#yxe #saskatoon #sask #yxeproblems #saskatoonproblems #sk #lulusnuggs #tightsarenotpants
lulusnuggs - sask - yxeproblems - saskatoon - sk - tightsarenotpants - saskatoonproblems - yxe -
sarahdobs : Leggings rule. If worn correctly, of course.
mama_gn : @shelbiedeanne
nargess_de : @laliiish
ghd919 : OMG
alaylm13 : @keziaclaire
keziaclaire : @alaylm13 Hush, you.
cmclean1984 : Leggings are not pants
call_me_nhicko : Indeed most of the time i see people wearing it... literrally appeared butt naked specially when the leggings are khaki... no offense it looks awkward... :(
alaylm13 - paigezipper - trinagust - samsass1 -
Why oh why?!! #tightsarenotpants #bamafan
bamafan - tightsarenotpants -
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Stop whatever you are doing and go buy these tights at Bed Bath and Beyond! These tights are fuzzy fleece lined people!!! But, let us still remember, #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
sherrisylvester : They're not?! 😯 #toobad
janette_chambers : @sherrisylvester Depends who you ask! :)
andramarie - amandalynn_26 - sherrisylvester - amyjolawley -
You tell 'em, Cleo! #tightsarenotpants #basicbitch #bengalcat #exoticcats #uws #cpw #catsofnewyork #kittyinthecity #bestcat #beautiful #bengalcatsofinstagram #instacats #instapets #ilovemycat #leopard #junglecat #love #centralpark #icanseeyourfatassclearly
beautiful - bestcat - centralpark - bengalcat - uws - kittyinthecity - leopard - junglecat - tightsarenotpants - love - exoticcats - basicbitch - ilovemycat - instapets - instacats - bengalcatsofinstagram - icanseeyourfatassclearly - catsofnewyork - cpw -
cleointhecity : @bridgetteraes the tights brigade was in ful force in the park today-middle of a sunny day, yet full moon were out!
enfd85 : Lol I love yoga pants:)
littlehollysbigworld : Amen! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
cleointhecity : @enfd85 yoga pants are awesome-thin leggings that are see thru with short little tops or jackets are just embarrassing for everyone!
bridgetteraes : Sigh. People never learn
cleointhecity - littlehollysbigworld - mil0bear - upperwestsidemanhattan -
Caught in a selfie on the #amtrak. #tightsarenotpants #sundaymorningcomingdown #whitegirl
whitegirl - tightsarenotpants - amtrak - sundaymorningcomingdown -
intunewiththem0on : #notpantsarepants
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Whenever the believers are mentioned in the Quran.. It is usually followed by a description of "enjoins the good and forbids the evil" So why are so silent nowadays when we see something haram or someone doing haram.. This post is about the awrah specifically (parts of the body that is permissible to be seen by the opposite gender) .. It's about both males and females exposing parts of their body that should be hidden.. It's about appropriate and inappropriate dress of a Muslim and Muslimah Brothers, the awrah for you is between your naval (belly button) and knees. Anything shown between these is strictly haram.. Even if other males are present. If exposed during Salah, your prayer is void and has to be repeated. Do not wear tight clothing, being modest applies to you too. Sisters, your awrah is everything except your face and hands.. Yes I said hands not arms.. Sisters be showing everything these days.. This applies to all sisters not just hijabis.. Sisters hijab is Fard on you. That means you must cover everything on your body.. Your face and hands are exempted. Sisters, Do not roll up your sleeves. Do not wear tight fitting clothes that expose the shape of your body, do not walk around in pants (TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS). Be modest in your dress and wear loose clothing. Do not be excessive on the make up. Please brothers and sisters take this advice and share it around.. When you see something haram.. Do something about it, if you can change it with your hand (husbands, fathers etc) then do so. If you can't, then try changing with your tongue (give advice) and if you can't do that then hate it in your heart and this is lowest of Iman.
muslim_meme : @felinepanther6 Ameen. may Allah swt make it easy for you. That is very sad to hear :(
felinepanther6 : Ameen I realize that it is perhasp both my test and my punishment, and that it is my job to have enough Iman to believe ease will soon come, and strength as a believer to go on as patiently as Allah allows. Inshallah. These Muslim IG accounts help me so very much. Mashallah Allah is so very Merciful! Ty. ☺ Alhumdulillah
sabnis_aditya : So is stem cell research good @muslim_meme ?
