Team purple anyone?
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rogue.spider : YES
the_sensational_spiderman : Red and blue make purple. Soooo
blue.arachnid : I'll be there
the.spider : SO YOU ARE WITH TEAM PURPLE! WOOO! @the_sensational_spiderman
spider_woman_rp : Red and yellow and black make fun colours
the.spider : Purple and yellow and black make cooler colors! Join Team Purple Jess! @spider_woman_rp
spider_woman_rp : Eh. I'm getting a new costume soon shortly anyway. I think I'll stick to red, yellow and black.
_blue.spider_ : I like blue....
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Alright people News Everything changes Worlds collide Villains won't be near Impossible for realities! Likely forces team! Love might rise And new enemies will be made In humanity, John stands out! New changes are coming! Is he a mutant like he thought?! Superheroes Clash Others shall die Mysteries will be made! Is there a new mystery he solves? Never known in this world Growing into something bigger.
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maxwell.dillon : I shall. @the.spider
the.spider : Let's brawl, Sparky! @maxwell.dillon
_blue.spider_ : ((Is that a story your making?))
the.spider : Read each letter of each line, and you'll get the hint.
the.spider : @_blue.spider_^^
_blue.spider_ : Ok @the.spider
_blue.spider_ : Oh ok. I got it. @the.spider
the.spider : Yep. @_blue.spider_
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Nocauteado! Anderson Silva chegou a sua pior posição na história do ranking do UFC. Ele, que já foi campeão dos médios, caiu três posições e aparece apenas na quinta colocação. Essa é a segunda semana consecutiva que Anderson Silva cai no ranking dos médios. O lutador já havia perdido a liderança para Jacaré Souza na semana passada e agora foi ultrapassado por Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort e Luke Rochold. Desde que perdeu o título para Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva sempre foi o primeiro do ranking dos médios até ser ultrapassado por Jacaré, que divide a liderança da categoria com Lyoto. O brasileiro vive um dos momentos mais conturbados da sua carreira. Em janeiro deste ano, ele voltou a lutar após um ano, mas foi flagrado no exame antidoping e poderá ser suspenso por ter usado substâncias que tem efeito de anabolizante. #soccer #futebol #futbol #gestao #management #manager #soccermanagement #mkt #marketingesportivo #gestaoesportiva #FIFA #direitodesportivo #gestaofutebol #EllevenSports #UFC #MMA #AndersonSilva #TheSpider #LyotoMachida #Jacaré #Belfort #Rochold #Weidman
fifa - ufc - jacaré - direitodesportivo - thespider - rochold - manager - futebol - mma - lyotomachida - gestaoesportiva - management - gestao - futbol - andersonsilva - marketingesportivo - mkt - soccermanagement - belfort - weidman - soccer - ellevensports - gestaofutebol -
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Dont be scared #MMA #MixedMartialArts #mmamemes #funnymma #nickdiaz #andersonsilva #silvaVsdiaz #dontbescaredhomie #UFC #theUndertaker #thespider #stockton #muaythai #BJJ #boxing #kickboxing #grappling #MMA_x
mixedmartialarts - stockton - nickdiaz - muaythai - ufc - bjj - theundertaker - thespider - mma - grappling - mmamemes - funnymma - boxing - dontbescaredhomie - andersonsilva - kickboxing - mma_x - silvavsdiaz -
xmiguelito : @suavecito1985 este si ta chingon
xjbrx : @al3meed800
luisalbertowuw : @odcab @rafaelift
wesleylozada : @austin_schalla 😂😂😂
xalexvidsx : @kenrock007 @afghansilverbackgorilla @andrewreem
christiantomatos : @kscabz
mhmd_hydra : Hahaaaa
kritsfalcons02 : @collinsclan6
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Watching #UFC153 #SilvaVsBonner #AndersonSilva #AKA #TheSpider #StephanBonner AKA #TheAmericanPsycho #UFC #InstaUFC #MMA #InstaMMA #UFCFan #MMAFan #Fights #InstaFights #Fighters #Fighting #UFCReloaded
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#BilbaoGuggenheimMuseum #MuseoGuggenheimBilbao #TheSpider #Guggenheim #Museum
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longitude.latitude.attitude : Pretty!
lisa_simpson17 : @longitude.latitude.attitude Thank u so much :$
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Anyone wanna rp?
