#thedress #whiteandgold #blackandblue #thisiscray
whiteandgold - thedress - blackandblue - thisiscray -
itstimwhite : so cool
fwalsh231 : @hugcate
lester_jt - lexie_was_here_ - beacallp - http.anahiisdope -
SO blessed to have been in this! You guys, I'm AMERICAS BEST HIGH SCHOOL PASTRY CHEF! #omgggg #icantbelieveit #thisiscray #mom #didimakeyouproud
omgggg - didimakeyouproud - icantbelieveit - mom - thisiscray -
keiry__ : @deangie_jimenez @jodaliza @elalfa_xxi 😊😊😊 thank you!!!
elalfa_xxi : Np @keiry__
lsantulli : So awesome!!!!!!!!!
thaliaaamartinezz : I'm so proud of you! Congrats im sure you have much more success in you're future love you 😘😘😘
keiry__ : @thaliaaamartinezz thank you soooo much! I love youuuu! 😊
_cielax : Congrats KeiryπŸ˜„πŸ‘
keiry__ : Thank you!!!! @_cielax
jaycceeee : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
lsantulli - k_x02 - denni_08 - livaaxo -
Albuquerque never gets this much snow! This is awesome!!! #Albuquerque #thisiscray! #forus #lol #505 #awesome #backyard #woo! #SnowInTheDesert
snowinthedesert - awesome - albuquerque - lol - woo - thisiscray - forus - backyard - 505 -
hayleybethy : I miss your videos! Hope you have fun with the snow! ^.^
the_audio_bomber : Haha thx Hayley! I might be making some here in a bit! @hayleybethy
southwestfindings - the_poedidly - cyclone.8 - swanwick_w -
Went vegan. Super delicious salad! Chickpeas with avocado dressing! #feelingood #eatingright #vegan #holyshit #thisiscray
holyshit - thisiscray - feelingood - vegan - eatingright -
raym1nd : πŸ‘€
rhianamygdala - mamimagoo - the.prentice - evolvesupplements -
I'm in the paper!!!! πŸ’‹ #thisiscray #caitlyndixonmua
caitlyndixonmua - thisiscray -
jillian_r : Amazing!! So proud of you!!
willemienkruger : You go girl!!😘
krystinashley : Wow! Congrats girl. This is wonderful πŸ’ƒ
lanabali09 : Whoop hooo girl!! Go get em!! @caitlynadixon ❀️😘😊
sabinene_rubia : πŸ™€πŸ˜ congrats!!! Such a beautiful inspiring lady you are!!! @caitlynadixon
boldimpressions : Awesome!!
laurie.j : Congrats!!!
thegogalator : Good for you! That's really awesome πŸ˜„
brittnihedley - westgardtyson - hansonc - papakwanfresh -
#awkward #whiteandgold #blueandblack #whatcolordoyousee? #iseeblueandblack #thisiscray
blueandblack - awkward - thisiscray - whiteandgold - iseeblueandblack - whatcolordoyousee -
woahfallon : @kcn1524
shanaynay_h : Lol
souljah97 - chelsearobynmari - carimax - wade_leslie16 -
#goldisthenewblack #socialmedia #whiteandgold or #blueandblack #thisiscray
whiteandgold - blueandblack - socialmedia - goldisthenewblack - thisiscray -
typezeerow : #staygold kevin ❀️
ohkayyo : @typezeerow making these memes cause im boss haha
typezeerow : Lol
southstreet_co : Superb!
devingatessss_ - its_rakers -
I better get used to this level of poshness for business meetings, it's so posh I'm compelled to use my index finger to type this, lmfao! #bpharm #baller #thisiscray #bitness
bitness - baller - bpharm - thisiscray -
_shirley_g_ - nickael_casserly - lisabros - gracious910 -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #thedress #thisiscray #itdoeschangecolorsthough #lmao
thedress - itdoeschangecolorsthough - lmao - thisiscray -
hey_itz_blake : It is
taylordur - prince_glen - thesweet1k3 - ayana.m.evans -
I see gold and white @bigbodycisco sees black and blue ! What's going on ?! #Help #ThisIsCray #TeamWhiteAndGold
teamwhiteandgold - help - thisiscray -
salonvalenti : @erica_ws yeah that's what I've heard too it's so weird there's not even a slight chance what I see is white and gold! πŸ‘€
elifante : Lol
embelishlounge : Def white and gold wth..:are ppl color blind??
