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Took an amazing class with @aka_gloctor and @jjlee84 Called "When Things Go Bad" through MDFI ( @michigantrainer ). This class really pushed and revealed your weaknesses. It put you in awkward situations and positions that you'll more than likely find yourself in, rather than the perfect 21 feet, two hands, two feet planted situation we all think will happen. From weak/strong hand manipulations to up close and in your face scenarios. Everything taught has a reason behind it and it'll add much more needed tools to your toolbox of defense. Im proud to be a MDFI Alumni member and I highly recommend them. #igmilitiami #igmilitia #runyourgunnotyourmouth #mdfi #wethepeople #pewpewpewpew #mandp #risktakers #theigfamily #proseries #puremichigan
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jwoz_ : For sure! It was a good time. Gotta do it again. @jjlee84
jjlee84 : Definitely. My thigh is killing me
angrylilelf : You guys did great and it was a pleasure having you in class. Looking forward to the next one!
jjlee84 : Where have you been brother?
jwoz_ : Fell off the face of the earth for a little bit lol. @jjlee84
jjlee84 : @jwoz_ welcome back brother
jwoz_ : Thanks hopefully I haven't missed too much @jjlee84
jjlee84 : @jwoz_ nah. Same bs
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By @ms_croft45 "I love this screen shot!! Haha @trooperski144 @truarcgroup @tacticalgunguy11 #gunnut #gungirl #gunchick #gunfreak #gunlove #spas12 #SPAS #tactical #theigfamily #tacticalbabes #tacticalhotness #hot #girlswithguns #chickswithguns #sickguns @sickguns #badassery #breech #badasschicks #beastmode #badass #lovethis #merica #molonlabe #dtom #theigmilitia" Range therapy!! #sickguns #guns #gun #pewpewpew #comeandtakethem #molonlabe
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disappointeddan : Gett ittttttt!
blaine_who : Holy piss
arlonios_d_longshanks : @bsaggin
brett_beard : Franchi spas 12. Nice
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Badass level of badassitude 9,000!!!! @ms_croft45 I think you loved this more than me :) #boom #bigboom #bigbadaboom #guns #gunrights #merica #lawnchairremoval #explosions #citizensoldier #liberty #libertyordeath #theigmilitia #igmelitia #theigfamily #guncollector #dontworryaboutthatlittleguy #fun #peace #love #happiness #badass #awesome #sweet #HAMstatus
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wepleadthe2nd : Boom!
tacticalgunguy11 : @wepleadthe2nd Big boom haha
whatitdokingrob : That's what's upโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜
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My DDMK18 pistol is 90 percent complete! New 3# Timney trigger installed, magpul fde XTM rail cover installed, my new magpul miad engraved grip installed. #spikes #spikestactical #arpistol #magpul#fde #timney #failzero #bcm #ddmk18 #mk18 #danieldefense #ar15 #arpistol #troy #streamlight #igfamily #igtn #igmilitia #theigfamily #gunporn #risktakers #onlyhitscount #2a #badass #secondamendment
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jjlee84 : @trent223 lol, thanks boss
whatitdokingrob : Wow ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jjlee84 : @whatitdokingrob thanks boss
cornbred15 : @jjlee84 damn nice pistol
jjlee84 : @cornbred15 one of my pride and joys! Thanks boss
ambition65 : Gonna sb15 it
jjlee84 : @ambition65 nope, gonna sbr it! I have a Daniel defense lower being processed
ambition65 : Oh okay I'm still building the SBR but I bought the sig556 NATO that came with the sig... Smh amazing lol. But I'm going punisher lower.
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trent223 : @jjlee84 why do you do this to me? My wife is going to strangle me when I tell her that I have to buy a new gun. Lol
jjlee84 : @trent223 tell her your going to go buy a "tool". Lol
pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew : Psa has a mod 0 10.5" w/o bcg for 350. Damn. Too nice.
jjlee84 : @pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew good price, with rail and everything's?
pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew : Yep complete. Minus handle and bcg
pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew : Just reg handguard with a2 gas block. A mod 1 conversion would be another 300 so maye not so worth it
johnkim521 : @jjlee84 you live in Memphis?
jjlee84 : @johnkim521 yup, u too?
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1) their f'n crazy. 2) they will do anything for swag. 3) and i mean anything. 4) they will send noodie pictures to ur friends. 5) they are life sucking whores. 6) they may lie about their service, (Coast Guard). 7) they may screw ur friends out of really cool b'day gifts. 8) they will turn around and sell the gifts ment for someone else. 9) they lie more than a politician. 10) drama is their middle name. 11) they have a PHD in drama. 12) they will try to take over ur life and make u think it was ur idea. 13) they will fuck u over the instant u figure out their game. 14) they will try to turn ur mutual friends against u. 15) they will block all friends who call her out on her B.S. 16) they will play the victim for sympathy from others. 17) they have the next victim lined up before they get rid of the current one. 18) they are a plague on humanity. 19) they are tactical cum dumpsters. 20) they are afraid of a GBFREE nation.
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grant737 : #theigfamily @b5demon
klozzy_bear : I peed reading this. Well Played!
ironmanfz07 : @grant737 pure gold sir well played
oyster_t : Hahahaha
wobyschall : But that nail square on its head! Haha
machinegunbebe : @dci_jrv I've been sending mucho naked pics but getting no swag. I need a mentor. Can someone point me in the right direction?
the_jrv : What I haven't got nudes? @machinegunbebe lol can you be my mentor.
avalanche565 : Hahaha!
