#OnceToldAguyFriendThis #HeSaidiLikeIt##Laughing #Serious#OnlyAtTheGym #TightsAreNotPants#Lol #Laughing
oncetoldaguyfriendthis - hesaidilikeit - onlyatthegym - tightsarenotpants - serious - lol - laughing -
luvstylethrucolor : 🚺👖👖🚫
sugar0118 : Word sista!!!
eileena79 : @luvstylethrucolor and even at the gym I don't need to see anyone's junk that's way to personal lol
luvstylethrucolor : @eileena79 Right!? 😉😄💭agreed*
eileena79 : @luvstylethrucolor I always do a touch my toes and look in the mirror check before I leave I think that should be mandatory regardless how fit you
luvstylethrucolor : @eileena79 😄I do "A stand in the lighting/daylight check!" Lol
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I laughed so hard at this. #tightsarenotpants #lol #chocolate #newzealand #funny #instafunny #pinterest
funny - tightsarenotpants - pinterest - instafunny - chocolate - lol - newzealand -
cesera : Omg lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
dawnorainbow : @cesera am lying in bed sick on Pinterest just losing the plot at funny memes and drooling over recipes :)
cesera : Hope you feel better soon gorgeous! @dawnorainbow 😷😘😘
dawnorainbow : @cesera thanks Hun! 😷😴
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#subwaystylee #ladiesplease #tightsarenotpants #pantsarepants #imjustsaying
subwaystylee - ladiesplease - imjustsaying - tightsarenotpants - pantsarepants -
nikfc : 😐
diana_costescu : Ooooof
princeandthebaker : Yikes😬
stmnt : #VPL #fail
thesillysimone : Lol
disco__ : @eloiseiseloise let's start a campaign. #leggingsarenotpants #tightsarenotpants #spandexisNOTyourfriend #thetruthwillsetyoufree
eloiseiseloise : Yes!!!! @disco__ !!! Start a revolution!
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Did we actually need a warning that #tightsarenotpants ? Well, rather safe than make us all sorry.
tightsarenotpants -
rosanyanser : Tights är visst de byxor!!
alexwaern : Du ser ju varningen @rosanyanser
rosanyanser : Har du sett min tightsbeklädda rumpa? Jag bryr mig inte vad andra tycker 😝
alexwaern : Sant... men det gör inte att det är rätt
rosanyanser : Jopp, tränar man som jag gör så blir tights byxor! PUNKT!
alexwaern : Vad du tränar i och går i till vardags borde väl inte vara samma kläder? Du får ha vad du vill, men hade dom varit byxor hade dom hetat tightsbyxor, inte tights. Dessutom hade inte tillverkaren satt dit en varning på dem heller.
alexwaern : #tightsarenotpants
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#repost @allllisonb #tightsarenotpants #blairism #xoxo #gossipgirl
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I classify this under moments describing blair waldorf's personality and philosophy #gossipgirl #blairwaldorf #tightsarenotpants
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Off to the gym with my very loud tights!👖🙋 #galaxytights #yogatights #tightsarenotpants😛 #whocares?
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Getting a collection!! #tights #advventuretime #tightsarenotpants #collection
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We got up to this again but we bought a friend this time! Ahhh all the trouble we get into and the sights we see... #tightsarenotpants #brasarerequirmentsforsome #doyouownamirror
doyouownamirror - tightsarenotpants - brasarerequirmentsforsome -
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Einu sinni vorum við nokkuð sætar! #twins #tbt #3ára? @annakaren92
3ára - twins - tbt - tightsarenotpants - stillababy -
kolbrunfjola2 : 💙💜 Erna farðu að henda í eina svona litla stelpu 👶
ernabe : @kolbrunfjola2 þú mátt vera fyrst ;) #stillababy #tightsarenotpants
sigurlaugardottir : SÆTAR
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Packing for #Melbourne. Layers... Of tights. Of course, #tightsarenotpants and that makes me happy because I rather dislike pants.
melbourne - tightsarenotpants -
jubileejay : Except for when I suit up.
thebravelily : Haha I've noticed @jubileejay
iamcitizenjane : ✨✋✨😻✨
seekaylalove : ❤️💛💜
thebravelily : 😘 for you @iamcitizenjane & also a 😘 for you @seekaylalove
iamcitizenjane : ✨✋‼️❤️✨May the Universe kiss you and hug you and surprise you in some extraordinarily way today..
