Can't wait for church today!! #Jesus #Blessed #blessedmode #notjustsundaybuteveryday #faith #thefathershouse
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This incredible view is a detail in the process of seeing children's lives transformed. Pray with me to see all the doors open and all the details line up in this dream where true love wins! #funamor #thefathershouse #ourheartstruedesire
ourheartstruedesire - funamor - thefathershouse -
jennievaught : What a view!
kristaleee : Sounds/looks incredible!
jennstockman : Yes Jesus. Yes to dreams coming true and doors flinging wide open for you
jennstockman : 😘😘😘
sheenageorge : Yes yes yes! @jennstockman @jennievaught @kristaleee
suzybergmann : Yes! That sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more about this!
efelliott : so pretty!!!
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@tfhkidmin is the place to be!! #teamblue #tfh #vacaville #thefathershouse #Jesus #church
thefathershouse - tfh - church - teamblue - vacaville - jesus -
pameladelarosby : Serving tha house!!! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
lorenaparada17 : @pameladelarosby That's right!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
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RALLY time before service! Love our @tfheastbay family❀️
bayarea - volunteer - thefathershouse - tfh - localchurch -
k_mcdermott11 : Hahaha my head is barely peeking through!
elisewhittenburg : #localchurch #bayarea #tfh #volunteer #thefathershouse
rozalyns : This is awesome! @_jasonmoon got some great hop skills!
elisewhittenburg : @k_mcdermott11 you barely made it inπŸ˜‚
sweeet_dm : @k_mcdermott11 I found you!
k_mcdermott11 : @sweeet_dm haha I'm like Where is Waldo!!
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Oh How I've missed you church #MyHome #TheFathersHouse
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maliyahsmommy22 - zopaidcash - ma_rere - ellerrehcj -
Had a great time at the Care Conference at the Father's House in Morinville! We were inspired, challenged & also had our own Kerry Brown sharing a session on business!! Excellent day with friends, learning & growing!! @enjoylifechurch #enjoylifechurch #thefathershouse #weloveourchurch #welovetheirchurchtoo πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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melrut : #truth
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Break free. #livingremade #thefathershouse
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Feel so privileged to be apart of such an amazing church filled with great people. #tfh #thefathershouse #vacaville #allchurchprayer β˜€οΈπŸŒ»πŸ’’
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briebuhmanbbp : ❀️
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An amazing night praying over the new building. #thefathershouse #thefathershousevacaville @tfhnapa #tfh
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christian_powell_ : YES!!!
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Today went so well at The Feeding 5000 ministry! We fed 388 family's and only spent $20 on the food supply! God is so good! It's such an amazing privilege to be a part of God's Kingdom work! I feel so blessed! #Godisgood #feeding5000 #Godisfaithful #kingdomwork #serve #blessed #blessings #happiness ****Mathew 14:13-21
godisgood - thefathershouse - serve - blessed - godisfaithful - blessings - feeding5000 - kingdomwork - happiness -
serenedoll : #thefathershouse
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Do you see our email requests for children who need host families?  Do you think to yourself “I really need to get approved so that I can become a host family?” Most families feel like the most difficult part of finishing up the approval process is getting the livescan performed and doing the required training.  On April 18th you will have the chance to get both of those tasks completed along with other new host families in ONE day.  If you want to join us, register at http://bit.ly/SFFCHostFamilyTraining #safefamilies #safefamiliesforchildren #bayarea #thefathershouse #eastbay #MakeYourHomeARefuge #compassion #hospitality
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Couldn't help but push this great post to my own feed! GOD IS AMAZING! @instarepost20 from @angiecasey Couldn't stop the tears from flowing as this wonderful group of people walked across the stage. These are CHANGED lives!! I'm so thankful for God's GRACE and MERCY!! #HIMCONF #Redeemed #theFathersHouse #busministry #fruitsofourlabor #instarepost20
fruitsofourlabor - thefathershouse - busministry - himconf - redeemed - instarepost20 -
god.is.amazing_ - wadeharman - leahlou_00 - calliecrafton -
Couldn't stop the tears from flowing as this wonderful group of people walked across the stage. These are CHANGED lives!! I'm so thankful for God's GRACE and MERCY!! #HIMCONF #Redeemed #theFathersHouse #busministry #fruitsofourlabor
fruitsofourlabor - redeemed - thefathershouse - busministry - himconf -
misstiff07 : This is such a great picture!!! Love the caption, praise The Lord! :)
twispencer : Awesome pic! Captured the moment perfectly.
