#thisisreallyhappening at 7 in the morning #thanksgivingday at #Walmart
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shniggarayray : Nigga watcha doin cah! Lol have fun
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Just tryna TU. #thisisreallyhappening
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badboymario : Bomb! 😍😍😍😍
micoleee : Aye 4⃣loko πŸŽ‰ turn up
lxjayy : duh πŸ˜‰ lol @badboymario
lxjayy : ya tu sabes πŸ‘Œ@micoleee
ohh_eric14 : Tfti @lxjayy
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Eating this whole pie because I can. #noshame #getlikeme #pumpkinpiefordays #thisisreallyhappening #goingbacktomypienow
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trade.01 : Oh my goodness! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#TimeWillTell #LOL #SideChicks #ThisIsReallyHappening
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justcallme_bonnie : @luckylibralashea
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swomer88 : I'm thankful for a lot of things, but today I'm especially thankful for fingerless raccoon mittens that keep my hands warm as I type away at work #yep #thisisreallyhappening #fingerlessmittens #raccoons
samanthajane : Super helpful! And they look cute too 😬
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I went today and paid for our wedding venue...only thing left to tie up is the reception area and that is on my agenda for the next paycheck. #thisisreallyhappening #september5th
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After working 4 hours already... This is what I have looked forward to... #luckycharms #thisisreallyhappening
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As I look in the mirror at the person who stares back at me I LOVE what I see. I'm a grown woman now. A girl who has become a woman from all the lessons life has taught her. I'm more in-tune with who I am and what's best for me. I know who my friends aren't and more importantly who they are. I no longer worry about what I have yet to accomplish and I focus on what I have and where that can take me. I look forward to all the blessings God has in-store for me on this journey. So here's to being dope at any age and don't get it twisted I can still battle any 20 something to Beyoncé on the dance floor (insider)! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘―πŸ’πŸ™† Chloe No. 30 #drinksup #ChloeNo30 #bdaygirl #gettingbetterwithtime #thisisreallyhappening #imreadytho
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missvickiep : Happy Birthday @mschloeelle!!!
pageantstar11 : Happy birthday!
m_fn_bailey : Happy Birthday Chloe!!
terriashleyeditor_ : Happy Birthday Beautifulβ€ΌοΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
mayaalenaa : Happy Birthday Beautiful!!
kingm_53 : happy birthday bestie! xoxo
ladygege_ : Happy birthday beautiful 🎈🎁🎈🎁
heelsheadstandardshigh : Happy Birthday!!!
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#repost @huyfongfoods @rogueales.. December. #HuyFongFoods #Sriracha #SrirachaBEER #ThisIsREALLYHappening
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vinepire : What?!!
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#Repost @rogueales.. December. #HuyFongFoods #Sriracha #SrirachaBEER #ThisIsREALLYHappening
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misandrous : Wtfwtf!!!??! @phlster
phlster : @misandrous I SAW!!
abner321 : @alliekittybunnypony
alliekittybunnypony : @abner321 I'm neeeeeervooooous πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
thealexko : @starrykitchen
starrykitchen : @thealexko πŸ‘
jperkinsx : @achrisklass
doberman_remi : @westcoastgabe @chias3boyz
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Repost via @tikavstheworld #justiceforall the mothers burying their sons as victims #endwhitesupremacy #thisisreallyhappening
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Thank you all for your support 😘 I've been busy almost everyday with orders! #thisisreallyhappening #YFH
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page_emerson : Live mine !!
page_emerson : Love mine !!
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Buh bye wardrobe!!! I won't be looking back twice! :D #gastricsleevecommunity #weightloss #weightlosssurgery #socrazy #thisisreallyhappening #stoked #weightlosssupport #happy #outwiththeold #outwiththeoldinwiththenew #newlife #changing #takingmylifeback #effyourbeautystandards
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vdna_ : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
bluerose2004 : Woohoo! Yay
howitends_vgs : @bluerose2004 Yes!! Such an amazing time! :)
sleevedsavvy : RIP.
