When you finally submit your board application to sit for the NCLEX and this was her reaction πŸ˜‚ #sighofrelief #surreal #thisisreallyhappening #youdidit #wedidit #meyouandsiddidit #shealwayscrieswhensheshappy #andsad #thisisnotacruelpicture #whatdoesNCLEXstandfor #NCLEX
wedidit - thisisreallyhappening - whatdoesnclexstandfor - sighofrelief - youdidit - surreal - thisisnotacruelpicture - meyouandsiddidit - andsad - nclex - shealwayscrieswhensheshappy -
kathrinarenee : Yay!! @hellomelo now we wait 😩 your hashtags though haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
hellomelo : Seriously you and @kathrinarenee have a stash of screen shots of all my facial reactions about life πŸ˜‚ I'm an emotional wreck and I haven't even scheduled the actual exam yet πŸ˜… hahaha #babysteps
jasmineeej - dopechick_nel - mzapanda - relliaxo -
"Can these first time buyers meet in the middle or are they headed for a showdown in the old west?" For the answer tune into HGTV on Sep. 3rd 9:00pm CST #househunters #thisisreallyhappening
househunters - thisisreallyhappening -
jesswedelriley : @brett_e_riley
tonyazun : Wow!! Just set a reminder for myself on my phone!!
marn_dog : OMG watch party
jkbucio : Can't wait to watch!
courtneycarlton : YES
bmaize : RT @tonyazun
cortneyjacobson : Hahahahahahaha
cortneyjacobson - allisonrussellphoto - kierstenaadams - toriligg -
Happy, happy, joy,.JOY! 7 days till "We Do!" #oneweek #weddingcountdown #bride #thisisreallyhappening #zoeric6614 #instabride
zoeric6614 - thisisreallyhappening - instabride - weddingcountdown - oneweek - bride -
sugarmancandy - blushandivory -
Not even kidding - they just threw up a wall frame in like an hour. #thisisreallyhappening!!! #navinaclinic #navina #thaiyogatherapy #majorexcitement
navina - majorexcitement - navinaclinic - thaiyogatherapy - thisisreallyhappening -
choprayogato : So excited for you @drewhume! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
d_on_daley : Omg @drewhume where will it be?!!!
drewhume : Thanks @choprayogato!!! @d_on_daley it's still at @mokshauptown but it's now a dedicated clinic space for navina :)
d_on_daley : That's amazing! πŸ‘ #magichands
choprayogato - bodytrace - d_on_daley - duncanyoga -
Couldnt have said it better myself πŸ˜’ #repost #openyoureyes #useyourears #thisisreallyhappening
useyourears - openyoureyes - thisisreallyhappening - repost -
tella_vision - datboiarchie - smokirobinson - naturally_oj -
This counts as a selfie. #asian #selfie #peace #mermaid #red #hair #thisisreallyhappening #itsgettingannoying #temporary #glasses #bow #k #imdone
mermaid - temporary - thisisreallyhappening - itsgettingannoying - imdone - selfie - peace - bow - hair - asian - k - red - glasses -
katrynmariie : Creds to @katrynmariie 😭✌️
misscarrexo : Lmao yeah @katrynmariie
rapture22 : Hey did you block me on Snapchat for that joke earlier? If so I'm sincerely sorry
misscarrexo : Indeed, I did. For two reasons. One: you asked for nudes. Two: for being a smartass. IM NOT A SLUT. Please consider using the head with the brain next time instead of using the head in your pants. Good day. @rapture22
rapture22 : @misscarrexo ? I never asked you for nudes. I sent you a blank screen that said these are my nudes. I would never be so disrespectful. As for being a smartass, well that I am.
rapture22 : You completely misinterpreted the joke of the snap that I sent everyone and only you took wrongly. But that's ok. I apologize you thought I was a pig. Not everyone has the same sense of humor.
