? Matty and I are doing it!
tinkersketch - sketchbook -
fuzzysieko : I am so in!!'
x_fxbulous_x : Sure @lady_evol
lilamira22 : Omg I'm so in!!! Yay!!!
lilamira22 -
I think I'm going to do this in February. #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
tinkerlab : I'm so happy that you're joining me 😊
lizolivier : @dozombiespoop
tinkerlab - katiecaseyy_ -
Can't wait to start this sketching challenge. I love drawing!!! #tinkersketch. Who's drawing with me?
tinkersketch -
joanaisaa : I wanna do it but what is it lol
jennygshaw : Yes! Excited.
eat_love_pray_repeat : It's just a challenge to keep drawing everyday. Kind of like photo a day but for artist!! Ur good at drawing @joanaisaa you should do it too!!
naturaltune : I can't draw too save my life 😟
joanaisaa : I'm overthinking lol. I'll do one maybe not this one tho different drawings (:
tinkerlab : Hooray! And @joanaisaa @naturaltune you don't have to draw a thing. It could all be done with collage, paint, play dough, whatever 😊
jennygshaw - naturaltune - simply_zoe_y - mxxmcx -
Who's in? @tinkerlab #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
mariahsinclairr : Always a fun time ;)
tinkerlab : I'm in! 😊
elijones31 : I have no idea what this is. But I'll check it out
blueberrytulips : I'll try!!
denisebosler : Looks fun. I'm game.
kyrrhasevco : Me, me!
tinkerlab - jennygshaw - followyourunicorn - mariahsinclairr -
Cracking open a new set of paints and playing with stripes for the upcoming TinkerSketch challenge. Getting excited! p.s. If you'd like more info, FAQ's can be found via the link in my profile
tinkersketch - artjournal - dailydraw - drawingchallenge - sketchbook -
kiasa : Your stripes are so pretty.
tinkerlab : @heatherreneafisher sure! They're transparent paints from Pelikan. If you go to the tinkersketch post I shared a link to them.
spanglishspoon : The last time my daughter and I tried keeping up with the TinkerSketch challenge, we didn't make it past the first week πŸ˜•. We had so much going on packing, staging, de cluttering our condo to sell, so the odds were already against me. I hope we can stick to it this time around now that we are all settled in our new home. I love this idea. I also like @heatherreneafisher's idea!
chmuffintree : Very inviting Rachelle!
tinkerlab : @spanglishspoon I'm excited that you're up for it again! Keep in mind that this is low pressure πŸ‘
tinkerlab : Thanks @kiasa
tinkerlab : Merci @chmuffintree 😊
elleluna : βž°γ€°βž°βœ¨♥οΈπŸ‘
meridethalves - mami_maia - grammadou - lgmclan -
Although I am sad that the #simpleplay challenge by @cathynurturestore will be over soon i'm curious about this sketchbook challenge. Definitely outside my comfort zone but i think i just might have to pick up some sketchbooks.... :) #sketchbookchallenge #arteveryday #getcreative #tinkersketch
getcreative - arteveryday - sketchbookchallenge - simpleplay - tinkersketch -
lil.gabby.o - admaszemariam -
Another drawing... courtesy of my two year old's #imagination #draw #tinkersketch
imagination - draw - tinkersketch -
charltaylorpage - tutusteaparties - andnextcomesl - tvd_cladie.lagrue -
Sooo excited for the next round of @tinkerlab's #tinkersketch... We started a great habit last time, with both me and the kiddo working on different sides of our sketchbook. It's now one of Vin's fave things to show off to people when they visit...
tinkersketch -
esmerlda27 : Thanks for the heads up on this. I think we will join too
tinkerlab : I LOVE that idea. Can I share an image of it on my site? If yes, let me know!!
annofdoodlesandjots : Sounds like fun! I'd like to more than just to do lists in my sketchbook.
charltaylorpage : Sure @tinkerlab, I was going to take some pics of it tomorrow (when the light is better)
tinkerlab : Thank you Charlotte! If it's not too much trouble you can email me at Rachelle at Tinkerlab.com
tinkerlab - loraynlorayn - msemmalloyd - ima_horcrux -
My challenge for Feb. Anybody feel like joining me? #febsketchbookchallenge
febsketchbookchallenge - tinkersketch -
juria8 : Ek is tempted @adelefrankle
adelefrankle : More info and tips...: http://tinkerlab.com/tinkersketch-daily-sketchbook-challenge/
adelefrankle : @juria8 ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
adelefrankle : #tinkersketch
tinkerlab : I'm so glad you're in!! Can't wait. ❀️
savvyeveryday : I'm going to try!
