#iwastomuch #youwerentready #timetoletgo πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
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I don't know why I continue to kid myself & continuously make excuses for u! Especially when u continue to find new ways to disappoint me every time! I need to realise it's never going to change, things aren't going to get better and that ur going to continue to disappoint me! It's my fault too, cos I let u do it to me time and time again, continuing to make excuses u! Well NO more!!! U obviously don't truly appreciate me and I know lots of people that will, so maybe it's time I focus my time, energy and thoughts on them instead! I'm a very loyal person, that gives people way too many chances. I believe this needs to stop, no more taking me for granted. Appreciate me or I say goodbye!!! #SorryRantDone #NeededToGetThisOffMyChest #ThisHasBeenEatingAwayAMe #OneTooManyChances #TooManyExcuses #ShowAppreciation #TimeToLetGo #YoureCausingMeTooMuchPainAndHeartache #MyFaultForGivingTooMuchOfMyself #TooLoyal #NoMoreTakingMeForGranted #Disappointment #StopMakingExcuse
nomoretakingmeforgranted - yourecausingmetoomuchpainandheartache - stopmakingexcuse - timetoletgo - showappreciation - tooloyal - thishasbeeneatingawayame - toomanyexcuses - myfaultforgivingtoomuchofmyself - onetoomanychances - sorryrantdone - neededtogetthisoffmychest - disappointment -
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And it may be time to watch them love someone else... #depression #depressed #sad #anxiety #cutting #selfharmmm #love #timetoletgo
anxiety - love - depressed - timetoletgo - sad - selfharmmm - cutting - depression -
5doog_1989 : @mzavip !!!!!
lauratattoedheart : @momsaiditsitsmanny I love you
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The pain never goes away. I relive it every day. I just want it all to go away πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜” #timetoletgo #putasmileonmyface #sohard #illgetthroughthisshit #latenightselfie #glasses #smiles #jk #fakesmile #lifesucks #allthepainneedstogoaway #lifegoesoniguess
illgetthroughthisshit - lifesucks - putasmileonmyface - smiles - timetoletgo - lifegoesoniguess - sohard - allthepainneedstogoaway - jk - fakesmile - latenightselfie - glasses -
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Speaks for itself. #timetoletgo
timetoletgo -
juanosorio73 -
Toxic poisonous words go skyward. Time to make room for better stories! #love#trooper#beginnings#betterineveryway#timetoletgo
betterineveryway - trooper - love - timetoletgo - beginnings -
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#quote #peace #timetorelax #timetoletgo
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😭😭😭With a heavy heart I just have to let you go & put you into good cause. Decided to donate you but you will be forever in my heart!❀️ The guy who picked up the vehicle couldn't help but notice the sadness in my face & so he offered I can take one more shot before he leaves.#timetoletgo #tooattached #havingseparationanxiety
havingseparationanxiety - timetoletgo - tooattached -
wminette25 : Awwww I feel ya girl. I was the same when my Honda of 13 yrs got totaled : ((
ellasolsolita : @wminette25 well this one it's still running but the time has come to let it go! My heart still bleeds! Hahahaha will take days to get over this!
wminette25 : πŸ˜₯it's funny how they become a part of us isn't it!? @ellasolsolita
ellasolsolita : Exactly! @wminette25 the guy's parting words were "car becomes so part of us that we treat it as though a family" believe it or not I was teary eyed as I waved my last goodbye!
wminette25 : Girl I was balling 😭when I had to get all my stuff out and leave my baby at the tow yard πŸ˜“ Even Ryan still asks about mommy's "green car"! Well we will never forget themπŸ’— @ellasolsolita
ellasolsolita : I kinda prepared myself since Aug 12 the moment I had the replacement but I still find myself itching to still use the old car hahahaha @wminette25 it's really hard to let go!
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This #picture was taken in #1996. The exposure wasnt great, but i always #loved this #pic, #love this #babygirl. Thats my #baby now 21. I #missher more #nowthanever in my #life. Maybe #someday she will be #happy #timetoletgo #Saravboc #jls #j #jamielynn #ihopeyoudance
picture - babygirl - love - jls - someday - ihopeyoudance - pic - life - baby - loved - 1996 - saravboc - timetoletgo - j - nowthanever - missher - jamielynn - happy -
majdalzughibi : @mzavip !!!!!
