Do you know the Mexico that I know?? The Third Root. #afromexico #afromexican #africandiaspora #weareeverywhere #guerrero #oaxaca #costachica
afromexican - oaxaca - theimportanceofreading - guerrero - afromexico - africandiaspora - theimportanceoftravel - costachica - weareeverywhere - knowledgeispower -
minktresses : #theimportanceoftravel #theimportanceofreading #knowledgeispower
itsme_lelo : Amen!
halloweensown : Yauuussss! I'm so happy you posted this! @minktresses I have been trying to educate ppl on the history of Afro Mexicans! #ilovebeingblack
minktresses : Wonderful!! We are everywhere! @halloweensown
missraissa : Thx for sharing these photos!!! #africandiaspora
thediamynmantra : This picture speaks to me on so many different levels thank you I had to repost
minktresses : Absolutely!! 😘😘 @princessdiamyn @missraissa we are all connected deeper than we know. The division has been a well thought out plan.
aspiring_mua34 : ☺️yes I do all too well @minktresses
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