This is not a joke: When you have two wheels, a Bunch of boxes full of fruit, and your baby...you make shit happen. You may not agree with this, but countries all over the World survive this way. Ecuador is a very poor country...but it's people are strong and live life by any means necessary. Judge, gasp, or appreciate just how well off you have it. We thrive on the latest phone, a new car, TV...while so many other countries survive. Be Thankful. #Ecuador #Thirdtimesacharm #SouthAmerica #Survival #Motorcycle #Baby #ShitsReal #The World #ThingsIsee #PlacesIvebeen πŸ“·: @zauliyoo
thingsisee - thirdtimesacharm - survival - shitsreal - motorcycle - southamerica - baby - placesivebeen - the - ecuador -
bassknuckles_ : I try and think about this everyday. So thankful. πŸ™
suncountry737 - saltysurfer333 - readymaninc - thencrea -
TGIF x first time at LACMA #jk #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - jk -
derektriet - trunglebutter - akash22893 - imkberly -
3rd times a CHARM they say............πŸ’…πŸ‘‘πŸŽ€πŸ‘› Kendall-Monroe or Kylie-Mckenzie #babygirl #princess #fingersCrossed #iknowHowToBAKEthemBABIES #ImInDaKitchen #WhippinDemBabies #noMoreAfterThis #iSaidThatTheLASTtime #iPromise #ThirdTimesACharm #adorable #cutie #princess #iNEEDone #tiredOfAllTheseBoys #ImmaNeOnSuicideWatchIfItsAnotherBoy #ImSerious #imPackinUpAndLeavin
babygirl - iknowhowtobakethembabies - tiredofalltheseboys - impackinupandleavin - whippindembabies - nomoreafterthis - immaneonsuicidewatchifitsanotherboy - princess - cutie - ineedone - isaidthatthelasttime - ipromise - imserious - thirdtimesacharm - fingerscrossed - adorable - imindakitchen -
fiona_milan : Congratulations
msbink678 : @tabuloucity congratulations!
tabuloucity : Thanks @fiona_milan @msbink678
theplushboutique21 - msestefany - 2lovemee - beeuteefull -
To the πŸŒ™ and back🌎 with my people #Coachella2015 #ThisYearsBoxTho #favoriteMusicFestival #GoodTimes! #TGIf #thirdTimesACharm #ThirdYearInaRow #Cali @jcondodgers88 @lenniemoon @edavis07
thirdyearinarow - thirdtimesacharm - tgif - goodtimes - cali - coachella2015 - thisyearsboxtho - favoritemusicfestival -
n1ke.cort3z : I know someone with 2 GA and a camping pass if u and someone can make it! And I got virgin flight credit for sale! Just saying! LOL I'll hook u up! @patrick_fresco
bettyjustbetty : @witematt101
bettyjustbetty : @garrett4ever
claudbox : Yo @n1ke.cort3z are those tickets 1st or 2nd weekend?
claudbox : Hey hey !! Also I'm trying to buy tickets. Let me know if you friend still has them.
n1ke.cort3z : Weekend 1 @claudbox
claudbox : Awesome want to msg me and let me know how much or how to contact.
n1ke.cort3z : @claudbox DM @rubber__kat
laurenbelusko - dennise_dlc - brianna_ruiz1322 - nas_jr_esp -
πŸ‘ƒπŸ’ #thirdtimesacharm ❀️✌️
thirdtimesacharm -
little_nickel_ : We need to catch up
loudog918 : Hahahahaha!
