#artforspite #therealcheeseburgerLV
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dellydels : I still got mine! I have them up in my new studio! Along with the basquiat portrait
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Ted Bundy {lady killer}#cheeseburgerLV #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - cheeseburgerlv -
scuminator666 : Dude this is amazing. I love this picture of Teddy.
dvk_art : 😎very cool!!!
cheeseburgerlv : @dvk_art appreciate you
eetbrainz666 : Sometimes I feel like a vampire
cheeseburgerlv : Sometimes I feel like a potato @eetbrainz666
eetbrainz666 : No spuds no mashers
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Las Vegas you fucked up by missing @pookieandthepoodlez and #CUMSTAIN from Oakland @the_dive_lv last night. @uhohcumstain follow these guys and catch their show. 1 #therealcheeseburgerLV
therealcheeseburgerlv - cumstain - allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes -
cheeseburgerlv : @goatrawk they're pretty rad too.i haven't even flipped the plate. side one been played twice though this morning. It's just 10 bucks on burger records. I recommend it.
erin_maiden : It'll be up on in the next couple days, too! @cheeseburgerlv @goatrawk
cheeseburgerlv : @erin_maiden it's up there. I heard it before the show. That's Why I made an appearance .
cheeseburgerlv : @goatrawk it's only 5 bucks on band camp.
cheeseburgerlv : Now I need that @pookieandthepoodlez record... supposed to be out today @erin_maiden
potentialdust : Followed
cheeseburgerlv : @chromedagger don't forget @pookieandthepoodlez they killed too. It's the drummer for cumstain singing. They both are ruling!
cheeseburgerlv : #allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves #recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes
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#currently it's #ZEKE #trueCrime #therealcheeseburgerLV
dropkickrecords - vinylcollection - vinylfetish - thecorpsegrinders - vinyladdict - therealcheeseburgerlv - currently - allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes - vinyligclub - theweirdos - vinylporn - truecrime - theusbombs - thescreamers - zeke -
the_foreignbodies : Awesome!
cheeseburgerlv : @batcrime exactly
brianrichiewilde : We're playing with Paul Roessler
cheeseburgerlv : @brianschickling radical. Where? When?
brianrichiewilde : Redwood bar in LA Dec. 7th
cheeseburgerlv : @brianschickling pre sale tickets? I'd hate to drive 5 hrs and get denied
brianrichiewilde : I think it's free, they're just asking for donations. @cheeseburgerlv
ryan_fms_whiteboy2 : Ha..ha..Hell ya!! @cheeseburgerlv ZEKE rocks..1 of my fav. Punk bands..I used to have an apartment with Donnie..the ,drummer for Zeke, Seattle, on Capitol Hill,! They used to play shows alot in Seattle, 90s. Also..The Accused! Tom also a friend of mine from way back . guitar player, drew alot of the art for Martha's Revenge, ext..
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Hope you all had a safe 9/11 this picture is of the only OC weekly I ever kept the cover from. I'd like to think that bastard was looking into a mirror.
fuckallthebushes - anarchyburgerholdthegovernment - therealcheeseburgerlv - dppunkrockpicture - letitburncauseidontlivethereanymore - nineeleven -
cheeseburgerlv : @justin_terference they raped a graphic designer for a hundie. Then 20 years later have him a milli
timjordantattoos : I feel like this was how G-dubs was feeling every time he addressed our nation.
cheeseburgerlv : @timjordantattoos yeh he was a real motherfucker
cheeseburgerlv : #LetitburncauseIdontlivethereanymore
foolish_philosophy : #fuckallthebushes
cheeseburgerlv : I'm for real worried about Jebodia Bush. he hired all of the last Bush's people. As if that wasn't a complete disaster. @foolish_philosophy
cheeseburgerlv : #fuckallthebushes
cheeseburgerlv : #dppunkrockpicture @magic_skateboards
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It's 2:30am what the fuck are you listening to? #gluecifer #hellacopters RESPECT THE ROCK #therealcheeseburgerLV
hellacopters - punkvinyl - allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves - gluecifer - punkrock - therealcheeseburgerlv - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes -
cheeseburgerlv : @stoneydmf they do the theme song to midnight cowboy on this one..
