Late yesterday evening with a last minute suggestion We ended up at @theParksFinest. A BBQ spot with a Filipino influence located on Temple St. right on the outskirts of the main DTLA area. It was late as they close at 10, getting there at 9:15 is like showing up to @FreeRangeLA at 1:45 and expecting a full menu. The meats are smoked and cooked overnight so it's easy to understand. We started with the ELOTE. Bomb! They had ran out of Pork Ribs, Riblets, and Short Ribs since it was just about closing time. You all know I know about selling out a popular food item on the menu as it happens every Sunday at @FreeRangeLA - We ended up with the TRI-TIP (tender season-crusted sirloin beef cut deli thin). Someone who I'd think is the owner or head chef came out and offered Bae & Myself the hot links or the Chicken on the house to make up for the sold out items we wanted to try. We chose the "TAAL MANOK CHICKEN" (seasoned smoke roasted chicken). The TRI-TIP was packed with a deep smoked BBQ flavor and was butter soft fine meat. Phenomenal!! The Chicken.... CRACK! And you know I know Chicken. Now as if that wasn't enough, We ordered a side of "ANN'S CORNBREAD BIBINGKA"- (Corn Bread baked on a banana leaf, bringing elements of a traditional Filipino dessert ). Melts in your mouth, I can't begin to explain it. So GOOD! I smell a @FreeRangeLA X @theParksFinest Pop Up coming soon. I highly recommend enjoying some good food with good friends at The Parks Finest BBQ at 1267 W. Temple St. - LA 90026 (213) 481-2800!! A big Thank You to the staff and cooks at the Parks Finest. Definitely a @JasonMarkk company lunch time destination soon. Thanks for the suggestion @thisisjslife
thewolfreport - theportreport -
emilcrooks : @shoe.wolf cornbread bibinka is the crack #foodgoon
sushiplease : @kayiamberly
sondude : @mamipie27
vic_flair : They were on.diners drive ins and dives that place looks hella good. Next time I make it down from the bay for sure hitting that place up
_thispinaycancook_ : i still need to hit up that spot 😁😁😁
rozaroza : My hood.
supahnat : Looks bomb @elbug10
shoe.wolf : @theparksfinest
princejova - neco45 - phillipcendana - nick_red_77 -
Head on over to and check out more pictures of the @brandblackla Raptor High I got in a few weeks ago. If I did sneaker reviews (no disrespect to anyone that does) I'd tell you they're a must-have sneaker for hoopers. Very light, not stiff like most basketball shoes and the traction is really good as well.
sgfu - kicksonfire - solecollector - brandblack - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - sneakernews - complexkicks -
firstn15th : #Brandblack #Firstn15th #SoleCollector #Kicksonfire #SGFU #ThePortReport #Sneakernews #Complexkicks #Kicks0l0gy
brandblack : πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ”₯🎯
nellove70 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£
fernansoski : Hey bro sorry to bother but I'm dying to know the price of these exact same kicks
fernansoski : Thanks
firstn15th : @fernansoski You're not bugging my guy. Any questions feel free to ask me. I'd be more than happy to answer. They're $140. Check out @blendsla tomorrow. They'll have them for sale.
fernansoski : Thanks bro I'll def check that out
qualmes - needle86 - yammstina -
For those that don't know
nicekicks - rswdsd - frshair - kicksonfire - sdsneakerswap - sds - s7 - theportreport - kicks0l0gy - rifla - solecalifestyle - riflosangeles -
djbootleg : Tell @drewbreezy5 to tell @firstn15th
firstn15th : #RIFLA #RIFLosAngeles #ThePortReport #s7 #Nicekicks #Kicksonfire #FrshAir #Kicks0l0gy #SoleCalifestyle #SDS #SDSneakerSwap #RSWDSD
firstn15th : @djbootleg no new friends
26thletterofficial : @firstn15th #oreos
lomata14 : @firstn15th la gears with the lights
kicks0l0gy : Got it
shoexchef_la - veerajchugh - bananas_nj - solecalifestyle -
LOSERS for tonight
complexkicks - rswdsd - kicksonfire - sds - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - solecalifestyle - sneakernews - wdywt - lstyg - riflosangeles -
firstn15th : @davidd_323 thanks. Changing it up a bit
geek04 : What wtaps? And size?
