Thank you @cmontefiore for a beautiful write up in the @spectator1828 | I love the way your writing tells a story 😊 Both @monika_rad and I loved it & your article being her fav so far #article #U.K. #uk #the #thespectator #spectator #artist #alesandroljubicic #Alesandro #sydneyartist #interview | Photo by @mark_jezercic
interview - uk - artist - alesandro - alesandroljubicic - u - spectator - thespectator - article - the - sydneyartist -
annashapiro_ : 👌
alesandroljubicic : @annashapiro_ ☺️😊
tashiehough : Thank you @alesandroljubicic - what a wonderful article 😀
sheilatan__ : Love your story @alesandroljubicic Great article! We need more examples like you - artists that are entrepreneurs, unapologetic about what you're creating. The 'starving artist' thing is a myth. Needs to be blown out of the water once and for all! I know how it feels cause I grew up with that kind of advice and gave up creating for years. But I refuse to be defeated! Thank you for this. And love your art! ♡ Not enough beautiful art out there. Too much shock factor! Will be dropping by the store soon - you have Prismas!
kymelph : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
kymelph : @annashapiro_ @_articulatepr
cmontefiore : Thanks @alesandroljubicic, so glad you and @monika_rad enjoyed
sugarcrumbparlour : Love your style!!!😍😍😍
stella_lavinia - gabygato6630 - hwdixonart - karliexxr2 -
Hands down the best game of the season for @seattleu_mbb that I've seen! Congrats on the 5th straight win, keep it up RedHawks 👐🏼🏀💥 Pick up this week's edition of @seattlespectator! My picture is on the cover 😁 #kotagraphy #seattleu #wearesu #redhawks #ncaa #basketball #thespectator #sumbb #seattle
wearesu - basketball - seattleu - ncaa - sumbb - kotagraphy - thespectator - seattle - redhawks -
ms.muhliss : Dope dope dope picture 👌👌
alexxkkim : I thought this was from the nba page 😅
jennameao : Damn son
edwardsakurai - guanolord - cyndee_s - herosportsnews -
Happy Monday everyone! #artwork #konst By Henrik Lunde Björk. Olav Lunde #åskådaren #thespectator #newweek #monochrome #blackandwhiteisworththefight #inorrköping
newweek - inorrköping - konst - åskådaren - artwork - thespectator - monochrome - blackandwhiteisworththefight -
intothelight___ - masters_in_bnw - clgonzalezphotography - bradbrown_x -
Sunday Motivation: #IMREALLYDOPE #WomenPower #YouStillHalfAssing #GoHardOrSitOnTheBench #SeasonOfTakingItAll #ThePowerOfBringingOtherWomenWithYou #AreYouTheShow #Or #TheSpectator #YouChoose #IAmTheShow
imreallydope - areyoutheshow - youchoose - youstillhalfassing - womenpower - gohardorsitonthebench - seasonoftakingitall - thepowerofbringingotherwomenwithyou - thespectator - iamtheshow - or -
jenross76 - majahmajor - mandiiemartinez - iammythica -
Noms me yo ❤️👽 #ahhkellyclarkson #esthetician #bestheticians #hamont #2016 #readerschoice #thespectator #professionals
professionals - readerschoice - esthetician - ahhkellyclarkson - bestheticians - thespectator - hamont - 2016 -
sar.robs : Just did!
skategonzodna - heisthessvillage - shopjosette - missichrisi -
Please take a second to vote for my beautiful girlfriend @benefitbrows_alyvia // @alyviafrasca as she is nominated for a Readers Choice award. The link is available in my Instagram Bio/Profile and takes 2 seconds. Check her out for any of your Esthetician needs! 1. Click link - 2. Nominate Alyvia Frasca 3. Done!
thespec - readerschoice - esthetician - thespectator - vote - hamont - benefitcanada - browbar -
oostevey : . . . . . . #hamont #browbar #benefitcanada #thespec #readerschoice #vote #thespec #thespectator #esthetician
amycurlsandwhey : Done!
amycurlsandwhey : Now I wanna know where she works so I can book with her.