stoneydmf : @cheeseburgerlv nice! My guitarist said it was a rare album.
cheeseburgerlv : #punkvinyl #punkrock
pogueymahoney : Cows rule
cheeseburgerlv : @pogueymahoney sexy pee story is one of my fav
pogueymahoney : Saw them in 93 or 94 in Costa Mesa. Blew the doors off!!! @cheeseburgerlv
cheeseburgerlv : Yeh they blew my mind with the live show! The singer smashed his grill open with his trumpet bloody mouth missing teeth. On purpose. then stood on his head for a song. It was Wild @pogueymahoney
pogueymahoney : I wonder what one does after The Cows.....? If I remember correctly...Shannon (singer) stripped down to his birthday suit and was blowin' his mangled bugle like a fucking sargeant!!! Rock n roll history @cheeseburgerlv
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My early morning doodling #sketchbook #monkey in #ink #graphite #therealcheeseburgerLV
sketchbook - therealcheeseburgerlv - graphite - monkey - ink -
swankdoll : Idk *shrug*
swankdoll : =\
swankdoll : Me too!
cheeseburgerlv : To dream of a monkey, denotes that deceitful people will flatter you to advance their own interests. @swankdoll monkeys are bad I guess
swankdoll : Oh no! Ill look too mine were not in dreams.
swankdoll : Good you will be more aware!
cheeseburgerlv : I have trouble distinguishing the two sometimes. My dreams are so vivid @swankdoll
swankdoll : I hear you @cheeseburgerlv
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#currently playing #plasticSurgerydisasters by the DEAD KENNEDYS #therealcheeseburgerlv tomorrow you're homeless tonight it's a blast!
punkvinyl - vinylfetish - vinyladdict - therealcheeseburgerlv - currently - myyouth - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes - vinyllover - vinyligclub - punkrock - plasticsurgerydisasters - deadkennedys - vinylporn - vinylcollection -
twofullmoonsandatrout : DMSO
cheeseburgerlv : @oenotria mix it with LSD and smear it on cop/pig door handles.
cheeseburgerlv : Crypto wonder drug en vogue
lee_oh_gnardo : Boom! @duhon_solo
eat.feces : Hell ya!
pluckyxo : JFK blown away
cheeseburgerlv : #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #vinylfetish #vinyladdict #vinyllover #vinylporn
cheeseburgerlv : #punkvinyl #punkrock
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I still have the drawing of the artist Max Ernst $40 on PayPal I'll pay shipping if you're in the USA all you need is my email CheeseburgerLV@ #ink #graphite #on clayboard #therealcheeseburgerlv
on - therealcheeseburgerlv - graphite - ink -
_ofh_ : Ship to aus ??
cheeseburgerlv : @_ofh_ Add $10 that should cover it.
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My interpretation of Inside the Japanese pavilion at L.A.C.M.A. One of My favorite places in this world. #charcoal #conte #therealcheeseburgerlv
conte - charcoal - therealcheeseburgerlv -
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Currently playing THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DICKIES a punk rock classic from 1978 as well as some other classic records as well. #therealcheeseburgerLV
punkvinyl - theweirdos - vinyladdict - therealcheeseburgerlv - theclash - vinyllover - vinyligclub - punkrock - rkl - vinylfetish - vinylporn - vinylcollection -
cheeseburgerlv : @elevatortohell Meandering noun 1. an act of following a winding course. "oxbow lagoons left by the river's meanderings" "in the course of his meanderings through the city" convoluted or undirected thought or language. "he has a penchant for obscure verbal meanderings"
elevatortohell : ima have bad russian and trash english...i didn't what are u about)
cheeseburgerlv : @elevatortohell just being silly. I'm imagining your translator freakin out;)
elevatortohell : @cheeseburgerlv ima using translator only in special situations)
scoldy_lox : Still one of my fav bands!
cheeseburgerlv : @iodinedivine yeh me too.
