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plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - plustrends - casualcurves - curvesnmore - plussizefab - plussizefashion - fallfashion - thethickfashionista -
davis_momma : Ooooo I like & DESIRE this!!!!@sanginsista
qfierydiva : @tru_ly_a_southernbelle oh yes girl!! When you buying it for your sister?
charriz83pink : @bonbon_sito
shosho8888888 : @sarah_alsahli_
shosho8888888 : @shosh01989
mrshilliard52 : @thickchicboutique is this at the store in Inglewood? How much?
ambar5913 : @uhdreena Cute Stuff
mizz_krystyle : @glamourcoatedmelons they have cute stuff
mzrocki98 - haircreationsbybecca - joannayv - pretty_rozzaay -
Chilly Nights and Mornings or Casual Weekends!!! Grab Our Lux Knit Shawl to Keep Warm. Also Available in Winter White!! #plussizefashion #fallfashion #casualcurves #everydaychic #curvesnmore #plussizefab #thickvixen #fashionforwardplus #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - casualcurves - curvesnmore - plussizefab - plussizefashion - everydaychic - fashionforwardplus - fallfashion -
missbrieanayeee : @mssexxxxxxxxy - this is cute!
dessadess85 : @qu33nb33z I want this with out the shoes though
qu33nb33z : Dat sweater is super cute, I actually like the heels lmao @dessadess85
dessadess85 : @qu33nb33z I can't walk in heels lol
godzchyle : Love 😍😍😍
santakhairallah : @maysaahak
ne08 : @19onyxpearl08 I need this outfit
19onyxpearl08 : @ne08 it is cute
spartan_loves - mz_dapper - msklaimme - ms_dobie -
@plussizzebeautyy Giving Us Classy Curves Behind the Scenes. #plussizefashion #curvesnmore #thecurvyfashionista #plusmodel #curvychic #edgycurves #thickchicboutique
thecurvyfashionista - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - plusmodel - edgycurves - thickchicboutique - curvychic -
simplynaee_ : @pretty_eyes_juicy_lips_148 yessss! With bold cold heels ! Like pink , we can go to the market place!
bitesizetay : Yeah this is cute with hot pink pumps & jewelry ! @pretty_eyes_juicy_lips_148 @simplynaee_
s_dot_408 : Is that a dress, or skirt?
andy_lycious : @koura_antta elle est just mouueh
koura_antta : Susu
pardon_mypatois : @brazilianbarbie27 be my ballerina
brazilianbarbie27 : @pardon_mypatois ov course i will 😏😏
bstylin28 : @omg_itsmogreene can u pick me up one please 😘
rainepalm7 - keeta422 - beautiful_moo2 - mzfiesty01 -
ReStocks and New Fall Arrivals Online Now! Order Today! #plussizefashion #fashionforward #thickglam #plusfab #thickvixen #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
thickglam - plussizefashion - fashionforward - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - plusfab -
iminthebuildingandimfeelinlike : Is this strapless?
curlee_lepoof : @withlovealexelle
pardon_mypatois : @brazilianbarbie27
thickchicboutique : @iminthebuildingandimfeelinlike Yes this dress is strapless.
getatchico : @mwtifftiff
curvylicious_barbie_ : @thickchicboutique omg you guys are local I love all your merchandise!
mswellz031 : @jakesassyrose
curvylicious_barbie_ - mswellz031 - darlingnicki69 - classy_80s_eli -
Monday Grind!! Our Thick Chics are Classy in the Office Too!!! Get Great Fall Looks for the Work. #plussizefashion #falltrends #officechic #classycurves #thecurvyfashionista #plusmodel #thickchicboutique #newarrivals
plusmodel - thickchicboutique - classycurves - thecurvyfashionista - falltrends - plussizefashion - officechic - newarrivals -
xxldiva : I see a dress on your website that I love but would need it by this saturday. If I order to do u think I will have it by then @thickchicboutique
thickchicboutique : @xxldiva Yes we can deliver by Saturday if you order today.