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I'm going to bed for there is work to be done tomorrow. People ask me all the time why I chose the job I do. Its because of things like this. People are passionate and angry but until we realize that the system is broken and work to fix it... This will keep happening. There are many oppressed people in the world looking for equity. What are you doing to make sure they see it? #thisisreallyhappening #BlackLivesMatter #socialjustice #dialogue #ittakeseveryone #Didyouvote? #America #Ferguson
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daminehutd : I am so sorry that you have to see this and that I have to see this and that this is a hopeless situation. So sad.
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#peace #strength #stillness #restraint #besafe #thisisreallyhappening
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naturally_shadaia : #sad
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In ten hours I'll be crafting these beauties into my bouquet! Eep! Can my car be full of flowers every day?
vsco - flowers - vscocam - thisisreallyhappening - wedding -
marlene_sauer : #thisisreallyhappening #vscocam #vsco #flowers #wedding
vitaminimodern : Exciting!!
thecraftedlife : Eeeee! So excited for you!
taracarlson3 : So exciting for you and Alan!!!
makeandtellblog : Ahhhh this is so exciting!! Also, LOVE the flowers you've picked! ❀️
marlene_sauer : @vitaminimodern @thecraftedlife @taracarlson3 @makeandtellblog Exciting is definitely the word of the day!! ☺️ Thanks, ladies! Xoxo
nomad17 : So excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to see pictures and get together to CELEBRATE!!❀️❀️❀️
marlene_sauer : @nomad17 YES!!!!!! 😘😚
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Researching packs!!! #thisisreallyhappening @patagonia on the off chance you need low-intensity ambassadors who plan to do some serious chai sipping and visit arts villages, I'm your gal ;) ( it never hurts!)
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constielala : Your boots?!?! 😍
blackcoffeeroasting : #StegerMukluks! Love those. Best cold weather #boots ever made!
moeroindigo : @territorydesign eek! I owe you an email beauty! @constielala mukluks!! @blackcoffeeroasting yes!! Minnesota winters are no joke!
lyndsaerinio : I love your whole look!
chicacookette : @moeroindigo where those boots from they are so cool lady have a great Thanksgiving lady !!! 0
sarahbyork : Haha! I hope they sponsor that kind of trek! Your outfit is adorable!
thesilkroad_ : You go girl
moeroindigo : @lyndsaerinio winter in MN means getting creative!! @chicacookette they are from Will Steger mukluks made in MN! @sarahbyork :) it's a long shot but you never know!! @thesilkroad_ 😘
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#Sagittarius #ilovenovember #birthdayweek #birthday
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smv1129 : Ahhhh we're getting old 😹😹😹#LastWeekInOur20's
laurac_84 : At least we are aging like wine🍷 here's to another amazing 30yrs #birthdaytwins #thisisreallyhappening @smv1129
_.t_a_k_i_y_l_a._ : Yassssssss
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The lady's love Pinterest. And filters. #thisisreallyhappening
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#19days #holyshmolies #doitburkebaby #almostaburke #almostmrsburke #ahhhhhhhh #loveofmylife #lovethisdude #myburke #myforever #yay #holycrap #thisisreallyhappening #hesamazing @seanpatty1
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The Impeccable Beauty of Isha #yourwelcome #thisisreallyhappening #themakingofasupermodel #totalpro #lordt #royals #taylorswift #youbettadont #soulartistmgmt #ishablaaker #micdropped
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anastasiashelest : @salomebaratashvili1 mec dzalian:(
ishablaaker : Thank you @rickyday
jerzeygirl4u_vlpromospot : wow....
rickyday : @ishablaaker You're welcome brotha
helenethr : @julietrans He's 😍😍😍
eceeozerr : @zumrutselen ses tonu.
eceeozerr : @cgagozdeatik abi bi dinle sesi duy hisset.