thebravelily : Ahhh @iamcitizenjane you are the most gorgeous thing ever! I will let you know 💝🐠👏
iamcitizenjane : @thebravelily ✨😜😇😊✨Takes one to know one. ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
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Now you know!! #rp from @ixasuyen #toocrazy #warning #tightsarenotpants #funny #lol
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#supanova #superhero #supanova2014 #catwoman #cosplay #batman #blacknails #tightsarenotpants
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Tights are not pants!! Leggings aren't either!! #tightsarenotpants #gossipgirl #blairwaldorf #fact #learnhowtodress #petpeave
petpeave - learnhowtodress - gossipgirl - tightsarenotpants - blairwaldorf - fact - teams -
krysteena85 : @cashxoxo #teamS ??? Hate Serena!! Slut!! Pfffttt
cashxoxo : It's 2014. Stop calling girls sluts. If I don't like sex ur weird. - saw that on some instapost lmao. So @krysteena85 is everything u google true??
krysteena85 : Serena was a tota
krysteena85 : **total s word.. Sleeping with her best friends bf and shit...
krysteena85 : And yes google knows all!! @cashxoxo
katyusha_k_143_ : Haha Krysteena wins this argument hands down
danikababe13 : Haha Krysteena I love this 👖🙈 @krysteena85
vancouver_honey : I miss this show!!!!
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900 FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH😭 H-U-G-E thank you to all who shouted me out and helped me get here! I thought I would celebrate by posting one of the most famous lines from Gossip Girl😁^^ #gossip-girl #tightsarenotpants
gossip - tightsarenotpants -
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Cenzeetaa versija manai skrieshanas bildei (too tight tights) XD #fail #tightsarenotpants
fail - tightsarenotpants -
Mr. Jenkins knows pants, even scooter and motorcycle pants. These are not them. #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
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Mr. Jenkins reminds us, “Tights are not pants.” #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
elevenness - kingpin_chic -
#fitnessfirst #trackpantsarenottights #tightsarenotpants 👟🏃🍕🍩🍦🍰
trackpantsarenottights - tightsarenotpants - fitnessfirst -
bibafotheringham : Miss you xxx
emilykatereynolds : Ahah it's all the tags doodle @deeearley miss you too babe @bibafotheringham
petersiejka : Awkward thought that was @bibafotheringham 😕
gabrie_llee : Your looking really good Em!!! @emilykatereynolds
toby__wilson : Yum
willvon : Mum... That you?
olympuskings : Check out
evaivic : @valentinvitia omg ahahahah
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That's an #oxymoron if ever there was one. #uniqlo #tightsarenotpants
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POW POW Wonder Woman. Best Tights ever! #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
maddy.gee : Where from ? Love them ! ❤️
salsalkaram : Want some Maddy? We are up the coast.
maddy.gee - kimbalikes - claudia.bonaccorso - reemski -
8oclock starts 👊👊 #booyouwhore#workcansuckmyahole#tired#bedislookingsocomfytoday#couldhavestayedthereallday#selfie#liftselfie#zooyork#winter#picoftheday#igdaily#igaddict#instagrammers#tightsarenotpants#snapchat#kik
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Late nights at Kmart! #tightsarenotpants #drinkingproblems #kmartfriends
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anegb : #open24hrs
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All girls should know this. #tightsarenotpants #stopit #fashionpolice
stopit - fashionpolice - tightsarenotpants -
afdena - elenoremp - rosanyanser - tessaneklund -
#tightsarenotpants #rulestoliveby sorry if I spoiled your supper, you shouldn't be on Instagram anyways.
rulestoliveby - fuxyosups - tightsarenotpants - byeeeeeefelicia -
vancityelysa : @stevejilling 😉😉😉😉
stevejilling : Where does her back end and her ass start ? Haha @eesteez
judibells : @kathymcguinness1 this is hilarious. How do big big girls have the this kathy!!! Lol
evaivic : @valentinvitia traaaaummmmm.......
