My goal is muscle up and @michael_macleod's goal is to photo bomb every frame of video feedback in the process 😂 so many surprises! #cpcf #thegoodlife #mykuwaitlife #movement #idoportalmethod #phase3 #bloopers #thisfuckinguy
idoportalmethod - bloopers - phase3 - mykuwaitlife - thegoodlife - thisfuckinguy - cpcf - movement -
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Here's a clip of our upcoming Mini Documentary, "RIOT IN MY HEAD" where we hangout with our fans and asked how was there experience at our show. Apparently we like to get down on guitar solo's! Big shout out to Bobby ,Joel Pickel and @loblatency for that amazing and detail interview. Mini Doc, set to release in 2016 #mini #documentary #LA #real #shit #awesome #NKRIOT #echopark #letsgo #thisfuckinguy #right #here
real - mini - right - letsgo - la - awesome - here - echopark - thisfuckinguy - nkriot - documentary - shit -
champagnegeorgie13 : Haha! I remember my first time saw you perform this band had just finished playing and was having a CIG and convo with friends and we started hearing these sick beats I actually thought it was a DJ or something and went back inside and saw this one guy with a guitar and mask who looked freaking awesome and called my friends inside and they instantly fell in love with your music and at the end we told you it was one of our friends birthday and you came up with this sexy beat and sang happy birthday oh and yeah we all were smoking weed that day too cuz we were at a dispensary Lol
nkriot : Hahaha @champagnegeorgie13 would you like to be about of our mini documentary? And say your story on film. It would mean alot to us.
champagnegeorgie13 : Yeah dude, can I bring my friends that were there that day?
nkriot : @champagnegeorgie13 of course
champagnegeorgie13 : Kool dude just lmk when you wanna do this.
bear_claw_ - homie_brooklyn - itsnickgraham - bearcat_sloth -
If youre into watching nerdy guys play Super Smash Bros. on a live stream, check out this guy! Come by and say hello and watch him get his ass kicked. XD ♡♡♡ #supersmashbros #wiiu #livestream #thisfuckinguy #hesgettinghisasskicked #hisasshurts #twitch
thisfuckinguy - hesgettinghisasskicked - wiiu - livestream - twitch - hisasshurts - supersmashbros -
skwegg - ianoctoman_com - ryanofrivia - looking_for_baymax9 -
{{Man Crush Monday?}}💀🌙 #yeg #witch #love #allblack #guyswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #mylove #favourite #smile #mybabe #bestfriend #photography #landscape #handsome #thisfuckinguy
mylove - love - favourite - photography - yeg - thisfuckinguy - mybabe - witch - landscape - allblack - guyswithtattoos - smile - girlswithpiercings - bestfriend - handsome -
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His favorite spot. #jackie #babe #thisfuckinguy #nicecushion
thisfuckinguy - babe - jackie - nicecushion -
michaeldmanning - simsimba9 - chonocha - barrett_hill -
@valentinecoffee with #thisfuckinguy
thisfuckinguy -
jreiter22 : What filter is this?
marincicryan : Just a shitty pic @jreiter22
ronnyz72 : Nice flip phone pic
bikesurfmoto : You guys clearing bongs in there?
jreiter22 : Angelic.
maureenpost - thesmallestofbears - rhiannanj - scottfuel -
#celoko #thisfuckinguy
thisfuckinguy - celoko -
#throwbackthursday#throwback#tbt#scumfuck#fuckinscum#forgotaboutthisshit#thisfuckinguy#feelslikesolongago @hellakellerd
throwbackthursday - tbt - fuckinscum - scumfuck - thisfuckinguy - feelslikesolongago - throwback - forgotaboutthisshit -
lilasianbitch : #canmoreforever
angryyoungandpoordotcom : 👍
lilasianbitch - landfill_lando - breettt - rileycieslak -
#thisfuckinguy @gay_cats
thisfuckinguy -
gay_cats : Love it
elt0ly - karbo87 - anthony_said_lift - __einahpets__ -
When you say anything to Jimmy. #supersayan #commanderand #thisfuckinguy
thisfuckinguy - supersayan - commanderand -
brittanybarracuda22 -
#thisfuckinguy #thedevilwearsprada #metal #punk #plugs #bearded #Mohawk #mixedrace #Bradenton #notgivingafuck
mohawk - bearded - bradenton - metal - punk - thedevilwearsprada - thisfuckinguy - mixedrace - notgivingafuck - plugs -
magnetta_brightly701 : Gorge ♥♥♥
forthehorizon : @magnetta_brightly701 thanks 😃
nicolas_espi - beardeddutchman_oils - rebel_punx - zartonym -
First born fur child #nationaldogday #thisfuckinguy #pitstagram #pitty #pitbull #bullybreed #ilovemydog #whitepit #dontbullymybreed #pitbullboxermix #Manny
nationaldogday - pitty - ilovemydog - pitbullboxermix - thisfuckinguy - manny - pitstagram - whitepit - pitbull - bullybreed - dontbullymybreed -
jahnarubio : How cute!
