Soooo super excited to become a part of the family starting this Sunday! Come cross paths with me at the 11:30 service! πŸ’œ #tfhny #TheFathersHouse #greececampus #blessed
tfhny - thefathershouse - greececampus - blessed -
kmgryaboy1122 : I used to love that church!!! @jenn_jarviss . There is no one in Greece?!?
jenn_jarviss : Now one* hahaha yes!!! It's behind skyzone! @kmgryaboy1122
lamour_rebel - heyy.its.mayy - jamesafbb - morganstone_ -
I went to church for the first time in EONS today. I looked for my potatoes @ben.a.mendiola and @danielatte but it was too crowded πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I brought my mom and we really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next week! 😊
maybe - saved - thefathershouse - newcomers - church -
aidabagofchips : #church #thefathershouse #saved #maybe #newcomers
jerrbear_97 : Daniela is in Disney world lol
aidabagofchips : @jerrbear_97 I keep forgetting about their trip!! Truuu
mandarinorangess : I go to the fathers house as well!
aidabagofchips : @mandarinorangess awesome! Maybe I'll see you next week! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
ben.a.mendiola : 😝😝 awww I was planning on going to Sunday night service tonight! That's so awesome though! Hope to see you next week
danielatte : Yayayayay! So sad I missed the turn up in church with you yo. Next time! πŸ˜„
em_rosa - gabby.a911 - guitarsforglory - samri4w -
We CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP Head over to @genlifemissions to follow how you can be a part of changing the world! #Repost @misiones_juvelim with @repostapp.
@genlifemissions our mission is to take clean water to the kids in Guatemala, we won't stop #livingwaterproject Water to the kids and their families and discipleship! #Guatemala #ElimCentral #Juvelim #Thefathershouse #Genlifemissions #MisionesJuvelim #Ecofiltros
thefathershouse - genlifemissions - juvelim - ecofiltros - elimcentral - guatemala - misionesjuvelim - repost - livingwaterproject -
mesena12 - cheandrea.dayce - stephanie.spencer - guille41185 -
@genlifemissions our mission is to take clean water to the kids in Guatemala, we won't stop #livingwaterproject Water to the kids and their families and discipleship! #Guatemala #ElimCentral #Juvelim #Thefathershouse #Genlifemissions #MisionesJuvelim #Ecofiltros
thefathershouse - livingwaterproject - juvelim - ecofiltros - elimcentral - guatemala - misionesjuvelim - genlifemissions -
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My niece Danielle, nephew Steven, Sister Nicky, myself and Kaylieann after church. I'm ready for dinner now! #TheFathersHouse #Church #Family #Easter2015 #KaylieannJean
easter2015 - kaylieannjean - thefathershouse - family - church -
ashantiweb : Please buy Ashanti's new album Braveheart on iTunes now please I BEG
laurahish : Happy Easter!
ec916 - palove05 - guitarsforglory - bbg161 -
Happy Easter from Kaylieann and me. We had a great day at church now it's time to get ready for dinner. Hope everyone is having a blessed day! #Easter2015 #KaylieannJean #TheFathersHouse #Church #Christian
easter2015 - kaylieannjean - christian - thefathershouse - church -
bbg161 : You truly beautiful
jami_lynn_fitness : @bbg161 thank you very much! πŸ˜„
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I love the opportunity to worship,especially on Easter. #tfh #tfhselfiesunday #thefathershouse #home #houseofworship #happyeaster #easter
tfhselfiesunday - thefathershouse - tfh - home - happyeaster - easter - houseofworship -
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Selfie Sunday with my BAE!! #tfhselfiesunday #tfh #thefathershouse #selfiesunday #mygirl #bae #resurrectionday #easter #happyeaster @4everseans95 @terrymahan #preachit #home #myhouse
selfiesunday - thefathershouse - resurrectionday - tfhselfiesunday - mygirl - bae - myhouse - home - preachit - happyeaster - easter - tfh -
djchino_orlando : Happy Easter!
seanistheman420 : @djchino_orlando you too brother!! Have a GREAT day!!
calebforbes : Lookin sharp haha Happy Easter yall!
seanistheman420 : @calebforbes thanks bro. Happy Easter to you too!!