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Saying goodbye to the EF :( #sad #timetoletgo #shehadagoodrun #alwaysmissyou #lovedyou #bae #eflife #gixxertonighttho
bae - eflife - timetoletgo - alwaysmissyou - lovedyou - gixxertonighttho - sad - shehadagoodrun -
aka_popeye : Great car @grant.arnold
grant.arnold : Yeah man ikr @aka_popeye
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My baby's first day of college #ifeelold #proudmommymoment #lovethiskid #timetoletgo #collegebound
ifeelold - collegebound - timetoletgo - lovethiskid - proudmommymoment -
decrook : Such a proud moment! Cute car in the background!
mrshanninen : That's her baby blue, complete with pokemon and doctor who stickers, lol.
nakedcowgirlvintage : Wow! Congrats!
mrshanninen : Thank you :)
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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. #lifebegins #fear #change #success #timetoface #bigchallenges #timetoletgo #letgo
success - timetoletgo - letgo - lifebegins - timetoface - bigchallenges - fear - change -
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FOR SALE! BUY IT NOW! #shesagoodone #shesabeast #shepurrrrs #theoldgirl #timetoletgo
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rebekah_hemerik : I will pay you 2 dorra and pack of chips
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No matter what I do or say or how I do or say it I'm always the bad guy. #gottadomeforonce #timetoletgo
gottadomeforonce - timetoletgo -
thelhayden : Amen
brandyee24 : Sucks to be the bad guy but it will make you stronger:) you deserve the best in everything!! Don't ever settle on anything in life cause eventually u regret that more the being the bad guy:) let's go have a drink or coffee sometime:)
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Mhm.. #single #timetoletgo:'( #dhmu #goodnight
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This is so true. I have spent my life trying to make friendships and relationships work but honestly i don't need excuses anymore. Ive realized we are only friends when its convenient for you. Not anymore because im tired of letting you cast me aside until you remember i exist. I wish you well but you don't hold a place in my life anymore. #movingon #sickofyourexcuses #timetoletgo
timetoletgo - sickofyourexcuses - movingon -
morganann83 - papa_maddy - kendramisha05 - firefighter_emt -
you know's time to take some chances πŸŒ™ #outwiththeold #inwiththenew #staypositive #timetoletgo
inwiththenew - timetoletgo - outwiththeold - staypositive -
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Exactly. I don't regret anything and I'm confident! I'm moving on and I know I will be better off without you in my life. #quote #true #confident #fabulous #MovingOn #TimeToLetGo #strong #LetGo #free #NoMoreHurting #Truth #TrueWords #Life #relationships #Over #NoLongerFriends #LeaveMeBe
truewords - quote - over - letgo - life - free - nolongerfriends - fabulous - strong - true - leavemebe - relationships - timetoletgo - movingon - confident - truth - nomorehurting -
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24 hrs and this guy will be home...for only 3 days though. #happy #timetoletgo #gonnamissthisguy
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Its time for me to start living up to my favorite quote. "Live in the present, remember the past and fear not the future; for it doesn't exist and never will." -Christpher Paolini.... #quote #bookquote #eragon #gay #gaylife #timetoletgo
gaylife - bookquote - gay - eragon - quote - timetoletgo -
baxf2408 : Follow for follow x
andrewpikeinteriors : Words to live by
mitchv07 : That's a beautiful quote that I share your sentiments for @blynk2013 life is short =)
eszczerba : Sweet as bro
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#timetoletgo ?
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irenelumc : Let it go let it go lol
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First day of kindergarten! She did wonderful! I'm so proud of my baby and I stayed strong and didn't cry! #firstdayofschool #morrismustang #timetoletgo
timetoletgo - firstdayofschool - morrismustang -
veebee27 : Awww!!! So cute. I can't believe she's in kinder already.
zitlalicd - rose3513 - kuhtreenuh25 - wvides2515 -
#rolodex #oldschool #timetoletgo #digital
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jasonsoul1 : @thebiancadelrio
shawnwald : I was about to take the same photo in my office!
richard_gerst : Don't let completely go. . . Keep it (somewhere), Ivan.
samiranasr : I remember those on your immaculate desk. ❀️
gabrielehackworthy : I still have mine @ivanshaw
sleepsinthehall : Don't do it! Hang on until the drag it out if your hands! πŸ˜€
fashionrabbitnyc : @ivanshaw πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
am_meyers : @ivanshaw still have mine...