wetalkmarketing : I love this dress @trubeauty24 @jcameron81
jcameron81 : That's cute. You should it.
jcameron81 : @wetalkmarketing
laroxay : @pincheflowerxulie check out this pagr
pincheflowerxulie : @laroxay nice πŸ‘Œ
1andonlynecole : @tank_girl03
finechinascorpiobrezy - chulalula78 - hwazin86 - ms_dane -
We're Kickin Hump Day Off With Comfortable Fall Styles!!! New Fall Styles Arriving Today!!! #plussizefashion #sexycurves #humpday #fashionforwardplus #thickvixen #fabcurves #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
plusmodel - thickchicboutique - fabcurves - thickvixen - plussizefashion - fashionforwardplus - sexycurves - humpday -
keysha_key : @lean love this look
19onyxpearl08 : @ne08 I need some extra coins to order this
vavixen47 : @mzscandolous
mom_of_beautys : How much? I love it. @sexi_scorpio502
mom_of_beautys : @live_love_coupon
sexi_scorpio502 : I want it to idk how much
sexi_scorpio502 : @mom_of_beautys
mom_of_beautys : You have to go to her website. But I don't think there's any left.
sheb_sheb - diamondhills26 - lovemedannib - msmagnificent4lf63 -
Show a Little Curve in Our Brushstroke Mini Dress. Available Now Online. Order Today. #plussizefashion #thickvixen #curvyfab #trendplus #plusmodel #thickchicboutique #nightout
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faithygirl78 - flawless_luvmykarma - elenas_sweet_tooth_creations - kall_me_kimmie -
Short Work Week Means More Play Time!! ReStocks and New Arrivals Being Added Online & In Store Now! Order Today! #plussizefashion #fashionforward #curvyfab #trendplus #thickglam #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
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iindiia___ : @mstieramonet
simplee_blue - miriamsantos23 - doubletake225 - nee_daface -
Available Now in BLACK with Black Mesh & WHITE with White Mesh ONLY!! Order Today!! #plussizefashion #curves #sexythick #thickvixen #plusmodel #thickfashionista #trendyplus #thickchicboutique
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ayomi08 : @shantee_lafaye
qtqueens4445 : @beautynbrains14 @lee_lee1987
misz_songz : C la ke jai order ma robe @sass_sassou
sass_sassou : @misz_songz nice doh :) thx
misz_songz : Lol u wel @sass_sassou
aw_thesehoesaintloyal : @herlipps , possible bday dress for me ?
herlipps : @We
herlipps : @aw_thesehoesaintloyal bomb
gisellegigilove - thetemptress95 - sammi2496 - flawless_luvmykarma -
Labor Day & End Of Summer Parties... We Got Looks for It All! Order Our Sexy Printed Body Con Today! New Styles Online NOW! #plussizefashion #sexyplus #thickvixen #curvyfab #curvyglam #trendyplus #plusmodel #thickchicboutique #LABoutique
sexyplus - curvyglam - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - laboutique - trendyplus - curvyfab - plussizefashion -
bluvirgo_1920 : @chathezeta
jeaninnecb : Super cute and my bday is in 2weeks! !!!!
boss_chic80 : @thickchicboutique I placed an order last week just wanted to know when I'll receive a tracking number
tynae827 : Yaaaasss!!
