Late yesterday evening with a last minute suggestion We ended up at @theParksFinest. A BBQ spot with a Filipino influence located on Temple St. right on the outskirts of the main DTLA area. It was late as they close at 10, getting there at 9:15 is like showing up to @FreeRangeLA at 1:45 and expecting a full menu. The meats are smoked and cooked overnight so it's easy to understand. We started with the ELOTE. Bomb! They had ran out of Pork Ribs, Riblets, and Short Ribs since it was just about closing time. You all know I know about selling out a popular food item on the menu as it happens every Sunday at @FreeRangeLA - We ended up with the TRI-TIP (tender season-crusted sirloin beef cut deli thin). Someone who I'd think is the owner or head chef came out and offered Bae & Myself the hot links or the Chicken on the house to make up for the sold out items we wanted to try. We chose the "TAAL MANOK CHICKEN" (seasoned smoke roasted chicken). The TRI-TIP was packed with a deep smoked BBQ flavor and was butter soft fine meat. Phenomenal!! The Chicken.... CRACK! And you know I know Chicken. Now as if that wasn't enough, We ordered a side of "ANN'S CORNBREAD BIBINGKA"- (Corn Bread baked on a banana leaf, bringing elements of a traditional Filipino dessert ). Melts in your mouth, I can't begin to explain it. So GOOD! I smell a @FreeRangeLA X @theParksFinest Pop Up coming soon. I highly recommend enjoying some good food with good friends at The Parks Finest BBQ at 1267 W. Temple St. - LA 90026 (213) 481-2800!! A big Thank You to the staff and cooks at the Parks Finest. Definitely a @JasonMarkk company lunch time destination soon. Thanks for the suggestion @thisisjslife
thewolfreport - theportreport -
emilcrooks : @shoe.wolf cornbread bibinka is the crack #foodgoon
sushiplease : @kayiamberly
sondude : @mamipie27
vic_flair : They were on.diners drive ins and dives that place looks hella good. Next time I make it down from the bay for sure hitting that place up
eatlikeyoureondeathrow : i still need to hit up that spot 😁😁😁
rozaroza : My hood.
supahnat : Looks bomb @elbug10
shoe.wolf : @theparksfinest
lukmanyusufqordhawi - plexas -
Head on over to and check out more pictures of the @brandblackla Raptor High I got in a few weeks ago. If I did sneaker reviews (no disrespect to anyone that does) I'd tell you they're a must-have sneaker for hoopers. Very light, not stiff like most basketball shoes and the traction is really good as well.
sgfu - kicksonfire - solecollector - brandblack - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - sneakernews - complexkicks -
firstn15th : #Brandblack #Firstn15th #SoleCollector #Kicksonfire #SGFU #ThePortReport #Sneakernews #Complexkicks #Kicks0l0gy
brandblack : πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ”₯🎯
nellove70 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£
fernansoski : Hey bro sorry to bother but I'm dying to know the price of these exact same kicks
fernansoski : Thanks
firstn15th : @fernansoski You're not bugging my guy. Any questions feel free to ask me. I'd be more than happy to answer. They're $140. Check out @blendsla tomorrow. They'll have them for sale.
fernansoski : Thanks bro I'll def check that out
brandblack - alvinjanq - katinreinhardt -
First time using this "blur" effect. For the #amfam . #rifla #riflosangeles #theportreport #corgigotheat
corgigotheat - theportreport - rifla - amfam - riflosangeles -
valdez__e : #tooloud
d_campos10 : Those are fresh!!!!
djbootleg : @d_campos10 thanks! ;)
avbeast_12 : @valdez__e lol
d_campos10 - kadannk - oddmarz - giggaloo98 -
Both for sale or trade. Size 10.5 atmos and size 11 beast pack. Email for offers and trades. #am1 #theoneandonlyamfam #rifla #riflosangeles #theportreport #gphgp #sgfu #kicks0l0gy #firstand15th #livebetter #supreme #atmos #s7 #airmax #trainers
supreme - gphgp - sgfu - livebetter - s7 - trainers - theportreport - airmax - kicks0l0gy - atmos - firstand15th - am1 - rifla - theoneandonlyamfam - riflosangeles -
shin0bi : Those animals gonna sell for mad guap
the__dl : @zhufresh
zhufresh : Ohh shit @the__dl but not my size :( sz9
nisio_oisin : @djbootleg emailed.