4everseans95 - a_sinn83 - kbnwolf - shwaggymaggie -
#selfiesunday #sunday #tfh #thefathershouse #easter #love #mylife #church @kinleyskye_ @samdabos
love - tfh - sunday - mylife - church - selfiesunday - easter - thefathershouse -
yourtrainer79 - apoortenga - guitarsforglory - shwaggymaggie -
#church #tfh #thefathershouse #easter #sunday #love #sinsforgiven #selfiesunday #mylove #myheart @seanistheman420
love - thefathershouse - sinsforgiven - mylove - sunday - church - selfiesunday - easter - myheart - tfh -
jessicavalora - kayyla_d - yourtrainer79 - lvjml714 -
#selfiesunday #tfh #thefathershouse #church #easter #sinsforgiven #family #love @jeremiahwilliams1 @samdabos
love - tfh - family - sinsforgiven - church - selfiesunday - easter - thefathershouse -
jessicavalora - _triciam_ - yourtrainer79 - lvjml714 -
It's a Good morning y'all & #HappyEaster! πŸ°πŸ’πŸ£ Make sure you rise & shine & get to church this morning! He rose for you today & shines as the light of the world, so get up and #Celebrate πŸ™Œ If you need a place to go or are looking for a new place to try out, come #party with us at #TheFathersHouse! We will be celebrating all morning at 9:00, 10:30, & 12(noon!) So get on up, & get on over to 150 Bellwood Drive, in Greece! We have a brand new campus waiting to welcome you! Come join the family! Plus, your boy is playing drums here all morning! β›ͺοΈπŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ™ #TFHNY #TFH #TFHGreece #Rochester #RochesterNY #RochesterNewYork #Church #Easter πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›
rochester - thefathershouse - tfhny - rochesterny - easter - tfhgreece - church - party - happyeaster - rochesternewyork - celebrate - tfh -
joyislovingodandlife : I'm going to watch live. I can't wait.
zyn0n : I can hear you hitting the drums from chili πŸ˜‰
jenn_jarviss : Did you play last night?!
matt_dangelo : @zyn0n, truth. | #HeavyHitter #SavedBySnare
silverbryaning : @jenn_jarviss I am playing all weekend so yeah haha
silverbryaning : @zyn0n @matt_dangelo I can't even tel you how many ones I've been told to play quieter.. 😭
matt_dangelo : @silverbryaning, gotta get a cage for your snare or play with brushes at that campus. Quiet stage.
jenn_jarviss - thepaulwright - simplyskinnywraps - ema.allen -
@meeww_owo #youthgroup #thefathershouse #tfh #church #bae #hannah #cassidy #swagy
thefathershouse - hannah - swagy - bae - cassidy - church - youthgroup - tfh -
meeww_owo : I love youuu
meeww_owo : πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ’•
kitties2000 : I love you too😘😘😘
tatakaii_heichou_levi - meeww_owo - guitarsforglory - piercethelivv -
The loyalty is so real 😎 #365daysbiblereading #devotion #sharingiscaring #thefathershouse
365daysbiblereading - sharingiscaring - devotion - thefathershouse -
elovve : Mark 15
intlbarbie : πŸ™
imjust_vette - taleytha_ - oatmeal_tig - nicolenicola22 -
Hanging out getting tones for this up coming weekend! Sound check is real tonight at #TFHGreece! It's going to be amazing! Huge up to the amazing companies making me sound so much better than I actually do! #ResponseCustomDrums #TrxCymbals #VaterDrumSticks & #AquarianDrumHeads. Can't wait to #celebrate #Easter with #TheFathersHouse #Family! Make sure you go online & get your tickets now! Come party with us! πŸ™Œ β›ͺ️🐰 #Church
responsecustomdrums - thefathershouse - family - trxcymbals - tfhgreece - aquariandrumheads - church - vaterdrumsticks - easter - celebrate -
_g.abe : Oh sweet baby Jesus! This is still my favorite snare!! @silverbryaning
silverbryaning : @_g.abe of only you can hear it!! Ugh I am gunna try & get some video of this weekend.
jimguck - missythedog_1 - theasalanedrums - vernetti_spaghetti -
#jeremyriddle leading worship #bethel #worshipnights #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
jeremyriddle - bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
ascendtothehill - breannem97 - julianbouman - kalleyheili -
Taking a break..... #bethel #worshipnights #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
jacobisraelcook - tumitladi - davidwhitworth - jeffery_may -
#expectant #bethel #worshipnights #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
thefathershouse - bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - expectant -
jacobisraelcook - tumitladi - jeffery_may - kalleyheili -
Making sure we can see over the crowd........ #bethel #worshipnights #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
jacobisraelcook - bethelmusic - davidwhitworth - kalleyheili -
Beautiful blood red #sunset over #thefathershouse while waiting for #bethel #worshipnights #portelizabeth
bethel - sunset - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
clouds15 : This is so awesome!! Check out my account if you want 😊
loumardon - kellyymariko - breannem97 - kalleyheili -
This weekend was one for the books. #lifechanging#loml#blessed#thefathershouse#nothername
blessed - nothername - loml - thefathershouse - lifechanging -
samirabelleribeiro : Love love loooove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you guys so much!! So excited you guys got to go!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️ @davidapulido
davidapulido : It's was such a life changing experience! @samirabelleribeiro next time double date for sure!
____jd : I heard all about it!!!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ™
davidapulido : When did she tell you!? @____jd The power of the spirit was so strong it literally broke me down and renewed me.
