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There's so much going on in this picture but mostly just @travismkdaniel ignoring me like usual πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #thespider#andcat#hedoesntevenlikeme#memorialday
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travismkdaniel : Let the record show I wasnt ignoring her
princessbailey : I clearly said, "Travis take a selfie with me" and you said no because you don't want to ever take pictures with me @travismkdaniel
travismkdaniel : Well ya because I looked gross, but thanks for posting a ugly picture of me anyways
princessbailey : " You're opinion doesn't matter "@travismkdaniel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
princessbailey : Wait my bad " you get no opinion in this matter " @travismkdaniel πŸ˜‚
travismkdaniel : You could of at least angled it with better lighting so i dont look 100% ugly but thanks, oh and you look really cute
princessbailey : Just be glad it's not fluorescent lighting @travismkdaniel
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Updated group shot of the Game of Thrones series I'm putting together for the shop. This has been some of the most fun I've ever had creating art. I hope it shows in each piece. Storefront opening June 1st. Check us out at @nerdities for details. #tyrionlannister #petyrbaelish #jonsnow #varys #thespider #daenerystargaryen #aryastark #jaqenhghar #gameofthrones #fanart #asongoficeandfire #nerdy #geeky
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Jaqen H'ghar (the faceless man) in the mix. Jon Snow Funko for scale thanks to my model @beth.d.baxter The series features the players from Game of Thrones. All works are marker and acrylic ink on canvas. Sizes range from 11"X14" to 18"X24" This series will be hanging in the @nerdities shop when we move into our brick and mortar on June 1st. Look for an invite to the soft opening and grand opening celebrations. Who should be next? I'm leaning toward the king of the White Walkers. #JaqenHghar #TomWlaschiha #got #gameofthrones #aryastark #maisiewilliams #georgerrmartin #asongoficeandfire #tyrionlannister #petyrbaepish #varys #theimp #littlefinger #thespider #westeros #peterdinklage #aidengillen #conlethhill #emiliaclarke #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #fanart #portrait
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First day at #lagoon! First ride #thespider. #summerfun #utah
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I may not have lived here for long, but #thebarn will always feel like home to the g-hole. Love you guys πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸšΆπŸ» #animals5eva #pusshound #thecamel #brokeback #thecreep #thegrandpa #thegoat #banshee #mjölnir #baggins #dbaggins #mrsaldy #olgraig #thecrow #ghole #thespider
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chrisgilbertdesign : Glad I got a chance to live within the legend
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•closed with @hot.pants• - Non-canon to New Earth - John stood above the pile of dead bodies. Dozens of dead Gang members, throats cut open, spinal fluid spilling from their eyes because of how hard John had crushed them. He walked out of the alleyway, seeing a car parked in from of him. The bright headlights blinded him. He groaned. Suddenly, he heard a quick beeping noise. His heart raced as he knew what it was. He fired a web and pulled himself back, the car blowing up. John flew back from the large blast, hitting the end of the alleyway. He was dizzy, his vision was blurry. He felt and heard his heart practically thumping out of his chest. He blinked a few times, his muscles aching. He got on all fours, coughing violently. He heard footsteps far, but they were quickly getting closer. "What... The hell...." He whispered, his mask and costume slightly torn. He spat some blood from his mouth, seeing a pair of boots right in front of him. He looked up, seeing a woman in red and black looking down at him. "Who the hell are you supposed to be? Spider-Woman?" He smirked, slowly recovering. He tried his best to stand, keeping eye contact incase she made any moves. [sorry for the shortness!]
