Getting some acupuncture done. Been way too stressed lately. 2 jobs and school. #fml #sotired #acupuncture #thisstuffworks
acupuncture - fml - thisstuffworks - sotired -
michaelxarchangel : Where are you nOw
annie_lc : @michaelxarchangel I'm in gg!! I fucken miss youu.
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I'm up at the marathon on Lima and Ludwig. Come see me for a great deal today. Everything must go! #fw1 #nowaterneeded #topoftheline #thisstuffworks
nowaterneeded - topoftheline - fw1 - thisstuffworks -
lomynatt : Dave will buy a bottle next time we see ya!
lomynatt : Good luck today!
_stephanie_ulrich_ : Awesome!
xsoldier5 : Sry can't drive just had back surgery on Monday, or I would
thelastoflilli - lomynatt - xsoldier5 -
I recently taught a dōTERRA class and made these homemade tins available for purchase. I have some left over and am offering them here, first come first serve. The tins include all dōTERRA oils and products as listed: Uplifting blend 5ml, Headache blend 5ml, Viral blend 5ml, Owie spray 4ml, Pore Reducing Toner 4ml, Facial Cleanser 3ml, Anti-age Moisturizer 3ml, Hydrating Cream 3ml. A great way to introduce essential oils to yourself and/or the fam. $40, includes shipping. DM me for more info. #thisstuffworks #getchasome #medicinecabinetmakeover #getyourfeetwet
getyourfeetwet - getchasome - thisstuffworks - medicinecabinetmakeover -
sm61172 : What does the uplifting blend do? I wish u were closer so I can come to a class!
doterra4life : @sm61172 Uplifting blend is the Elevation oil blend. Elevation combats anxiety, stress, fatigue and depression. Agreed on wishing we were closer!
danikasmommy - 2ndamendmentright - sm61172 - stickerups -
Starting my day off right. Love this stuff. Sleeping better, living better and feeling better. Find out how it can help improve your life. Have a great day everyone! #jeunesse #thisstuffworks
jeunesse - thisstuffworks -
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Ribs and whatever gets crushed beneath them are THE WORST and never heal. πŸ‘Ά #bigbaby But for real.. #injuredlist #thisstuffworks #arnica
injuredlist - bigbaby - arnica - thisstuffworks -
jaideraid : ❀️❀️
insta_grant : Old man Tanner
danettisettles : Which
danettisettles : Honey.. what happened?
chadalacs75 : Hey my ribs got hurt like last week and they still hurt today! Does this stuff work? And where can i get it?
boironusa : Hope you're feeling better @t4nman, thanks for the photo of @boironusa #arnica products! @chadalacs75 Both products can be found at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, other natural product stores, or online. Coupons on our website!
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Made an industrial sized sleepy cream tonight! With seven littles, we go through it quickly. #lavender #peaceandcalming #valor #youngliving #yleofamily #littlemacs #thisstuffworks #sleepycream
youngliving - lavender - thisstuffworks - yleofamily - littlemacs - valor - sleepycream - peaceandcalming -
maurajoyce : Is it just the oils mixed into coconut oil?
jillmacnabphoto : Yes @maurajoyce !
_cheronaa - morgantorii - meggiemoo316 - quinnwakeupnow -
PURE- products developed with meaningful botanically based ingredients, chosen for effectiveness and safety SAFE- safe, nontoxic and ecofriendly, pure, natural ingredients from natural sources BENEFICIAL- committed to providing effective products that deliver a true benefit #arbonne #joinmyteam #thisstuffworks #antiaging #earnincome #workfromhome #freedom #health #beauty
arbonne - joinmyteam - beauty - freedom - thisstuffworks - health - workfromhome - earnincome - antiaging -
lionessmsm : I was like mannnnnn, some imposter is trying to make a page w Annie's picture #catfish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
arbonneanniem : @lionessmsm just a page for my side hustle!!!
gregagustinjr : Nice... that's cool! Hey, let's connect... I'll follow back or add me on FB. Look forward to learning more about you!