ashley_carlton : Wish I could have came!
jlm0187 : That's awesome !
got_image : New members of Riverdale Assembly Of God praise the Lord they once were lost and now their saved. #godissogood #prayforthem @angiecasey
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I AM ALIVE | great hangs at #AliveYC15
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mynameisturtles : #vsco #vscocam #vscogrid #thefathershouse #iamalive #worship #morganamplifiers #geartalk #pedals #threehoursets
avasquezla : So dope πŸ‘Œ
mynameisturtles : #lights #production #knowyourtone #sandiego #socality #liveauthentic #thisisliving #ambient #gearporn #guitar #pedaltalk
myfeverband : Nice
mynameisturtles : Thanks! @myfeverband
n_corbin06 : Love!
u31sd : Super!
provpyatiletkin6g : Follow @juliancamarena 😍
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#green #kidmin #tfh #thefathershouse
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So Funny When a kid shows how u Drum :P #Blessed #SonsOfLife #TheFathersHouse
sonsoflife - blessed - thefathershouse -
babybluegul : This is how u play drum...?? 0.o...! So cute the boy
winstondavid_wins - rebecca.dav - ajlincy - abineshsamlin -
Ugh..I miss the crew. Had such a great time with them. They encountered God in ways they never thought possible. Thank you #TheFathersHouse for hosting such a stellar conference. #eg2015
eg2015 - thefathershouse -
bella.lopez1 - miranda_lepore - kat_escamilla - miaenzomama -
loving Jesus at #EG2015 #TheFathersHouse
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I'm not a perfect Christian and I never will be. I don't post this stuff to show anyone how amazing I am but reveal that I'm human and I believe we all have faults. I'm trying to be #transparent in my journey in hopes I am approachable in case someone ever wants to ask questions and that someone will benefit. As I go through this life, I have knowledge of what my past was and who I am now, making spiritual leaps with #Jesus in order to stop being my own worst enemy. Thank you God for your Grace. Side not- I AM ALSO NOT SAYING I Thought I was some HORRIBLE person or THAT I was so mistreated and victimized, BUT I DID do reckless things and reckless things were done to me IN THIS WORLD OF SIN. I'm so thankful that now a larger portion of my life is spent in REALITY, not "my reality" but here, now, alone, with a client or family member. I've been taking more time to realize the consequences of my decisions and try to make better ones. #waragainsttheenemy #JesusIsMyReason #thankful #truth #TheFathersHouse #SmallGroup #blessed
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This Is where It all Began.. #SonsOfLife #UV #TheFathersHouse #DrummingJourney
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#thankful #Jesus #blessed #thankjesus #JesusIsMyReason #PriscillaShirer #SmallGroup #TheFathersHouse #letsdothis
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_lyudmilka_ : Love it!! Wonderful way to start your day!! GOD bless you, my dear!
brittanywickens : @_lyudmilka_ πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œmiss you!!
_lyudmilka_ : I miss you too!
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We're in Julian for a couple days with some good friends. #PastorCarlosSales #Julian #LifeGroup #TheFathersHouse
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carlos_sales_ : It was about 40 degrees, windy, and raining, so this was a pretty good selfy shot.