vilde_j : Uhm I see light blue and brown.. Wtf.. 😳
fitstakris408 : Blue and black.
g00rda : White and gold for sure. Crazaay!
g00rda : @jkings21 sees black and blue. So wierd. 😜
licalou11 : Where is white and gold lol I see black and blue
salonvalenti - _jro2010 - miranda2bfit - indep_hairstylist -
#teamwhite #thisiscray #brookeprovedmewrong #thedressisblue
thedressisblue - thisiscray - brookeprovedmewrong - teamwhite -
neekopizza : @brookebitt I'm Brooke oh iis that a pen MUST DRAW oOooooohhh
brookebitt : #yourewelcome
brookebitt : #pitylike
kcliffff : I'm with you #teamwhite
danaahrens : NOOOOOOOOO @brookebitt
susanpogor : Really!?!?! They were talking about this on the radio this morning! Love you 😘
susanpogor : Oh and by the's periwinkle blue and black LOL 😜
rebecca_ann017 - courtneysull21 - emilyydemace - susanpogor -
Life in fast forward this week.. Lord give me strength. #packing #moving #newpage #blurred #art #thisiscray #smileitsmaryyy
newpage - packing - smileitsmaryyy - art - thisiscray - moving - blurred -
ggss_ : check @VinesBeLike
smileitsmaryyy : @ggss_ nah
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We will be closed for the rest of the day! Be safe everyone! #kseraboutique #snowday #snowinlouisiana #thisiscray
snowday - thisiscray - snowinlouisiana - kseraboutique -
aycarter : So pretty!
amanda_2703 : Looks like a Christmas card!!!
alli3308 : Beautiful:)
aycarter - new_syd_on_the_block - kristinhwilson15 - stefaniemcbride -
All da work he gets sent home with..😐 #isitme or is this a lot? #thisiscray and three of om is front and back. Sometimes theres more than this.
isitme - thisiscray -
jaazitup : Damn. I honestly think thats alot of homework for someone his age
jameyyx3 : @jaazitup dats exactly what I was thinking she always sends him home with so much homework I swear Kaimiloa only sent him home with one if not dat den he would just have reading kauz most of their work is done in class.
alikandleia : Wow, that is a lot!! What do they do in school then? Just play? Crazy!!
jameyyx3 : IKR! Haha Sonnyboy actually sed dey do a lot of homework in class he sed too much.. he really misses Kaimiloa😞
jameyyx3 : @alikandleia ^^
jozelle_janjan - _edzyyarahs - liibebz - jaazitup -
Whose awake?! Not me.. Well not mentally πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ having my mini TV set up so I can watch movies is a life saver πŸ™ŒπŸŒŸ
fastedcardio - skeleton - time - howifeel - cutting - bodybuilders - doyoueven - cuttingseason - thisiscray - bodybuilding - skeletor - girlswholift - funny - doyouevenlift - womansphysique - competitionprep - physique - long - fasted - truth - elliptical - fatloss - : #fastedcardio #fasted #funny #skeleton #skeletor #elliptical #howifeel #truth #fatloss #time #long #thisiscray #girlswholift #doyoueven #doyouevenlift #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #physique #womansphysique #competitionprep #cutting #cuttingseason
priscilla.monarrez : keep it up!
gdzsupplements : Please head over to our Facebook and 'like' our page to win some free samples. Join TeamGDZ!
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In case you're wondering what I've been up to... #doublestroller #nanny #thisiscray #whyamisingle #poppins #sendcoffee
mondays - nanny - thisiscray - bestjobever - whyamisingle - poppins - caseofthemondays - doublestroller - sendcoffee -
tashypie : OMG!! Baby carrots 😍
gravitysmiles : #mondays #caseofthemondays guys... #bestjobever
samschwartz11 - mrsjessreid - sammistrobl - kel_loves_orange_soda_ -
'Omnia' (Water colors on paper, 10x24 inches) #art #artist #artislife #amateurartist #amateur #blog #blogger #youngblogger #needmorefollowers #newblogs #singapore #singaporeblogs #love #flower #omnia #painting #watercolors #artislove #artblog #followforfollow #artiscool #iamcool #sonotcool #thisiscray #bipolarbrainss #whocaresaboutfollowers #sleepismoreimportant #nights
artislove - art - singaporeblogs - blogger - artislife - bipolarbrainss - whocaresaboutfollowers - nights - thisiscray - love - amateurartist - sleepismoreimportant - needmorefollowers - iamcool - flower - artist - followforfollow - painting - youngblogger - singapore - omnia - artiscool - blog - watercolors - amateur - artblog - newblogs - sonotcool -
yo.s_ : pretty!!
