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Since I'm unlikely to watch any decent movies within the next week, it's quite easy to work out my top 5 of the year 5) The Grand Budapest Hotel 4) Cold In July 3) Godzilla 2)The Guest 1) Guardians Of The Galaxy
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wadewilson : #top5movies #top5 #thegrandbudapesthotel #coldinjuly #godzilla #theguest #guardiansofthegalaxy #movie #instamovies #2014
cherrydemure : Where is Under The Skin? Excuse me!
wadewilson : @cherrydemure thats on a seperate special kind of movie list 😉 probably comes in at around #7 on this one though
cherrydemure : Get rid of Godzirra.
wadewilson : @cherrydemure get rid of you!
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Spend the Nighter #theguest
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It's the terminator meets Halloween...and I desperately need the soundtrack..like, yesterday #theguest #synthforever #hesheretohelp
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#theguest great soundtrack
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Peeping this dope looking flick. #indiefilm #theguest
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A wee video of some of my drawings and paintings! #Art #Painting #Drawing #Flipagram
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scifimick : What's the track playing here sounds like a certain Depeche track!
johnmcblain : @scifimick Hey! It's #Hourglass by #Survive from #TheGuest soundtrack!
scifimick : Cheers I'll check it out, sounds like The Landscape is Changing DM!
johnmcblain : It does a bit! Defo check out The Guest soundtrack! It's awesome! 👍
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New arrival: The Guest available January 6, 2015. #TheGuest, #DanStevens, #MaikaMonroe, #Bluray
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nikcollins1342 : Wanna trade digital HD codes? @elasticpop
andytorino : When is Fury coming out?
elasticpop : @andytorino January 27, 2015.
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Today's generous surprise courtesy of @UniversalEntertainment and one badass @thatdanstevens. #TheGuest
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Baby, it's cold outside. Stay in and watch these #movies: #WinterSleep #MrTurner #TalesoftheGrimSleeper #TheGrimSleeper #TheGuest #LevelFive
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Hot damn. #theguest #soundtrack #retro #hotdamn
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Just heads up to everyone The Guest is now up for digital purchase on iTunes and a couple other outlets. The blu ray hits in early January, it was definitely one of our favorites this year and you can read our spoiler free review that we posted back in September, that we now bumped up on the site so it is easily accessible. #theguest
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truehorrornet : Also check out our buddy @ibtrav page, he did a cool bit of art based on the film and also gave his thoughts on it.
ryleyloser : Still need to watch this. I've had it over a month and still haven't had a chance.
cherrypenguins : Still have not seen this and I've been meaning to since you showed me the soundtrack :/
allhallowskat : 💛💛💛
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Finally checking out: The Guest (2014) tonight. One of my most anticipated movies of 2014. You can't go wrong with the combination of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. #TheGuest #AdamWingard #SimonBarrett #DanStevens #MaikaMonroe #SheliaKelley
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ktaliens : It was very entertaining
chris_ofdeath : Right? It made me so anxious. Need to make more movies like that!
thehorrordoctor : @horrorghoul I loved it! And I noticed the You're Next and H3 references. Thanks for the heads up!
horrorghoul : Yay! 😄
thehorrordoctor : @pcookie Awesome movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it 👍
thehorrordoctor : @coyle_james_ryan Great movie! Dan Stevens was badass. Definitely one of my favorites from this year.
thehorrordoctor : @jassiem100 Agreed, it's a badass film! I thought about watching it again right after it ended.
thehorrordoctor : @horrorghoul See we agree on the important films! 😉 Can't wait for this one to come out on blu-ray in January.
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#Lladro nuevos modelos de #theguest y #thelover encuéntralos en #diorvett !
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wannaonedecohunters : 😍😍😍😍😍
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Best #soundtrack since #Drive Absolutely awesome. #NowListening #TheGuest
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shirley_moore_ : lovely posts 😍
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#tardedepeliculas #nicolascage #danstevens #benaffleck #perdida #dyingofthelight #theguest #bose #macbook #likeforlike #likexlike
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hannadomita : Like please
pechugaa11 : Nerwin necesito un cigarro dame tu numero
gironnerwin : @pechugaa11 ando sin cel man
pechugaa11 : Necesito la parte del mod abajo donde tiene el resorte con el plastiquito
uniqfind : Lovely!
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Watch this. #TheGuest
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Finally watching #TheGuest @sheila_kelley1 :)
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Oh MAN! Just watched The Guest today and it was So. Damn. Awesome! NOT a You're Next fan, but this one is 1 of my fave flix of 2014 FO SHO! The 80's aesthetic (music, visuals) really won me over. Do yoselves a favor and check it out. NOW available on digital download. #theguest #adamwingard #fanart #sketch #art
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truehorrornet : oh definitely in my tops for the year overall. Love the carpenter feel and the Halloween setting, everything about this especially the music was fantastic.
truehorrornet : I wrote a grammatically terrible review of it on the site. It was like 5am after i had seen it. Run on sentences praising the shit out of it haha
truehorrornet : great drawing by the way.
ibtrav : @truehorrornet will def be checking out ur review. Agree with everything u said. It was brilliantly done. Definitely buying it in Blu for the special features & directors commentary.
