"Live what is within you out loud" --Lisa Bevere Nothing more raw and real than doing the work. Thanks Tandi and Tita!! @tandilion1 shoutout to Sean for the tank top!! @seanwwhalen #lionsnotsheep #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - lionsnotsheep -
linda_connect : Looking good!!! @daynamite77 and @tandilion1
serenamwarner : Those muscles though...seriously.
esaya_cut_u : Whatever Dayna!!! Lol hope all is well @daynamite77
seanwwhalen : LIONS!!!!
daynamite77 : Thank you! @linda_connect
daynamite77 : Lol! Thanks E! Hope you're good too! @esaya_cut_u
tandilion1 : I want that tank top!!
tandilion1 : @seanwwhalen
inezesta - rachellean79 - chelseas_fitness - serenamwarner -
#MMAisLife #MMA #ThePitElevated
mma - thepitelevated - mmaislife -
selfmade_801 : Ey they do boxing there also G?
siego13 : Yeah G they do Boxing, Muy Thai, and Jiu jitsu @selfmade_801
selfmade_801 : Hell yeah homie what they charge for boxing I gotta get back into it
siego13 : $80 for all a month
trueabigail - yanett_78 - danielle8614 - esmi_artzy232 -
Excited to be a sponsor for Lehi Dominguez as he prepares for his upcoming MMA fight! Lehi trains out of The Pit Elevated in Orem, Utah and has a 4-0 record. This man serves in the Armed Forces and is all heart in the cage. Fight details and info coming soon! Follow him on Facebook! #MMA #thepitelevated #stonemanboxing #military #springville #barbershop
barbershop - stonemanboxing - military - thepitelevated - mma - springville -
johnsenior32 - mckaylambson - essencejiujitsu - hotmamabuss -
My mind's in mexico today with @cassius_claymma and his corner getting ready to fight in #UFC188. Thanks for keeping me inspired while I grind it out here too. Kill him mayne. #mma #muaythai #boxing #jiujitsu #thepitelevated #mexico #portland #summersales #training #winnerscircle
training - mexico - muaythai - boxing - jiujitsu - winnerscircle - thepitelevated - summersales - ufc188 - portland - mma -
gissel_veenstra - tamber038 - denis_morenomoreno - britney_yuleny -
A coaching moment from tonight's fights. Two months ago I didn't really care for "MMA". Working with these guys has given me new perspective. I'm inspired by people who pursue excellence in their craft. Professionals. Whatever the discipline, it's a privilege to observe. Besides being inspired by the coach's worldview, these guys from The Pit Elevated in Orem, UT show up every time. Impressive. #pursuitofexcellence #thePitElevated #moderndaysamurai #MMA @four7training
pursuitofexcellence - mma - thepitelevated - moderndaysamurai -
littlemissdowney : I once had a friend tell me what it felt like to be a coach in a fighters corner. The emotions and pride - it was an epic description that I wish could have been recorded.
sunnybtaylor : Great capture babe 📷
ajclegg : Nice one babe!
mmaexperience - alexandra_jameso - j.r.taylor - brandtberntson -
A pleasure working with these guys. Running steps for Memorial Day. #thepitelevated #MMA #goodhumans @four7training
mma - goodhumans - thepitelevated -
granna4j : I could not find you!👍🇺🇸🎯
stephaniebottega1 : Great
stephaniebottega1 - j.r.taylor - whitlee80 - four7training -
"cutting" weight. 7lbs in 2hrs. Prepping for battle. #joshburkman #UFC #thepitelevated #MMA #stealingshotswithiphone #peopleswarrior
thepitelevated - joshburkman - peopleswarrior - stealingshotswithiphone - ufc - mma -
bbergener : I did jump rope this morning trying to cut weight too. @rayjitsu80 @scoutinaz @bsachs18
granna4j : I don't like it, it looks naughty!🇺🇸👎
birddog29 : Nice to know how it's done, going to buy jumpsuit stat!
josephbrickeyart : People's warrior!
justinjaytaylor : @josephbrickeyart I remember watching a fight with you brother. Years ago. It's been too long. We should catch up some time.
josephbrickeyart : Yes we should! Looks like you've been up to some great stuff lately! Gonna be a great card today, eh? Best of luck to Burkman! He's got a super tough opponent in front of him.
justinjaytaylor : @josephbrickeyart yes he does. Would love to see what you're up to brother. Let's hook it up
mysonslovegogurt : You look so cute here!
