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Whatchu know?
jcuptehgolem : Wow i saw them at ground zero sooooooooo long ago ahahhaa
rundmk : @ken_knee29 haha right on! Bro do you happen to know if any of our old songs are floating around? I can't find any
ken_fraiche29 : Either can I :/ @rundmk
rundmk : Lame.
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Writing with Chris Garcia & Kyle Setter
tyler_marino : @zomb_cass he's a great guy!
corpsegrindr13 : @tyler_marino Oh for sure, he was such a sweetie!
tyler_marino : @zomb_cass and a cutie pie ;) ha
corpsegrindr13 : @tyler_marino Lmao! That he was!
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alien_jesus : Good ole days
tyler_marino : @alien_jesus well put. I was at Mikey's the other night. I was hoping to catch you there :(
alien_jesus : Damnit! @tyler_marino we need to hang soon!
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