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hot.pants : "'Spider-Woman?!' Dude, I am super offended right now!" I said as I took out a fully-loaded gun and cocked it. I aimed it towards his face and said, "You're a wanted man, Johnny, and the men that are after you want you dead. They've offered me one million big ones to capture you, dead or alive, and since I don't like fiddling with my food, well…" I trailed off into a slight chuckle before continuing with, "…you know. Now…" I shot the one bullet the gun had near his face to startle him and said, "…start running." I took a step back and let him get up; I wanted him to run not because I didn't want to catch him or anything, but because I liked for my food to, what's the word, 'fight back.' I smiled and said, "I know I just said I didn't want to, but, c'mon; this'll be fun!" I looked at him, an expression of disbelief on his face. "Well, what're you waiting for? Run!" (@the.spider)
the.spider : John was silent. "Food?" He raised an eyebrow. The bullet slightly startled him. He kept still, preparing himself to attack. "I'm not going to run away from an idiot who believes she could kill me!" He growled angrily, standing up and delivering a kick to her jawline. He stood in a fighting stance. "You made a big mistake lady. When I'm done with you, I'll cut your head off and hang it on a flagpole." @hot.pants
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Game of Thrones series progression with the completion of Arya Stark. She was fun, who should I work on next? #got #gameofthrones #aryastark #maisiewilliams #georgerrmartin #asongoficeandfire #tyrionlannister #petyrbaepish #varys #theimp #littlefinger #thespider #westeros #peterdinklage #aidengillen #conlethhill #fanart #portrait
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matt_bluejay : On point
brooklynsky23 : Love it! I would like a Batman one like this or Bob marley! It's awesome
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For anyone into Marvel comics, superheroes, webslingers or blind lawyers with nunchucks, I'm gonna have this poster available on etsy some time this week, link will be posted soon :) #Spiderman #daredevil #marvel #comics #thespider #thedevil #marvelcomics #marvelteamup #peterparker #mattmurdock
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Since I missed last week and will miss next I have three cocktails today! All nickname based #gameofthrones #littlefinger #thespider #redpriestess @slaughterspdx
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•open roleplay• - Non-Canon to New Earth - John swung through the strong winds of New York. He did multiple flips in midair. He was still solving the case for Poison. The hell was she planning against this city. So many civilians end up getting caught in the crossfire. John wanted to save as many lives as possible, but sometimes it was too late to save them. John landed on a rooftop, narrowing his eyes as right across from him was a bank. People screamed inside the bank, and loud shouts were telling the screaming to stop. John leaped from the roof he was standing on, landing on the bank roof. He fired a web spike from his finger, the glass shattering. John jumped down, firing multiple shards at the robbers holding guns. He landed on the ground, running so fast he was like a purple and blue blur. He growled as he snapped a robber's neck, throwing him at another robber while firing a large web spike, which pierced the thug whole being hit. He dodged multiple bullets, running at one of the last thugs and making a blade made of webbing, slicing his neck. The robber fell to the floor, the other two grabbing civilians and pointing a gun at their heads. "NOT ANOTHER MOVE OR WE WILL KILL THESE TWO!" One shouted. John narrowed his eyes, standing still. Suddenly, two spikes shout out from his hands, hitting the two robbers' hands, causing it to have the gun slam into their heads and shoot themselves. The two civilians screamed as they heard the gunshots and stood still, but realize they weren't harmed. John began to walk away in silence. It felt as if the entire world was shocked. Everything was silent, not even breathing was heard. John fired a web, swinging through the broken window and swinging into an abandoned building, crashing down on a couch and taking off his mask. He exhaled loudly, feeling exhausted. He began to slowly fall asleep, his eyes beginning to close.
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not.deadpool : Holding onto the bags of money she managed to steal in between the fuss, Twelfth stood in silence. Abandoned buildings weren't as abandoned as she thought, that for sure was proved by the presence of the same guy who bursted into the bank. She scratched the back of her head and adjusted her mask while slowly dragging herself away from the same couch he was in, but eventually stepped on a loosen and noisy wood hanging from the ground. "Holy shit, why does every thriller moment has to have a screwed wood in the middle?!" Alex whined and kicked an empty bottle of pepsi away, facepalming at the entire situation without even caring if he would notice her or not - even the answer being obvious.
the.spider : John woke up, rolling across the floor and put on his mask. Suddenly, a blade of webbing formed in his hand. "Who the hell are you and what's in the bag?!" He growled angrily, charging towards her and pointing the edge of the blade towards her throat. "I'll cut your throat open and make spinal fluid spill from your eyes if you don't tell me what the hell you're doing, and who you are." He said with a threatening tone. @not.deadpool
not.deadpool : "Oh, wow! Dude's angry!" The woman immediately rose both hands and dropped the bag in consequence, kicking it to the other corner of the room. "Okay, let's go to the questions, kind sir. I'm obviously Santa Claus and there are gifts in that bag." She shrugged and smiled wildly, although it couldn't be seen during to her mask. Then, quickly pulling a sword from the support on her back, she aimed its blade to his neck also. "There are kids waiting for me, buddy. They'll be hella sad!"
not.deadpool : (I'm sorry on the delay, John!)
