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Throwback to me trying to be scene at 18. #thesceneisdead #throwbackmonday #becausewhynot
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Throw πŸ”™ #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #mk4 #gti #bbsrs #airride #airedout #airlift #perfect #fitment #vw #thesceneisdead
perfect - fitment - throwbackthursday - gti - airlift - airride - tbt - airedout - mk4 - vw - throwback - thesceneisdead - bbsrs -
joshr_gti : 😍😍😍 was so awesomeπŸ˜ͺ
davey_auers : #allchromeeverything
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Bands note: you will never compare to JBJ #JockBlowJob #JBJ #offensivebandname #wearentgay #UMASSband #Amherst #BerkshireCountyJockRock #BestBand #TheSceneIsDead
offensivebandname - jockblowjob - umassband - bestband - berkshirecountyjockrock - amherst - thesceneisdead - jbj - wearentgay -
thankyou_sean : @jfetcho @j_a_bielat
alannabassett_ : I MISS THEM SO MUCH
andyponch : All that fame went to their collective heads. In fact they ALL thought they were JBJ and started failed JBJ franchise bands in Boston, LA and Brooklyn (of course). They are so selfish and should properly reunite...assholes
j_a_bielat : I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say.
rob_mick : love this
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just cause this trick feels cool. #ridaz #whofuckinridesanymore #thesceneisdead #afterschoolcalibound #fuckFL
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coreysback : Yeah fuck fl
thecharliejolly : U think the scene is dead?,go to cali bro bmx is just growing much more if anything @mikesugdinis
mushcrew : We will meet you there
matt_coplon : I love florida.
emmittbmx : @matt_coplon grass is always greener.....
keandrelindo : Fuck Florida πŸ‘Š
julianwellman : Awesome Video
mikesugdinis : @julianwellman thanks bossπŸ‘πŸ‘
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My buddy @dietray sent me this yesterday of my rap album I recorded, mixed and stamped in my closet at my parents house back in the dizzay when I murdered beats dreaming big of being the next clean version of Ludicrous! Recorded one song since. #retired #ibleedhiphop #goalz #cantsteptothis #ipromise #notavailableonitunes Hit your boy up for a copy! Peace.
ipromise - cantsteptothis - retired - notavailableonitunes - thesceneisdead - goalz - ibleedhiphop -
myfriendjared : Fake dog
feetnate : @myfriendjared Fake Dog, second best song. ✊
feetnate : #thesceneisdead
camlamb09 : I'll never give up hope for that first U.S. Tour!
chevyson : Best cd ever
okaykkay725 : I still have my copy of this sweet mix tape. However it maybe scratched to high heaven but I've got it!!
mikeavelli : dope page. I like successful people, Contact me 302.241.5412 or DM me if you're interested in a business opportunity
nycresiduals : Nice Page !!
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today i miss the family. gimme one more night at SOR with all of you (or another mess of a boozle) and i'll be happy #thesceneisdead #longlivethescene (@paulinaluong @amorel @kriscatstro @lallcrack @jennceserano @codea @catherinepowell @tjdarsh @jessleplon @theabirhossain) #tbt
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catherinepowell : FEEEEEELS 😭😭😭😭😭
catherinepowell : Spanky and I were just talking about how we're all old people now.
tjdarsh : @c.reatures I'm going to go drink bleach now bye
2creepies : @catherinepowell I had another photo I wanted to post from the tmo/ea/bc13 tour (lol) and I was just going to tag it #spanky. you should tell him I miss him πŸ™Š
2creepies : @catherinepowell AND YOU SORTA I GUESS
jessleplon : 😩
paulinaluong : #godsavethescene 😭
rachelhscola : this is amazing
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Tumblr is spelled wrong but... People in general. Why is pizza BAE to everyone all of a sudden? Is it trending or something? Hasnt it always been delicious or did I miss something? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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rendezvousinyou : @jenniferlavely yea.. I'm a hermit so netfliix is my jam ... But not my lover Hahahah I GET IT WE ARE LONELY
gigiakajustjude : Kind of reminds me of all the bacon posts .., bacon isn't new ! Lol
rendezvousinyou : @gigiakajustjude look at Chey's comment
gigiakajustjude : Haha!!!!
