#Nowspinning "I Can't Get Her Off My Mind" by #TheMonkees from their #1967 #LP Headquarters on #Colgems. #vinyl #vinylopedia #records #recordcollecting #vintage #recordplayer #turntable
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I have amazing friends!! #themonkees #monkees
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sofarsonoir : Omg I need this
dolenzsmith : @sofarsonoir i am trying to collect them but they are so hard to find intact and super expensive :(
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chezwahum : Holy jaysis!
kenmooney7 : I'd never want to leave!!!
ruairip : Amazing!
alansok : Woah!!!
alansok : Any Neds?bring em back and I'll sort ya x
themightystef : Shopping for records. Where to start? #records #vinyl #music #houseofguitars #hog #vinyljunkie #linkwray #theeverlybrothers #jethrotull #themonkees #themightystef #tms
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Done with drama of all sorts right now. Life is too short to argue and worry about things. Those who love you will stick with you but those who don't really love you will fade into the past and you will forget about them. That is how life goes ✌ #themonkees #monkees #petetork #petertork
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lilia1957 : Nice pic of him l like the way you love them when I younger I love them so much especially David :) :)
ilia_dolenz : I love Micky. They are a great band @lilia1957
lilia1957 : Yes ilia the best look I'm 57 year's old and still lessening the music of them love Monkees !!!!
ilia_dolenz : That is great! I will be listening to them all throughout my life too @lilia1957
girlizzie3 : @ilia_dolenz Good for you..ignore all the's ridiculous. Monkees FOREVER!!!💖😘
ilia_dolenz : Haha thanks 💕 @girlizzie3
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Some of the #REBEAT crew in the house for #mickydolenz at #bbkingbluesnyc! Micky KILLED it!! #themonkees #monkees #NYC
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#larryisreal #larryfacts #larryisrealgetoverit #larrystylinson #littlemix #louistomlinson #harrystyles #leamichele #corymonteith #arianagrande #austinmahone #Beckyg #brunomars #demilovato #directioner #edsheeran #elounorisfake #fifthharmony #glee #katyperry #justinbieber #mileycyrus #michaeljackson #onedirection #selenagomez #themonkees #thewanted #unionj #5sos
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lxrryshippah : F4f?
tomlinsonaholic : Hiiii! So I'm writing a Harry fanfic on Wattpad called Haunted. It's by the username Tomlinsonaholic. It'd be great if you could maybe check it out or spread the word. Thank you!!!! Have a great day💕
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Somebody better out of here before I buy all these #vinyls oh #halfpricedbooks why you gotta be so cool! #billyjoel #journey #themonkees #tonyorlando #barrymanilow
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anabadonkadonk : Where is that?
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#muffins with my boys 😌👌 #themonkees
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czeena : Awww muffins making muffins. How cute 😘
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My Vinyl finds today!:) pretty good deals!:) The Moody Blues first album Isn't very common, original I think, $15! Led Zeppelin 1, Canadian pressing, $13! The Beatles second album, original mono, $5! Steppenwolf first album, $5! The Monkees, Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones LTD., $4! Elvis Presley Moody Blue, Blue Vinyl(very common), $5! Elvis In Memphis, $4, Elvis That's The Way It Is, $1! The Rolling Stones Big Hits High Tide And Green Grass(my 3rd copy now lol), Mono, original I think, $1! The Doors 13, album cover made In Germany, vinyl made In the UK, $1! Overall pretty good deals for the albums! #themoodyblues #ledzeppelin #jimmypage #thebeatles #steppenwolf #themonkees, #elvispresley, #therollingstones, #thedoors #jimmorrison #vinyl
thedoors - jimmorrison - themonkees - ledzeppelin - themoodyblues - therollingstones - vinyl - steppenwolf - elvispresley - jimmypage - thebeatles -
jamesshambles_ : Nice!
donbeatlesfan : @jamesshambles_ thanks
mslater_ : nice find!
donbeatlesfan : @mslater_ thanks
shakedreamsfromyourhairr : Bought the exact same Doors album today!
donbeatlesfan : @shakedreamsfromyourhairr great!:) Jim Morrison was the King!
shakedreamsfromyourhairr : You're right, he was! ☺️
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Should I start doing backgrounds like this, or just keep it simple? #mikenesmith #wednezday #themonkees
mikenesmith - wednezday - themonkees -
macca_lover_ : keep it simple
classicrockonvinyl : Love Michael! Great artist.
platelessordinary : I look forward to wednezday every week
phantasmagoric_splendors : Haha awesome! @platelessordinary
phantasmagoric_splendors : Ok I will @macca_lover_
phantasmagoric_splendors : He does deserve more credit than he's given @classicrockonvinyl
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Late night jammin' ❤️#themonkees #imabeliever #guitar #jammin #love #music #rockstar #bandana
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🎧👌😚 #themonkees
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katieee_mb : #spamforspam
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Look what came in the mail today!! #themonkees #themonkeesgomod #mickydolenz #mikenesmith #davyjones #petertork
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frenzyvintage : 😍
symphetamine : @frenzyvintage I loved it, thank you ☺️
frenzyvintage : You bet, thanks again!