the.spider : Sure! @vengeful_vigilante
vengeful_vigilante : Awesome!
blue.arachnid : John, I need your help
the.spider : With what? Who are you? @the.amazing.arachnid
blue.arachnid : @the.spider we have met before, in another time. I can't explain now but I need you, it's the goblin. He took over my world.
the.spider : How glorious... @the.amazing.arachnid
blue.arachnid : @the.spider you died in my universe
the.spider : Even better! @the.amazing.arachnid
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Well always be the best in the world to me.. @spiderandersonsilva @ufc #greatestofalltime #GOAT #Thespider #andersonsilva #UFC
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slclosangeles : Nice!
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#inkpulpdoodleoftheday #batarang strike against #thespider in #arkhammanor 5. The end is near. #batman #thedarkknight #dccomics
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rleggett : Your double page spreads were fantastic this issue,gonna miss this book
inkpulp : @rleggett thanks! There more to come in issue 6.
johnpc5 : @inkpulp Shawn!!! You had to turn down Spider-man once?!?!? This pains me to hear in so many ways. Hopefully his happens/the opportunity comes again in the near future!
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"I asked for someone who can help me with back problems, not make them worse!" Anyone wanna rp?
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the.spider : Who posts? @rain.drop_and_bullet
rain.drop_and_bullet : Do you want me to?
the.spider : Sure! @rain.drop_and_bullet
rain.drop_and_bullet : Okay check dm
captain_of_the_stars : @the.spider I'd like to RP!!!!
the.spider : Who posts? @captain_of_the_stars
rp_abby : Continue ours? 😊
captain_of_the_stars : @the.spider You?
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•open roleplay• John swung through the gracious streets of New York, finally returning back to the purple color scheme of his costume. Of course, he was still a little ticked off about how people would confuse him for Spider-Man, but it was nice to have the old costume. He fired a web from his wrist, pulling himself forward. The momentum was reaching him, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He concentrated on the sounds around him. Only minutes after, several police sirens went off, along with bank alarms. It was a small and average bank, which was good. John could see the bank, and it looked as if multiple people were inside of it. John swung down, landing on a rooftop. A vent door. Perfect. John grabbed the vent door, tearing it open and climbing in. He was sure that he could not be heard. The thieves were different from what John was expecting. He reached the other end of the vent, seeing several men dressed in green. They fired at the cops, screaming loudly while doing so. John bursts from the vents, attacking the robbers. Other robbers fired at John while he took several took, missing. "Jeez, have you guys been playing too many video games? Or are the goggles messing up your eyes? Let me fix that." The teen kicked one robber in the head, breaking the goggles. The robber turned, having soulless black eyes. John's eyes widened. Other robbers continued firing. John grabbed the one he kicked, using him as a shield. He threw the robber into the firing group, knocking them to the floor. Police officers rushed in, aiming their guns in the building. The robbers were on the floor, while John stood there. " Must be a new costume, eh Spidey?" One cop said. "For the one billionth time, I. Am. Not. Spider. Man!" He sighed. "I'm the Spider!" The cops looked dumbfounded. The teen groaned. "You guys have a good day..." He said, running out of the building and jumping into a flagpole. Several more police cars arrived, the officers handcuffing the robbers and placing them in the back of the cars. John smirked. "Another job well done by yours truly."
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marvels.spider_man : gets back up and brushes dirt off suit "Watch the profanity." Grins under mask @rogue.spider
rogue.spider : "Make me" he said as he crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes @marvels.spider_man
c.l.o.a.k : {{ @the.spider Looks like you lost control of your own open RP}}
the.spider : (Sort of. I was away, and I just came back. XD) @c.l.o.a.k
c.l.o.a.k : {{Lol, yeah, it happens!}}
marvels.spider_man : Aww looks like Mr.Grumpy Pants had an attitude. What's wrong did you wake up on the side of the web @rogue.spider
rogue.spider : (Tippy gonna join back John?)
rogue.spider : (You gonna*)
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Oh When the sins of my father Weigh down in my soul And the pain of my mother Will not let me go Well I know there can come fire from the sky Purifying the purest of kings And even though I know this fire brings me pain Even so And just the same Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Make it rain Oh, the seed needs the water Before it grows out of the ground But it just keeps on getting hotter And the hunger more profound Well I know there can come tears from their eyes But they may as well all be in vain And even though I know these tears come with pain Even so And just the same Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down lord Just make it rain Make it rain And the seas are full of water That stops by the shore Just like the riches of grandeur Oh, no no That never reach the poor And let the clouds fill with thunderous applause And let lightning be the veins And fill the sky, with all that they can drop When it's time, to make a change Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain (The purple costume has returned people, and John will be going through tons of changes. So many stories and new characters will be introduced, never seen before!)
