Just a taste of what was in my twisted little 7th grade mind... The pages are all falling out and pretty much just trashed around the edges, because I don't usually keep stuff out of sentimentality. Plus I've moved like 7 times in the past 7 years, it's a miracle it still lives to haunt my dreams today haha! I may have to revisit the snake/hand/eye deal though, kinda still dig it 😜 #tbt #doodle #throwbackthursday #middleschooldoodlebook #pinkfloyd #sharpie #arabiannights #thisiswhyifailedmath
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Sometimes I sit back and wonder, "How can someone as intellectually brilliant as me fail math class?" then I look over to my pile of old notebooks and see this... #flashbackfriday #thisiswhyifailedmath #art #doodles
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I was deleting pictures to make more room on my phone uhhh #sneakattack? #thisiswhyifailedmath
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mangofruitsnack : Haha! No way! I called math too!
mangofruitsnack : *failed
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#ThisIsWhyIFailedMath By show of hands how many did this..
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miss_letoyia : Lol o/
eddumurray : Nooo way...major chic thing hia.
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