4th #h2oi down. Another #happyjack breakfast and it's time to head home. Till next year oc. 🍻 @alex_ej1 @twentyfourzero @rdadamo @sdurmm @pkeller @ausman12 @sarahxberg #thesceneisdead
happyjack - h2oi - thesceneisdead -
mld032191 : #frontplateseverywhere
pkeller : front tag fags
patrickw5 : Good seeing you guys πŸ‘‹
evol_evo : Hey fag you didn't hangout with me πŸ˜ͺ
see_trees : @patrickw5 you too man!!
see_trees : @evol_evo sorry!! 😭 we kept getting busy with broken cars lol
evol_evo : Dumb cars are dumb
see_trees : @evol_evo we gonna sell all of them and start a new hobby.... Idk what yet though.
mattwelge - m1cha3l_j_ - spencer_shecks - dirty_euro -
Holllaaaa #h2oi #h2o2013 #45th #taphouse #thesceneisdead #okcool
45th - taphouse - okcool - h2o2013 - h2oi - thesceneisdead -
johnthejampion : Those green headlights are dope
mk1andrew - vw_sam_ - ccharliemurphyy - ayo_cpavao -
1AM: Shots Fired #ocpd #ocpdrollcall #h2o #h2oi #thesceneisdead #braap #backfire #okcool
ocpdrollcall - ocpd - thesceneisdead - h2o - backfire - braap - okcool - h2oi -
fakerich_ : Ticey!
alisonzaniewski - cat_ashtrophe - lainiekatemoon - peterson8969 -
I hope my seats don't land me in the impound yard.. Sticker removal starts now! #h2oi #okcool #idcanymore #newbiesruinedthegame #thesceneisdead
thesceneisdead - okcool - idcanymore - h2oi - newbiesruinedthegame -
skyjackedmk6 : We've literally been parked since we got here. It's so bad the cops told us they are just supposed to impound everyone
signfactoryadam : πŸ‘‹
samanthuhh__ : Your seats are fine. Tex asked about his and the Cop said he won't have a problem.
vinnycopyright : @samanthuhh__ okay good. What about my exhaust that sticks out 13ft? @michaelbarry can we cuddle this weekend?
samanthuhh__ : not too sure about that. but what I do know is that you will get ticketed for camber and being too low. & a few other things. Oh & they have a ton of state police coming in for the weekend. There's some already here.
3005mps : Hashtags are the realest ^
pfunk242 : Lol what is to much camber according to the cops?
hubzdubb : @pfunk242 more than 2 deg
suster17 - bittersweetsuicide - joshiee_v - ilichj -
#sceneslayer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #thesceneisdead πŸ’€
sceneslayer - thesceneisdead -
dailyscraping : @davey_auers lol
the_nick_farrington : Killllllled it
davedeppen : @dirk_lsxt
r__umad : πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
incurve : @danny_incurve πŸ˜‚
danny_incurve : @incurve lmao every time
ajrossi - chrisito - r__umad - snackpack32 -
So emo #emo #420 #lol #emomyass #emoisdead #sad #noonegetsme #chopped #prettydabheads #prettypotheads #prettystoners #bathroom #selfi #emohurts #thesceneisdead #dabsondabs #wax #wakenbake
chopped - noonegetsme - prettydabheads - emoisdead - sad - emohurts - bathroom - selfi - wakenbake - emo - dabsondabs - lol - thesceneisdead - emomyass - wax - 420 - prettystoners - prettypotheads -
kawaii4satan - scream_in_the_dark - asking_devans_alexandria - sunshine_hh -
This is why I'm done with car shows. Girls bring ridiculous shit and always place. It never fails. #carshow #carshowgirls #neverfails #boredmakingmemes #whowantsmycar #thesceneisdead #nomoreshowsforme #justgoingtoparty #vw #volkswagen #r32 #mk4 #mkiv #gti #vwworld #mk6 #mk5 #jetta #mk2 #mk1
justgoingtoparty - carshow - whowantsmycar - volkswagen - nomoreshowsforme - vwworld - r32 - neverfails - boredmakingmemes - gti - thesceneisdead - mk6 - mk5 - mk4 - mkiv - mk1 - mk2 - vw - carshowgirls - jetta -
jkay_allday : She is hot tho... Lol
ryanspauldingr32 : @jkay_allday obviously lol
jkay_allday : We are talking about the car right?
