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Got to watch @daynejerous give a #bjj belt test the last day of #thepitelevated being open. I never trained here but anyone im the fight scene in utah knows what an institution it has been for fighting in Utah for so long. Thanks for letting me at least see a lil of it babe ❀️ #fighting #utahfighting #juijitsu #mma
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robbertbjj : TOP!
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Muay Thai for breakfast πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ#goodmorning #muaythai #breakfastofchampions #thepitelevated #instabro
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tbull323 : Legit!
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"Yoga is not about tightening your ass, it's about getting your head out of it." ~Eric Paskel πŸ˜‚πŸ’• #meditate #yogaeverydamnday #thepitelevated #yoga #crazy8
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espinozalucia_ : It's both lol
lindsey_drewes : This made my day
e.ottobot : Amazing quote
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I been through some ups and downs but I always feel good when I am on the mats. This is my life and I know nothing else, only thing I can do now is learn and get better everyday #xcelfitness #thePitElevated #feelsgoodtobeback
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michaelhardle : πŸ‘Š
coryscott81 : Go get it man!!
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This is a little something I made @stevesiler this year! I was browsing around trying to figure out what to get him and I remembered him showing me cards on ebay that he has signed and people sale them! So I ordered 2 of them off of eBay and made him a frame! The one on the bottom right is so legit! #stevensiler #merrychristmas #ufccollectioncards #weloveyou #whywherewenevergivenany #stevensikercollectorcards #rarefinds #oursuperman #biggestfans #hesthechampinoureyes #pitfightteam #thepitelevated #excelfitness #jaidenscottsiler
stevensikercollectorcards - jaidenscottsiler - excelfitness - hesthechampinoureyes - ufccollectioncards - biggestfans - weloveyou - rarefinds - merrychristmas - thepitelevated - stevensiler - whywherewenevergivenany - pitfightteam - oursuperman -
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@courtmcgeemma shares some of his fight mentality as he enters the cage. Check out his entire video on@YouTube #thepitelevated #excelfitness #warabsolute #ufc194
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trevorkbailey : Very Nice
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Ufc194 First fight on ufc fight pass let the war begin #warabsolute #ufc #wrestling #mma #muaythai #kickboxing #ufc194 @Regrann from @absolutemma - BTS Video of the weigh in for Court and his opponent, Marcio, making weight and Joe Rogan's announcement. This is going to be a great night of fights and will be watched by so many of us in Utah. Court ia a local favorite and has given lots to the community. Go Crusher! Go @courtmcgeemma #excelfitness #thepitelevated #warabsolute #UFC194 #Regrann
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__mase___ : War ready! Get em' bro! @wutsupsamson
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#Repost @absolutemma with @repostapp ・・・ @courtmcgeemma shares some of his fight mentality as he enters the cage. Check out his entire video on@YouTube #thepitelevated #excelfitness #warabsolute #ufc194
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BTS Video of the weigh in for Court and his opponent, Marcio, making weight and Joe Rogan's announcement. This is going to be a great night of fights and will be watched by so many of us in Utah. Court ia a local favorite and has given lots to the community. Go Crusher! Go @courtmcgeemma #excelfitness #thepitelevated #warabsolute #UFC194
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Had such a great time training with @seybreal and having @tandilion1 teaching us some new (very difficult) things. It's a new journey, and I'm loving every second of it. I can't wait to see what happens, and with Tandi helping me learn I can only see great things to come. #thepitelevated #muaythai
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The champ, Holly Holm, speaks to a packed house for the UFC weigh ins this evening! behind the scenes photo by Professor @rlhandley offstage. An amazing place to be! #ufc194 #thepitelevated #xcelfitness #warabsolute
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Congrats @stevesiler on your victory at @frontstreetfights and a heartfelt and classy post fight speech. @brockjardine170 #martialartist #thepitelevated #thepitohana #ufc #crosspit
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#teamsiler @thepitvegas with @repostapp. ・・・ Congrats @stevesiler on your victory at @frontstreetfights and a heartfelt and classy post fight speech. @brockjardine170 #martialartist #thepitelevated #thepitohana #ufc #crosspit
teamsiler - thepitelevated - martialartist - ufc - thepitohana - crosspit -
painlessjen : Yayyy! Happy to hear he won. Always fun to watch @stevesiler fight. @courtmcgeemma
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The finish to great week of preparation for #ufc194 #thepitelevated #absolutemma #xcelfitness #mma #utahmma #pitohana
utahmma - thepitelevated - absolutemma - ufc194 - pitohana - xcelfitness - mma -
taralynnejames : You rock😊hard work pays off!!
edmobbspt : Awesome work court!!! You have cardio for days!