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•open roleplay to members in #BattleWorldIncarnated- #BattleWorldIncarnated - John dashed through the woods, his hoodie castes over his head. He panted heavily. "Oh god, oh god..." His heart raced wildly. He felt his anxiety grow worse. "The f$@& is going on here?!" He asked himself. A distant figure was hopping through the trees, silent. John came to a complete stop when a large blue wall stood high above him. It was closed. There was no way out. "DAMMIT! WHY AM I IN HERE?!" He said, punching the wall hard. It did nothing. He turned, and only a few feet away was Carnage. He had blood on his eyes, and he seemed to be more decayed. He was one of them. John formed a blade of webbing. Carnage laughed. "More food..." John snarled. "The main course is the taste of your blood!" John remarked, charging towards him and cutting his head clean off. The symbiote began to eat away at Cletus' body, leaving it to a skeleton before dying, shriveling up and holding still. John spat on the corpse. "Go to hell..." He growled, jumping onto a tree. He began to jump tree to tree, silent. "I need to find other survivors. I can't be the only one who's taking this entire damn world on..." He said to himself silently. A mist covered the woods. Skinny walking corpses were walking under the trees. He was silent. Boomerang, Kingpin, Whiplash. They all limped around, craving flesh. John looked around, hearing a low growl behind him. Immediately turning to face a zombified Kraven, John acted quickly, kicking Kraven from the tree before he could bite John. Kraven fell to the ground, the zombies looking up to see John in the trees. "Ah sh*t..." John sighed, jumping out of the trees.
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the.spider : He began to dodge multiple attacks and villains wildly. He was panicked. His heart raced over 100 beats per minute. He began to run, worried. "F*CK!" He cursed loudly as villains completely circled him. He fired a web, pulling himself up to a zombified Vulture. "Old man Toomes! Good to see you can be a good guy for the last few minutes of your undead life." He said, firing a web right through his head. He jumped, landing on a high tree. He knew it wouldn't get him far. He panted heavily, blood dripping from his hands. "God help me on this..." He said to himself, staring into the woods.
the.spider : #marvelrp #marveloc #dcrp #superherorp #herorp #ssrp #somniumsocietyrp #infinitecanvasrp #icrp #thespider #johnvinsel #spiderverse #paladinsrp #somniumsociety
ebony.wielder : Silently, Dane stepped through the forest, his weapon out and ready. The Ebony Blade gleamed in the dark air, moon light catching the shining metal. He had trained himself to be very patient, very cautious. Very observant. For he was in the Deadlands, and one false move could get him killed. As he ventured, he began to pick up on a slight sound. A rustle, in the trees. A haphazard rustle, not the sound of one of the dead. No, this had to be one of the living. Another human? Dane immediately assumed he had been banished, but perhaps there was more to this... Dane quickly located the man, only to watch as the area exploded into action. Two zombies attacked the man in turn, proving the human had superhuman abilities, and he seemed to dance around he sky like a spider. A Spider-Man, perhaps? It was too far to tell. Black Knight did notice three zombies underneath the tree, Boomerang, Whiplash, and Kingpin, and Dane decided to take action, and possibly make an ally. Leaping into the air, Dane took the zombies by surprise, quickly decapitating the Kingpin, and the impaling the head of Boomerang. The third, Whiplash, proved to be a more effective opponent, and Dane only narrowly avoided his powerful whips. However, on a second swing, Dane caught the whips with his sword, forcefully pulling the zombie towards him, allowing Dane to send an armored fist into his jaw, sending him to the ground. He followed this with a stab through the brain, immediately killing him. With this done, he looked up into the air, locating the Spider-Like figure that sat high in the trees. "You there! You are human! Have you been infected?"
the.spider : John stared down at the armored man. "I am human..." He said. "Mutant, actually." He sighed. "My question is, are you human or infected? As far as I know, I'm left in a George Romero film... Forest of The Dead." He rolled his eyes, staring at the man. He looked just like a medieval knight, and he seemed human. He needed to be sure though, just in case. He was nervous of any more zombies nearby. He looked around. @ebony.wielder
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Three sons of Westeros - The Imp, Littlefinger and The Spider Tyrion 11" X 14" Petyr Baelish 18" X 24" Varys 11" X 14" Marker and acrylic ink on canvas (all) What a fun series. These original pieces will be available at the @nerdities storefront June 1st. #got #gameofthrones #georgerrmartin #asongoficeandfire #tyrionlannister #petyrbaepish #varys #theimp #littlefinger #thespider #westeros #peterdinklage #aidengillen #conlethhill #fanart #portrait
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Hello Spiders! I need someone to portray my lovely lady, Scarlet Sanctum, if they're willing, so I have someone to do future episodes with! There are also other roles. If interested, please Kik Lasher_rp. Note: We have over 7 roles open for New Earth, and we need someone to take those spots! Scarlet Sanctum- @scarlet.sanctum Classified Female Character- Not Taken Rachel Crusher- Not Taken Poison- Not Taken Classified Male Character- Not Taken Carl Retch- Not Taken Sloth- Not Taken Gluttony- Not Taken
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Varys, The Spider - 11" X 14" acrylic ink and marker on canvas #varys #thespider #got #gameofthrones #asongoficeandfire #fanart
asongoficeandfire - gameofthrones - fanart - got - thespider - varys -
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112/365 - Varys #daily #dailydrawing #drawing #illustration #watercolor #micron #moleskine #got #gameofthrones #asoiaf #Varys #thespider
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•closed roleplay• - - John stood above a pile of dead bodies. SHIELD agents, none that were hesitating to kill him. Bullets were sprayed across the floor. Thanks to his thick webbing suit, he was resistant to bullets from all firearms minus explosives and snipers. He walked out of the alleyway, his clawed hands covered in blood. He fired a web, swinging right into the air. He knew SHIELD was probably going to send the Avengers next, or maybe someone like Spider-Man or some other superhero. What did he care? He could easily defeat them. He heard a loud click in the distance, landing on a rooftop. Suddenly, a small chunk flew out. It was a sniper bullet. "Son of a..." Suddenly a bullet pierced his shoulder. He shouted in pain, growling as blood began to slowly go down his arm. He gripped his shoulder, gritting his teeth. He looked up, a boot slamming into his face. He flew back, hitting the ground. He stood back up quickly, putting his fists up. There stood a large man, wearing a skull mask and crossbones on his vest. John's eyes narrowed. "The infamous Crossbones... You've made a grave mistake coming here to attack me." He said, running towards him.