jkay_allday : If she clutchin with those heels on and actually drives it like it was meant to when it was built, she deserves it... πŸ™Š but, she probably better with other sticks. 😈
ryanspauldingr32 : @jkay_allday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
mrs_chandlercase : Girls place because the scene is full of men. It's a men's hobby for the most part and yes there are females who enjoy a car show. Yes, I am one of those. It's just sad and degrading to women dressing like this to place, should just be about the car! One day you will see a Letty πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #dope #h2o #vdub #stereotypes #love
cheri985 : @mo_the_ripper @tarynviljoen fuck this made me laugh
ruinedmkiv : #thesceneisinfactruined
kabliss4 - marcus_mckenzie - _joyniina - julio_cabrera12 -
#warpedtour #fuckyou #14yearoldgirls #hookupwith30yearoldsinadaytoremember #thesceneisdead #fuckgerardway #fuckyou #fuckfestivals #fuckcorporations #fuckhottopic #fuckwarpedtour #fuckboyswholooklikegirls #fuckmetalcorebandsafter2004 #fucklogos #fucktrademarks #fuckyourLLC #fuck5dollarsodas #fuckconcessions #fuckeverybandincludingthetwoiveheardofthatstillarentworthAnyonestime #fuckhairextensions #fuckguyliner #fucksayingyouradiybandbutyouplayfestivalsallsummer
14yearoldgirls - hookupwith30yearoldsinadaytoremember - fuckhairextensions - fuckyourllc - fuckfestivals - fuckwarpedtour - fuckguyliner - thesceneisdead - fuckgerardway - fucksayingyouradiybandbutyouplayfestivalsallsummer - fuckcorporations - warpedtour - fuckyou - fuckhottopic - fuckmetalcorebandsafter2004 - fuckeverybandincludingthetwoiveheardofthatstillarentworthanyonestime - fuck5dollarsodas - fucklogos - fucktrademarks - fuckboyswholooklikegirls - fuckconcessions -
30_helens_agree : There isn't even one or two bands I'd see. They used to try a little to not have every band be for little girls who like Paramore.
30_helens_agree : Yeah that shit was dope @kab00m780 they just don't fuck with good talent anymore
kab00m780 : Agreed
manthababyjane : That's ur shit. Shut up.
xingbee : fuck music festivals
shanetron : I mean, every time I die was on the line up
30_helens_agree : I'd rather just wait and see them in Buffalo in December @shanetron
lostyouthco : good stuff
xingbee - aruleofthirds - arielstewart - larryvillains -
Bone dry but no ones riding. This place is lame. #bmx #thesceneisdead
bmx - thesceneisdead -
hutchy_1995 : Are you still there? @oldsaltybastard
oldsaltybastard : Nah man @hutchy_1995
tomanderscake - jetta_chew_mk2 - ivans_bmx - nick_saunders -
So I know its not #tbt or any of that dumb shit but noticed my ID was expired. 21 in my ID and i believe 24 in my college ID. Look at that scene hair and cant really see in my ID my lip/septum piercing. So hardcore! Wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass. #scenehair #thesceneisdead #fashionmullet #girlswholift #xcorex #dumbbitch πŸ˜‚
scenehair - xcorex - fashionmullet - dumbbitch - girlswholift - tbt - thesceneisdead -
peteavelis - buxombohemian - mimimortuary - thorny383 -
Cut up an old page of AP and put it in my sketchbook..all while listening to my Artpop CD πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ #botdf #bloodonthedancefloor #jayyvonmonroe #dahvievanity #jeffreestar #newyearsday #daveysuicide #thesceneisdead #oldtour #APmagazine #artpop #ladygaga #goodday
ladygaga - bloodonthedancefloor - jeffreestar - apmagazine - goodday - jayyvonmonroe - thesceneisdead - dahvievanity - newyearsday - artpop - botdf - oldtour - daveysuicide -
punkr0ckchick : @elijahjoyce
dannyblu : Great! And please check us out, we're for fans of Black Veil Brides and BOTDF!