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"Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, I hate to leave you, but I really must say, Good night sweetheart, good night." 😿😿 #cat #rip #timetoletgo #catsofinstagram #instacat
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#enoughsaid #timetoletgo #behappy #yeahright
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#StoryOfMyLife #TimeToLetGo #AndKeepMovingForward
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@packerette Your little one is definitely my favorite pup to hang out with.. We call him Fred.. Start thinking of your own name :)) he's ready when you are <3 btw.. This one is definitely human <3 lol #puppy #lovehim #timetoletgo
lovehim - timetoletgo - puppy -
jrcastillo54321 : Awwww so cute!!! I love this picture! @juliefrancojr
mrs.niebla : Aaaaaaawwww πŸ™Š super cute @tashyarroyo
geegeelovee : Awwwwww πŸ˜₯
juliefrancojr : @jrcastillo54321 Comadre this a video u kno that right ? It's not my pic it's @tashyarroyo video lol !!! But it's a cute puppy !!
jrcastillo54321 : Yeh I got distracted @juliefrancojr .... But yes cute video of them puppies tho @tashyarroyo
_d1mples_22 - jrcastillo54321 - olielovesyou - irais_fernandez6 -
I have been there for every first day of school since he was 5. Now that he is 18, I am a mess tonight knowing he has another first day of school tomorrow but I won't be there! πŸ˜₯πŸ’”πŸ˜˜ #timetoletgo
timetoletgo -
cia_not_sha : Hang in there Mama Chocklett! Mom is always "there". πŸ‘
chocklett_ : Love you!
cia_not_sha - zlwmomma - theoriginalwhitet - chocklett_ -
#mohawk #tats #humid #htown #houston
houston - humid - mohawk - moms - htown - timetoletgo - haha - reprimand - nomorebabiesathome - tats -
getghost28 : Omg that hair.
cmeadors7 : Please let your hair grow
batmanreturns1219 : @cmeadors7 please don't #reprimand me on ig #haha #moms #timetoletgo #nomorebabiesathome
cmeadors7 : No reprimand I said please! #inpanicmode #babiesgrownup #cantletgoyet #momdontwanttobeold #hahayourself
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I will miss them so much!!πŸ˜’πŸ’” #lovethem #sadmommy #timetoletgo #utsa18 #utsa17 #gorunners
gorunners - timetoletgo - sadmommy - utsa18 - lovethem - utsa17 -
rswink : We can come over for supper every night if it will make you feel better! :-)
aireeves83 : Come on over!! 😊
utsastudents : We got this! If you need us great student services. Make sure to connect with our @utsafamily programs!
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My horoscope stay with the jokes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's right tho #burdens #timetoletgo
timetoletgo - burdens -
maton456 - koolcalmkollctd - mr_12_18 - 40_bungie -
This is how I deal with being pregnant and getting over This heartbreak. β€οΈπŸ”«πŸ˜œ perfect. With the girls that mean the most to me. @coralahlgren and @fromsonup2_sondown #finally #timetoletgo #junkfood #pregnant #awwyeah #pleasedontask #lol
finally - junkfood - pregnant - timetoletgo - pleasedontask - awwyeah - lol -
mamamalpal : We can absolutely have an ice cream date this week @laceyguerin. I think that's a brilliant idea!
laceyguerin : Okay sweet!! :) when are you free? @mamamalpal
mamamalpal : Everyday after 430. And all day Saturday and Sundays. @laceyguerin
laceyguerin : Okay well how about Monday night? @mamamalpal
mamamalpal : Perfect @laceyguerin
laceyguerin : Okay, you and your pregnant cravings get to decide where we go. I can pick you and Konnor up too. @mamamalpal
mamamalpal : Done! Works for me :) I'll text you Monday!!!! 😊😘 @laceyguerin
laceyguerin : Okay, I'm excited 😁 @mamamalpal
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Stop limiting God's power. Trust in Him and let go. Only the best will happen, all it takes is a bit of faith. #TimeToLetGo#NowOrNever
nowornever - timetoletgo -
oljashpak - annettkaf - mista_danny - nataonyshchuk -
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