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Tonight, was the first lighting of the #FaLaLaLaLa #Christmas village at #TheFathersHouse! It was such a beautiful sight to witness. All the hard labor, tedious work, countless hours & painstaking injuries finally paid off! Can't wait to see the growth in & around community that will take place in the next five days! Excited I get to call this place #home! #ComeHome #TFH #THFNY #TfhChristmasVillage
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With my family another year giving Him all the Glory! If you dont like Jesus i don't expect you to like me. #Godfirst #faith #family #tfh #thefathershouse #christmasservice #BossmenPray #RealmenknowGod #NotAshamedofJesus #MyStrength #OneWayJesus
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anjiggitty : #ImGoodwiththeCreator
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It's a full house at #thefathershouse #tfh ❤️❤️❤️ #Love my church❤️❤️❤️🙏 spend my anniversary with God, church, and my man❤️❤️❤️
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fancy_mema : My Aaliyah is singing... I wanted to be there but couldn't make it in time! Happy it was a full house!!! @hellonheels510 😘😘😘
hellonheels510 : @fancy_mema Awwww that's awesome 😘😘😘 happy holidays
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Christmas service rehearsal #thefathershouse #christmas #rock
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Tungamah ❤ #thefathershouse #pool #tungamahistheplacetobe #middleofnowhere #loveit
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ebonyrait : i love that place
shan2596 : Wow that looks amazing! 😃
mcguire_2727 : Thanks @shan2596
mcguire_2727 : Same here eb :) @ebonyrait 👌👌👌
shan2596 : Your welcome :)
myakalifashion : That's awesome!
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💫 My helpers with the tree, they are rockin incredible young teens with a great heart 💫
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ginageens4 : #joyshare #tfh #thefathershouse
barealis : Loved the tree!
ginageens4 : 💫💫😄😃 @barealis
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💫Surprising a family without a tree with this little Noble Fir💫 #joyshare
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ashleyglennen : SO glad you found me, Gina!!! Can't wait to do it again! 💛🙏💋
ginageens4 : #tfh #thefathershouse
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#TheFathersHouse #ChristmasParty! Bowling for Jesus, you know! 💁 Much love for these guys! (Sorry if I didn't tag you, I am only allowed 20 people 😭 stupid Instagram!)
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shay_wil : You didn't tag Dad 😳
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#church #candeias #thefathershouse
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Having breakfast at one of my favorite places this morning. Sharing a very timely devotional with my friend Greta. We had gone to prayer at my church earlier, it's been kind of a crazy week. It felt good to get all the junk out of my heart. Hope everyone had a Blessed Day. #tfhny #thefathershouse #leafnbean #rochesterny #cookies #coffee #goodfriend #godisgood #ourfatherisagoodgoodfather #chiliny #saturdaymorning
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carolg1954 : Oh me too. Wish we had one in the east side. 😍 @debbie_frankie2
carolg1954 : Thanks Viki. You too. ❤️ @vikitikiso
carolg1954 : So true Larry. I know a lot of people, but count few as close to my heart. 😊 @llbook
carolg1954 : Thank you. ❤️ @cinziabfc
carolg1954 : Kim, have you been there? 😊 @karismatic_kim
karismatic_kim : I have not!
carolg1954 : You should try it. It's in Chile though. Great place. 😊 @karismatic_kim
carolg1954 : Thank you Jeannie. ❤️ @jeanniefrias
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Rend Collective Concert! :) #rendcollectiveexperiment #thefathershouse #rochester #newyork
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Been a great Sunday. Started it off with coffee and donuts with my boyfriend, took our dog on a walk. Went to #thefathershouse for the first time and loved it! Then went to my friends trunk show that included mimosas and yummy healthy snacks :) bought some Christmas gifts as well:) now time to head to work and make some $$
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christinaelorza : Love tfh! My kids go to school there
kmurr85 - goldsgymvacaville - ashleycepek - queenmamata -
Jesus was born to save us from the sins that are the root issues in the world today. When there is chaos in the world we shouldn't respond with more chaos but to proclaim the name of Yeshua. Lord break our hearts for what breaks yours. Great message today at The Father's House. #vscocam #vsco #tfhny #thefathershouse #welcomehome
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a_liantonio : Is that your church when you're at school? I visited once years ago when I spent a weekend in Rochester!
tfhny : Love this, Lauren!! @a_liantonio when is your next visit? We'd love to have you back!
theofficialsteezye : So great seeing you each week Lauren! @tfhny
laurengoldy : That's so funny! @a_liantonio I have been there a couple of times so far and I absolutely love it! Thank you @tfhny and it's great seeing you too @theofficialsteezye !
