How to empty a bar in 5 mins #saturdaynight #nightout #thisisnotmusic #terrible #leavingmow
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learnt sweep picking yesterday!!! #notevenynwgie #umadvisharl #thisisnotmusic #thisisshowingoff
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gracemcauliffe : first one to see this 😁 @_tooooooomm
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Yeah I booked this. That's how I roll fool. #thisisnotmusic
thisisnotmusic -
chrislove182 : Yo that was tight
alex__powers - morganlet - droot85 - graceandtonymusic -
Uh what am I even listening to? #thisisnotmusic
thisisnotmusic - samesies -
corndog_princess : @a_norwalk_actor_ #samesies that song was terrible
corndog_princess : @a_norwalk_actor_ I don't even know, I was trying not to listen
stepheli : I thought it was spanish music. 😳
0lddsoul : 👐👐👐
a_norwalk_actor_ : This makes me sad for music lol.
shadawg12 : #goodcharlette just a guess... Haha
baloothebear0423 : Wtf was that
facethemoe : Wtf
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Rome nightlife... If I hear one more avicii track I'm going to 🔪myself. Take me back to ibiza!!
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_seth_g_ : #rome#italy#artcafe#thisisnotmusic#outdoorclub#pressplay#thebest#thankgodforvodka#gtfo#formalattire#whereismyvespa
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And if ain't a hoe get up out my trap house #HOTTNIGGA @bobby_shmurda #thisisnotmusic #thisisshhmurda this shit got me weak tho
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ralphieskidd : 😭😭😭😭
kurvaciouskev : 😭😭😭😭😭😭
wapcongeorge : @bachwoodent
bigbrother_almighty : @main0691
thickness14 : 😂😂😂
prittee : Son locked that door not missing a fucking step ... I can't stop laughing I'm fucking cryinggg @k_este
k_este : Lmmmaaaaooooo...... lolol @prittee
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Umm this video totally creeped me out.... #weirdvideos #notforkids #thisisnotmusic
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shanuesubaru : It baddd lol
forever_riannaxi : @marky_mark1219
malikpxradise : @emilyvalexxxta @chloehughes123
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Utsikt fra jobben.. invasjon av korps! De har holdt på siden kl.12.. :/ Når en gruppe er ferdig løper flere til.
thisisnotmusic - 17mai - korps -
melkert87 : #thisisnotmusic #17mai #korps #korps er ikke høyt oppe i min bok..
korpsgossip : Uten korps er livet bare sort.
melkert87 : Haha. Vel kanskje på 17.mai! Utover det er det litt for mye av set gode.
korpsgossip : Neida, man får aldri nok, det kommer bare an på hvilket korps det er snakk om
korpsgossip : #korpslykke
jennie_louise : Er ikke så rart du blir lei av vaktmesterkorpset nei.. Enig med @korpsgossip
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Soooooo inspirational......😐😂 #memes #meme #musicmemes #worstlyrics #stupidsongs #justinbiber #justinbiebersucks #music #thisisnotmusic #why
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winter_demise : Hahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wow, it's sad how that is all our minds can process😑😑😑
jovany_vk : @bella_g1234 I knowwwww - 1girl_6strings - _master_of_reality_ - yikes_a_serial_killer -
Sogna Arianna, sogna. #hardwell #primaopoiciandrò #instamusic #thisisnotmusic #thisisatrip
instamusic - thisisnotmusic - hardwell - primaopoiciandrò - thisisatrip -
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1 year ago in La Friche Belle de Mai brand new gallery, Marseille, speaking on the opening day to the medias about #ladernierevague art show #regram @graffitiartmagazine tenant un discours passionné sur Tony Alva #mp2013 #marseille #thisisnotmusic
regram - thisisnotmusic - marseille - ladernierevague - mp2013 -
tommyguerrero : Gt's dude! Thnx for inviting me!
guillaumelegoff : @tommyguerrero that was so awesome, thks to you !;) talk soon !!
gasius : Hey Doood!
guillaumelegoff : @gasius heyyyyy mate ! Are you in London?
gasius : From Friday... In Tokyo at the mo
guillaumelegoff : @gasius im there from Thursday to Saturday maybe we can grab a coffee or brunch sat. Early morning ?