lexiimiranda16 - erikaalyssa1 - ryanneafcy - samurai0620 -
thisfuckinguy -
barak_starr : #onlyinLA
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Look closely... He's a weirdo #thisfuckinguy #JT #JohnnyThunders
thisfuckinguy - jt - johnnythunders -
jylieb : Jeeeeez how is he comfortable? Hahaha! Lil bb 💕
bobbiebrutality : Iunno @jylieb makes it easier for belly rubs gettins I guess! He has lil white hair in all his arm pits? Leg pits? Ewww whatever! You get it right?! I lub hiiiiim
acousticspro22 - slugslave - jill164 - 80srock81 -
#ThisFuckinGuy #pdxcats #pdxfeline #cats #catsofinstagram #AdventureWithFriends #catlove #family #tabby #tabbycat
pdxfeline - adventurewithfriends - pdxcats - family - catsofinstagram - thisfuckinguy - tabbycat - tabby - cats - catlove -
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thisfuckinguy - tatworldproblems -
cotton_rocket : I always tell my artists to just draw something. I'll give some direction, but I leave it up to them mostly.
marqui_art : @_meowlex 😒🔫 what you will get to look forward to 😉👍
patboyles : @pvzzled_panther
_meowlex : @marqui_art oh my god I can't even imagine trying to refrain myself from going nuts on the client .... "eh, I like it but I think I'm gonna go somewhere else" LOL B Y E 🔫🔪💣
sam_urai24 : @hellomicardi
rhynoee : @metalloidpete @dapperdustin42 haha you know about this ha!!
photodianne : @jaredleathers @michaelaul
mistyhillranch : @k33li @andybeswick
al_bangah - ashley12smith1999 - roya1.9 - slvigliotti -
Hahaha @trill_lyfee you're such a loser. #ThisFuckinGuy DMs me some shitty tube shaped like an eggplant 😂 Proceeds to talk out his ass about : I sold Cookies to @berner415 and your dad buying you glass from elbo? Some shit about trading ketamine for club bangers from @quaveglass ? I think you're full of shit 😂😂😂 #ScottDeppesCousinMyAss #FriendsWithDougie😂#ShelteredMommasBoy @illadelphglass another one of your customers #ShiningBrightAsAPolishedTurd💩💩💩
thisfuckinguy - shelteredmommasboy - getfucked😘 - friendswithdougie😂 - shiningbrightasapolishedturd💩💩💩 - scottdeppescousinmyass -
trill_lyfeee : 1. Never owned a illadelph before ever 2. If u cant tell i was joking you are severly retarded like, really, really, really retarded 3. The fact that u keep on trying to insult me with cheesy hashtags is just sad and makes you look like a 16 year old fuckboy 4. YOU kid are a fucking loser, from what i gather you dont do anything besides dab and smoke out of ur shitty toros and other shitty hype glass....if thats all u do YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER AND ALWAYS WILL BE 5. I have asked you about six times now to show me your glass collection and i havent heard a single response which makes me believe that you dont own any glass PERIOD 6. You still havent shown any proof illadelph is chinaglass 7. Fuck your mother and fuck everything ur shitty self stands for 8. You should kill yourself and/or just stop trying to troll because you are terrible at it 9. You really need to find something better to do other than taking dabs and dickriding glassblowers 10. Nobody has ever truly loved you 11. According to my sources you are still a virgin...ouch
trill_lyfeee : 12. That tube is made by carsten carlile so nice try on the insults once again but yet they NEVER WORK #laughingemoji #laughingemoji #laughingemoji #laughingemoji and LOL you still try to say i live with my mom? Omg just stop kid just staaaahp your horrible at what you do
nayelimilemny : @trill_lyfeee hahaha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
