Set and packed for the rugby grand final shoot tomorrow! Not carrying as heavy as my NZ trip (that was 15kg, as a carry-on luggage) I'm taking 2 Nikon bodies: D300s & D800. 3 Nikon lenses: 300mm f4, 70-200mm f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 & a 1.7x teleconvertor. 1 Nikon speedlight SB-900, last not least I always carry the Gopro Hero 3+ Black edition. Oh also I'll be taking a monopod. #nikon #d300s #d800 #photographer #whatsinmybag #thinktankbag #thinktank #sport #rugby #gopro #hero3plus #monopod #blackedition #telezoom #lens #australia #action
australia - nikon - d300s - thinktankbag - sport - whatsinmybag - d800 - rugby - telezoom - photographer - hero3plus - thinktank - gopro - blackedition - action - monopod - lens -
leonsidik : Follow me on facebook.com/leonsidikphotography
colourconmy : Great!
kelly_gibbons_photography - harry2404 - elefod - macmike1000 -
Been meaning to reorganize my bag for a while! #teamnikon #thinktankbag #streetwalkerharddrive #d600 #F5 #blackrapid #whatsinyourbag #ishootraw
teamnikon - f5 - ishootraw - d600 - blackrapid - streetwalkerharddrive - thinktankbag - whatsinyourbag -
realaustinrogers : Jealous of your F5 dude. Good stuff!
jzimagery : @realaustinrogers what sucks is that I rarely use it:/
realaustinrogers : No way! Load that sucker up with some Cine and you'll never look back! :)
digital.goja - rohan_hardero - grid_moto - mchavez7409 -
Sneak peek of the new @thinktankphoto 4-sight #thinktankphoto #thinktankbag #choices #photographer @gtvone #autumleaves #squaready #iphone #instahub #insta #igers #melbourne #australia
australia - instahub - photographer - thinktankphoto - autumleaves - melbourne - insta - iphone - thinktankbag - squaready - choices - igers -
robc71 : It's the magic of @thinktankphoto @gtvone @stefan_von_schnapper
nessylin : Hi @robc71 please follow us @BestestAward for beautiful photos. Thanks, ☺☺☺ @robc71 Your gallery is marvelous ☺☺ !! 👌👌👌
robc71 : Thanks @1bestestaward_crew
von_schnapper : I must check 'em out. I had an STM roller bag thingo which I liked but a zip failed. @gtvone
robc71 : Great bags @stefan_von_schnapper
von_schnapper : Def gonna look into them. I'll tell them you sent me :)
stefangosatti : Hey Rob, does it carry a 15" laptop?
robc71 : @stefangosatti sure does
joebloggs2791 - thomasoldham - skosh23 - anniepaddington -
Meet my Thinktank family. #thinktank #thinktankbag #nikon #canon #camera #urbandisguise70prov2 #urbandisguise #airportnavigator #streetwalkerharddrive #streetwalkerhd #pro #photooftheday #photographer #behindthescenes #black #backpack #rollerbag #travel #airline #journey
streetwalkerhd - airportnavigator - camera - pro - canon - nikon - urbandisguise70prov2 - journey - thinktankbag - behindthescenes - thinktank - photographer - backpack - urbandisguise - streetwalkerharddrive - rollerbag - black - airline - travel - photooftheday -
sophia_globetrotter - ablson - ajournalofwanderlust - inzer0gravity -
I have a thing for camera bags 😔 #thinktank #thinktankbag #lowepro #loweprobag #photographer #photooftheday #iphone #nikon #canon #camera
nikon - photographer - canon - loweprobag - thinktank - camera - iphone - thinktankbag - lowepro - photooftheday -
xhesketh : Cool photos :)
nas9 : 🌿 great pic👍
skatinaintacrime : @leonsidik nice pic man
phippuuuu - oaphotograph - taylorgrayphoto - lang_lang97 -
The new baby in it's new home. Yes @laurenkeim I ended up keeping it. #ifeelsourban #thinktankbag #imreallynotagearhead
imreallynotagearhead - microfourthirds - thinktankbag - mirrorless - ifeelsourban - ditchyourdslr -
laurenkeim : ❤❤❤
bodaciousbread : #microfourthirds #mirrorless #ditchyourdslr
mawlovesbsd : I like that bag!!! #gladyoukeptit
bodaciousbread : @mawlovesbsd You can check it out next time you're here.