misscarrexo : By replying again, all you're doing is pissing me off. Just leave it the fuck alone. @rapture22
ogjucci - sirchrispy - jaaassmyn - tricia_jc -
A little blurry but this was our "first day of 17th (17.75th for me) grade" selfie as we ran out the door. #thisisreallyhappening
thisisreallyhappening -
trevor_wright23 - erinshaye - bubzz1715 - miriahrees -
Go check out @mcmcbhm and see how you can get involved with the #kickstarter they are doing right now. The clock is ticking so go follow the link on their page. Original post by @mcmcbhm Here's the Mock Up of the mural at TrimTab. 120' of wall space to make some Magic in the Magic City. #mcmc #flex #itsnicetohaveyouinbirmingham #trimtabbrewing #thisisreallyhappening @trimtabbrewing @mcmcbhm #instagrambham #bham #bhamal #itsnicetohavryouinbham
flex - itsnicetohaveyouinbirmingham - mcmc - trimtabbrewing - thisisreallyhappening - kickstarter - instagrambham - bham - itsnicetohavryouinbham - bhamal -
nickheldreth : Great Photo! #Follow4Follow #FollowBack #Follow
scenario_bham - c_item - fakeplastictwins - bleepcharger -
After a lot of sleepless night and technical nightmares, my travel blog, Guy Gone Global, starts today as I just published my first post! 😁 I really never thought I'd being doing this. Traveling was always a very personal aspect of my life, and I've always been a private person and kept it to myself. Honestly, I have to thank @worldwanderlust for inspiring me to share my travels. Her courage is astonishing. Before her, I tended to avoid travel blogs, as they never made me feel better about my need for travel, but her blog was different. It made me so happy. Her writing was honest, beautiful, and always struck a chord. Thanks Brooke for the inspiration and your book! It was extremely helpful! Now, let's see where this journey takes me... #newadventure #travel #blog #inspiration #egypt #cairo #giza #pyramids #camel #sahara #desert #thisisreallyhappening #passion #travelgram #instatravel #igtravel #worldofwanderlust #wanderlust #beingsilly
thisisreallyhappening - camel - egypt - cairo - newadventure - travelgram - beingsilly - igtravel - sahara - instatravel - desert - inspiration - wanderlust - guygoneglobal - travel - giza - blog - passion - pyramids - worldofwanderlust - 10likes -
guygoneglobal : #guygoneglobal #10likes
valtravelstheworld - ahmedamereg - toskysara - chelseacollett -
So it's official. I'm going to be traveling to China for four weeks this fall to work with Giant Pandas at the Giant Panda Center in Chengdu, China! Everything has officially been finalized and approved. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work with these amazing animals and a wonderful organization that promotes animal conservation across the globe. Here's to an amazing opportunity and experience! #giantpanda #china #veterinarian #animals #love #panda #dreams #dreambig #travel #thisisreallyhappening #soexcited #ijustcanthideit
love - ijustcanthideit - thisisreallyhappening - animals - travel - soexcited - giantpanda - veterinarian - dreambig - china - panda - dreams -
zross111 : You are going to love it. I have been to the Panda Center in Chengdu and it is amazing! Have an Amazing Time!
jmerichs - alexncook - hernameisallison - holllywalton -
I will be taking a break from posting on Instagram. I will check my DMs and comments, but won't be posting anything for a while. I promise when I'm back my feed will be better than ever. Have a great few weeks and Goodluck to all of my friends entering the Seattle #hightimes #cannabiscup. Wish I could be there with you. Don't forget to stop by the #raredankness booth for all of your #dankdynasty needs. #timetodisappear #backtomyroots #timetoheal #aloneagain #focusonthefuture #seeyouontheotherside #thisisreallyhappening #thisisnthappening @lele_og @rare_dankness @tharealogkushman
focusonthefuture - thisisreallyhappening - hightimes - seeyouontheotherside - aloneagain - backtomyroots - timetoheal - timetodisappear - dankdynasty - raredankness - thisisnthappening - cannabiscup -
elitecannabis : Love and respect... Your #elitecannabisfamily
idabnidunk : Man life throws u some curve balls that's for sure. That's what my 2014 has been so far figuring out who I am. U will see who ur real friends are too that actually give a shit @tmbgardenclub
tmbgardenclub : @rgzsc for sure homie. You're on the short list of people I wanna hang with this week. @elitecannabis thanks bud. @idabnidunk yeah man. '13 was rough, figured '14 would be better. Ends up its not better, just different. Just gotta keep on pushing through.
lord_fader_710 : Good vibes your way
lele_og : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
thgl247 : With every valley comes another peak. Climb that peak and discover. If anyone can it would be the ones that are 100. You are definitely 100
tmbgardenclub : @thgl247 thank you for the words. I know the girls are safe with you down there. They mean the world to me. Much love brother.
thgl247 : They are safe and will be kept that way for sure.tmbgardenclub be strong, be well, be grateful for all things.