dedfit_apparel - stephaniebottega1 - sophia.kilber - chrisporter76 -
This week's Technique is going to be a continuation of the Cage Control Jason Mertlich @Four7training and #InvictaFC #fighter @Deannadbennett from #thepitelevated Showed us last time so make sure you watched the first video in the series & get ready for the next aspect of this #TechniqueoftheWeek! coming tomorrow #9dragonsfightshop #teamutah
invictafc - teamutah - fighter - 9dragonsfightshop - techniqueoftheweek - thepitelevated -
four7training : Awesome
fightersxchange : Nice!
alexmartignette - bradleywd - fightersxchange - amirulzulkarnaintuah -
Jason Mertlich. An unsung hero. This guy coaches several of the best MMA fighters in the sport, but happens to be one of the kindest people I've ever met. A good soul. I've been working on this short film and learned that MMA can be a vehicle for helping a lot of individuals get out of dark places. I didn't expect that. #MMA #thepitelevated #UFC @qaloring
thepitelevated - ufc - mma -
granna4j : What is MMA?🇺🇸🎯👍
alexandra_jameso - chilean_sea_bass - samkilber - granna4j -
At #ThePitElevated with my homie @luisflores1924
thepitelevated -
lacey_angel_love - nintendocat - msdanielaxx -
Took a little time off work this morning to try #kickboxing Thanks @pkennedy13 for setting up a private lesson. #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - kickboxing -
pkennedy13 : @tandilion1 is the best coach!
karliburns2 : Get it girl!!
brokendragonfly32 : @karliburns2 you have been getting it too girl! We need to go on a get it girl hike sometime!
tandilion1 : You guys are awesome!!
karliburns2 : Lmao!!! Get it girl hike!! We sure do!!
tiffanilinnayoso21 - karliburns2 - rachelraeder - pkennedy13 -
Today was my last day here at my favorite gym. I'm gonna miss everyone! #thepitelevated #muaythai #livelevated #pitfamily #caliboundtomorrow
livelevated - muaythai - caliboundtomorrow - thepitelevated - pitfamily -
kingleduc : 🙏🙏
amirkhanmma : 👍👍👍
brittanie_eraso - jpdbourgeois - dubstep_daddy - jakesully_94 -
Despite appearances, he was working me the whole time. #photoshop #obviously #throwback #mma #muaythai #thepitelevated #utahmma #thanks #alexander #havemercy #boxing #tbt #mcm
photoshop - mcm - boxing - muaythai - havemercy - tbt - obviously - utahmma - thepitelevated - thanks - throwback - bushleague - mma - alexander -
nateaustin_33 : #edgepestcontrol
russellalboroto : Keep that left arm up!!!
bradyistruebusiness : @nateaustin_33 you don't have bugs, you don't want to buy this. @russellalboroto I know right? #bushleague
bradyistruebusiness : @nicole_mackenzie bring it onnn
nicole_mackenzie : You got it
claudinholopes92 - the_fierce_samurai - m.mustafa.a -
#Repost @rivengear ・・・
Congratulations on another 1st round finish, Brad @bradleywd ! This guy is 9-0 and a killer! Keep an eye on him! He is going to do big things with Coach Jason @four7training and The Pit Fight Team @pitelevated ! 🔷 #RivenGear #undefeated #steelfist #steelfistfights #quadzilla #vanillagorilla #thepitelevated #four7training #braddarrington
rivengear - braddarrington - undefeated - steelfist - quadzilla - thepitelevated - steelfistfights - vanillagorilla - four7training - repost -
rivengear : Nice!
lizdarrington : Congrats, @bradleywd!! I knew you'd win!
andreaspon : That's awesome!!! Congrats @bradleywd!!
rivengear : I love this dude!
dawnlnae : Get him to Vegas so we can go watch ( support from me)
fresco_press : 👍
lynettesaxton14 : Awesome!!!
l_coronado449 : Excellence!
findapurpose - debulls13 - four7training - laura.king.3517 -
Driving through my old stomping grounds today and had to stop and take a picture of the place Dave and I met. It's a little different now, but it's still there. I had to go fast because I was suffocating from being in #cougarville #goodmemories #provo #thepitelevated #mybavid
mybavid - thepitelevated - goodmemories - cougarville - provo -
mroberts.adore : I love that place❤️ the people there are like Family! I love Tandi, Michele, Jason, and Brad! Aunt Jill that's so cute and amazing that you and Unkle Dave met there❤️ so cute aunt Jill😏❤️❤️❤️
jillybeanjewelry : @MRoberts.adore i love you darling! Jason and uncle Dave are really good friends. Aunt Jilly used to work here with all the trainers you love. Fun huh? Love you my sweet angel!