charltaylorpage - elise_labuschagne - nefotlak - juria8 -
So this one I think I'll do with the boys: a sketch challenge from the amazing @tinkerlab :-) (we got the book for Christmas and now that the whirlwind has slowed down we are going to dive into it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŽ¨βœοΈβœ’οΈπŸ“’πŸŽ¨ #momlife #tinkersketch
momlife - tinkersketch -
kathyellendavis : I saw this and I think I'll do it! It will be fun to see what you come up with!
emmieb78 : @kathyellendavis woohoo!!!!
tinkerlab : I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the book, and yay! Glad you're joining the challenge too.
tinkerlab - chelseyyyn - lizz_porter - flora.collins.d -
Hey #simpleplay gang! Fancy filling February with art? Our #simpleplay challenge will be over so why not join in with @tinkerlab 's #tinkersketch challenge with your children?
tinkersketch - simpleplay -
tinkerlab : What a lovely idea, Cathy! Thank you!!!
buttonsnursery : Love this :)
charltaylorpage - dbolstad - mrswoodyard - amylouise867 -
You guys...as promised, the TinkerSketch challenge is back! No art skills necessary to join, it's free, and it's fun! Feel free to share this with friends who want to jump-start their creativity and add a dose of making to their days. More details on the blog (direct link in my profile).
gobletandgobble : Thanks @juno_belle!
nessoneperfectday : @kat_creativeplayhouse shall we? Have you done this in the past?
nessoneperfectday : @tinkerlab so excited to see this is coming back. :)
kat_creativeplayhouse : No im hopeless at keeping up with things like this. Ill have a go tho. :)
merecatmerli : @gareetee
reggio4kiddos : @tinkerlab Thoight of you on this one: In "Here's Why, How, And What You Should Doodle To Boost Your Memory And Creativity," in Fast Company, Jennifer Miller makes a case for the value of doodling: "Studies have shown that doodling can free up short- and long-term memory, improve content retention, and increase attention span. It can also produce creative insight, because when the mind starts to engage with visual language, you get neurological access that you don’t have when you're in a linguistic mode.... Most of us use reading, writing, and talking to brainstorm, but the human mind is very habit forming.... To break that habit, you have to think in an unfamiliar medium — a visual medium."
jessicadeuser : Love love love this! Excited to start in febuary
raqsli : @amanduhpleaseee
erikaleesears - leighmns - themaribelreyes - besttoys4toddlers -
Retrat dels nens pintant al riu. Aquarel·les i aigua de l'Onyar. Com que m'han pres el pinzell, l'he pintat amb un petit branquilló. • Portrait of the kids painting by the river. Watercolors, water from the river. As they were using the brush, I painted it with a stick! #creixercreant #creixerobservant #impulsalacreativitat #boostcreativity #tinkersketch
creixercreant - boostcreativity - impulsalacreativitat - creixerobservant - tinkersketch -
spiralintowildness : Very, very awesome!
angaleta : @spiralintowildness thanks! It's been really funny!
banducas : Molt bonic!
xellcos : Ets una crack !!
cristubau : M encanta!!! Ets una crack!!!
angaleta : @banducas @xellcos @cristubau faig el que puc! Però m'ho passo pipa!
kaciart - alekisme - ruthcanoserrano - quefascarlota -
I had to draw something my two year old said the other day....a hippo swimming in chocolate milk. #imagination #creativemamas #creativekids #draw #coloredpencils
imagination - draw - creativemamas - creativekids - tinkersketch - coloredpencils -
littlemoments2embrace : #tinkersketch
oliveustv : Very cool!
charltaylorpage - playdr - theweavingideas - whereimaginationgrows -
Quick little sailboat sketches yesterday. I'm getting ready to launch another round of TinkerSketch prompts at the beginning of February. More details soon! Care to join me?
horttshenanigans : Yes!!!
eachdaynew : Yes!
presspaleo : I'll do my best!
lifeasyouliveit : Yes please!
tinkerlab : Hooray! What a great group we have here!!!
shstanat : We'll join! We need the inspiration. Thanks!
tinkerlab : @shstanat I'm so happy you're up for it!!