zumrutselen : Ahahahahhahahahaha @eceeozerr
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24.11.14 - Long story short, PLT placement begins on Wednesday.πŸ™€ Today's actually the last day in Melbourne for me.😿 I'm migrating to Sydney tomorrow; earlier than anticipated. (P/s: return ticket is because of prior holiday arrangements already made departing from Melbourne itself!) βœˆοΈπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ LAST MINUTE PACKING SUCKS. #migrating #onelastgoodbye #melbourne #sydney #nsw #plt #placement #law #lawschool #lawyerinthemaking #nearlythere #thisisreallyhappening #fitfam #fitgirl #travel
nearlythere - onelastgoodbye - placement - fitfam - thisisreallyhappening - lawyerinthemaking - travel - melbourne - fitgirl - plt - lawschool - sydney - migrating - law - nsw -
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Driving down #95 & this is what we found #scooter with elderly man going 18mph in fast lane.... Fallowing with #hazards on! @south_vape #miamidrivers #oldpeopleproblems #wow #thisisreallyhappening
miamidrivers - thisisreallyhappening - oldpeopleproblems - 95 - scooter - hazards - wow -
leishab : OMG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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πŸ’€πŸ’€ I guess this means #GoodnightIG 😴😴😴 #thisisreallyhappening πŸ˜‚ #HappySunday #sleepingdanes #bentleythegreatdane#bentley
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bentley_the_great : #danesofinstagram#greatdanesunleashed#repostmydane#danesunlimited#heartofadane#united_danes#greatdane#greatdanephotography#greatdanesofinstagram#dogsofinstgram#ilovemydog#thegentlegiants#danesofig#dog#thegentlegiants#bigpawlove#dantrydanes
beaulahrose : Sweet dreams Bentley ❀️😘😴😘❀️
collardoos : Love it! Lazy dane πŸ˜‰
my_dane_xander : Goodnight cutie! 😘
hugothegreatdanepup : 😴🐢❀️
mybeautifulmuse : πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•
bentley_the_great : 😴😴😘 @beaulahrose @collardoos @my_dane_xander @hugothegreatdanepup @mybeautifulmuse
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"Don't run from the work, feel the work." || OH πŸ‘ MY πŸ‘ WORD! February 28 is the day I will lose my mind, I will go bananas yo! I GET TO WORKOUT LIVE WITH SHAUN T!!! I can get one more round of T25 before the live workout, leeggooo! 😬😬 #shauntlive #thisisreallyhappening #digdeeper
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stephhgfit : COOL!!
mo_llow : @stephhgfit oh my, I'm SO excited! Ah! SHAUN T! When I saw he was coming to Florida I jumped on it!
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Lines done. Working on shading. #IAmBoredOnALongTrainRide #ThisIsReallyHappening
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sassmastersenpai : I LOOK INSANE MY GOD
catkuwa -
Someone's helping me put together my paperwork to send off this morning! #thisisreallyhappening #noturningback #ineedtostartstudying #likenow
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#saywhat #thisisreallyhappening #checkinginblows #peopleneedtoshower #tiktaksplease #excited #anxious #letsGO
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_miss_foster : Shoulda come seen me!! Safe travels! @rick.melgar
rick.melgar : @_miss_foster you said you were going to be in chico?
_miss_foster : Haha earlier I was here. Now no
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First Baby Purchase! Whoa!! #thisisreallyhappening #twinpregnancy #theresgonnabetwo
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It's going down basement #girlSinOnesies My girls are better than yours #ThisIsReallyHappening #YouMad #YoWhereTheyAtTho #TurnUp YOOOOOOOO
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crownme_veeyooneek : #bdayturnupBegins
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Harry potter night m8 #harrypotter#thisisreallyhappening#lifeisgood
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It's the same story over and over... 1) Man with no motive shoots up a school 2) Man is anti-government and a "conspiracy theorist" 3) Gun control is mentioned IMMEDIATELY on corporate news (usually CNN) 4) Gunman is mentally ill 5) Gunman kills himself or is shot dead by police. Check the facts. Sandy Hook. Isla Vista. Marysville. Florida State. #thinkcritically #timetowakeup #thisisreallyhappening #fsunited #floridastateshooting #fsushooting #fakeshooting #fake #hoax #guncontrol #newworldorder Cc @blairstokes
floridastateshooting - thisisreallyhappening - fsushooting - fakeshooting - hoax - newworldorder - fake - fsunited - thinkcritically - timetowakeup - guncontrol -
truthwinsify : @bri_bri_lee_ I'm confused. Lol.