mawlovesbsd : @bodaciousbread I definitely want to. Thank you!
laurenkeim - fervere - mawlovesbsd - bontanica -
What's in my #thinktank bag for this morning conference assignment? (1) 4 #canon bodies, (2) 70-200mm f/2.8, (3) 11-16mm f/2.8, (4) 17-35mm f/2.8-4 (5) "2" Canon flash systems (6) #ZOOMH4N (7) "3" #pocketwizardplusIII and (8) The Snack "NUTTERBUTTER COOKIES" oh. I forgot the 300mm f/2.8
thinktank - pocketwizardplusiii - thinktankbag - 60likes - canon - zoomh4n -
rhondabowman : Looks good Saquan
monsterphotoiso : @selinaf I alway have coffee with the cookies! 😂😂😂😂😂
monsterphotoiso : @rhondabowman Thank you kindly friend!
jmark_champ : The only think I understood was nutter butter cookies lol #fatkid
monsterphotoiso : @jmark_champ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CUZZOO! I feel you!
monsterphotoiso : #60likes
nicolekgoss : Canon....you know you're the best ever, monster man :). Just need to buy you a pink strap now! ;)
monsterphotoiso : @nicolekgoss 😂😂😂😂😂 I'll purchase one for breast Cancer awareness month 2015!
kalo_71 - unidrw - danielsato - nicolekgoss -
White Shirt + @superology logo = my perfect tee #dubai #thinktankbag
dubai - thinktankbag -
superology : @stirmind 👊
b3j3w3mi3 - superology - katharinebdw - marlontheboss -
When #thinktank went out with #timbuk2 #thinktankbag #retrospective30 #timbuk2tartinetotecustomised
thinktank - timbuk2 - timbuk2tartinetotecustomised - thinktankbag - retrospective30 -
nabilahselamat - feezapeeza -
Coffee and a ThinkTank @thinktankphoto @gtvone #coffee #cup #spoon #milk #pennyhouse #thinktankphoto #thinktankbag #meeting #melbourne #australia
coffee - australia - pennyhouse - cup - thinktankphoto - melbourne - spoon - thinktankbag - meeting - milk -
3stripe_chris - bertigollll - dkspecial - bianca_maverick -
For all the gear I have and talk about from them, I'm still waiting for that sponsorship #thinktank #camerabag #photographylife #usairways
thinktankbags - thinktank - photographylife - usairways - thinktankbag - thinktankcamerabags - camerabag -
charleskingphotography : #thinktankbag #thinktankbags #thinktankcamerabags
julia_kov - jahmont -
Had another picture given to me today by a customer at work :) A beautiful macro shot. Oh and a free Think Tank pouch! All in all not a bad day :D #thinktankbag #freephoto #giftfromacustomer #myhouse #vintagesofa #shabbychic #mextures #afterlight #afterlightapp
afterlight - mextures - giftfromacustomer - shabbychic - freephoto - vintagesofa - thinktankbag - myhouse - afterlightapp -
bobby_harris : That's awesome!
jasminedalmeny : @bobby_harris the bag wasn't from the customer but still made my day :) how's the photography going?
bobby_harris : Really cool though, I never get anything for free! Lol Yeah it's going good thanks, hoping to get out at the weekend & get some more snaps, got a circular polarizer to go on the end of my lee filters system so wanna test that out some more. How about you?
jasminedalmeny : @bobby_harris me neither, normally! Haha awesome :) I'd love to invest in a set of Lee filters. I just need to actually get out more to do some more stuff. Work is expanding and getting bigger, keeping me busy! Need to think of a nice project at least or something.