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A picture is worth a thousand words, because no words could possibly capture the spirit that was in the house today! @denis_jr brought the entire room to tears, one of my favorite moments ever at @tfhny! So proud to call this place home. "Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours." Let me be the physical hands that rebuild & restore. #TFH #TFHNY #TheFathersHouse #Home
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seanpritzkau : You saw me crying? Dang it. You caught me.
godiva2 : #same
silverbryaning : I couldn't see through my own foggy eyes.. 😭😭
_g.abe : This is solid man! 👌
lovenessa313 : passed by tfh and there were so many cars! place looks like a shopping center
silverbryaning : You can look at it that way, or you can see it as a community of 5000 people who are a connected family through Love and Prayer. You should come some weekend @lovenessa313
lovenessa313 : That's way too many people for me. My anxiety won't let me. My friend has been there before and said the service was awesome. Be nice to see you! I haven't seen you in forever!
silverbryaning : @lovenessa313 you should come Saturday nights at 6pm or Sunday mornings at 8am they have a very small turn out. ☺️ Id would be lovely to see you! What has it been almost 10 years? 😂 I hope all is well though!
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So thankful to have these amazing girls by my side for such a special moment✨🌟✨#blessed #thefathershouse #tfhny @schofieldm2 @christie_fog
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christinemiel : 😍
teenybren : Love u bitchezzzzzz
christie_fog : Beautiful moment!
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Today at The Father's House. Pastor Pierre and Marlize talked about Home. A wonderful thought provoking message. I love the way he looks at her. #thankful #tfhny #thefathershouse #pastorpierreandmarlize #lovemychurch #grateful #loverenovation
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carolg1954 : Thank you. ❤️ @tinag46
carolg1954 : Those two always bless my heart. ❤️❤️❤️ @joyislovingodandlife
llbook : It's amazing the influence people can have in our lives! Bless!
carolg1954 : It's so true. I remember someone said, a flock will become like their shepherd. We sheep follow. 😊😊😊 have a great day. @llbook
gretabev : So sweet! 💕
carolg1954 : They really are. ❤️❤️❤️ @gretabev
antonydizzy : @carolg1954 reminds of the parable of the ten. Only one came back tocshow his GRATEFULNESS.
carolg1954 : Oh yes Antony. We have so much to be grateful for. In this country it seems like there is a lot of unthankfulness. The world is growing hard. Stay close to Jesus. ❤️ @antonydizzy
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"for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes." Proverbs 24:16 #amen #hallelujah #righteous #faithful #fear #failure #rise #stumble #Jesus #theway #motivation #icandoallthings #throughChrist #strength #thefathershouse
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lorpara : Awesome word @timbittle 👏👏👏👏
_phillip_w : Get up you can do this !!!!
_phillip_w : It's biblical !!!!!
lorpara : @_phillip_w Amen, amen, AMEN!! 👏👏🙌
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💯💯💯 #church #work #ecard #getthere #thefathershouse
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doyoutinder : @fuck_your_ecards :)
heccabecca707 : Amen! You going at 1145?
lorpara : @heccabecca707 we are! I serve at the kid min!!
heccabecca707 : Oh, yay!
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Go get yours at @tfhvacaville !! #Jesusindisguise #thefathershouse #vacaville #love #give #share #church
love - thefathershouse - give - vacaville - church - share - jesusindisguise -
shawnieavril82 - mrtattoos89 - misskatielee - _phillip_w -
Out this morning with my son helping someone in need. Moved a bunch of boxes with No Strings Attached First Step Small Group from The Fathers House church in Vacaville. Fun times. #thefathershouse #joyshare
thefathershouse - joyshare -
legnaaa - erms613 - _carlosisatorres_ - juleshammy -
#thefathershouse #getthere #vacaville #tfh
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jfk8317170 : @_lorena_83 What service do you usually attend?
lorpara : @jfk8317170 usually the sat night service! Except tonight due to birthday festivities! 😂😊 Then the Sunday 11:45 to serve with the kiddos! 🙌🙌
jfk8317170 : @_lorena_83 Oh OK. Is it your birthday? Sunday night is my favorite service. Well Thursday night prayer service is really my favorite service but you know that's not a regular service.
lorpara : @jfk8317170 I love Thursday nights, too!!!! Talk about holy spirit up in the building!! No, it's not my birthday, my mother's!! Each service has its own feel!! My little one is worn out by Sunday night so we stick to the morning! 😂 Or she passes out on my lap! 😊
jfk8317170 : Yeah Thursday night is so powerful! Everyone there is there on purpose actively seeking the Holy Spirit.
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#riverdaleassemblyofgod CA group working together to prepare over 100 thanksgiving dinners to give away at #thefathershouse #blessedtobless #bestyoutheva #riverdaleyouthgroup #riverdalecas thanks to all who came and helped!
riverdalecas - thefathershouse - riverdaleassemblyofgod - riverdaleyouthgroup - blessedtobless - bestyoutheva -
9wilhites : Looks like healthy food trick or treating. Lol
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Today at #TheFathersHouse, we had a chili cook off! It was stinking delicious! So glad to be a part of this awesome #church! You can be too! Come to service this weekend: Saturday 6pm & Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:30 am. See you there! Edited by the lovely @emmalr
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I absolutely love the generous, Christ-like hearts of everyone at @tfheastbay. This is our first year supporting Operation Christmas Child as a campus, and within our first week, we received 77 boxes! That means 77 children, who wouldn't have gifts otherwise, will now have gifts to open on Christmas! I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of this ministry and church. #thankyou #thefathershouse #vscocam
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mattdavis89 : @imunique510 ah dang :/ sounds super hectic. Hang in there as best you can! You bless that family tremendously, especially those kids! They love you! And I honestly haven't heard anything on her since Monday. She has no real family or friends I can contact, so I'm just not sure. She lives in Colorado, so it's hard for me to know. I'm just checking the obituaries every day. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern! They've meant so much to me!