washammgmt : Nice
mazzywhitney_offical - ryo_relentless - tommymmcgrath - vary_saxy -
#tbt This one is also priceless! @sarajena @meowhailey #marygetaninstagram #emo #emoforlife #imustbeemo #underoath #scene #thesceneisdead #xcorex #straightedge #fuckyeah #
straightedge - emo - tbt - emoforlife - scene - marygetaninstagram - fuckyeah - xcorex - thesceneisdead - imustbeemo - underoath -
rightmeowkitty : @bstrampz You're just so rude, brah!
bstrampz : Nahhhh brah @rightmeowkitty
rightmeowkitty : @bstrampz Yuh shut your face! Ya feel me brah!?
bstrampz : Brah no Brah @rightmeowkitty
rightmeowkitty : @bstrampz For real brah! When I come back this summer, brah! Watch yo back.
bstrampz : Fight me brah @rightmeowkitty
rightmeowkitty : @bstrampz You could actually probably kick my ass.
bstrampz : I wouldn't do that haha ily @rightmeowkitty
come_back_underoath - stillclothingcollective - blondieperson - toflagship -
I almost forgot this #tbt gem! @meowhailey and I were so cool. This is totally from the beginning of our MySpace whoring days. Please note my purple bottom eye liner and sick Gir tank top. #emo #imustbeemo #hawthorneheights #invaderzim #hottopic #MySpace #scene #thesceneisdead
emo - myspace - hawthorneheights - tbt - scene - hottopic - invaderzim - thesceneisdead - imustbeemo -
rightmeowkitty : FEEL THE ANGST!!
meowhailey : I FUCKING LOVE YOU. we were so amazingly cool I don't know why anyone would not want to hang out with us.
rightmeowkitty : @meowhailey Right?! But motha fuckers hated hard!
meowhailey : yeah but that comes with being emo as fuck hahahaha I have come to admit that we as a group were pretty intimidating to say the least lmao
meowhailey : I believe the shirt I was wearing was a Senses Fail tank top lol
meowhailey : but I only knew a couple of songs :x
rightmeowkitty : @meowhailey We were all nice kids though... we were just super weird and always all dressed in black... like a cult, but with kids.
pikapikachus - dreadseeder - djtali16 - morocanidol -
Now my soul is feeling empty, tell the reaper come n get meh. #moscow #blackonblack #allblack #blackisthenewblack #lakid #goodvibes #thesceneisdead #memories #scenekids #fuckyoscene #getem #rawr
rawr - scenekids - memories - moscow - lakid - thesceneisdead - getem - goodvibes - allblack - blackisthenewblack - fuckyoscene - blackonblack -
_bellalulu_ : 😍
urowndeception : I like !
erjoodevi : 😍
iiam_infinite : 😍😍
a_specialday : Beautiful!
