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beautyismeskindeep : This outfit is cute where you get it @divaiesha
divaiesha : @beautyismeskindeep thanks; the shirt from @thickchicboutique the skater skirt online.
audree_gauna - mr15hundredd - daartisticassassin - everybodyschanging -
A Leg Up in the Competition!!! Let Those Sexy Legs Out for Summer. Grab Our Faux Leather Track Shorts Only $24.99 and Tank Only $24.00. Order Yours Today! www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #curvystyle #trendyplus #thickchicboutique
trendyplus - thickchicboutique - curvystyle - plussizefashion -
blackdivalevina : @_neakyneak
eperry1 : @itsmsbritt right
better_me_318 : I Need this @jsmith4_20
twoboyzonegirl : Is it in the store
_missloyalty_ : @torriebarnette
savvystarbeauty : @thickchicboutique do you know the size the model is wearing?
empressapache36 : Do you have them in white @thickchicboutique
alexisvflores : @ritolarson
thalia609 - littleflowerz8 - shanaaanaaaa - cathlinrath -
We Love Seeing All Our Customer Swing By Our In Store Location Today!!! Lots of Great New Styles and Accessories To Choose From. Online Styles In Store Too!!! #thickchicboutique #LABoutique #fabdeals #reopen #curvytrends #plussizefashion #curves #thickstyle #plussizevixens #plusmodel #newwebsite #comingsoon
thickstyle - comingsoon - curvytrends - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - plussizevixens - newwebsite - laboutique - curves - reopen - plussizefashion - fabdeals -
je_taimejenelle : This is the new location!? I cannot wait to stop by! Xx @thickchicboutique
devyrivas : I have to check it out!
bwait03 : I agree with _justrae NC needs you!
bwait03 : *@_justrae_ ^
me_iam_rell : Just wanted to send a very special thank you to @thickchicboutique. You guys are awesome! I ordered my dress last minute on Wednesday and was assured it would arrive Friday, it did!!! Dress was very cute and fit perfectly! Again you guys are fantastic! Signed -Newest loyal customer ♡♡♡
steezy313 : @clubjuicee
thicknastychick : @thickchicboutique are you guys open now?!
raidersbaby1561 : Where is this store located in LA?!?!?!!?!
daniisland - kyara_harris_15 - gabatron_cx - thug_queen69 -
Cute Summer Shorts & Tanks or Weekend Perfect!!! Grab Our Faux Leather Track Shorts & Tank Today! Styled by @shevip Modeled by @plusizzebeauty #thickchicboutique #curvyfab #plussizefashion #thickglam #thethickfashionista #curvesnmore #plussizevixens
thickglam - curvesnmore - curvyfab - plussizefashion - thickchicboutique - plussizevixens - thethickfashionista -
diamondbutterfly13 : 💚 IT
sandra_beaver : How do you pick your models I would love to get the opportunity to model for your company
_lisaevette : @gwyndolyn_xo
_missloyalty_ : @torriebarnette
persian_pariii : @sheida_mrh forooshgahe lebasaye size bozorg!!!
cheeks_cammila - thalia609 - dimplem96 - littlehobbit__ -
@plussizzebeautyy Showing Us How She Works a Camera!!! Get This Look Available Now. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizevixens #plussizefashion #thethickfashionista #curvytrends #thickfab #fashionforwardplus #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
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godzchyle : @mrscocohenderson I likes 😍😍😍
mrscocohenderson : It is cute @godzchyle. I like the shoes but believe in my heart my feet would be crying. Lol
godzchyle : @mrscocohenderson lol. Most def. mine too. Lol
mz_prettiibrown : @ms_frankye
ooowee_eshababy : What is the best way to communicate with u guys ...I've made calls ...sent emails and no one has responded
thefuturemrsholmes : I love it !@teek_a_neek
perfectlyimperfectshay_ : @miss_understood418 I was thinking abt getting this ...
hajaratif : @aminaac2 bhel haka knt glt lik diri ldek khal li 3ndak
thalia609 - jjy233 - kyara_harris_15 - littlehobbit__ -
Just a Few Sizes 1X & 3X Added to the Website!! Sexy LBD. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussize #fashionforwardplus #dorothycombsmodel @candicekellyxo #sheslays #curvyfab #thickchicboutique
plussize - curvyfab - dorothycombsmodel - thickchicboutique - sheslays - fashionforwardplus -
thicknastychick : @loyal_royaltee omg I feel you. Don't know to they still posting and can't answer the 424 #.