firstn15th : @lorddreww black and white, 10.5
geek04 : I believe my chukkas are that's size, maybe an 11 will search when I go home. But I checked on that online store you linked me too for the loser Japan's and the website isn't working. I need these bad
firstn15th : @lorddreww if they're 10.5 and wanna sell lemme know. Or if you have anything else The Lord doesn't want lemme know. @uptherestore . Their site is on there
geek04 : How do you size on these? About to order a pair but not sure what size to grab. I'm a true 11.5
firstn15th : I'd get like an 11 then. Same fit as vans in my opinion.
geek04 : @firstn15th awesome thanks bro, about to order them tonight, as far as my w)tap chukkas go they are size 11, and most the stuff I have for sale is 11
chriscruzphoto - lovedunks - veerajchugh - ianbreezy -
0 f*cks given. Came across these in the garage while cleaning
nicekicks - complexkicks - kicksonfire - smybh - solecollector - sneaksla - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - riflosangeles -
firstn15th : #RIFLA #Firstn15th #RIFLosAngeles #SoleCollector #ComplexKicks #KicksOnFire #Nicekicks #Sneaksla #Kicks0l0gy #ThePortReport
bananas_nj : R.I.P 😒
firstn15th : @bananas_nj 18 years old wearing them to house parties with dirt backyards haha
sneaksla : #HeAtErBeAtErS
firstn15th : @sneaksla #SmYbH
bananas_nj : @firstn15th throw some Jason Markk on them joints lol πŸ™ˆ
supremesheriff : New castles look DS next to my skated pair πŸ˜‰
ucsneakerz - j.peralta - ianbreezy - soleamazing_ -
Shoutout to @standupguy_nitty for the pic at #SDSneakerSwap
nicekicks - sdsneakerswap - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - sneakernews - riflosangeles -
_hanuit : πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thanks!
firstn15th : #Nicekicks #Kicks0l0gy #Sneakernews #RIFLA #RIFLosAngeles #Nicekicks #Firstn15th #sdsneakerswap #ThePortReport
itskjay : Nice
bananas_nj : Do ya thing playboi πŸ‘πŸ‘
firstn15th : @bananas_nj thanks bro. I'm really trying to hit a DXC in New Yawk though
rafachafa91911 : Haha winsome works with me at d&b
marseilleco - joswegg - 26thletterofficial - sandovalstevie -
Editing the pictures from @sdsneakerswap today. Shoutout to everyone who came out today, it was a great event. Met a lot of cool people. Pictures will be on Monday at 10 am. If anyone wants stickers email with your name and address and I'll ship them out to you. Much love
nicekicks - complexkicks - rswdsd - sdsneakerswap - rifla - socallifestyle - sgla - kicksonfire - thevapingsection - sneaksla - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - shc - sdgotsole - riflosangeles -
regular_dave_ : Yeah my 12's too lol
mannysavala : @firstn15th Fa sho thanks g
firstn15th : @ayyeitsdaves fasho I got you
regular_dave_ : Much respect.
26thletterofficial : Post mine too. Your a cool ass dude. That @firstn15th shiet about to blow up. Send me a few stickers! 😁
solecalifestyle : Appreciate the support fam! Cant wait to see my paranormans! #SOLECALifestyle πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
firstn15th : @freshly_baked_int
eldeeee : I def meet you at the next event! Thanks again for coming out
2tonejones - xmilescoltranex - mensteezy - ef_em_mel -
Pumpkin Carving Contest at Home tonight!! Here's my 5 minute free hand. #halloween #Pumpkin #PumpkinCarving #FreeHand #theportreport
freehand - theportreport - halloween - pumpkincarving - pumpkin -
shoe.wolf : @dreababy Member?!
andikels__ : Yea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
frankybananas - reallove7406 - vonasken -
NIKE LEBRON AIR MAX SOLDIER V BREAST CANCER AWARENESS - #SaveTheTatas #ThinkPink #BCAM #Pink #LeBron #Nike #Soldier #igsneakercommunity #thewolfreport #theportreport #shoegamefuckedup #BreastCancer #kickstagram #outletfind #NikeOutlet #Citadel #ShoeWolf #sgfu - Let's get this #BCAM KICKed off right!! I wanna see your PINK!!!
thewolfreport - thinkpink - nikeoutlet - kickstagram - breastcancer - savethetatas - lebron - pink - shoewolf - bcam - sgfu - nike - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - soldier - shoegamefuckedup - outletfind - citadel -
fredster818 : @shoe_wolf check out my last pic. #breastawarenessmonth
tootall4la1 : Haha @shoe_wolf at citadel outlets
tootall4la1 : Did you see the Grade B Olympic 7's they had behind the counter??? Garbage @shoe_wolf
shoe.wolf : @tootall4la1 Is that what the situation is? I didn't bother to look cuz all they had were size 14.
