Look what i found #thevespers
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@thevespers playing RIGHT NOW @thesquareroom! #downtown #knoxville #thesquareroom #livemusic #thevespers
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ms.kellykelly : That looks awesome
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Last night & this morning was a blast w/these new friends. Thankful God provides us opportunities to meet such sweet & talented folks. Thanks Vespers & The Sun Cans! #thesuncans #thevespers #themaggievalleyband #thebands #brothersandsisters #musicians #folk #rock #pop #friends #asheville #altamonttheatre #collegelife #concert #mylife #blessed #humbled #vsco #vsocam
collegelife - concert - rock - blessed - pop - asheville - mylife - thebands - vsco - friends - folk - humbled - vsocam - musicians - thevespers - themaggievalleyband - thesuncans - brothersandsisters - altamonttheatre -
festivalife : So sick!
philsname : Looks like a fun group for sure.
whitneyconaway : Shut up. Perfect.
littlebirdperth : sweet
carla.bentley : cool!
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Last night. The best. #themaggievalleyband #thevespers #thesuncans #altamonttheatre #asheville #dreamsdocometrue #memory #concert #uprightbass #banjo #resonator #sistersandbrothers #nowords
sistersandbrothers - concert - dreamsdocometrue - memory - uprightbass - asheville - thesuncans - thevespers - themaggievalleyband - banjo - resonator - nowords - altamonttheatre -
jessielkerr : Who's that hottie on the bass? #allaboutthatbass 😏
borderudgirl : YES GIRL
acarolinasong : @jessielkerr Bwhahah I luv u!
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Tonight is the night! @thevespers are back and you don't want to miss it- 8 PM- tickets available online or at the door $15! #marketsquare #downtown #knoxville #thevespers
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We had a blast last night playing with the Sun Cans & the Vespers in Asheville at the beautiful Altamont Theatre! Thanks to our all amazing supporters for coming out despite the weather! Photo cred: @jessielkerr #thevespers #thesuncans #americana #folk #rock #asheville #altamonttheatre #concert #northcarolina @thevespers @thesuncans
concert - americana - northcarolina - thevespers - asheville - altamonttheatre - thesuncans - rock - folk -
ciscojmz : Awesome Arrangement! @themaggievalleyband
thesuncans : Sweet pic! #lurv
lettertomemphismusic : Love this pic ❤️!
borderudgirl : @acarolinasong If you ever want a show in Brooklyn or Manhattan let me know. I'll book you.
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Great music last night with @thevespers and The Maggie Valley Band! Both bands are unbelievably talented. We made some new friends and got super inspired! #TheVespers #TheMaggieValleyBand #TheSunCans #IndieBand #IndieMusic
themaggievalleyband - indieband - indiemusic - thesuncans - thevespers -
themaggievalleyband : Aww thanks guys! It was a huge blessing to meet y'all! Y'all are great musicians and great music! Such a fun night!
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When you travel 3 hours to see one of your favorite bands and you're the only fan shouting in the crowd because you love them so much and it's your birthday >>>> #thevespers
thevespers -
thesuncans : Haha! So that was you makin' all that noise! :)
sesziro17 : @thesuncans of course!
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Everyone go follow @thevespers right meow! They are such cool cats and delightful people who coincidentally put on an AMAZING live show. #friendlyfolk #thevespers #nashvegas
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One of my favorite nights in the history of nights. Not only did I spend it with some lifelong friends, but I got several hours listening to a band that I have loved ever since a friend popped in their cd "Tell your Mama;" on the long roads driving through the Canadian Rockies. (They're even better live) :) The Vespers have my heart. @acarolinasong y'all are gonna rock Ashville tomorrow with this banging band!