mrchronicle420four7 - spinfastersir - kindfarms - mojoe577 -
#thisisreallyhappening #pubcrawl #london
london - pubcrawl - thisisreallyhappening -
pumpkinescobarsd -
This week is my last real week of work before I go on leave.. I didn't realize it was already the end of August! But hey my birthday is coming up πŸŽ‰ #thisisreallyhappening #maternityleave #virgobaby #foreveranightcashier
maternityleave - virgobaby - foreveranightcashier - thisisreallyhappening -
lightsandthewindows - tiffanyblakemolina - orlando_h - tifuhneeruhnay -
#thisisreallyhappening #london
london - thisisreallyhappening -
pumpkinescobarsd - jumakhalifa -
#thisisreallyhappening #mybaby #secondgrader #firstdayofschool #shessobig #iloveher #imdyinginside #juststopgrowing #delilah #mommysbiggirl #fall #schooluniform #mylittlebaby #jordan πŸ’”πŸ˜πŸ‘§
schooluniform - shessobig - delilah - thisisreallyhappening - juststopgrowing - firstdayofschool - secondgrader - iloveher - mybaby - fall - imdyinginside - jordan - mylittlebaby - mommysbiggirl -
bintuara - soledadmorenoh - mrs_mejia04 - tayrobyn1234 -
I will forever be true 😘😘😘
happymonday - thisisreallyhappening - ourstory - offtowork - itsvirgoseason - hollister - forevertrue - imhappy - longsleevestypeofmorning -
_diana________ : #Happymonday #imhappy #forevertrue #ourstory #thisisreallyhappening
_diana________ : #Offtowork #hollister #longsleevestypeofmorning #itsvirgoseason
_diana________ - cynthiae612 - emmanuel_guzman_seguinot - 011_mariamaria -
#ThisIsReallyHappening #GrandePrairieBound
grandeprairiebound - thisisreallyhappening -
jclements_ : Are you moving? @terrilynntalbot
terrilynntalbot : Yeah man! Got myself a teaching job @jclements_
jclements_ : Awesome ! @terrilynntalbot I travel to GP a lot for work. I will keep that in mind when I head up 😊
paulaw_3 - thegirlwiththepinklipstick - elizabethcross_ - kevyg12 -
Wedding invitations are ready to go out tomorrow! #thisisreallyhappening #61days #oct25
oct25 - 61days - thisisreallyhappening -
Shhh...don't talk about it... #school #tomorrow #rockymountaincollege #classof2018 #college #collegelife #killme #toosoon #thisisreallyhappening #hashtag #poundkey #somanyhashtags #sorrynotsorry #mylife #newthings #kbye
collegelife - thisisreallyhappening - kbye - college - mylife - hashtag - toosoon - somanyhashtags - poundkey - tomorrow - sorrynotsorry - school - newthings - classof2018 - rockymountaincollege - killme -
amananour05 - beezyb16 - ali_grace_123 - lizzzzzzzzzzd -
#thisisathing #thisisreallyhappening #oldb
oldb - thisisathing - thisisreallyhappening -
Baby got back #thisisreallyhappening
thisisreallyhappening -
hhallle - gigii_strong_4ever - alexisdecorby - anamuniz99 -
#Avalancheunited #thisisreallyhappening #Amsterdam #America #leaf
avalancheunited - america - leaf - thisisreallyhappening - amsterdam -
thehammeroflife - instapusch - keeperofthekeyss - christiancrizzle -
orientation complete, I even got my student ID... #backtoschool
backtoschool - thisisreallyhappening -
aimeejayne05 : #thisisreallyhappening
immabeemilyy - michaeljgallagher2 - norcalym - allyssa_suter -
@roblourcey and I leave in less than 20 hours for London, my momma is here to keep the girls, and my Ningxia packets made it and are packed! #thisisreallyhappening #youngliving
youngliving - thisisreallyhappening -
mommartin5 : So fun!!!
stephlyon7 : What's the occasion for such a wonderful trip @emilylourcey?!
emilylourcey : @stephlyon7 we are going to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Prague and are spending a few days in London on the way because we've never been. :)
stephlyon7 : Oh happy day for yall! That's awesome. How toy post some pictures! Enjoy! @emilylourcey
kyn.dall - aimeelarue12 - mommartin5 - erinalex1219 -
She'll be buried alive in about 10 more minutes. #toysformommyonherbirthday #thisisreallyhappening @amberrr_kay
thisisreallyhappening - toysformommyonherbirthday -
v_iam_dre_v : Tell her that movie ain't that good
xobrittanyla : Lol we love it!! @amberrr_kay
xobrittanyla : @v_iam_dre_v
amberrr_kay : Lolol momma lifeeeee
v_iam_dre_v : Lol I can tell @amberrr_kay is neglecting lil manπŸ˜‚πŸ’¦
amberrr_kay : Haha yeah... poor thing.. has NOTHING @v_iam_dre_v
v_iam_dre_v : @amberrr_kay hey tend to my lil internet buddy or me and u will have a problemπŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦
v_iam_dre_v - amberrr_kay - britknee23 - jrianm -
Now would i really be the kinda fatboy to wrap chicken tenderloins in bacon, coat em in my special seasoned flour and deep fry them in grease? Well yes! Yes i would! #GrubLife #fatboy #fatboyproblems #epicmealtime #foodporn #fuckyodiettho #thatdontlookhealthy #fatpeopleproblems #yeaididthat #friedchicken #bacon #baconnation #baconporn
yeaididthat - grublife - thisisreallyhappening - foodporn - thatdontlookhealthy - friedchicken - bacon - epicmealtime - baconporn - fatboyproblems - baconnation - fatpeopleproblems - fuckyodiettho - mycurrentsituation - 250plusclub - fatboy -
ii_am_pomona__ : #mycurrentsituation #thisisreallyhappening #250plusclub
justus3divas : That is gonna be soooo good!
