#saywhat #thisisreallyhappening #checkinginblows #peopleneedtoshower #tiktaksplease #excited #anxious #letsGO
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_miss_foster : Shoulda come seen me!! Safe travels! @rick.melgar
rick.melgar : @_miss_foster you said you were going to be in chico?
_miss_foster : Haha earlier I was here. Now no
jmnofear92 - tristan.melgar - ib_will - newbxgrl813 -
First Baby Purchase! Whoa!! #thisisreallyhappening #twinpregnancy #theresgonnabetwo
twinpregnancy - thisisreallyhappening - theresgonnabetwo -
andrewguderian - _jessicaross - mnmamma - carriejean49 -
It's going down basement #girlSinOnesies My girls are better than yours #ThisIsReallyHappening #YouMad #YoWhereTheyAtTho #TurnUp YOOOOOOOO
bdayturnupbegins - girlsinonesies - thisisreallyhappening - turnup - youmad - yowheretheyattho -
crownme_veeyooneek : #bdayturnupBegins
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Harry potter night m8 #harrypotter#thisisreallyhappening#lifeisgood
lifeisgood - thisisreallyhappening - harrypotter -
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It's the same story over and over... 1) Man with no motive shoots up a school 2) Man is anti-government and a "conspiracy theorist" 3) Gun control is mentioned IMMEDIATELY on corporate news (usually CNN) 4) Gunman is mentally ill 5) Gunman kills himself or is shot dead by police. Check the facts. Sandy Hook. Isla Vista. Marysville. Florida State. #thinkcritically #timetowakeup #thisisreallyhappening #fsunited #floridastateshooting #fsushooting #fakeshooting #fake #hoax #guncontrol #newworldorder Cc @blairstokes
floridastateshooting - thisisreallyhappening - fsushooting - fakeshooting - hoax - newworldorder - fake - fsunited - thinkcritically - timetowakeup - guncontrol -
bri_bri_lee_ : No need to be rude people were emotionally and physically hurt by this .
truthwinsify : @bri_bri_lee_ Rude? How so?
bri_bri_lee_ : People were hurt badly and ur being rude I don't want to sound rude but I am kind of mad that ur treating people like this. I get that this happens a lot and it's not good but it's just annoying being a FSU fan and hearing that ! @truthwinsify
bri_bri_lee_ : Something people don't want to hear the truth @truthwinsify
truthwinsify : @bri_bri_lee_ I'm confused. Lol.
bri_bri_lee_ : We all know your a gator and us FSU fans are NEVER this rude ! @truthwinsify
aznekko - djkurr - conspiracy_theorist737 -
Look, I have zero proof right now but this is a HUGE red flag. The shooting JUST happened and there is already the ribbon and FSUnited graphic!?!? At least ask questions people. #fsunited #shootinghoax #guncontrol #wakeup #fsushooting
timetowakeup - thisisreallyhappening - fsunited - wakeup - shootinghoax - fsushooting - guncontrol -
truthwinsify : @droth886 @printerlady @greenteammom It's not the fact of how quick. But the concept, the hashtag. It seems planned. @blairstokes is BS. And this alum just happens to be your typical anti-government "conspiracy theorist." Convenient. And dead. Like usual.
thebearramos : This is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. You really think this was planned? You're an idiot buddy, stick to your day job. No one plans to just go pull an active shooter stunt on a college campus. Stop worrying about hash tags and worry about other shit that makes a little more sense.
printerlady : Stop stirring the pot. People make hashtags and memes for everything that happens. This is the same disturbing paranoid behavior that was responsible for this awful event in the first place.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos @printerlady Great accusations. However, the story isn't adding up. @blairstokes has blocked me on IG and Twitter. But why? Why do we immediately believe CNN and all the corporate news? You guys don't have any questions about this? Or, you're part of this whole set up?
thebearramos : You must have some mental issues. So I'm sorry you think this way. Maybe you're part of this whole set up to get us to think it's a set up. Just stop. The story doesn't need to add up. There's nothing to add up. A guy with mentally hindering issues broke down and opened fire on college students. That's that. Find something else to shit about. Like the Bosnian mass Graves from the 90s or kony.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos Kony was a set up to get into Africa, and I'll look into the other. Why do you trust CNN? It's the same story over and over... 1) Man with no motive shoots up a school 2) Man is anti-government and a "conspiracy theorist" 3) Gun control is mentioned IMMEDIATELY on corporate news (usually CNN) 4) Gunman is mentally ill 5) Gunman kills himself or is shot dead by police. Check the facts. Sandy Hook. Isla Vista. Marysville. Florida State. #timetowakeup #thisisreallyhappening
thebearramos : Never said I trust CNN. I hardly trust any news media simply because of story and fact distortion. I look at facts, police reports, investigation reports when released. Every gunman is either killed by police or commits suicide because the simple fact is they aren't shooting up schools to go to prison. I understand your open-mindedness to these events but sometimes they just aren't something to question because there's no evidence to any wrong doing besides the crime being committed. Like you said in your earlier post, you have no facts to support your theories in the FSU shooting so continuing to persuade your visitors that there's a conspiracy puts you in the same group with CNN. No facts but you swear you're right. Focus on the events you have facts for and can support your beliefs and allegations instead of "going on a hunch" with no evidence. I do believe there are events with conspiracy involved but the FSU shooting just isn't one of them.