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whitneyconaway : #thevespers #eddiesattic #folkledgends #folk
acarolinasong : They said they remembered you! Thanks it was a great show!
whitneyconaway : Haha I think I was hard to forget because I spent the entire time loudly screaming in the front. Haha and I'm sure y'all rocked it :)))
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@bealestreetmusicfest announced their lineup #musicfestival #festival #memphis #BSMF15 #bealestreet #openears
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laurenapitts : @kerhicks This sounds like fun!!
openears_music : #lennykravitz #TheFlamingLips #pixies #ryanadams #jennylewis #robertrandolph #theavettbrothers #bandofhorses #bleachers #floggingmolly #thevespers #wilco #cagetheelephant #hozier #stvincent #shovelsandrope #edsheeran #paramore #johnfogerty #wale
openears_music : #bigheadtoddandthemonsters #georgeclinton #lecrae #riseagainst
rockcon_ : ❤️
mandaah86 : Damn.. What a line up! We're flying on the 4th of May to Orlando to travel around for three weeks in the Deep South. We didn't know about this festival 😭 We should have!! 😭
theicarusaccount : yes
openears_music : @mandaah86 come hang in the ATL! Shaky Knees Fest is going to be great if you can make it
mandaah86 : Yeah we saw Shaky Knees Festival. Maybe we could do that. At this moment we don't have a plan. We still working on it 😁
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Working choreography and peyote into our routine! Come see what that's all about this Wednesday at @eddiesattic. @thevespers headline and both bands are presenting you with brand new albums. Ain't nobody humpin' it that good anywhere else! #humpday #butforrealweresober #thevespers #cdrelease #eddiesattic #folk #bluegrass #pickles
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merlinmoonatlanta1 : lol @merlinmoonmusic
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Got this in the post the other day from @thevespers. #OneOfTennesseesFinestBands #thevespers
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@thevespers you guys killed it tonight. You totally made the trip worth it! Godspeed as you continue your journey. #vespersalbumrelease #thevespers #sistersandbrothers
vespersalbumrelease - sistersandbrothers - thevespers -
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#LiveMusic #Nashville #HighWatt #TheVespers #SupportLocalMusic
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#sistersandbrothers #thevespers
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Somehow, @thevespers make music that's prettier than they are. Come see if you can figure out their secret this Wednesday at @eddiesattic! Get tix now at eddiesattic.com for $10! $14 at the door. #thevespers #nashvilletn #eddiesattic #folk #citymousemusic #humpday #CDreleasetimestwo #pastemagazine
eddiesattic - cdreleasetimestwo - pastemagazine - nashvilletn - thevespers - citymousemusic - folk - humpday -
touchekvlt : too rad
touchekvlt - ivy_renfroe - jchil2 - klzivic -
Amazing show tonight! Worth getting out in this awful weather. #TheVespers #TheHighWatt
thehighwatt - thevespers -
jgibson23 : I've seen them a few times, wish I knew they were in town...they are great!!!
hopeceleraptor - evperry39 - wenfoxi - brooke.guffeyy -
I can't believe this is happening in 7 days! @citymousemusic celebrates our new EP, Joy of Life, at @eddiesattic and @thevespers headline! That's how ya hump, ya'll... Hope you can make it! #humpday #EPrelease #joyoflife #spreadthejoy #citymousemusic #thevespers
thevespers - spreadthejoy - eprelease - citymousemusic - joyoflife - humpday -
theletterskp : Happy for you bro @b_revelator
b_revelator : Preciatecha @theletterskp
douglasehlen : Next Wednesday night??
douglasehlen : Im sorry nvm lol
b_revelator : YES @douglasehlen be there dude!
douglasehlen : Yessir! I need to get one of those new fangled eps you got
b_revelator : Well hells yea you do @douglasehlen! Come get ya one Wednesday! ...or you can search 'city mouse' on CD Baby.com and download it for $6
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#Repost @themaggievalleyband with @repostapp.
