In the Phoenix airport waiting on my flight, again!! #delayed #USAirwayssucks #thirdtimesacharm #kidsworthit
thirdtimesacharm - usairwayssucks - delayed - kidsworthit -
halforder__ -
People say third time is a charm. I guess it's true. So here's what happened. I planned to sing When I was Your Man and Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir for acapella (1st stage) and I Surrender with minus one (2nd stage). Once Zainal Abidin discovered that I wanted to sing WIWYM, he said:"do you have minus one for that?" I told him I did. So he skipped me to the 2nd stage. After singing that, I sang KADA halfway and he said:"okay, Iz. I'm gonna put you on KIV because you obviously can sing. The production crew akan call awak. Kira kaki awak sebelah dah masuk shortlist la okay!" I have never been happier in my entire life. So, hopefully I will get that call eventually today or tomorrow! Please pray for me!!! #WishMeLuck #PrayForIzRijap #MentorLegend #ThirdTimesACharm #lifeafterTESL #LittleGreenMan
lifeaftertesl - mentorlegend - prayforizrijap - thirdtimesacharm - littlegreenman - wishmeluck -
izrijap : @biskutalyahya thanks!!! 😁😁😁
izrijap : @farsss_ thanks Farah!!! 😁😁😁
nicole_jane_noella : All the best Iz.... Make sabahan proud...... Yay
fyazyn : When i saw his ads on tv i knew u will have your chance because no need to be tinggi but enough with proficiency in our mother tonguess
izrijap : @nicole_jane_noella heee if I'm chosen I will!!! Huhu
izrijap : @fyazyn mother tongues gittew! Haha
fyazyn : Hahaha i hentam je tu idk if there exist mother tongues haha nmpk x gigih nak bgtau yg i had foreseen your fate haha
nicole_jane_noella : Ko yakin ja.... Rest2 suara jgn over practice nti x mantap.... N tawakal....
anaszakwan - farsss_ - hakeemadli - dinimuhammad -
Just got the keys to our new casa!! Were so in love!! #roomies #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm - roomies -
blacksnacks : Fuuuuckin luuuckies
kasadillakilla - super.clemens - rah_rah_rachels -
Today's adventures #thirdtimesacharm #chestdiamond #tongue
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Killer Mike and EL-P #imthakillakillfromthavillaville #thirdtimesacharm #killermikefangirl
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paulastackss -
Congrats to my sister in law.... Classic that after 20 years my name is spelled wrong! #happywedding #thirdtimesacharm #ihaveansweredtoworse
thirdtimesacharm - happywedding - ihaveansweredtoworse -
mtrempus : Is the M for Meat or Mean? HA
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So we meet again. #anjelahjohnson #thirdtimesacharm #birthdaypalooza #suspicious #myidol #jax #florida
myidol - birthdaypalooza - jax - anjelahjohnson - thirdtimesacharm - suspicious - florida -
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Had to rep my boys today during my workoutπŸ’ͺ❀️⚾️ #sfgiants #worldseries #thirdtimesacharm #ledbetter #liveeverydaybetter #trynagetbackatit #longwaytogo #dailyworkout #24hourfitness #sosweaty #greywasabadchoice
worldseries - thirdtimesacharm - 24hourfitness - ledbetter - longwaytogo - liveeverydaybetter - trynagetbackatit - greywasabadchoice - dailyworkout - sfgiants - sosweaty -
justlikelawrence : Nice page
allieveneris : Boooooooo
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Passes. #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm -
heather.a.ogle : Look at them ..... And the weekend is still young
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#alestorm #thirdtimesacharm #gig #camden @cactusberry44 #london #pirate #piracyisacrime
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She's here! My beautiful little baby niece! (Name TBD) Love being an auntie x3 to this little nugget πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— Congrats to my big bro and amazing sister in law Christine! #thirdtimesacharm @sowyrda @alyssajh7
thirdtimesacharm -
jdfraher : So exciting!! Congrats to your whole fam!
jimhannon33 : Omg I'm an aunt
mscalia44 - brittani_l - clairebear_87 - jameseroni -
Lets try this again #thirdnexus
thirdtimesacharm - thirdnexus -
nate_jones_88 : If u don't want it I'll take it 😏
juls.14 : That a boy rossy
rossiter19_ : #ThirdTimesACharm
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TEE FURY - "Third Time's A Charm" (Beatlejuice) from Artist Jobot #TeeFuryDotCom #ThirdTimesACharm #Beatlejuice #ArtistJobot
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#royals #nowithastohappen #worldseries #thirdtimesacharm
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So this happened... #locksoflove #thirdtimesacharm
locksoflove - thirdtimesacharm -
leah_isabellas_mommy : Love this!!