sirc.1 : Beentage
coreyb21_ : Condition on atmos?
coreyb21_ : for detailed pics if still available?
patty_boyle : Atmos still for sale
nikeairmax95 - imranfou -
For those that don't know
nicekicks - rswdsd - frshair - kicksonfire - sdsneakerswap - sds - s7 - theportreport - kicks0l0gy - rifla - solecalifestyle - riflosangeles -
djbootleg : Tell @drewbreezy5 to tell @firstn15th
firstn15th : #RIFLA #RIFLosAngeles #ThePortReport #s7 #Nicekicks #Kicksonfire #FrshAir #Kicks0l0gy #SoleCalifestyle #SDS #SDSneakerSwap #RSWDSD
firstn15th : @djbootleg no new friends
26thletterofficial : @firstn15th #oreos
lomata14 : @firstn15th la gears with the lights
kicks0l0gy : Got it
frshairs - king_joseph87 - byndclothing - sobe.myself -
FOR SALE both DS size 13 650$ each. Hit up @riflosangeles #riflosangeles #rifla #gphgp #theportreport #sgfu
gphgp - theportreport - rifla - sgfu - riflosangeles -
deadstockkicks : @madlion2118
zoeeone : Cheap too
deadstockkicks : I know... @madlion2118
maxvtg : @airmaxmiles
airmaxmiles : @max8313 thanks.. Got mine a couple months ago
ashtonbowlesphoto : Jon, you sellin anything in my size these days? sz10.5-11
bguira25 : Ah why not 10.5-11
dmura90 - sobe.myself - firstn15th -
LOSERS for tonight
complexkicks - rswdsd - kicksonfire - sds - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - solecalifestyle - sneakernews - wdywt - lstyg - riflosangeles -
firstn15th : @davidd_323 thanks. Changing it up a bit
geek04 : What wtaps? And size?
firstn15th : @lorddreww black and white, 10.5
geek04 : I believe my chukkas are that's size, maybe an 11 will search when I go home. But I checked on that online store you linked me too for the loser Japan's and the website isn't working. I need these bad
firstn15th : @lorddreww if they're 10.5 and wanna sell lemme know. Or if you have anything else The Lord doesn't want lemme know. @uptherestore . Their site is on there
geek04 : How do you size on these? About to order a pair but not sure what size to grab. I'm a true 11.5
firstn15th : I'd get like an 11 then. Same fit as vans in my opinion.
geek04 : @firstn15th awesome thanks bro, about to order them tonight, as far as my w)tap chukkas go they are size 11, and most the stuff I have for sale is 11
geezus529 - sobe.myself - chen.yi12 - rg00086 -
0 f*cks given. Came across these in the garage while cleaning
nicekicks - complexkicks - kicksonfire - smybh - solecollector - sneaksla - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - riflosangeles -
firstn15th : #RIFLA #Firstn15th #RIFLosAngeles #SoleCollector #ComplexKicks #KicksOnFire #Nicekicks #Sneaksla #Kicks0l0gy #ThePortReport
bananaclipz : R.I.P 😒
firstn15th : @bananas_nj 18 years old wearing them to house parties with dirt backyards haha
sneaksla : #HeAtErBeAtErS
firstn15th : @sneaksla #SmYbH
bananaclipz : @firstn15th throw some Jason Markk on them joints lol πŸ™ˆ
supremesheriff : New castles look DS next to my skated pair πŸ˜‰
peetahkeem - sobe.myself - firstn15th -
Shoutout to @standupguy_nitty for the pic at #SDSneakerSwap
nicekicks - sdsneakerswap - theportreport - firstn15th - kicks0l0gy - rifla - sneakernews - riflosangeles -
_hanuit : πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thanks!