bobby_harris : I love my lee's, took forever to get them (9 month wait from when I ordered them) but I use them in almost every photo, well worth the cost. It's a shame we live so far apart cos would be cool to go shooting sometime!
jasminedalmeny : @bobby_harris crikes - I can believe that! I'd actually like just some cheap-o grads and a nice 10 stopper for now so I can have a play. I feel ignorant as I have never explored Gloucestershire all that much but there are some damn beautiful areas. That really would be cool! A photo day would have been awesome if you like you said we lived closer :)
jasminedalmeny : @bobby_harris that's true, you've got a point. It's like the Leica M cameras - our pre orders are going to take us easily into 2014 alone :/ yeah ten stoppers are fiddly but definitely worth it when nailed. Please do! And likewise! Ever seen pics of the Cotswolds? Beautiful villages and countryside. Google Bourton On The Water :)
jasminedalmeny : @bobby_harris this is true. But I'd rather put my nearly-6K towards a whole heap of stuff towards my Canon. I hate to say it but I couldn't live with manual. I forget sometimes it's in the area I've grown up in and have hardly seen any of it in much depth. Oh you'll LOVE it. Also, Bath. God that place is gorgeous!
laysnegrini - miniiiie - greg_jackson - rocheker -
Just out of the box the @thinktankphoto turnstile #thinktankbag #thanks @gtvone #inthebox #thinktankphoto
thinktankphoto - thanks - thinktankbag - inthebox -
dan_s_87 : Just got my Airport Security yesterday. Fantastic!
robc71 : @dan_the_photographer_man its good stuff!
edgephotographics : What is that one mate
robc71 : @edge04 that's the turnstile small pack can be used as a bumbag or over the shoulder
edgephotographics : Cool@let me know what you ghink
robc71 : @edge04 will do
dboone26 - sababa7 - dan_s_87 - manettegonz -
Taking the Airport Commuter for a spin #thinktankphoto #thinktankbag #thinktankphoto #airportcommuter #fallscreek #snowmobile @thinktankphoto @gtvone #photographer #snow #victoria
fallscreek - photographer - thinktankphoto - snow - victoria - airportcommuter - snowmobile - thinktankbag -
w0ngmayee - calvin_kf_so - dan_s_87 - rach_f1fan -
All packed ready to head home #thinktank #thinktankbag #thinktankphoto #canon #canoncameras #cameragear #wintonraceway #iphone #instagram #australia #igers #daylife @gtvone @thinktankphoto
canoncameras - instagram - wintonraceway - thinktankphoto - canon - thinktank - australia - iphone - thinktankbag - daylife - cameragear - igers -
von_schnapper : @gtvone Thanks Simon, will add up pennies...
robc71 : @steve4c it's one of the best bags I've ever had!! @gtvone
von_schnapper : Is that a paid endorsement? @gtvone
gtvone : We don't pay anyone - we're thankful if they like our gear @steve4c
von_schnapper : You can pay me if you like @gtvone :)))
gtvone : HAha the wonderful Melbourne sunshine should be payment enough today @steve4c :P
von_schnapper : @gtvone You'll keep :)
gtvone : 'Borrow' @robc71 's ;-)
zos_photos - sam_breen_rsmedia - looogan_west - capturedbyhart -
@gtvone #airportcommuter 200-400 body attached 70-200 24-70 2x600ex 1dx a little tight but it fits!! No hoods though #thinktank #thinktankphoto #thinktankbag #cameragear #canon
airportcommuter - thinktank - thinktankbag - thinktankphoto - canon - cameragear -
thinktankphoto : Have a great day @robc71
robc71 : @thinktankphoto thanks mate will do
narafassi : 😍
r_fabianto - sam_breen_rsmedia - capturedbyhart - rsternberg -
Airport Commuter on the Mt.Buller Summit @thinktankphoto @gtvone #thinktankphoto #thinktankbag #photography #mtbuller #mountbuller #snowseason #snow #sunset #clouds #cloudporn #skiing #skiseason #skilift #view #daylife #picoftheday #iphone #instagram
instagram - photography - skilift - snowseason - thinktankbag - skiing - skiseason - clouds - cloudporn - thinktankphoto - snow - sunset - iphone - mountbuller - daylife - mtbuller - picoftheday - view -
sababa7 : How can I find your images on Getty?