alyviafrasca : Hey! Follow @benefitbrows_alyvia you can call or message on there to book at the brow bar in Limeridge mall! Brow services are all I offer at the moment! Thank you @amycurlsandwhey
alyylynn_ : @alyviafrasca omg! Totally booking !! @kayla_spoelstra brow bar !!
alyviafrasca : Thank you! Follow @benefitbrows_alyvia !! @alyylynn_
mike_s2k : Done 😜😜😜 @oostevey @alyviafrasca
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Noms me yo ❤️👽 or I'll come after you with my wax pot #ahhkellyclarkson #esthetician #bestheticians #hamont #2016 #readerschoice #thespectator #professionals @thetenspot
professionals - readerschoice - esthetician - ahhkellyclarkson - bestheticians - thespectator - hamont - 2016 -
shopjosette - ihearthamont - carlaindelicato - katielynn83 -
#marianne #forbes #thespectator Actualidades à segunda-feira, análise e opinião
thespectator - forbes - marianne -
steve_bickford - thesixgroup - themavmax - peterroodnat -
I've never been a #republican by #dna but I would love to see #trump in office for a global shakeup!! Will he give #hillaryclinton a run for her office is yet to be seen.. Amazing cover by #thespectator mag though.. #art #comic #trumpmania #phenomenal #trumpforpresident #usa #muslim #maxican #bully #blunt #shrude #wig #hypochrit #TheWolfOfWhiteHouse #cnn #fox #bbc #myworld
wig - hillaryclinton - art - trump - trumpmania - fox - muslim - shrude - myworld - thespectator - comic - republican - thewolfofwhitehouse - bully - dna - usa - phenomenal - bbc - hypochrit - maxican - trumpforpresident - cnn - blunt -
subra2504 - megastar.rideons - omnia_ventures - karterandjaefans -
#friendcation 2016 in Charleston was a success! ❤️ #thespectator
thespectator - friendcation -
sillywhitney - ckern49 - nessa3454 - jordanpoteat -
thespectator - privateeye - skynews - illustration - skybox - ianhislop - rupertmurdoch - prenup - jerryhall - cartoon -
ccanham70 - suebradbury47 -
A nice guest left me some new reading material #coversallpoliticalsides #satireatitsbest #timetousemybrainagain #privateeye #thespectator #newstatesman
newstatesman - satireatitsbest - privateeye - thespectator - coversallpoliticalsides - timetousemybrainagain -
People don't think what they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say. #humanbehaviour #thespectator January 2016.
thespectator - humanbehaviour -
irisjamhotmailcom : No wonder I am more of a dog person than a people least they show you what they feel and think...
kristel6s - _niles - bart_opt - lisalotje1 -
Increasing the power of sensibility #art #thespectator #lindenwood #saintcharlesart #missouri
lindenwood - art - missouri - thespectator - lindenwooduniversity - saintcharlesart -
joereimannweber : Hey there, that's my work! Glad you could make the show.
__camila_______ : @joereimannweber beautiful colors and silhouettes
__camila_______ : #lindenwooduniversity
quadra_art - nealio_8605 - isabelevelyn - strohfinella -
Relaxing morning at #thespectator before we hit the historic streets of #charleston | Day wanderings courtesy of @wildsam #wildsam #wildsamcharleston #justgoshoot #socality #exploreeverything #discovereverything #livefolk #liveauthentic #liveadventurously
socality - exploreeverything - liveadventurously - wildsamcharleston - livefolk - liveauthentic - discovereverything - wildsam - thespectator - charleston - justgoshoot -
liveluvd : You are loved!
thejessejohnson : Cool pic!
samwarrencole : 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
vanessaleehale : @liveluvd @thejessejohnson @samwarrencole thanks!!! Love to you all!
spectatorhotel : ❤️❤️❤️
vanessaleehale : @spectatorhotel we love you!!!
emilyraffield : love love love @wildsam. was recently gifted the CHS edition and it's so good. really enjoyed the community profiles.
vanessaleehale : @emilyraffield that's so awesome! They really are so fun and unique. Hope you are doing well. :)
araz.ya - followlove14 - al_smiith - moghazy12 -
Same #donaldtrump #trump #thespectator #politics
thespectator - politics - trump - donaldtrump -
darnoldtrump : "I am a crook!"