firstn15th : #Nicekicks #Kicks0l0gy #Sneakernews #RIFLA #RIFLosAngeles #Nicekicks #Firstn15th #sdsneakerswap #ThePortReport
itskjay : Nice
bananaclipz : Do ya thing playboi πŸ‘πŸ‘
firstn15th : @bananas_nj thanks bro. I'm really trying to hit a DXC in New Yawk though
rafachafa91911 : Haha winsome works with me at d&b
sobe.myself - firstn15th - rg00086 -
Editing the pictures from @sdsneakerswap today. Shoutout to everyone who came out today, it was a great event. Met a lot of cool people. Pictures will be on Monday at 10 am. If anyone wants stickers email with your name and address and I'll ship them out to you. Much love
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sage_daves : Yeah my 12's too lol
mannysavala : @firstn15th Fa sho thanks g
firstn15th : @ayyeitsdaves fasho I got you
sage_daves : Much respect.
26thletterofficial : Post mine too. Your a cool ass dude. That @firstn15th shiet about to blow up. Send me a few stickers! 😁
solecalifestyle : Appreciate the support fam! Cant wait to see my paranormans! #SOLECALifestyle πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
firstn15th : @freshly_baked_int
eldeeee : I def meet you at the next event! Thanks again for coming out
peetahkeem - sobe.myself - firstn15th -
Check out and follow @sneaksla sneakers posted daily 100% legit #theportreport #sgfu
sgfu - theportreport -
xmilescoltranex - ah_ah_mena - dr00pz_defiancela - michael10_29 -
Thanks @riflosangeles for the new tees. Everyone who hasn't picked it up yet to match with the new atmos am1 head down to rif and cop before they are gone. #gphgp #rifla #riflosangeles #theportreport
theportreport - rifla - gphgp - riflosangeles -
mache275 : Now I just need the atmos πŸ˜•
marymauvaise : #beard
alreadyknewit : What does RIF stand for ? @riflosangeles
djbootleg : @alreadyknewit reinforce la
alreadyknewit : I didn't know @djbootleg
firstn15th : Norteno colores @sickoe_pops
captainbarlos : You work at ? Your Connor?
dmura90 - tkchoy430 - hiiirow7oduce -
All for sale or trade. Open to trades in size 11 only. Worn Amsterdam size 10 Worn chili size 10.5 Worn book of 1 size 11.5 Worn atmos safari size 10.5 Email #amfam #rifla #theportreport #kicksoncourt #niketalk #nikeallday #airmax #airmax1 #am1
nikeallday - amfam - niketalk - kicksoncourt - theportreport - airmax - rifla - airmax1 - am1 -
theinfader : @uptown2k better get em! 😳 lol
uptown2k : @theinfader I know already emd
uptown2k : @theinfader 😾
chick_mag_nick : Emailed you!
lokalvisual : I'm interested on the safari atmos. Hit me up man.
jxhnsxn__ : Whats the fit like on the atmos?
djbootleg : @automicon
kkn803 : @djbootleg need I need Amsterdam in us 10.5. Do you have?
jackieoh_xoxo - daviojuan - guidonoguido - aneks1 -
Hypebeasts we know about you, don't buy shoes unless they popular. #sgfu #theportreport #rifla
rifla - sgfu - theportreport -
djbootleg : Damn you azn its already 2013 for you huh. I know about chu.
patdaplug : Damn bootleg don't make me lay my asian wang on your dome
dcnathan_ : Truth
djbootleg : Lay that rice.
djbootleg : Lol I found your 5s
sbdunkscarl : Truu!
dmacias21 : Real story ..
bizbeagle : My favorite line is "you gotta try something different, don't follow hype" and those same people only have RF releases. Smh. And not even that I'm so OG of runners, but at least I know when to keep my mouth shut and just do my own thing
dcnathan_ - couchsquad - schewbacca - shane_mckinnon -
Shout out to @neweraking for these. Very nice color scheme and softer than your girls ass.
ds11 - airmax180 - amfam - nikeid - theportreport -
imjustjustin : 180s looking buttery.
djbootleg : #theportreport #airmax180 #amfam #nikeid #ds11
newerak : Lol
never_nvrenauf : Those are illy!