thicknastychick : @thickchicboutique this is why we as a people can't keep anything... Smh
totsrocks_xo : Same here !!!
totsrocks_xo : @thicknastychick they haven't gotten back to u?
kimberlys_world209 : Yo quiero 😍 @elpinchesimer
itsambyduh : @_unprofaneheart_ i need this dress
brandiontheroxx : Do u have this in red
t.lauraa : @brunimarz
naturalista7114 - cathlinrath - michiamanonenny - littleflowerz8 -
Our In Store Location is Closed for Remodeling!! Feel Free to Order Online....Our New Shipping Team is Processing Orders Daily!!! www.thickchicboutique.com #newimproved #aheadofthegame #nextlevel #plussizefashion #comingsoon #newdecor #newstyles #thickchicboutique
newimproved - comingsoon - thickchicboutique - newdecor - plussizefashion - aheadofthegame - newstyles - nextlevel -
mzk_renee : Damn I was gonna stop by today 😢
libraxl : Lol...shop online everything is SOLD OUT!!!!!
cyntaj : I paid for a shirt and was told to pick it up....came by Thursday to pick it up ....you were closed ....how do we work this out? When will u open back up?
bunnylove70 : Need to pick up an item I paid for also. .
creola617 : This might explain why I haven't gotten a response to any of my emails or calls... I was sent the wrong order. Now the jumper that I originally ordered is out of stock. Am I able to get a refund? I would exchange for something else but seems like everything else on the site is sold out.
thicknastychick : I'm trying to bring back my jumper also. Been trying to bring it back since last week. I came up there when they was having the Kiss concert like a Tuesday but no one was there. I hope I can get an exchange.
jamaicanmix76 : I'm am really turned off as a customer
bl3ssed32 : @thickchicboutique can you advise us all on orders that were placed 5 days ago..I need it by wed ......
keeta422 - solobone1 - anisa69 - sherryice -
#GoosFullFiguredFriday #plussizediva #chicago #celebratemysize #plussizeblogger #plusmodelmag #dopecurvyladyalert #curvez_n_more
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divaiesha : @brichards32 thank you!
divaiesha : #plus_isamust
blkbillionare : Gorgeous
divaiesha : Thank you! @blkbillionare
kingarrie : 😍😍😍😍
ilike_nike : #dope
divaiesha : @ilike_nike thanks!
divaiesha : #fashionforwardplus
iplusbarbiediva - randyisthatguy - ilike_nike - toniarenee21 -
We Like to Start Our Monday Off Sexy!! Our Off the Shoulder Romper is Back!! Order Yours! Only $36.00 Size 1X-3X www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #sellingfast #summerstyle #curvytrends #plusmodel #thickchic #plussizevixen #thickglam #curvesnmore #thicknfine #fashionforwardplus #thickchicboutique #LAboutique
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_piinkdiiamondz_ : It is @s0osimplyamazing
_ohsojuicy : When is this gonna restock!
idatay79 : Out of stock
pam7903 : I purchased this and it wasn't what I expected. I'm hoping the item I return this for is much better and I hope they are prompt about it. #hopingtodomorebusiness
allisonpnyc : @keep_watchin what u think?
keep_watchin : @allisonpnyc that could work. Keep in mind it will be real thin
allisonpnyc : Nvm it's sold our anyway @keep_watchin keep searching
ms_dani_87 : @pam7903 what was different or what didn't you like about this. I'm thinking about ordering. Thanks.
missmays1993 - leatchbrittney94 - buttapecanlikebuttababy - courtney_simmone -
@thickchicboutique #thickchicboutique #thickvixen #curvyclassy #plussexy #boldqueens #bbbg #rare #takeapictureitwilllastlonger #nightout #icouldnthang #jazzcafe
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loyal_as_it_comes83 : Girl but when u do.. u rock it and rock it well..
loyal_as_it_comes83 : @manyfacesofsunda
bcamille7 : Love the dress
manyfacesofsunda : Thanks @bcamille7
manyfacesofsunda : @bbbgirls4ever
manyfacesofsunda : #goosfullfiguredfriday #goldenconfidence
tasha83__ : Lookin great!!!! @manyfacesofsunda
manyfacesofsunda : Thanks boo @tasha83__
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NEW ARRIVAL Online NOW! Don't Let These Styles Sell Out. Order Today or Shop In Store. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #curvesnmore #curvyboutique #plusmodel #summerstyle #plussizetrends #thickchicboutique
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tdoublef22 : @sweetvladeev yea that's hot
mstiffanybraden : @hairbistephanie
tanita_aka_nini : Yesssss @stayjasi
stayjasi : That is nice @ninil1973
la_chapis_21 : Everything i like is sold out! Can we get a raincheck on items?