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rogue.spider : Want to rp (also very nice post)
the.spider : (Thanks! And sure, who posts?) @rogue.spider
rogue.spider : (Could you? I'll make the edit)
spider_woman_rp : 😦😦😦 SHOCKED FACE
alxzndrthegreat : What spider man is this lol
the.spider : Wrong song. @nickace93
nickace93 : It's okay I'm broke lol
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Sempre íntegro e um exemplo de atleta! RT: @spiderandersonsilva #GoSpider #thespider #mma #euacredito
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Ill be damned. Rousey doesn't have to face NEARLY the same amount of competition as those three. Since the women's divisions isn't even close to the competitiveness of the men's divisions and that's just reality. To say she's the best mma fighter is as ridiculous as the Connor mcgregor act. #ufc #ufc184 #gsp #silva #thespider #rondarousey #cyborg #jones #mma
jones - gsp - silva - thespider - rondarousey - cyborg - ufc - ufc184 - mma -
wrathofreptile : He also wrestled and is a freak athlete. Top wrestler and football player. NFL, wwe, and ufc? Unheard of. @kingwebby420
spankinmonk3y : @kingwebby420 @wrathofreptile leaner is garbage only reason he had the title is cause at his time there wasn't any good talent in the heavyweight class like there is now
kingwebby420 : I beg to differ. @spankinmonk3y
spankinmonk3y : @kingwebby420 all I'm saying is all he has is his big fists and wrestling and that's all he has put him up against somebody with a great ground game and is evasive he won't beat them.
spankinmonk3y : @wrathofreptile your right trip only person close to the amount of skill Ronda has is miesha Tate and that's why she has lasted longer then any of rondas most recent fights. Ufc just got girls division they will get people more talented eventually but until then Ronda is going to stay wrecking her division
wrathofreptile : Exactly. If invicta merged with ufc rousey is done. That's all I'm saying. @spankinmonk3y @kingwebby420
spankinmonk3y : @wrathofreptile I wouldn't say she would be done she would have a real challenge then
nogginbabe : youre mad shes hotter than misha tate ;)
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Even when all the elegance of this world decays you'll still be my little princess. @meridia #thespider #claudefaustus #thefaustiancontract #trancybutler #myprincess #kuroshitsuji #blackbutler #anime #mylittlegirl #decay
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the.masochistic.butler : Well maybe you need my glasses more than I do (that sarcasm tho) @anime.role.playing.fangirl
anime.role.playing.fangirl : *shakes head no* nah. I wear contacts. *shrugs*
the.masochistic.butler : *laughs* Hehe that's nice @anime.role.playing.fangirl
anime.role.playing.fangirl : *shrugs* eh. It sucks trying to put these stupid things in.
h.a.n.n.a.h_a.n.a.f.e.l.o.z : The decoy grew up quite fast Claude....I'm impressed she's already attached to you how cute what did you name her oh...Meridia awe hehe
the.masochistic.butler : Don't call her a decoy I don't want to go through with it ok she's just a child @h.a.n.n.a.h_a.n.a.f.e.l.o.z
h.a.n.n.a.h_a.n.a.f.e.l.o.z : You know they're coming for you claude the Angels and the Demons they'll take away your real child...or you can give them this one that was the plan unless you want your child to die
the.masochistic.butler : @anime.role.playing.fangirl hmm I see.