mikeljoshua : ❀
decoboi - themichaelmuse - mfkoobs - silverlakefencing -
killing it at the @ericprydz pool party at #draislasvegas last Saturday. the most beautiful club ever! take me back! #thesceneisdead #pryda #prydafriends #ericprydz #poolparty @tigersmith #drais #dayclub #nightclub
draislasvegas - pryda - prydafriends - poolparty - nightclub - thesceneisdead - ericprydz - drais - dayclub -
leaworldmusic - mattcryer - aorzo - emilyelizabethn -
Had absolutely no sleep in Vegas for the first two days. I came to the last set on Friday soooooo dead @430am and carnage had me jumping to every beat. One of my best sets this weekend. Wish it was earlier though!! Lol 😷😷😷😷❀️ #carnage #thishissundayhardstyle #takemeback #edc #thesceneisdead
edc - takemeback - turneduptodeath - thishissundayhardstyle - carnage - thesceneisdead -
ramoswey : Do you really think the scene is dead @_jazzybaybee
_jazzybaybee : Semi yea. Lol there's a huge amount of people who are down for great talent and good vibes. But there is also a new feeling of these events being simply for whores, bros, and partying lol. We had soooo much good vibes and energetic ass people when we went the first year. Everyone danced their asses off. Now people are less into the music is all. Maybe I'm getting over it though lol. What you think? You go to edc! @ramoswey
jjjpz : Carnage by far was my favorite! I saw him both nights. His set was fucking mind blowing the first night as the sun came up... πŸ’ŠπŸ’₯πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸŒ™β˜€οΈ #takemeback #wentwaytoohard @_jazzybaybee
_jazzybaybee : Right!!! Omg I kept dying in between his come downs and drops πŸ˜› he kept me going though! @jjjpz #turneduptodeath
_alexiiiis12 - adriiigaal - frankieeee_v - _thunderclap_ -
TBT to me in Jettison The Deadweight. We are playing at Tony's Pizza! This was one of my favorite venues back when Milwaukee had a music scene. #tbt #jettisonthedeadweight #show #metal #bass #fun #scene #tonyspizza #milwaukee #music #thesceneisdead
scene - bass - show - metal - tonyspizza - tbt - music - fun - milwaukee - jettisonthedeadweight - thesceneisdead -
faceofruin - sarimillerr - markweingarten - levelthecrisp -
#throwback with @jayyvonhatesit,Didnt get a picture with him yesterday but gave him a letter and this lil heart necklace. Place like a little bit of weed in there tho. #jayyvonmonroe #ratchet #2012andLate2012then2013 #Thefighttountie #Thesceneisdead #Badbloodtour #satan #Hecutetho
2012andlate2012then2013 - hecutetho - jayyvonmonroe - thesceneisdead - thefighttountie - badbloodtour - throwback - ratchet - satan -
naughtykanniblekiller : Hey go look at the first comment that's on my photo of me my little sister and Dahvie. What a stupid brat
roses_and_ghosts : @naughtykanniblekiller I'm like barley seeing your comment😳 I'll check it out
naughtykanniblekiller : Ya the chick is a child looking for attention
sara_love_hope - billbillahbibi - jayyvonslove - ninjaweller -
This is fucking hilarious. Vans Warped Tour has banned moshing/crowd surfing because they don't want to be sued by people who get hurt. How punk rock are lawsuits bro? Give me a break. It's ridiculous that it had to come to this, and it's even more ridiculous that Kevin Lyman caved to this bullshit. #warpedtour #moshing #crowdsurfing #thesceneisdead
moshing - thesceneisdead - crowdsurfing - warpedtour -
un.liked : For real?
realgeorgieboy : Not on my watch.
wellyourewrong - abbygawron - mikefalcone - bigdaddyzola -
Bored going through old MySpace pics... Back when I was an Emo teenager! I was so little! Lol what was I thinking with that hair!! Ha! #ExEmoKid #SceneKid #TheSceneIsDead #MySpaceCelebritiesAreDead #DoYouRemember?