preppyeagle - mroberts.adore - halle_roberts - musthaveahandbag -
8 months in the making, still have a lot to work on but shoutout to @tandilion1 for being an awesome/patient trainer! Time to amp things up. #thepitelevated #MMA #UFC #livingthedream #fitnessVT #Grind #goals #iloveit #addictedtoMMA
mma - iloveit - ufc - addictedtomma - livingthedream - thepitelevated - goals - grind - fitnessvt -
tandilion1 : Shadow boxing eyes closed is so good for you! #balance #bodyawareness
knorth71 : Please let me know when you're competing. I just have to say...I hate that you're accepting the possibility of that beautiful face taking a beating. 😳
deificjewelry : Nice @bircheve
_emo_ninja - ____louel - the_faulkenbird - redesignedlife -
It sure did feel good to be back on the mats again. Coach Edson is a beast!! #four7jj #JiuJitsu #thepitelevated #springbreakweek #noschool
thepitelevated - springbreakweek - four7jj - jiujitsu - noschool -
addriianna_24 - britta_arnold_anderton - teejay724 - billyluber -
Finally!! Spring Break!! So that means I get to go to Jiu Jitsu tonight!! To all my teammates, take it easy on this old man(me). #four7jj #thepitelevated #yourmyboyblue
thepitelevated - four7jj - yourmyboyblue -
dbizahaloni - kevanellett - sharlaties - itz_just_gari -
"We happy few, we band of brothers/For he today that sheds his blood with me/Shall be my brother." Congrats to Edson Lima on his brown belt. #Four7 #jujitsu #pursuitofexcellence #lionseatfirst #thepitelevated #ohana
pursuitofexcellence - thepitelevated - jujitsu - ohana - lionseatfirst - four7 -
mistymma : Great night !!!! Forever in history!!!
mistymma - cosmic_crook - the_fighting_hippy - four7training -
#Jason #Arnold #Rad #Tandi #Kwami #Four7 #Wickedways #thepitelevated #ohana #family #noonegetsleftbehind #orforgotten
kwami - tandi - rad - jason - family - brucelee - ohana - ididntforgetyou - wickedways - four7 - noonegetsleftbehind - thepitelevated - arnold - dayne - orforgotten -
tolu_mma : #dayne #ididntforgetyou
fstallone : 👏🔝
tolu_mma : #brucelee
choscen1 : @alexrocks27
smashn_molly - cosmic_crook - four7training - fstallone -
My new favorite move! #iminariroll #BJJ #thepitelevated #pitohana
pitohana - thepitelevated - iminariroll - bjj -
jiujitsutimes - collinmackay92 - bagrappleco - xshowtheartx -
I sware officer, she asked to be punched! #invicta #ufc #thepitelevated #toughchick #deannabennett #menace
toughchick - menace - thepitelevated - invicta - deannabennett - ufc -
tomahawk801 - defkatie - ufcnation - acinch182 -
If anyone is interested in testing your limits and doing MMA, I highly suggest The Pit Elevated! They have the most amazing coaches! This month they have an amazing deal going out! So come out everyone! #MMA #ThePitElevated #Training
thepitelevated - training - mma -
mashleefarris - tjulii - jasminequinton - cattshupe -
My 2nd home #ThePitElevated #MMA
mma - thepitelevated -
562alexd : You still ducking my fade though homie
siego13 : Caile pues joto you know where I be at
arelisantana_24 - _a.qt - kyleo_o714 -
Wearing my @kaytlincneil "Katniss" shirt today!! Lets go Kaytlin!!! Bring that "W" back to Utah!! #TuffNuff #thepitelevated
thepitelevated - tuffnuff -
dbizahaloni - jordanclements1 - kmg_prodigy2.0 - rivengear -
Cutting weight is so much easier with a support group #true friends #Repost @brittanycahoon with @repostapp.