ally_lynn89 : It's because love fades, but pizza is eternal man
rendezvousinyou : @ally_lynn89 no it's not... I eat the whole thing and it has left me and turns to shit like everything else! πŸ˜ΏπŸ”«
rendezvousinyou : @ally_lynn89 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #literally #overdramatics
ally_lynn89 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #droppinbombs #neverendingcycle #whatgoesinmustcomeout
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I wanna be 15 again and go to coverge shows every other month #converge #janedoe #metalasfuck #metalisdead #thesceneisdead #fuckittho
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harderthanthestorm : I would have gone to fuck shit up tonight, when are you going to call me bro
cawbin_dallas : I was just at a metal show a couple weeks ago lol
dechanetravelservices : What show brother? @cawbin_dallas
cawbin_dallas : Sink the ship, probably hardcore idk crap about metal lol
dechanetravelservices : Lol ur funny brother it's ok I only listen to meek mill now u kno 😎 @cawbin_dallas
cawbin_dallas : Lol yeah rap is better
dechanetravelservices : Me n pops played horseshoes the other day he kicked my ass brutally πŸ˜‚ @cawbin_dallas
cawbin_dallas : Bruh dads the best at horseshoes nobody can beat him XD on the real though it's all about mac demarco
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Tenth anniversary, losers! #silverstein #crowfoot #thesceneisdead
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elenavalencia13 : #orisit ??? ;)
screamoutloudfl : Awesome!! Also, if you don't mind checking us out, we'd really appreciate it. We're for fans of Silverstein!
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You guys... #thesceneisdead #forrealthistime #dontbringitback #lowkey #truth
truth - forrealthistime - lowkey - dontbringitback - thesceneisdead -
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#thesceneisdead #carshows #showseason #cambergang #whathappened #beseennotscene
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kja365 : #preach πŸ™
nemosalley : People can't drive is what happened. Fully built cars go too fast for mommy money fuck boys
mk6mike25 : Yeah and people make their car un drivable, everyone just wants to be instgram famous.
red.rabid.rabbit : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
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Awh @royalstance blocked me, can't handle the truth, keep posting "junkyard" builds
inbeforetheblock -
andi_kg : Holy fuck that Mazda is awful..
megangreeno : Right!!!! @andi_kg
andi_kg : @megangreeno I'm going to go ahead and comment on it after yours. But wow.. That's possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. That's terrible. How do you even build that and think it's cool or good looking? Functions gone obviously.. But wtf look was he going for? I agree with Ben #thesceneisdead
mattgreeneva : On the way
megangreeno : Thank you 😘 @andi_kg
l0rdvadr : Let me guess... That green Mazda 3 that looked like a 5yr old pooped out a matchbox car?
l0rdvadr : @benjernigan what u should of done was block them 1st so you wouldn't see anymore trash like that on your feed. πŸ’₯πŸ”«
loki757 : We should all get lifted trucks and run all the scene fucks over.
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😍❀😍❀😍❀ #wearescientists #thesceneisdead #withloveandsqualor #musictoreadby
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#scene kids be like, 'can I retrofit these?' #hid #thesceneisdead #ded
ded - hid - scene - thesceneisdead -
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emokid - selfie - scene - thesceneisdead - high - 420 - scenekid - emo -
rk_john : Those are my glasses πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
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Average selfie πŸ’ fucks with it . #Croptops #life #love #floral #graphictees #pierced #piercings #girlswithpiercings #brighteyes #girlswithprettyeyes #tatted #suicidegirl #selfie #fuckwithit #purplehair #scene #scenekid #thesceneisdead
life - love - selfie - purplehair - scene - pierced - fuckwithit - tatted - piercings - floral - suicidegirl - girlswithpiercings - graphictees - brighteyes - thesceneisdead - croptops - girlswithprettyeyes - scenekid -
thisisliger : Like it!
gkrikes : Nice!
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Throwback to when I used to be obsessed with being a scene kid. 8th grade. Two years ago about. #thesceneisdead
thesceneisdead -
zagimania : Hair fried AF from all the fucking bleach.
zagimania : @puffhuffpuff <3
kittygurl56 : Lol I remember that... ure hair was SOO dry!