cheeseburgerlv : #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #vinylfetish #vinyladdict #vinyllover #vinylporn
cheeseburgerlv : #punkvinyl #punkrock
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#linocut #plates #doja #gurl #pitbull #therealcheeseburgerlv
pitbull - plates - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - doja - gurl -
cheeseburgerlv : Usually A couple test prints. If it may be popular ill hand print the edition myself.. I keep track of everything in a book and when the edition is up I destroy the plate @justin_terference
dancustodio : Very nice
cheeseburgerlv : @dancustodio thank you
nate_geezy : @mynewworld3 I think this dog is named dojha too haha.
cheeseburgerlv : @nate_geezy it is
mynewworld3 : @nate_geezy omg right
rawcatfood : I love the line work.
cheeseburgerlv : @rawcatfood thanks
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Bible #sketchbook #guns #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
artforspite - sketchbook - therealcheeseburgerlv - punkrockchangedmylife - guns -
pluckyxo : I'm a fan of symitrey
cheeseburgerlv : #punkrockchangedmylife
mo_cali_girl : Provoking piece. Love it πŸ’™
cheeseburgerlv : @mo_cali_girl thanks
cheeseburgerlv : @andy_politician thanks
fenixnoclass : @cheeseburgerlv I like this style sir good shit
cheeseburgerlv : @fenixnoclass thank you
tinaphage : I can't tell you how much I love this.
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#joeStrummer #linocut #watercolor #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
watercolor - artforspite - punkrockchangedmylife - joestrummer - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - theclash -
cuevanostalgia : A true legend
cheeseburgerlv : @telegram_samm bible pages
cheeseburgerlv : But thanks
cheeseburgerlv : #punkrockchangedmylife
fangsonfur : ❀❀❀
cheeseburgerlv : Thanks. If you wanna get one email me. Only 20$ @fangsonfur
fangsonfur : Sold! ❀
cheeseburgerlv : Rad. For PayPal all you need us my email then email me an address. I can hit the post Friday @fangsonfur & thanks for the support
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#abstract #watercolor #sumiInk #stippling #therealcheeseburgerLV
watercolor - abstract - stippling - therealcheeseburgerlv - sumiink -
cheeseburgerlv : @mandymoolove thanks
mandymoolove : ☺
latfotoz : Unique!!!
cheeseburgerlv : @shaund320 thank you
cheeseburgerlv : @latfotoz thanks
cheeseburgerlv : @illogicalreality thank you
kyoko0709 : Nice β˜†
cheeseburgerlv : @kyoko0709 thank you
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#pencil #ink #sketchbook #selfportrait #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
pencil - deadcops - ink - sketchbook - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - selfportrait -
potentialdust : This kills... Nice work
cheeseburgerlv : Thanks @chromedagger
cheeseburgerlv : @allyj4ndr0 thanks
cheeseburgerlv : #deadcops
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#warning #sketchbook #my #vendetta #artforspite #therealcheeseburgerLV
sketchbook - warning - deadcops - vendetta - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - my - wheresmynotepad -
cheeseburgerlv : #wheresmynotepad
cheeseburgerlv : #deadcops
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What do you draw in your bible? #guns #threats #artforspite #therealcheeseburgerlv
punkrockchangedmylife - wheresmynotepad - deadcops - threats - coldheartedjesus - truestory - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - notkosher - guns -
knoxknocks510 : @cannon314
pedrothedrop : I like the way you think Mr, diggin the style. Keep it up πŸ‘Š
cheeseburgerlv : @pedrothedrop thanks
landalakes : Yesness
buk66 : @cheeseburgerlv you wanna sell this? One on the right
buk66 : @cheeseburgerlv I'll email you
buk66 : Done.
cheeseburgerlv : It's yours @buk66 it will go out tomorrow. Thanks for the support
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#currently #leshock #gsl #2000 #therealcheeseburgerlv
vinyllover - vinylfetish - punkrockchangedmylife - therealcheeseburgerlv - currently - leshock - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes - vinyladdict - 2000 - vinyligclub - vinylporn - vinylcollection - gsl -
highendhooker : πŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒPlug me!
thedirector13 : @whiskey_jay you got this?
whiskey_jay : @thedirector13 yep.
buggeryfc : Fuck yeah!
cheeseburgerlv : #punkrockchangedmylife
cheeseburgerlv : #recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes
cheeseburgerlv : #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #vinylfetish #vinyladdict #vinyllover #vinylporn
starcock4 : I used to have a silly crush on Todd because of how much I loved this band! My ex husbands band did a split with them. Great stuff!!!