djjayfree : How much we're these at that outlet?
shoe.wolf : @djjayfree $79.99
ashhh05 : @call_me_moee
jhillmoney - wavvy_grove216 - chris_ireland420 - theresa_marii3 -
This Ninja @kikcrazy pulled up in the Porsche and busted these Paranormans out like it was nothing!!! #Nike #Paranorman #Foamposite #igsneakercommunity #shoegamefuckedup #thewolfreport #theportreport
thewolfreport - theportreport - shoegamefuckedup - nike - foamposite - igsneakercommunity - paranorman -
elevatedreams : 😱😱😱
robroyalty : Them jawns are going for a few thousand! How the hell people gonna charge that for a free shoe?!?! #shoegamefuckedup
gotkix92 : @kikcrazy where's mine asshole?
2jz_michael : To much but so amazing @kikcrazy ! Prob second best foams .
gamachigotit : @rocafreshpair
lemmonheadd : Niccccccce
pringle11 : What do you want for them
rizzybrady - lildaveswaggteam - arab_migo -
Still waiting for these Nike HTM Fly Knit Mids to surface!!! #igsneakercommunity #shoegamefuckedup #thewolfreport #theportreport #Nike #HTM #FlyKnit #iNeedTheseASAP
flyknit - thewolfreport - nike - htm - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - shoegamefuckedup - ineedtheseasap -
bguira25 : Need those
oceangrownkush : @delski
bertsinatra : Dang bro these are too nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jiffykicks23 : Id buy these in a heart beat
zds330 : 😳 I need those.
affluentclothingco : Just sent you a email
travis_c22 : Hey @rholtz112 and @3onpar5 check these out definitely like the mid cut style
alexpoloa : Those are sick
robert_rohi - t_rawwxrichgangx - yase_wzrd -
The Bartle Doo Rises !! My Fantasy Team sucks today so far - @grummis75 is beasting today!! #NFL #Fantasy #NFLFantasy #FantasyFootball #theportreport
fantasy - nflfantasy - nfl - saints - fantasyfootball - theportreport -
crashtelliard : I have that hat!
djaviido : Where can I cop this?
shoe.wolf : That's @neweraking 's SAINTS!! #Saints
nctwin : Falcons. Lol
shoe.wolf : @86dope !!!
86dope : My city
blak_ass_kenny : @shoe_wolf @neweraking how can I get that Saints snakeskin hat?
gloed_up_daily : @blak_kenny customize it
chenry16 - rodriguez_damion - _lguwops_ - ragsdale_ -
"CURRY BREAKFAST" - AIR MAX 1 CURRY - #ShoeGameFuckedUp #thewolfreport #theportreport @djbootleg #igsneakercommunity #Nike #AirMax #AirMax1
airmax - thewolfreport - airmax1 - shoegamefuckedup - nike - igsneakercommunity - theportreport -
jzig8855 : Those r sick
doreecebennett : @shoe_wolf One of the best AM1's of all time. I've been beaten to the punch on 2 listings for DS11's in the past 2 years. I still have nightmares since I missed out on adding them to my arsenal πŸ™ˆ
sharpshoeter : I slept on these when they had whole size runs at the outlet.πŸ˜” this pic is refreshing. πŸ‘
bobbyv_ : I need these!
djbootleg : Nice!!!
kinetic_zoe : Fresh
tommysyrupsippa : @stopthefury sick af
djbootleg : Where do I email you.
numba1781 - selfmadescott - v_fontaine -
SPACE INVADER - #DTLA #ART #STREETART #SpaceInvader #TheWolfReport #theportreport #Canon
spaceinvader - thewolfreport - art - streetart - dtla - canon - theportreport -
frankybananas : #DOPENESS
moecloudkicker : πŸ‘Ύ
level52 : Sick
eddie_krueger : I love this guy. He has a piece a couple blocks away from me.
theinfader : Nice find!
djbootleg : Where at!
bobbylouboutin - psiijic - callthecorners - chammond -
Shouts out to @blendsla and @sneakdaripper310 for the LEVI'S X NIKE SB - #NikeSB #SB #LEVIS #Denim #DenimPack #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #ShoeGameFuckedUp #TheWolfReport
denimpack - thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - shoewolf - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - sneakers - levis - shoegamefuckedup - kicks - sb - denim -
shoe_addict23 : @trendsettermarz what size and color you need?