bipolarbrainss : @yo.s_ thank you so much! Means a lot to me! I've recently started blogging. I'd really appreciate it if you checked it out. Link in my bio!πŸ˜πŸ’™
my__life__my__camera : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
bipolarbrainss : @my__life__my__camera thanks :)
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The pregnant lady #MyMomIsHavingAnotherKidnineteenyearslater #37AndPregnant #omg #thisiscrayπŸ˜™
thisiscray - omg - mymomishavinganotherkidnineteenyearslater - 37andpregnant -
koko.raquel : How cute lol
mrs.pharess_ : Super crazy ! But congrats to you guys 😌
positivas.vibes : aaaawwwww
_niiyya - ajeesmith - itsjustdymonde - ashleyriicks -
Damon needs to chill with the fog. #thisiscray #vampdiariesjoke #hecouldonlycontrolitinthefirstthreeepisodes
hecouldonlycontrolitinthefirstthreeepisodes - vampdiariesjoke - thisiscray -
itsmeannieb : Where was this??? Cray
lane_of_sarah : The hill after Wal-Mart.
horsegirl416 - itsmeannieb -
Spotted a size 21 men's superstar... πŸ˜… #addidas #outlet #thisiscray #giantshoes
addidas - giantshoes - outlet - thisiscray -
kathrynchao : Whoa huuuge lol
nrmntng : big feet = big ____
hellocoleen : Omg fits u perfectly. Lolol jk
judylin_ : @kathrynchao I know my shoes look so tiny next to it haha @nrmntng big socks! @hellocoleen lol I look like a clown or sideshow bob from simpsons πŸ˜‚
aznsuperman - kathrynchao - hellocoleen - jwe006 -
#flashbackfriday #thisiscray #theyalwaysskipped #icantbelievewehadtousethose #cds #walkman #ifsheaintseenthid #shetooyoungforyoubro
shetooyoungforyoubro - theyalwaysskipped - walkman - thisiscray - icantbelievewehadtousethose - ifsheaintseenthid - cds - flashbackfriday -
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NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO. #donewithwinter #thisiscray #icant And I swear, if I hear ONE more person from the north say 'this isn't cold, you don't know cold' I'm gonna drive to wherever you are and smack you in the face. COLD IS COLD YOU IDIOTS.
donewithwinter - icant - thisiscray -
hermione617 : Woah 😯
cattypattycakes : Fun facts: it's colder there then it is here.
cougrrushrsrock - christinadietz3 - allison_cooke - tcochran -
No wayyyy! I got on the wall again! This is my visual representation of the song "Up 2 U" by Walk the Moon. #colortheory #walkthemoon #thisiscray
walkthemoon - colortheory - thisiscray -
kendra__funny - emma.fri - gringa_at_heart - dartagnan23 -
So I guess it's really cold outside ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️#chicago #windchill #-2 #frost #thisiscray
thisiscray - frost - windchill - chicago -
ejmusmc : The struggle we face is real.
kaylaaaamiller : Girl I'm like 4 hours away from you! I know you feel 😭 we need to go back to Florida lol
stephsequeirafit : @ejmusmc for real
stephsequeirafit : @kaylaaaamiller i know I can't wait to go back lol the northerners that have been living here all their lives don't know what they are missing out on.
alicialiciousssss - jammers6 - ianzordan - walkerrsolid -
#thisiscray #pinkietoe #damnshame
pinkietoe - damnshame - thisiscray -
I literally do not understand. πŸ˜’
likewhat - menorikey - areyouserious - thehamperisrightthere - imeanreally - lol - comeonbabe - whyyoudodis - wtf - thisiscray - really -
rhino808 : Looks right to me
no_akubirds : Where's the problem?
pic.jah : lol
_drakemakana : That's for wear later. I don't get it.