gasius : Sat might work ... Gonna be bong eyed from jet lag but let's talk - 0044 789 1746965
guillaumelegoff : @gasius 👍👍👍
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#beyfilmzmedia #ThisIsNotMusic
thisisnotmusic - beyfilmzmedia -
beybey_kid : You*
loveshira_ : Booooooo
loveshira_ : I'll still help yu get shoots tho
beybey_kid : Lol, u can be the oil girl @beautiful_shiraa
loveshira_ : Oh I get to rub oil on girls ? 😍 lol
beybey_kid : Yeah if I did it ima mess my camera up lol @beautiful_shiraa
loveshira_ : Lmao Ard yu got my # if yu need me
jabbar2i5 : that's dope cuz!
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Bridge or tunnel #DontGiveAFuck #HowICome #Across
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beybey_kid : #ThisIsNotMusic
ie_llc : Now that's that shit I like to see and hear haaaaahaaa. Keep killing it bro
beybey_kid : No doubt Moor! @ie_llc
jabbar2i5 : yeah!
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My last Friday as a single woman was a total bust in terms of finding a party to dance at... @careykgriffin and I did manage to accidentally sneak into this party....... It helped us realize that one day, when our kids are making racket and calling it music, we will have to believe them... Because apparently, even now, this noise.... is music. #ifeelold #thisisnotmusic #orisit #noiserock
ifeelold - noiserock - thisisnotmusic - orisit -
jenndornheard : Almost got a peak at your new hair
littlemama1980 : @jenndornheard Almost!! 😉
colonelmanders - jenndornheard - natashaswinter - seventeenevergreen -
1 year ago, Thomas Campbell, La Dernière Vague, La Friche, Marseille. #ladernierevague #thomascampbell #marseille #thisisnotmusic
thomascampbell - marseille - ladernierevague - thisisnotmusic -
olivierrosset : Nice. I bought the book !
sorryskateshop : 👍
havemonkeywilltravel - thekui_paris - paulmeurisse - edouardlassus -
What is happening right now?! Whyyyyyyyy???? #thisisnotmusic
thisisnotmusic -
jcampbell6000 : Amen!! #hatethatsong
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Day two. One band i hate. Sorry not sorry. Please dont unfollow me for putting this on but they don't sing music that i like and directioners said they were happy Mitch lucker died.. They are pathetic #onedirection #niallhoran #liampayne #harrystyles #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #wine #hate #30daybandchallenge . #thisisnotmusic
liampayne - 30daybandchallenge - harrystyles - louistomlinson - wine - niallhoran - thisisnotmusic - onedirection - hate - zaynmalik -
deces_666 : I don't like them. But I respect others opinion.
deces_666 : They may be their heroes so ya.
emily_is_a_penguin_ : Oh my god Harry never claimed the Lucker Stomp! I'm so tired of that lie, not once did he ever say that plus none of the actual fans ever said they were happy Mitch died because about 75% of the fandom loves Mitch! God just because people like One Direction doesn't mean that they're horrible people and they have a shitty music taste cause I love 1D but I also love PTV, BVB, MCR, SWS, AA, ADTR, ATL, and all the other amazing bands like them.
ptv_emily_forever : Me too sooooo true
yo.mason : @emily_is_a_penguin_ @faithinreverse_ stop. you like 1d. smh.
emily_is_a_penguin_ : @ptv.mason so? What's the problem?
faithishmael : stop. you're a bitch. smh. @ptv.mason
victoryoverthesun_x - fck_dat_shit_away - that_bvb_ptv_chic -
Back from vacation means back to practicing. Ready to rock some #Souris with @tdougherty1205 this Saturday at the #Magritte exhibit at the @menilcollection! Free at 3pm #dacameraofhouston #chambermusic #harp #newmusic #thisisnotmusic #thisisnotaconcert #magrittewordplay
magrittewordplay - dacameraofhouston - magritte - chambermusic - souris - thisisnotaconcert - thisisnotmusic - harp - newmusic -
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@koolfunc88 #transfert #magazine #thisisnotmusic #mp2013 #tomsachs #thomascampbell #tilt #andrewlewicki @lionelscoccimaro #brunopeinado
andrewlewicki - tilt - tomsachs - brunopeinado - magazine - thomascampbell - thisisnotmusic - transfert - mp2013 -
guillaumelegoff : @lionelscoccimaro ça vient de sortir, le mag Transfert d'une asso skate/bmx très active à Aurillac, je demande aux gars de te l'envoyer
guillaumelegoff : @lionelscoccimaro j'ai été interviewé l'été dernier ;)
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New issue #Transfert #magazine interview #thisisnotmusic MP2013 cheers guys 👍 @motelcoste @pietparra
magazine - thisisnotmusic - transfert -
guillaumelegoff : @tempster_returns @fnto @french_fred
tempster_returns : Nice!!!
