Repost from @dlindsay3462. This came at the perfect time...although my prayers have been answered, I had a terrible weekend. But you know what? The tables will turn. I won't hurt anymore for someone who let me go a long time ago. No more confusion. No more lies. Just me for now. And when Mr. Right comes around, he and I will be very proud of each other and show the world what a loyal, God-fearing couple is all about. #MyTimeWillCome #NoMorePain #NoMoreTears #NoMoreBullshit #AllSmiles #TimeToLetGo #aYearFromNowiWillBeShining #StillThankingGodForClarity
mytimewillcome - stillthankinggodforclarity - timetoletgo - allsmiles - nomorebullshit - nomorepain - nomoretears - ayearfromnowiwillbeshining -
_wonder_woman_warrior : Yes!! I'm feeling this to the coreπŸ’—all love your way bestie😊
royalraw1 : Just remember, everything happens for a reason...reason may not be clear yet...but soon I'm sure it will. All the best!
cutetonib : ❀️ this, seriously so true
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Sometimes what is stopping you to grow a Lil more is all the irrelevant people in your life so sometimes cutting ties with these people is the only thing to do ..#timetoletgo #metime #byeirrelevantpeople #peaceout
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_yvette_g : Awwwwe cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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#hurt #imgone #broken #timetoletgo
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#timetoletgo #imgone #movingon
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Time to move on from all the bad things and make myself better too. Plus cut down from all the pizza πŸ’” #timetoletgo #fatass
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greenlanturn39 : Lol sounds good. And a way to my heart is a javachip frappe
savie_geee : Ooooh what's in that? @greenlanturn39
greenlanturn39 : Coffee, milk, Oreo bits I think and heaven
greenlanturn39 : It's cold and sooooooo good for a hot summer day
savie_geee : I want something sweet so bad rn! I hate people with cars lmao! I would so go to Starbucks right now @greenlanturn39
greenlanturn39 : Lol same πŸ˜›πŸ’•
savie_geee : If only teleportation was created πŸ˜” @greenlanturn39
greenlanturn39 : I've been saying that for years!
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I had one very happy, & excited girl this morning. Everybody that knows Kass knows how much she loves to ride a bus, Kasey & I have decided to let her ride the bus 3 days a wk, & this is a big step since this is her first time to ride the bus to school since pre-k. #timetoletgo #justalittle 🚌😒
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batey.alicia : Bless her heart! Hope she has the best day ever! @shara_stinson
shara_stinson : Thank you @batey.alicia, I'm that Mom that still went to school this morning just to make sure everything was good. 😁
batey.alicia : @shara_stinson I'm that mom too so I totally understand 😊
mrsskycop : I bet she was SO excited!
shara_stinson : That she was @mrsskycop! 😊
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It's summer time#ootd#asiangirl#vietgirl#timetoletgo#justneedtowait
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tonywilliampct : Mai di an sang' ko summer girl :))
matchabunny92 : @tonywilliampct anh xuong philly ah?
_msphanie_ : Dα»… thΖ°ng qué chα»‹ πŸ’‹
matchabunny92 : @_msphanie_ thank you Em. ☺️
hungiam : You're going to job interview? Lol looks nice πŸ˜‰
matchabunny92 : @hungiam lol thanks anh!
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#timetoletgo #ihavetogo #goodbye #free #sodone #dontchaseme
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kenyonm91 : ??? X
aimee_mck : @kenyonm91 just life xxx
kenyonm91 : Why you all depressed now ? You were all happy at weekend x.x.x
aimee_mck : @kenyonm91 I have up and down days! Xxx
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Letting go of people, or saying goodbye have never been hard for me, but as I watched you walk out my door for the last time this morning my throat tensed up, my breath became short, and my body felt weak. We were never supposed to catch feelings, but that line was more than crossed. I don't know when I'll talk to you again, or if I'll ever see you, but I just wanted to let you know I wish things wouldn't have ended this way... I wish things were different. #goodbye #broken #hurting #iwishyouthebest #youchangedme #teamnofeelings #failed #maybeillsweyouagain #maybeiwont #itwassupposedtobeeasy #timetoletgo
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compactcoolcat : I'm going through the same thing except we've been together for 23 years. I have anxiety at night. All I do is run right now for sanity.
bexsybee : @annaleeeinchen @celine_noelle @taby309 @dianayb91 true true
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Sometimes it's time to walk your own path #timetoletgo #life #perspective πŸ‘£
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So over it!!!!!!!!! #itried #icanonlybeme #sorryifitsnotgoodenough #timetoletgo
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whyuhattasmadfor : Beautiful
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Everything has an time frame, even the people that come into your life, they are there so you can learn, and when is #timetoletgo you LETGO...