muslim_meme : @sabnis_aditya lol I don't know. I had edited it to say something else.. "the centre for enjoining Good and Forbidding evil" but I uploaded the wrong pic
lickmyface__ : Hahahahaha @ms_kkam you and your love for other gyals ankles
abayah_child : And feet can be uncovered for sisters too right?
olliekdpaulosfv5451 : nice @dailyhumor_4u
irfan_ibrahim1997 : In Sumatera,Indonesia u will find syariah police,as i known lh
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I was comfy today #iwokeuplikethis #comfyandcozy #tightsarenotpants #selfiequeen
selfiequeen - iwokeuplikethis - tightsarenotpants - comfyandcozy -
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Happy Tuesday. #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
kristinaa14 : Your hair looks good πŸ‘
julieeexx : Your hair 😍
ohhmytaryn13 - bcgranitto - kristina_marie14 - jessicareneemahon -
Let the tradition live on #tightsarenotpants @alibelles @heidibrueggeman @ckbradley
tightsarenotpants -
alibelles : Like mother like daughter #cute buns
oldbeachjournal : @genevieve1026 omg let's have a pants intervention!!!
alibelles : @oldbeachjournal you mean we need to have a tights intervention😝
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It's dirty UGG boots and tights time...batten down the hatches! #tightsareNOTpants #youregonnafreezeyourtoottoot
youregonnafreezeyourtoottoot - tightsarenotpants -
tap0725 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they don't care! They think they cute 😜 I hate this look tho
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Such a busy weekend, but still I have to make time to worship my Father. #SundayFunday #HOGIM #GarnettAndGold #Hipster #HipsterIsh #IDoMe #ScarfSeason #Boots #DressesAndLeggings #TightsAreNotPants #TakeNotes #Church #Worship #Music #Snapshots β˜†
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Saturday night in my #thrifted #topshop top and #tights #tightsarenotpants #readyforbed #imold
imold - readyforbed - tightsarenotpants - thrifted - tights - topshop -
theprettysecrets - peachandtweed - tightsleggingshoutout1 - mehlaniemonster -
respect - dressfortheweather - tightsarenotpants - yesitscold -
_kcmlow : Ladies, #respect yourselves and for at least this one winter PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON. #tightsarenotpants #yesitscold #dressfortheweather
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Wore my running tights/leggings for the first time today. I can now conclusively say beyond a shadow of a doubt that #tightsarenotpants #run #running #runner #instarunners #runitfast #runhappy #lunarblack #karlgram
karlgram - runitfast - run - runner - lunarblack - running - runhappy - tightsarenotpants - instarunners -
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Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) mentioned: “There will be women who will be dressed but they will be naked. Their heads will be like the humps of camels. They will not enter Jannah and will not even smell the scent of Jannah while it can be smelt from a far distance.” [Sahih Muslim] Dressed but naked is referring to those among this ummah that wear tights and tight clothing. They will not enter Jannah and won't even be able to smell it's fragrance Will you deny yourself Jannah because you want to wear the latest fashions? Will you deny yourself Jannah because you want to people to look at you? If you won't be entering Jannah where exactly do you think you will be headed? Think about it.. Is it worth it? Are the compliments you receive worth the punishment of Jahannam? Are the pervy and sleezy looks worth not having eternal bliss and contentment? Don't do this to yourself. Please. Change. Start now. Right now. Yes now. Don't wait. Didn't you hear about the person who waited? They died and it was too late.. Don't be that person.
little_grey_cells : @flutterbyzxz :a
thirstforknowledge786 : Please follow my page for Eye Opening Islamic reminders and beautiful pictures revealing the hidden treasures of Islam... May Allah give us the ability to do so and reward us all for every step we take in spreading the teachings of Islam across the world! Allahuma Ameen! Jazak'allah khair :)
_allah_knows_ : Follow for Islamic updates. Jazak Allahu Khair
_isyubrawi : @sophiea62
aminah_safiyyah : Love this !!! Mashaallah
fawadzafg : To all Brothers and Sisters of Islam: I want the whole world to know about 'Passinho Do Romano' a Brazilian dancer that dances to and remixes the RECITATION OF THE HOLY QURAN! Azoo billah.... May Allah(swt) forgive us and safeguard us from this disgusting fitnah/haram... Please I plead everyone to go see this for yourself sadly... As I'm really worried the Ummah is unaware of this... Please for the sake of Allah(swt) this person 'Passinho Do Romano' needs to be stopped and get told of what he's doing is completely wrong! Please share this message to the whole Ummah... HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
ultimate_choice : Plzzz FOLLOW us for ISLAMIC UPDATES and MSGS In sha Allah!!!
hadarandhelan : @s_doski follow this page!