edgephotographics : So mate is that better than the shape shifter is there much difference in size ??
robc71 : @edge04 not sure mate haven't used the shapeshifter
robc71 : @sababa7 type in my name in the search
edgephotographics : So what about that one ok for overhead
robc71 : @edge04 haven't flown with it but should be fine
gtvone : Yep I've flown with it regional Aus and international, it's fine @edge04
gtvone : @sababa7 just don't type @robc71 name into google and search heheh
1979tj - osva09 - rach_f1fan - tennisblood -
Camera gear packed in my @thinktank Airport Takeoff bag. Perfect for international travel. Off to Florence and Paris. #kevinwarn #warnphotography #canon #canoncamera #photojournalist #thinktankbag
warnphotography - thinktankbag - kevinwarn - photojournalist - canon - canoncamera -
kevinwarn : Sorry right tag is @thinktankphoto
gtvone : Thanks @kevinwarn
justinwarntorch : Safe travels brother
macquackers : @kevinwarn my favorite places in Europe! Please eat and drink lots of wine for me! Safe travels.
benskiii - angb1232 - macquackers - edengodinez -
Happy Mother's Day all you mama's out there! Here is my loadout for today's wedding.
edc - weddingphotography - weddingphotographer - 430exii - speedlite - everydaycarry - canon - streetwalkerpro - ste2 - thinktank - photographygear - thinktankbag - photographer - 5d - 5dmkii - 400d - 580exii -
marklandphoto : #canon #5dmkii #ste2 #speedlite #580exII #430exII #5d #400d #thinktank #streetwalkerpro #thinktankbag #photographygear
vinnylauri : Can't forget the knife n raybans
marklandphoto : @vinnylauriphoto tools of the trade my friend.
hiteclou : #edc !
elijahtc : Miss photography. 😔
marklandphoto : @elijahtc the good thing about her is she'll be there for you whenever you have time for her.
marklandphoto : #edc #everydaycarry #photographer #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography
laneeb13 - maxime_pawlak - sweetlovewhitney -
#thinktankbag #bestlatechristmasgifteverfromgreatestnongirlfriend
bestlatechristmasgifteverfromgreatestnongirlfriend - thinktankbag -
intrnsik : Nice Murse!
aiko_desu : Satchel. Like Indiana Jones, @intrnsik
jje3000 : @intrnsik @aiko_desu ... Camera bag fools.
seidmanj : Now u need a nice Canon to put in that nice bag.
colton8er : Camera or no camera...it's still a murse
seidmanj - annhayashi - teewhy9 - rgoo53 -
Just another day at the office..... #thinktank #thinktankbag
thinktank - thinktankbag -
eshankel - 13luckymonkey - makeshoot - gelosabio -
Kickass bag! Thanks brian echostore.ph! #thinktank #thinktankbag
thinktank - fastfood - thinktankbag -
choialcabasa : @blacksheepmanila what would you recommend? Airport Takeoff or Airport Antidote?
blacksheepmanila : @choialcabasa depends on how much gear you normally carry bro. Just make sure your laptop fits and its carry-on size so you wont have to deal with multiple bags and heated arguments with airport personnel :D
choialcabasa : hahaha. Based on personal experience ba yung last na sinabi mo? Hahaha. Basically 2-3 bodies. 3 lenses. A flash and a laptop.
blacksheepmanila : @choialcabasa oye boss! Hahaha my airport takeoff fits those requirements well :) just make sure to use the lumbar and chest straps for support :) thats the only camera bag that we used in our monthlong #fastfood project around pinas.