Big news! We are thrilled to announce next weeks show @ Altamont Theatre w/the Vespers! Come out and support your favorite musicians! #thevespers #themaggievalleyband #folk #folkrock #musicians #music #christians #rock #brothersandsisters #honored #asheville #altamonttheatre #northcarolina #maggievalley #february
honored - rock - northcarolina - asheville - musicians - folk - repost - february - maggievalley - music - christians - thevespers - themaggievalleyband - brothersandsisters - altamonttheatre - folkrock -
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Found a place to put my #thevespers album Sisters and Brothers!!! Love it! Can't wait to listen to the #vinyl :D It's signed too! Love that it came with a cd so I've already heard all the songs. They're all great! You should go listen to it on #Spotify and then go buy one of their albums. ;) I'm so happy to be supporting them. Been listening to them for years!
spotify - vinyl - thevespers -
macfoz : They are pretty cool, I don't buy albums though. I get music off YouTube for free.
godlover01 : I already have all their other music and it's all on Spotify anyways but I wanted to support them instead of just listening to it for free. Plus I love vinyl records :) @macfoz
godlover01 : But you've heard of them? Almost everyone in my family listens to them. Mostly Carris, Kaity, and I but we all went to see them last summer :D
macfoz : Yeah, I knew Carris likes them, she told me to listen to them.
themaggievalleyband - macfoz - sjhampto - lea.loa -
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY we'll be opening for @thevespers at @eddiesattic! Its a bit last minute but, like a new-born we didn't plan for, we couldn't possibly love it more! And ya know what? The baby we DID plan for - our new EP, 'Joy of Life' - never got a proper christening. So, without further ado, may we present: our OFFICIAL EP RELEASE SHOW ...that just also happens to be supporting one of our all-time favorite inspirations!! #thevespers #citymousemusic #EPreleaseparty #joyoflifeEP #spreadthejoy
epreleaseparty - spreadthejoy - joyoflifeep - citymousemusic - thevespers -
scooterspicer : Love it guys! Keep it up!
citymousemusic : Thanks @scooterspicer! We're overdue for a bama rendezvous with ya man!
scooterspicer : Would love to get ya down here! Keep me posted on your schedules and we'll line something up! Bama can never have too much folk-grass!
citymousemusic : Will do brother! Thankee
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Big news! We are thrilled to announce next weeks show @ Altamont Theatre w/the Vespers! Come out and support your favorite musicians! #thevespers #themaggievalleyband #folk #folkrock #musicians #music #christians #rock #brothersandsisters #honored #asheville #altamonttheatre #northcarolina #maggievalley #february
february - honored - christians - rock - northcarolina - asheville - maggievalley - musicians - altamonttheatre - thevespers - themaggievalleyband - music - brothersandsisters - folk - folkrock -
hailsoby : SO PROUD
themaggievalleyband : @hailsoby thanks!! We're very thankful for this opportunity!
ogechukwukama_babatunde : Didn't know @acarolinasong was in a freak in band! Where is this theater?
ogechukwukama_babatunde : Freakin*
acarolinasong : @ogechukwukama_babatunde haha yeah man! In Asheville! :)
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So this could be a dream, or it could be reality. You can find out the 26th @ Altamont Theater in Asheville. #altamonttheater #asheville #thevespers #opening #folkrock #folk #music #musician #musicianlife #concert #indie #artists #bands #bestnight #Themaggievalleyband
concert - bands - opening - indie - bestnight - musician - artists - asheville - music - folkrock - thevespers - themaggievalleyband - altamonttheater - folk - musicianlife -
philsname : Thanks for liking my pictures so that it could lead me to listening to The Maggie Valley Band. 😃
acarolinasong : @philsname that's awesome! Glad I could help!
casey.hurless : Carol I wish more than anything I could be there! You're going be amazing! I'll be thinking about you!
acarolinasong : @casey.hurless you are the best!! Thank you, I wish you could be here!!!
acarolinasong : @chadwagnerwc remember all those years ago when you introduced me to them?!
chadwagnerwc : @acarolinasong If I lived nearby, I'd have to come see it! At first, I thought it was cool that you had a band. Now you're playing with the Vespers?! That's crazy. Very cool to see the strings God is pulling in your life 😃
brookieblue : @acarolinasong I WANNA COME!!
