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"I promise to stand by you, hold you up when you're about to fall, and to always keep you safe. I never believed therw was a girl out there for me until I met you. you changed everything and I never want tk like a day without you. I love you more than I ever thought possible. " I miss #JackFnCarter #bestmanever #ThePerfectGame
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"Ustedes están tan jodidos que solo juntos son como en desorden perfecto" πŸ™ŠπŸ˜β€#libro#theperfectgame#mamona#llorona#hermoso#amor#romance #yalotermine.. Ups!
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Ride with Gamer! #ThePerfectGame #Gamer #Besties #BestFriendsForLife #success #BestiesForLifey #Saddleseat #Equestrian #Equestrianism #English #Horse #LivingTheLife #TheLife #PointviewArabians #NSH #NationalShowHorse
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Cassie. Jack. #ThePerfectGame
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mollymillsxoxo : 😭😭
gianiplata : *________*
808linnett : 😯😣😒😭
tarakay11 : Awe I miss them! 😿
jeni_79 : My favorite series!!
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#theperfectgame #snakeapp #retrogaming #Nokia3310 #generazionebho
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"There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you. You'll fight for it and you won't win. But what really matters isn't the war you're waging, it's that you don't lose the person you are in the midst of the battle." #ThePerfectGame #JSterling
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bookdise : May I ask you a question? Do you post a book after you read it?
lovelyybooks : I have read all the books I've posted about but some of them I read a few years or months ago and some I have just currently read @bookdise
realjsterling : <3
73jem : Oh God!!! I loved this series!! I've missed Jack and Cassie β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ“š @bookwhoree @realjsterling
bee_quexo : Luv this book
secretbooklist : I loved that series
annekhaleesi : πŸ˜πŸ‘
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πŸ“•πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“™πŸ“”Loved it. I waited until all of the books were out before starting this series.
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secretbooklist : #theperfectgame #thesweetestgame #thegamechanger #jsterling #book #bookstagram #bookblog #library #baseball #college #kindle #bestseller #paperback #bookclub #love #romance #novel #ya #youngadult #f4f #followforfollow of book lovers
ageofdarknessfan : HAI! My 17 year old friend just published his first book and i was jw if you'd give it a check! The free sample is in my bio c: . if you take the time to just look that'd mean so much. so ya! lemme know!
secretbooklist : #follow #followme #bestoftheday #school #bookstore #hardcover #booshelf #giftidea
intelligantbooklover : F4f? :)
nicolehcm : F4f?
secretbooklist : @intelligantbooklover Sure
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thebmwclub : dope
worldwide_mexican : #THEMOSTDANGEROUSGAME
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Continuando la historia de amor entre Jack y Cassie debo acotar que no me atrapó. Cuando justo conseguía que prestara mi atención el libro o mejor ficho la historia daba un vuelco y volvía a sacarme, no puedo no mencionar el hecho de que esperaba mucho más de una escritora como #JSterling y más por #ThePerfectGame (primer libro de la saga). Obviamente no todo fue sombrío, la narración fluida, a pesar de la tensión y la gran ¡mierda! que tuvieron que soportar los protagonistas siempre se mantuvo esa ligereza que la caracteriza (como opinión personal); los mayores aportes: 1. Que se demuestre que en sí el amor lo puede todo cuando las dos personas de verdad lo quieren y, que los abuelos siempre son sabios. 2. (Del libro) —Absolutamente —dijo el abuelo con una sonrisa torcida—. Es curioso las cosas que crees que van a durar para siempre cuando sé es joven. Pensé que iba a trabajar hasta morir. Pero hasta el trabajo se detiene en algún momento. Y te encuentras mirando alrededor, haciendo un balance de tu vida, y te das cuenta de que no te importa una mierda de lo que trabajaste o lo que hiciste para ganar dinero, pero te importan las vidas a las que afectaste. El amor que compartiste. La familia que has creado. Te importa quién está de pie a tu lado cuando te ocurren cosas jodidas. La abuela le dio un manotazo dos veces, presumiblemente por cada vez que maldijo, pero falló. —Es cierto —dijo—. #TheGameChanger #libro #lectura
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Jack is only $1.99 until the end of the month. #ThePerfectGame #JackCarter #JackFnCarter #JackAndCassie #Book1 #Series #NewAdult #KindleMonthlyDeal #OnSale
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itskristinashlea : I miss him!!
galiclaly : @luvourlife1
djhohertz : I really want more of this series - maybe a story about the kids??😊😊😊❀️❀️❀️
as_in_what_the_heck : I love this book so much! Now I of course need to read the rest of the series.
s_moose0609 : Sigh loved this series!!!! Jack effing Carter 😍😍😍
realjsterling : @s_moose0609 thank you love!