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If I ever purchase these, just know that you have permission to kill me!! #CBWMrocks #ThisIsNotMusic
thisisnotmusic - cbwmrocks -
jmikegalla - snowwyne - jwall1000 - tonycrawford62 -
Good memories w/ TG @tommyguerrero, Seb Daurel, Bastien Duverdier & Fabien Tolosa, after live show "Tommy Guerrero & the French Connection", #lafrichebelledemai #marseille, 25/04/2013 #tommyguerrero #thisisnotmusic @motelcoste (photo : Mathias Fennetaux) @fnto 👍
thisisnotmusic - marseille - tommyguerrero - lafrichebelledemai -
guillaumelegoff : @tommyguerrero hey Tommy wattssup, cant wait the new album and your tour here in Europe & France !
tommyguerrero : Yo g!! Hey hit me again about the live recording..spaced it..yeah man tour should b gt's!! Say hey to the french connection!! Ha!!
guillaumelegoff : @tommyguerrero oui oui, gonna send you a mail Tommy, cant wait to see you here !!
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ESPO live art, regram @thisisnotmusic #Photo by @ad2lb "@steveespopowers #LaFriche #BelledeMai #LaDerniereVague #ThisisNotMusic #Marseille #Expo #Contemporary #Art #2013" via @InstaReposts
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#Wow #Pandora #political #Ads #Reallytho #thisisnotmusic #getyourplaylistright
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I'm tired if seeing Nicki Minaj ignorant ass. 😴😴😴 #thisisNOTmusic #malcolmx should not be associated with it.
thisisnotmusic - malcolmx -
tukro : Exactly
smaz3 : How are they putting X in it?
christinaaqua : Her album cover had the pic of Malcolm looking out of the window, titled "Looking Ass Nigga" smh
christinaaqua : @the_accelerated
smaz3 : Why would she do that . One of her people should have ✋✋ her
smaz3 : @christinaaqua makes no sense
amirahpeace13 - higradeglobal - desirayray14 -
What is wrong w/ @nickyminaj. Smh. And this is why ppl feel its okay to throw around the word 'nigga' like its cool. Especially the women. I hear more women now a days say 'niggas' than men Smh! & along with that thr is also the ever growing trend of memes that include the words 'niggas be like'. I have friends of African american descent that DON'T even use that word. And then I know ppl of other races other than, who throw the word around like a beach ball. And it sounds degrading & tacky. Not to mention careless and racist. I don't care how many family members u have that may be black.. or if your child is half black.. if you have black friends ooor if you have black friends who gave you the 'OK' to say the 'N' word. Stop yourself & say NO. Because it is NEVER OK. Men, it is NOT a cool trendy hip word to say. Women, its not attractive or cute.. or lady like.. Maaan.. my women, especially my women, my Queens HOLD YOUR TONGUES. You are adding to the slavery of the human mind.. You are being apart of the cultivation to a major ignorance of our history & understanding of respect.. I didn't check this or know about this joint till I saw my Bois @j3collection post on Facebook.. and after googling it and reviewing comments and reviews from this single i was just more compelled to express how I have always felt on some of the subject matter that is being talked about on this whole drama w/ Nicky Minaj.. Also if you have a minute of your life to waste.. check out the lyrical content of this song. #horrible. Who is in charge of allowing this mess on the radio/web/tv??!! Oh.. that's right.. us consumers... Dang.. #ThisIsNOTmusic ** warning** this post is only for people who know how to read & not just look at naked chicks on the gram.