d__j : Blk & red in a 12 @shoe_addict23
beforethetrend : @shoe_addict23 Im closing in on the quickstrikes at $180, the hyperstrike size 10
shoe_addict23 : @d__j I have em, what's your offer?
shoe_addict23 : @trendsettermarz all I have is the quick strikes so nevermind my man
beforethetrend : @shoe_addict23 Thanks for the thought brother!
d__j : @shoe_addict23 not payin more than 200 for em.
shoe_addict23 : @trendsettermarz no problem!
s_c_favores - selfmadescott - _itsjustdrew -
FOR SALE: NIKE AIR MAX 95 DOERNBECHER - DS SZ 12 - $189 + $10 SHIP - #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ForSale #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport #ForSale #Nike #AirMax #AirMax95 #igsneakercommunity #ShoeGameFuckedUp
shoewolf - thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - nike - airmax95 - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - airmax - sneakers - shoegamefuckedup - kicks - forsale -
imsolefly : @defrost I got a 9.5 ds 200 shipped
jim602 : Damn Wolf why can't you be a 13 instead of 12??
drunkoffjameson : Still got em? @shoe_wolf
vietdude_ : need size 10
vietdude_ : i just can wear 9.5_10 :((
marsh813 : @themattfox
sjohnson98 : Hey u still got these I'm all over them ready to buy
shoe.wolf : @therealseanjohnson I just saw this, it's $199 shipped. Let me know if pay pal ready. Thanks in advance.
rsenio_thedreamer -
TOKEY !! #StonerAve #TOKEY #LAStreetArt #theportreport #thewolfreport #InstaArt
instaart - thewolfreport - streetart - art - tokey - lastreetart - stonerave - theportreport -
shoe.wolf : #Art #StreetArt
djtr3s : Is Tokey rockin' Huaraches?
jdubletrouble : #d9 #d9reserve @grinchgreen
la_blue_l2b : @djtr3s na, he's rocking those "high top joints" if ya feel me G @d9reserve
d9reserve : those are the AF1 high duck boot.
mercethecurse : I need to check that street out
burnwibbles : Thanks for the love! #burnone
grinchgreen - ogsprme - stonerave - richluvsnikesb -
FOR SALE: NIKE SB DUNK LOW REESE FORBES HUNTER DUNK LOW - DS SZ 13 - $248 + $10 SHIP #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ForSale #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport #ForSale #Nike #NikeSB #SB #igsneakercommunity
shoewolf - thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - nike - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - sneakers - kicks - sb - forsale -
oz_____ : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
nevynev23 : Any gibsons?
narsacist : @samuelycwang 😰
ansonwilliams : @mrualready
lidz_markie : @shoe_wolf still got those trainer ac or Miami nights for sell.
steweylaceup22 : You selling the mesa/Paul brown pro's in the background?
willturner937 - suyeezz - cachete369 - nelsaurous -
Shoutout to my boy @shoe_wolf for the post on #OhYouFancy #OhIKnowImFancy #ThePortReport #ColoursLA #EliasScreenShotCredit #HashTagGangBangLife #HasshyTaggyWaggy #donthateejaculate
donthateejaculate - ohiknowimfancy - eliasscreenshotcredit - theportreport - coloursla - hashtaggangbanglife - ohyoufancy - hasshytaggywaggy -
backboard60 : #swaghashtags
jakepulver - matthew_corsi - hoven310 - stalkmichelena -
FOR SALE: NIKE SB BLAZER "MADE IN 81" - SZ 12 DS - $160 SHIPPED #ForSale #Nike #Jordan #AirJordan #NikeSB #SB #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - airjordan - jordan - kicks - shoewolf - nike - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - sneakers - sb - forsale -
shoe.wolf : FOR SALE: NIKE SB BLAZER "MADE IN 81" - SZ 12 DS - $149 SHIPPED - #ForSale #Nike #Jordan #AirJordan #NikeSB #SB #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
shoe.wolf : FOR SALE: NIKE SB BLAZER "MADE IN 81" - SZ 12 DS - $149 SHIPPED #ForSale #Nike #Jordan #AirJordan #NikeSB #SB #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
shoe.wolf : @rickytikkitavvi I can send pay pal payment request if you provide e mail. Let me know!
shoe.wolf : @rickytikkitavvi I can send u a pay pal pay request if you provide an e mail, thanks in advance.