wiktordabkowski - trumpvote - _.syx.0 - darnoldtrump -
Down here with old mate #scg #cricket #daynighter #odi #thespectator #latergram
odi - cricket - daynighter - thespectator - scg - latergram -
a9503128 : Great days cricket yesterday, what's on today?
a9503128 - cheftastic_mrfox - thejordanmethod - dizz37 -
Okay,so I woke up this morning to calls that My face was on newsstands and I kept saying it wasn't me till I saw the paper.. I guess the Spectator had me on their mind this week because I had no clue.. #thankyou #thespectator ....
thespectator - thankyou -
som_tetteh_emmanuel : Hahahahahha it will not be you.
babys_pride : U rock so much. Can't wait to see you personally someday. U inspire me so much.
albert_dugba : Hi miss Dzigbordi,my name is Albert , a student of the University Of Professional Studies. I always follow you on what you do always. I however get a lot of motivation and inspiration to rise to the next horizon of my life. I am a young man of 22 years who is passionate about equally making an impact through writing and other means that I can. I always get mentored by what you do and say on daily basis on the avilable social media platforms. I recommend my female friends to look up to you because youre an amazing woman and that they should draw that zeal and passion from you in order for them to be better women in the future. But my questions I would like to ask you are as follows; a)How can you start building a financial foundation from a scratch and especially someone like me? b)How can I be outstanding in everything that I do or in areas that I sow my interest in? c) How can I make quality and good decisions in difficult moments or think outside my perimeter? d) How can I adjust myself to a suit able posture in life ? I want to become an author, a speaker, entrepreneurs and a software and a web developer. I therefore believe that in order for me to triumph in life, I need some answers to some questions that will help inform me about my destination so I do not go astray. Am therefore honoured to ask you my questions .Thank you.
dzigbordikdosoo : 🙏🙏 @som_tetteh_emmanuel @babys_pride
dzigbordikdosoo : @albert_dugba Thank you so much for your message and questions.. I would really appreciate this if you could do me a favor and send the above questions as a message directly to my inbox on my FB page since I will like to answer it in detail for you. The page is Dzigbordi Kwaku Dosoo.. Blessings
albert_dugba : Yes please
rhodalineokine - dzifaspice - catherineduma92 - akyampoma -
Putting the editor's desk to good use... #TheSpectator #MUW #collegelife #smores #snacktime @gypsyfilmgirl @ermehblerb93
thespectator - smores - muw - snacktime - collegelife -
ermehblerb93 - gypsyfilmgirl - rydaddy09 - fizzybot -
Little #michaellewis pic for #thespectator #spectator #cartoon
thespectator - michaellewis - cartoon - spectator -
simonjarratt - celiaarellano - wildthangone -
Well if Textile Trolley ever flops (which it WON'T) seems I can always fall back on nannying full time again! Oh that uniform....the memories LOL talk about #tbt Any interest in reading the whole's the link. #norland #norlandnanny #flashbacktoapreviouslife #nannying #nanny #wherearetheynow #thespectator
nannying - tbt - nanny - thespectator - norland - norlandnanny - flashbacktoapreviouslife - wherearetheynow -
skybluepinkstudio : @textiletrolley wow! I started reading it but my 3 year old got in the way. I'll finish tonight!! So interesting!
textiletrolley : It's definitely a unique school @skybluepinkstudio
sugarchicbaby : This is so cool!! I was a Nanny for years before marriage + kids. Loved it...but never professionally trained like this!! Oh...and I LOVE Call The Midwife ❤️ : I read the article! This is intense! Did they have get a way driving and self defense when you went? And did you ever have to work while in uniform? Really neat to learn about!!
textiletrolley : I once turned a job down because they wanted me to wear my uniform. No skid pad driving or self defense when I was there...shame I'd have loved that.
textiletrolley : @sugarchicbaby it's amazing how many people I stumble across that were nannies : Lol. Yes, I suppose times have changed. I would have turned down a job if I had to wear the outfit as well. Too restricting! Really cool training!! Impressive.--glad you shared the article.