ydnic109 : @phenders6
phenders6 : Oooooooooooweeeeeee I love this @ydnic109
lovepurplefrogs213 : @mtbsoldier I know you like how short this one is lol
mtbsoldier : Hell yesss @lovepurplefrogs213
honey457 - callctrchic - moni_wtw_85 - rzs123 -
Denim on Denim Trend!!! Get the Look with Our Distressed Denim Skirt and Denim Vest. Order Now! #plussizefashion #denimstyle #plustrends #curvyfab #thickvixen #thecurvyfashionista #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
thecurvyfashionista - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - plustrends - denimstyle - curvyfab - plussizefashion -
pardon_mypatois : @brazilianbarbie27
royal_kay_est85 : @nune1985
santakhairallah : @maysaahak
gladounettechewie : @redgaal je veux ça
redgaal : A wè@gladounettechewie i belle
pumpkinspice77 : @donishabsingin @happy4sho this is cute
leksie0_0 : @jethod_man
jethod_man : @leksie0_0 nice
tanita_aka_nini - mermaid_stepygatita - cinnamonkia28 - stylestewart23k -
Our Denim Fav!! The Weekend Ready Denim Play Dress is Now Available in Limited Quantities. #plussizefashion #curves #curvy #fashionforwardplus #thickvixen #curvesnmore #streetchic #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - curves - curvy - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - fashionforwardplus - streetchic -
_jesscee_ : @herprettylyfe suuuuper cute
herprettylyfe : Yesss I screeshot this too frm another boutique tho I want one they had a cute one out by Dee house that fit more tight tho @_jesscee_
shamiq27 : @miszzg
miszzg : Boooooiiii @shamiq27 😍😍😍😍
confidence_is_key86 : Is the back out? @thickchicboutique
acekznellez : How much
acekznellez : U ship to Australia
shosho8888888 : @shosh01989
daloudstress - mhizz.cherry_layne - mrs.mocha32 - regularoleme -
#TBT Fall 2012 Should We Bring It Back?? Design & Styled by @shevip Modeled by @plussizzebeautyy #thickchicboutique #throwback #plussizefashion #exclusive
throwback - thickchicboutique - tbt - plussizefashion - exclusive -
theonlybelle : Yes of course
v_thatsme : Bring it back honey @thickchicboutique
browneyed_blues : Yes!
simplymecurves : Yes !
ohheygigi : @wirelessrouta_
taxesbykelly : I want this
twin_seenitall : Yes
kissmycurvessept : Yes.......
remi_ib - lovemedannib - taxesbykelly - twin_seenitall -
Chic Simplicity!! Available Again Only $29.99 Size 1X-3X. #plussizefashion #curvyfab #thickvixen #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
thickchicboutique - thickvixen - curvyfab - plusmodel - plussizefashion -
kumarawiki : Hai dear I like you
pardon_mypatois : @brazilianbarbie27 you'd kill this
itsmsladyk : @swtldy28 this is soooo me lol
swtldy28 : Yes that's cute @itsmsladyk I need that
onenaturalshorty : Oh yea!!! Might got to grab this one!
shanawilson : Hello I placed and order, and you all sent the wrong thing, I tried emailing and I wrote u all on here and still no response. Can ya help thanks
thickchicboutique : @saddity_hair Hey Hun!
ritzdahboss : @i_lovetallypp
mrznofukksgiven - blackoreangigi - cajun_renea - msprettipink -
Office Chic!!! Get Our Fitted Tank Dress Today. Add a Little Blazer for a Great Work Look!! #plussizefashion #officechic #classyplus #curvyfab #thickvixen #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
curvyfab - plussizefashion - plusmodel - classyplus - officechic - thickchicboutique - thickvixen -
keese_b : @asia_tae
asia_tae : @keese_b cute!!
qluv_klm : @blckman_whtbrd
ladycoach30 : @lady_stacey317 I can see you in this.
lady_stacey317 : @ladycoach30 Yes!!!πŸ˜ƒ
ladycoach30 : I know right!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
misselissa17 : Where can I find those shoes? @thickchicboutique
reybently : @mzbently
allday_0017th_redd - badgirlturngood - poochymammaroberts - beatsbysamiyyah -
Our Popular Jersey Tank is Available Now and Going Fast!!! #plussizefashion #casualchic #plusmodel #curvesnmore #thickvixen #thickchicboutique
casualchic - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen -
mamajky : Has any of you ever got anything that u ordered or for that much got through to them on the phone. If you have , please let me know your secretπŸ’
bl3ssed32 : Yes I have gotten thru n recieved my took a few days to reach someone...never had a reoky back aftrr I order uo here..but I was abke to call one time n speak to someone..item came in abiut 10 days after order
bl3ssed32 : @mamajky^^^
haitianflavor25 : @faceyourcurves @thatyloyalty
solo_8924 : @yngnsuccessful
nevab4 : SHOUTOUT TO @thickchicboutique for hooking my Sister up.