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thecbird13 -
@dgwebb15 doing work over in Germany. #repost #iup #mini #barkley #thespider 🏀
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Hmmm...I'm quite bored. #bored #claudefaustus #thespider #thefaustiancontract #trancybutler #blackbutler #kuroshitsuji #anime #amuseme #goodmorning
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anime.role.playing.fangirl : *pokes your cheek* your so mean to me
ash._.roleplays : Hiya Claude! *smiles* do you want to play a game with me, I'm quite bored myself and everyone is too busy. *pouts* ~Alice🌹
the.masochistic.butler : I'd love to play a game Madame Alice @ash._.roleplays
ash._.roleplays : Yay! *smiles then turns to frown* Oh... Ciel would be quite mad with me talking and playing a game with you. This is what he gets for not letting merely him with cases or paperwork.... Anyways, do you like chess? ~Alice
the.masochistic.butler : Hmm I don't want you to get in trouble madame @ash._.roleplays
ash._.roleplays : I won't, if I do then oh well. He's probably not going to do anything... May I ask again, do you want to play a game of chess? ~Alice
meridia : Daddy! -hugs-
black_wolf_0902 : I there i am wolfy the masters new pet @the.masochistic.butler
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Is there a #ghost? #humansofbcn #humansofbarcelona #Varys #theSpider
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our cab driver is lord varys in disguise #got #thespider
got - thespider -
cderosa1 : AHAHHAHAHA
natalieschultz4409 : So true!!
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Creds to artist. Anyone wanna RP?
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the.spider : #marvelrp #marveloc #dcrp #superherorp #herorp #ssrp #somniumsocietyrp #infinitecanvasrp #icrp #thespider #johnvinsel #spiderverse
captain_of_x_ : Continue ours?
rogue.spider : Sure, could you post?
new_amazing_spiderboy_ : Me
jada.quinn : I do
the.spider : Who posts' @jada.quinn
jada.quinn : I could if you want
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#GoT #gameofthrones #westeros #HBO #Georgerrmartin #asoiaf #gotfan #gameofthronesfan #Varys #TheSpider #kingslanding #ConlethHill #lol #funny #meme
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2015 is going be a good one. Lots of ideas brewin' lately
lightbulb - webdevelopment - sanfrancisco - thespiderinc - brainstorming - thespider - ideas -
thespider : #thespider #thespiderinc #sanfrancisco #webdevelopment #ideas #brainstorming #lightbulb
katielynn88230 : 💡
nicesharpie : Wow!
leowebdev : cool 👍
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#inkpulpdoodleoftheday #batman squares off against #thespider in #arkhammanor 5. It gets Epic! #thedarkknight #dccomics
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josephrey : Looks like my first date with the Spider too! All business.
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Anderson Silva vs. BMX Bike. Daaaaaaaaaam. #UFC #mmanews #TheSpider #PEDS #milk
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#sawyerdee #andersonsilva #futureufc #thespider #lax #ufc #mylittlechamp #champ
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My favorite fighter of ALL time!!! #TheSpider
thespider -
The Spider's Web #UFC #CounterPunch #AndersonSilva #TheSpider
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#wcw , Louise Bourgeois on dealing with discrepancies while working... Sage advice for any kind of practice. #louisebourgeois #sculpture #sculpturecrushes #aesthetics #thespider #artschool
sculpturecrushes - louisebourgeois - wcw - sculpture - artschool - thespider - aesthetics -
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OOC: Alright guys, in celebration of 3000 followers, I am holding a contest. So the contest is to come up with a original design for John and what you would think his costume would look like. The winner of the contest will have his design featured on the page and will get a shoutout on a separate post. To enter, use the hashtag #thespider3kdesign Good luck, The Spider!
herorp - spiderverse - superherorp - marveloc - dcrp - infinitecanvasrp - thespider - ssrp - marvelrp - thespider3kdesign - johnvinsel - icrp - somniumsocietyrp -
the.spider : #marvelrp #marveloc #dcrp #superherorp #herorp #ssrp #somniumsocietyrp #infinitecanvasrp #icrp #thespider #johnvinsel #spiderverse
rogue.spider : You already know I'm gonna do this
jpizzo_tizzo24 : I don't like "punk" spider
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#inkpulpdoodleoftheday #arkhammanor 5 comes today #batman squares off against #thespider #thedarkknight #dccomics
dccomics - arkhammanor - batman - thespider - inkpulpdoodleoftheday - thedarkknight -
eewwnuk : Looks great
kevinsculpture : Insane!
chrisjohnsoninfiction : I really like the lighting in this panel and the drapery on the pant leg.
simsim_s.m : @saeideh_r_
iz_turley : Dang that is awesome.
michaeldenicola : Great stuff
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Ouça em #Tauz #PlayerTauz #AndersonSilva #TheSpider
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