____jd : Awwww that's so amazing, @davidapulido ! 😊😭 she told me yesterday!
grantasticryan : Can't wait to hear all about it! @davidapulido @thebellagirl
yungabby_ : Nice shoes bro. Lol
davidapulido : Thanks bro! @yungabby_
leiren_ - becks7887 - kgeller07 - eescudero350 -
The front of the queue #bethel #worshipnights #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
annyolivrocha - jeffery_may - bethelmusic -
The Queue for #bethel #worshipnights at #thefathershouse #portelizabeth
bethel - portelizabeth - worshipnights - thefathershouse -
saint_pope - tumitladi - tonelopez - bobbystrand -
Can't wait for church today!! #Jesus #Blessed #blessedmode #notjustsundaybuteveryday #faith #thefathershouse #follow
faith - thefathershouse - follow - notjustsundaybuteveryday - blessedmode - blessed - jesus -
mcorral6 - alliependzich - - melisa_turner -
This incredible view is a detail in the process of seeing children's lives transformed. Pray with me to see all the doors open and all the details line up in this dream where true love wins! #funamor #thefathershouse #ourheartstruedesire
ourheartstruedesire - funamor - thefathershouse -
jennievaught : What a view!
kristaleee : Sounds/looks incredible!
jennstockman : Yes Jesus. Yes to dreams coming true and doors flinging wide open for you
jennstockman : 😘😘😘
sheenageorge : Yes yes yes! @jennstockman @jennievaught @kristaleee
suzybergmann : Yes! That sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more about this!
efelliott : so pretty!!!
superren710 - allisonlaverty - kayo_zee - brittanyconradie -
@tfhkidmin is the place to be!! #teamblue #tfh #vacaville #thefathershouse #Jesus #church
thefathershouse - tfh - church - teamblue - vacaville - jesus -
pameladelarosby : Serving tha house!!! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
lorenaparada17 : @pameladelarosby That's right!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
else75 - awaggone - _phillip_w -
RALLY time before service! Love our @tfheastbay family❀️
bayarea - volunteer - thefathershouse - tfh - localchurch -
k_mcdermott11 : Hahaha my head is barely peeking through!
elisewhittenburg : #localchurch #bayarea #tfh #volunteer #thefathershouse
rozalyns : This is awesome! @_jasonmoon got some great hop skills!
elisewhittenburg : @k_mcdermott11 you barely made it inπŸ˜‚
dee_abigail_miranda : @k_mcdermott11 I found you!
k_mcdermott11 : @sweeet_dm haha I'm like Where is Waldo!!
denise.irwin2014 - kelsjune - clarence22teresa - breannaskinner96 -
Oh How I've missed you church #MyHome #TheFathersHouse
myhome - thefathershouse -
maliyahsmommy22 - zopaidcash - ma_rere - ellerrehcj -
Had a great time at the Care Conference at the Father's House in Morinville! We were inspired, challenged & also had our own Kerry Brown sharing a session on business!! Excellent day with friends, learning & growing!! @enjoylifechurch #enjoylifechurch #thefathershouse #weloveourchurch #welovetheirchurchtoo πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
weloveourchurch - enjoylifechurch - thefathershouse - welovetheirchurchtoo -
melrut : #truth
armandorosas - katjacjones - lenrut - melrut -
Break free. #livingremade #thefathershouse
livingremade - thefathershouse -
coronamadre - jlimon_12 - alllicia8 - rennie2013 -
Feel so privileged to be apart of such an amazing church filled with great people. #tfh #thefathershouse #vacaville #allchurchprayer β˜€οΈπŸŒ»πŸ’’
allchurchprayer - vacaville - tfh - thefathershouse -
briebuhmanbbp : ❀️
donnamd11 - joshshaww - keysopendoerrs - jcoastertoaster -
Today went so well at The Feeding 5000 ministry! We fed 388 family's and only spent $20 on the food supply! God is so good! It's such an amazing privilege to be a part of God's Kingdom work! I feel so blessed! #Godisgood #feeding5000 #Godisfaithful #kingdomwork #serve #blessed #blessings #happiness ****Mathew 14:13-21
godisgood - thefathershouse - serve - blessed - godisfaithful - blessings - feeding5000 - kingdomwork - happiness -
serenedoll : #thefathershouse
tobreah - allieonlovestreet - kellymallery - lilpixie745 -
Do you see our email requests for children who need host families?  Do you think to yourself “I really need to get approved so that I can become a host family?” Most families feel like the most difficult part of finishing up the approval process is getting the livescan performed and doing the required training.  On April 18th you will have the chance to get both of those tasks completed along with other new host families in ONE day.  If you want to join us, register at #safefamilies #safefamiliesforchildren #bayarea #thefathershouse #eastbay #MakeYourHomeARefuge #compassion #hospitality
safefamilies - thefathershouse - compassion - eastbay - bayarea - makeyourhomearefuge - hospitality - safefamiliesforchildren -
alambiq - jensberg2 - rohanyc - 777delacroix777 -
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