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OMG!!!!! πŸ™€πŸ˜΅πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ @realjsterling just commented on my post!! The author of one of my fave books commented on my post!!! omggggg!!!! Hahaha #Fangirlmomemt #mademyday #ThePerfectGame #TheGameChanger #TheSweetestGame
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realjsterling : Lol yayyyyyy!!!!! Thank you again! You rock
nathannerose : Thank YOU @realjsterling for writing exceptional books!! You never fail to amaze πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ“–πŸ“š
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Quick shot before we start. #soccer #sunset #theperfectgame
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gift_xbox_2015 : πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
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@camilaheloise muito obrigado pelos #Livros, adorei @roselifardin muito obrigado pelo #Aviaozinho, amei =) #OJogoPerfeito #ThePerfectGame #VirandoOJogo #TheGameChanger #JSterling #FaroEditorial #VoeGol #Gol #InstaBook #InstaFlight
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#ElJuegoPerfecto #ThePerfectGame #MiPeliculaFavorita #Baseball #Beisbol
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paolamoya96 : #Monterrey
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Handball Clinic with the kiddies. WPH Pro Abe Montijo showing the kids proper form and timing. Big thank you to #usha and #icha for making this possible #handball #youth #sportforlife #theperfectgame #isy Watch out 2016 Collegiate Nationals! My kids are coming for ya!
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#Repost @realjsterling with @repostapp.
Oh, Jack. Don't forget that the ENTIRE series is on sale through the end of the month! #KindleMonthlyDeal #ThePerfectGameSeries #JackFnCarter #JackCarter #RyanIsJack #theGameChanger #theSweetestGame #ThePerfectGame
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Oh, Jack. Don't forget that the ENTIRE series is on sale through the end of the month! #KindleMonthlyDeal #ThePerfectGameSeries #JackFnCarter #JackCarter #RyanIsJack #theGameChanger #theSweetestGame #ThePerfectGame
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realjsterling : Awwww, thank you @brookedh !!!
bappleme : Jenn I'd break me off a piece of my wasabi if we were having sushi someplace next time you're in town. 😝🍣
realjsterling : Loll i love u @bappleme
kellyrivera01 : Loved this series though I nearly broke my IPad throwing it across the table from time to time!! Love me some Jack Fn Carter! ❀️❀️
angelikainsomniac : Howdy! Hoping to feel better b4 too long. Just waiting for this Percocet to do its job, LOL.
brookedh : You're welcome. You were so awesome in real life I figured your writing must be awesome too. It was! πŸ‘πŸ‘
realjsterling : Lol @brookedh thank youuuuuuu!!!!! I really appreciate it!
_sara_minor : HUGE fan of this series!!
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Happy birthday jake t austin @jaketaustin #jaketaustin #thefosters #jesusfoster #theperfectgame #angelmacias #hotelfordogs #wizardsofwaverlyplace #maxrusso #everyoneshero #yankeeirving #johnnykapahalabackonboard #newyearseve #rio #khumba #tomsawyerandhuckleberryfinn #huckleberryfinn
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famousbirthdays : Happy 20th bday to Jake T Austin πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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For the 1st time ever, the ENTIRE perfect game series is on sale!!!! US/Kindle/ Amazon only. If you don't have a kindle, you can download the Kindle App for FREE on any device (even your Nook HD device through Google Play). Still need to read the series? Know someone who needs to meet Jack? Tell them about this deal! Limited time! #HaveACarterChristmas #PutALittleJackUnderYourTree #Kindle #Amazon #Ebook #KindleSale #ThePerfectGameSeries #ThePerfectGame #TheGameChanger #theSweetestGame #jackcarter23 #JackFnCarter #JackAndCassieForever #cassieandrews #JackCarter #CarterChristmas #CarterBrothers #JackLovesCassie
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authordanihart : On it!
luvourlife1 : @galiclaly the first two only.... Should I get the last one now too?
realjsterling : @luvourlife1 nina!!!!! The last book is the best one! So happy and awesome. I mean, if i do say so myself. Lol
rawkr : Aw I miss Jack!! That hot bastard. Where's Ryan Guzman. I need to stare at some fine ass. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
luvourlife1 : @realjsterling well then I must buy it now then!!! One clicking soon! Lol and starting the series as well! Thanks @realjsterling and @galiclaly !!
luvourlife1 : My last one click for the month and it's just the 2nd. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜­πŸ™ˆ @galiclaly
galiclaly : @luvourlife1 I think we need therapy!! Lol and @realjsterling is right, the last book is AMAZING! Jack F'N Carter is HOTTT!