djbootleg : Thanks @nvrenauf was looking through the taf thread. Very nice stuff u got.
ryanpecina : These look too nice
never_nvrenauf : @djbootleg. Thanks for the kind words.
burymeinkix : Dont see many people posting 180 .. It has some nice colorways out there
sneakerdave - gustodaninja - szymonstanko -
Craigslist βš‘πŸŒ‹
soletoday - airmax1 - apairaday - complexkicks - amfam - theportreport - sgfu -
djbootleg : #soletoday #complexkicks
ryanpecina : Craigslist?! Are you kidding me?
djbootleg : Yeah. 70$ @betteroffdeadd
djbootleg : Like 10 minutes from my house.
ryanpecina : That's awesome man, Christmas came early
sherbmax90 : πŸ™ˆ Man you have to be kidding me $70?!? DS too?
djbootleg : It looks like it was worn a couple times. @sherbmax90
bguira25 : Steal!
sneakerhunter247 - juankivintage - aneks1 - cameronmorris95 -
Good day.
pink - kicks0l0gy - sgfu - dasreko - theportreport - uptown2k - nohype -
edward____olmos : One for you, one for ur hyna lol
djbootleg : #uptown2k #kicks0l0gy
dmacias21 : Sweet. I have a 3.5y sample in these my daughter wore em twice . Still clean..
mnava022 : Shoot me those 13's. Lol
captainbarlos : I slept on those glad you got them tho!
captainbarlos : @djbootleg now trade me something crazy for the 13
djbootleg : @captainbarlos yeah I know lol
djbootleg : @captainbarlos text me Idk what I saved u under. I got a few questions too
urban_trademark - emillosg - couchsquad - capitaineclutch -
rifla - gphgp - kaws - thecorgishoefiles - theportreport -
toriviajean : Is @sickassvivi there? Send her my love
sickassvivi : Ay slappy don't buy anything
djbootleg : @toriviajean I sent her my love. Cus your mean. Haha. @sickassvivi what why? I bought too much shit
sickassvivi : Cuz I was ganna hook u up clean with some jeremy scotts
ah_ah_mena : i miss your hair friend
tikigang : @brandon_taliyah
king_take : Fckn gayy kidd
nowcasting_4003a : Now C@sting
vediobis - killermarz - gregoryvandenbold -
#vinyl #qualityoverquantity
shoewolf - uptown2k - qualityoverquantity - nicekicks - kicksonfire - amfam - walklikeus - sgfu - drew - theportreport - p - barlos0l0gy - rifla - kicks0l0gy - vinyl - rip - riflosangeles - mynikes - mannyeats -
djbootleg : Only if you bring Derek along. ;)
djbootleg : @victorsvictrola
drewruiz : You have more shoes than corgi
drewruiz : All Tigres de Norte and SPM vinyls
heeyvanessa : wow
mnava022 : Too much chingo bling
captainbarlos : Respect !
drewruiz : You're from Zapato Gang XIV
gluedup - jackieoh_xoxo - vanessa.garibay -
jkdptg : Sick!!!
iloveswoosh : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
ryanpecina : Selling anything? I've got serious cash for the Amsterdams....
djbootleg : @betteroffdeadd what is your definition of serious cash.
ryanpecina : @djbootleg $1,500? Given they're my size..
djbootleg : What is your size @betteroffdeadd
ryanpecina : @djbootleg 11/11.5
deadstockkicks : I need me the Amsterdam as well and parra cherrywood
ootd_shoutouts - jackieoh_xoxo - gluedup -
Show me yo feet heat
sgfu - amfam - airmax90 - teamamfam - walklikeus - am90 - uptown2k - theportreport - kaws - rifla - smyfh - riflosangeles -
djbootleg : #uptown2k #rifla #riflosangeles #smyfh
_bni : You n your ugly ass shoes
lewgreenacre : πŸ‘Œ
edward____olmos : XX bih don't know lol
drewruiz : I hear you're the creator of the AM Mafia
corgishoe : You are so gay for saying "show me your feet heat" . Even @drewbreezy5 thinks you're gay for doing this. Even @afrokix "sock game" thinks you're gay
drewruiz : Hahahahaha @corgishoe right on the money. Click clack
djbootleg : @corgishoe Andrew hacked me. Like he made a fake profile of me.