itsdreah : @rosies_world87 @saqoia_bleu yes
rosies_world87 : Absolutely @itsdreah
cinnamonkia28 - beton_roos - caressmedown - nee_daface -
We're One Step Closer to the Weekend!!! Get Those Event Outfits Ready. Our Sexy Peplum & Knit Pants are Perfect for a Night Out. Order Yours Today !!! #plussizefashion #sexycurves #datenight #girlsnight #thickvixen #curvesnmore #thickglam #trendyplus #thecurvyfashionista #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
thecurvyfashionista - thickvixen - plusmodel - datenight - thickchicboutique - girlsnight - trendyplus - thickglam - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - sexycurves -
miamorverdadero : She's just soooo beautiful 😍😍
jenyleigh : @wilnellis @floreiram
diamond_queen_v : I can see you rocking this. @teezemjay
i_scared_the_life - paintedredmakeup - rzs123 - mschocolate66 -
Summer Denim Vest!! Available Now In Store & Online. Chanel Brooch Available at @myglambracelets #plussizefashion #glamcurves #thickvixen #stylishcurves #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
glamcurves - stylishcurves - plussizefashion - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - thickvixen -
trrisha06 : @elknaun jean jacket
faithygirl78 : @leahbbee this is the store I bought my dress from
leahbbee : @faithygirl78 let's go check it out
faithygirl78 : @leahbbee okay this wkend let me know what works for u
myglambracelets : Thank you 😘😘😘😘
voluptuous_1 : Where is your store located?
ta_mia_morrow : @effortlesslyfree love this vest!
v_thatsme - geminimom91 - xowarren - edith424 -
Dear @divaiesha, You make me want to get off my duff when you strut your stuff, Ms. Dope Chic! Werk, cover girl. ❀️ Kat --- ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ #fashionforwardplus #curvesfordays #cns2 #fashionpenpals #plus_isamust #plusmodelmag #thedopestcurves #thunderthighs #fashion #curvez_n_more #bbbg #thickchicboutique #thicknation
plus_isamust - cns2 - plusmodelmag - thedopestcurves - thickchicboutique - thunderthighs - thicknation - fashionpenpals - fashion - bbbg - fashionforwardplus - curvez_n_more - curvesfordays -
divaiesha : @fashionpenpals thanks! 😘 😘 😘 😘
diggy_lupita - switchmystyle - instep66 - morrisey662 -
Casual Fridays Are The Best!! Grab Our Mesh Back Top & Boyfriend Jeans Today!!! #plussizefashion #thickvixen #plussizesexy #curvesnmore #thecurvyfashionista #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
thecurvyfashionista - curvesnmore - plusmodel - plussizesexy - thickchicboutique - thickvixen - plussizefashion -
bxbossprincess1 : @curvygirlrock1 😎😎😎
thickchicboutique : @i_can_onlybmee This top has been restocked Luv!
vintage.pinup : @tallhoneyq_ jeans! And need that shirt in black!
jenniferjoi34 : @chantal_genee u need this shirt
_iamda1_ : @candy_rain30
aliciaisfree : @icahndee
icahndee : Luv this @aliciaisfree
aliciaisfree : @icahndee yup good look I love this too
_ii_xiv - wilkerson_95 - tanita_aka_nini - iamdeebeautifier -
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ #fashionforwardplus #curvesfordays #cns2 #fashionpenpals #plus_isamust #plusmodelmag #thedopestcurves #thunderthighs #fashion #curvez_n_more #bbbg #thickchicboutique #thicknation
plus_isamust - cns2 - plusmodelmag - thedopestcurves - thickchicboutique - thunderthighs - thicknation - fashionpenpals - fashion - bbbg - fashionforwardplus - curvez_n_more - curvesfordays -
simply_autumn143 : This outfit is cute where you get it @divaiesha
divaiesha : @beautyismeskindeep thanks; the shirt from @thickchicboutique the skater skirt online.