trill_lyfeee : Now will you please fuck off? Anyone who puts this much effort over a clear bong made over and over is a L O S E R get over yourself dude you are a huge sociopath and immature as fuck grow the fuck up and find something else to do that dosent revolve around getting high and what the fuck^
trill_lyfeee : 5hrs one like owch must suck not having friends hahaaha anywho because im an asshole im gunna report all of ur pics and get ur instabitch acct deleted..i win (:
chinadelphglass : @trill_lyfeee you're so butthurt 😂 I love crybaby cunt...what did you expect with a rambling DM like that ? #GetFucked😘
headycollector : @trill_lyfeee you have wayyyyyy too much time on your hands. All you do is write paragraphs and I mean paragraphs to people talking shit on illadelph. Why do YOU care so much what peeps say about illadelph especially if you don't own one. Judging from everything you have typed. You truly are a loser. #youcanthandlethetruth #killadelphyourself
trilladelph1 - sleazy_kyle_fish - roseglass22 - bigtime_smokeshop -
#thisfuckinguy #mylove #myheart #happy
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Been listening to #DonaldTrump talk and #ImConvinced this is all a giant #Joke. There's #NoWay he's this #Crazy. The only thing missing is that #HeSwims #Laps in a #Vault filled with #Gold #Coins. I call #Shenanigans. He's pulling an #AndyKaufman. #ImOnToYou, #Fucker. #ThisFuckinGuy #OverHere. "#KissMyAss, #Idiots."
crazy - imconvinced - gold - noway - imontoyou - andykaufman - fucker - thisfuckinguy - kissmyass - donaldtrump - deeznuts - shenanigans - joke - laps - coins - idiots - vault - heswims - overhere -
ashleerpowers : You're just catching on now?
ashleerpowers : I called it from day one
runcascadia : He's pretending he's crazy, the others guys are serious, and yet they're saying the same things...
triggercrazy : Vote for #deeznuts
frytaj : @realDonaldTrump, please forgive me. I'm an idiot. I'm sorry I ever doubted your brilliance. My liege. Need an apprentice?
frytaj : @triggercrazy everyone should want #DeezNuts.
jewelboxplatinum - ashleerpowers - kara_channel - mikeyfletch28 -
#thisfuckinguy #standinggainer #Norcal #smashlife #flip #sendit #americanriver #merica #fuckyeah I'm a running gainer athlete this dude I met showed me the light perfection. He is about 22/23 talk about #insecurity I was there with my chick! All good every body is different and I bet he can't dunk a basketball left handed.
insecurity - flip - americanriver - thisfuckinguy - merica - standinggainer - sendit - fuckyeah - smashlife - norcal -
goodpeople._ - primeluxuryrentals -
#This #SoTrue #ThisFuckinGuy #DominantMenDoItBetter #BetterThanFiftyShades #YouKeepTheBook #IllBeLivingTheFantasy
thisfuckinguy - dominantmendoitbetter - illbelivingthefantasy - this - sotrue - youkeepthebook - betterthanfiftyshades -
girlnatasha.stevenson - geminilady25 -
Suspect #1 #thisfuckinguy #staredown
1 - thisfuckinguy - staredown -
cpeachez : Hahahahahahhaahha
ldmcginn - allllieeeee - ariiannaisabella - amberly_jo -
#thisfuckinguy @austinshmurda
thisfuckinguy -
t_weddz - tharealmiggie - baedene - oldschool_eli -
#brother #lunch #Denver #yesterday Brohaus and I sat and talked while #thisfuckinguy set the mood with the #Halloween #themesong thanks bum #cow #streetpiano
cow - halloween - brother - denver - yesterday - thisfuckinguy - lunch - themesong - streetpiano -
kevinfromohio - healingwholenutrition - karn_mama - davebrownphotog -
Flexin and it's not even Friday 👦🏽💪🏽 #thisfuckinguy #workflow #dylansdaddy
thisfuckinguy - dylansdaddy - workflow -
nicc_christine : You!