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It's a Mauy Thai kind of morning.... Boys! #pots #potsrunner #teamdysautonomia #running #runmidwiferun #ultrarunning #ultramarathon #kickboxing #thepitelevated
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#Repost @rlhandley with @repostapp. ・・・ We visited @thepitelevated to help @courtmcgeemma with his Monday night tradition of Rowing and Wrestling conditioning workout. What a great way to start a powerful week! #warabsolute #fiercemma #thepitelevated #xcelfitness #ufc194 #thecrusherisback #concept2rower
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Come for the fitness, discover and stay with a lifelong family. Congrats Josh and all Pit Monsters. PS give us your beards. #courtmcgee #ufc194 #mgmgrand #dec12 #pitohanaturnup #pitohanaturnip #turnipsarehealthytoo #beardedvillainslasvegas #beardedvillains #hawaiiankempo #thepitohana #thepitelevated #absolutemma @aguijoshi_tofu with @repostapp. ・・・ Chee acquired my purple belt last night from @thepitvegas. Contrary to popular belief I'm not in this cuz I think I'm some kind of badass or that I want to fight. I do it to keep me healthy by constantly testing my body and mind in a way that it was evolved to be. Plus I hate the ego atmosphere of a normal gym. It keeps me humble to be on this journey wit my pit ohana, I couldn't be happier. Mahalo and congratulations to all of you. #thepitvegas #hawaiiankempo #purplebelt #pitohana #wellness #healthyliving
beardedvillains - pitohanaturnup - mgmgrand - purplebelt - beardedvillainslasvegas - pitohana - absolutemma - thepitohana - courtmcgee - hawaiiankempo - pitohanaturnip - wellness - turnipsarehealthytoo - thepitelevated - ufc194 - thepitvegas - dec12 - healthyliving -
almostpaleo2 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Back at it. #finally #mma #boxing #jiujitsu #muaythai #training #onthegrind #thepitelevated #utah
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lydia_at_221b : No one deserves to be cyber bullied. I hope the people who harassed you realize how wrong they were, and I hope cohmedy grows the hell up. You seem like a great person, and I'm so sorry this had to happen to you.
ryanjbn : No worries mate. Glad this thing is somehow done. You can actually tell the lack of intelligence those kids have.. Pathetic
vania.regita : No problem aye
abrilpirchi : Whatsapp 2477337185
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"I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds." - Mike Tyson Mike Tyson quotes are my favorite! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ Come watch #FathomFighter, @mikejones170 Enter the cage on Saturday (8/22) at 7 pm! #FightWeek #FathomFighter #FathomAthlete #FATHOM #FathomGear #CanYouFathom #FathomLife #Lifestyle #MMA #FierceMMA #ThePitElevated #Utah #LifestyleBrand #MikeTyson
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It's fight week for #FathomAthlete, Mike Jones! Come see Mike and several other fighters enter the cage this Saturday in Spanish Fork. Fights start at 7 pm. South Valley Slam 1962 N. 300 W. Spanish Fork, UT #FATHOM #FathomLife #Lifestyle #MMA #FierceMMA #FathomGear #UFC #UtahMMA #ThePitElevated #CanYouFathom #FightNight #SouthValleySlam
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#FathomFighter @mikejones170 spends a lot of time coaching for his #FierceMMA team but on August 22nd, he's entering the cage! You can bet we will be there to support with #FathomGear! Fight info: South Valley Slam - August 22 1962 N. 300 W. Spanish Fork, UT Let us know if you need tickets! #FATHOM #FathomMMA #FathomLife #CanYouFathom #SouthValleySlam #ThePitElevated #Utah #Clothing #Apparel #Lifestyle #FathomFamily #FathomFighter
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Jon Cali and Mary Rebecca teamed up today to offer their efforts in remembering #theammonwod , like life this workout was hard. There are times in life when you need to sit down and catch your breath, and other times when you gotta get up and move. No matter what it is, no matter how difficult it may become, it's always amazing to see just how hard you can work, and how much more you can suffer when the focus isn't yourself, rather someone else. #c2xcrossfit #xcelfitness #xcelabovetherest @tandilion1 #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - xcelabovetherest - c2xcrossfit - theammonwod - xcelfitness -
tandilion1 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
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@natebrownxf and @lyhnakis killing it today! Nicolette, sorry Nate was so sweaty! #xcelfitness #xcelabovetherest #c2xcrossfit #theammonwod #thepitelevated @tandilion1
thepitelevated - xcelabovetherest - xcelfitness - theammonwod - c2xcrossfit -
simplysadiejane : What the? @lyhnakis is back!!!??!! Yeah!