fancydime - real.andree - turnedupnites - grinch1982 -
A Leg Up in the Competition!!! Let Those Sexy Legs Out for Summer. Grab Our Faux Leather Track Shorts Only $24.99 and Tank Only $24.00. Order Yours Today! #plussizefashion #curvystyle #trendyplus #thickchicboutique
trendyplus - thickchicboutique - curvystyle - plussizefashion -
eperry1 : @itsmsbritt right
better_me_318 : I Need this @jsmith4_20
twoboyzonegirl : Is it in the store
_that_college_girl : @torriebarnette
savvystarbeauty : @thickchicboutique do you know the size the model is wearing?
empressapache36 : Do you have them in white @thickchicboutique
alexisvflores : @ritolarson
love_culture_xo : @gabbie_wabbie
sassy_nicey27 - ebonylatasha_ - theonlybelle - chocolatesparkle -
We Love Seeing All Our Customer Swing By Our In Store Location Today!!! Lots of Great New Styles and Accessories To Choose From. Online Styles In Store Too!!! #thickchicboutique #LABoutique #fabdeals #reopen #curvytrends #plussizefashion #curves #thickstyle #plussizevixens #plusmodel #newwebsite #comingsoon
thickstyle - comingsoon - curvytrends - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - plussizevixens - newwebsite - laboutique - curves - reopen - plussizefashion - fabdeals -
me_iam_rell : Just wanted to send a very special thank you to @thickchicboutique. You guys are awesome! I ordered my dress last minute on Wednesday and was assured it would arrive Friday, it did!!! Dress was very cute and fit perfectly! Again you guys are fantastic! Signed -Newest loyal customer β™‘β™‘β™‘
steezy313 : @clubjuicee
thicknastychick : @thickchicboutique are you guys open now?!
raidersbaby1561 : Where is this store located in LA?!?!?!!?!
funkyflairboutique : @thickchicboutique love your signage!
ennocetia_cetia : Plz bring the store to SA cause we don't have stores like this one where we can buy hot clothes and look beautiful plzzzzzz then it won't be so bad to be a thick madam
causeimselina : @thickchicboutique Can anything be returned If bought online??
jennjuice85 : Do u have a store in GA
thera_cloud14 - yazzie08 - longoverdue - brittany_hampton -
Cute Summer Shorts & Tanks or Weekend Perfect!!! Grab Our Faux Leather Track Shorts & Tank Today! Styled by @shevip Modeled by @plusizzebeauty #thickchicboutique #curvyfab #plussizefashion #thickglam #thethickfashionista #curvesnmore #plussizevixens
thickglam - curvesnmore - curvyfab - plussizefashion - thickchicboutique - plussizevixens - thethickfashionista -
diamondbutterfly13 : πŸ’š IT
_lisaevette : @gwyndolyn_xo
_that_college_girl : @torriebarnette
persian_pariii : @sheida_mrh forooshgahe lebasaye size bozorg!!!
_shana_na - dimplem96 - cathlinrath -
@plussizzebeautyy Showing Us How She Works a Camera!!! Get This Look Available Now. #plussizevixens #plussizefashion #thethickfashionista #curvytrends #thickfab #fashionforwardplus #plusmodel #thickchicboutique
curvytrends - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - plussizevixens - plussizefashion - fashionforwardplus - thethickfashionista - thickfab -
mz_prettiibrown : @ms_frankye
ooowee_eshababy : What is the best way to communicate with u guys ...I've made calls ...sent emails and no one has responded
thefuturemrsholmes : I love it !@teek_a_neek
perfectlyimperfectshay_ : @miss_understood418 I was thinking abt getting this ...