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Well they aren't πŸ˜’ {#gossipgirl #blair #tightsarenotpants #l4l #f4f #r4r}
gossipgirl - tightsarenotpants - r4r - f4f - blair - l4l -
tiffaniehenry : Lol
sophie.sull - shannonhoran789 - amy__heartxo -
Ladies, the time has come. Please don't make me hold disciplinary hearings, I have a very busy schedule this fall. #tightsareNOTpants
tightsarenotpants -
caitlins__way : Love you B xoxo πŸ’‹
nicoleburgess : Love you S😘 xoxo @caitlins__way
starlaalaa : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
livelovelyss : I've been waiting for this from you lol!
jbell23s - stacyjokelly - livelovelyss - iselamohr -
Wish I could wear my #wonderwoman tights to every job #catwoman #supergirl #batgirl #dc #dcgirls #superhero #comicbooks #ballet #danceteacher #dancestudio #cosplayer #tightsarenotpants #geekgetup
catwoman - superhero - dancestudio - ballet - dc - tightsarenotpants - danceteacher - comicbooks - supergirl - dcgirls - batgirl - wonderwoman - geekgetup - cosplayer -
chrisquyen : Do it
rodexodus : no matter what you do in life. always stay true to who you are and I promise you'll be successfu! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
june_alice - skybrowncosplay - jpuliti - azfanaki -
Either she thought this really looked good...or she just stretched out her favorite pants. #tightsarenotpants #bitchyouknowyouwrong #whereareyourfriendstotellyouNO
bitchyouknowyouwrong - tightsarenotpants - whereareyourfriendstotellyouno -
alsebaje : @moniluv112 @jennybueny Get your friend ladies!
cleointhecity - alsebaje -
Know someone who needs this memo? #style#fashion#rule#fashionrule#tightsarenotpants#tightpants#words#quote#quotes#fashionquote#bestoftheday#blackandwhite
style - fashion - fashionquote - blackandwhite - quote - fashionrule - rule - quotes - bestoftheday - tightsarenotpants - words - tightpants -
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Tights are not pants! #tightsarenotpants #legging #pants #fashionfail #fail #wtf #funny
funny - legging - tightsarenotpants - wtf - fail - fashionfail - pants -
esmayaviva : Mals @punch._ @cheverny_
jojo.rob : Zeker mals @esmayaviva
diantaaaa : @rooslovex misschien leuk voor smack hahahaa
rooslovex : @diantaaaa hahhaha zekersss
x_slagr00ms0esje : Assss πŸ˜‚ - @lysannesykes
f.kie : Fio be like @_ddlh
_ddlh : ie @w4lvis
cleointhecity : Yesss!
sanne_vb_ - b.enteeh - xelviraxavdox - k.ar3n -
πŸ™ #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
mavieen.rose - nikkivanappeven - nao_mbt - loesverboven -
Just a reminder... #tightsarenotpants #fall
tightsarenotpants - fall -
maybeitsperfect : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
dclemmer : Is that what Lululemon is printing on their leggings now?
jenlyons_ : Ask the dipshits that pay $100 for a pair of see-through not pants @dclemmer
jwasdublin : Can you still where them as not pants @jenlyons_ ?
molllyroses - cakebakeandroll - kunjaaa - rocksonrocks -
XOXO #gossipgirl #NellyYuki #wisewords #TightsAreNotPants
wisewords - gossipgirl - tightsarenotpants - nellyyuki -
siljegerhardt - carolineholdflod - johannee - tv_series_junkie -
"You look like you go to a prep school." Goal achieved πŸ‘ #iamblairwaldorf #tightsarenotpants #ootd
iamblairwaldorf - tightsarenotpants - ootd -
heymariahey : you totally look like blair waldorf! omg looks perfect πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
nycdreaming : @heymariahey aw thank you!! πŸ’—πŸ˜Š
farmasarah : If I could like this 5,000 times I would. You should start a fashion blog!