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the.spider : John grinned as he felt himself being hit over and over again. "The day is the day you burn!" He replied, grabbing his fist while his face was stinging in pain. He felt his phone fall out of his belt pouch. He needed to grab it before anyone else got ahold of the information. He then swung a fast fist towards the assassin. @crossbxnes
crossbxnes : luckily, he catches his hand, as a crooked smile had came through his skull mask "like I said little boy...." he smirked, grabbing his throat with his other hand, beginning to choke him with all of his strength "You. Are. MINE!!!" He cackled having a feeling that he will finally achieving his reward .
the.spider : John gagged, feeling all of the air in his lungs being taken out of. He began to punch in a frenzy, not stopping, hoping that the crazy man would just let go of him. He formed a webbing blade, slashing it across the man's face while steaming. @crossbxnes
crossbxnes : "GAH!" He lets go of him and stumbles back, as blood leaked from the slash wound "damn you..." he takes off his mask, revealing the horrible Burns and scars arcoss his face. "Alright, looks like I underestimated you." his eye twitched in pain, "but thinking you will survive this you have no chance .."
the.spider : John coughed violently, blood splattering against the wall and floor. He turned over to on his stomach and began to crawl away slowly. He thought he was having a concussion. He was incredibly dizzy, and everything seemed to be so disoriented. @crossbxnes
crossbxnes : Rumlow slowly walked towards him, panting heavily from the battle they had. He soon catches up to him grabbing him by the head, taking off his mask "poor boy..." he chuckled as he pulls out his pistol "seems like this is the end of your road." He slowly began to pull the trigger until he heard shield agents coming ."dammit.." He grunted, tossing a grenade towards them, as bullets began to spray around. He swiftly dodges some and jumps out the window "I'll be back boy!!" He shouted
the.spider : John groaned as he tried crawling away, blood leaking from his mouth. He could barely stand. Using the wall to support him, he got back on his feet and began to climb towards the window. He limped to the very edge, jumping out. He fired a web, swinging forward so he could find Crossbones. He wanted revenge. @crossbxnes
marvel_fanspage : Sfs ? ☺ @the.spider
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Anyone wanna rp?
night.mare.soul.edge : All right give me a minute
night.mare.soul.edge : All right done
the.crawler : I will
the.spider : Who posts? @the.crawler
the.crawler : Yours
the.spider : Okay. @the.crawler
the.crawler : Kk
the.crawler : So how bout' that role play?