hajaratif : @aminaac2 bhel haka knt glt lik diri ldek khal li 3ndak
diamond_queen_v : Slay 'em. Lol @teezemjay
teezemjay : Oh yesss @diamond_queen_v I'm going to do exactly that
diamond_queen_v : And she kind of looks like you too. Lol @teezemjay
diva_mochalatte - anastasia9727 - queenkijafa - mayadzidudu -
Just a Few Sizes 1X & 3X Added to the Website!! Sexy LBD. #plussize #fashionforwardplus #dorothycombsmodel @candicekellyxo #sheslays #curvyfab #thickchicboutique
plussize - curvyfab - dorothycombsmodel - thickchicboutique - sheslays - fashionforwardplus -
itsambyduh : @_unprofaneheart_ i need this dress
brandiontheroxx : Do u have this in red
t.lauraa : @brunimarz
blancaa_love : @marianc7
corniesha_ : Do u still have this? @thickchicboutique
carli_lanette : @_tayshon And this too!
_tayshon : Yassss @carli_lanette. hunni you will be looking on here for days, I love them
qtqueens4445 : @beautynbrains14
dianavillalba13 - sammieebabiee21 - sexyasse87 - rchlooee -
Our In Store Location is Closed for Remodeling!! Feel Free to Order Online....Our New Shipping Team is Processing Orders Daily!!! #newimproved #aheadofthegame #nextlevel #plussizefashion #comingsoon #newdecor #newstyles #thickchicboutique
newimproved - comingsoon - thickchicboutique - newdecor - plussizefashion - aheadofthegame - newstyles - nextlevel -
libraxl : online everything is SOLD OUT!!!!!
cyntaj : I paid for a shirt and was told to pick it up....came by Thursday to pick it up were closed do we work this out? When will u open back up?
bunnylove70 : Need to pick up an item I paid for also. .
creola617 : This might explain why I haven't gotten a response to any of my emails or calls... I was sent the wrong order. Now the jumper that I originally ordered is out of stock. Am I able to get a refund? I would exchange for something else but seems like everything else on the site is sold out.
thicknastychick : I'm trying to bring back my jumper also. Been trying to bring it back since last week. I came up there when they was having the Kiss concert like a Tuesday but no one was there. I hope I can get an exchange.
jamaicanmix76 : I'm am really turned off as a customer
bl3ssed32 : @thickchicboutique can you advise us all on orders that were placed 5 days ago..I need it by wed ......
prhomise_keeper : So many customers lost due to bad service.
keeta422 - solobone1 - anisa69 - sherryice -
We Like to Start Our Monday Off Sexy!! Our Off the Shoulder Romper is Back!! Order Yours! Only $36.00 Size 1X-3X #plussizefashion #sellingfast #summerstyle #curvytrends #plusmodel #thickchic #plussizevixen #thickglam #curvesnmore #thicknfine #fashionforwardplus #thickchicboutique #LAboutique
plusmodel - curvytrends - summerstyle - thickchicboutique - laboutique - plussizevixen - thickglam - curvesnmore - sellingfast - plussizefashion - thickchic - thicknfine - fashionforwardplus -
ida_tay : Out of stock
pam7903 : I purchased this and it wasn't what I expected. I'm hoping the item I return this for is much better and I hope they are prompt about it. #hopingtodomorebusiness
allisonpnyc : @keep_watchin what u think?
keep_watchin : @allisonpnyc that could work. Keep in mind it will be real thin
allisonpnyc : Nvm it's sold our anyway @keep_watchin keep searching
the_queens_royal_closet : @pam7903 what was different or what didn't you like about this. I'm thinking about ordering. Thanks.