timetoletgo -
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#truestory #timetoletgo
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#Everythinghappensforareason #MarilynMonroe #Quote #Reasonstostaystrong #Timetoletgo
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"This place is called Urinetown" #TimeToLetGo #YouthRep #TheJoshOwen
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will_edelson : Wow I look super not Asian here
thejoshowen : I totally forgot about this photo
ellery_dl : Photo creds ✌🏻
nicolemiller872 : So happy for you 😊 hope you're enjoying youth rep, gonna miss you next year
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It's funny what you find when you decide to clean out the garage and making decisions on throwing out your childhood favourites #ET #childhoodtoy #timetoletgo #nopehesnotgoing #TeamKrite
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clinton325 : @briannaleak_
briannaleak_ : Forget you. @clinton325
thisisyouralien : β˜†β™‘β˜†
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Just a little sauce to get ready for the long weekend! #longweekend#rum#alcohol#friends#drinks#timetoletgo#newbeginnings
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sexy_lipz_xox : This will be fun
tieugo : @sexy_lipz_xox the Rum is for you and I Nicky!
sexy_lipz_xox : Yaaasss βœŠπŸ‘Œ
shellzkellz : Yeah buddy
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#timetoletgo #heldontoolong #didntwantlosehope #stupidheart
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😯 Perfect image of how letting go can release you from many things... @xosteffixo_ #timetoletgo #easiersaidthandone #earlymorningthoughts
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xosteffixo_ : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
_out_here_grinding : Terrific!
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Ferien er snart slut og så starter et nyt kapitel i mit liv, kunne ikke glæde mig mere 😊❀️ #new #beginning #new #start #timetolivelife #cantwait #newjob #happygirl #idontcare #timetostartover #timetoletgo #lettinggoofyou #love #happy
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Whether we are referring to business or personal relationships, teamwork is always required. • In the beginning, you come together, brainstorm, create goals, and set the foundation. A solid foundation is crucial to the future for the success of the team. • The team works TOGETHER to create a bond, celebrates when there is a victory and comes up with a Plan B when there is a failure. It takes work from everyone. One person can only carry you so far, but with a solid team there is no limit to how far you can go. We are stronger together, as a team. • So what happens when a team member falls behind? Or one member of the team is constantly working hard while other members lose focus on the goal and dreams of the team? Division. Division will tear a team apart. • How long do you work together to help the fallen team members to get back up and recommit to the goal? You can't make anyone want something they truly don't want. THEY have to want it too. As much as you want them to succeed, they have to want to succeed. β˜† So when is "enough is enough" and you get like Elsa and Let it go?
enoughisenough - timetoletgo - doitforyou - letitgo - whatcanteamworkdoforyou - yourjourney - movingforward - wheredoyouwanttogo - lifeisajourney -
bombshell_susie : #timetoletgo #movingforward #enoughisenough #yourjourney #wheredoyouwanttogo #whatCanTeamworkdoforyou #lifeisajourney #letitgo #doitforyou
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Sure was fun being good to you. #timetoletgo
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Sometimes you have to walk away from good people that inadvertently hurt your soul. Their innocent toxicity isn't worth sacrificing your own happiness. #OverIt #SoDone #TimeToLetGo #TimeToMoveOn #TimeToWalkAway
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#SelfrealisationNote -nature is messy,and its the mess that makes the beauty,i was never here to make logic out of everything,i was never here to rearrange nature.learning to flow naturally is a learning. #timetoLetGo #fromlogictomagic #jahbless ::))
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Sometimes it's better to just let people go #forevermissed #bresalazar #restinparadise #rip #restinpeace #highinthesky #timetoletgo #lettinggo #moveon
lettinggo - timetoletgo - rip - restinpeace - bresalazar - restinparadise - forevermissed - moveon - highinthesky -
perksofbeingkacey - alicia_ann3 - kvng_mauni - deang400 -
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#omg! so, you mean #thisisnotthedroidiamlookingfor? I dunno, but I'm kinda #pissed now, you playin w' my heart, the way a cat plays with its food & killer whales toss around baby seals. #epiphany #finally #circleoflife #timetimoveon #timetoletgo #EeyeechiakEtorolopiak #Trail
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#sadtruth #timetoletgo πŸ’­πŸ˜’
timetoletgo - sadtruth -
selmafranck : ❀️
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Macaron is all I need.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ #NeedSomethingSweet #NotInGoodMoodSinceYesterday #TimeToLetGo
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Tonight's incredible blue moon #feminine #power #embrace #empower #magical #energy #creativity #intuition #trust #timetoletgo #shine #beyourself #integrity #love #courage #expansion #Aquarius #balance #freedom #beauty #fullmoon
intuition - love - beauty - fullmoon - energy - aquarius - expansion - feminine - beyourself - courage - embrace - trust - integrity - shine - power - freedom - timetoletgo - creativity - magical - balance - empower -
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#rp damn..easier said than done..πŸ˜” but I really have to let this go!.. it's eating me alive & only holding me back! I can't nomore!.. I won't..πŸ’” #timetoletgo
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Every one deserves a second chance but not a third a fourth or a fifth. Smh... #timetoletgo
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#sadbuttrue #timetoletgo
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