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'The Guest' movie premiere event #boconcept #design #home #homedecor #theguest #madsmikkelsen #living #movie #premiere #instadesign #instagood #instadaily #event #johnlemon
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Adam Wingard double feature of You're Next and The Guest 😀🎥🎬 #adamwingard #yourenext #theguest #horror #action #thriller #darkcomedy #film #director
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Na naszym Facebooku znajdziecie pierwszą część fotorelacji z ostatniej premiery filmu 'The Guest' #boconcept #theguest #movie #premiere #madsmikkelsen #design #home #homedecor #living #urban #danish #mini #minibawariamotors #event
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••• I'm sorry for not posting this past week. ••• #maikamonroe #actress #actor #theguest #itfollows #laborday #thefifthwave #beautiful
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The Guest. I have been looking for this movie literally for months and I was extremely unfathomably happy and excited when I saw it was added on my vudu yesterday by my brother. I heard many awesome things about the movie and the posters looked really cool! I actually have never seen the trailer for this movie, even after watching it! The movie is about a former soldier named David who visits the house of his deceased friend and claims that he told David to watch over the family as his final wish to David so David must carry out his final wish. But after a couple strange events, it turns out that everything may not be as it seems. Damn this movie was absolutely AMAZING! AWESOME movie! Probably one of my favorite thrillers ever, it definitely in my top 3 action movies of all time, and the character of David is one if my new favorite characters!I loved so many things about this movie! The music was just unspeakably great and that was a really cool factor! The cinematography and directing was perfect, I mean it was a sight to see! I also really loved the retro vibe to this movie, it reminded me a little of Drive! I also have not seen any of these actors in other films or shows except for the guy who played that freaky robot dude in Grandmas Boy😂 but the teen boy/brother did remind me a lot of Chloe Grace-Moretz because he looked a lot like her😂! The first half though was good, it wasnt anything really special but it was interesting enough. After the second half, things got heavy! I mean the suspense was crazy and my heart pounding and im being honest when I say that! The last couple of minutes(if you have seen it you know what im talking about) was incredibly original and suspenseful! I thought it was super haunting but super amazing at the same time! One of my favorite moments from any action/thriller movie! The ending was pretty open-ended but I thought it was an awesome ending to an awesome movie!! Recommend to Buy: Yes Re-Watchability Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Grade: A+
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jcompton17 : What's the best plot twist type movie you've ever seen? : I dont know thats a super hard question to answer @jcompton17
jcompton17 : I'm trying to find one to watch. I am a fan of movies like Fight Club and The Usual Suspects : your trying to find a movie to watch or a plot twist movie?? @jcompton17
jcompton17 : A movie to watch with a plot twist like fight club or the usual suspects : im going to recommend Prisoners for you, watch that! @jcompton17
jcompton17 : I've seen that, Gyllenhaal and Jackman are excellent, the whistle at the end is tremendous. Any others? : hmm nothing comes to mind. Checkout the other movies I reviewed, maybe that will help?? @jcompton17
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treepress : Great
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Is it in Maika Monroe's contract that in order to star in a movie it has to have an incredible score? #Itfollows #TheGuest #Goseethismovie
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Finished #TheGuest ... So incredibly excited for this beauty to be playing Beast in the live action #BeautyAndTheBeast 😍😍 can I have set pics now please? #DanStevens #DowntonFav #MatthewCrawley
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Даже на ощупь, только дайте мне побольше времени. Я приведу вас прямо к Ленину на красную площадь..
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sherik_zm : #maniggaz#msc#sunnyday#zm#redsquare#москва#theguest#jj
thenorealguf : Все очень просто Мы дома))
sherik_zm : Yea..) @thenorealguf
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IG Horror Apothecary's horror hunk of the day goes to....drum roll...Dan Stevens!! Those eyes tho.. Recently starred in movie by #adamwingard #theguest This movie is easily one of my faves this year. Great concept, perfect casting, and an out of this world soundtrack (synth rules). Review with my full 2 cents up soon. Also check him out in A walk among the tombstones with badass liam neeson. #danstevens we salute your sexy self! #shwing #ighorror #ighorrorapothecary #horrorhunk #horrormovies #horroraddict #lovehorror #ighorror #horrormoviereviews #2015horrormovies #hunkoftheday
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Why is this rated so low? #theguest
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stubs24 : And it has 3 out of 5 star rating on iTunes so it must be bad
merriweathercinema : @stubs24 well, this is a very popular movie
stubs24 : It was never even in theaters
stubs24 : Not to say it wasn't popular
merriweathercinema : @stubs24 it was in theaters and you haven't even seen it
blurayfanattack : It's not for the mainstream viewers
jeromemuscarella : It was amazing
mr._practical_movie_reviews : This was a bad ass movie, very underrated
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#amazon arrivals #theguest #flipped #bluray #bluraycollection #moviebuff #cinephile #movies #movie #overrated #overlooked #uvcode
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________________l_o_l______ : Would u trade the guest for whiplash
________________l_o_l______ : @bluraymafia
bluraymafia : @________________l_o_l______ no
bluraykid : How about both godzilla and guardians of the galaxy for the guest @bluraymafia
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New #Bluray Haul! #GoneGirl #Birdman #UnexpectedVirtueOfIgnorance #JohnWick #TheGuest #BenAffleck #MichaelKeaton #KeanuReeves