bleighlove : You all FAIL! @rhino808 @no_akubirds @_drakemakana πŸ˜‚
shanellkuualoha_ : Bahaha. @kaliko808
kaliko808 : WTH is this @bleighlove
bleighlove : It's the reality of my life @kaliko808
pic.jah - leongskeetskeet - totsunami - gibbstoyou -
Guys, it's hard enough to dress this pregnant belly...throw in this temp and it's pretty near impossible to stay warm! #thisiscray #itstoocold #takemebacktocali
takemebacktocali - itstoocold - thisiscray -
christiana_flaherty - l.y.d.i.a02 - thegreatandpowerfuldory - mrsaclawson -
Baby mummies #ancientegypt #thisiscray #creepy #creepedout
creepedout - ancientegypt - creepy - thisiscray -
kurrtay - machine.gun.kelly57 - calypsophotography -
Anna and i turned onto Worthington Galena to get her to school and i let out a loud 'oh my gosssssshhhhh this is gonna take forever'. And Anna says - 'Katie Cassell i wouldn't worry about it if i were you. Just turn on some Katy Perry and sit back and relax.' Nice to know a 5 year old can knock some sense into me and remind me to just relax! πŸ˜‚β„β›„πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš— #columbusweather #columbustraffic #nannylife #thisiscray #goingtobesolate
thisiscray - goingtobesolate - columbusweather - columbustraffic - nannylife -
geminimommy0412 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know that feel bro! I live not even 10min from the daycare my youngest goes to & it took me from 820-945 just to make it from my house to the speedway at the corner of tussing and 256. I had to stop at the gas station to get her something to eat bc they stop serving breakfast at 9 & weren't willing to hold any for her. I was so mad at the weather & annoyed with the daycare for their stupid ass policies.
colerenae - keyash - geminimommy0412 - blairekelley -
Tristan looks so much like my nanny when she was a baby 😳 @amyadams04 @finfan_13 #ohmyglob #twins #imissyounanny #lookalike #thisiscray #nephew
ohmyglob - twins - lookalike - imissyounanny - nephew - thisiscray -
chrisubin : Whant followers @chey_frye? Just go to the site in my bio. Comment when done so we know. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Works only for a limited time. #followers #followmefollowback #shoutout4shoutout #likes4likes #tagforlikes #walklikeus #drunk #active #squaready #jeans #fam #newyork #hugs #c4c #singer #sport #goodnight #myworld #lipstick #converse #foodgasm #world #beach #hiking #bride #homework #fresh #kids #mountain #lynaround
express4cure : Turn down for what? ⭐
brookewilliams_44 - trish.rudy2015 - fonzadelic - zach_the_ginger -
Okay, news update. I was a little harsh to Lynchburg people earlier. I appoligize because they had reason to freak out. See, in NY when snow comes it is plowed as soon as it hits the grownd by a team of massive amounts of plows!! BUT in Virginia, when snow comes, they only have a limited amount of supplies... So this is what happens... #sodangerois #snow #snowedin #noplows #snowyroads #thisiscray #virginia #lynchburg #va
sodangerois - va - snow - noplows - thisiscray - lynchburg - snowyroads - virginia - snowedin -
robertsandjones : yea #snowlover #hatersgonnahate #Va #gowithit
abigailvaughn - fijmonstah - rtrillas - brandinhunter -
Our pool is frozen over, all of Six Forks is a sheet of ice, but my work is still opening? Cool. (literally) Let me just lace up my ice skates and I'll be right over. What larger people are seriously going to bring in their mini people to us teacher people today? #TheRoadsCannotBeSafe #ThisIsCray
theroadscannotbesafe - thisiscray -
danielledesrocher : What center are you at now?
out_of_control131 : Truuuuuu six forks is our of commission!!! Lol SNOW DAY
xaleighsx : @danielledesrocher Bright Horizons! I love it! And, to be fair, us having to come in was a call made me a supervisor in Massachusetts! Tuh. Plus, those of us who showed up get a bonus, full day's pay, and our director bought us all lunch! So sweet! Still wish I was at home snuggled up with my fiancé though πŸ’
xaleighsx : @out_of_control131 do you live on/near Six Forks?!
out_of_control131 : Yeahhh six forks station
xaleighsx : Oh, ok! We're right down the road in Bainbridge @out_of_control131
jenajackson - cadyblake - austynx3nicole - codi_ford -
sketch - oc - thisiscray -
adrianartstudio - i_o___o_i - lfworks -
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