myspacecelebritiesaredead - doyouremember - thesceneisdead - exemokid - scenekid -
christinahollenbach - saxaphonex - _princessitaa - peralta_2010 -
Blue in hair yay #blue#splat#hair#blonde#colors#selfie#myself#me#itried#bluehair#streaks#winner
blue - me - myself - blonde - streaks - waytoruinthecobrastarship - itried - selfie - winner - thesceneisdead - bluehair - colors - hair - splat -
rxmcr : #longlivetheSCENE
glam0urkills : @rxmcr #theSCENEisdead
mylifeiskay : #jensSCENEwillneverdie
glam0urkills : @mylifeiskay #waytoruinthecobrastarship
mylifeiskay : #likeigiveashit #yourestillascenekid
livi_218 - fromthemorgue - mitchisnthere - nathanduva -
Warped Tour 2014 @kiimmyyyy
tattoos - goth - disneytattoos - motd - hollywoodundead - scene - tattooedgirls - hottopic - brutal - glassjaw - twloha - maleficent - jeffreystar - pinup - rockabella - bettiebangs - disneyprincess - warpedtour - mywarpedfashion - mychemicalromance - emo - disneyprincesssleeve - hawthorneheights - bringmethehorizon - pinupgirl - thesceneisdead - curvy - warpedtour2014 - theused - brutalclaw -
freddiekrueger : These hashtags
kittytyson : Why don't I have cute Disney clothes? 😭 I'm jealous.
srmalloy : Those hashtags though.
shannybabesss : "#twloha" I CANNOT.
societyghosts : You had me at #hawthorneheights
kiimmyyyy : @journeysshoes
silkyvalentine : Ahhh this dress! You look gorge!!
screamoutloudfl : Hell yeah! I think you'll dig us too, give us a listen!
silkyvalentine - honey_dipp - makeupbyangebritton - littlemissstarlet -
#sceneforlife #omfglikeshowsandskinnyjeans #xXXright?xXX I promise I'm 23 not 11 #thesceneisdead
omfglikeshowsandskinnyjeans - sceneforlife - xxxright - thesceneisdead -
yekim369 - jennprofitt - __rubess__ - michaelme0ws -
#ottermozz #weirdones #parkst #hartford #stayclassyct #streetlife #steadygrind #thesceneisdead #dailystruggle #g#hustlehard #justanotherday #clockwork
hustlehard - g - stayclassyct - ottermozz - justanotherday - streetlife - clockwork - parkst - hartford - steadygrind - thesceneisdead - dailystruggle - weirdones -
hayleygirlygirl825 - douglasdean_ - loudvibez - kyle_bolden -
When I was scene, we didn't need filters. #selfie
me - meow - selfie - scene - sceenieweenie - thesceneisdead - foxy - scenedays - pretty - scenequeen - tbt -
whiteamericka : #tbt #pretty #me #meow #foxy #scenedays #thesceneisdead #sceenieweenie #scenequeen #scene
xxbio_jamxx : *-*
xxbio_jamxx : We have to go back
keefies1337 : Erickaecstacy&trade
keenziie - t17lee - teddy_killerz - wootenholly -
I can't keep my hand off my hood. #braintrauma is no joke. In my mind, #thesceneisdead is a lie. #tbi #memoryloss #noragrets
tbi - noragrets - braintrauma - memoryloss - thesceneisdead -
_catcherfreeman - alyssamichellle - ericaw_o - rebecca__wood -
Oh, it's Tuesday? Ok, better throw it back a few years. Man, I thought I was something else. I'd slap myself for looking like this today.... That was pretty great hair though. Eh, I'll let myself slide on this one. #thesceneisdead #peoplethoughtilookedgood #cmonman
peoplethoughtilookedgood - cmonman - thesceneisdead -
alabama_sweetheart_ : Its Wednesday Brian!!
wearbears : Oh! Sorry, turns out, I might actually also be retarded! 😬
meganstormc : I like your hair
wearbears : Me too! My hair now is much like my love life. Gone. πŸ™Œ
wearbears : @kellysaunke last time you liked all my pictures legend has it I climbed a tree and burned people or something
kellysaunke : LmAooooo. @wearbears
alabama_sweetheart_ - jwitherell1996 - cirtolthioel - kcirtapnattar -
#octopus #sketch #thesceneisdead #what
sketch - octopus - what - thesceneisdead -
courtney_art - princess_xochitl - alondragon - rachel_breanneee -
#tbt to prom junior year of high school.