ii_am_pomona__ : @justus3divas im hoping it is. Never done it like this before. Only in the oven baked
rotten_kitty : Lawd have mercy!
boyhighclass : 😰 im drooling
chuccyblu : IMA have to steal that too bro.. Wit else u got up yo sleeve..
ii_am_pomona__ : @chuccyblu im 260 pounds. I stay wit somethin up my sleeve in this kitchen
ogchelino - nickf_moneymoney - asapwillis - loveisa_virtue -
Amsterdam here we come! ✈️@brianmurtagh #thisisreallyhappening!!
thisisreallyhappening -
amohandas : ❀️
acipriano1 : 🌷🌷🌷
biancamanleynyc : Enjoyyyyy @teresaalina one of my favorite place
teresaalina : @biancamanleynyc so excited!! xoxo
the_dutch_camel - mtrayn - biancamanleynyc - mai4eto -
The finish line... #thisisreallyhappening #ironmanlouisville2014
ironmanlouisville2014 - thisisreallyhappening -
godstoriesinanordinarylife - gracieelisabeth12 - abbybickel_28 - froggywentaknitting -
#wonderland #tattoo#amazingfriends #thisisreallyhappening#fan#dragon#hat#portugal
tattoo - thisisreallyhappening - portugal - amazingfriends - dragon - fan - wonderland - hat -
katerslee12 : You're a very pretty man! Love this! @charleychaser
charleychaser : loves you @katerslee12
charleychaser - mohitsethi1 - shakalicious7 - katerslee12 -
#NutcrackerRegistration #DreamComeTrue #ThisIsReallyHappening #7thYearofBallet #MBT #Ballet #Dancer #Ballerina #Angel #SugarPlum #DancingDoll #Talent
ballerina - ballet - dreamcometrue - thisisreallyhappening - angel - dancingdoll - nutcrackerregistration - sugarplum - dancer - 7thyearofballet - mbt - talent -
bizmariee - teofila_guadalajara - ballerinas.only - amyb2001 -
I didnt really plan for this to happen so fast, it just kinda happened. #movingout #byeelgin #hellochicago #onmyownnow #thisisreallyhappening #wtf WHATEVER IM READY πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😁😁😁😁
byeelgin - hellochicago - wtf - thisisreallyhappening - movingout - onmyownnow -
dreamireles : Now you can visit more often little trick
salvadoorperezzz : Lol duuuh @dreamireles 😁
uriel_1230 - norapaool - weshlieee_18 - veroroman_ -
Batgirl is finally SF bound guys!😊 #BatgirlTakesSanFran #HeresToAccomplishingMyGoals #ImAnAdultNow #LotsOfTearsShedAlongTheWay #NewMe #Excited #Anxious #ThisIsReallyHappening #IMissMyHulaFamilyThough #GoodLuckAtTheShowTonightHPRFamBam 😘😘❀️❀️
imanadultnow - imissmyhulafamilythough - thisisreallyhappening - newme - goodluckattheshowtonighthprfambam - anxious - herestoaccomplishingmygoals - batgirltakessanfran - excited - lotsoftearsshedalongtheway -
just_drea_03 : Your going to do great!!!!
jjjenelle : You're going to have so much fun!!
_meganpeck_ : HAVE FUN!!
keolajs32 : Ayyyyy looks like fun ;) let me know how things are and if you have questions ask me
stanley1321 - princesskianaaa - tran_niicole - ogaustin -
Can you guess who I'll be cosplaying for long beach comic con this year? :D #cosplay #meatballhead #thisisreallyhappening
meatballhead - cosplay - thisisreallyhappening -
squiidbillie : Fuck yeah! #badass
sumtincleva : Yup yup!! β›΅οΈπŸŒ™
hurricanecochina : πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸŒ™ @sumtincleva
_summer__goth_ : Hi there C:
mater72 : Hahab yayyyy can't wait to see u !
liquidghost_ : Awwwww! Usagi chan!!! <33 πŸ‡πŸ’•
pizzaslut_cass - dah2ndcumming - vincentfriedman - obiejuankenobi -
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