skygrammy : Loved the series
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"NO RELATIONSHIP CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT TRUST, HONESTY, AND COMMUNICATION NO MATTER HOW CLOSE YOU ARE." The Perfect Game, J. Sterling #theperfectgame #jsterling #love #relationships #survive #trust #honesty #communication #
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realjsterling : Love this
thatcountryguy94 : Thank you J. Sterling
thatcountryguy94 : @realjsterling
thatcountryguy94 : That's exactly how I think in every relationship. If you don't have any of those then what's the point of having a relationship. @realjsterling
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@realjsterling When I read"The Perfect Game I cried so much.Treason killed me.Now,I've finished"The Game Changer"also cry but happiness. #theperfectgame #thegamechanger #jsterling #book #books
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realjsterling : Thank you for reading. :)
leph21 : No puedo creer que te respondan...envidia mil!!!!!!!
thisisestefania : Jajajajaja la saga que estoy leyendo ayer estuve chismeando con la autora por twitter. Chispeando... No lo podía creer por whats te mostraré. Moriii jajauaja @leph21
leph21 : ¡¡¡Je.Su.Cris.To!!!
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These came in the mail today!! πŸ“–πŸ˜ 😡 All waiting for me to read after exams!! ✨ 😻 just need to find #TheSweetestGame to complete the #ThePerfectGame trilogy πŸ‘πŸ™Œ #love #JSterling #KieraCass #Books #excited #happinness #yay
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julieeabott : Waaaaaaaaaah! πŸ“šπŸ“š
nathannerose : Haha @kaikyoo adik sa libru 😍
julieeabott : Gani. Nami ang perfect game? See you soon! 😘
nathannerose : @kaikyoo wala ku pa nbasa pero kita ku sa mga reviews nami. Dw kailinit na nami haha see u gwapie :D
realjsterling : :) thank you
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Day 26: most re-read book. It would be #theperfectgame by #jsterling #novemberbookchallenge #novemberbookchallenge14
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realjsterling : I love this! Thank you :)
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Got to see this sweet friend again! #ClassReunion #classof1984 #oldfriend #theperfectgame
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#Goodnight #theperfectgame 😴😴😴😴
goodnight - theperfectgame -
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Oops, we won again 😜#UCLAUSCfootball #UCLA #GoBruins #Football #WEWON #ThePerfectGame
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JJ watches this movie ALL THE TIME #ThePerfectGame
theperfectgame -
amypierrefranco : I love that movie :)
jessica.adame : So does he he recites the moving he watches every baseball movie he can find probably once a week...the new one this week is bench warmers. I've seen it 10 times this no lie! @amypierrefranco
amypierrefranco : Good thing they are good movies, I have to watch the same Ninja Turtle cartoon over and over....lol
jessica.adame : Omg like Barney @amypierrefranco
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#mylove #my21stbirthday #theperfectgame
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#theperfectgame #boyfriend #my21stbirthday
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#theperfectgame #capecodders #my21stbirthday #sisters
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The Perfect Game movie (English version) El Juego Perfecto (Spanish version) #theperfectgame
theperfectgame -
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Reglas de Cassie para una vida feliz: 1. No mentir 2. No engañar 3. No hacer promesas que no puedas cumplir 4. No decir cosas que no sientes #libro #lectura #reglas #vida #ThePerfectGame #JSterling
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xauxastotales : #boludeces jijiji !!
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Oh que buen libro, tortuosamente a la espera de la segunda parte al igual que otros que tengo pendiente. Una historia que te enseña que el verdadero amor lo puede perdonar todo. Kitten, Dejar ir a alguien que es dueño de tu corazón es duro. Algunas veces aferrarte a esa persona es aún más difícil. Sé que no soy la persona más fácil de amar, pero tú lo eres. No es como si no pudiera vivir sin ti, es que yo no quiero hacerlo. Hay una diferencia. Todos hacemos opciones en la vida y yo te escojo a ti. Mi corazón te pertenece. Y no te lo pido de vuelta, incluso si ya no lo quieres más. Sólo estoy preguntando por la posibilidad de tener el tuyo otra vez. Prometo ser más cuidadoso esta vez. Te amo siempre, Jack. #libro #lectura #ThePerfectGame #JSterling
jsterling - theperfectgame - libro - lectura -
xauxastotales : #vamospadawancursijijijiji
oigimer7 : Jajaja @xauxastotales el libro lo merecía. Muy bueno
heidimclaughlinauthor : @realjsterling πŸ’œ
realjsterling - madison_harkness - marysiso - inkoherence -
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