hawaiigurliegurl : Oooooo Yesss we do @little_nickel_
ally_oolala : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gregsharper - mrosan - shaahyn - t128ck_i17t312m3d1a73 -
This guy 😏 @skates_beats #skatesbeats #music #producer #hiphop #beats #battle #raleigh #greensboro #northcarolina #winner #champ #thirdtimesacharm
northcarolina - producer - thirdtimesacharm - winner - beats - skatesbeats - hiphop - music - raleigh - battle - champ - greensboro -
svnahmusic : 😍
curcimusic - robcnow - rivtak - deejayinspire -
Finally riding the rails home. My first train got cancelled then we rescheduled my second because it was so late, but #thirdtimesacharm. #train #Amtrak #snOMG #NYC #philly #haveglitterwilltravel
train - haveglitterwilltravel - amtrak - nyc - thirdtimesacharm - snomg - philly -
thriftydumpster - drdanielnoor - jrit5356 -
Back in my home away from home. #theeternalcity #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - theeternalcity -
sha18rae : Jealously game too strong right now 😩😩
issalynne : Oh my god
hpav92 : This makes me want to cry. I miss Homa Roma! D:
maddieestew - hannabehr07 - taybowers14 - shericoke1 -
Third attempt and it's everything I've ever hoped for! Bright #blue hairs. I'm in love. Thank you Trixie!! || #thirdtimesacharm #moxie #margesimpson
blue - thirdtimesacharm - moxie - margesimpson -
twiggyweeds : Hahaha I miss you!!!!!!!!! (Ps I am very adorable I agree)
twiggyweeds : Ohhhh yah that thing I told you about! Couch tripping! I was like what the fuck, why is Jenny telling me she's sleeping on someone's couch????
jgunvalson : I'm not drunk! I wish I was and I will be tomorrow. Ugh what I would do for a happy hour date with you.
jgunvalson : Loves ya!!!
twiggyweeds : Love u @jgunvalson!!! Can't wait to have you back home! May will be here faster than Herman and Harry died RIP
jgunvalson : Herman and Harry!!! Ahh! It's almost spring which means we can find their great great great great great great great grand babies!
leahgrace_17 : Finally! Glad it turned out hon!!!!
cdes1229 : Much better!!! I hope it doesn't wash out, haha!
robtodd22 - mr_grumble - themichellebyars - bremarie519 -
I'm not sure which is more concerning, my inability to try something new or my inability to throw out my old shoes... #thirdtimesacharm #timetomoveon #adidas #sneakers #repetition
thirdtimesacharm - repetition - sneakers - adidas - timetomoveon -
born_to_crush - notahaterjustahayter - byalanhuerta - tangandbolster -
Maybe the moon in Virgo is making me extra particular. Still not happy with the nose... πŸ‘ƒπŸŒ #WIP #SoLittleTime #ThirdTimesACharm
solittletime - thirdtimesacharm - wip -
srartwork - angelahowells -
This weekends agenda: Hiking
harpermae : Can't waitπŸ˜‹
naneatavares : Just me and you😚πŸ’ͺ @harpermae
taratesoro : What doing rn?? We go Pho
krjsweet : Can you speak English mf @taratesoro
ua_ruedy - keliko_luv - moniiccaaa - kaikylie.rosehill -
Here's to hoping I wake up on time and my 6:30 am flight Isn't canceled. #thirdtimesacharm #iwannagohome
thirdtimesacharm - iwannagohome -
whitkneehayes : I miss you! Come home!
crashed9phrases - amyabendschein - ryancourtney - jennavaughan -
Is it me you're looking for? Well I finally took advantage of a snow day to create my blog. Let's just hope I stick to it this time. More details soon 😊 #lionelrichie #thirdtimesacharm #kbyez
kbyez - thirdtimesacharm - lionelrichie -
mstaliag : Lemme see lemmeeee see πŸ‘ #IsItATumblr #DidYouDoAThingy #WillItHaveMakeUp #ThePeopleWantAnswerssss
erikaleef : @mstaliag it's gonna have a little bit of everything but it's not a tumblr lol in due timeeee
tornadoally - jimmy_boy_123 - _unravel_my_heart - steven_siriel -
Take three. #rescuingusfromrehearsal #thirdtimesacharm #savethetutus
thirdtimesacharm - savethetutus - rescuingusfromrehearsal -
itskaht : @thereal_cmurph @jaimer93 this happened again can you believe it
thereal_cmurph : Haha omg #stopdropandegg
luapril26 : 😱
gretaelizondo : Whatttt how??
mg_squared : This is fantastic.
jaimer93 : Hahaha! Classic!
nmfedorov : No way!
jaimer93 - msalazar - nga.gw - devynreidy -
Fingers crossed... #thirdtimesacharm #stuckattheairport #phl #takemehome #cancelledflights #timetogo #dontletmedown
phl - takemehome - thirdtimesacharm - cancelledflights - dontletmedown - stuckattheairport - timetogo -
jennjenndeus : Good luck :)
fittingroomtoronto : Fingers crossed!