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It Works is not just for women, men love it also. To find out more about this product and all the other amazing products we have, check out my website or shoot me an email. If your not ready for a full box I have single wraps for only $25 (reg $30)
body - motivation - askmehow - forrealtho - men - results - stayhealthy - wrapit - bodywraps - seeresults - fit - healthy - tightentonefirm - crazywrapthing - realresults - thisstuffworks - makeachange - crazywrapbeauty - naturalplantbased - timeforachange -
crazywrapbeauty : #crazywrapbeauty #crazywrapthing #askmehow #wrapit #realresults #results #timeforachange #tightentonefirm #thisstuffworks #stayhealthy #seeresults #forrealtho #fit #healthy #bodywraps #body #naturalplantbased #motivation #makeachange #men
crazywrapbeauty : Sorry forgot to put email and website
crazywrapbeauty : or email
adamcraigstanley : Totally amazing ! Wanna connect? I follow back #follow
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It's reasons like this why I love being a health coach for Herbalife. Results are real. Changing your life is real. Having natural energy is real. All you have to do is take that step. The balls in your hands. Make a move πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ #Herbalife #fitness #coach #herbalife24 #motivation #ontop #inspiration #motivation #change #thisstuffworks #summer #FIT
summer - motivation - coach - fit - herbalife24 - thisstuffworks - herbalife - fitness - ontop - change - inspiration -
freenetworkmarketingtips : I noticed you are involved in an MLM Business! That's Awesome! We need some honest opinions on the content we have put together for MLMers Only, before start charging for it. If you are interested you know where to find the link ;)
bryannhoff : @freenetworkmarketingtips I'll for sure be checking it out :) thanks.
taedoss5 : awesome photo! Check out my page im sure you will enjoy it
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Boom! #thisstuffworks #newbeginning lol #letsgo #newandimproved #ivelearnedfrommymistakes #nomorearguements #nomorecontrolbattles #nomore #justpeace thanks to ALL of you that made this possible, even the #Haters and #Snitches.....
letsgo - newbeginning - thisstuffworks - nomorearguements - justpeace - ivelearnedfrommymistakes - newandimproved - nomore - snitches - nomorecontrolbattles - haters -
mz_stevens80 : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
mrdawiyd - mz_stevens80 - prettynik02 - chzcake_lady -
Thanks to my cocaine this morning I'm up , chargedddd and readiiii to FUCKKK shitt upp !!! I'd sooo recommend this to everyone if your ever in need of a boost lol ! #cocaine #energydrink #getsome #awake #morning #work #doubleshift #love #thisstuffworks #711needstogetwithit thankssss @victoria61713 πŸ’›β™₯️
love - work - doubleshift - morning - 711needstogetwithit - getsome - awake - thisstuffworks - energydrink - cocaine -
victoria61713 : Lol isn't it great lol 7/11 needs to get on board
kyiahhhrenee : Yo I been zooomin all around my store today lol ! & they just better ! Pheonixville is luckkyyyy man ! @victoria61713
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Status update! 5days later and no chips and still shiny! I must say that I am a fan of #sallyhansen #miraclegel #red #redeye #nailpolosh #polish #gel #athomegelmani #thisstuffworks πŸ‘πŸ‘
nailpolosh - sallyhansen - thisstuffworks - redeye - miraclegel - polish - athomegelmani - red - gel -
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Day 4 of my bode cleanse βœ” #ThisStuffWorks #chrispowell #heidipowell #bode #bodecleanse #tastesbomb #vemma #ypr #health #nutrition #nourish #goodmorning
ypr - nutrition - nourish - heidipowell - bodecleanse - vemma - thisstuffworks - health - chrispowell - goodmorning - bode - tastesbomb -
bodybyteam : Great post! I'm trying my best to remove obesity so if you know anyone that would like to lose weight and earn some cash please click on the link in my bio or contact me :)
haveitallmastermind : Interesting!
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Meet Simon. He has lost 60 POUNDS in 5 MONTHS!!! #thisstuffworks #ADVOCARE #getyousome it all started with a #24daychallenge and his consistency has paid off, and he's not done yet. Looks like a whole new person! Proud of you Simon! Looking amazing!!
advocare - success - productswork - healthy - results - thisstuffworks - weightloss - shred - 24daychallenge - getyousome - nutrition -
saraboice : #weightloss #shred #results #success #advocare #productswork #healthy #nutrition
aprilmarietucker : Nice! How's it going? Let's connect! #follow
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Look at what our products do! #tireshine #fw1 #thisstuffworks
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nicolecorynnb - bsun260 - thelastoflilli - egarc1 -
Getting ready to start my 24 day challenge! Who else wants to join with me?? #advocare #24daychallenge #fitfam #healthy #wellness #thisstuffworks πŸ’ͺπŸ’―
advocare - fitfam - 24daychallenge - healthy - wellness - thisstuffworks -
nikiii_marie : I'm a distributor! Let me know if you need anything!😘
_theresafit : I'm about to become one too!! 😁 @nikiii_marie
becky_dowches : @_theresafit I just ordered mine!!! Super excited.