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•New Earth, New Beginning• - Episode 6: The Return of Scarlet Sanctum! - John woke up slowly, seeing nothing but darkness. He felt himself drowning in water, causing his body to spasm. He made muffled screams of struggling. He felt his hair gripped strongly by a strong hand. Suddenly, the hand pulled his head out from the bucket of water. John coughed violently, water spilling out of his mouth. His vision was blurred horribly. There stood a blurry red figure ahead. His vision improved clearly, and he couldn't believe what he saw. “Trya...” - -
herorp - spiderverse - superherorp - somniumsociety - marveloc - paladinsrp - dcrp - infinitecanvasrp - thespider - ssrp - marvelrp - johnvinsel - icrp - somniumsocietyrp -
the.spider : “Johnny boy... Remember me? The girl you loved ever so much!" She laughed with a sinister tone. "Come on Johnny, why not join me in a quest for love again?” "The hell I will! You stabbed me and nearly killed me!" He said, standing up and trying to run towards her. Suddenly, a strong force pulled him back. He hit the ground, landing on his knees. He looked at the ground. Trya walked towards him, grabbing his chin with a gloved hand and lifting his head up. She kissed him affectionately, and suddenly his entire life flashed before his eyes. His eyes widened. "Oh god... I..." He couldn't let this get to him. "I can't believe I loved a horrible woman who I need to stop!" He said, spitting at her. She growled, punching him across the face. John growled as he was then left there to rot. She walked away, closing the door which was then locked. John had to do something about this all... He needed to make sure he wouldn't fail to stop the evil... Just like he had. - -
the.spider : John's webs began to fire from his hands, covering the chains and eating away at them. That was a great thing about his webbing. It would eat away at almost any metal that it touched. The chains were torn apart, his shackles breaking from his wrists. He grinned, standing up and he looked around. He pulled up his blue hoodie, a shadow casting over his face. His blue irises lit up on the darkened version of his face. He stood in a heroic pose, beginning to run. He dashed out of the room he was in, running through the hallway. Dust flew from the dark ceiling, the hero kicking down the door right across the hall. He came upon a horrific sight. Blood covered the walls, dozens of civilians laying on the ground. There it was, writing on the walls, all made with blood. “Oh Johnny, remember our fun chases? I was thinking we should play again.” John stood there, silent. How the hell would he fight her again?! He growled, looking around for something. He walked towards an open Manila folder, looking at the pictures. He scattered the pictures and began reading the documents, coming across something called "Project Sanctum." "The hell?" John began to flip through the pages of the entire document... Scarlet Sanctum, all the way to Gold Sanctum. "Lord.... I might need some help with this..." - -
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Came across some ufc figures #actionfigures #collectors #ufc #thespider #ufcfighter #ufcfigures #toys #figures #rampagejackson #kimboslice
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diecast_hunter : How much was it?
808hotwheelkid : @diecast_hunter o nice
808hotwheelkid : @diecast_hunter was 10 dollers
diecast_hunter : I guess, I thought he was cool till he stole his dads horse.
diecast_hunter : I want it, when ya going back? Lol
808hotwheelkid : @diecast_hunter i not to sure bro when I going back there
diecast_hunter : Damgit, wish I didnt see this so late
layin_lowkey : Sounds g bro. Ima dm you my # ina bit. Thx
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O Aranha #Anderson #TheSpider #Silva #AndersonSilva #UFC #Brazil #MMA #Brasil
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cf_socialcitylv : Love this!
yael_luque : Noooo q copadooo, lo quierooooo! @matthias_gabriell
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#gameofthrones #got #hbo #gotseason5 #varys #tyrion #lannister #thespider #pentos
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#oldmovies #poster #masters of #men #slaves of the #dragon #thespider
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Petyr is desperate .... He don't know what to do with Sansa anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he's hoping she'll becomes manipulative as him but πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!! • • • Petyr or Varys ?? Petyr !!!! • • • • #got #grrm #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asongoficeandfire #like #follow #f4f #sansastark #SAVESANSA #petyrbaelish #varys #thespider • • • • • • Sorry I reposted this from someone but I can't remember who.... Sorry if you know who made it please tell me !!!
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caoimhebaelish : Petyr bae
valarmorghulisxstark : EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE I JUST SCREAMED OH MY GOD. Varys all the way though 😊
dane_356 : @guardgirl645
aidangillens : Petyr❀️
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evelinpilar : Petyr all the way
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• THE SPIDER • Saudades de te ver flutuando dentro do octógono @spiderandersonsilva ! Volta logo. #TheKingSilva #TheSpider @igorphilipp
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igorphilipp : πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ
ramonmisailidis : Aplausos
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" Pensa quando deseja alguma coisa o seu subconsciente ouve e leva seu pedido a tua capacidade de concretização, força e honra " #bomdia #menteblindada #obrigadomeudeus #pormaisumdia #filosofia #thespider #andersonsilva
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Awesome Edit awesome fight. #Repost @notoriouseditz ・・・ Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz #ufc #allapps #thespider #nickdiaz #andersonsilva #mma #fights #ko #boxing #karate #bjj #judo #juijitsu #box #fighters #bellatormma #tko #ufcedit #sportsedit #graffix #me #photoshop #champ #graphicdesign #graphics
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dailygrafix : Silva
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thorsdaymma : @notoriouseditz Remember That Day...😭😭
notoriouseditz : I know :(
notoriouseditz : @thorsdaymma
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