myspace - tbt - thursday - thesceneisdead - prom - junioryear - throwback - highschool - scenequeen - 2008 -
e_nahumalbright : #throwback #thursday #scenequeen #myspace #thesceneisdead #prom #junioryear #highschool #2008
hudsontopacific : That dress is killer
e_nahumalbright : @hudsontopacific thanks! I still have it... And it still fits πŸ˜‰
victoriarichland : Amazing. My junior prom my hair was almost black on top and blonde underneath.
e_nahumalbright : @victoriarichland well I added the blonde to make sure my hair matche my dress.
victoriarichland : Yesss
sbee1129 - victoriarichland - oh_harbs -
#TransformationTuesday Omg... look at that scene phase. Those bangs! Hahahaha this must have been long before how remotely knew how to properly apply makeup.πŸ˜‚ #scenieweenie #wannabescenedays #omg #sofuckingfunny #gbhtshirt #15yearoldme #maybe14 #thesceneisdead
transformationtuesday - omg - maybe14 - thesceneisdead - gbhtshirt - 15yearoldme - sofuckingfunny - wannabescenedays - scenieweenie -
oct.13thedayigivemylifeaway : Still cute doe
eric_romerobro : Wow
redleaderstandingby : @eric_romerobro haha what?
eric_romerobro : So different
redleaderstandingby : @eric_romerobro haha ikr
eric_romerobro : Yea :) your so beautiful
redleaderstandingby : @eric_romerobro aww thanks :)
acidbruh - nicknostalgic - mombie4 -
#tbt to when things were more simple, when cars didn't control your ego and friendships were more important then the scene. I miss these meets, LiMKV 2010 photo by @vinnylauri #limkv #fuvkthescene #thesceneisdead #killthescenequeens #tbt #throwback
killthescenequeens - fuvkthescene - throwback - limkv - tbt - thesceneisdead -
scgracer : Best post πŸ‘Š it's soo true these days
ssway__ : Rip to all those things.
mattdonders : Ughhh simpler times.
fortygig : Can u take pics of my car, lol
vinnylauri : We were like clock work showing up to that park
stevelafountain : Let's bring em back. I'll be back in NY in a week and a half. 😘
slambur - chagurllll - melaniemus - nicolesayy -
This beautiful bearded man took a dump on "the scene" and now has the one and only bagged SVX out there. #nowarning #killshot #THEFIRSTBAGGEDSVX #thesceneisdead #unconventionalstance #worthyofmyhashtag #first #bagged #Subaru #SVX #niceprobebro @brothadavid
bagged - thefirstbaggedsvx - niceprobebro - unconventionalstance - nowarning - thesceneisdead - subaru - svx - killshot - worthyofmyhashtag - first -
jarrettjs : Y u no lay fram David @brothadavid
brothadavid : #letsgodrivearoundslowtogether
zatchxc : @brothadavid I kinda got shot in the leg and don't have the motory functions necessary to operate a vehicle.
brothadavid : #lameassexcuse
arrozconchopsticks : Nice cars, funny thin is that I was looking at them today on youtube. They just need a manual transmission, boost and suspension etc. Things sound like Porsches.
zatchxc : @arrozconchopsticks Next step is a manual swap. No-one makes forged internals for them so you either have to have them custom machined or only run a few pounds.
arrozconchopsticks : @zatchxc oh OK
scooby_wint : @mr_pac_
samcuom0 - 4givendrifter - alexeylesha - sergey_artemov -
@teresetybor @jayyvonhatesit @nikkimisery @anthonynyd @russellnyd @ashcostello @daveysuicide @bryanstars @officialbotdf just some of the autographs I've collected over the years #thefighttounitetour #thefighttounite #thefighttounitetour2012 #thefighttounite2012#tftut #tftut2012 #thesceneisdeadtour #thesceneisdead #twist #TSIDT
tftut - thesceneisdeadtour - tsidt - thefighttounite - thefighttounitetour2012 - thefighttounitetour - thefighttounite2012 - thesceneisdead - twist - tftut2012 -
nicolebuxton14 - b3n_fu113r - ofmiceandmari1 - amber_gayle19 -
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