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This made me lol #fuckbois #thesceneisdead
fuckbois - thesceneisdead -
the_nick_farrington : Haha
mauricepigeon2124 : @jakepipal @tannerwestly
96integra209 : I don't even own a bank account, but watch me hold up traffic over these train tracks. @jakepipal @mauricepigeon2124
ermoses : @bropez2492
lorax710 : @daveherzfeld @steven.patrick
austin_dugas : @dana_robichaud @c_doyle @cptn_adventure hahaha
cptn_adventure : @adudeguy lol
alstonbondi : @_ryan_powell @trev_carr117 @matty_j91
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@felkins_aron6 is going for more of the 2009 MySpace emo look now. #emo #myspace #scenekids #thesceneisdead #austinisabouttotrackvocals #wekillinit
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corybeville : Words cannot describe how perfect that is ❀️❀️❀️
kade_malone : #brotherwolfshirt
theericrichie - mckenzieereech - the.maddiemerrell - chris_tyler_shifflett -
The car scene now is a fucking joke and is being killed by all these drama loving self entitled little kids that think it's funny to vandalize, steal, take peoples money and help and never pay back or return the favor and its driving good and talented people out of it...get off your high horse and grow the fuck up and respect people and be a good person or gtfo of the scene...just saying #thesceneisdead #savetheeuros #savethescene #bringitback #growup #justsaying
bringitback - savetheeuros - justsaying - savethescene - growup - thesceneisdead -
lolstella : Preach
zachvolkert : @lolstella oh no I'm ranting
ultrvlord : Yes so much fucking yes.
zachvolkert : @thvckerybinx well I'm glad someone agrees
t_pearce91 - lolstella - o_smurf_o - xsomethingcleverx -
Got a chance to meet Zatox and MC Villain at the Ambassador meeting before The Sound of Q-dance 3 in LA! #thesceneisdead #tsoq #qsa #qdance #zatox #mcvillain
zatox - qsa - tsoq - mcvillain - qdance - thesceneisdead -
caleb1777 : Dope pic idk if you remember me I was in your hotel for a little after the rave and left with Michael and I'm good friend with Chris Howell
czarcruise : @caleb1777 yeah bruh I remember you haha :)
mayhemhollywood - foxylandon - jjupinere - maiifeee -
EDC Reddit and Strangers with Kandi Family photo at The Sound of Q-dance 3 in LA. #edm #edmidentity #qsa #thesceneisdead #tsoq #qdance #hardstyle #strangerswithkandi #swk #edcreddit
edmidentity - qsa - edcreddit - qdance - swk - thesceneisdead - hardstyle - tsoq - strangerswithkandi - edm -
cliff_am : Looks like you guys had a blast!!
swanson57 : I had such an epic time! I wish traveling wasn't so expensive. 😀
fra_valsa : Super!
customravebrasbyamiee : Hi I make custom rave bras for girls for events and festivals I'm trying to get known I was wondering if you could shout me out and help me get known ! Thank you
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So happy that I finally got to rave it up with @elenarangel at The Sound of Q-dance 3 in LA. I miss this girl so much. #swk #strangerswithkandi #edmidentity #edm #eatsleepraverepeat #qsa #thesceneisdead #tsoq #qdance #hardstyle
edmidentity - swk - qdance - qsa - edm - eatsleepraverepeat - hardstyle - tsoq - strangerswithkandi - thesceneisdead -
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Had so much fun celebrating @_nod3_ 's birthday at The Sound of Q-dance 3 in LA. #edm #edmidentity #qsa #thesceneisdead #tsoq #qdance #hardstyle #strangerswithkandi #swk
edmidentity - qsa - qdance - swk - thesceneisdead - hardstyle - tsoq - strangerswithkandi - edm -
_n.slim_ : Looking like a G.