valentinvitia : @evaivic weeeeeeeh
evaivic : @valentinvitia so ähnlich lauft M ume HAHAHAHA
valentinvitia : @evaivic eifach no fetter
evaivic : @valentinvitia HAHAHAHAH
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No, pls. 🙅😷😰 #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
bridget__horne : Why do people think this is okay
kaylapworth : Omg hahahha
nspillane : #loveatfirstsight
zoerowley8 : Yummy
maddievolk : Hahah jesus
otmshank__ : I think I know who this is 🙊
mattwalsh_ : Would bang /10
madsmac : Jezzzzuuuzzzzz
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You tell her Blair! #tightsareNOTpants #takenote
takenote - tightsarenotpants -
shenaaanigans : 🙌
freshprincewilliam - mandieberber - shenaaanigans - kentaloupes -
Very big common mistake TIGHTS are NOT PANTS #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
zp.xo_ : They are a different type of pants
mehaki_aki : Oh my god not this again😒
missme_yet : no they are not @unicorn._
amrinder_b - shortgirl21 - _wowy_ - __vwxo -
Live they r see through and she's not wearing chonies #whatnottowearatdl #tightsarenotpants
whatnottowearatdl - tightsarenotpants -
ohanaphoto : goin commando in tights, yummo
disneyme2death : 😳no
itsyergurrrrrrl : THAT IS GROOOOOOSSSSSS
nicealex77 : Yuck
kermitfan13 : She's wearing cronies. I see a dark pattern for a thong. First thing I noticed before reading the caption. Should have gone with flesh color or white thong.
whatnottowearatdl : @kermitfan13 I don't see it and I stared for a few good minutes lol
missariel33 : Not for DL
vchristine2122 : @elizad3th omg !!!
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So it begins..... #tightsarenotpants
tightsarenotpants -
gold619ddcfc : @ladypantsmcgee I love your ass so much.
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Day 18 of #instamay2014 -most shameful Fashion Faux Pas. I don't do this but it a peeve of mine. Especially when the tights are loose and pretty much see-through!!! Ugh. #FashionFauxPas #fashion #TightsAreNotPants #Google #style #lanisays
style - fashion - google - tightsarenotpants - instamay2014 - lanisays - fashionfauxpas -
leapstar : 👏👏👏
brig.itte : :D
seenerbeener - trazza - houseodbanana -
Tights are not pants and to wear them especially in public is HARAM Sisters, especially those in hijab.. Refrain from wearing tights and refrain from wearing pants. Stick to long.. Yes LONG and loose skirts that cover your awrah completely and do not show the shape of your legs and are not tight on your backside
muslim - haram - kaaba - quran - umrah - allah - hajj - islam14 - deen - islamic - muhammad - masjid - halal - prayer - hijab - dawn - niqab - dawah - islam - hadith - pray - prophet - muslimdawah - mosque - muslimah - tightsarenotpants - hijabi - beard -
remembranceofallah : #islam #Allah swt #Prophet #Muhammad pbuh #islamic #islam14 #muslim #muslimah #dawah #deen #masjid #mosque #pray #prayer #beard #hijab #hijabi #niqab #dawn #halal #haram #kaaba #hajj #umrah #quran #hadith #muslimdawah #tightsarenotpants
omaralaina : I tell them and they don't listen like does anyone care anymore?
violet_82 : @farliyana @mimi_258 @heartcat19 @wiemin
wolverfiz : @amirahimanie
nunu_mahabadi : I dont think anyone has the right to judge yes is not appropriate but is not haram especially if your wearing hijab you shouldnt dress in such manor. But everyone will be in their own graves and judged alone. Im sure these sisters know that its not good to do that but i havent read in the quran is haram. People tend to make up alot of their own ways of islam Astafirallah. And that needs to stop!!!
remembranceofallah : @nunu_mahabadi who is judging? We don't judge what is in the heart of anyone.. But we can for judgement based on the apparent. It's called naseeha.. Advice to the sisters. Are we not allowed to give advice to people? The Quran says to cover up. The hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh tell us that women should dress modestly. The hadiths tell the sisters not to imitate men.. This means not to dress as they do. We take from the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
hurrflowercrown : Good effort to educate muslim. alhamdulillah. Thanks @remembranceofallah
samantha_creamer : What if someone does not abide by this rule but iis very humble helpful prays and all that. Will they stilll not be forgiven?
shireennaila - niqjab24 - s90tny - moustafa_matar -
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