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And it's back to the #er... #beyondoverthis... #thirdtimesacharm? #unionmemorial #secondhome...
thirdtimesacharm - unionmemorial - secondhome - beyondoverthis - er -
danieljanak : Good luck hope you get better! @marysels
killa__cam93 : Get well Mary
marysels : Thanks babes! You're the best. Miss y'all! @danieljanak @killa__cam93
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Stunned and delighted to see my latest fiddle leaf tree is not only still alive but actually sprouting new leaves! #foundmygreenthumb #livebabylive #thirdtimesacharm
livebabylive - thirdtimesacharm - foundmygreenthumb -
southolive2 : Ooh that's exciting!
southolive2 - jenniferodowd -
gettingbetter - weldlife - dailygram - thirdtimesacharm - cwb - mig -
phatmike_cb7 : I remember doing those mine were the best in arc my flux would always lift up and look pretty af
thatwhiteap2 : #CWB bend test I did today showed 0 cracks #gettingbetter #thirdtimesacharm #mig #dailygram #weldlife
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BOO! πŸ‘» It's not a trick! We're in for a treat... This May 2015 πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ @raul_y_garcia_ @tuyoandeggs #surprise #thirdtimesacharm #babyontheway #alextheate #babyboom #neveradullmoment
alextheate - neveradullmoment - surprise - thirdtimesacharm - babyontheway - babyboom -
michelleavocado : yay!!! congrats!
katyagozo : Congratulations @ulismom4aurora! That's amazing!! πŸ’™πŸ’™
tracyfarr : Oh my goodnes!!! Congrats guys!!! @ulismom4aurora @tuyoandeggs
rialanada : Great news @ulismom4aurora! Congratulations!
cather_gahon : @carissabengco
carla_s16 : Love this!
jamiealvarez_ : Congratulations @ulismom4aurora ! Always a blessing! ;)
jigenesis : How exciting! Congrats guys @ulismom4aurora and @tuyoandeggs !
cathyromualdez - carla_s16 - _mary_n_me - jamiealvarez_ -
#homemademacarons #blueberrycreamcheese #menwhobake #husbandmaterial #thirdtimesacharm
homemademacarons - blueberrycreamcheese - thirdtimesacharm - menwhobake - husbandmaterial -
kthuynh : Love the hashtags!
egturbo02 : @thuany75 don't know what you're talking about but we made it right the first time.
leetuyetle : @thuany75 @egturbo02 the first batch u guys made had no feet...handicapped macarons lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lindeeloco : @thuany75 πŸ™€omg...you know how to use Instagram?! Annnd u do hashtags?!?!
leetuyetle : Thuan is a tech savvy 21st century man. How else will he get the young babes?? πŸ’‹πŸ’•
kthuynh - leetuyetle - nonstop_z32 - phinomenal23 -
The song that made me love them in the first place! #Giants #bearhands #bearhandsband #strummers #lovethem #tilnexttime #thirdtimesacharm #coolkids
giants - coolkids - bearhands - tilnexttime - lovethem - strummers - thirdtimesacharm - bearhandsband -
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Dont get me started on how much I love Halloween :3 #stankyycups3 #thirdtimesacharm #ihope @stankyydankyy @benzoglass
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dankcilla - free_spirt710 - thatghostcasper - fvck.tommie -
#meltdarkroom #meltcosmetics #darkroomcontest #pickmeplease #thirdtimesacharm
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3rd times a charm Day 23 Marichasana #LetsGetFlexy @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @aloyoga #yogaeverydamnday #marichasana #yoga #yogapose #yogaplay #yogapractice #yogahigh #yogalife #)) #inspiredyogis #instayoga #yogawiththegang #yogagirl #practiceandalliscoming #yogaforlovers #yogagram #yogini #yogalove #instayoga #igyogafam #igyoga #yogachallenge #namaste #yogaaddict #yogafit #thirdtimesacharm
namaste - yogawiththegang - yogaforlovers - thirdtimesacharm - yogafit - yogachallenge - inspiredyogis - yogaeverydamnday - practiceandalliscoming - yogalife - yogagram - marichasana - igyogafam - yoga - yogapose - yogalove - letsgetflexy - yogini - yogaplay - yogapractice - instayoga - yogagirl - yogaaddict - igyoga - yogahigh -
think4fit : πŸ˜πŸ”
bluewidget : @think4fit thanks!