teezee_watches - haterade915 -
Pumpkin Carving Contest at Home tonight!! Here's my 5 minute free hand. #halloween #Pumpkin #PumpkinCarving #FreeHand #theportreport
freehand - theportreport - halloween - pumpkincarving - pumpkin -
shoe.wolf : @dreababy Member?!
andikels__ : Yea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yeiguau - reallove7406 -
Shoe game fucked up #theportreport #rifla @kicks0l0gy @captainbarlos
rifla - theportreport -
killlthehype : @dylansunga @drewbreezy5 @backboard60 @djbootleg I'll start the troll post ..
ejferrer : @killlthehype I was going to post my homies thunders from a few years back for sale and see how many "Early release fake comments" I can get.
killlthehype : @backboard60 @dylansunga @drewbreezy5 @djbootleg just posted a Kilroy 9 troll haha oh how I love to troll on SGLA
dyl_lux : @killlthehype @backboard60 @drewbreezy5 look at my post on sgla
drewruiz : @backboard60 just hit me up Jonathan Sunga is MIA. 323 559 5255
ejferrer : @drewbreezy5 forsure here is mine 562 489 6492 "Call me, maybe"
patdaplug : πŸ˜‘
drewruiz : I thought you couldn't go to prom anymore?
artv35 - willis612 - lizbethgonzvlez - young_pac510 -
No hype
deadstock11 - rifla - nb990 - smyfh - thisisjslife - madeinengland - hanon - theportreport -
djbootleg : #nb990 #hanon #smyfh #theportreport #rifla #thisisjslife
djbootleg : #madeinengland
sherbmax90 : πŸ‘Œ
highc0 : I wish...
djbootleg : @kinetic_zoe these are fs
zoeeone : Nice πŸ‘
djbootleg : @kinetic_zoe I saw ur looking to buy 10-10.5 nb. These are 10.5
zoeeone : I'm broke right now , but thank you sir 😞
osc__r - willis612 - saintcity - rudeboy626 -
kicks0l0gy - smyfh - amfam - niketalk - hybrid - uptown2k - theportreport -
therodmeister : good lord, these are ill.
djbootleg : @worldfamousufb I did lol. But they are not glued. I took my jams apart and my crepes because the glue was drying. @kefiafusu
captainbarlos : @jevoni
jwdanklefs : Do the urawa!
djbootleg : @jwdanklefs will do later haha. I have a few other kicks that I'm going to take apart and redo.
solelove1 : @vanwillz
mr_deadstock1 : Did u get them ?
djbootleg : @mr_deadstock1 I was going to make it. Since my crepes had to get reglued and so did my jams. I messed with them as you can see.
s.u.r.i - filthyrich_85 - moutarte - masterluku -
Latest addition thanks to corgi #corgishoe #theportreport #agrress #nike #ds11
peepmysneaks - ugh - corgishoe - nike - kicksonfire - greenbay - walklikeus - theportreport - ds11 - rifla - fuckgreenbaythougb - agrress - riflosangeles -
drewruiz : Wahhhh. Afro kid
djbootleg : @drewbreezy5 waaahh @afrokixs
drewruiz : What you trying to get into this weekend Lobo jr
djbootleg : @drewbreezy5 wahh
larrivee7 : Hadn't seen these in forever, used to love them. Nice grab! @djbootleg
captainbarlos : You haven't worn these yet
djbootleg : @captainbarlos they still ds. I had them on foot one time and they starts to fall apart :+
djbootleg : :(
xmilescoltranex - larrivee7 - farahjoyrahim -
#work #chopshoplife #theportreport #rifla #fatbubble #atmos #am95 #airmax #amfam
amfam - am95 - work - theportreport - airmax - atmos - fatbubble - rifla - chopshoplife -
hukfinnn : Nice kicks! Where are they made? @filthyrich_85
solelove1 : Ima look out for you bro ;) book thing
b.3po : fly shit I used to be bubblehead
halfamilforbail - globalshoesale - aniello10 -
Beat #yeezy
walklikeus - womft - uptown2k - theportreport - rifla - smyfh - yeezy - net - mynikes -
drewruiz : Lol ^
djbootleg : @drewbreezy5 lol
djbootleg : #theportreport #mynikes #smyfh #womft #walklikeus #rifla #net #mynikes
djbootleg : #uptown2k
carl_rif_la : How relevant are those
djbootleg : @carlrifla as relevant as juaneats
carl_rif_la : Hahahahaha @djbootleg t
rhdnaz : For sale? Text me 347 988 6520
mcsilly123 - topher0624 - farahjoyrahim -
rifla - smyfh - amfam - am1 - riflosangeles - uptown2k - theportreport -
mcsilly123 : Safaris as beaters,damn you must got bread
mcsilly123 : @djbootleg
djbootleg : Nah @mcsilly123 . @doreecebennett got bread lol.