ashlyn_bailey27 - luvmy3angelz - steph_d14 - captainciroc -
I know it's not Thursday, but here's some #throwback. My "nephew" Eric, Bobert, me, Mike, and Aimee Halloween 2010. 18 years old and still trick or treating. Such a fun night. One of many with this crew. I miss Las Vegas more than anything.😭😭😭😭 #princesspeach #goodtimes #thisfuckinguy
throwback - thisfuckinguy - princesspeach - goodtimes -
aimeeliz : That was such a fun night 💚💚💚💚🎃 Vegas misses you too Steph!!
vegasonfire : When I come for vacation again I want to see you 😭
theblackdahliamurder - aimeeliz - gia_capri - mushishi.sushi -
#whenidie #idontwantto #rip #iwanttobelike #thisfuckinguy #beetlejuice #justsayin
beetlejuice - thisfuckinguy - idontwantto - justsayin - whenidie - rip - iwanttobelike -
_kvng_hugo_ : Beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice!!!
sofakingwicked - halloweenerryday - rm1llz7411 - burtmcgirt -
#thisfuckinguy #shoppingwithmyminime #toocoolforherowngood
thisfuckinguy - toocoolforherowngood - shoppingwithmyminime -
ashlee.15_ - karenhill86 - dyl__thompson - mr_vanityandriches -
caught my Reflection getting into my car 👦🏽💪🏽i don't even work out and I'm better than you😂😂😂😂 #thisfuckinguy #only20lbstoGo #dylansdaddy #positivevibes
thisfuckinguy - only20lbstogo - noho - dylansdaddy - positivevibes -
fajja_shednasty : #dontbesogaybro 🎀
lastclarkout : @fajja_shednasty I almost hit on myself #noho 😂😂😂
jamesvta : Very cool!
fajja_shednasty : 😂😂
_lexi_nicole11 : Eh. You're like a 4 maybe 5.
grandmasterchefjojo : Pretty pretty gay man jus saying
lastclarkout : @grandmasterchefjojo 😘
insta_harvo - shoafbricen - 03hethin - evepresenter -
@livefreedezigns demoing the mag hand torch tech on a big ass platter. #thisfuckinguy #livefree #livefreedesigns #rageyourfaceoff #blowingglassintheforest
thisfuckinguy - livefree - livefreedesigns - rageyourfaceoff - blowingglassintheforest -
russelldab : @stash_glass
thekidwithdfuze : Damn I wish I was there!
bradcglass : Mag power activate!
droppindabs - stoners_in_tx - chiefin_glassworks - theelusiveape -
Who's ready for some Raiders football? #ThisFuckinGuy #RaiderNation #Raiders #OaklandRaiders #TheRaiders
thisfuckinguy - theraiders - raiders - raidernation - oaklandraiders -
ryanfilarski : JESUS!!! Eat a burger or something!
sleeven_king : Don't make me unfriend you here too @ryanfilarski
therealbushwackersgirl : @instakingsize don't do it, no burgers
sleeven_king : No, no burgers for me @therealbushwackersgirl I'm 110% on my game 👍🏼
therealbushwackersgirl : @instakingsize 😜 good job
chrisamania - jenabeeeee - gussongg - jessa_lynn34 -
#tbt to @kudzmakaleb house with @timmyd_94 one of the most best friends a guy could ask for. Always got each other's backs. Always talkin about life, giving each other advice. And after not seeing each other for many months at a time we act as if only a day has gone by. You stay classy, Tim. #friends #bestfriend #thisguy #thisfuckinguy #teemaw #livelife #weweremostlikelyhammered
livelife - bestfriend - thisguy - tbt - teemaw - thisfuckinguy - weweremostlikelyhammered - friends -
heatherr.x.x - antt_banks - twscherf - kait_amos -
Welcome to #Virginia #youmightbearedneck #thisfuckinguy #racewars
thisfuckinguy - youmightbearedneck - virginia - racewars -
chase.farmer00 : YeeeeeeHawwwww!!!
jessicabatemanj - chase.farmer00 - celebritycarslasvegas - martymcradical -
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