syke - brothers - humans - ignorance - weareall1 - hiphop - jk - sisters - thisisnotmusic - lady - lyrical - blender - trends - lol - followers - horrible -
loose_lips_sink_ships82 : Preach
poetik_just_us : Boo instagram seems to be having issues not letting me repost his words in the comments.. do that later..
poetik_just_us : #hiphop #syke! #lyrical #jk #lady #lol #ignorance #trends #blender #followers #humans #brothers #sisters #weareall1 if 1 struggles we all struggle. Color don't mean nada..
marzmurlawn : This is why you is ma hero <3
nefariousmagz : I use it #guilty 🙋 but it's become a custom and I don't use it because i mean to say nigger believe me I hate how I sound sometimes but it's everywhere n used so commonly... I don't mind if someone calls me a Spick/wet back/beaner/nopalera cause it's true n weather it's good it bad I'm proud of my culture plus u never hear Mexicans call one another that - I just think Nikki is just stupid associating that word with Malcolm X, someone who fraught to overcome adversity
charletonfox : The ignorance in the world is ridiculous also for this to hit the media on black history month is pathetic society accepted this because now they are in a group they belong not cause its right or wrong just simply to belong
charletonfox : I dont listen yo mainstream or shop at the mall or eat anything in a commercial I fucking hate mainstream society but I do admit I will take all these ignorant peoples money so if you have money and dont know what to do with it donate it to me for a good cause I will build a school with it so when you get enpreagnated while listening to this at least you poor kid can go to a good school o yes we accept ebt you hood rats lol
jyotiik - afropuff7 -
Look ma, I'm doing it! #jammingonmykeyboard #thisisnotmusic
jammingonmykeyboard - thisisnotmusic -
richellejuniper : I am moving to south Oceanside let's be friends :)
daniboulware : Sayyyy whhhaaaattttt!!!?????
daniboulware : @richellejuniper
daniboulware : Let's ride bikes with @bflecky @richellejuniper
christoddpearce : Danielle.. mom doesnt have instagram
daniboulware : Oh ya..... Can you show her this when you see her? Thanks. @christoddpearce
bflecky : @richellejuniper really?!? What about Kyle??? And yes, I'm ALWAYS available for bike rides @daniboulware
alishagraceee - ampostit - devon_37 - sarah_pearce313 -
I hate to degrade my IG with his presence BUT... #sucha dumbass #ladiesandgentlemen #thisisnotmusic #demeyebrowstho #pleasetakehimbackcanada #imbeggingyou
demeyebrowstho - sucha - imbeggingyou - pleasetakehimbackcanada - thisisnotmusic - ladiesandgentlemen -
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Mes gangsters québécois sont ce genre de #MoneyMachine!! Font de la bonne musique avec ce mauvais argent t'entends??!! #RythmiqueDeJé!! #MoneyOverBitchz
thisismurder - thisisnotmusic - moneymachine - rythmiquedejé - moneyoverbitchz -
stanlesautres : @ruffyduffy tu reconnais le son de de Fifty??!! #ThisIsMurder #ThisIsNotMusic !!
stanlesautres : @peace514 présentes moi des gangsters stp!! T'en connais??
peace514 : Mouhahaha @stanlesautres
peace514 : Il a une sacré belle montre entk!! :o
cedric09 - youninx - ruffyduffy - kamm0 -
Wow....... #gay #stupid #dumb #theylooklikegirls #thisisnotmusic #idiots #BVB
bvb - theylooklikegirls - stupid - dumb - gay - thisisnotmusic - idiots -
capnrebecca : Black vaginal bitches :*
silentplanetband - piotrscecelek - jonormaa - badxguy -
thisisnotmusic -
boney_kay : It is clear from the positioning of @dami_erinle's fingers...
dieks_erinle - dami_erinle - ickle2han -
This is what chaos sounds like. #biggestheadacheever #larryisgoingtogetit #thisisnotmusic
thisisnotmusic - biggestheadacheever - larryisgoingtogetit -
80camille : We need to figure out some payback!! 🙉
laurencasperr - nicslife7 - meghancasperr - ktbachman -
Excuse me, is this... music? #thisisnotmusic #terribledj #hilarious
terribledj - thisisnotmusic - hilarious -
sabbyk - thethinkingeyes - von2905 -
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