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Moms bday weeks continue! #bdayfilets #89 #stilldoingit #birthdaydiva #shesprettyawesome
birthdaydiva - 89 - shesprettyawesome - stilldoingit - thirdtimesacharm - bdayfilets - thirdpostever -
gchuge2 : #thirdpostever #thirdtimesacharm
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#tbt Jan 1st 2014 days before the honey blonde effect... #bigchop #thirdtimesacharm #nervousbuthappyididit
bigchop - nervousbuthappyididit - tbt - thirdtimesacharm -
kitaboo__ : Sexy face 😍😍😍😍
total_betty_no_boop - tangieb_ - simplymella_d - alteregotrixie -
#tbt to our second selfie attempt at Mt. Vernon. Still doesn't get it #selfiestruggles #thirdtimesacharm?
thirdtimesacharm - tbt - selfiestruggles -
amy_morgan_22 : Keep trying. You got it down perfect.
cupcakesforcamp - jesmorgan13 - jenna_daugherty - jacklyn.morgan -
#thirdtimesacharm Took her 3 pokes to get a good draw! For anyone who has a fear of needles, like me... Put your headphones on and shut your eyes! This technique helped me so much! So now the waiting begins... Won't have the results for about 2 weeks.
thirdtimesacharm -
leahdiarrhea : @ryleesmama13 yeah it made it so much easier to let her draw my blood knowing that it wasn't for me but for the baby's health. It really wasn't bad it's just that I get myself all worked up!!!!
leahdiarrhea : @capturinglifetoday haha I'm glad you understand! I wouldn't say I love getting tattoos but they don't bother me like syringes do
glacierdani : What? That long to get the HIV results? Mine only took 15 minutes at planned parenthood! Clean!
leahdiarrhea : I had a blood test called the panorama test. It's looking for chromosomal abnormalities, and can detect x/y chromosomes too. Those results will take 2 weeks. @glacierdani so around dad's birthday is when we find out if it's a boy or a girl....
leahdiarrhea : But I think they also tested for hiv
glacierdani : We? As in you and I?
leahdiarrhea : I'm talking about Joe and I. But I will let you know too haha
funsized_vsg : I had that test done too! So nice to know super early what you are having
plscarrillo - nataliesunshine - rny_de_la_cruz - skinnynikkivsg -
@gnaphan_again touches your hair and it turns to gold. #thirdtimesacharm #lukkathepom #harrisonburgva #hair #pom #pomeranian
hair - pom - lukkathepom - harrisonburgva - pomeranian - thirdtimesacharm -
mmgood : Photo cred: @rachelherr
lisakm13 : Yur the cutest
heatherhills : 😍
smpefkaros : you're visiting and I just moved back but now I'm in Boston. :/. at least your hair looks fucking fabulous.
staceylavo : I love your hair!
amabellaross : Love it!!!! I need some magic worked on my mop.
amabellaross - kassynewman - hlnyce - michelleayee -
Too much fun skating this middle bowl at Union! #skate#thirdtimesacharm @austinrbxi
thirdtimesacharm - skate -
metaljohn666 - jjxcorirossi - xduchess_gummybunsx - jamiegblack -
The joys of owning a stupid Mac #broken #magsafe #apple #macbookpro #stupiddesign #powercable #thirdtimesacharm #notimpressed
stupiddesign - apple - notimpressed - thirdtimesacharm - broken - magsafe - powercable - macbookpro -
dvandenhoogen - xx_loohoo - jeleabeans - loveisinallofus -
#thirdtimesacharm #naturalbornstoner #nbs @naturalbornstoner #somegirlsgethigh #hufsocks
nbs - thirdtimesacharm - hufsocks - naturalbornstoner - somegirlsgethigh -
shaun_hatred : I want
eeormerod : righttttttt it's a dope give away.... repost it and tag them!
eeormerod : you can only post it three times though @shaun_hatred
kushiebrand - shaun_hatred - greenlife_clothing - naturalbornstoner -
Uhhhhhh...... throwback Thursday? #thirdtimesacharm
thirdtimesacharm -
rhinothatflies : now what happened?
mvin08 : What tha hale!?!?!
sassypantsss : @rhinothatflies and @mvin08, so 3 weeks ago on the way to my grandma's 90th surprise birthday party (which I never made it too), some asswad changed lanes without looking and slammed on his brakes unnecessarily, causing a 4 car accident. Also, I hadn't even had this car for 3 weeks. I had JUST traded it out for my lemon of a Mini Cooper.
sassypantsss : So on Monday night, I bought my third car in 6 months. Fingers crossed that third time is a charm.
sassypantsss : Also, this photo was taken when I went to clean out my car after it was declared a "total loss."
rhinothatflies : did you get full reimbursed for it?
sassypantsss : I did, but it went towards paying off my loan for it. :/
mvin08 - rhinothatflies - the7thtrumpet - karater0bot -
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