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Twas a beautiful Sunday for an amazing church service. πŸ‘ #thefathershouse #tfh
thefathershouse - tfh -
smith925 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
youlovehaley - celineeeyore - baitlynkowles - nikkocusi -
At last! Back in Rochester.. Even if it is just for a day! Such a great message at @tfhny !! Now at @spot_coffee oh how I miss and love Rochester!! So happy to be showing @dgabrielsyr all my favorite places here! 😍 #spot #coffee #thefathershouse #godisgreat #artofcelebration #rochester
coffee - rochester - thefathershouse - artofcelebration - godisgreat - spot -
tfhny : So happy you could join us today!
shemdoupe : 😍😍😍
lizzy_jlemon : Eeeeeeeee, this is precious β™‘
lovelifesnapbackz : Nice Pic πŸ‘Œ
shemdoupe - coffeemugsneverlie - lizzy_jlemon - nicoleolie222 -
So Theodore Roosevelt showed up at the Father's House today and he even let me take a picture with him 😏 #TheodoreRoosevelt #ReedandAlisha #TheFathersHouse
reedandalisha - thefathershouse - theodoreroosevelt -
patregal : @alishawilhite1 Nice blouse!!! πŸ˜‰
alishawilhite1 : πŸ˜† Lol thanks! @patregal Some awesome person gave it to me πŸ˜‰
pastorkennymc - mrs_sullivan_2_b_2015 - kimdhines76 - denisemarie1980 -
We're totes stoked about these cherry pies on the bus today!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ #getinmybelly #delish #theFathersHouse
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Yesterday when Pastor Tim needed a macho man on stage lol it was fun and new. Being in stage didnt borher me at all i was comfortable good to see what its like to be up there before my vision cimes true and im preaching. I got to br an examole and do a test lol and try to eat 8 saltine crackers under a minute lol almost impossible and how thirsty i was after because all the crackers were stuck in my mouth and it takes all the saliva so i couldn't even talk. He said he liked my tail and my deep voice and got hooked up with twenty dollars thanks Jesus. And thank you pastor Tim. I don't follow him somebody tag him. #thefathershouse #church #jesus #pastor #fun #love
goe - joe - love - thefathershouse - church - fun - pastor - jesus -
_keolaboy : #JOE #GOE
genlifevv : @timbittle
samluuuna : That was so funny!! It looked easy πŸ˜„
_keolaboy : Heck no I thought it was too but they get stuck if you put to many in and I had no saliva @sammiluna that's why I couldn't talk
samluuuna : Hahaha! I've gotta try it!
nohsin8484 : I Love the God in you.
obey_dawson - genlifevv - daddydaish - moll.dizzle -
My Valentine's date - he's one sexy guy. At the fathers house romantic night out with a bunch of other amazing couples tonight! @thefathershouse_mn #valentinesday #thefathershouse
valentinesday - thefathershouse -
To church we go #godlife #thefathershouse
godlife - thefathershouse -
desilove08 : @mrs_aragon1087 it was good today. Enjoy.
breezy__bree_ - desilove08 - tennillefnjones - phillyj328 -
πŸ™Œ #teamJesus #kidmin #worship #goodtimes #thefathershouse #vacaville
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😍On Our Way To Church☺️❀️ #TheFathersHouseπŸ™
thefathershouseπŸ™ -
miz_igotit : Look at my lil bf! πŸ’œ
beautys_her_namee : @miz_igotit lol yea there he is!😘. Miss you boo!
miz_igotit : Miss you to Hun! We will see each other soon😘
beautys_her_namee : @miz_igotit yes we will!
astylistlane - janinakrupa - lecif6 - rockcity78 -
Baby fix! Mama @veronandez has such a precious boy! #lovebabies #thefathershouse #hehassuspenders
lovebabies - hehassuspenders - thefathershouse -
mph5713 : You look like a natural @mrshernandezxo
mrshernandezxo : Thank @mph5713 Jose did too! @mavrickinblack
mph5713 : :)
veronandez : He did look like a natural @mrshernandezxo tell him to stop fighting what is only natural :)
mrshernandezxo : He won't be able to fight it after a few visits with this little bean! 😍 @veronandez he has my ❀️
amandapandaerin - alyssalovesuuu - mavrickinblack - that_man_devecchi -
I had the most wonderful evening at The Father's House with @barefootgabe and his lovely mama. It's always so refreshing to go to #TFH and be a part of the amazing energy and community. It is truly a blessing to give. Out with the old and in with the new!
generosity - tfh - thefathershouse -
aly_queenbee : I have tons of stuff cause we are moving. Let me know the info babe
cats.rule.everything.around.me : #TheFathersHouse#generosity
j_zollobirds : Please help out if you can. http://www.gofundme.com/Iflyed
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