truthwinsify : @thebearramos Bro, I'm NOT claiming to know. That's why I'm asking questions. YOU are the one that said "the FSU shooting just isn't one of them." I want questions answered. Things aren't adding up. And history has shown as soon as CNN is on board...FAKE. It's just beginning. Stay tuned there will be evidence.
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Breaking out the eggnog *before* Thanksgiving. #thisisreallyhappening #nofilter
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Excited to be sharing a little something special on the blog today! Bonus: I get to rock @HatchGal now #Hatchtagged #thisisreallyhappening
hatchtagged - thisisreallyhappening -
apartment_34 : Thanks everybody!! So appreciate the well wishes. It's been a pretty smooth ride so far - just crossing fingers it stays this way 🙏
cmwaterson : Congratulations!!
carolvascen : Congrats
wicksnest : 🙈😍 Sooo exciting!
wicksnest : Now you'll have to get baby Giants and 49ers onesies! 😘⚾️🏈💖💙
nicolegibbonsstyle : Congratulations Erin!!!! So happy for you! And you look adorbs with your little bump!! Xoxo
thoughtfulmisfit : CONGRATS!!
stylesmaller : Yayyyyyy!!! Congratulations!! So happy for you. :)
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LET'S GO AND MEET BETTE MIDLER!! #Meetandgreet #bettemidler @bettemidler #Thisisreallyhappening #O2Arena #London
bettemidler - o2arena - london - thisisreallyhappening - meetandgreet -
queenofwonders : Thank you @leanne_larrabee ! I am sure that I will!!
amytinaforever : Aggh! I wish I lived near London!
k_claessens : I'm so happy for you
queenofwonders : @amytinaforever She does tour in US too! @k_claessens thank youuu!!
amytinaforever : @queenofwonders I know but all of em are too far away
queenofwonders : @amytinaforever well I live in Sweden and I'm going to go to London... haha
amytinaforever : Lurcky
amytinaforever : *Lucky
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I HAVE THIS VISION!! I am in NEED of some super awesome people that are passionate about dreams&goals,go hard or go home type of people...people that want to make a change in their own lives as well as a difference in others!!! I keep hearing all these valuable tips from very successful people and it all makes so much sense to me!!! I've made multiple social network accounts and have continued to step out my comfort zone, misery loves company but positive people thrive off of other positive people!! Any one can be successful on their own but its amazing what can be done when everyone pulls together. I know I'm on this really great team with super genuinely nice people and its growing on fire daily 🔥🔥🔥but what I want to know is WHO WANTS TO BE A PART OF IT!!!!! ASK ME HOW TO JOIN FOR FREE!!! ASK ME HOW TO EARN $1300 IN BONUSES WITHIN YOUR FIRST 2WKS I DARE YOU!!!! ;-) 9033532002 click on link in bio and see for yourself!
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thriving_mustanglvr : #thrive #thriver #thriveexperience #le_vel #fitfam #fitness #success #positive #FREE #ThisIsReallyHappening 😁
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Oh Man this is really happening @jennysalzz !!! We're going for our Trifecta this year!! Within the next two weeks I'll also sign up for the tri state sprint and super. Yikes !!!!! #spartan #spartanrace #spartantrifecta #trifectamedal #obstacle #race #fitness #fitfam #thisisreallyhappening #whoami
race - spartantrifecta - spartanrace - thisisreallyhappening - spartan - obstacle - trifectamedal - fitness - whoami - fitfam -
carl_jr165 : Where is that being held?
