Took an amazing class with @aka_gloctor and @jjlee84 Called "When Things Go Bad" through MDFI ( @michigantrainer ). This class really pushed and revealed your weaknesses. It put you in awkward situations and positions that you'll more than likely find yourself in, rather than the perfect 21 feet, two hands, two feet planted situation we all think will happen. From weak/strong hand manipulations to up close and in your face scenarios. Everything taught has a reason behind it and it'll add much more needed tools to your toolbox of defense. Im proud to be a MDFI Alumni member and I highly recommend them. #igmilitiami #igmilitia #runyourgunnotyourmouth #mdfi #wethepeople #pewpewpewpew #mandp #risktakers #theigfamily #proseries #puremichigan
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jwoz_ : Holy shit felt like I was repeatedly pistol whipped in the thigh! Lmfao. Shits all beat up haha. @aka_gloctor
jwoz_ : For sure! It was a good time. Gotta do it again. @jjlee84
jjlee84 : Definitely. My thigh is killing me
jjlee84 : Where have you been brother?
jwoz_ : Fell off the face of the earth for a little bit lol. @jjlee84
jjlee84 : @jwoz_ welcome back brother
jwoz_ : Thanks hopefully I haven't missed too much @jjlee84
jjlee84 : @jwoz_ nah. Same bs
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Watch all the conscious nagas start switching they lingo to be in alignment with my line of thought.... All these "teachers" been teaching bullshit 2014 they asses are out!!!
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badyellowbone81 : Thanks for the thorough inner standing.
ministerenqi : Can I live ... In my throwback Jay Z voice
ministerenqi : ????
13eautiful13rown : Hehe ty ;-)
badyellowbone81 : Lmao! I want u to fill in the blanks. Sure u can live Jigga....its ALRIGHT*in my throwback Jay Z voice *
badyellowbone81 : I just scrolled up and saw your comment about a sore spot. I didn't intend on touching a sore spot, like I stated earlier , I was curious and wanted to ask.
ministerenqi : @badyellowbone81 not in a negative way just a sore spot as in something I've meaning to discuss but haven't
badyellowbone81 : Oh OK, I gotcha.
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Badass level of badassitude 9,000!!!! @ms_croft45 I think you loved this more than me :) #boom #bigboom #bigbadaboom #guns #gunrights #merica #lawnchairremoval #explosions #citizensoldier #liberty #libertyordeath #theigmilitia #igmelitia #theigfamily #guncollector #dontworryaboutthatlittleguy #fun #peace #love #happiness #badass #awesome #sweet #HAMstatus
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wepleadthe2nd : Boom!
tacticalgunguy11 : @wepleadthe2nd Big boom haha
whatitdokingrob : That's what's up✌️😏
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should hold me over for a while lol. today's mix consists of 1/3 orange cream, 1/3 baked apples, 1/3 caramel. god damn is it tastey. a big thanks to #theigfamily for turning me onto #vaping. haven't smoked a cigg in months and no urge to do so! @mgriffith2277 @mikeygstring @dkloz @davisjenkins1 @modestintent @whysospooky @b5demon @moparlady @search66 #vaping #vapelife #ecig #vapeporn #vapecubby #fuzionvapor #candyshop
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rovert97 : I'm currently on 24mg. Just started 4 days ago. I've gone from about a pack a day to 3 cigs in the past three days total. Now I just need better juice.
jieloner : @dogpizza i freaking love mine!.. Cant even smell cigs without being disgusted now.. Got mine in January and havent looked back.. Love being able to sit at the bar and smoke up too!
johnny_deisel : What vape are you using to smoke the eliquid ?
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 if you start to get bored and feel unsatisfied with whichever brand e cig that is I can point you in the right direction of real deal setups. deliciousness is an understatement.
laurenlynnn__ : from where?
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 online, a whole bunch of different stores. I personally use myvaporstore.com they have a starter kit section. I went with the ego c twist but they have a few different ones. they can be a bit finicky and annoying to get used to at first but once you get flavors that you actually like stocked up and figure the thing out it's well worth it. if anything just jump on YouTube and search e cig for beginners. a lot to take in but again worth it.
laurenlynnn__ : k thankss
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 yup yup, I had 2 different people who helped me out big time so if you decide to switch feel free to give me a shout 👍
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