djbootleg : #amfam #theportreport #rifla #riflosangeles #am1 #smyfh #uptown2k
imjustjustin : they are beaters...cause they're beat
coreyb21_ : Condition?
xmilescoltranex - douwekeque - ianberry01 - farahjoyrahim -
NIKE LEBRON AIR MAX SOLDIER V BREAST CANCER AWARENESS - #SaveTheTatas #ThinkPink #BCAM #Pink #LeBron #Nike #Soldier #igsneakercommunity #thewolfreport #theportreport #shoegamefuckedup #BreastCancer #kickstagram #outletfind #NikeOutlet #Citadel #ShoeWolf #sgfu - Let's get this #BCAM KICKed off right!! I wanna see your PINK!!!
thewolfreport - thinkpink - nikeoutlet - kickstagram - breastcancer - savethetatas - lebron - pink - shoewolf - bcam - sgfu - nike - igsneakercommunity - theportreport - soldier - shoegamefuckedup - outletfind - citadel -
fredster818 : @shoe_wolf check out my last pic. #breastawarenessmonth
tootall4la1 : Haha @shoe_wolf at citadel outlets
tootall4la1 : Did you see the Grade B Olympic 7's they had behind the counter??? Garbage @shoe_wolf
shoe.wolf : @tootall4la1 Is that what the situation is? I didn't bother to look cuz all they had were size 14.
djjayfree : How much we're these at that outlet?
shoe.wolf : @djjayfree $79.99
ancx5 : @call_me_moee
efaust13 - da1andonlyvc - aj_a.l.m.i.g.h.t.y -
Boyoyoyoyoing #fatass #fatbubble #am95 #airmax95 #amfam #airmaxfam #uptown2k #slate #2005 #theportreport
airmaxfam - fatass - amfam - am95 - slate - airmax95 - uptown2k - theportreport - fatbubble - 2005 -
djbootleg : Shout out to @riflosangeles for these a while ago.
drewruiz : I thought you got these at Holy Grail when they broke into the store
ttdiore - fantaskicks - afrokix - mnsxn_woe -
RIP Og chili #am95 #amfam #theportreport #riflosangeles
am95 - riflosangeles - amfam - smh - theportreport -
djbootleg : #SMH
drewruiz : You were probably the only one with no cleats at Salt Lake
fantaskicks - chick_mag_nick - mnsxn_woe - lizbethgonzvlez -
Crepe Amsterdam. @redm24 #am1 #am87 #rifla #theportreport #iantaughtme
am87 - kicks0l0gy - s7 - sneakerfetish - walklikeus - uptown2k - theportreport - iantaughtme - rifla - kicksonfire - am1 -
djbootleg : @uptown2k huh? Lol
julien_odekerken : Think i'm gonna have to report this πŸ˜‰
djbootleg : @julien_odekerken haha
tm_mulder : Sick pic!
ryanpecina : I see two pairs...please tell me ones my size haha
djbootleg : What is your size bro @betteroffdeadd
djbootleg : 10. @betteroffdeadd
ryanpecina : @djbootleg damn, the search continues. Size 11 was up two days ago on eBay and ended under an hour..
tm_mulder - _mior - biskuart - red_lbb -
Iconosquare feedback