_theresafit : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ yes can't wait! @becky_dowches
lexslashflo - becky_dowches - fallnheroegrayson - _fitmaggie -
This Shine Makes ( is honestly the most incredible deodorant I've ever tried, and I mean natural and otherwise! That's saying a LOT. It leaves a lovely, light scent of coconut oil and essential oils and stands up to anything my body ( and the bodies of several other adoring fans I know), puts it through. Hiking, yoga, chasing toddlers, stress, workouts, you name it, this gem busts odour completely, all day. I've actually had a shower on a Wednesday morning, applied it after, went about my day and then the next morning forgotten to reapply. When I realized this mid-Thursday, I totally panicked. But guess what? No odour at all. The best part is that it's handmade by a lovely local artisan and completely non-toxic. Crafted with coconut oil, arrowroot powder essential oils and other powerhouse natural ingredients, as displayed clearly and honestly right on the front of the product, I am SO glad I found this and have it in my life. I'm also happy to say that several of my friends have purchased and have fallen just as deeply in love as I have. I love the convenient stick form, the moisturizing ingredients, the beautiful mild unisex scent and of course, the way it performs. This is bound to make believers out of all natural sceptics who give it a chance. I can't recommend it enough. Follow @shinemakesstuff #deodorant #naturaldeodorant #thisstuffworks #artisanskincare #handmade #madeincanada #madeinbc #beautifulbc #yvr #northvan #northvancouver #lonsdale #lonsdalequay #shinemakes #greenbloggers #ecobloggers
beautifulbc - shinemakes - deodorant - madeinbc - northvancouver - greenbloggers - lonsdalequay - ecobloggers - northvan - yvr - handmade - thisstuffworks - artisanskincare - lonsdale - madeincanada - naturaldeodorant -
meshedesigns : Love natural deodorant just made the switch I'm interested to check this shop out. I like a vanilla scent. Does it leave a strong white residue.
shesoeco : @meshedesigns I've noticed a hint of white on the inside of my clothes when they're black, but that's it. No underarm residue at all! I seriously love this stuff. You will not be disappointed!!! I'm working on getting a discount code for my readers, so I'll let you know as soon as I have that!
meshedesigns : Ok great I look forward to it! Also is there any other scents besides the one you talk about?. 😘😘
adriancrook : Wow like it!
shesoeco : @meshdesigns, no, but it is very nice, light coconut scent.
greentidings : We'd love to send you ours!
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BOOM!! NeriumAD is at it again! #results #nerium #patented #thisstuffworks #miraclecream
nerium - patented - results - thisstuffworks - miraclecream -
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Let's change your life!!! Who is ready?! No gimmicks or get rich quick scheme. Hard work, passion and the best part? You do it all from home AND on your own time!
workhard - family - joinus - workfromhome - changinglives - passion - thisstuffworks - lovemyjob - love - friends - bombshelldynasty -
dnsmith09 : #changinglives #workfromhome #lovemyjob #love #workhard #passion #joinus #bombshelldynasty #thisstuffworks #friends #family
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The wifey got an awesome mail call today from @doterra4life these smell so good, I know she is excited to use them thanks again @doterra4life and special thanks to @stickerups for the cool bonus items #aromatherapy #thisstuffworks #doterra
aromatherapy - doterra - thisstuffworks -
stickerups : @kilgoreusmc @tattedsinkay you know it!
doterra4life : @kilgoreusmc @tattedsinkay Awesome! You're so welcome! Helping people naturally is what I love. Anticipating great reports :)
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It Works #stretchmark cream is incredible! It does wonders to fade stretch marks! I'm looking for 7 #mommas with #stretchmarks to do a 3 month trial using the cream! You'll get wholesale pricing and give me updates! #mommymakeover #momslife #mom #moms #grandma #aunt #thisstuffworks #myitworksreality #calltext8015898783
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Whelp, I finally made it to another episode of #mountainMonday. Gotta tell you, after going 4 days last week and the busy weekend I've had I almost didn't go today. But I had a convo this morning with a friend about diligence and then saw this quote posted by my trainer @durrk_ibtrippin and I knew I had to get up & go... Gotta say that my bed was a major roadblock today tho. Lol...slightly shorter distance at a slightly slower pace but still got a great workout, decided to do a lil #muscleconfusion by taking a different, steeper tail... And my body felt it. Lol my legs are tingling hahahah but I guess it's time I head home, shower up, and enjoy the rest of my day. T.O.N.E. UP is tonight!!! You should join me at my church!!! Oh yea can't forget my fuel to get me through my workouts/day #herbalife #herbalife24 shake and vitamins this morning and rebuild right after my workouts #thisstuffworks
body - core - motivation - mountainmonday - teamgetfit - fitfam - diligence - workout - consistency - focus - walk - muscleconfusion - determination - goals - jog - run - cardio - hydrateyourself - trainhard - workhard - herbalife24 - mirin - 4miles - thisstuffworks - herbalife - abs - crowdersmountain - wellness - legs - 4andahalfmiles -
durrk_ibtrippin : Getting it inn!!!! I got my morning workout in today before wrk and heading back for round two after wrk. #GainzTime πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€πŸ’―
luvanmusiqu : #workout #cardio #crowdersmountain #4miles #4andahalfmiles #walk #run #jog #teamgetfit #focus #workhard #trainhard #determination #consistency #diligence #motivation #fitfam #goals #wellness #mirin #body #core #abs #legs #hydrateyourself
luvanmusiqu : Yea bro, I got to!! Lol but we have our fitness group at my church this evening so I'll be back at it then. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜πŸ’― @durrk_ibtrippin
durrk_ibtrippin : Come through T.O.N.E UP!!!!!!!!! Wish I could make it but I will definitely drop through and check it out next time I come through NC!!!! β›ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ˜…πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
luvanmusiqu : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ crying at this emojis lol but yea bro, your presence/help/training would be greatly appreciate (& hated by some lol) @durrk_ibtrippin but yea gotta get you out here one day.