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My awesome record haul from today! Starting from Top: The Outlaws - The Outlaws, The Powder Blues Band - Uncut, Rick James - Street Songs, Doug and the Slugs - Cognac and Bologna, Prince - 1999, Eagles - One of these Nights, Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Roaring Silence, ELO - On the Third Day, Saga - Heads or Tales, Lighthouse - 20 Great Hits, Sweet - Cut Above the Rest, Blue Oyster Cult - Cultosaurus Erectus, Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime, Red Rider - Don't Fight It, Eddy Grant - Killer on the Rampage, Animotion - The Language of Attraction, The Monkees - The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees, Hall + Oates - Private Eyes, The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street, ELO - Out of the Blue and Scorpions - Animal Magnetism. Videos to come tomorrow!
elo - theeagles - saga - sweet - queensryche - rickjames - records - haul - vinyligclub - vinyl - themonkees - collection - albums - prince -
atomicvinyl : #vinyl #records #albums #collection #vinyligclub #rickjames #prince #theeagles #elo #saga #Queensryche #themonkees #sweet #haul
k_lavallee : Where did you get these?
atomicvinyl : Nomad, in Stevensville. They're originally an instrument/music lessons place, but they've been selling records for like a year now. On the same road as Safari Niagara. @k_lavallee
k_lavallee : What do they charge per/album
atomicvinyl : 5 bucks, but they have a deal, 5 for 20. Then they have a higher priced section for better albums. It's not as good as Niagara Records, but worth a look. @k_lavallee
k_lavallee : Where is niagara records and what do they charge?
atomicvinyl : You've never been? Its on St. Paul in St. Kitts and they have a whole assortment of prices. From a dollar to highr prices, they range from quality usually. @k_lavallee
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I didn't mean to go that long without posting sorry. • #mikenesmith #themonkees #wednezday •
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My finds yesterday :} #themonkees #themamasandthepapas #vinyl #records #albums #music
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Enjoying Dedicated Friend by Michael Nesmith... great song from Loose Salute album. #michaelnesmith #firstnationalband #country #rock #countryrock #papanez #nez #classicrock #loosesalute #music #70s
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classicrockonvinyl : #themonkees
monkeeandbeatlefan : I love this Album!!!!! ❤
classicrockonvinyl : @monkeeandbeatlefan I like I to. What's your favorite track?
monkeeandbeatlefan : Oh, Goodness… I don't have just one favorite I have several! :) "Silver Moon" of course and then "Conversations", "I Fall To Pieces", "Lady Of The Valley" and "Listen To The Band" hehe…they're all tied for first! :)
classicrockonvinyl : @monkeeandbeatlefan this one I always thought was his weakest with the First National Band. Not saying it was bad, it was another good album, but I don't like it as much as Magnetic South and Nevada Fighter. My favorite is either "silver moon" or "I Fall To Pieces". "Hello Lady" was interesting.
monkeeandbeatlefan : Yeah, tbh I have to agree with you there! :/ I liked "Magnetic South" myself better then "loose Solute" and "Nevada Fighter" but they're all fantastic Albums!!!! :D and I loved how Michael did "I Fall To Pieces" even better than Patsy Cline!!!! But Don't get me wrong Patsy did a wonderful job and I love her voice, but I just love Michael did it!!! lol XD
classicrockonvinyl : @monkeeandbeatlefan "Mama Nantnucket" will always stick out to me. I wish on Nevada fighter they song "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" wasn't included, it just bored me. I'm used to Nez sounding more energetic.
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The Monkees - Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones LTD. Great album, but vinyl record condition has clearly seen better days. #themonkees #pisces #aquarius #capricorn #jones #ltd #davidjones #mickydolenz #michaelnesmith #petertork #classicrock #rock #vinyl #record #vinylrecord #lp #psychedelic #60s #pleasantvalleysunday
60s - themonkees - rock - aquarius - vinylrecord - pleasantvalleysunday - pisces - davidjones - psychedelic - michaelnesmith - jones - capricorn - record - petertork - lp - ltd - classicrock - mickydolenz - vinyl -
classicrockonvinyl : @monkeeandbeatlefan no, I'm not from Canada at all. I can upload a picture of that one tomorrow. I have a stereo US original copy of Headquarters with shrink wrap. Opened, but still has shrink on.
monkeeandbeatlefan : Oh, ok. :) but still that's so AWESOME!!!! You have an Original!!!!
classicrockonvinyl : @monkeeandbeatlefan most are except for a few. "Head" is a repressing. I remember the movie for it- it killed me. It was so weird.