bee_williams : @whosaywhat2×
glady_j : @elvigeee @soniabondshines @soniabondshines
elvigeee : @janice_jordan
_onenalifetime - kyara_harris_15 - flygirl_money - thug_queen69 -
Not For the Weak....!!!! Our Miami Mesh 2Pc Set is Selling Fast!! Don't Walk 🏃Run to Your Computer and Order. It's Beach Perfection!! www.thickchicboutique.com #shoesby @ohhhsmash #curvesnmore #beachthick #summerstyle #vacaysexy #plussizefashion #plusmodel #curvystyle #thickchicboutique #LAboutique
vacaysexy - beachthick - plusmodel - summerstyle - curvystyle - laboutique - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - thickchicboutique - shoesby -
albishe2014 : Nice
lachelle_mua : Lmao I see @everythingvictoriaa
britt_any86_ : @lovely_mzkrystal
mizzmccalla : Pleaseeeee gwt this back in white @thickchicboutique
mizzmccalla : Get*
gorgeouske89 : Do we know what size the model is wearing? I believe we are similar in size. Or do u have a size chart?
csmiles83 : @sheerlyfabulous you certainly aren't weak
smile_shada : I place a order last Tuesday and will like to know we will I receive my order?
_bad_influence - big_boss84cl - jazzydivadeeds - amberlub -
All White Parties!?....We Got You! New Styles Arriving Now!! Get Out Off the Shoulder Mermaid Maxi Today. Already Selling Fast. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #curvyglam #thickfab #allwhiteaffair #thickfashionista #plussizevixen #thickchicboutique
plussizevixen - curvyglam - allwhiteaffair - plussizefashion - thickchicboutique - thickfab - thickfashionista -
luvjoi_09 : Only got 3X.. it's cute tho @stewardess_chick_
luvjoi_09 : Yea and the ones I like are all sols out. Wats the point of having the items up if 95% are sold out
mother_nature74 : Do you have 1x
thetashia_ : Are u restocking this dress
illoveyoulord : I want this, do u still have this in a 2xl
mikeelas83 : Are u goin to restock on this dress
gotyoucoveredcatering : Do u have this dress???
alessiamusacchio : adoro
elyseivatt_xo - chavella72 - supercandypants - michiamanonenny -
Last Few Remaining!!! Will Sell Out Today! Don't Wait...Order NOW!! (Sold Out In Store) www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #curveappeal #plusmodel #thickstyle #styledby @shevip #thickchicboutique
thickstyle - styledby - plussizefashion - plusmodel - curveappeal - thickchicboutique -
diamond_queen_v : I told you...they went CRAZY over this maxi shirt!! Lol @teezemjay
teezemjay : @diamond_queen_v but we got ours😉 thx to your speedy fingers !!! #westaywinning
diamond_queen_v : Lol...YUP!! Now we gotta find the perfect venue to wear them to!! #SlayEm @teezemjay
thickchicboutique : @j_everyydayy it's takes 24 to 48hours to process order. You will receive a tracking number when it ships.
the_black_cinderella : :-( I didn't get one. .. restock ASAP please birthday 7/19 would be a hit
brebrehep : I haven't receive me tracking number and it been more than 72 hours 😒😨😨is this legit site
leahabeke : I haven't received anything and it's been 6 days!
shaaalyn : I love this outfit
queencassiana - danil0vesu - creeves_86 - lovelycej -
Coming soon available Instore and online Grand Opening August 2014!! Plus Xl-4x $50.00 Iconic Stylez Boutique& Beauty Bar #Houstonboutique #Houstonboutique #Houstonshopping #boutique #beiconic #plussizehouston#thickchicboutique
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Another Behind the Scenes Shot! Our Tropics Short Set is Summer Fab! Very Limited Quantities. Order Today! This Wont Last! www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #fashionpreview #curveappeal #summerstyle #curvylove #curvesnmore #plusstyle #thickchicboutique
fashionpreview - summerstyle - thickchicboutique - curvylove - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - curveappeal - plusstyle -
__adrianac : Hi I would like to come into the store Saturday..will you have this ?
he_loves_this_shit : @thickchicboutique hello this isn't on your site
dymondiiva : Are you ladies gonna restock this shift set ??? Please say yessssss !!! 😁 @thickchicboutique
dymondiiva : Short*
perceptionandco : Is this sold out? It's not on the site.