textiletrolley : I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it
seagypsyfl - ribbyroo - petitechalet - madewithluck -
Newspapers #blackandwhite #photography #photographer #photos #nature #thespectator #thespec #blackandwhitephotography #canada #theme #grunge #tumblr #f4f #follow
canada - thespec - grunge - blackandwhite - nature - photographer - photography - blackandwhitephotography - tumblr - photos - theme - f4f - thespectator - follow -
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Train reading.... #TheSpectator #Televisual #Broadcast
thespectator - broadcast - televisual -
friggtown - mrpaultanner -
😂 #mondaylaughs #thespectator Pic from The Spectator
thespectator - mondaylaughs -
wwhealthandhappinessproject : Haha this is my husband asking the question lol
thepantrydetox : Mine does the same! 😂 @wwhealthandhappinessproject
wwhealthandhappinessproject - healthycrochet - houseofindie - endocia_2ewed -
Portrait for the Spectator #seemaaziz #pakistan #spectator #thespectator #careschools #care
pakistan - careschools - seemaaziz - thespectator - spectator - care -
simonjarratt - samhothe - iamjahanzaib - wildthangone -
No 170 Friday, September 14, 1711. #love #latin #thespectator #books #words #paper #pages
paper - latin - love - words - thespectator - books - pages -
babytaylormusic : 👏
organicsystems_rus : Nice!
violetmarla : Very sweet!
_bestylish_ - dirtysoundzz - theartef -
#travels #spectator #throughtheroof #travelaroundtheworld #bw #whitetea #starbucks #thespectator #ice
travelaroundtheworld - spectator - ice - travels - whitetea - starbucks - bw - thespectator - throughtheroof -
travelcinderella : Liebes,Bist Du schon wieder on Tour ☺️ ?
instatija : 👌 👌 👌
domi_no : @travelcinderella always ❤️
travelcinderella - seven_seas_tea - nobleandsavage - marie__laforge -
Even the best mixologist in Charleston is a war hero! @southerntownie served 3 tours in Iraq and now makes the best drinks at The Spectator! I salute this hero! #leegreenwood #charleston #thespectator #americanhero
thespectator - charleston - leegreenwood - americanhero -
southerntownie : Thank you very much. It was an absolute honor to meet you and have you both taste my cocktails!
usakimig - tapdancernatnat - brendacollins.smith - richardswisss -
#thespectator P.C. @_one_in_a_million_guy
thespectator -
owais.ullah_yeman - vimbika_27 - vaibhav_raj_mishra - tanayshahi -
Fabulous doorstep. Presume an artist lives/d here in Bloomsbury, in the former offices of The Spectator magazine #doorstep #reddoor #artist #architecture #londonlife #bloomsbury #thespectator #doughtystreet
artist - bloomsbury - reddoor - architecture - londonlife - thespectator - doughtystreet - doorstep -
roomlra - socialbelly - poshbaird - sparta411 -
And while we ate... #TheSpectator #FoodSpectator #FoodInspector #kiwi #KiwiStrawberryBanana #Yorkie #Yorkshire #YorkieLove #yorkiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
kiwi - kiwistrawberrybanana - yorkielove - yorkie - foodspectator - yorkshire - yorkiesofinstagram - thespectator - foodinspector - dogsofinstagram - : :)
proudyorkies : Super cool 😃
proudyorkies - theyorkmoscow - lole_iglesias - roscorubino -
Thank you Daisy Buchanan for the warm welcome to #Charleston! #DaisyBuchanan #White #Peahen #SouthernLiving #TheSpectator
peahen - southernliving - daisybuchanan - thespectator - charleston - white -
ashleylbostic : Love it! Y'all have so much fun! ❤️❤️❤️
brendacollins.smith - thomasinabffreyermuth - dottie_stotts - arianna.nance -
Also from my drawing board last night ' damn independent thinkers' for portrait of the week #jeremycorbyn #reshuffle #labourparty #cartoon #caricature #spectator #thespectator
labourparty - caricature - spectator - thespectator - cartoon - jeremycorbyn - reshuffle -
karecarado - montgomeryjohn_ - robkelly91 - wildthangone -
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