jesshaless : @carl_jr165 mountain creek in nj
carl_jr165 : Hmmmm tempting
jesshaless : @carl_jr165 do it!!! We're gonna try for the trifecta by completing the sprint, super and beast in one year. Beast is up first haha. Getting the hardest out of the way
carl_jr165 : Lol I might.. I like the tough mudder's so I def wanna give the spartan a try
jesshaless : @carl_jr165 I almost started crying half way through my first tough mudder so I don't know how well I'll do with the beast. BUT I'm insane and also have an open ticket to tough mudder in 2015 as well LOL I'll have no legs left
carl_jr165 : Hahahaha I cramped up right before the electric shock at the end other then that I was fine .. Till I woke up in the morning
jesshaless : @carl_jr165 I skipped electroshock because I was seeing a cardiologist but this year I'm going for it. And I couldn't walk for 2 days after haha
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Here I am after a big cry today. Resting on my comic book dog. Seemed every hunter in Bozeman, today, wanted to know if she hunted. The truth is, yes, with her Dad. The other part of the story, which I wrestle with is her Dad, my boyfriend, and bestfriend, died in May. Seems like too much info to offer. Bird dog owners are strange if you have a bird dog & don't hunt it. But what the fuck am I supposed to do? I was going to go out with Erik this fall. Who knew if I'd like it. After all the hunter inquistions and many random reminders (his spirit was very present today), Pink's song "Who Knew" played in the radio. This is me after I found it on spoitfy and listened to it 4 more times. Who knows why I decided to take a selfie. After taking it, I realized that I am really going grey! I'm keeping it. See my strip? Holy crap! #goingrey #earnedmystrip #thisisreallyhappening #keepingitreal #agingbutgrateful #sofuckinggrateful #whoknew #Pink #birdhunterinquistions
pink - birdhunterinquistions - agingbutgrateful - sofuckinggrateful - thisisreallyhappening - keepingitreal - goingrey - whoknew - earnedmystrip -
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Friends and family! Set your DVR's on Sunday, November 30th @ 9:00am on the velocity channel! @bigbobtv and @joliver1010 will premiere their reality TV show based out of Detroit! #velocitytv #motorcitymonarchy #thisisreallyhappening
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Full eyebrow operation going on #eyebrows #operation #thisisreallyhappening @xashlynloganx
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xashlynloganx -
Me and the wifey and the hair of the dog that bit us! @unicorns_are_real_dammit . #thisisreallyhappening #countdowntilfriday #love
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109 days until @mattweitz and I said I do next to these awesome animals! It's finally setting in. #thisisreallyhappening #marryingmybestfriend #weitzwedding #futuremrsweitz #adventureaquarium #sharktunnel #cantwait
futuremrsweitz - marryingmybestfriend - cantwait - thisisreallyhappening - weitzwedding - sharktunnel - adventureaquarium -
sharkkweak : Awwww that's like my dream wedding locale...too bad I'm already married lol
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Loving the people at my new school haha staffs toured me around and people/classmates introducing their selves instead of me introducing my self to them :) They're all kind and funny :) #specialtreatment #lucky #happy #blessed #stoked #neverendingadventuresofeaii #backtoschool #thisIsit #ThisIsreallyhappening
thisisit - thisisreallyhappening - blessed - lucky - neverendingadventuresofeaii - stoked - specialtreatment - backtoschool - happy -
jessieandjameshq : like
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So uh... I've been at work 5 minutes and I've put my finger in this and rubbed a stuffed penis... I say it's going to be productive. .. #thisisreallyhappening #sashagrey #pocketpussy #spencerslife
sashagrey - spencerslife - pocketpussy - thisisreallyhappening -
xojuleslol : Oh god hahahaha
nick_gallant95 : Lmfao
tannamak : Damn! 😜 lol
nick_gallant95 - zigzagmick - tannamak - cheyashlynnxo -
It was really nice to have you Autumn...all 21 days you were here... (Trying to up my full-body selfie game) 🍂🍁🍃>☁️❄️⛄️ #thisisreallyhappening #needwintercopingskills #thisclimateisntforme #yesiknowitscoldinthewinter #butistruggle #noididntreallycountthedays #autumn #love #winter #hate #lol #donenow
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blackgaryoak : Lmfao @free.xxiii.extra the devil is a damn lie
free.xxiii.extra : @blackgaryoak not this time lmao
amachosenone : Ooo babyyyy
free.xxiii.extra : @amachosenone nah you have to stop. You know I get hype lol 😍😍
a.dish_ : Love this and love your new insta name prims ❤️
free.xxiii.extra : @a.dish thanks prima 😍😍. I hope you're doing well one of these days I'll call/text to catch up. Currently so busy I don't even talk to myself lmao
a.dish_ : I got a new number imma dm U
free.xxiii.extra : @a.dish you love new numbers chilllld
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getting our marriage license! 🙌 #thisisreallyhappening #tiffanylovesbrandon #marriagelicense #gettinhitched
marriagelicense - gettinhitched - tiffanylovesbrandon - thisisreallyhappening -
lil_vero : Woohoo
lisafrank : 🙏🙌🙏
peecortez73 : Shit just got real!!!
petalpet : That's sooo exciting!!!! :))))))
tiffismyhomie : @peecortez73 @petalpet @lil_vero @lisafrank getting down to the wire! only 46 days left! eeek!