theoutlawmom : πŸ’›
mamaofpenelope - theoutlawmom - kellspo - ahimsa3j -
Sneaking some sketching into my morning 🌞
sketchbook - sketchbookproject - tinkersketch - tummytime - mandala - kbnmoms - drawing - momsoninstagram -
freshlyplanted : #tinkersketch #mandala #sketchbook #sketchbookproject #drawing #momsoninstagram #kbnmoms #tummytime
kidbizness : Awesome!
l.nicole_kleinknight - lhofmann1 - celine_faith_ - lexie21marie -
I'm wrapping up the year with some painting experiments. And wondering, is anyone up for another series of TinkerSketch prompts? #tinkersketch
tinkersketch -
isabellet : Yes please!
dbamothership : yes please!!
sarahdoelby : Definitely please. #ourtinkersketchjourney
caraglat : Yes!
greaterpicture : Yes please!!!
tinkerlab : Wow, you guys!!!! Okay then, this will be fun. More soon. πŸ‘Š
chmuffintree : Of course, you know I'm in @tinkerlab!
mamaofpenelope : Yes!!
x_fxbulous_x - auroraspitfire - sonyag1982 - lisabeth3020 -
Little gg's attempt at drawing Homer Simpson and coloured in by Mummy #tinkerlab #tinkersketch #toddlerart #1yearolddrawings #doodles #sketch #homersimpson
tinkersketch - sketch - tinkerlab - doodles - toddlerart - 1yearolddrawings - homersimpson -
charltaylorpage - hasinauddin - superjuulzz -
Little gg's attempt at drawing Homer Simpson #tinkerlab #toddlerart #1yearolddrawings #tinkersketch #doodle #sketch #homersimpson
tinkersketch - sketch - tinkerlab - toddlerart - doodle - 1yearolddrawings - homersimpson -
franloiacono - bigjdesign - superjuulzz - shirley.frausto -
Big gg's #selfportrait at the beach inspired by #picasso mother and child painting. Painting with not alot of colours or detail challenging the viewer to use their imagination when they look at it #tinkerlab #tinkersketch #6yearoldpainting
picasso - tinkersketch - tinkerlab - 6yearoldpainting - selfportrait -
unacubalibre : worldpeace
tinkerlab - charltaylorpage - octaevo -
Little gg's interpretation and colaboration of #monets #waterlillies and #thejapanesebridge with Mummys help #1yearolddrawings #tinkersketch #tinkerlab #impressionism #kidsart #toddlerart #todler
impressionism - tinkerlab - todler - 1yearolddrawings - waterlillies - tinkersketch - monets - toddlerart - kidsart - thejapanesebridge -
tinkerlab - charltaylorpage -
Big gg's interpretation and colaboration of #monets #waterlillies and #thejapanesebridge #impressionism #6yearoldpainting #tinkersketch #tinkerlab #kidsart
impressionism - tinkerlab - 6yearoldpainting - waterlillies - tinkersketch - monets - kidsart - thejapanesebridge -
charltaylorpage -
Big gg's #selfportrait of herself at the beach inspired by Pablo Picasso's Mother and Child painting #6yearoldpainting #tinkerlab #tinkersketch #picasso #kidsart
tinkersketch - tinkerlab - 6yearoldpainting - selfportrait - picasso - kidsart -
freshlyplanted - octaevo - young_picasso_hamad - ethelrussels -
Little gg's #doodles coloured in by Mummy #1yearolddrawings #tinkerlab #tinkersketch #toddlerart #kidsart #toddler
tinkersketch - tinkerlab - kidsart - toddlerart - toddler - 1yearolddrawings - doodles -
charltaylorpage - kiwibeenart - git_tee -
We now have our own personal art gallery. Creativity is contagious, pass it on - Albert Einstein. #allchildrenareartists #tinkerlab #tinkersketch #creativityiscontagious
creativityiscontagious - tinkersketch - tinkerlab - allchildrenareartists -
ducktwo - limomich - distinkdesigns - maria_kong -
Creia que havia conegut molts artistes al llarg de la meva vida. Fins que vaig conèixer al meu fill. • I thought I had met many artists throughout my lifetime. And then I met my son. #creixercreant #pureart #artmatters #fineart #chesslover #chessmatters #timelesschildhood #canelafina
tinkersketch - chesslover - chessmatters - canelafina - artmatters - pureart - creixercreant - timelesschildhood - fineart -
angaleta : #tinkersketch
merceclergas : Es molt bonic aixo q has escrit...