meeganokay - _jessdiane - marfckntinez - michellem_wrapitup -
Voxxx #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm -
narragangster : @jason_above_all
jason_above_all : Thanks for the support! Love and miss you guys
narragangster : @us_above_all
iamweirdboy : Awesome! I can't wait for the new shit pals! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž
narragangster - jason_above_all - ryangalvez__ - sowrongitstyler -
Here we go again! #thirdtimesacharm #breweryjob #craftbeer #wishmeluck @bellsbrewery
thirdtimesacharm - craftbeer - wishmeluck - breweryjob -
magdalen_alva - zachattacksphx - craftbeeray - localcraftbeer -
NOT what I wanted to read right now 😑 I am so bored and haven't left the house in 4 days. Can't. Take. It. Any. More!!! #concussion #concussionfordays #thirdtimesacharm
concussionfordays - concussion - thirdtimesacharm -
Mann I'm 5'1 that pool 12ft deepπŸ˜‚ I drowned twice till I finally passed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm -
50_shades_of_fack_u_mean : What are the other three?
thatvenezuelanchick : @50_shades_of_fack_u_mean swim for 10 mins str8, swim in place for 5 mins, the one in the video, and then one where u had to jump in with ur equipment and take it off/drop it while you're under the water
50_shades_of_fack_u_mean : What if you can't swim lmao
thatvenezuelanchick : @50_shades_of_fack_u_mean they take you to the side and teach you lol
50_shades_of_fack_u_mean : I was thinking of doing rotc for my masters, I'm specialist promotable so that e5 stipend plus scholarship would make graduate school much easier lol
thatvenezuelanchick : @50_shades_of_fack_u_mean go for it!
itslilly__x3 : I'm proud of you! I love you 😘
thatvenezuelanchick : Thank you i love you too ❀️ @itslilly__x3
omgmaraya - vaneeessam_ - em_minems - lifeofawallflower__ -
Some snowy day progress. I think this tree's gonna work #thirdtimesacharm #charleyharper
thirdtimesacharm - charleyharper -
agatheringofstitches : oh yes!
neverjustjennifer : love it! So cool!
smilestooloudly : Love this one!!!!
lelandavestudios : @mamacrisa @quiltyhabit @mel4girls @pieladyquilts @agatheringofstitches @neverjustjennifer @smilestooloudly Yay! Glad everyone prefers this one! Thanks for all the input, it helped push me to find the right solution!
possumbambi : Nice! Good choice!
proustitute : @llewodnala #charleyharper #quilting #mashup
kirsty_bonjour : Looking good! So cool, can't wait to see it finished
lelandavestudios : Thanks! @possumbambi @kirsty_bonjour
perfectionnotincluded - frombolttobeauty - thatsewlucas - seemaryquilt -
#WBBC2015 is, quite figuratively, RIGHT around the corner! This time around, it's THREE TIMES the fun. Come one, come all and support your favorite teams as they battle on stage, say hello to Jay Sean and your hosts, @mc_jag and @trishakaroraofficial and drink mango lassi to your hearts content (disclaimer: mango lassi may or may not be provided) There's no better time than now to get your tickets. Think the snow is bad? Not getting WBBC tickets is worse! Don't be 'that guy' for the third installment of your favorite comp, WBBC 2015 Contact me for ticket prices and further information @worldsbestbhangracrew @aegbhangra #2015 #thirdtimesacharm #bhangra #NYC #NJ #AEG #AnakhEGabroo #JaySean #dance #desi #competition #competitionboyz
bhangra - competitionboyz - dance - thirdtimesacharm - nj - competition - thirstisreal - anakhegabroo - jaysean - desi - aeg - 2015 - nyc - wbbc2015 -
datshxtcrayolaa : Bring the lassi, i'm there
19a_k_c90 : @datshxtcrayolaa #thirstisreal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
datshxtcrayolaa : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
anne.derby - ankushvermani - shawnieboi_nyc - _doseofjay29_ -
"Patchy AM Fog" hahaha This is what a "bad" forecast is here. Im moving back, #thirdtimesacharm β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ›…οΈβ›…οΈ #SouthernCalifornia
southerncalifornia - thirdtimesacharm -
Happy Happy 22nd birthday Jeffrey, LOVE YOU. #willalwaysbemybaby#thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - willalwaysbemybaby -
jpoole15 : Love you too :)
kmingus1103 - jpoole15 - jennakittle - jenlee120 -
Oh how i wish i was in #Vegas right now, warm weather and shorts all day 😒 this snow sucks donkey balls!!!!! #tbt #eiffeltower #nottherealonethough #vegasimissyou #ishallreturnsoon #thirdtimesacharm #iforgothowlongagothiswas #iwasntevenliftingyet #thicklegsforthewin #ineedavacationnow
ineedavacationnow - vegasimissyou - ishallreturnsoon - iwasntevenliftingyet - thirdtimesacharm - tbt - iforgothowlongagothiswas - nottherealonethough - vegas - eiffeltower - thicklegsforthewin -
r1vic : I was just wishing I was somewhere warm also!!!