imunique510 : No problem, there's definitely power in prayer. I pray she pulls through. Yeah, the kids family has been visiting off and on. The youngest and his mom both had birthday celebrations recently ..thanksgiving and Xmas are going to be insane.lol. I'm so happy u oive
imunique510 : You have been doing good, just wanted to keep in touch and make sure all was well.:)
mattdavis89 : @imunique510 there absolutely is. I have complete faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. Dang, that sounds super hectic! I hope you're hanging in there and taking care of yourself in the midst of the insanity! Thank you so much for keeping in touch. it's always wonderful hearing from you :) We should definitely hang out soon! Do you have any plans for the holidays?
imunique510 : Thanksgiving my brother and I will be cooking a Lil something.. I plan on spending some time over his house for a while , that's about it , really.
mattdavis89 : @imunique510 very cool. Sounds like it'll be a fun family thanksgiving. I'll be with friends that day myself. I decided not to spend it in Arizona with my parents. Do you have any fun christmas plans?
imunique510 : That's cool! No plans for xmas, not that I know of at the moment. I'll probably just spend some of that day with my mom and brother like always...
mattdavis89 : @imunique510 cool! That'll be fun though! I don't have many either. I'll probably do something with my church then go out to AZ and see my brother and parents. Oh and I finally heard from my friend. She's alive, but I'm not sure if she's fully sane. It's a long story. I'm going to post something on Facebook explaining what I'm beginning to find out. Either way though, I'm just glad she's alive!
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D-Will doin what he do best ! #ChristianRap #TheFathersHouse @theofficial_d_will
thefathershouse - christianrap -
prayapp : if you like scriptures check out @instapray - my favorite account
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For you are for us you are not against us #vscocam #thefathershouse #saturdayservice #lordyoumakemebrave
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@theofficial_d_will Killed It At Church This Morning!!🙌 #TFHNY #TheFathersHouse ⛪️✨
tfhny - thefathershouse -
harlemprincebartendaz : #Salute @theofficial_d_will
theofficial_d_will : Salute @harlemprincebartendaz @sylvia_g87
krystasmeal - harlemprincebartendaz - _patron_margarita - heather_loves_717 -
Yes!!! 👏👏👏👏 #mypastorisbetterthanyours #preach #bombdotcom #thefathershouse #vacaville
preach - vacaville - thefathershouse - bombdotcom - mypastorisbetterthanyours -
davepatterson : Nice😁👍
_blkberrie - sarahneeley13 - jor26olaya - lls3oodoll -
Time for church!!!! Come join!!! #church #thefathershouse #vacaville #saturdaynight #sofun #HolySpirit #isouttoparty
saturdaynight - sofun - thefathershouse - church - isouttoparty - holyspirit - vacaville -
melissaguerrero707 : I was there tonight. Message was on point! :)
lorpara : @melissaguerrero707 yes!!!! It was awesome!! We just left!
bearlythere213 - mrtattoos89 - abferdini - stephanie.spencer -
Worship and loving Christ is so beautiful💜 Love the passion in my church #saturdaynights #thefathershouse #tfh
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thecanvasroc : Let all the names fade away. Until there's only you...
thecanvasroc : Sing it again!
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"Because Grace- is more than we deserve and more than we can imagine." "Our minds are always in opposition to God - But God speaks to our hearts." - Pastor Pierre DuPlessis #grace #becausegrace #rochesterny #tfhny #thefathershouse #churches #mychurch
tfhny - mychurch - thefathershouse - churches - becausegrace - rochesterny - grace -
farmgirlatheartinthecity : "And greater than we deserve! Amen! And thank you! Thank you! Dear Jesus!!
carolg1954 : Much Greater. Forever thankful. 😊😊😊😊 @farmgirlatheartinthecity
gretabev : Amen!! Have a great day my sweet sisters! @carolg1954 @farmgirlatheartinthecity 😘😘💕
carolg1954 : It's been a great series. 😊😊😊 @gretabev
julia.hare - jeanniefrias - fran.wojt.fw - salih27aksoy -
So thankful for my east bay family. So thankful that I get to do ministry with people who became my close friends. This has been an amazing experience. Looking forward for what God has in store for The kids Ministry at EB #eastbayfamily #timeflies #Oneyearanniversary #eastbay #kidsmin #thefathershouse
oneyearanniversary - thefathershouse - eastbayfamily - eastbay - timeflies - kidsmin -
fitmichi : Amazing!
mamalaing - mike__morse - bebig - dino_the_dinosaur -
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