monkeeandbeatlefan : You…You, didn't get HEAD? 😞 Hmmm…but I have to agree, it was sad… and very very different, but I think Bob did a good job in what he was trying to do with it. Which tbh before I saw the movie I had read about Head and what Rafelson was trying to do…which was very interesting, that's what made me watch HEAD in the first place. :( but yeah, I didn't like it… and Revolutions Per Monkee 33 1/3 was even worse… I felt terrible after watching that. I don't blame Pete for leaving…
classicrockonvinyl : Peter was probably embarrassed. Bob brought in Jack Nicholson and made the movie to kill the monkees tv show and fame so they wouldn't have to work with them. Poor Monkees. I have a vinyl copy of head, but it's not an original copy. @monkeeandbeatlefan
beatleslane : @classicrockonvinyl @monkeeandbeatlefan I have an original HEAD vinyl album that's never been open. I've had it a long time (since around the mid '80s). It was $50 back then. I wonder if it has gone up in value or not.
classicrockonvinyl : @beatleslane probably a couple hundred, I'm guessing. Copies that aren't sealed are worth about $50, from what I've seen.
beatleslane : Thanks for the info. If that's the case it's good to know. Maybe I should sell it. I didn't think open ones would be worth that much, and luckily I stopped myself when I nearly opened mine when I first got it as a gift.
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Missing this beautiful place. There are spirits there for sure!! I could feel it. Wish we could have the chance for another Beavertown event. I am sad i won't be back.... #davyjones #themonkees #davysbeavertown
davysbeavertown - davyjones - themonkees -
jonesman68 : Maybe someone else will come forward and take the reins, Lex.
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Just for #me. Thank you, Micky. A #fantastic show. #MickyDolenz #Monkees #themonkees #autograph #memory
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#notime #notimeatall #monkees #themonkees #ivegotnotime #notimeforyou
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Found some gold in vintage t shirt form. #TheMonkees #1986 #DuranDuran #1984 These will be listed this weekend and they will be expensive. #VintageTShirt #ConcertTee #OOPRAREHTF
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pumpkincutterpickers : Creed from the Office was in #TheGrassRoots #TheOffice #Creed
pumpkincutterpickers : #HermansHermits
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A great Monkeeful week this was Song of the day- words
photoday - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #photoday #themonkees
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Here we are, photos day.. Im thinking of doing Led Zeppelin next? Then i will for sure let you guys pick after
photoday - petertork - themonkees - mikenesmith - davyjones - mickydolenz -
dukeofcheese1 : Queens of the Stone Age
dukeofcheese1 : Megadeth
rocktheweek : @dukeofcheese1 alright :D i will do a massive vote after next week fir sure
rocktheweek : #photoday #themonkees #mikenesmith #petertork #mickydolenz #davyjones
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My all time faverouite song by them.. Well, along with the porpoise song and she. Song of the day: Day dream believer
forpetessake - songsday - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #songsday #themonkees #forpetessake
_asa_marie_ - dukeofcheese1 - ironmaiden4ever - vvintage.sixties.bands -
Yay fer songs day! I became obsessed with this song a while back
songsday - laugh - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #songsday #themonkees #laugh - dukeofcheese1 - ironmaiden4ever - davidbowie99 -
Song of the day: Laugh
factsday - kangaroo - monkeefacts - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #factsday #themonkees #monkeefacts #kangaroo
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Good morning, today is facts day! I just wanted to add, thanks for getting me to 300
factsday - themonkees - monkeefacts -
avantgardehelen : Peter Noone?
rocktheweek : @mystikspiraltrent Peter Tork of the Monkees
rocktheweek : #factsday #monkeefacts #themonkees
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George "Micky" Dolenz, The one with the voice. That would drum without a care, and look at his hair! He had an outstanding personality, and (again) voice Song of the day: Apples, peaches, banannas and pears
vocals - mickydolenz - drums - themonkees -
ekasundriawan : Folow me back😊
rocktheweek : @ekasundriawan sure 😃
rocktheweek : #mickydolenz #themonkees #vocals #drums
darksideofthecloud - kessels_girl - a_ssenav - hereditory -
Peter Thorkelson, or Tork to be precise. Keyboard and bassist for The Monkees. Very cute and *jesus christ he has dimples* I enjoy his psychedelic side, which is why i made and used this pic. During school i'll do Micky
cutie - bass - petertork - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #petertork #themonkees #bass #cutie
jess_loves_elvis - dukeofcheese1 - petertorks_mouth - a_ssenav -
Robert Michael Nesmith, the simple minded southern guitar player of The Monkees. Mr. Wool hat is very talented and no longer wears a wool hat.. I enjoy his accent Song of the day: Look out here comes tomorrow
guitar - mikenesmith - woolhat - themonkees -
petertorks_mouth : He should wear a hat now... I mean he's kinda... Bald
rocktheweek : @petertorks_mouth well, who isint at that age xD i just think he should for fun
rocktheweek : #mikenesmith #themonkees #guitar #woolhat
kessels_girl - dukeofcheese1 - a_ssenav - not_insane_yet -
Davy Jones, the cute little leader of The Monkees, and when i say little, i mean it. Davy would usually be found playing the tambourine or maracas while singing along joyfully. Sadly he is not here today, being the only late member of The Monkees. We will bring you Mike Later
percussion - davyjones - vocals - themonkees -
rocktheweek : #davyjones #themonkees #percussion #vocals
lety_beatle - - petertorks_mouth - a_ssenav -
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