The boys just stayed for pictures. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #lastmanstanding #we'vegotasweater #thisishowwedoit #thepitelevated #wmma #bestdayever
we - lastmanstanding - thepitelevated - teamworkmakesthedreamwork - wmma - bestdayever - true - thisishowwedoit - repost -
briggst3 : Effin party!!!!!!!!!
bdraper108 : Is Aldyn nakie!?? Haha @kaytlincneil
kaytlincneil : @bdraper108 who knows;) hahah no he's not
oliviavancott : Good luck with your fight!
kaytlincneil : @oliviavancott thanks! I'm wearing on if your bras for this fight:)
four7training - deannadbennett - trainc4 -
#Repost @brittanycahoon with @repostapp.
Sauna time! Water weight cut round 1. @kaytlincneil is gotta bring the heat this weekend! #6lbsdown #teamwork #wmma #thepitelevated #family #girlswhofight #itsgettinghotinhere #sunsoutgunsout
6lbsdown - family - girlswhofight - teamwork - sunsoutgunsout - thepitelevated - wmma - itsgettinghotinhere - repost -
itsmisslinds : I'll be your sauna buddy. I need to cut weight before next Saturday
t.leightrends - pacifico.oceano - matt.griner -
6 am every morning #MuayThai #ThePitElevated
muaythai - thepitelevated -
moyoteg : @jpino1
vineyardtank : #dedication!
hannawinz - cinthiabltrn - 6monomedia - 4prilfr3sh -
I am a phoenix born anew...forever changing, constantly growing, though the core of who I am remains the same....🔥 #curvaceousbeauty#progressnotperfection#thickfit#thepitelevated#journey#💪
journey - thickfit - curvaceousbeauty - thepitelevated - progressnotperfection - 💪 -
teresa_sarona - pita40 - mwinsor6 - _ch0ngo -
When I was embracing the grind. #tbt #boxing #thepitelevated #mma #utahmma #hwpo #utah #training #fitness #muaythai
training - hwpo - muaythai - boxing - utah - tbt - utahmma - thepitelevated - fitness - mma -
muaythai1st : Cheers you !
bradyistruebusiness : @nicole_mackenzie k c u soon meet u dere bye
nicole_mackenzie : It's going down
smile_nicoo - fitnessbyliuza - alxtmm -
Tandilion - A proportionate ratio of Elegance and Violence. She's still my favorite MMA fighter, even if she is retired. Her Muay Thai lessons transcend the mats. As does her passion. Her lessons and example have helped me realize my goals and dig deeper. Love you Tandi! @tandilion1 #muaythai #thepitelevated #tandilion
muaythai - tandilion - thepitelevated -
chelseas_fitness : She is amazing!!
lisatwight : You girls get my so psyched for training @tandilion!
daynamite77 : @lisatwight I'm psyched for you! Tandi and I will come train with you sometime!
jenratcliffe : Someday! You look so wonderful and happy. xo
tandilion1 : I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ YOU!!!!
tandilion1 : Yes let's do it Dayna ! Let's go train with @lisatwight !!
melvince : ❤️
serenamwarner : Great pictures of two of my fav peoples!
mahmudsov - savannawarner - chelseas_fitness - serenamwarner -
BTS of our #TechniqueoftheWeek with @Four7training Jason Mertlich and #InvictaFC #fighter @Deannadbennett from #thepitelevated who will be fighting #feb27 for #invictafc11 #mma #TechniqueoftheWeek #Fight #mma #9dragonsfightshop #southsaltlake #teamutah
fighter - feb27 - techniqueoftheweek - mma - fight - teamutah - thepitelevated - 9dragonsfightshop - invictafc - invictafc11 - southsaltlake -
tandilion1 : 💛💛
criscyborg : Nice! you might like my blog
9dragonsfightshop : Thank you @criscyborg n will do!
rayelbe : Cool! you seen my blog yet?
infinityphotorob - georggejj - ransonshepherd - selenabeans -
Awesome day of sparring with these ninjas at the pit! They always make me feel like I'm part of the family! #thepitelevated #orem #fighters #utah
orem - fighters - utah - thepitelevated -
belinnys : Are you in Utah?!! Us too!
thomashughes7118 : @belinnys yeah we are in Layton but I train from Orem -ogden so we are all over the place!!
belinnys : What?!! We're in Layton
thomashughes7118 : @belinnys hahaha there is no way!!!!
belinnys : Craziness!! Play dates are a must. aaaand teaching my hubby how to build makeup room k thanks 🙌
thomashughes7118 : @belinnys deal only if you show me where to get these clothes you get for your twins!!
mistymma - itsbeno77 - mandiemuller - snowy_awesome -
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