truehorrornet : I loved you're next but this is just a superior film overall.
zwallenfang : The soundtrack had me sold. If it came to my city it must've been at one theater & vanished immediately. Been dying for the dvd release!
samantha_lyn_smith : @rydonnelly
alexactual : @alliebubba123
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#InstaMagAndroid #kutipan #kutipanfilm #TheGuest #like4like #followme Haha~ :v
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#theguest #wow #danstevens #topshit
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Dan Stevens, bit of a lad
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little_planet : I love him
leegallows : #danstevens #downtonabbey #theguest
dirtydiana4l : Is he in Walk Amongst the Tombstones?
leegallows : @dirtydiana4l yeah, he's the one who hires Liam Neeson
dirtydiana4l : So jealous! He's a babe. Also thanks for replying. Love Gallows. 😊
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Me with Dan Stevens #selfie #premiere #london #theguest #downtonabbey
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I've been looking forward to Adam Wingard's #TheGuest for a while now, and it did not disappoint. Enormously entertaining ride. #filmlust #danstevens
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reelhero_ : Soooo good. One of my favorites of the year
stipton82 : @reelhero_ same here. Jumped into my top 10. God, it was so much fun, and I had no idea Dan Stevens could be such a charismatic lead
aaaeld : Directors of You're Next, yeah?
aaaeld : -s
stipton82 : @aaaeld yeah. But it's even better than You're Next
aaaeld : If it's in the top 10, it must be. x
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Наконец добралась до него...ееей #КиноТайм #Гость #TheGuest
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My Top 10 movies of 2014 #movies #movielover #filmfan #addictedtomovies #bluray #bluraycollector #blurayaddict #cinema #highdefinition #escapeintoamovie #letsgotothemovies #moviemagic #TopTen #Top10 #TheGuest #Lucy #Nightcrawler #XMenDaysOfFuturePast #CaptainAmerica #LifeOfRyan #RyansWorld
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ryanmoviefan : @scifimick yeah, I loved Dawn/Apes but like Guardians it just missed my Top 10.
sicilianslicenyc : Under The Skin, The Raid 2, Birdman and Whiplash will be in my top 10. I have to catch up on like 20 movies in the next two weeks.
ryanmoviefan : @sicilianslicenyc I think Birdman arrives here this week, Whiplash is in the new year. Loved Under The Skin, I wasn't keen on The Raid (1) so didn't bother with the sequel
stewbacca5150 : Ok Guardians was one of my favorites also Interstellar!
stewbacca5150 : Night Crawler also
jessicamayo : Nice pic!
harwin123 : @ryanmoviefan finally got around to checking out your list! Some good selection and some surprises in there too. Considering that you and @leeh_nostromo rate the Guest so highly I'm going to have to check it out now aren't I? ;)
leeh_nostromo : Yes @harwin123 :) simple as that
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Jobber med tante! Olala!
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chrisander_brun : #oslo #theguest
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FINALLY checking out this movie. Maybe the pains will go away now. #theguest #adamwingard
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amberherself : Is it on demand??!!
jeramywainwright : @amberherself Technically yes, but only to buy right now. I went for it because I couldn't wait any longer.
amberherself : My Blu arrives in January. Let me know what you think!
jeramywainwright : @amberherself Dug it so much that I went straight to China.
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Awesome selfie with Dan Stevens! #selfie #danstevens #theguest #downtownabbey #thefifthestate #nightatthemuseum #premiere #leicestersquare #london
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#NewBook #TheGuest #iloveit
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We'll keeping in the sprit of doing lists here's my list of the top ten (non horror) films of 2014. 1) Raid 2. 2) Guardians Of The Galaxy 3) The Guest 4) Boyhood 5) Nightcrawler. 6) Frank. 7) Blue Ruin. 8) Gone Girl. 9) Wolf Of Wall Street. 10) Dawn of the planet of the apes #topfilmsof2014 #lovedoinglists #raid2 #guardiansofthegalaxy #theguest #boyhood #nightcrawler #frank #blueruin #gonegirl #wolfofwallstreet #dawnoftheplanetoftheapes
lovedoinglists - boyhood - gonegirl - frank - blueruin - theguest - dawnoftheplanetoftheapes - wolfofwallstreet - raid2 - topfilmsof2014 - guardiansofthegalaxy - nightcrawler -
hayden_weber : wolf of wall street came out in 2013...
garrethgibsonillustrations : @hayden_weber in the UK it was released in January.
hayden_weber : oh ok :) @garrethgibsonillustrations
justjordandoyle : Hardly seen any new films this year. Seen three off that list
smigger_85 : Some belter scenes in 'The Raid 2' lid @garrethgibsonillustrations
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#TheGuest nabbed a spot on @theplaylist 20 best movie posters of 2014. Super cool!
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Fricking loved @adamwingard's #theguest. One of my fav #films of 2014. Great #soundtrack too. #indie #horror #movie #action
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thealmightyg : It started so well, then descended into utter stupidity. It's like the writers popped out for lunch and left a 10 year old finish it off.
frankenfisher : 👏👏👏👍😃
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