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Even my dog LOVES #NeverHungover! This is hysterical! #pups #thisisreallyhappening #pupsonistagram #neverhungover
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What!!!!! There's club tonight at 7:30! The address 1815 Fulmer Rd. SEE YOU THERE!!!! IT WILL BE THE BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK. #thisisreallyhappening #bwood
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This is great. I wish they would do this for every state. But those of you in #ferguson Missouri, it's time to protest and boycott every establishment that all these hateful people own, And never let them into an establishment of equal and fair rights!! #opkkk #hoodsoff #exposekkk #anonfamily #anonymous #ferguson #darrenwilson #mikebrown #stopracism #stoppolicebrutality #thisisreallyhappening
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lh1826 - _nataliafama - dee_buck12 - shae_b.smooth -
Because #thisisreallyhappening at my gym. #ohnotheydidnt #ohyestheydid #twerkitout #twerking #captionthis #sorrynotsorry #pr #shockvalue # cantbetamed #thisiswhathappenedtomiley #lol #crunch #nojudgments #notenoughhashtagsintheworld
pr - crunch - thisisreallyhappening - nojudgments - workout - shockvalue - captionthis - notenoughhashtagsintheworld - lol - thisiswhathappenedtomiley - ohnotheydidnt - sorrynotsorry - fitness - cantbetamed - ohyestheydid - twerkitout - twerking -
shelby1618 : #cantbetamed !
t_dawggg_ : 😂😂👌
kdanielle1991 : 😮😂🙌
shelby1618 : #workout #fitness
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Well... this is probably the last pic of me with this guy still in my belly :-) #40weeks #lastday #thisisreallyhappening
lastday - 40weeks - thisisreallyhappening -
kattb : So cute :)
_heylittleappleblossom : He's grown quite a bit even from last weekend! Eviction time ;)
sharonfpreston : #beautiful.#NowoutyougoE
wunfitmoms : Nice page! 💗😃
claire_de_loon87 - joiarenee - stargazer8706 - _heylittleappleblossom -
TWO DAYS. #2pmworldtour #dallasgonecrazy #icannotbelieveit #thisisreallyhappening
dallasgonecrazy - icannotbelieveit - thisisreallyhappening - 2pmworldtour -
brittnanybee8 : I GOT YOU @theladyashlie
theladyashlie : THAT'S MAH GIRL ♡♡♡ I'm gonna go throw up now
brittnanybee8 : Ill be hitting that activity up later when I cant sleep @theladyashlie LOL
amanda_kpopjewel : OMG~ CONVULSING & HEAVY BREATHING!!!
ketchup3.2 : I'm tagged on someone's O.O
b1a4xxi : I wish I could go tonight but I can't 😭😭😭 make sure to spam the oppas so I can see 🙇
brittnanybee8 : @b1a4islife get ready bc im about to spam a lot!!
b1a4xxi : Okay!!! @brittnanybee8
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Yep...this is happening! Stay classy my friends! Ha! #bingo #brocksfavoritegame #hargroveclan #thisisreallyhappening #pinkdabber #winner
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blake_burrows - hbump - hurleysk8rchick - cajuntexan -
#ThisIsReallyHappening #ParentsOutOnASaturdayNight
parentsoutonasaturdaynight - thisisreallyhappening -
misswinniepoo : Oh good God!!! 🙈
Got chocolate milk? 🐮🐮 #thisisreallyhappening #13.1
13 - thisisreallyhappening -
lilizapata : I love this!!!
ashleywilliams_fitness_iin : @lilizapata it was SO fun 😃😃
schmaytown : Wow, you guys really love chocolate milk!
ashleywilliams_fitness_iin : @schmaytown we do!!! So yummy! 🐮🐮
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They suggested. I just followed along lol #pedi #thisisreallyhappening
pedi - thisisreallyhappening -
ivy_23 : Wow
mikyungbright : 머하는겨???
autumnah1 : 발톱 ㅋㅋㅋ
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(: #happiness #smiles #cute #2014 #thisisreallyhappening #nomoreheartbreak
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Сегодня впервые я увидела как это будет. Дом, где потрясающе пахнет деревом и пока еще можно разглядеть необыкновенные узоры на бревнах. Так выглядит что-то вне меня, уверенность в будущем, может быть #nature #house #wood #dreamhouse #thisisreallyhappening #inlovealready #vsco #vscocam #vscorussia
vscocam - thisisreallyhappening - vscorussia - nature - house - inlovealready - wood - vsco - dreamhouse -
chrisalta : Nice!
valepunte - hello_nastena - keykeyhoney - lllean -
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