acarolinasong : @chadwagnerwc Aww thanks you're great! Wish you could! For sure, we are so blessed and humbled!! Thank you!! @brookieblue I hear there are a few going! Come!!:)
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saw them a few weeks ago. they were amazing! @thevespers #thevespers
thevespers -
acarolinasong - themaggievalleyband - barranconrecords - shawnrine -
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beatriz_life_goes_on : #thevespers #instamusic #ilovemusic #folkmusic #retro #beautiful #gorgeous #instaGod #sistersandbrothers #singing #christianaccount #Dios #Deus #bluegrass #banjo #bass #guitar #ukulele #folk #hipster #cute #christiangirls #church #lovely #iloveit #contrabaixo #photographer #violin #fashion
ashley_sunny - woodfirebear - thejarfamily - jessedanielsmith -
@thevespers 😍💜🎶🎻🎸🎧
beautiful - cute - dios - fashion - photographer - bass - ukulele - bluegrass - thevespers - guitar - contrabaixo - instagod - church - christiangirls - violin - singing - folk - sistersandbrothers - lovely - ilovemusic - christianaccount - iloveit - instamusic - hipster - retro - gorgeous - banjo - deus - folkmusic -
beatriz_life_goes_on : #thevespers #instamusic #ilovemusic #folkmusic #retro #beautiful #gorgeous #instaGod #sistersandbrothers #singing #christianaccount #Dios #Deus #bluegrass #banjo #bass #guitar #ukulele #folk #hipster #cute #christiangirls #church #lovely #iloveit #contrabaixo #photographer #violin #fashion
j.d.bentley : Very cool!
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New album....awesome #thevespers
thevespers -
acarolinasong - themaggievalleyband -
Dear Husband, @ciromakesart I love you! Let's forget the world for a few days and camp out under the stars because The Vespers & Rend Collective will be at Creation this summer. ♡♡♡♡ #love #joyful #RendCollective #TheVespers #creation #summer2015
love - summer2015 - rendcollective - creation - thevespers - joyful -
ncontreras83 : @thevespers @rendcollective
grovechurchnj : 👍 Rend Collective.
ciromakesart : : O
ncontreras83 : @ciromakesart yep
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Loving @thevespers new album that came out today! If you haven't checked them out, go do it! They are great! #thevespers #sistersandbrothers //2.10.15
sistersandbrothers - thevespers -
ginabina99 - large_brutus - sharpie_em - nevaeh_schmieg -
#regram in honor of the release of their new album today, here is a picture of when the Vespers were in Tulsa last July. #SistersandBrothers #thevespers
regram - sistersandbrothers - thevespers -
dakittenhugga - rachrobbins1 - dara_gilliam - carol.padgett -
Happy Father John Misty Day! But don't worry there is plenty to check out this #newmusictuesday: - #FatherJohnMisty: I Love You, Honeybear (Highly recommend) - #TheDistricts: A Flourish and a Spoil - #SmallHouses: Still Talk; Second City - #TheVespers: Sisters and Brothers - #RobertEarlKeen: Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions - #BlackberrySmoke: Holding All The Roses - #DukeGarwood: Heavy Love - #TheDo: Shake, Shook, Shaken - #SCarey: Supermoon EP (a week early on Spotify) What's in your ears this week?? Full list on @spotify at http://goo.gl/77WGG #newmusic #newreleases #spotify #openears
spotify - openears - fatherjohnmisty - blackberrysmoke - thedo - robertearlkeen - scarey - newmusictuesday - dukegarwood - thevespers - smallhouses - newreleases - thedistricts - newmusic -
sikamore : FJM for sure but right now I can't stop listening to the new JD McPherson album "Let the Good Times Roll". It's so damn good.
julianparker : The districts' new album is such a masterpiece
stephanmizer : Anyone else blown away by Kendrick Lamar's new track?
tonal.harmony : Districts!!!
murphnyk : Love these lists, I miss when you'd write just a few words about each album though @openears_music
earacherecords : Thanks for highlighting the @blackberrysmoke album, we would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it :-)
cca1013 : 4 great new singles: Pay no mind #madeon huarache lights #hotchip don't wanna fight #alabamashakes freakout! #minimansions 😃 2 proper records on constant rotation: FJM and the fucking districts. Cannot wait for the Lord Huron record, that will be one of the best of the year if these cruel little singles teases are any indication!
millyenairmedia : Followback👣
soyosoyoworks - librahmane - sheild_maiden - cca1013 -
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