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Layer 2 paper on canvas 24x24inches #wip #therealcheeseburgerlv
bibles - phonebooks - therealcheeseburgerlv - skinmags - smithsonian - obituaries - magazines - wip - mixedmedia -
cheeseburgerlv : @johnnyruckus progress
cheeseburgerlv : Source material #smithsonian #magazines #obituaries #bibles #skinmags #& #phonebooks
cheeseburgerlv : #mixedmedia
johnnyruckus : FUCK YEAH!!!
cheeseburgerlv : We will be getting back to this tomorrow. I been sick with a head cold. The gun will start appearing in progress shots. Sorry for the lag. Fucking germs. @johnnyruckus
cheeseburgerlv : @johnnyruckus I just did the last coat of clear i covered all nipples cocks and pussies the hand and gun will be done this week end then one more clear and details so be prepared for a finished painting next week. Then we can discuss shipping options.
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#therealcheeseburgerlv #in #acrylic on #canvas #chuckClose #ink on clayboard #artforspite
canvas - in - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - ink - acrylic - chuckclose -
arlonios_d_longshanks : @saysomthin found this drawing of you
cheeseburgerlv : Ha. @arlonios_d_longshanks he really does resemble a young Chuck Close though
lgoodee : πŸ‘Œ
cheeseburgerlv : @lgoodyo I appreciate you
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Max Beckmann & Man Ray #linocut in my bible #sketchbook #theolib #therealcheeseburgerlv
sketchbook - maxbeckmann - manray - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - theolib -
cheeseburgerlv : #manray #maxBeckmann
lets_talk_about_art - bad_ass_chica_purses - atty.potzkie -
I want your #skull I need your skull #misfits kinda mood #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
artforspite - hmu - therealcheeseburgerlv - misfits - skull -
khakisandcactus : Demon I am and face I peel...
spandyandrei : Jesus fucking fuck your work is good
cheeseburgerlv : @andrewdavidsutherland ha. Thanks man.
cheeseburgerlv : @andrewdavidsutherland if you see something you would like to own #HMU
flaviopteixeira - startrek_newvoyages - callmestereolover -
#matchbook #guns #Artforspite #etching on #ragpaper I set 10,000 fires nightly in my sleep... #therealcheeseburgerLV
ragpaper - matchbook - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv - guns - etching -
flaviopteixeira - drinkingtheseawater - fr0kenbitter - kitskatlin -
#edMunch #therealcheeseburgerlv #ink #kunst #clayboard and #recycled #bible #pages #artForSpite
bible - clayboard - therealcheeseburgerlv - recycled - edmunch - ink - artforspite - pages - kunst -
cheeseburgerlv : Painter of The Scream, Vampires Kiss, the Madonna and probably my favorite of the painter/printmakers.
highendhooker : 😱😱😱😱😱
jennz_art : Definitely an awesome printmaker πŸ‘Œ
rustynailslv - flaviopteixeira - yapige - emoh_ruo -
#MaxEarnst #painter #linocut w #8mmcamera in my bible #sketchbook #theolib #artforspite #therealcheeseburgerLV
sketchbook - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - 8mmcamera - theolib - artforspite - maxearnst - painter -
juanfcovaliente - liabruno80 - cookie__kaboom - pixelleco -
#pocketpistols #sketchbook #linocut #watercolor #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
sketchbook - toaster - pocketpistols - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - revolver - strap - watercolor - letthemgunsblam - pistol - gun - artforspite - piece -
cheeseburgerlv : #letthemgunsblam #pistol #gun #toaster #strap #piece #revolver
gayteenagemother : I love this so much omfg???
