James Storm vs. Heavy Metal #RevolutionProWrestling #yeg #Edmonton #downtown #780 #587 #thisiswrestling #wrestling #wwe #TNA #JamesStorm #cowboy #local #yegevents #HeavyMetal #wcw #ecw #thisisawesome #TheresChildrenHere @unicornfigurine
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Revolution Pro Wrestling's, Heavy Metal and TNA Superstar, "Cowboy" James Storm, locking eyes prior to one of the hardest hitting Main Event in Rev Pro History! These guys left it all in the ring! #yeg #yegevents #yegfringe #yegmedia #yegdt #yegbars #yegfood #yegarena #edmonton #780 #587 #wwf #wcw #wwe #wweedmonton #wrestling #tna #jamesstorm #cowboy #indywrestling #sherwoodpark #shpk #holyshit #thisiswrestling
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Just when I thought I've seen it all. Epic ass counter! Why you no watch TNA!? It has amazing wrestling!!! #lowki #manick #doublefootstomp #tna #impactwrestling #thisiswrestling #prowrestling #nwa
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jaffiemac32 : @benny_bushface @atomsmasher_
atomsmasher_ : what's TNA??? @jaffiemac32
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While everyone else watches Raw, I'll be watching PWG's most recent show, ELEVEN. This is gonna be great. #PWG #ProWrestlingGuerilla #PWGEleven #TommasoCiampa #RockyRomero #ThisIsWrestling
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wrestlingedits_ : I didn't watch the whole thing yet. I only watched O'Reilly and Hero and Bucks vs. Joey and Candice lol. I plan on watching the rest tomorrow.
dr_of_thuganomics : You have the DVD? Or...
kevinlikesthings : @dr_of_thuganomics yes. I ordered it like 3 weeks ago, finally got it in the mail today.
dr_of_thuganomics : How much was it?
kevinlikesthings : @dr_of_thuganomics all PWG shows are $15, but the special DVDs/compilations(Best Of El Generico, Super Dragon:Destruction, etc) are $20.
thatwrestlingdude : Lucky I gotta watch promos, you get to watch actual wrestling.
wwf_wcw_ecw : If you suggest one pay-per-view what would it be
kevinlikesthings : @wwf_wcw_ecw from PWG? Either Steen Wolf or All Star Weekend X, both of those would be great to watch if you're new to PWG.
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Great night of wrestling, great show by ring of honor. #roh #thisiswrestling
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Best wrestling show I have ever seen !!! #RoH #thisiswrestling
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Ring Of Honor #ROH #Thisiswrestling #wrestling
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Had an awesome night tonight at ROH got to see one of my favorites Aj Styles kick some Ass god to I love wrestling. #ROH #ThisIsWrestling
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#ROH is Back! Regreso a sus origines! Una excelente funciΓ³n! #ThisIsWrestling #RingOfHonor #milwaukee
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#wwe #kevinsteen #princedevite #nxt #thisiswrestling #simplyawesome #thefuturelooksbright #killsteenkill #HHH #wrestling
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doubletapslikecrazy : :-)
colossalxbeast : OMG fuckin awesome Shit man I'm excited this is awesome
bestpicintheworld : This makes me extremely happy. Lets get Kenta to.
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The Greatest ! When I was little all I wanted to be was a wrestler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ’˜ #ThisIsWrestling #NoneOfThat2014Shit #Raw #Wrestlemania #IGotItSigned! #ShawnMichaels #BigShow #TheHardyBoys #ReyMysterio #HulkHogan #RobVanDamn #StoneColdSteveAustin #China #DegenerationX #Oldschool #CantGetBetterThanThis #ImInHeaven #TheBest !
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#Flashback to wrassling last Friday. #flashbackfriday #fbf #fieldofhonor #roh #ringofhonor #rohwrestling #ringofhonorwrestling #thisiswrestling #wrestling
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mightyfronz : Thanks for the invite, I'm def down for...oh wait, I didn't get an invite #sadface #thirdwheel
ohheyyoadrienne : (Welp this is awkward.)
ohheyyoadrienne : Uhm, I'm just gonna assume your invitation was lost in the mail...? @mightyfronz
mightyfronz : It's ok. If anyone needs me, I'll be over here, picking up the pieces of my broken heart πŸ’” @ohheyyoadrienne
ohheyyoadrienne : But why would we- erm, never mind. @mightyfronz #slowlybacksaway #stepsonpieces #breaksheartevenmore
ohheyyoadrienne :
derekowens : That's me in the front row next to the kid with the red hair :D
derekowens : At the bottom right of this pic
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bikerdan : < lufisto.
abbasiousrex : Want this.
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supersaiyanshayne : πŸ‘‹
giglifewrestlin : @shayneisoverasfck πŸ‘πŸ‘ respect!! Thanks for following is and supporting what we're doing!!!
markyfilth : πŸ™‹
nes.g_ : βœ‹
abbasiousrex : πŸ™Œ
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urbanringapparel : πŸ™ŒπŸ™
clobberinxtime : @urbanringapparel πŸ˜‰πŸ‘β€οΈ
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markyfilth : I love it.... As long as I don't have to hear his voice. Curious to see how he's gonna do being in the spotlight regularly. Going from 2-5 matches a year to consistent matches and appearances, could be a big transition. Hoping for the best.
tunatank : We need a facelift
nes.g_ : Not hating it as much as I thought I would.
abbasiousrex : I wouldn't fight him.
clobberinxtime : @markyfilth idk they have so many better options than Lesnar. I just can't stand or respect part timers that don't give a shit about wrestling the way a DB or Punk does.
markyfilth : @clobberinxtime well in reality he's only a transitional belt holder. I'm sure they have something in the mix for an actual full time wrestler. You just can't have a guy come and take a streak away like takers then get beat by Cena. Also, I'm not as over on punk and DB as the rest of the world, so my opinion on things is very different. I like Indy guys comin up big, but I also don't get hard ons for them just because they're "hardcore" or have this specific look like 90% of the people out there. (Not saying you're one of them). People never talk about their moves or promo skills, or fluidity on the mic. People like them because beards are cool, and so is straight edge, and tattoos etc.. It's just annoying for me when I've never stopped watching this, I didn't come back like so many people recently because there's hardcore scene like guys wrestling now. Haha. With Brock title holding it gives the other wrestlers a chance to change story lines. I think it's gonna be db and Brie vs Cena and Nikki at mania if neck injury heals as planned. Hopefully turning Cena heel and givin a renewing sense to main events. I also feel like I could write here forever haha. Coffee and wrestling talk in the near future?
clobberinxtime : @markyfilth dude yes please!!! And in with u man I haven't stopped watching since I was 8 and inline it now more than ever. And I see what you mean more focus needs to be on their talent not what they look like or what music they prefer haha.
bikerdan : Garbage
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superkickpartyy : I'm not saying that ECW Sucks. all I'm saying Is that ECW isn't That Extreme.
jeffhardyisgod : ^.....wHAT
bitwtaker : @superkickpartier ecw not extreme WTF. IT IS EXTREME.
superkickpartier : @bitwtaker look at who you tagged... Then look at who said that lol
bitwtaker : @superkickpartier oh shit. Sorry
superkickpartier : Lol i was like wtf!?!?
superkickpartier : @bitwtaker
realcmpunkwwe : @zigglerfan Check DM
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_charme_ : Super!
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noellefoley : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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