reese_rees : Are you going to restock this set?
virgogirlygirl : Do u have this still in
iheartjazz__ : I want this set
cloutmajesty - neratothick - kylagraves01 - iheartjazz__ -
Hanging Behind the Scenes with our Owner @shevip plusmodel @plussizzebeautyy and shoe designer @ohhhsmash New Styles Arriving All Week!! Stay Tuned!! #thickchicboutique #plussize #curvychic #thickfab #curves #summerstyles #newapparel #
plussize - summerstyles - thickchicboutique - thickfab - newapparel - curvychic - curves -
foreign_sappchick : I really want to purchase this 2 piece cover up @thickchicboutique can u tell me where?
nouraneassal : @asbaelsabaya da ele kan karim bykalemna 3ano I think hahahah :D
go_dj_yea_thts_my_dj : Heyyyyy boo @ohhhsmash , I thought my eyes were seeing things. One of the only 2 boutiques I follow and whoop there you are !! :-)
thickizbeauty : Love this two piece cover up @thickchicboutique is it on website?
misz_songz : Yasssss finally cant wait to order @shevip
foreign_sappchick : @tiplev
michaeloliveri : @audreylittiedorisritchie
lisamarie0979 : @ohhhsmash I see you boo!!! <3
hazrat_azazuddin_kazi - nashanukie1015 - hunney_b - lameredeparis -
@imsoeunique Is Rockin Our Fab Paris Body Con Dress!! Tag Us So We Can See Your Thick Chic Look!! #thickchicboutique #plussizefashion #plusboutique #curvystyle #sexycurves #flyfigure
plussizefashion - flyfigure - thickchicboutique - curvystyle - plusboutique - sexycurves -
ninewest99 : When will this dress be available again? Sold out too fast!
ecuadorianeyezz : Yes what @ninewest99 said! I need this in my life!
beautifully_flawed78 : Yes! Please bring this dress back
mrztrotty : @thickchicboutique I have left messages and emails regarding my order. Could someone contact me please?
de_the_queen - camille_marie - sherryice - dimension4th_809_031 -
Our Owner @shevip & Featured Model @plussizzebeautyy Checking Out Curvy Chicks in South Beach!! LA✈MIA #thickchicboutique #plusmodel #plusdesigner #miamilife
thickchicboutique - miamilife - plusmodel - plusdesigner -
mrstashanelson : Love the swim wear!!!!
lissalovenitt : Beautiful
shalondavh : Both out fits are real cute
mrsdiggs_6282014 : @penn_state_mom
itmeans_queen : @thickchicboutique go girl in your swimsuit. Beautiful... You have inspired me to put on a swimsuit.
misssanso : Looking fab !
asia_tanae89 : @thickchicboutique are you gonna start selling swim suits
itsjustme_ariel : @prettyliddoashbee cute
yonce97 - neratothick - carlamurry - judibella -
These Curves Are White Hott for Summer! Grab Our Floor Length Maxi Now. $39.00 Size 1X-3X. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #plusboutique #glamcurves #sexyplus #vacation #curvystyle #plusmodel #LAboutique #thickchicboutique
sexyplus - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - curvystyle - laboutique - vacation - glamcurves - plussizefashion - plusboutique -
__piscesqueen__ : @beautyismeholly
chauntiehotpink : @kassykitkatsweetz
mspeachesb : @melrose_monroe220 I need this
phenomenal_gs : How can I order @thickchicboutique
aliyahcherrisse : ♥♥♥♥
ohmy_itscrystal : Do you still have this @thickchicboutique??
nsjpjj1 : @mzjuicey521
_missloyalty_ : @torriebarnette
rbalan83 - si_weh - fefiperez - ddsmileyg -
IN STORE ONLY!! Tomorrow 11am-4pm $15 and $20 On All Items In the Store. Don't Miss this Sale. Last Sale of the Summer!!! (ONLINE SALE COMING SOON) #plussize #curvyfashion #plusboutique #thick #curves #sale #tomorrow #savings #thickchicboutique
plussize - thickchicboutique - curvyfashion - sale - curves - savings - thick - tomorrow - plusboutique -
faireytales : I will be there @omg_itsmogreene
prttywingz : @mylifetydev @kupcake_bby it's worth a shot, then we can hit the mall...