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My first ar15 gun build ever! Spikes lower, Daniel defense mk18 upper, with eotech xps 3-0 in fde, and waiting for my fde Troy HK flip up sights to come in later this week! @gloctor @battleholsters @weaponsdaily here it is brothers! #spikestactical #arpistol #arbuild#myfirstbuild#danieldefense #ddmk18#gun #guns#gunporn#igfamily #igtn#igmilitia #theigfamily #onlyhitscount #risktaker #socom #tactical #fde #eotech #xps
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danjgood : So this is considered an A.R. pistol, right?
jjlee84 : @danjgood that's correct sir
danjgood : Sweet, looks great. And that 40 rounder in the other picture! I'm going to have to look into that!
jjlee84 : @danjgood yes sir! Beats paying 200 sbr stamp!
danjgood : And with low recoil you can still rest your cheek on the buffer tube if you want.
jjlee84 : @danjgood similar to ar-15 but your closer to the sight. Best part is, you can legally carry it in your car chambered since I can't so that in tn with a rifle. :)
jjlee84 : @danjgood the sponge in the back helps a lot too for the cheek.
danjgood : Awesome.
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Mailcall! My best friend/cousin @gloctor sent me one of @custom_mags logo mags for me! Freaking awesome texture and stippling job! If anyone wants stippling professionally done make sure you hit up @custom_mags! He also sent me bricks of silver too! What a buddy! #getrich#silverplates#finesilver#custommags#stippling#igguns#magazine#magpul#pitbull#guns#gun#igguns #theigfamily #igmilitia #theigmilitia #ar15#customwork #mailcall
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oso_grande_ : That's badass!
jjlee84 : @oso_grande_ thanks man! If you already aren't, check out and follow @custom_mags and @battleholsters my homies with mad skills
glockghost : Want.. ๐Ÿ˜จ
dragongh15 : Sickkkkk
opcitadel : @gra4560
jjlee84 : @mike498 check this stippling
mike498 : @jjlee84 Very nice!
jjlee84 : @ph1mphrachanh I'm right at 12kg on bricks :)
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Sick photo!! by @ms_croft45 "Yea no filter needed... #tactical #tacticalshotgun I love this tank by the way! ;) @2arclothingco !!!!!! #gunenthusiast #zombiekiller #shotgun #support #molonlabe #donttreadonme #2asupport #MERICA #badasschick #ilovemygun #theigmilitia #theigfamily" #2arclothingco #2a
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sen10el : ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ™Š
beccamac_1 : When will the shirts be in?
2arclothingco : They are already in stock @beccabug17
2arclothingco : #2armilitia
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Try n find one like it ;) #custom #zombie #bg #gerber #theigfamily #customknifes
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mobileemergency : My friend is trying to sell his microtech hawk knife you want?
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We out here! #anonymous #anarchy #freedom #forthepeoplebythepeople #theigfamily
usa - freedom - forthepeoplebythepeople - 4thofjuly - merica - anonymous - theigfamily - america - anarchy -
ti3_99 : #4thofjuly #america #merica #usa
ironman_bronx_bloxx : #100percent#Facts #TurnUp#MaskedUp#FuckTheSystem I #turnUp 4 Da' #AWaken
ironman_bronx_bloxx : #1's
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#fscoating #ar15 #ak47 #magazines #mag #theigfamily #bushmaster #colt #glock hit me up for info gotonefirearms@gmail.com
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should hold me over for a while lol. today's mix consists of 1/3 orange cream, 1/3 baked apples, 1/3 caramel. god damn is it tastey. a big thanks to #theigfamily for turning me onto #vaping. haven't smoked a cigg in months and no urge to do so! @mgriffith2277 @mikeygstring @dkloz @davisjenkins1 @modestintent @whysospooky @b5demon @moparlady @search66 #vaping #vapelife #ecig #vapeporn #vapecubby #fuzionvapor #candyshop
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rovert97 : I'm currently on 24mg. Just started 4 days ago. I've gone from about a pack a day to 3 cigs in the past three days total. Now I just need better juice.
jieloner : @dogpizza i freaking love mine!.. Cant even smell cigs without being disgusted now.. Got mine in January and havent looked back.. Love being able to sit at the bar and smoke up too!
johnny_deisel : What vape are you using to smoke the eliquid ?
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 if you start to get bored and feel unsatisfied with whichever brand e cig that is I can point you in the right direction of real deal setups. deliciousness is an understatement.
laurenlynnn__ : from where?
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 online, a whole bunch of different stores. I personally use myvaporstore.com they have a starter kit section. I went with the ego c twist but they have a few different ones. they can be a bit finicky and annoying to get used to at first but once you get flavors that you actually like stocked up and figure the thing out it's well worth it. if anything just jump on YouTube and search e cig for beginners. a lot to take in but again worth it.
laurenlynnn__ : k thankss
dogpizza : @lauren_lynn926 yup yup, I had 2 different people who helped me out big time so if you decide to switch feel free to give me a shout ๐Ÿ‘
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Wise words from a #wiseman.. #freedom #equality #justice #standup and let the #sheep #sleep #theigfamily #obama #curupt #fear
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ti3_99 : #resistance
ti3_99 : #obama #Obamaadministration #whitehouse
ironman_bronx_bloxx : #heroic#Facts
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