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bustillos_xo : John wick ! 👍👍
aye_george : @bustillos_xo ikr hoping for a sequel
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Can NOT WAIT to do my review on this one. Loved #maikamonroe in #theguest and #keirgilchrist in the United states of Tara on showtime. This concept of this looks so promising and fresh. Im disappointed that VOD release was pushed back. Will revisit #itfollows with my 2 cents for you soon. #ighorrorapothecary #horrormovies #horroraddict #lovehorror #ighorror #horrormoviereviews #2015horrormovies
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horror_film1 : 😱!!!! terror movies are the best 🎥
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#CurrentlyWatching: #TheGuest. Super stoked for this #AdamWingard and #SimonBarrett flick. #horror #movie
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Gm just want to remind @rminni to make sure she watches my favorite film of last year!!! #TheGuest #DanStevens #MaikaMonroe #AdamWingard #Thriller #Action #Suspense
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Her smile is just everything. (#maikamonroe #itfollows #theguest #the5thwave)
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This new photoshoot is everything. ( #maikamonroe #itfollows #theguest #the5thwave )
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#theguest director: nastya molchanova
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Reading #Powers issue #29 and watching #TheGuest for what must be the hundredth time. #favoritemovies #favoritecomics #MaikaMonroe #AdamWingard #SimonBarrett #horror #movies #action #thriller #comicbooks #comics #comicgeek #moviejunkie
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I will not stop buying movies. #vsco #vscocam #theguest #sevensamurai #cowboybebop
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kaylala223 : I did... I ran out of storage for them. And I got discouraged when I got rid of 80% of my DVD collection. When bluray is replaced by something better, the same thing will happen again! Plus now you can get everything digital. And my new laptop doesn't even have an optical drive... #notworthit
dericbondarrion : @kaylala223 Wow Kayla. That was a lot of information! And nothing will ever be better than Blu Ray!!
kaylala223 : Well as someone who bought every DVD I ever wanted from Blockbuster (RIP 😢), I've given this subject a great deal of thought...
kaylala223 : I still buy books tho. Real books. Not digital.
dericbondarrion : @kaylala223 Absolutely! Ugh, digital books suck.
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Maika Monroe thx for the pic #MaikaMonroe #actress #movies #horror #ItFollows #TheGuest #TheRonShow #NYC
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mando_dollas : Working on a big project happening in North America with some successful entrepreneurs message me for more details only a select few spots are available.
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Watched #TheGuest with @amovieguy14 👻 Loved this film. And I know @horrorghoul @ash_hooper29 @ashleylyle18 @_darkdesires won't mind the amazing eye candy as well😉😄❤️👍 #sammiesuehazelswatchesof2015
sammiesuehazelswatchesof2015 - theguest -
jennkills : I really loved this movie!!!!
sammiesuehazel : So good!!! @jennkills
ashleylyle18 : Lol I'm down! Even if it sucks I will always watch a handsome fellows.
carleajohnson : Oh yay a movie I can relate to!!! Loved this one 👌👌👌
sammiesuehazel : Do it! You'll love it 😉😂👍 @ashleylyle18
sammiesuehazel : Haha awh yay! 😊❤️ @carleajohnson
ash_hooper29 : Mmmm! Still need to see this one!
horrorghoul : Amazing film!! so glad you finally seen it, yay! 🙌
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"Then bring a knife to school. If they take it off you and beat you up, you go around their houses at night and burn them down with their families inside. What's the worst they can do?" #theguest #rewatched #crazy #film #movie #multigenre
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_caitlin21__ : ♥️♥️♥️
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Annie - Anthonio #TheGuest Soundtrack. This track is on repeat today.. #musicforthesoul #musica #electronic #electronica
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bigroxclothing : Can - Vitamin C
nvvisuals : My song!
nvvisuals : Don't share it because then it will become popular, go on the radio then I'll just hate it
nuaswimwear : @nvvisuals - SOOOO TRUE.
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#theguest #discoveryprimea service
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piolo_pascual : @accenzon Kuya! Balita?
accenzon : @piolo_pascual brader are you in makati now? We super miss you
accenzon : @belleleeching thank you for the impeccable service
belleleeching : Thank you for visiting and all the kind words Sir @accenzon : )
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#PierwszaOficjalnaPrzesylkaNowegoFilmu! :D Dzieki #2MFilms #RebelRebel #Gosc #TheGuest #ThisMovieRocks :)
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miesiecznikfilm : #M2Films oczywiscie. Ach te literki. ;)
jarmy_m : Film ostro psychiczny,ale dobry :)
zosiabeldz : Bardzo dobry film!
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Very unexpected, but it was actually pretty awesome! Simple yet thrilling! #theguest #goodmovie
goodmovie - theguest -
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#wcw @maikamonroe after seeing her in The Guest, then It Follows, I just fell in love her, she's awesome!! #itfollows #theguest
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laurenmayoo : Literally just got out from seeing It Follows, it was so creepy!
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実際こんなとこ入ってた お寿司食べたくないけどさw どんだけ待機時間あった?って話だけどさww #Repost @boconcept_official with @repostapp Mads Mikkelsen hides surprise sushi in his coffee table in The Guest. What would you surprise your friends with? #BoConcept #theguest #madsmikkelsen #madaboutmads #functionaldesign
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#WCW #MaikaMonroe #ItFollows #TheGuest
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#anthonio #annie #theguest #soundtrack ❤️
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