mylifetydev : I've Ben there b4 their stuff is tooo big 4 me
scrumptiouslady : @iamwayb...I'm there too!
omg_itsmogreene : Omg we are gonna be broke @faireytales
faireytales : I will be there at 11am @omg_itsmogreene meet me there lol
splashclaire : Not fair...online too plssss :( @thickchicboutique
prettynatiion : Everything sold out tho
eatlaffluv - xxqzme - buffienbuffie - followmrsfranklin -
rnbsinga - birthdaybehavior - puertorico - thickchicboutique - memorialweekend - urbanfiesta -
racheldasinger : @thickchicboutique #thickchicboutique
kiaralajoy : Cute!!
racheldasinger : @kiaralajoy ♥♡♡♥
racheldasinger : #urbanfiesta
akroberts - 863merlande850 - kirtisblk - katrinaphunkyofeelins -
💜✌️❤️ #ladyinred #purplehair #atllove #atlantanights #memorialdayweekend #aboutlastnight #thickchicboutique
atlantanights - ladyinred - memorialdayweekend - aboutlastnight - thickchicboutique - atllove - purplehair -
topfundmanager - cadbanks - facemonarch - ilctattoos -
Saturday nights 💜❤️💜 #lastnightwasmadtrill #ladyinred #purplehair #atlantanights #memorialdayweekend #meltcosmetics #spacecake #thickchicboutique
lastnightwasmadtrill - atlantanights - ladyinred - memorialdayweekend - thickchicboutique - purplehair - spacecake - meltcosmetics -
talyatechnicolor - badgalsocietyclothingco - poetry_tl - facemonarch -
Our Floor Length Maxi Dress is Available Now. Perfect for Vacay, BBQ or Day at the Beach! Only $39.00 Size 1X-3X Order Today. www.thickchicboutique.com #plusmodels #thecurvyfashionista #curvyfashion #plusboutique #plusfashion #thickvixen #plusmodels #curvychic #thickglam #maxi #curvesnmore #thickchicboutique
thickvixen - thickchicboutique - curvyfashion - thecurvyfashionista - thickglam - curvesnmore - maxi - plusmodels - curvychic - plusboutique - plusfashion -
shalondavh : I am going to oh get one
follow_dari : How long does it normally take for a item to arrive ?
nelson_partyof5 : @alwaysjessa follow 😘
alwaysjessa : Yassss! @nelson_partyof5
monie_915 : @monys_freedmind24 I love the color!
majdameljoum - la_mina1016 - lulublue36 - loveli_lynette -
Fave Dress....New Color Available. Super Cute to Dress Up or Down. In Store & Online Only $38.99 Size 1X-3X Limited Quantities. www.thickchicboutique.com #plussize #curvyfashion #plusmodels #plusboutique #rockyourcurces #thickglam #curvychic #thecurvyfashionista #thickchicboutique
plussize - rockyourcurces - thickchicboutique - curvyfashion - thecurvyfashionista - thickglam - plusmodels - curvychic - plusboutique -
tamajee_ : @greeneyesthaone
pdot87 : @queen_sheba22 I needs this in my closet lol
greeneyesthaone : @tamajee_ Yes
healthcoach_juicyk : @beautyand4love
cori42 : @kays_way_creations
lmason33 : @thickchicboutique do you have the one on the left, the lighter color?
idntevenknw : When are you getting in more of this! ? @thickchicboutique
drop_dead_gorgeouz : Is this available in a 2x?@thickchicboutique
neratothick - onikarenee - loveli_lynette - iam_dardar -
Holiday Weekend is Near! Are you Ready!! Get Our Cute Comfy Maxi Dress Only $39.00 Limited Quantities! Order Today!! www.thickchicboutique.com #plussizefashion #curvytrends #plussize #modelcurves #plusboutique #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
plussizefashion - plussize - modelcurves - plusmodel - curvytrends - thickchicboutique - plusboutique -
marzgotbarz : Drippin strawberry!!! Lol @theogprincess
classyandsassy87 : Wow love this
juskjp31 : @msdee7977 you could rock that
theogprincess : @marzgotbarz that's cute
davis_momma : I LOVE AND WANT THIS DRESS!!!!! WONDERFUL & GORGEOUS @thickchicboutique
theshoe_diva38 : What sizes is are available?