angaleta : @merceclergas 😘 és que aquesta criatura és pura inspiració! Cada dia em sorprèn més! No té límit!
desucreicolors - sirena__mar - markonthemark - queraltilla -
Watched the movie Up this morning, blubbered through it like I usually do, then got inspired by the balloons and used corks with paint. #sketchbook #tinkersketch #workinprogress #painting #creativetable
creativetable - sketchbook - painting - workinprogress - tinkersketch -
goingmormon - lollipop84 - chelsbeth89 - marylong11 -
Sat 11th Oct - Early Morning Sketches β™‘ I really should do this more often #TinkerSketch
beautiful - picture - sketch - art - tagsforlikes - draw - artsy - tinkersketch - paper - illustration - graphics - creative - gallery - instagood - sketchbook - graphic - artist - pencil - artoftheday - instaartist - instaart - pen - masterpiece - drawing - photooftheday -
montagemadness : #art #illustration #drawing #draw #TagsForLikes #picture #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pen #pencil #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #masterpiece #creative #photooftheday #instaartist #graphic #graphics #artoftheday
b_and_w_only : Cool!
mindytsonas - markonthemark - dakotawest21 - gomezkat18 -
Working in pastels tonight. Just a quick sketch. New to this medium so I will need more practice. #freehand #pastelpainting #tinkersketch
freehand - tinkersketch - pastelpainting -
cadeloro : Amazing
pinkstripeysocks : Beautiful
kaciart : Thank you @pinkstripeysocks
tinkerlab - pauline_lessonslearntjournal - applebaker78 - innerchildfun -
Working up this one right now...getting ready for exhibition...getting a bit oohh! #watercolour #painted #paint#draw #painting#mushrooms
snap_ish - draw - nothingisordinary_ - painted - sundaystyleloves - mushrooms - tinkersketch - lovelysquares - vsco - vsco_lovers - nothingisordinary - vscgood - nofilter - watercolour - paint - webstagram - vscocam - painting - atdiff -
nana13kathy : Beautiful πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
artistelle : Fabulous!!
mauskewicz : πŸ„πŸ’š
rarepearstudio : #sundaystyleloves
countryfarmhouse : Perfect!!
bourbonandgoose : I love this!
rarepearstudio : thanks @bourbonandgoose @countryfarmhouse @mauskewicz @artistelle @kathy13taylor @tippics @charliemadisonoriginals @beeroberts78 @adiandbert xx xx xx sorry it has taken so long to get back to you...juggling juggling juggling!!!! Xxβ™‘β™‘β™‘
rarepearstudio : @findsonfitzroy @natzgrams @shopatfranklin @lizesmeatonfox @pottersarms @_jesscrawford_ @featherandnest @stashtextiles ... you are all lovely to comment so kindly....makes my day getting nice words xthanx
reneerichellodesign - tribecastlemaine - ftinzahra - catesway -
5-minute sketchbook experiment with black crayon and white acrylic paint. #creativetable #tinkersketch
creativetable - tinkersketch -
alexandraville : ❀️
mytwobirdies - blogjolibonheur - lisabuckaroo - daniellebashton -
Just finishing off this one...#eggs #egg#painted #paint#drawing #draw #littlehumblesimplethings
at_diff - snap_ish - draw - ctmonthinthelife - nothingisordinary_ - painted - eggs - vscgood - tinkersketch - vsco - vsco_lovers - nothingisordinary - littlehumblesimplethings - lovelysquares - paint - creativefind - 7vignettes - oliviasfabfour - vscocam - egg - drawing -
rarepearstudio : @jam_style @shelrock1 @thepostitnovella @aprilsloves thank you muchly xxxx
rarepearstudio : @lizesmeatonfox as are you x
rarepearstudio : @jimmieg2 compared to you I am just a little sketcher...x
rarepearstudio : @rachaelhonner_hipbrownhome @larrypostcomau @chris_kerruish @24cherrys you are all very kind x
rarepearstudio : #at_diff#nothingisordinary_ #nothingisordinary #lovelysquares #snap_ish #oliviasfabfour #7VIGNETTES #vsco_lovers #vsco #vscocam #vscgood #tinkersketch #CTMonthInTheLife #creativefind
tinkerlab : Gorgeous!
isabella_and_george : Love this 😊
adiandbert : Ooh love this!
fifona_designs - reneerichellodesign - leeesselstrom - thepostitnovella -
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