leonjpg -
#abstract #conte #charcoal on panel #therealcheeseburgerLV
conte - charcoal - abstract - therealcheeseburgerlv -
bazk36 : @cheeseburgerlv you have an awesome gallery
cheeseburgerlv : @bazk36 thanks a lot
bazk36 : : )
jesse____4 - bestdrawing - kayzkreat10nz -
#theLibrary #therealcheeseburgerlv
thelibrary - therealcheeseburgerlv -
sallycantdance : I have the same problem. Books stacked sideways to fit, haha. #bibliophiles
cheeseburgerlv : Time to expand @sallycantdance
potentialdust : Killer space
cheeseburgerlv : @chromedagger thanks. It's the outskirts of my studio so it's heavily bombarded with inspirational clutter.
jp_lawlessly : I feel like digging through your books manπŸ‘ @cheeseburgerlv Killer work btw.
cheeseburgerlv : @zenwoodesign thanks
demandkev : !
juanfcovaliente - flaviopteixeira - ravenous7 -
Killer Robert Hanson #ink #graphite #moleskine #sketchbook #therealcheeseburgerlv #artforspite
sketchbook - graphite - moleskine - ink - artforspite - therealcheeseburgerlv -
cheeseburgerlv : Thank you @cactusmonster
looliuis - flaviopteixeira - kingsoftheseaandsky - peterrrvl -
#GUN #ink #on #panel #therealcheeseburgerLV #artforspite this is the only gun left from the machine gun series. Email me if you're interested
on - art - therealcheeseburgerlv - gun - vicvegasmoea - artforsale - ink - artforspite - painting - kunst - panel -
cheeseburgerlv : @helninjastar right on. It will go out Saturday at the latest.
helninjastar : Word @cheeseburgerlv ... much love n thanx ... happy birthday to !!! ;))) i let u know wen i get it ... hanging up!!!
cheeseburgerlv : @helninjastar rad. I just wrapped it up and boxed it. you Have a happy born day and enjoy. I put my card in there shoot me a text when it arrives.
helninjastar : Puurrrrfect... thank uuu .. I can't wait!!! @cheeseburgerlv .. and will definitely shoot you a text;) you are the best...
cheeseburgerlv : @helninjastar sent
helninjastar : :))) @cheeseburgerlv !!! U da maan
helninjastar : Package came in yesterday I have not opened it yet!!! :))) .. just so you know ...and I will be posting up the package and everything on Instagram and Facebook for you to see how much I love my bday painting !!! And the package itself is a work of art!!! Amazing dear buddy @cheeseburgerlv ;) thank uiuu sooo much!!! <3 from my pups to ur pups too
cheeseburgerlv : @helninjastar rad glad it got there in one piece...enjoy
rustynailslv - yapige - queering_zine -
#currently getting #RAPED #77 #punkrock #cherryredrecords #therealcheeseburgerlv
77 - theraped - cherryredrecords - punkrock - punkrockchangedmylife - recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes - therealcheeseburgerlv - currently - allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves - raped -
cheeseburgerlv : #theraped
cheeseburgerlv : #allmyrecordsareinplasticsleeves #recordcollectorsarepretentiousassholes
starcock4 : This just put a smile on my face! Love them! :)
cheeseburgerlv : In a review from 77 I read "a motley group of inflated ego maniacs devoid of any musical integrity" so epic @starcock4
starcock4 : HA! So rad!!!
mlohrman : Best compliment ever
cheeseburgerlv : #punkrockchangedmylife
starcock4 : @mlohrman y'all have had several similar reviews! The best!!!
flaviopteixeira - drinkingtheseawater -
J.P.Sartre #writer #philosopher #therealcheeseburgerlv #linocut #ink #bible #sketchbook #artforspite #Sartre
sketchbook - bible - therealcheeseburgerlv - linocut - philosopher - writer - ink - sartre - artforspite - theolib -
cheeseburgerlv : #theolib
goat__smash - kitscheart -
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