sweetiegrl76 : @mz_sinsational I think I've found my dress.
wildpraize : @michelle_sings_high LOOK!!!!!
lunnon - jessil - newly_mrs_rod - kiev181 -
Happy Birthday to me!! First professional photo shoot today. Was super nervous lol but I had fun thanks baby I love u @daartisticassassin #picoftheday #lovingme #beautiful #selfie #swag #dopecurvyladyalert #goosfullfiguredfriday #plussize #plusmodel
beautiful - goosfullfiguredfriday - swag - plussize - cns2 - satisfiedcustomer - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - selfie - picoftheday - dopecurvyladyalert - lovingme -
_gabbie29 : Do you have any big plans? Your pictures looks great.
divaiesha : @bossie_gabbie27 going to dinner later then The Shrine night club. And thanks!
_gabbie29 : Cool. I hope you have a great time
tsb1 : Happy Birthday!
divaiesha : @tsb1 thank you!
divaiesha : #thickchicboutique
divaiesha : @thickchicboutique #satisfiedcustomer
divaiesha : #cns2
relentlesswitdashit1015 - freakyest_skeeter - the_starr_project - anthonylowe1 -
My black is #beautiful
beautiful - thickchicboutique -
nblue72 : Yassss!! Gives me that dress
itsmrswashington2u : Hey sexy!!!!!!...lol @prtybrwnskn
prtybrwnskn : @nblue72 You can't fit it! LOL! Hey Heffa @itsmrswashington2u!!!!!
prtybrwnskn : @thickchicboutique this dress was a hit, SURELY wish you'd send my shirt or refund my money...#thickchicboutique
brickhouse127 : Pretty!
prtybrwnskn : Thanks @brickhouse127! I'll be placing an order soon!
prtybrwnskn : @thickchicboutique
woodypop23 - mzsheridaleni - jaybaby625 - msheartful101 -
#thickgirlshustleharder #Thickchicboutique #rubywoo #firered5s
firered5s - thickchicboutique - thickgirlshustleharder - rubywoo -
gigivallejoher : I love #rubywoo !! It's one of my favs ! 💄💄💋
darlingnicki69 : Yeah it is my fav @gigivallejo
darlingnicki69 : @gigivallejoher
gigivallejoher - chocolate_puff88 - nns410 - devine_candy -
The other day. #thickgirlshustleharder #rubywoo #Thickchicboutique @thickchicboutique
thickchicboutique - thickgirlshustleharder - rubywoo -
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Celebrate Summer With Sexy New Maxi Dresses!! Our Maxi Panel Dress is Only $42.99 Size 1X-3X Also Available In Black/White. Order Today. #plussize #plussizefashion #curvyvixen #thickfab #sexyplus #maxiseason #plusmodel #thickchicboutique #LA
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ms2ndtononejones : Bad ass dress
francis_ivory : @brendeeeezy aww cuteeeee!
a_1dolly : @stanyele you need this cute
dedrickntrish : Its really cute, I would def have to wear a cami under it but I would get it :-) @mz_nykky
mz_nykky : @dedrickntrish of course sis , i don't expose nothing lol
dedrickntrish : Lol I'm sure you dont love I was thinking about myself and the extra I have on top with this pregnancy lol @mz_nykky
mz_nykky : @dedrickntrish lol girl who you telling . We can't be going out like that . My hubby would be like what wait a minute ( in donnie voice )
dedrickntrish : Lol :-) @mz_nykky
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Wanna Be Skinny NOPE!!!!! It's Curves All Day at Thick Chic Boutique. Get Our Sleeveless Crop Sweat Top Only $25.00 Size 1X-3X Order Today! www.thickchicboutique.com #summertrends #edgycurves #plussize #plusfashion #streetstyle #curves #thickglam #thecurvyfashionista #thickchicboutique #plusmodel @plussizzebeautyy #styledby @shevip
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kokoatan : Love the shirt!!!!
kokoatan : @doe_bird love this look & definitely the shirt
doe_bird : I'm with the shirt and chains but I'd rock studs only cuz that's me, but I LOVE the shirt! 😍😍😍 @kokoatan
kokoatan : @doe_bird love it when we agree lol
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