nycdreaming : @farmasarah thanks so much! πŸ’—πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—πŸ˜Š I have one I just only posted like twice! Maybe I'll start again :)
elliebell4 : Too cute Abby!
nycdreaming : @elliebell4 thank you!! 😊
teainthegardns : Obsessed with this outfit! So Blair Waldorf πŸ’•
nycdreaming : @teainthegardns thank you!!! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š
meskitabeverlyhills - farmasarah - kendra_joanne - irene_nts -
Cheers to Korean pants. Comfy, light, abd oh so stylish! Best pants ever! #fashionista #pants #tightsarenotpants #leggings #awesomeness
fashionista - awesomeness - leggings - tightsarenotpants - pants -
knudsey : I'd love a pair! Where did you get em?
stephmartyniuk : Gmakret!!♥♥♥♥
kristabreanne - noahsaysno - fitgymgear - knudsey -
@bobbie_estus how dare you claim that #tightsarenotpants #sophiethedog #bostonterrier
sophiethedog - tightsarenotpants - bostonterrier -
bobbie_estus : I know I know, #elsamaus also swears that #tightsarepants
imwaiting55555 - hawkeye04 - mol12487 - the_bruceallmighty -
It's almost that time of the season.. Lol #tightsarenotpants πŸ‘– #cameltoenono #moosetoe πŸͺ🐫
moosetoe - tightsarenotpants - cameltoenono -
laxayavong : I wear it like the right side once in a while sometimes I just don't give a damn and put on whatever
queenpk : @laxayavong you would lol I miss you btw. Always posting food but I never get any. πŸ˜ͺ
laxayavong : lol idc, I'm lazy and we just chilling most of the times anyways. miss you too. prob won't see you til tracie's shower . you're always out of town πŸ˜’ mbn
queenpk : @laxayavong I almost text you Saturday to go crawfish I secretly wanted to go so bad the day before but Sam wanted to do something too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
laxayavong : we should've went. you see Sam everyday lol.
queenpk : @laxayavong I know but you know him.. He can't stay still always gta do and go somewhere.. So we just took the kids to the new Tejonoutlet which was a waste
queenpk : Not worth the drive.
by.merel : @fashioncops
flor_0618 - the_hova_nsx - lilylockit - angelcc559 -
aliciadupree #shakecreative #mistake#doypumakethismistake?#tightsarenotpants
shakecreative - doypumakethismistake - tightsarenotpants - doyoumakethismistake - mistake -
aliciadupree : Oopsy #doyoumakethismistake
mrs_sabbatical : Yep! I do
aliciadupree : @mrs_sabbatical you once told me track suits are not to be worn outside home...?!?!
tj_wedn14 : πŸ™ˆπŸš«πŸͺ🐾
mrs_sabbatical : Yeah - but gym gear has quickly become my friend #theShame ; ) @aliciadupree
aliciadupree : Oh I get it @mrs_sabbatical 😝
aliciadupree : @tj_wedn14 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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People of Little League Football #tightsarenotpants #underwearoptional #suchanicetoptoo
tightsarenotpants - underwearoptional - suchanicetoptoo -
savis68 - mandysjohnson - teachingmrsblumer - amberl3511 -
It's that time of year when everyone needs a reminder ; ) if your top doesn't cover your crotch or your bum... You need real pants. #justkeepingitreal #tightsarenotpants #leggingsarenteither #honestyisthebestpolicy
honestyisthebestpolicy - leggingsarenteither - justkeepingitreal - tightsarenotpants -
lryount - kelsialambert90 - kelseycallies - meegan92 -
& don't forget it πŸ™… #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
engiestyle : I have one ☺
reeemmohammed : @clarissaferrara
mikeoliu - hibasalha - halaalmashtoub - jenny_boo210 -
#no #tightsarenotpants #especiallythosetights
especiallythosetights - tightsarenotpants - no -
samoron : Oh my gosh #dying πŸ˜‚
tashamanteris06 : Eewwwww😷
laurengipsonbrown : Omg lol
emmy_pierson92 : I couldn't help but post this lol
samwilson48 - samoron - teefurnas - kelsssjordan11 -
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