stevensipannha : Cool pic
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A hodgepodge of beautiful memories with beautiful people. Top left is Ash and Nikki on The Scene is Dead Tour 2012; where it all started for me. Next is Warped Tour 2013. Top right is me flashing my newly inked Mechanical Heart tattoo with Nikki and Russell. My first actual time meeting these amazing kiddos. Very bottom is also Warped Tour; group photo with Nikki, Anthony, Russell, Ash, and Jake. Middle three are the most recent; from Friday night on the Superstition Tour 2014. So many good memories. They're the only band I've seen 4 times now. Can't wait to make it more! @ashcostello @nikkimisery @anthonynyd @thenickrossi #thesceneisdead #warpedtour2013 #superstitiontour #ashcostello #nikkimisery #anthinybarro #nickrossi #newyearsday #nyd #creepfamily
ashcostello - superstitiontour - thesceneisdead - anthinybarro - nikkimisery - newyearsday - nickrossi - creepfamily - nyd - warpedtour2013 -
dannyblu : Love it! Check us out if you like good music ;)
mrw1ntergreen : @spookyfag bottom photo... Above Ash. Is that you?
spookyfag : Lmfaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo yes lmfaooooooooo
spookyfag : I was dying
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I don't like to brag, but when I do it's about being at this show with @rvalley730 . Yeah, the fat kid who sang for the opening band is now a Grammy winner. regram from @midtownnj #elitist #oldman #heykidsgetoutofmypit #niletheatre #thesceneisdead
niletheatre - thesceneisdead - oldman - heykidsgetoutofmypit - elitist -
destinstrahan : Midtown , drivethrurecords for lifeeee
so1omon : I was at the Atom And His Package show. Because I'm that kind of cool.
so1omon - destinstrahan - ponyzord - missheartcore -
I still got it! Well...not really, still shit πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© #writersofinstagram #musiciansofinstagram #thesceneisdead #guitar #riffs #music #instaposer #thatoneguitarguyateveryparty
thatoneguitarguyateveryparty - instaposer - thesceneisdead - guitar - writersofinstagram - riffs - music - musiciansofinstagram -
richelledooley : This is awesome!
joshboshislost : Well thank you! I regret doing it acoustically though.
earrthchild : πŸ‘
ginagillianbates - earrthchild - richelledooley - marcus_caldeira -
It's not a phase mom and dad, this is who I am! Throwback looks for the Hot Topic 25 year anniversary. #emo #thesceneisdead #scenekids #2005 #MCR #mychemicalromance #eyeliner #racooneyes #armwarmers #hottopic25 #hottopichollywood
hottopichollywood - armwarmers - scenekids - mychemicalromance - emo - hottopic25 - eyeliner - thesceneisdead - racooneyes - 2005 - mcr -
ew_s0ciety : You're Rocking That My Chemical Romance Shirt o:
iamtriumphant : It'd be awesome if you followed my label @wearetriumphant
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Well thats depressing.... #TheSceneIsDead #OFFICIALLY #Stickam
stickam - officially - thesceneisdead -
cobehigh - shinyplastic - legit.plug23 -
FIRE IN THE BOOTH #recording #music #booth #bodybag #thesceneisdead #sicklife #hiphop #airdrie #scotland
bodybag - scotland - thesceneisdead - recording - hiphop - sicklife - booth - music - airdrie -
kxrs.ty - chamiram_coach - buzzbuzzfrankie - sadiembthompson -
Post-interview photos with Marlon from Bassjackers and Dyro. Had a lot of fun chatting with them before their sets. #thesceneisdead #edmidentity #edm #eatsleepraverepeat #swk #strangerswithkandi #bassmntsd #bassmnt #xtour
edmidentity - swk - xtour - edm - eatsleepraverepeat - strangerswithkandi - thesceneisdead - bassmntsd - bassmnt -
ya2dayo : I thought this was one pic and u had a twin brother
electrothreads : Hey love your pics! I think you would dig our clothes... Much love! Heres a discount code for 15% off: instalove
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This is Lauren's Halloween costume! RAVE SCENE=GAY ALSO!!!!!! hahahahaha #ravechicksaresolame #thesceneisdead #itsnotaboutthemusicitsaboutthedrugs #molly #halloweencostume #irisgirlhopeful
turndownforwhat - livehigh - wompwompwomp - wobblewednesday - molly - thesceneisdead - ravechicksaresolame - halloweencostume - irisgirlhopeful - wheresmolly - itsnotaboutthemusicitsaboutthedrugs -
atlsubohmkrew : #wompwompwomp
atlsubohmkrew : #wobblewednesday #turndownforwhat #livehigh #wheresmolly
steveomgb : When did she get a hold of Aaron skirt?
fvkkyourgod : Lolol the irisgirl hastag #quadgirl
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