shazam511 - amankapoorr - tonyfulton - r1vic -
I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn't give up // still in love with this print from @kendrabeshk since the first & second time I gram'd it. #yepgrammimgagain #tbt #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - yepgrammimgagain - tbt -
sultanskytees : πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸ’—
nateandjake : You inspire me!
ahndea : I can say because of you and I'm so thankful!!!!! 😘😘❀️
mysweetmerrimint : Love this!
amybennettmueller : Love this!!
kendrabeshk : Thanks casi! 😘😘😘
fairytalecupcake : Cas you're an inspiration to me and my cupcakes πŸ’—
arrowandbark : You totally inspire me!! You have a heart of gold. 😘
blueeyesdontliee - astrokeof - kdub888 - chalkfullyeverafter -
One day I guess I'll find out lol. #maybeso #highlydoubtful #thirdtimesacharm #niceguysfinishlast #storyofmylife #winning
niceguysfinishlast - storyofmylife - highlydoubtful - thirdtimesacharm - maybeso - winning -
leon_bjjitsu - s.t.f.__ -
#FRONTROW #matilda #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - matilda - frontrow -
super.cullen2014 -
Excuse the mess that's daily with all the toys they drag out. But look at my big girl. #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm -
norahadikari - princess.haybandz - _nicholeann_ -
Class of 2014. One last goodbye for @ssorbs. See you tomorrow LOL #lawyerslunch#thirdtimesacharm#farewell#mlfun#fijisummer
thirdtimesacharm - mlfun - farewell - lawyerslunch - fijisummer -
ssorbs : Awww πŸ˜₯
keasi_t - elaijahgram - ulamila91 - gen.lee -
Now I get what mommas mean when they talk about being up all night with a puking child.. One set of bed sheets, three outfits, a bath (and shower for mommy) and several washcloths and towels later.. is it over yet? 😳😷 #atleastimgettingcuddles #thirdtimesacharm #firsttimeforeverything #iveneverseensomuchpukeinmylife #myheartsbrokenforhim #thatsmellthough #gag
myheartsbrokenforhim - iveneverseensomuchpukeinmylife - gag - thirdtimesacharm - thatsmellthough - atleastimgettingcuddles - firsttimeforeverything -
hgweller : Feel better soon Jude!!!
mlwellington86 : Poor guy!
annwarren81 : It's the worst! Hopefully long naps are in your future!
setcaptivesfree - bethanyjoystelzer - soccer_basketball2424 - aruder11 -
Blessings on blessings on blessings #imatellen #photobooth #ellendegeneres #thirdtimesacharm
ellendegeneres - photobooth - imatellen - thirdtimesacharm -
ohmygoober : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
amy_shipp_weluvmoms : #GetTheShippsToEllen
_yramirezz - stepphhanniiee - dash_1207 - cristaldelreal -
#wcw damn I was ugly last year... But this girl is Amazing, I don't even deserve her I don't know what it is that makes her care for me, but she means the world to me and I am forever grateful to have her πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ’˜β€ #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - wcw -
bradley_chapman03 : That a boy u going to cams party
lily.marie16 - mirrorchaser - torrieprice - bradley_chapman03 -
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