choialcabasa : Hahaha sabi ko na nga ba! XD thank you very much! :-]
alandesiderio - vtanrubio - lucaspcmg - redbicyclemedia -
Gearing up for my shoot with @mrfuj
instahawaii - pelicancase - instagram - instagramhi - instacamera - hawaii - fs100 - hiig - instagood - 5dmkiii - canon5dmkiii - thinktankbag - blackmagiccamera - ighi - hishoots - instamood - igers -
missionaryfilms : What's in the cases?!? Do tell!
beradstudio : @mrfuj me too. @missionaryfilms Cameras: BlackMagicCamera #fs100 #5DmkIII Lenses: Zeiss ZF 25/2.8, 50/f2 Macro, Zeiss Contax 35/1.4, 85/1.4, 135/2.8 Tokina 12-24/f4, Misc: Zacuto EVFPro, SmallHD AC7, Sony wireless lav kit, z96 LED light, Manfrotto & Cinevate bits, Tiffen variable ND, 15" MacBookPro, (2) 256GB Crucial SSDs, (2) 1.5TB USB3 drives & card/hd readers, etc :-)
missionaryfilms : Amazing and i am jealous as well! Happy filming!
beradstudio : Forgot the switronix battery & rode mic handle
beradstudio : Thanks @missionaryfilms You should swing down to #Hawaii one day. Always fun to collab on projects.
yawtony : Amazing
beradstudio : #hishoots
rurufwi : Dream !
bouchezphotography - west_tx - steadiakin - worldwidebillionaires -
Merry xmas!!!!! Another ThinkTank bag for work! #thinktankbag #photogear
photogear - thinktankbag -
13luckymonkey - alandesiderio - pholje - gabrielacalma -
focalpointphotography - thinktankbag -
kimballm76 : Holly bags!!! Are u Gona make a Xmas tree out of them???! Stack them up and hang lights on them
blogbagger : #focalpointphotography #thinktankbag
dnapoli - gregnapoli - tommydig - redbicyclemedia -
We travel light. #photographerslife
photographerslife - thinktankbag -
marymarantz : #thinktankbag
jpchurchill : Lol! That is so us! We start with such great hopes and always end up with so much luggage.
ajira : :D
karihinkle - hhancock07 - sarahzimmer - jaimeandchase -
Think Tank Airport Security 2.0 - my mobile gear bag
strobist - transceiver - plusiii - airportsecurity2 - speedlights - thinktank - pocketwizard - photogear - mobile - thinktankbag - travelbag - photograhy - lenses - gear -
aaronbrownphotos : #thinktank #thinktankbag #photograhy #mobile #travelbag #airportsecurity2 #photogear #speedlights #strobist #lenses #pocketwizard #plusiii #transceiver #gear
byttybuttz : Therr ya go man
dustinbironworker : I'll never know if you get this but props on the hydads photo!
aaronbrownphotos : @dustinbironworker thanks bro!
daveycarlson : @aaronbrownphotos What's your damned number?? I've wanted to text dumb shit to you and now I've forgotten it. Haha. Is it the number on the card you gave me??
aaronbrownphotos : @daveycarlson It should be, but here: 219-669-1078
halber20 - allentaylorjr - anansaeedi - anthonyrosado -
Early Morning shoot at the airstrip. #delhi #morning #airstrip #thinktank
cessna - instagram - airstrip - india - iphone4 - delhi - instalove - awegust - morning - thinktank - airport - lovers - thinktankbag - iphoneonly - airplane - photoshoot - propjet -
rum1t : #airport #photoshoot #thinktankbag #cessna #propjet #india #instagram #instalove #iphoneonly #iphone4
littlemisssmallworld : Great shot!
rum1t : Thanks @mrstaylormatthews #airplane #lovers
rum1t : For @thinktankphoto ;)
rum1t : #awegust
antonpf - aquacoool - thapashree - redbicyclemedia -
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