natebrownxf : Sweaty is only the start of the apology! 😜
tandilion1 : I love this!!! ❀️❀️❀️
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There were a ton a great photos from today, but it's pretty rare seeing two guys this big in each other's arms! #theammonwod #xcelfitness #xcelabovetherest #c2xcrossfit #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - xcelabovetherest - xcelfitness - theammonwod - c2xcrossfit -
c2xcrossfit : @tandilion1
caleb_au_cazier : Look at the sheer joy on those faces hahaha
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MMA FANS!! Get to know local fighter, LEHI DOMINGUEZ... We are a proud sponsor of his current training camp as he prepares for SHOWDOWN FIGHTS 16 on SEPTEMBER 11 at the UCCU CENTER. Read his recent interview with Fresh Start MMA: /// PURCHASE YOUR SHOWDOWN TICKETS AT OUR SHOP! GENERAL ADMISSION $20 /// #lehidominguez #thepitelevated #showdown
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"Live what is within you out loud" --Lisa Bevere Nothing more raw and real than doing the work. Thanks Tandi and Tita!! @tandilion1 shoutout to Sean for the tank top!! @seanwwhalen #lionsnotsheep #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - lionsnotsheep -
daynamite77 : Thank you! @linda_connect
daynamite77 : Lol! Thanks E! Hope you're good too! @esaya_cut_u
tandilion1 : I want that tank top!!
tandilion1 : @seanwwhalen
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Excited to be a sponsor for Lehi Dominguez as he prepares for his upcoming MMA fight! Lehi trains out of The Pit Elevated in Orem, Utah and has a 4-0 record. This man serves in the Armed Forces and is all heart in the cage. Fight details and info coming soon! Follow him on Facebook! #MMA #thepitelevated #stonemanboxing #military #springville #barbershop
barbershop - stonemanboxing - military - thepitelevated - mma - springville -
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My mind's in mexico today with @cassius_claymma and his corner getting ready to fight in #UFC188. Thanks for keeping me inspired while I grind it out here too. Kill him mayne. #mma #muaythai #boxing #jiujitsu #thepitelevated #mexico #portland #summersales #training #winnerscircle
training - mexico - muaythai - boxing - jiujitsu - winnerscircle - thepitelevated - summersales - ufc188 - portland - mma -
alex_j1003 : MMA Yeah.πŸ‘Œ
stuartmhardy - caiyah89 - heat53 - oddjobs -
A coaching moment from tonight's fights. Two months ago I didn't really care for "MMA". Working with these guys has given me new perspective. I'm inspired by people who pursue excellence in their craft. Professionals. Whatever the discipline, it's a privilege to observe. Besides being inspired by the coach's worldview, these guys from The Pit Elevated in Orem, UT show up every time. Impressive. #pursuitofexcellence #thePitElevated #moderndaysamurai #MMA @four7training
pursuitofexcellence - mma - thepitelevated - moderndaysamurai -
ashleyjuliannedowney : I once had a friend tell me what it felt like to be a coach in a fighters corner. The emotions and pride - it was an epic description that I wish could have been recorded.
sunnybtaylor : Great capture babe πŸ“·
ajclegg : Nice one babe!
ryan_warriorfuelsupplements - stooball - ashleychappelle - four7training -
A pleasure working with these guys. Running steps for Memorial Day. #thepitelevated #MMA #goodhumans @four7training
mma - goodhumans - thepitelevated -
granna4j : I could not find you!πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ―
stephaniebottega1 : Great
bbergener - disciplesofiron - jeff_titan_nelson - its_jazzybby -
"cutting" weight. 7lbs in 2hrs. Prepping for battle. #joshburkman #mma
mma - joshburkman -
justinjaytaylor : @josephbrickeyart I remember watching a fight with you brother. Years ago. It's been too long. We should catch up some time.
josephbrickeyart : Yes we should! Looks like you've been up to some great stuff lately! Gonna be a great card today, eh? Best of luck to Burkman! He's got a super tough opponent in front of him.
justinjaytaylor : @josephbrickeyart yes he does. Would love to see what you're up to brother. Let's hook it up
mysonslovegogurt : You look so cute here!
sophia.kilber - wadleywadley - ajclegg - rickylundell -
At #ThePitElevated with my homie @luisflores1924
thepitelevated -
lacey_angel_love - itunein -
This week's Technique is going to be a continuation of the Cage Control Jason Mertlich @Four7training and #InvictaFC #fighter @Deannadbennett from #thepitelevated Showed us last time so make sure you watched the first video in the series & get ready for the next aspect of this #TechniqueoftheWeek! coming tomorrow #9dragonsfightshop #teamutah
invictafc - teamutah - fighter - 9dragonsfightshop - techniqueoftheweek - thepitelevated -
four7training : Awesome
fightersxchange : Nice!
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