ta_mia_morrow : @effortlesslyfree
keepingupwiththediva : @tiffany_nicole_84
kewl_jewl1980 - dria291 - ydnic109 - pretty_brown22 -
@thickchicboutique #thickchicboutique #thickvixen #curvyclassy #plussexy #boldqueens #bbbg #rare #takeapictureitwilllastlonger #nightout #icouldnthang #jazzcafe
goosfullfiguredfriday - rare - plussexy - nightout - thickchicboutique - icouldnthang - thickvixen - curvyclassy - bbbg - jazzcafe - goldenconfidence - takeapictureitwilllastlonger - boldqueens -
manyfacesofsunda : Thanks @bcamille7
manyfacesofsunda : @bbbgirls4ever
manyfacesofsunda : #goosfullfiguredfriday #goldenconfidence
tasha83__ : Lookin great!!!! @manyfacesofsunda
manyfacesofsunda : Thanks boo @tasha83__
fedup_j : Sexy
xx1_b19_0_s1im_9xx : Looking good #sundacake
manyfacesofsunda : Thanks @xx1_b19_0_s1im_9xx
justjamesg - trini4ever72 - sunseerray - _ty_so_smooth_ -
NEW ARRIVAL Online NOW! Don't Let These Styles Sell Out. Order Today or Shop In Store. #plussizefashion #curvesnmore #curvyboutique #plusmodel #summerstyle #plussizetrends #thickchicboutique
plussizetrends - curvesnmore - plussizefashion - plusmodel - thickchicboutique - summerstyle - curvyboutique -
bee_williams : @whosaywhat2×
glady_j : @elvigeee @soniabondshines @soniabondshines
elvigeee : @janice_jordan
facebullyface : @nala360
getatchico : @mwtifftiff
mwtifftiff : Cute @getatchico
finechinascorpiobrezy : @royalty_ree22 @chocolatebeauty_kalyn 😍
royalty_ree22 : Yes!!!!! @finechinascorpiobrezy
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Not For the Weak....!!!! Our Miami Mesh 2Pc Set is Selling Fast!! Don't Walk πŸƒRun to Your Computer and Order. It's Beach Perfection!! #shoesby @ohhhsmash #curvesnmore #beachthick #summerstyle #vacaysexy #plussizefashion #plusmodel #curvystyle #thickchicboutique #LAboutique
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britt_any86_ : @lovely_mzkrystal
mizzmccalla : Pleaseeeee gwt this back in white @thickchicboutique
mizzmccalla : Get*
gorgeouske89 : Do we know what size the model is wearing? I believe we are similar in size. Or do u have a size chart?
csmiles83 : @sheerlyfabulous you certainly aren't weak
smile_shada : I place a order last Tuesday and will like to know we will I receive my order?
blazin_xxxo : Wat size is your model rockin
britt_any86_ : @motherhen_kvan
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All White Parties!?....We Got You! New Styles Arriving Now!! Get Out Off the Shoulder Mermaid Maxi Today. Already Selling Fast. #plussizefashion #curvyglam #thickfab #allwhiteaffair #thickfashionista #plussizevixen #thickchicboutique
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gotyoucoveredcatering : Do u have this dress???
alessiamusacchio : adoro
toyamontana82 : @thickchicboutique Will you be restocking the all white long side split dress?
verbalexplosive : @ms_butterfly81
beautynbrains14 : @qtqueens4445
___last : @macon_me ???
macon_me : that's cute but for what @___last
___last : My shower @macon_me
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Last Few Remaining!!! Will Sell Out Today! Don't Wait...Order NOW!! (Sold Out In Store) #plussizefashion #curveappeal #plusmodel #thickstyle #styledby @shevip #thickchicboutique
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teezemjay : @diamond_queen_v but we got oursπŸ˜‰ thx to your speedy fingers !!! #westaywinning
diamond_queen_v : Lol...YUP!! Now we gotta find the perfect venue to wear them to!! #SlayEm @teezemjay
thickchicboutique : @j_everyydayy it's takes 24 to 48hours to process order. You will receive a tracking number when it ships.
the_black_cinderella : :-( I didn't get one. .. restock ASAP please birthday 7/19 would be a hit
brebrehep : I haven't receive me tracking number and it been more than 72 hours πŸ˜’πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨is this legit site
leahabeke : I haven't received anything and it's been 6 days!
shaaalyn : I love this outfit
mzattitude005 : Are those shorts available
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