bri_bri_lee_ : We all know your a gator and us FSU fans are NEVER this rude ! @truthwinsify
bri_bri_lee_ : And you wonder why people block u @truthwinsify
truthwinsify : @bri_bri_lee_ Lol, I confess you've figured me out. That's why I talk about fake shootings everywhere...Marysvile, Ottawa and know 9/11 was an inside job. I'm a Florida Gator. Great job cracking the case. We can all go back to beer and football now. :)
maureencummins : She's maybe trying to say that there's no way it was 'fake' when you know people who were shot or were actually there like all my friends who go to FSU. It happened. The event occurred. You can't argue that.
truthwinsify : @maureencummins Who do you know that was shot? What did you see? How do you KNOW it was real? An event definitely occurred, I think it was a fake shooting event though.
bri_bri_lee_ : I know many people who go to FSU and I am not trying to be rude and I am very sorry if I am but I am proud to say that I an an FSU fan by the way they handled it . And thank u @maureencummins
truthwinsify : @bri_bri_lee_ Handled what?
aznekko - djkurr - theorist737 -
Look, I have zero proof right now but this is a HUGE red flag. The shooting JUST happened and there is already the ribbon and FSUnited graphic!?!? At least ask questions people. #fsunited #shootinghoax #guncontrol #wakeup #fsushooting
timetowakeup - thisisreallyhappening - fsunited - wakeup - shootinghoax - fsushooting - guncontrol -
truthwinsify : @droth886 @printerlady @greenteammom It's not the fact of how quick. But the concept, the hashtag. It seems planned. @blairstokes is BS. And this alum just happens to be your typical anti-government "conspiracy theorist." Convenient. And dead. Like usual.
thebearramos : This is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. You really think this was planned? You're an idiot buddy, stick to your day job. No one plans to just go pull an active shooter stunt on a college campus. Stop worrying about hash tags and worry about other shit that makes a little more sense.
printerlady : Stop stirring the pot. People make hashtags and memes for everything that happens. This is the same disturbing paranoid behavior that was responsible for this awful event in the first place.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos @printerlady Great accusations. However, the story isn't adding up. @blairstokes has blocked me on IG and Twitter. But why? Why do we immediately believe CNN and all the corporate news? You guys don't have any questions about this? Or, you're part of this whole set up?
thebearramos : You must have some mental issues. So I'm sorry you think this way. Maybe you're part of this whole set up to get us to think it's a set up. Just stop. The story doesn't need to add up. There's nothing to add up. A guy with mentally hindering issues broke down and opened fire on college students. That's that. Find something else to shit about. Like the Bosnian mass Graves from the 90s or kony.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos Kony was a set up to get into Africa, and I'll look into the other. Why do you trust CNN? It's the same story over and over... 1) Man with no motive shoots up a school 2) Man is anti-government and a "conspiracy theorist" 3) Gun control is mentioned IMMEDIATELY on corporate news (usually CNN) 4) Gunman is mentally ill 5) Gunman kills himself or is shot dead by police. Check the facts. Sandy Hook. Isla Vista. Marysville. Florida State. #timetowakeup #thisisreallyhappening
thebearramos : Never said I trust CNN. I hardly trust any news media simply because of story and fact distortion. I look at facts, police reports, investigation reports when released. Every gunman is either killed by police or commits suicide because the simple fact is they aren't shooting up schools to go to prison. I understand your open-mindedness to these events but sometimes they just aren't something to question because there's no evidence to any wrong doing besides the crime being committed. Like you said in your earlier post, you have no facts to support your theories in the FSU shooting so continuing to persuade your visitors that there's a conspiracy puts you in the same group with CNN. No facts but you swear you're right. Focus on the events you have facts for and can support your beliefs and allegations instead of "going on a hunch" with no evidence. I do believe there are events with conspiracy involved but the FSU shooting just isn't one of them.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos Bro, I'm NOT claiming to know. That's why I'm asking questions. YOU are the one that said "the FSU shooting just isn't one of them." I want questions answered. Things aren't adding up. And history has shown as soon as CNN is on board...FAKE. It's just beginning. Stay tuned there will be evidence.
z0em0 -
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