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eric.craig : I miss and love you both so much!!!!
thisischris7 : Eric! We are coming for you! Very very soon
thisischris7 : @eric.craig
eric.craig : Wh at??? How soon??
thisischris7 : I'm thinking the first weekend of February, we can go out there. I need to talk to Lena and make sure she's good for that weekend. You're settled with the new place and all now? @lenamariee_ @eric.craig
eric.craig : I am settled!! I still need to work on my guest room but everything else is great!! And that would work perfectly. I'm actually planning my apartment warming party around then!!
thisischris7 : Perfect! 😉 Ahhh I missed you so much!! I'm so excited for this! 😂
eric.craig : Me too!!!!! Let me know the exact days soon so I can request time off!
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