justwang : Please follow me
shoe.wolf : SOLD SOLD SOLD
billy_billy_james : Ayo anything in size 8.5? LOL
jamietye - jlr__ - tynidevil18 - ricky_rosa -
FOR SALE: NIKE AIR TRAINER SC HIGH BO - DS SZ 12 - $125 SHIPPED - #ForSale #Nike #Jordan #AirJordan #NikeSB #SB #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
shoewolf - thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - nike - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - sneakers - jordan - kicks - sb - airjordan - forsale -
shoe.wolf : @eyes3900 Pay pal ready?
eyes3900 : What sizes you have tho ? @shoe_wolf
shoe.wolf : I posted a SZ 12 DS. @eyes3900
keptcha : These the 2009 release?
shoe.wolf : @keptcha Yes sir, Crispy!
louiscrowther : You still have some of these for sale!?!
dpk_carlos : If these were 9's I would be all over these @shoe_wolf
jasonstayingblessedmontgomery : Need these !$
fredytito - _mambokingz - elmandelswagger -
Thanks to @neweraking for this Pic and a reminder that there is NO COMPARING the Old to the New !! #NikeSB #SB #Supreme #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
shoewolf - supreme - shoewolfdotcom - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - sneakers - kicks - sb - thewolfreport -
heartandsoles : They should have done a red swoosh and red Nike tag to complete the flip of colors.
theabbott : Overrated
ibeetheeillest : @shoe_wolf size 6? I want those
bongtoker94 : I love shoe porn haha
mr_chukes : I actually really like the new. The old are classic to though.
bryan__lee : Old one looks better, old school rocks!!!
lennyblanco : @neweraking @shoe_wolf #supremes
d_v_d_ : @shoe_wolf I disagree. I reall like them both. But I think the red goes more
levi_power - __tyl3r - semper65 -
Had to stop in and visit the #1 Sneaker Spot in Los Angeles to chop it up with El Jefe & Crew!! Ed was hiding behind the High Rollers display case! Jeff was on the phone making another mega sneaker deal! I back these people and store up because they HAVE SUPPORTED Me since day one! This place and staff gets all my respect! If you don't know where RIF LA is, it's at 334A 2nd st. in downtown LA. Also go on the net at RIF.LA to check in on daily arrivals and in store deals. Thanks @jeff_rifla @riflosangeles @manwell334a @0moorad0 @carlrifla #Respect #RIF #RIFLA #PUSHINGWEIGHT #JUSTSELLIT #shoewolf #shoewolfdotcom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #thewolfreport #igsneakercommunity #sneakers #kicks #nike #nikesb #jordan #airjordan
thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - airjordan - kicks - rifla - jordan - rif - respect - shoewolf - nike - nikesb - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - 1 - pushingweight - sneakers - justsellit -
doeordie : @cevinkashen @mpr9
murad_rif_la : 😱😱😱😱😱
gabrieldiaz_ : Is there one in miami ?
qualmes : #churchboyz
phuckyochriannapics : I want them all...and I can't even see them all!😍😍😍
riflosangeles : @shoe_wolf is that dude.
jose_vela21 : Sneaker heaven :))))))))))))). O
143_r3tro : Dayum , Now I Kno! Respect!!
freshexclusive - imfresh773 - dorko303 - cal_on -
FOR SALE: NIKE ZOOM LEBRON 9 SOUTH BEACH - SZ 12 DS (2 AVAILABLE) $425 + $12.35 Pay Pal Fees #LeBron #SouthBeach #SouthBitch #Miami #igsneakercommunity #ShoeWolf #Sneakers #Kicks #ShoeWolfDotCom #shoegameshutdown #theportreport #TheWolfReport
shoewolf - thewolfreport - shoewolfdotcom - miami - shoegameshutdown - igsneakercommunity - southbitch - sneakers - southbeach - kicks - theportreport - lebron -
sebs514 : 800$ for both ? @shoe_wolf
shoe.wolf : @retro1982 Still interested? Had another DS pair pop up.
oneday_3autumns : Somebody cop these and trade me. Got these DS sz 11, lookin for a 11.5 or 12, Holler
bjones216 : If you still got em I'll pay right now for a pair
shoe.wolf : @bjones216 Sold sir, thanks for checking
da_unda_dawg : I'm looking for a size 9.5 rite now!!!!
reyricky : You got these south beaches in grade school size?
levi_power - luisalbertoruiz -
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