durrk_ibtrippin : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can dig it man!!!
luvanmusiqu : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― @durrk_ibtrippin
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-My goal is to look young for as long as God wills. That means my skin especially my face needs to be and feel great! My current favs 😍from @avivaclinic #Latisse which helps your eyelashes grow #Alyria -cleansers and #zo-anti-aging kit. #iswear #thisstuffworks #amazing #feelsgreat #morning #evening #confidence xx
feelsgreat - confidence - zo - latisse - thisstuffworks - morning - amazing - evening - alyria - iswear -
aleksandramalamaza : Best products I've ever used!!!!!!!
ordame : Agree @aleksandramalamaza
ordame - stavvy9 - roserachelle_ - fierce_diva_accessories2.0 -
Want sweat proof/waterproof flawless eyebrows ??? Try these two amazing products ! Thanks to the eyebrow queen @anastasiabeverlyhills for her amazing products ! #Anastasiaisaneyebrowgenius #cantlivewithout #thisstuffworks #loveit #yourbrowarentmoving
loveit - yourbrowarentmoving - cantlivewithout - anastasiaisaneyebrowgenius - thisstuffworks -
mellymelz08 : Yassssss
mellymelz08 - prima_donna1411 - moezilla_ - primadonnak629 -
πŸ’ƒ Keeps you goin #spark #thisstuffworks
spark - thisstuffworks -
taylorellis71 : How much for one pack? @kell_dway
melane_williams - karleemullins - ecamp_soup - rodneybarker -
We were at the beach last week and used our terra shield every day to ward off green flies...the ONE day I forgot terra shield my daughter got this awful green fly bite. After two days of alternating between lavender and melaleuca it's almost gone!!! #thisstuffworks #bugbite #naturalremedy #getoutside #enjoysummer #cruncymom #naturalmama #puremamaoils
cruncymom - naturalremedy - bugbite - enjoysummer - puremamaoils - thisstuffworks - getoutside - naturalmama - crunchymom -
puremamaoils : Both of these oils are in the family physicians kit! (Along with many others!) order a physicians kit in the month of July and get wholesale pricing on future orders AND get $50 to spend on oils!! Email me for details
puremamaoils : #crunchymom
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#instanike #ohimfat #thisstuffworks
ohimfat - thisstuffworks - instanike -
#ratchetsbegone #thisstuffworks #unratchetyoself #ratchet
unratchetyoself - ratchet - thisstuffworks - ratchetsbegone -
Sweaty Pic- holy PiYo! #sweatpic #piyo #thisstuffworks #fitness
sweatpic - piyo - thisstuffworks - fitness -
cerwelt - realfitmom - chamomile_marie - abbyvine -
No more razor bumps :) #Feelingood #nobumpsforme #thisstuffworks
feelingood - thisstuffworks - nobumpsforme -
alex_homicide_dr - gcarcano - its_thatguyde -
Using the PureSmile Snail honey hand cream at work courtesy of the fabulous Honey Box from @memeboxglobal. Light scent, non greasy, overall another great find via Memebox. #memebox #kbeauty #thisstuffworks #beautyfinds #skincare
memebox - kbeauty - beautyfinds - thisstuffworks - skincare -
everythingsisters : Amazing!
glamourandgiggles - cncreef - inapina12 - made2excel -
30 Day Shred : level 1 #Thisstuffworks
thisstuffworks -
ria_bayb33 - turtle02 -
My beautiful Mama has lost an inch and a half around her waste line with Plexus Slim & Bio Cleanse, in about 6 wks time! #thisstuffworks #itcleansyouout #allnatural #weightloss #60daymoneyback #whywaitItCouldchangeYouLife
itcleansyouout - whywaititcouldchangeyoulife - allnatural - 60daymoneyback - thisstuffworks - weightloss -
growinginhisimage - gabriela_elaine - algooden - meecex10 -
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